Loxone Experience Center

Are you starting your own building project, planning to renovate your existing home or build a new one?

Right near Philadelphia, our US headquarters is the hub for getting started with Loxone.
In our Experience Center, you can take a smart home tour to feel what it’s like to have a completely automated environment 
take care of basic tasks for you.

Enter the world of Loxone automation

With the tap of a Touch switch, Tour Mode begins. You will be greeted with illumination and music
as you enter – just a first glimpse of what a Loxone Smart Home can do on its own.
Experience how every intelligent interaction between products happens instantly
or on demand, thanks to our Miniserver.

Product and feature demonstrations

During your personal tour, you will be guided by one of our smart home experts and given a thorough explanation
of how Loxone components interact to improve your everyday lifestyle. Discover some of our tour highlights below:

Lighting moods

Create impressive lighting moods with LED Strips, under cabinet lighting, Pendulum Slims and more.

Lighting for circadian rhythm

Learn about tunable white lighting effects on the body’s natural circadian rhythm.

Lighting for circadian rhythm

Different levels of white lighting will be produced to mimic natural sunlight and coordinate with the body’s circadian rhythm.

Touch Pure

A staple to any room, you’ll see how to change lighting moods with just a tap on the Touch Pure.

Loxone Standard

Learn about the Loxone Standard for simple control that makes your life easier.

Touch Surface

Imagine cooking with the built-in Touch Surface – control of lighting and music right at your messy fingertips.

Touch Surface

Even in the shower, the Touch Surface makes room control possible to activate the right mood to refresh, get energized or unwind.

App & access control

Communicate with visitors through our Video Intercom shown right in the Loxone Smart Home App.

App & access control

Smart access control via the app works on any device no matter where you are.

Night Mode

Right at the bedside, room control is made possible with the Touch Pure and the Touch Nightlight.

Night Mode

Learn about unwinding at night with Night Mode – the soft blue light is proven to calm the nerves and prepare for a deep sleep.

Automatic fireplace

Comfort comes in all forms of surprises. An automatic fireplace turns on as you enter with settings specific to a target outdoor temperature.

Schedule a free smart home video tour

Tours provide an in-depth overview of how Loxone technology works throughout our Experience Center.
Please allow for 20–60 minutes for demonstrations and any questions you may have.

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Beyond smart home control

Finally smart home control that makes sense, because you’ll rarely need to control it on your own.

Miniserver icon

At the start of a tour, you’ll see how true automation is the core of Loxone with the Miniserver and Motion Sensors. The Miniserver enables communication with all components to reliably operate lighting, HVAC, music, alarms and more – saving homeowners 50,000 tasks per year.


House icon

On the iPad Wallmount, you’ll be able to see who rings at the entrance through the Loxone Intercom. Then, learn how to modify lighting moods, temperature and music instantly, room by room, with the iPad Wallmount, Touch Pure or Touch Surface.


Audio icon

Built into almost any surface, the Touch Surface will give you creative inspiration. In our space, you’ll learn how a kitchen countertop or a shower tile can be transformed to enable extra control of any automated smart home function.

Our location:

Loxone Headquarters

3060 Plaza Drive

Garnet Valley, PA 19060

Loxone US