Save Energy at Home: We used 61% less energy than our neighbors!

Krista Aumüller
09/22/2017 in Know How

That’s right folks, our Loxone Smart Home used 61% less energy than our neighbors, and 40% less energy than efficient homes! Our energy provider recently sent us this graph that really made us smile, and we wanted to share it.

Now, as happy as we are about our energy saving success, we would be even happier if everyone was able to cut their energy consumption in half. Not only would you enjoy the monetary benefits of paying less towards your energy bill, but more importantly you would be taking part in conserving and making America green!

So where is your energy going and how can you begin saving it? Below we list 5 tips that will help you save energy in your home!

Where is your energy going?

According to the U.S. EIA, Americans spent most energy on heating and cooling their homes in the past years. A few years ago, this trend changed. More than a third of household energy costs now stem from a combination of lighting, household appliances, and electronics.

U.S. home energy use statistics

In one year a typical US family spends at least $ 2,200 a year on home utility bills. We’re throwing away about 25 % of the used energy through inefficient heating or cooling, appliances or leaky windows and ducts.

5 ways to save energy in your home

A Loxone Smart Home makes your home energy-efficient in several ways. The best part about this efficiency is that it all happens automatically – you don’t even have to think about it. Here are the main ways you can save money with your smart home project:

Heating & Cooling – Save up to 60%

As we moved into our Loxone Showhome in Media last year, the basic heating and cooling system only allowed us to set the temperature for the whole house. That’s not really smart, as we don’t really need cooling in a room that no one is using. Not to mention that it causes contention as some people in the house are more sensitive to temperature than others. So we’ve realized with our smart home solution an intelligent way of heating and cooling, which cuts down heating and climate costs up to 60% and offers the perfect temperature for each person. Each room is at the right temperature: Kitchen 68°, Living room 71° and Bedroom 63°. But that’s not all. Our heating thinks like we do, knows when we’re home and learns to optimize itself. It provides warmth on cold winter days and keeps our home cool on hot summer days.

As we already know, heating and cooling has one of the biggest impacts on the energy bill. An intelligent heating & cooling system helps you to save money. No matter which kind of heating or cooling system you have, you can save money and increase your comfort by upgrading to a smart version of it.

It doesn’t matter which type of heating you have – It’s possible to make it smarter.

Lighting – 30% Energy Saving Potential

When we’re talking about lighting in a home, we should start with the basic: the lighting concept and lamp type. The latest and most energy-efficient lamp types are LED. Like the LED Spots we have, they are the highest energy-efficient and have a service life of about 25,000 hours, which means about 25 years (based on the average daily use of 2.7 hours). This kind of low voltage lighting will save you 30% of your lighting energy costs compared to the traditional lighting concept.

So to save energy regarding lighting, the lamp type is important and so is turning off the lights once you leave the room. The Loxone Smart Home turns on the lights as soon as you enter a room and turns them off as soon as you leave the room. And this automatically.

Another fact that helps you to cut down lighting costs is to adjust the brightness of your lights – determined by the time of day and how much light there already is in a room. The darker it is, the brighter your lights will be. If the room is filled with natural light, then there’s no need to turn on the lights.

Not only are dimmed lights good for your eyes, they are also energy efficient. If you dim the Loxone LED Spot to 20%, the energy consumption of the spot is also just 20%. This is not possible with High Voltage Lights.

The best part: You don’t have to think about adjusting your lighting at all. The Loxone Smart Home is doing it automatically.

Household Appliances and Electronics – 30% to 40% Energy Saving

When you buy appliances think of the purchase price but also note the operating costs. These operating costs can add up, as you’ll be paying to run your appliance every month for the next 10 to 20 years, depending on the appliance. Therefore we recommend that you check the EnergyGuide label when buying a dishwasher, fridge, TV or other devices.

We also recommend that you turn off devices like your TV and computer as soon as you’re leaving your home. The stand-by mode of your TV will help save energy, but there will be still energy flowing to the appliance. So why not just turn them completely off and save money? Of course this is done automatically by the Loxone Smart Home. So no worry to think about it.

Shading – 30% Energy Saving Potential

Maybe you’re thinking, how could shading help me to save energy? An intelligent blind control does! The shades in a Loxone Smart Homework in conjunction with lighting, heating, security and much more.

Shading + climate = Passive climate

Imagine it’s a cold winter day and the sun is shining. In a Loxone Smart Home the shades will be opened automatically to let in the natural sun heat into the room. This way you use the power of the sun as passive heating, free of charge!

Compared to the cold winter day, the Loxone Smart Home keeps your home cool during the summer. So on a hot and shiny summer day, your home closes all shades to keep the sun heat out of the house.

Shading in combination with climate helps you to save 30% heating or cooling energy costs.

Shading + lighting = Intelligent lighting

As already mentioned in the lighting section of this blog entry, the Loxone Smart Home helps you to control the brightness of the lights in your home – depending on the level of the natural light. So on a shiny day, the lights will stay off, even if there’s motion in a room, as your house will know that there is already efficient natural light filling the room.

On darker days the Loxone Smart Home turns on brighter lights to offer you enough for cooking, reading, relaxing or whatever you’re doing at home.

Efficient Energy Use – Save up to 100%

Using your own produced energy is getting more and more popular and makes it possible to save up to 100% of your energy costs. There are many options for using renewable energy at home: solar panels, photovoltaic panels or small wind turbines. Most popular are solar panels to generate heat and electricity. Also the trend of a zero energy homes is growing in the US. There are already more than 6,000 zero energy homes which are so air-tight, well insulated and energy efficient with a net zero energy bill. We also have several Loxone case studies worldwide which are working the same way.

The Loxone Smart Home helps you manage the produced and used energy. By integrating for example solar panels into your smart home solution, the house automatically uses the self produced energy to do a load of laundry, run the dryer or use the dishwasher – with 0$ energy costs.

If you’re one of the first adopters who already has an electrical car, we’ve got great news for you! You can also integrate your charging system into the Loxone Smart Home. So why pay for charging your car instead of charging it for free with your owned produced energy? With Loxone, your home will do it automatically.

Everything managed in one App

To have a better overview on how much energy your home is saving or using, you just have to take a look into your Loxone App. Within this App you can manage your whole home. The Loxone App offers you energy statistics to discover ways to save even more energy. You can also monitor your home’s current electricity consumption as well as your electricity production. At any time, from anywhere.

Energy Management - How to save energy at home

Free Energy Saving Consultation

These 5 ways to save energy in your home are just a few of our favorite energy features. There are much more. Depending on what’s important for you, the Loxone Smart Home will adjust to your requirements.

Interested in cutting down your energy costs? Schedule your personal appointment with one of our smart home experts. We’re happy to answer your questions and show you the endless energy saving possibilities. We offer our consultation in person at our Showhome near Media, PA, but also by phone. It’s completely non-binding! So don’t waste too much time and energy getting your project started!

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