Building Automation
for the Hospitality Industry

Building Automation
for Hotels & Hospitality

An all-in-one system that automates technical functions of your business so you can focus on what matters most – hospitality. With easy maintenance & operation you can save time, reduce costs, and increase comfort. Rely on a future-proof solution that can provide guests and employees with an experience unlike any other from the moment they arrive.

from construction
to everyday use

From the early stages of development, Loxone’s simple cabling and technology was developed to help save time and costs during planning, programming and installation. Plus, with support for many third-party integrations and a rapidly growing network of compatible brands, there is a limitless selection of technical integrations.

Once installed and implemented, the networking capabilities of Loxone truly shine. It easily and efficiently supports employee work processes and minimises the need for many single-use technologies. Loxone brings an all-in-one solution that is beautifully designed for ease of use and to keep the need for user intervention at a minimum.

Voices from the hotel industry

If you want to use automation the right way, you need products that work perfectly together. For us, Loxone is exactly that and it can’t be beat. «

Norman Jöris

Loxone Flagship Partner, CEO smotions

What makes me particularly happy as a hospitality provider is how stable and reliable the technology is. It eliminates service calls and makes customers and residents happy«

Robin Salewski

Loxone Platinum Partner, CEO ecopower

With Loxone you get automation everywhere, like lighting, shading, access and security – all in one system. This makes us super flexible and lets us expand and control our projects any time. «

Dragan Djuric

Loxone Gold Partner,
CEO Bürkle + Schöck Electrical Systems

Room Controls and Management

By using Loxone’s intelligent automation control, proper communication with the local management system ensures that check-in, cleaning and check-out are clearly reported. Then, all smart room functions such as access, lighting, audio, heating and air conditioning are reset after check-out.

Hotel Lighting Design

Offer versatile lighting that performs no matter the occasion – constant bright light for productivity, mood lighting for events or ambient indoor and outdoor lighting. Even pool lights can be made to shine with Loxone. Just one click is enough to activate the right lighting for restaurants, celebrations or any other event!

Guest Experience

Having guests feel comfortable and safe at all times is a must for Loxone. Light, climate, shading, access and audio all work together to create a unique experience. Plus, if manual operation is necessary, the Touch switches and App interface is available.

Multi-zone Audio Control

Utilising a well thought-out audio design complete with different audio zones can have a major influence on the guest experience. With the Loxone Audioserver, or the Miniserver Compact, you can bring music, announcements and alarm functionality to every corner of the hotel.

Facility Management and Monitoring

Being able to manage a building’s facilities is now easier than ever. With just one interface, all sub-areas can be notified in the event an alarm chain is triggered due to an emergency such as a fire or flooding. Plus, storm and frost protection capabilities protect shading units while climate sensors measure humidity, air quality and temperatures inside the building. 

Reduce Energy Costs

A system on a singular network not only increases efficiency and work processes, but also energy management practises. For instance, operating costs can be drastically cut by only heating booked rooms. Ensuring that a building doesn’t waste energy has a great impact on reducing its CO2 footprint.

Specially developed Loxone products for the hotel industry

Touch Pure Flex

A brand new way to provide customised room control. Assign only the functions that guests and employees need most. With integrated temperature and humidity sensors, it can also act as a thermostat for temperature control. Plus, hotel rooms equipped for audio can be controlled right from the switch.

Miniserver Compact

The Miniserver Compact brings high performance in a small package. Providing all modern Loxone technologies, this future-proof control unit is fit for any room type and can be used to automate lighting, shading, climate, access, ventilation and multimedia.