Wine tasting cellar enhanced by automation

07/15/2020 in Case Studies

Wine is best enjoyed with great company – and now with automation – in a wine cellar in the vibrant city of Brno in Czech Republic. In addition to storing wine, the cellar also serves as a place to relax and drink in the common room. In these areas, Loxone monitors temperature and humidity while also controlling lighting, music and security. We’re taking a closer look behind the story of this project from both the owner and Loxone Partner.

Project details

Location: Brno – Venkov

Construction: 2018–2019

Completion: November 2019

Loxone Partner:  SmaRD by Category

Wine cellar with storage and seating area

For many people, owning a wine cellar is just a dream. Is there a winemaking tradition in your family?

To start, I would mention this is not your typical wine cellar for the production of wine, but rather a place to sit with friends and enjoy wine, stored in cubicles. A wine tradition? Not at all, I come from a region where potatoes and grain are grown. Everything else freezes! My friends interested me in wine during my university studies. It’s brought me excitement as my favorite hobby ever since.

Wine bottles in storage
Wine cellar with ambient lighting

How did you start planning for this project?

When I moved to Brno, there was no place to store wine! That was all the reason I needed, together with my neighbors and our great friends, that we decided to build a cellar in the middle of the land. The cellar consists of a common room and two separate boxes for storing wines.

What inspired you to implement automation in the cellar?

As this is a space for storing wine, automatically monitoring the temperature with humidity was the goal. Security was also a factor. Then additional automation features were a bonus for convenience.

Why did you choose Loxone?

It all started in the home. Both my neighbors and myself have Loxone installed in our family homes for several years now. Since we are still excited about the system, we did not see any other option. We keep up with all the improvements over the years. For example, we now use the Touch Pure to control the entire cellar, and it also fits perfectly in design.

Touch Pure on wall
Wine glasses displayed

How did you create your vision together with the Loxone Partner?

We’re probably not your typical clients (we invent a lot). But that is exactly why we chose SmaRD by Category, the same company who helped create our family home. The advantage is that they have their own projection, while working together with technicians and programmers, as they get creative and reinvent ideas. All it took was two sessions to agree on everything. Working together with them was such a positive experience.


What functions do you and your guests seem to enjoy the most?

With about 15 dimmable light circuits in the cellar, the control of lighting moods with just one tap of the Touch Pure is amazing. It creates a pleasant atmosphere for any occasion. Using a Presence Sensor at the front door, the music starts automatically along with the desired lighting mood. At the same time, security monitoring takes place. This includes temperature and humidity too. For example, in the event of a low temperature, the heating starts up automatically or the dehumidifier will know when to switch on. I never have to worry about adjusting the climate to be just right, it just happens on its own.

Our tip: Learn more about wine cellar temperature & humidity control in our Use Case example.
LED Spots in ceiling

Interview with the Loxone Partner

Why did the client come to you for this project?

He wanted a place to enjoy wine and meet friends, where automation would make more time for more enjoyment. Design also played a key role. He wanted complete control of the wine cellar, from security, lighting, HVAC to audio. We were trusted with the freedom to design everything so that the cellar as a whole would work together, allowing more time for enjoyment.

Where was emphasis placed in functionality?

With knowing he would only spend some time in the cellar, security was important for the moments spent elsewhere. For the time when he and visitors are present, creating the perfect atmosphere was especially important with lighting and audio control. Within the space, there are 15 separate light circuits that can be cycled through with just a tap of one switch, whereas other lighting solutions depend on multiple switches and buttons. One Touch Pure allows you to easily control lighting, audio and more.

What do you think convinced your client that installing Loxone was the right choice?

It all started three years ago really, after we completed his family house with intelligent automation. Even then, during the construction of the house, the idea of the wine cellar was in place and preparations were just beginning. I think intelligent control and monitoring of the wine cellar was a natural result of the satisfaction with the positive experience within the household.

Kateřina Krejčí

Loxone Partner, Sales Manager - SmaRD, CATEGORY a.s.

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Automated brewery

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