Fashion meets Loxone Technology

07/19/2017 in Case Studies

We love nothing more than receiving feedback from our customers, especially when they were once skeptical regarding home automation technology, and are now true smart home fans. This is exactly what happened with our Loxone customer, Beth Parker. I’m excited to say, that Beth is now a true smart home fan, and I recently had the chance to meet with her at her stunning smart condo!


All fashion aficionadas know who we’re talking about, but for those that don’t, here’s a short introduction of Beth:

Beth Parker turned her passion for fashion into a career and is founder of the lifestyle blog s e e r s u c k e r + s a d d l e s. Southern Living magazine calls her a “Blogger to Watch”. She and her family just moved to Zionsville, Indiana, to build there their modern farmhouse, which will be a Loxone Smart Home. But she’s not a smart home newby. While living in Indianapolis their Loxone Partner, Dan Killinger from Intelligent Living Solutions, has realized for Beth and her husband John their dream of a smart condo – fully automated with Loxone.

The Downtown Indy Luxury Condo

First of all, I asked Beth how she would describe her condo: “Swanky, modern and smart”, was the prompt answer. Then Beth told me how she got in touch with smart home technology.

Beth’s husband is a real home automation fan. So he came up with the idea to fully automate their new home while renovating it. “I remember, when we were in the renovation process. My husband told me about his idea of automating the condo. And I just was like ‘What do you mean we don’t need a key? Or a light switch?’”, Beth told me. “To be honest I was sceptical at the moment. I’m not, not, into tech. But now I absolutely love it. I love the comfort, safety, personalization, everything.”

The Indy Condo of Beth and her husband is just beautiful! I would move in, right away if they’d let me!. Lights, audio, video, HVAC, blinds, alarm, locks… are fully automated by Loxone. Beth’s husband is really into home automation, but the technical part was realized by our Loxone Partner, Intelligent Living Solutions.

As always when visiting a Loxone customer, I’m interested in their favorite feature. “Definitely, the lighting scenes. If it’s 11pm at night, and I go into the bathroom, the dimmed lights automatically turn on so I don’t stub a toe.”, so Beth.

Beth’s favorite: A scene for every occasion

The Cooking Mode is smooth lighting. Perfect when working with ingredients, cookbooks etc.
The dimmed lights at the Entertaining Mode makes the room much more comfortable when relaxing after a hard day’s work. And her absolute favorite: The Room Mode in pink! And can I just can say: ‘Wooooow’.

The guests at their 4th of July party were really impressed. Their kitchen and living room were lit in Red, White and Blue!

“The endless possibilities is what makes our Loxone Smart Home so much fun”. Beth and her husband John love their smart condo so much that they have decided to make their newly built home a Loxone Smart Home, too. “We are so happy with Loxone that we’ve decided to realize our new home as Loxone Smart Home as well.”

It was a pleasure to meet Beth in her smart condo! I will follow up with Beth’s 2nd Loxone Smart Home and will keep you updated about her next project.

Interested in your own smart home? Let us give you a free consultation. Just leave us your contact details. Meanwhile feel free to download our smart home brochure!

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