The Sun Worshiper

07/27/2017 in Case Studies
This four story home makes the most of the sunshine with large windows, a breathtaking terrace, and a rooftop swimming pool. This home isn’t just about luxury, however, the owners also wanted a home that offered greater levels of energy efficiency, security, and convenience.

Capturing the sun

Spain is known for its sunshine, and this home really makes the most of it. A key element of the refurbishment design was the inclusion of solar panels. The integration of the solar PV system with Loxone allows the homeowners to make better use of their self-produced energy by channeling available electricity to appliances like the washing machine and car charger.

Smart lighting control

The smart lighting of the different rooms is controlled by pre-configured scenes. The lighting scenes are set combinations of different lighting sources – such as the ceiling lights, lamps, and lighting integrated into the furniture. The installation of Touch Air wireless switches has made it possible to place switches where previously it would not have been possible to have a traditional light switch.

A special detail is in the lighting of the staircase. During the day, the skylight allows the space to be flooded with daylight, while at night the LED lighting around the window gently illuminates the space, keeping the sense of natural lighting.

A gentle awakening

This is one of the most popular features that customers opt for in their Loxone Smart Home: the smart alarm clock. The owners have chosen how they want their house to wake them up, and that’s a combination of shades, light, and audio so that each morning they wake up in the most pleasant way.

First, the shades are gradually raised so that the sunlight can filter into the room, then the lights switch on at 50% brightness, followed by their preferred radio station.

The yard

The outdoor area is certainly one of the key highlights of this home. There is lighting installed throughout the yard, including in the pool, all of which are controlled via Loxone.

You may think a yard this glorious comes with plenty of upkeep, however, the owners have used smart home technology to ensure it’s a breeze. There’s an automatic irrigation system in place that relies on moisture and humidity sensors to ensure the plants are kept topped up with water and looking lush.

Depending on the external brightness, the lights on the terrace and the pool light up automatically when the sliding door from the kitchen is opened and someone steps outside.

Multimedia function integration

The owners wanted to listen to music in every area of the house. To do this, they installed a Loxone Music Server that allows them to not only enjoy their music but to link it with different scenes, the security system and with the alarm clock function.

In each room, there are light switches from which you can also control the music, but usually, the homeowners prefer to adjust the music using the Loxone App.

Loxone enables the homeowners to integrate the control of audio and video devices within their home. In the same way, through specific commands, the control of an HDMI matrix is performed to centrally manage the distribution of the TV signal throughout the house.

Safe and Sound

Flood and gas detection systems have been installed in this home to quickly detect any problems in these supplies and allow the valves to close.

The smoke detectors are connected to the Music Server, so if the alarm is triggered, the alert is heard through the speakers and the owners receive a notification on their smartphone.

When the house is unoccupied, it changes to “away from home” mode and works accordingly, regulating temperature and activating the alarm. When the owners are on holiday, presence simulation is used to make the house appear occupied.

Other security features include mobile notifications if the garage door is open for longer than 30 minutes.

Air conditioning system

This smart home has air conditioning delivered through ducts and controlled via Modbus. In addition, the smart shades control works in tandem with the temperature sensors and closes the blinds to keep the strong midday sunshine from overheating the rooms. The house has a radiant floor heating system which is zoned for each room. This means that each room can have a different temperature and temperatures are adjusted automatically for each room depending on the time of day, current room temperature and more. This is done using 1-Wire temperature probes.

Weather information

The home makes use of several sensors to make informed decisions. This includes temperature sensors, a wind sensor and a rain sensor, which help give information about outside weather conditions. This means that the house can always maintain a comfortable temperature, even in hot weather.

Humidity control

Wireless Loxone Temperature & Humidity Sensors have been installed in the bathrooms and cellar since they are spaces that can suffer from humidity and moisture issues. In addition, a dehumidifier runs automatically if the humidity level is too high.

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