Parade of Homes: contestant home automated with Loxone

Jasmin Kiss
02/22/2023 in Case Studies

For anyone who is currently planning on building or renovating a home, any chance of finding inspiration is welcome – whether in magazines, online or tv. A highlight each year is the St. George Area Parade of Homes showcasing what’s hot. This year, Design Home Entertainment and Loxone are bringing innovative home automation to the parade.

What you can look forward to:

The St. George Area Parade of Homes

The Parade of Homes is a highly anticipated annual event that attracts visitors from across the region who are looking for inspiration and fresh ideas for their homes.

The 2023 Parade of Homes in St. Geaorge, Utah, will take place from February 17th to 26th, and promises to be an exceptional experience, with 30 homes featuring innovative design, unbeatable views, and exciting new features. Among these homes is Home #17, Geometrica, which features an impressive home automation system installed by Design Home Entertainment.

Design Home Entertainment

Our Loxone Partner Design Home Entertainment is a full-service custom electronics and design integration company that provides innovative technology solutions for residential and commercial spaces.

Home #17 – Geometrica

For Home #17, Design Home Entertainment chose to install a home automation system by Loxone as the leading provider of smart home automation solutions. The 360° building automation solution provides the homeowners with a centralized way to manage all smart devices in the house.

The Loxone system in Home #17 controls all lighting, as well as the audio system and other features, providing an efficient and convenient way for the homeowners to manage their energy use and enhance their overall living experience.

With Loxone, Design Home Entertainment was able to create a customized home automation solution for Home #17 that met the homeowners’ specific needs and preferences. The system is easy to use and can be controlled from a variety of devices, smartphones, or tablets.

The system controls all lighting, including ColorBeam lighting with a DMX extension, line voltage lighting with dimmer or relay extension, and a plethora of other LEDs with Loxone RGBW dimmers. This means that the homeowners have complete control over the lighting in their home, with the ability to customize the color, intensity, and scheduling of each light fixture to optimize energy use and enhance their daily routines.

Overall, the combination of Design Home Entertainment and Loxone in Home #17 is a testament to the power of innovative home automation systems that transform the way we live with the intuitive and efficient control of various aspects of a home.

If you’re interested in learning more about how home automation systems can benefit your home, be sure to check out the St. George Area Parade of Homes and visit Home #17, Geometrica.

Impressions: Home #17, Geometrica

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