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M&E Designers:

Planning projects with Loxone

You sell more than just ideas. You plan the future for your customers. Loxone automation technology makes buildings, infrastructure and special projects intelligent, efficient and sustainable. Achieve more with less complexity.

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The comprehensive all-in-one solution – for all your projects

We provide you with all the products you need for your building automation projects from a single source. From the necessary control components and the right sensors to high-quality LED lighting technology and the right multi-room audio system – our comprehensive product range covers all your requirements.

Plan and design with Loxone and enjoy the following advantages:

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Personal point-of-contact

Your personal point-of-contact is there to help you. They’ll be happy to assist you with anything and answer any questions you might have – via email or a phone call.

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Planning & design support

With the experience of over 250,000 Loxone installations behind us, we’ll support you by offering guidance on the planning and designing of the Loxone system for each of your projects. This service is completely free of charge.

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Extensive Documentation

Do you need CAD templates, product datasheets, quote templates, etc? We have a large range of documents that are available for you to help make your job easier. If there’s something you need that you cannot find simply get in contact with us and we’ll do our best to get it for you.

Icon Schnittstellen

Numerous open interfaces

No matter whether you want to control heating or PV systems, send IR commands or read out the power consumption: there is a solution with Loxone. With our host of Extensions and interfaces, you can integrate an array of technologies common in the automation field.

Icon Tree

Up to 80% less cabling

Compared to other professional automation solutions, an installation with Loxone Tree uses less wiring to connect all peripheral devices together and cable back to the cabinet. Overall, you save on time, terminations, cable and space in the distribution board.

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Project publication

For those particularly impressive projects, we can promote them on our website as a case study – including a blog, a social media post and inclusion in our monthly newsletter – giving you and your company great exposure.

Loxone Products

Everything from a single source

Loxone is a complete automation system with intuitive control – suitable for smart homes, commercial premises and custom applications.

All Loxone products are specifically designed for use in automation projects and are designed to work together to offer functional assurance in your projects.

A large portfolio of high-quality products, user-friendly applications and intuitive programming software creates an unparalleled ecosystem with a range of open interfaces. This makes Loxone a fully-scalable solution suitable for single-use applications, smart homes, MDUs, hotels, offices, as well as other commercial and industrial applications.

The Miniserver – full scalability, endless possibilities

The Miniserver is at the heart of every Loxone installation. It has revolutionised and permanently changed the world of building automation. Specially developed for professional electricians, the Miniserver works as a central control unit.

Streamlined networking

Loxone Tree

Tree Intercommunication

Tree Intercommunication enables simpler, safer and more stable dialogue between different areas of a building (e.g.: office, warehouse, canteen, etc). The system works separately from the local data network, meaning it’s completely reliable, secure and maintenance-free.

Icon Netzwerk Interkommunikation

Network Intercommunication

Network Intercommunication allows data to be exchanged between Miniservers that are connected to the same network via their Ethernet interface, but are programmed independently of each other. This allows you to connect parts of the building even over large distances.

Icon Multiplikator


The Multiplicator simplifies the configuration of large projects significantly. Wherever multiple Miniservers are installed into one design to serve a similar purpose, the same configuration can be transferred to all these Miniservers with just one click, setting them up with exactly the same features. Of course, each configuration can still be customised individually.

Icon Trust


Trust is a unique feature that makes cross-location user management easy. This is an enormous advantage for properties with several buildings. This way, employees are granted identical access everywhere without having to be managed individually.

Icon Client Gateway


In a Gateway-Client systemone Miniserver acts as a gateway to manage other Miniservers that are linked as Clients. In commercial buildings, for example, a Miniserver could serve as a gateway in the IT room. Client Miniservers are then located in different parts of the building such as in the office, factory, warehouse, etc.

M&E Designers and Loxone

We work with existing M&E consultants in different forms. Whether you are looking for assistance with the potential functionality or you’re ready to plan a comparison quote with Loxone, we’re here to help. We have an in-house team that can assist with hardware and functional specifications. If you don’t have an appointed installer we can introduce you to a suitable Loxone Partner based on your project requirements. If you do have an appointed installer, we can discuss the potential training options with them to gain the necessary skills for the Loxone part of the installation.


Working with the
right installation partners

Your time and expertise are valuable.
We’ll find the right approach for you to specify Loxone.

  • Mutual introduction to a suitable Loxone Partner
  • Training for existing electricians employed by your firm
  • Training for existing BMS engineers you already work with

Working with the
right installation partners

Your time and expertise are valuable.
We’ll find the right approach for you to specify Loxone.

Whether that is us making a mutual introduction to a suitable Loxone Partner, training for existing electricians employed by your firm, or training for existing BMS engineers you already work with. We’ll find a suitable way to transfer the necessary skills for your Loxone project.

Industry professionals
about Loxone

We chose Loxone for this project after a lot of research of automation products on the market and found Loxone both easy to use and configure, and very reliable.«

Gordon Hodges

Director, Inovolt Limited

Loxone was one of the only solutions available that could fully integrate all the existing systems and provide an elegant, simple and unobtrusive installation to a building of significant cultural and social importance.«

Martyn Duerden

Owner, SavvySpaces

The flexibility of the system allowed us to seamlessly integrate Loxone’s own products with 3rd-party lighting fixtures, shading, heating, and ventilation systems. This meant we could meet the clients clear aesthetic vision without losing functionality.«

Michael Akers

Director, Potes Smart Homes

Absolutely love specifying/designing & installing Loxone! Its innovative design & functionality is rivalled by none in my opinion. We looked at many different control systems at the beginning, one of the key deciding factors was looking at was which control systems some of the big commercial companies have chosen to integrate with i.e. Internorm – a company around for almost 100 years would of looked at all of them before deciding to specifically become a ‘Loxone ready’ product.
This is why we use Loxone on all of our Smart Home Automation projects!«

Zach Meek

Director, Zmart Hohm Ltd

We work with Loxone to help clients create beautiful spaces by integrating smart home automation technology into a new build or renovation project. The processor is incredibly fast which means the lighting, the music, security and control work without the delays that can be present on some other home automation solutions. It’s easy for the client to make small adjustments to the programming using the app and it’s all underpinned by a great team of people ready to us installers when called upon.«

Mark Packham

Director, AVANT Home Technology Ltd

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