Industrial loft with advanced lighting controls

07/30/2020 in Case Studies
Throughout this loft, personal accents and sports memorabilia give it personality – further enhanced by advanced lighting control. All lighting fixtures are easily controlled by Loxone – DC power, low- and high-voltage. Whether you’re in the entryway or already made it to the minibar, there’s always room for conversation about basketball, hockey and especially about the surrounding smart home technology. We’re taking a closer look at the technology behind this loft with our Loxone Partner:


Open space, total control

 This particular smart home is a 1,500 sq. ft. loft in the heart of Buckhead, GA. The overall aesthetic is an industrial open floor plan with high ceilings and large windows that offer natural light during the day. The electrical conduit, plumbing, and HVAC ducts are exposed, providing a sense of a much larger living space. 

So how did Loxone technology improve this living space?
Let’s dive into our interview with Loxone Partner Harrison McCulloch of AuVi Technology:


What unique needs were presented by the customer?

Harrison: The greatest problem that we faced here was a severe lack of internal lighting, having noted minimal existing fixtures during the initial walk-thru. The need for additional lighting was obvious, but the common solution consisted of cumbersome, gaudy surface-mount fixtures that didn’t match the space, and multiple generic light switches on the walls. 

Why did they come to you for this project?

Harrison: The homeowner needed a solution to add general lighting throughout, as well as accommodate other control needs including motorized shades and heating & air. I was initially hired to install TVs and audio here, but upon presentation of these needs I was able to claim Loxone as my immediate recommendation to facilitate a cohesive, integrated experience.

It only took the homeowner one Loxone case study review to determine that Loxone had the solutions for all his lighting and control needs [and wants!]. He promptly asked me to design a lighting system that would illuminate each room while simultaneously highlighting his extensive memorabilia collection.

“I was initially hired to install TVs and audio here, but upon presentation of these needs I was able to claim Loxone as my immediate recommendation to facilitate a cohesive, integrated experience.”
Harrison McCulloch

Loxone Partner, AuVi Technology

Project details

Buckhead, GA

 Loxone Partner

AuVi Technology

 Lighting accessories

14x LED Strip RGBW
11 x LED Ceiling Spot RGBW
8x LED Spot RGBW Tree
6x LED Pendulum Slim Tree
1x LED Ceiling Light RGBW
1x Touch Surface
1x Touch Nightlight Air
5x Touch Pure 

Our tip: Loxone makes it easy to expand your business since there’s so much room for expansion within the system itself. A lighting solution can become a complete solution that also includes multi-room audio, security, shading and more.

Memorabilia wall led lighting

How did you approach the lighting requirements for the memorabilia wall? 

Harrison: We were able to accomplish this memorabilia wall using Loxone’s low-voltage LED Spots RGBW Tree, Ceiling Spots RGBW and Pendulum Slims. The memorabilia wall in the foyer required use of the existing MLV track light which we were able to integrate into the Loxone system using the 120V Dimmer Extension. The Dimmer Extension also came in handy for the track lighting in the kitchen.

LED Strips around TV

What other features of the space did you highlight with LED Strips?

Harrison: After completing the initial design to satisfy general room lighting, the homeowner decided that he wanted more – a lot more. We ended up adding 230’ of LED Strips RGBW to accentuate the tops of the walls, wall-mounted TV’s, underneath furniture, and even behind some pieces of art, in order to create an exciting, ambient, and easily controllable lighting environment.

Lighting mood in loft
Close-up led strip under countertop

What common challenges were you able to overcome by using Loxone?

Harrison: My favorite benefit of using Loxone is the simplicity of adding onto the system. After installing the originally proposed lighting, we were able to easily add new accent lighting strips or spotlights. There was one scenario where a main feature of the room was changed by the contractor which required us to add more spots in the room. Adding the extra lighting onto the Tree technology was effortless.

Aside from automation, how does the homeowner control the space manually?

Harrison: From the homeowners’ ­perspective, he genuinely enjoys using a Touch Pure and Touch Surface in lieu of standard light switches. His ability to quickly control so many devices from one place has added a major convenience factor to his busy lifestyle.

Video: Touch Surface

Video: Touch Pure

What special features would you highlight?

Harrison: Having so many programming possibilities available through Loxone Config affords me a huge advantage for integration. Including the MLV track lighting into the system was simple with the 120V Dimmer Extension. The motorized shades integration did require an RS485 Extension to communicate with the manufacturer’s shade hub, but yet again, adding it into the system was a breeze. We wired the HVAC directly into the Miniserver for simple control through the Loxone App.

A notable programming feature includes Away Mode; a triple tap on the Touch Pure on the way out the door turns off all the lights, closes all the motorized shades, and turns off the HVAC system. Away Mode is disabled when the foyer Presence Sensor detects presence, turning the HVAC back on to a preset level and illuminating the main areas. Night Mode is another excellent feature, utilizing a Presence Sensor under the bed to turn on the dim, blue lights along the way to the bathroom or kitchen.

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