Building automation for offices and commercial premises

With Loxone, you have an all you need for intelligent building automation in offices and general commercial premises, allowing you to provide a more comfortable and intuitive working environment for employees. As well as keeping staff happy, you’ll also enjoy significant energy saving benefits through room climate automation which will help increase the cost-effectiveness of your premises.

Ventilation and automatic blind control for offices

Loxone offers a range of automation solutions individually tailored to your office or commericial premises:

Automatic shading

Fully automatic shading which intelligently regulates itself depending on the position of the sun, solar irradiation and the temperature. Automated shading is a massive help when trying to achieve a perfect room climate in your workspace. 

Shading protection

Using a weather station, the building automatically reacts to frost or storms in order to prevent damage to any exterior shading or roof windows. 

Demand-driven ventilation 

Loxone uses the exact readings of the CO2 sensors to automate ventilation, ensuring pleasant and healthy air quality. 

Exact recording

Exact values are recorded through a range of sensors. All of which can be displayed within the Loxone App so you’ll always have them in view. This is useful for building management staff to monitor performance. In addition, maintenance schedules and notifications for service intervals can be set up.

Simple access control:
via NFC Key Fob

Access control with Loxone is simple and personalised. Your employees and contractors simply present their NFC Key Fob to the NFC Code Touch and they’ll be granted the relevant access if their permissions allow. The NFC Key Fob provides a cost-effective alternative to keys, which can be placed directly on a key ring. If someone happens to lose their fob, or someone’s access needs to be rescinded, an appropriate user can simply delete that user’s fob (via the app) and, if needed, pair a new one.

Fully automated alarm system

Loxone allows you to easily automate the alarm system in your office or business premises. The activation of the alarm system does not require any manual intervention. It can be automatically controlled simply by the presence in the building. The alarm will then be automatically deactivated as soon as the first employee in the morning enters the building using the NFC Code Touch.

If the alarm system is triggered, your building will begin a sequence of alarms. This will include the external alarm sounding, lights in the building flashing, the shading opening and a loud alarm tone being played through the internal speakers. Nominated members of staff will also be immediately notified that the alarm has been triggered through a notification straight to their smartphone.

Save time with automation

Due to the high level of automation possible with Loxone, your employees won’t have to constantly make manual adjustments; the building will simply be how it should be. This is because a Loxone-equipped building detects things such as presence, brightness, temperature and air quality. Then, using this information, the Miniserver – which is the hub of a Loxone system – can make decisions enable features around the building which ultimately ensure employee comfort and save energy. 

High-quality audio solutions for your office

Loxone offers intelligent multiroom audio solutions which are especially useful in office/business environments. You’ll be able to offer your employees and customers an unforgettable music experience. This is a particularly welcoming feature in lobbies, guest toilets, stairways, and in staff areas used at lunchtime or for entertaining. A Loxone multiroom audio system can offer the following functions:

Automated Music

Play music as soon as someone enters the room, and when that room is no longer in use the music will automatically stop playing.

Multiple sources of music

Whether you want to stream your music, listen to a specific radio station or play one of your own locally stored playlist, Loxone has got you covered. 

Endless flexibility

Control the sound of your office quickly and easily straight from the Loxone App. Nominated members of staff will have full control of what is played, and in which zones.


With the multiroom audio system, you can quickly make announcements to both employees and guests. Text-to-speech announcements can be automated based on times or events, and played in specified zones.

Energy-saving potential

No one wants to work somewhere that is either too hot or too cold. With Loxone they won’t have to, as you can ensure that every room is always at the set temperature. Loxone can take control of the heating and cooling sources to ensure you always have the perfect room climate. If Loxone is being used to control the shading, then it can lower the blinds in a bid to block out the sun and maintain a comfortable temperature inside. Likewise, if letting in the morning sun would be a more cost-effective way to heat the offices in the morning, then Loxone can make that decision for you. Overall, there are significant savings to be made by automating the climate of your office or business premises; so you’ll have a reduced energy bill to go along with your happy employees.

Individual solutions tailored to your needs

We know that no two businesses are the same. That’s why we’re proud to say that thanks to the freely programmable nature of Loxone, we can offer you a completely individual solution. Here are just a few examples of some of the more unique ways in which Loxone is currently used within the workplace:

office lighting

Personalised canteen
payment systems

locker system

Powerful brands that use Loxone






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