Smart home grilling ideas for summer

Courtney Muraczewski
07/02/2019 in Technology

Grilling season is here! July is National Grilling Month for a reason: Independence Day, graduation parties, and any excuse to host a barbecue in the summer – National Hot Dog Day anyone? Here we have grilling ideas that will take your smart home BBQ to the next level beyond the grill. With the new Loxone Touch & Grill, you can rely on grill thermometer functions with the addition of a Touch Pure smart home control element. So you can grill and entertain at the same time without missing the party. Let us introduce you to the Touch & Grill:

Summer grilling ideas with the Touch & Grill at your smart home BBQ

1. Lighting with a theme

July 4th is so close we’re smelling the barbecue already. Beyond the traditional BBQ eats, create a unique display as impressive as the fireworks. Set lighting moods inspired by the red, white and blue of the American flag – right in the Loxone Smart Home App.

Or maybe you’re celebrating a college graduate, or your favorite sports team? Show off your colors with pride. With just a tap on the Touch Pure element of the Touch & Grill, you’ll be able to put the mood into full effect. Want dim white light for dinner? Not a problem. Bright colors for some dancing? Even better.


2. Entertain while you grill 

Monitor your grilling meats and control your smart home functions all in the app Just insert the Temperature Sensor probes into the meat, keep your smartphone on hand and you will get notified when your target temperature is reached.

So you can grill and entertain at the same time without missing the party. Guests will be impressed by it all – your time and attention, instant control of lighting and music, the taste of the food and feeling of the atmosphere – perfected by the smart home. 


3. Coordinate music with lighting

With the lively hues of reds and blues and beyond, you can match them with lively music. Or when you want to dim the lights for dinner, you can keep it casual and the volume lowered for dinner conversations. Lighting and music can be easily paired to your liking ahead of time in the app.

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