First Smart Apartment block in South Bohemia

Jasmin Kiss
03/22/2023 in Case Studies

The Oskarka residence is now complete! When the new homeowners move into the apartment building, they will experience a truly state-of-the-art smart home. Loxone is used as a building management solution in communal areas, as well as a home automation solution in each of the apartments.

This smart apartment building is the first of its kind in the city. But what will these smart homes actually offer the resident?

The first thing being that you can set up your smart apartment using the Loxone app. It will enable residents to regulate their apartment’s costs easily, for example, there is no need to have the underfloor heating on full when no one is at home, so the residents could put it into energy-saving mode with just a couple of taps in the app. At the same time, it can easily provide you with live data for the current consumption of heating, or hot and cold water, all with the convenience of it being the same app on their mobile phone.

“Residents will also find the Loxone App on the wall-mounted tablet, which is standard in each apartment. The tablet screen becomes an interactive central point of control for the entire household. It will also be connected to the intercoms throughout the building for easy communication with visitors,” explains Loxone CZ Branch Manager Pavel Lískovec.

What’s more is that the residents don’t even have to be at home to answer the intercom. Whether they have just popped to the shops, or they’re on a family holiday, they can connect to the intercom through the Loxone App – all that’s needed is an internet connection.

Pohled do vnitřní části komplexu
Bydlení v Rezidenci Oskarka

Nobody can copy the electronic NFC fob

All the residents of the building have an electronic fob which grants them access to the common areas of the building and their apartment. If the NFC fob is lost, it is not a worry, as all you have to do is block that specific fob (so as to deny access to anyone who finds it) and then easily pair a new fob for the owner using the App. The further beauty of the NFC fob is that there is also no risk of duplication, unlike a classic key.

At the same time, with the Loxone automation standard, apartment owners will have the option of adding more features to their smart home:

We see the added value of living with Loxone in several aspects. First, in terms of comfort for future residents, the use of the apartment will be more user-friendly and pleasant for them. Another thing is savings. Thanks to various settings options and remote control, you can save on energy. For example, by measurements being recorded by Loxone,  it is possible to evaluate how the property is doing with its energy consumption and thus with heat expenditure. Last but not least, SVJ, the building management company that will take care of the apartments, will also find it easier to do so.

Jan Zeman

Representative of the investor

Pohled z ulice na rezidenci

The Facts

České Budějovice, Czech Republic

August 2022

Up to 400 m2 of green vegetation on roofs and facades

Studio to 3-bed Apartments (over 8 floors)

General construction contractor:
Hinton, a.s.

Project website:


Do you want to see what kind of information overview the residents of Rezidence Oskarka get about their apartment? Try the Loxone App for free! You download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. After installation, just select Add New Miniserver and select Demo Miniserver. In the app, you will then see an interactive demo of kind of functions that can be controlled with Loxone. To learn more about the technology, visit the Loxone smart homepage.

What else will the intelligent Loxone solution provide for the residents?

Loxone manages the MaR (measurement and regulation) system of Rezidence Oskarka. Loxone also controls entrance doors, garage doors or barriers or light signaling in garages. “Furthermore it controls, security cameras, heating cables in the background (which ensure that pipes do not freeze), the monitoring of fire dampers, the flood pits and even the electric car charging control,” adds Pavel Lískovec from Loxone.

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