Showroom by Clarity SSD – Charlotte, NC

02/25/2021 in Backstage

Charlotte, NC – Clarity Sight Sound Design

Established almost 15 years ago, Clarity continues to provide advanced solutions in residential and commercial environments. The evolution and focus on design has allowed Clarity to really thrive in a channel that usually focuses on function over looks and environmental impact.

Clarity has used a number of other control systems over the years, like Crestron, RTI, Lutron, even Lifeware (if anyone can remember that). Now with Loxone, they’re not looking back. With a small size team of five people, their passion comes together to tackle any sized projects with a forward-thinking solution.

Packed with functionality and versatility

Inside this Loxone-certified Showroom, guests can tour the theater space, designed like a typical living room, along with a dining/conference space, bathroom, office and shop space – all controlled with Loxone. 


In the 15+ years in the business, I have never seen anything better than Loxone. I mean that from the bottom of my heart, it has made me excited again about our industry, green building and our future with this type of technology. Very few products impact a home, business or really any space like Loxone can, making a space adjust based on Circadian rhythm, time of day, individuals’ schedules and more.

Mathew Winder

Owner, Clarity SSD

LED Pendulum Slim
Task lighting for working

Functional lighting

With advanced lighting controls, it’s easy to simulate almost any environment or time of day within this space. This includes high voltage lights, fans, while mixing in great products from Loxone to create a warm inviting space that can translate to home or office.

Woman using Touch Surface
Touch Nightlight for lighting control

Unique control elements

Every Showroom experience includes features you can see, hear and touch as the complete ecosystem comes together. In addition to a completely automated environment, the space includes control elements such as the Touch Surface and Touch Nightlight. These products allow you to transform the look and feel of the space with just a tap.

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While most other systems just copy each other when it comes to features, Loxone bucks the system and adds support for healthier lifestyles, safer homes, better security, energy efficiency, ease of installation and more in my projects. Then to be able to scale that magic to whole homes, business, restaurants, healthcare – the sky is the limit for me.

Mathew Winder

Owner, Clarity SSD

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4410 Monroe Road 
Suite D
Charlotte, NC 28205

Showroom - Clarity SSD

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