First ever Loxone-certified Showroom in the US

04/10/2019 in Backstage

Queens, NY –
InHomeSmart Showroom

With a city lifestyle and always on-the-go mentality, the NYC area can now appreciate an experience where the home takes care of everyday tasks. Loxone Partner InHomeSmart celebrated the grand opening of its Showroom, a first ever Loxone-certified Showroom in the U.S.

At 500 sq ft, it packs in impressive features for lighting, home control and more like countertops with built-in Touch Surface.

Exterior of InHomeSmart Showroom
Foyer of InHomeSmart Showroom with play video button

Let’s take a
look inside

Before stepping inside, guests notice the Loxone Intercom. It’s the smartest doorbell, video intercom, all-around security measure that can be accessed from anywhere through the Loxone Smart Home App to both see and communicate with visitors.

Welcome to the Real Smart Home

Once customers are welcomed inside, they are greeted with bright lighting and Loxone branding to instantly excite them about this unique experience. They get a glimpse of what it feels like to step inside a Real Smart Home. Guests can take a tour and learn about every smart home function that completes the InHomeSmart Showroom.


Impressive features

Starting with lighting, they can immediately see impressive fixtures such as the LED Pendulum Slims. An example of a task that the home is doing that doesn’t get noticed is done by the Door & Window Contact Air. Placed on the door frame, it reliably detects if the door (or window) is left open and will send a smartphone notification.

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InHomeSmart Showroom highlights

The Showroom design is made to be imagined as a realistic in-home experience. Guests can realize the Loxone solution for its simplicity and capabilities in any Real Smart Home. Laid out with fresh baked treats, this Showroom certainly feels like home.


Touch Surface control on countertop

Kitchen control: Touch Surface & iPad Wallmont

Classic Loxone lighting features satisfy any needs in the kitchen with LED Spots, LED Ceiling Light and LED Strip lighting under cabinets and island countertops. Control smart home functions with a Touch Surface built into the countertops and an iPad Wallmount.

Hand using Touch Pure near bedside

Living room
lighting moods

The perfect spot to show off the Touch Pure, the living room has a range of lighting moods – paired with audio from Loxone Wall Speakers – that you can adjust with just a tap. The room even has automated third-party shades, also at your control.

Ceiling with LED Strip lighting

Bedroom LED Strip & natural lighting

A favorite for bedrooms, LED Strip lighting runs alongside crown molding  for dramatic effect with any colors you choose. Automated shades are used here that can help wake you up with natural light.

Ceiling with LED Spots

Hallway audio

Even small spaces meant just for passing through make use of smart home technology. LED Spots illuminate the hall while speakers can play your favorite tunes.

Visit the Showroom


150-26 14th Ave., Whitestone, NY 11357 

Showroom - InHome Smart