With Apple HomeKit many functions of a Loxone installation can be controlled directly from compatible iOS devices.
This also enables voice control with Apple’s Siri.

Current Miniserver / Go required, not supported by Gen 1. variants!

Due to a bug in Miniserver release, the app displays error 400 when setting up HomeKit. This issue can be fixed by updating the Miniserver to version or higher. 

Supported Functions


The Miniserver requires at least version and an internet connection for the initial setup.
In the project properties of Loxone Config auto update must be activated.
The Loxone App must be updated to the latest version.

First, connect to the Miniserver locally on an iOS device in the Loxone App with a user with full access, and open the settings menu:

Select “Apple HomeKit” and follow the setup wizard in the app.

In case of difficulties, restart the Miniserver and the Loxone App, and try again in a few minutes.

A setup code is generated, which is needed in the next step.

The button “Share HomeKit setup code” creates a PDF file with a QR code.

Scan the QR code or enter the setup code manually.

While only one Apple account can be connected to the Miniserver, it is possible to share it with additional Apple users by inviting them.

In the next step, you can specify a user whose functions HomeKit will have access to.

All supported objects in the programming can be added to Apple Home.

Afterwards the added functions are ready for use.

In the Loxone App settings the added functions can be edited.

Up to 149 objects per HomeKit connection are supported.

After a successful configuration, an Internet connection is no longer mandatory on the Miniserver.


The previously selected functions can be operated in the Apple Home app.

Example with Siri Speech Recognition:

With “Hey Siri, turn on the light relaxing in the living room” the lighting mood relaxing is activated. Siri gives the feedback “OK, the relaxing is on.”
And with “Hey Siri, turn off the light relaxing in the living room” the mood is switched off again.

Control Functions Remotely

Apple Home functions can be controlled remotely with additional Apple devices and iCloud.

Supported Functions

The following functions are supported by HomeKit:

Lighting Controller
Automatic Shading, Automatic Shading Integrated and Roof Window Shading
Room Ventilation Controller
Intelligent Room Controller
Audio Player (On/Off)
Stairwell Light – and Comfort Switch
Virtual Input as a Switch

Blocks with a visualization password are not supported!

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