Building automation
for hotels and restaurants


Why is building
automation so important for hotels and restaurants?

Create impressive guest experiences while increasing the profitability of your business: our comprehensive all-in-one solution allows you to seamlessly control all the technical systems in your business and operate them intuitively via a single interface.

As a provider of a complete solution, you have no excuse if the system fails. Taking on this responsibility is a matter of course for us as a manufacturer: perfection can only be achieved through a lot of practice. For us, there is no alternative to allowing products and software to mature to perfection in our own installation. At the Loxone Campus in Kollerschlag, we have implemented what we believe will be state of the art in 2024. Warehouse, office, restaurant, event space, wellness area, rooms… are all part of the installation. «
Thomas Moser

CEO Loxone Group

Thomas Moser

CEO Loxone Group

As a provider of a complete solution, you have no excuse if the system fails. Taking on this responsibility is a matter of course for us as a manufacturer: perfection can only be achieved through a lot of practice. For us, there is no alternative to allowing products and software to mature to perfection in our own installation. At the Loxone Campus in Austria, we have implemented what we believe will be state of the art in 2024. Warehouse, office, restaurant, event space, wellness area, rooms… are all part of the installation. «

Why hotels and restaurants opt for Loxone:

A complete solution for all aspects

Shading, lighting, access, heating, security and much more: with Loxone you can control and automate all aspects of a buildings systems. Offering you and your employees a simple and user-friendly interface.

Amazing & reliable guest experience

Create a unique ambience that is tailored to your brand by combining lighting moods, soundscapes and an excellent indoor climate. With Loxone, you can offer your guests a consistent and, if desired, customisable guest experience.

Energy savings and sustainability

Only use energy when it is really necessary. By controlling heating, cooling and lighting according to room usage, Loxone not only optimizes energy consumption, but also contributes to a significant reduction in your carbon footprint. At the Loxone Campus, we save 30% on heating and cooling energy and 80% on lighting energy compared to the industry average.

Facility management under your control

Loxone simplifies facility management by proactively informing you of irregularities such as unusual room temperatures, equipment failures or security risks (water ingress, fire, open access points). This allows you to react quickly to potential problems and ensure the smooth operation of your business.

Scalable from independent B&Bs to international hotel chains

Whether a small guesthouse or a hotel chain giant – the modular structure of the Loxone system enables economical scaling, whether a business has 1 or 100 locations.

Top features for building automation in hotels and restaurants



Automated sound system in the wellness area, common areas, bar and restaurant


Simple operation and quick adjustments via the Loxone App


Practical TTS (text-to-speech) messages & custom announcements


Unbeatable price-performance ratio & simple cabling



Control via the Loxone App, via Touch Pures or customisable Touch Pure Flex operating elements


Fewer controls, more clarity


A consistent concept creates simplicity - no training required for individual areas


Depending on the Touch version: data on temperature, humidity and CO2 are transmitted



Individual user & rights management


Time-dependent codes / one-time codes


Automated logging & tracking


Cross-location user / access management


Low cost per key thanks to NFC cards


If lost, NFC Cards can be blocked or replaced easily, quickly and inexpensively



Intelligent control depending on daylight, position of the sun, indoor temperature and much more


Reducing energy costs thanks to intelligent automation


Unique guest experience thanks to convenient features like the blinds raising letting light in as an alarm clock


Safety features such as fire, storm & frost protection


Control of numerous shading elements such as blinds, shutters, awnings, pleated blinds, etc.


Simple operation via Loxone Touches or the Loxone App



Intelligent automation depending on brightness, time, presence and much more


High energy efficiency thanks to presence-dependent control


Simple and intuitive control of all light sources via Loxone Touches or in the Loxone App


Integration of a wide range of light sources and standards such as DALI, DMX, etc.

HVAC Control


High energy efficiency thanks to intelligent automation such as presence dependency


Simple customisation by the guest via Loxone Touches and the Loxone App: After check-out, all settings are automatically reset to the defined default values


Monitoring and controlling air quality


Low-maintenance and reliable system


Integration of different heating systems

Energy Management & Energy Monitoring


Recording and visualisation of consumers


Targeted use of energy from the PV system and storage, also taking into account flexible electricity prices


Wallboxes incl. authentication


Intelligent load management

Voices from the hospitality industry

Nobody offers this kind of automation and access control. Loxone is the only solution where all components are coordinated. They have perfectly implemented the logic and simplicity for the end user. «

F. Potoczak

Loxone Gold Partner, President Freedom Technologies

What makes me particularly happy as a hospitality provider is how stable and reliable the technology is. It eliminates service calls and makes customers and residents happy. «

Robin Salewski

Loxone Platinum Partner, CEO ecopower

We are monitoring and recording every booth for energy use. The owner receives a monthly email with the statistics of every one of them. There is no monthly fee, which is awesome! I don’t think any other solution out there does that. «

Sebastian Jofre

Loxone Gold Partner,
Optimal System Solutions

To be able to offer our guests the perfect holiday environment, we have everything in view with Loxone and can intervene at any time if necessary – no matter where we are. Compared to our guests, who can and may only intervene in certain functions. «

Thomas Vrtel

MONS. Suites Wine Passion

In addition to reducing energy consumption, Loxone’s home & building automation helps us to create completely new guest experiences in Deutsche Hospitality’s hotels. Whether it’s a modern hotel room or a multi-room luxury suite… «

Daniel Florian
CIO, Deutsche Hospitality

Well-known brands that use Loxone






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Logo Mandarin Oriental
Logo Regiojet
Logo Deutsche Hospitality
Logo Ordino
Logo The Stay Inn
Logo Franks Oberstdorfer
Logo Parkhotel Hagenberg
Logo Grand Elisabeth
Logo Ponent
Logo Hotel Albrecht
Logo River Loft
Logo BNP Paribas
Logo International Olympic Committee
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Logo Daikin
Logo Josko
Logo Raiffeisen Bank
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Logo BistroBox
Logo Eni
Logo Vodafone
Logo Xtrafit
Logo Simmons Bar
Logo Calzedonia
Logo Spar
Logo Carrefour
Logo Flamingo
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Logo Cineplexx
Logo Zara
Logo clever fit
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Logo Simmons Bar
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Logo Consum
Logo Hard Rock Cafe
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Logo Vertias
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Logo BMW
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Logo Rijnstate
Logo ACS Logistics
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Logo Urbanspace
Logo BizLink
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Logo Linaplast
Logo Whirlpool
Logo Budejovicky Budvar
Logo estamp
Logo Martinus
Logo Wuerth
Logo Bosch
Logo Galerie Teplice
Logo Neuman Aluminium

Automation features to boost your success in the hospitality industry

Loxone feature categories on wheel diagram

With Loxone’s building automation system for hotels and restaurants, you have intuitive control over all features at your finger tips. The use of a Miniserver in each room ensures maximum reliability and minimal cabling effort.

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Why should you implement Loxone in every new hotel?

In addition to many other things, efficient hotel operations require staff and energy in the form of heat and electricity. These two factors are massive cost drivers in the hotel industry. With Loxone, you can save a lot of money in these two areas in particular. On the one hand, staff can be relieved of certain tasks like by implementing self-check-in measures and simpler room management. On the other hand, the numerous software modules for energy management can save a lot of energy. In addition, smooth operation is guaranteed as fault messages from technical systems can be recorded and rectified immediately and not just when the customer calls reception to say that the heating is no longer working.

Can Loxone also be retrofitted in existing buildings?

Of course, Loxone is also perfect for anyone who already has an existing building and wants to retrofit Loxone. Our wireless technology, Loxone Air, which is based on the proven building radio standard, can be used wherever cables are not available. Thanks to the combination of cable and wireless technology, almost all requirements can be covered even in existing buildings.

I have high energy costs. Can Loxone help me to reduce my energy costs?

If energy costs rise, this has a direct impact on the profit at the end of the day. This makes it all the more important to identify and eliminate unnecessary energy consumption. But not only that, in times when almost every newly constructed building has a PV system on the roof and dynamic electricity tariffs are being introduced, it is also increasingly important to consume energy at certain times when it is available or cheap. This only works with an intelligent automation solution that activates or blocks shiftable loads such as hot water preparation, heat pumps, electric cars, pool pumps, cold storage rooms, washing machines, etc. at exactly the right time.

I have high personnel costs or I can't find enough staff. Can Loxone help me to relieve work load on my staff and reduce costs?

Loxone helps to save time during check-in, the stay and check-out, as these processes can be fully automated. Furthermore, you can control the entire hotel via the Loxone App and also remotely and immediately view and respond to current statuses and fault messages.

I would like to experience Loxone live. Where can I do that?

You can find installation partners who cover all types of projects, as well as their showhomes and more in our Partner Search. Plus, you can experience an in-depth tour at our Loxone UK showroom. However, if you are in the area, the best place to experience Loxone is at the Loxone Campus where we are mapping the following use cases with Loxone: Hotel with 80 rooms, seminar center, office with 350 workstations, warehouse with 65,000 ft² (6000 m²), the well-known restaurant Glorious Bastards and an auditorium with 600 seats for events.

Can I install Loxone myself?

Loxone is a professional solution and is intended for installation by a knowledgeable, trained installer. We can introduce you to a suitable Loxone Partner for your installation, or if you have an existing electrical engineering department within your company we can discuss training options for them to be able to conduct your installation. As Loxone is not a DIY solution, we are here to help you find the best path forward for your project with a suitable Partner.

Are there any electrical contractors who work with Loxone?

We are constantly looking for new Loxone Partners to implement great projects with us. Nevertheless, there is already an existing partner network of over 25,000 Loxone partners worldwide. There are more than 1,500 certified Loxone Partners in the UK alone. Here you can find some of the Loxone Partners in your area.

We would also be happy to provide advice and recommendations in your search for a Loxone Partner that is best for you.

I would like to connect Loxone to my PMS (Property Management System). Is that possible?

Yes, the advantages of Loxone in the hotel industry are that it can be perfectly utilised by connecting it to the PMS. On the one hand, the occupancy status of the room can be linked to the heating. This means that the room is only kept at a comfortable temperature as long as it is occupied by a guest. On the other hand, access and user management can also be automated. These functions can save a considerable amount of money, as energy consumption is minimized and staff workload is reduced. Proven system integrators such as and more have already mastered this link between Loxone and the PMS in several projects.