How Loxone kept the supply chain running

Jasmin Kiss
03/17/2023 in Backstage

The last couple of years were a struggle for many of us, whether it was in our private life or business. With a pandemic and a war hitting us so suddenly, access to certain materials became a challenge – one Loxone faced successfully with a team of true experts when it comes to supply chain management, as well as adaptable product management.

When life gives you lemons…

No one is spared from hardships, but what’s important is how you react. Here at Loxone, we’ve developed about 150 products, where we were able to guarantee delivery for most of them. Only for four of those 150 products, the production proved to be more difficult to facilitate as we were experiencing some issues along the supply chain.

Unlike some competitors, we were able to manage these issues and counteract with a supply chain management team that are true experts in their field.

Plus, the team around product management showed us how to turn lemons into lemonade: to provide our customer with their orders in time, the team simply redesigned products so supply chain management was able to obtain new, available parts while ensuring the same quality and functionality of the products.

This goes to show that our team of dedicated and flexible people help Loxone stay adaptable and act fast to make sure your products arrive at your doorstep when you need them to.

… let us help you make lemonade

In case you are experiencing some sort of supply chain issues, Loxone has many solutions to help you finish your project – no matter how far into the implementation process you are.

Plus, you have full 24/7 support from our automation experts: they are always available to help you with any type or size of project, from planning to troubleshooting and more. Our experts will ensure that your projects can continue.

Loxone is open to many third-party components, so you are not bound to just one manufacturer. At the same time, you can easily combine the Loxone system with such components thanks to the free Loxone Config, and thousands of free templates for other manufacturers on the Loxone Library make integration a breeze.


The Loxone Config allows you to plan and configure all aspects of an intelligent building in a short amount of time. You don’t have to be a programmer to do this, the Config is easy to learn and uncomplicated in use.

What you can benefit from:

  • Guaranteed product availability
  • Ease of programming – spend only hours vs. months
  • Ease of use – standards and functionalities to make your life easy
  • Open interfaces – implement thousands of third-party components
  • Scalability – we can do it all, from the smallest to the largest projects
  • Direct visualization of your whole project – the Config & App do it right away

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