Gas Crisis

09/13/2022 in Know How

Americans have been struggling under the weight of crippling inflation – not just recently, as prices for gas and electricity have been increasing for a while. Plus, the issue is not expected to be resolved anytime soon, as electricity grid operators have already warned of controlled outages to balance supply and demand. But not all hope is lost: we will show you easy and quick ways to save more than 30% gas with the help of home and building automation – an investment that will pay out in just one year!

U.S. natural gas consumption – facts and figures

The U.S. Energy Information Administration attributes 54% of the energy use of a typical American household to climate control – more than half!
Boilers, space heaters and furnaces are generally powered by gas. While gas consumption is a topic any time during the year, space heating will become even more costly this year when the first cold hits, and gas prices on the rise. 

With Loxone, you can explore solutions that can help you reduce your gas consumption by up to 30%.

Demand for natural gas in 2022 exceeds 2021 and 5-year average.
Gas prices have been increasing drastically in 2022.
Natural gas demand in 2022 exceeds 2021 and 5-year average.
Gas prices have been increasing drastically in 2022.

Natural gas prices have been increasing dramatically, and so has demand.

The U.S. Energy Infomration Administration just released information at the beginning of September that natoral gas stockpiles are lower than their five-year average, and this gap in supply is expected to grow.

One of the reasons that natural gas consumption was on such a rise this year was the long, hot summer that led to U.S. homes relying more on their air conditioning. As hot summer days slowly turn into colder fall or winter months, there is no end in sight: Climate control is going to stay the #1 reason for a higher gas bill. So how can you counter price increases and lower stockpiles?

30% decrease in natural gas consumption: our top tips

With the Loxone Miniserver and actuators, you have full control over what consumes the most energy in your building, and can effortlessly reduce gas consumption by up to 30% without loss of any comfort. There are many ways to stay warm during the upcoming winter months while keeping your costs down!

Lower your room temperature

Turning down your set room temperature by 1°C helps you save 6% of energy! Thanks to the intelligent heating control of Loxone, the temperature in all rooms can be defined individually. This way, you are able to lower the temperature in rooms that no one is currently using, or that are used infrequently such as your basement, utility room, etc.

Individual room climate control

Keep your rooms cool when you’re away, but warm and cozy when you need it most. This means you are combining comfort with energy-efficiency!
This starts with our HVAC Dampers, which regulate the air flow throughout the home which allows for precise control of temperature in each room. Predefined temperatures are matched throughout the space, fluctuating based on presence, time of day or other predefined logic.

Our tip: Find out how to replace an HVAC system and save over 40% on your energy bills!

Loxone comparison project

Cutting down on costs for climate control

In 2017, the Loxone show home in Media, PA, proved that an automated and optimized HVAC system can help save energy. After just a month, our systems showed that we used 60% less energy than our neighbors! This was achieved while also taking advantage of individual room climate control: kitchen 68°, living room 71°, and the bedroom at 63°.

A key part of this optimization was through the use of sensors that can detect whether windows are open. In the event that a window is open in a given room, the system can shut off to aid in saving and maintaining energy for efficiency. With the ability to cut down costs that much all while you’re away at work, upgrading to a smart system pays for itself.

Our tip: Find out in advance about possible energy subsidies and benefit from an even faster payback.

The Loxone Energy-Hub

Exciting videos, interesting data & facts, helpful tips & tricks and much more. Our brand new energy hub features lots of information about the energy crisis, and how home and building automation can save you a lot of trouble, energy, and money.

Get ready for colder days!

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