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Use Case Solutions

Our Use Cases will provide an overview of specific Loxone application solutions along with hardware needed, Config tips and samples. This knowledge will come in handy to take your projects to the next level without even needing a support call.

Use lighting to indicate energy source

For example, an LED Strip indicates when self-produced energy is being used by turning green.

Limit TV screen time for kids

In addition to simply limiting screen time, a warning message can be played through the multi-room audio system.

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*Keep in mind the Smart Socket Air will be replaced with Nano 2 Relay.

Cleaning mode for the office

Learn the tips and tricks of setting a Cleaning Mode. This can disable switches, brighten lighting, play a specific playlist and include defined access times.

Passive monitoring for Ambient Assisted Living

Starting with a range of sensors, you can find numerous examples of monitored AAL environments. Sensors can help anticipate habits and notify if something seems off. For example, if no motion has been detected by 7:00 a.m.

Smart humidor monitoring

With automatic monitoring of a humidor, cigars can be kept fresh for years to come. Loxone can monitor temperature and humidity to prevent the drying, and expensive loss, of cigars.

Watering a sports field

Based on the sport and location of field, it will have different irrigation requirements. This is easily realized by Loxone with intelligent control of water pumps and valves.

Smart outdoor lighting

Find ideas for LED Strips and other outdoor garden lighting. Modes can be dependent on dusk, movement and more to create ambiance along pathways, balconies and backyard features.

Remote server monitoring

This Use Case is based on four servers which must be monitored. Find out what actions can be taken automatically if a server goes offline for a predefined period of time.

Garage door notifications

We’re dealing specifically with push notifications. When a garage door is left open beyond a certain point in time, the Miniserver will communicate this to the homeowner. This Use Case works best when the home’s geo-coordinates are first established.

Automatic blind control for privacy

Learn more about the function block “Shading Overview” and setting “Times” based on geo-coordinates.

Wine cellar humidity control

A solution for wine cellar humidity control includes temperature control and automation to keep wine bottles in ideal condition. 

Automatic router reset

What if the home had an automatic router reset function which kicked in when the internet connection was lost (or at night) so that it can get re-established without you having to mess around to find which socket it is plugged into?

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*Keep in mind the Smart Socket Air will be replaced with Nano Relay Air.

Smart electric heating

An affordable, low-budget heating solution can be achieved with the Loxone Miniserver, providing 8 relay outputs – so potentially 8 heating sources can be controlled.

Smart lighting as an occupancy indicator

We can find several examples where we have to indicate from the outside of a room if it is vacant or occupied. By programming light colors, where green means available, and red means it is currently occupied, this is easily implemented.

Access control for elevators

Loxone provides a great and secure access control solution for elevators. Whether the elevator opens directly into a unit or you need to only allow some people to access a certain floor. We’ll show you how with the NFC Code Touch.

Smart kitchen cabinet lighting

Rather than using one switch per lighting circuit, we work with lighting moods controlling different light sources at once. For example, tasks like cooking can then make the most of LED Spots RGBW along with LED strips.

Open window alert if it rains

In the example, we used the current precipitation to send a notification (urgent) and forecast from the next two hours to send a warning to email (less urgent). The notifications only happen, if the Door & Widow Contact detects an open window.

Daylight responsive lighting

Configure lighting fixtures so that they constantly respond to natural levels of light throughout the day.

Motion Sensor water valve for pet drinking water

One of the problems with leaving your dog home alone for long periods of time is ensuring they always have access to fresh water – especially in the summer months. So we need to configure a motion sensor water valve that will release a suitable amount of water with various considerations to prevent overfilling.

Change light color based on weather

For example blue means rain, orange means sunny, magenta means cloudy. Now, changing all of the lights might not be practical if you’re using that lighting to get ready. So, can we use just one accent light source, such as LED Strip to change light color based on the weather? Yes!