Showroom by Phoenix Marketing Group – Atlanta, GA

09/28/2021 in Backstage

Marietta, GA – Phoenix Marketing Group

Repping top manufacturers, the Phoenix Marketing Group team puts the spotlight on home and building automation by Loxone (and LED Spots, of course). In their new Experience Center near Atlanta, GA, you can take advantage of:

  • Personal tours: Features is the name of the game and the team will guide you through them all working together.
  • Sweet features: A hidden control switch built into a countertop for lights and music. A bedroom that shuts down when it’s time for bed. Plus more, as a whole unit.
  • In-person training: Get hands-on with a wide range of products and join the right people to grow your business.
  • Full integration: Among top manufacturers represented by Phoenix, Loxone takes the wheel behind control of multiple systems.

Tours and training in-person for integrators, programmers, designers and more

Book your spot as an interested installer, or even a home or building owner. Any questions will be answered along the way.

In the training room, the team can bring in 30+ dealers to get hands-on with a wide range of Loxone components and third-party products. Trainings are scheduled a month in advance to easily plan flights for trainers and tech leaders directly from the manufacturer, so integrator friends feel confident and prepared to take their experience to the field.


Phoenix Marketing Group is extremely excited to start showing off this Loxone-equipped space in our brand new Experience Center located in Marietta, GA. The space will give our current and future partners the ability to show clients what a truly automated home can do. We have a few areas in our Experience center that can show off this amazing technology. A bedroom, bar area as well as our training facility which can hold 30+ dealers and is lit up by the Loxone Spots.

Mark Garijanian

Georgia Representative, Phoenix Marketing Group

Training room
Showroom bedroom
Loxone panel

Multi-room integration

With full focus on automation, the showroom combines features in a bedroom, bar area and training room.

Ecosystem demonstration

From the panel to the living space, you can see all areas of technology interacting as one unit.

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2197 Canton Rd, Suite 201, Marietta, GA 30066

Phx Showroom

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