Loxone Smart Home Featured on FYI Network’s Tiny House Nation

07/13/2017 in Case Studies
If you’ve ever wondered:

“Is a Smart Home right for me?”

We are here to tell you, that a Smart Home is the right choice for everyone! A Smart Home saves you time, energy, and money. In fact, a true smart home ultimately brings you more comfort, peace of mind, and an enjoyable living space, regardless of the size of your home.

Earlier this month, FYI Network’s hit show “Tiny House Nation” featured a Tiny Smart House fully equipped with Loxone Smart Home technology. In the episode, our Loxone Gold Partner Jared, founder and owner of InHome Genius, and his wife Tarren move into a 300-square-foot tiny house with their two children. With Jared’s Loxone Smart Home expertise, he was able to create a customized experience that transcended the small confines of 300 square feet, into a place, his family can comfortably call home.

Brilliant functions featured on Tiny House Nation

Music Zones

The Loxone Music Server is the first Multiroom Audio System that was developed exclusively for use in Smart Homes. It unleashes the possibility of unprecedented interplay between multiroom audio and home automation. And though the Loxone Music server is available in up to 20 channels for 20 music zones, Jared utilizes our 8 zone music server for a Tiny House setup – and while small, this configuration packs a big punch.

Pairing the music server with colored Loxone LED lights turns Jared and Tarren’s home into an impromptu party with one simple click in the Loxone app. And on a more relaxed night, the children can listen to Disney tunes in one room, while Mom and Dad tune into their favorite podcast in the living room.

Hydraulic Lifts

A Tiny Home is just that, tiny. So when you have four people crammed into a 300 sqft space you need some creativity to open it up. Jared and his family utilize drawers under the couch and beds to maximize their storage efforts, but it just wasn’t enough. So what did they do? Well, they built up!

Jared had the ingenuity and foresight to build an integrated lift into their Tiny Home. Really, he made it so when his bed wasn’t in use, he would hit a button on his Loxone App, and it would lift up to the ceiling! To top it all off he also added a drop down television. Talk about keeping up with the Joneses… Jared just took it to the next level!

Smart Home Features

Throughout this tiny house, you will find loads of other smart home features. One of our favorites are the LED strips that were embedded into the exterior of the house. These lights not only look great, but they are capable of being changed to any color under the sun! Simply open up the Loxone App and pick a color.

When it comes to security features, this house has got it covered, with window and door sensors keeping a watchful eye. Jared has also integrated a Loxone Smart Intercom, where the family can set up specific access schedules via their ibutton keys. Want to give access to a cleaning person? Easy, you can program your intercom to let them in with their ibutton between 2-3pm every Tuesday, and during that time only. This smart intercom also has an integrated camera that will show you who’s ringing your bell. Even if you’re not home, the intercom will take a picture so you can see who you missed.

All of these functions are controlled and monitored by smartphones and the mounted iPad located in their living space!


People like Jared and his Smart Home project go to show that a true Smart Home comes in many shapes and sizes. Take a look around your house and think about what can be done to make your life more comfortable. With Loxone Smart Home, anything is possible.

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