The comprehensive
smart lighting product range from Loxone

At Loxone we invest a lot of time and energy in the development of our products – to provide you with high-quality products that you can rely on and be proud to show off. Our lighting product range is steadily growing and offers you unlimited possibilities for smart, convenient lighting design.

Beleuchtung - Lichtlösungen von Loxone

Complete lighting solution

From discreet spotlights to standout pendant luminaires, we have the products you need to create stunning lighting throughout your home. Furthermore, our lighting products are straightforward to install, and can be conveniently controlled with our Loxone Touch switches.

Designed by Loxone in Austria

Gentle hills and green forests characterise the Austrian Mühlviertel, where we design all of our products. Away from any urban bustle, there’s an environment of concentration and focus for creating something special; it’s the ideal location for excellent products.

Lighting design has never been so easy

Whether vibrant and colourful lighting moods or subtle lighting accents, Loxone’s wide range of products lets you create the lighting you’ve always dreamed of. Conventional and existing lighting fixtures can also be integrated into your Loxone Smart Home system, allowing you maximum design flexibility without comprising functionality.

Let yourself be inspired by the following examples and learn how to use different light sources to skillfully illuminate your home.

Inspiration: Modern dining room

Characteristic of the dining room, our example brings the family together at the end of the day. In order to create the right atmosphere, the family paid particular attention to the lighting of the room. For the basic lighting, spots are installed in the ceiling. In order to focus attention on the table while eating, suspended pendants were used, which provide a pleasant and relaxed ambience for dining. Recessed RGBW LED lighting in the ceiling and behind the curtain rail provides indirect lighting for creating just the right mood for the occasion.

Beleuchtung - LED Spots

LED Spots 

Mounted above the kitchen worktop, the LED spots provide clear and even illumination for food preparation.

Beleuchtung - LED Pendelleuchten

LED Pendulum Slim

The pendant lights cast a soft glow over the wooden dining table. Warm white light makes the dishes look appetising while eating, whilst coloured light ensures the right party atmosphere in the evening

Beleuchtung - LED Streifen

LED Strips

LED strips are the perfect solution for producing indirect light and giving a room the ‘wow factor’. They can be easily attached behind furniture or as here, behind the suspended ceiling.

Beleuchtung - Touch Surface

Touch Surface

Engraved on the worktop or mounted behind a wall, the Touch Surface is perfect for controlling lighting, music or shading while cooking, even if your hands are wet or full of dough.

Inspiration: The Showhome

Our Showhome is the perfect example of the power of smart lighting (if we do say so ourselves!) Our intention was to give the kitchen, dining room and living area as much light as possible in order to make the space appear as large and open as possible. For this reason, sufficient spots in warm white with predefined distance to each other were mounted on the ceiling.

Beleuchtung - LED Spot

LED Spots 

In our show home in Austria, you’ll find numerous LED spots in the ceiling. The reason? The LED spots illuminate the room evenly and make it look a bit bigger at the same time.

Beleuchtung - Touch Pure

Touch Pure

With the Touch Pure, the atmosphere of the room can be completely changed with just one tap. A simple tap on the middle of the Touch Pure activates the predefined lighting moods. When leaving the room, a double click turns the lighting off.

Beleuchtung - LED Streifen

LED Strip

To show guests the full smart home experience and the unique power of lighting with Loxone, LED strips were placed on the suspended ceilings in the lounge area. These transform the entire atmosphere of the room in an instant.

Beleuchtung - konventionelle Leuchtmittel

Conventional lighting

The Loxone Smart Home also allows you to fully integrate and control conventional light sources. In our example, these are chic LED bulbs that hang over the dining table and the living area.

Beleuchtung - Kamin


We also integrated a fireplace into our lighting mood to create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere for those dark, chilly winter evenings. You can integrate a range of different components into your smart home system using our numerous extensions.

Time to bring light to your home

Discover our entire lighting product range in the Loxone online shop. Our trained Partners will gladly assist you with planning your lighting as part of your Loxone Smart Home.

Light in the Loxone Smart Home

In a Loxone Smart Home, your lighting can do much more than switching on and off automatically. Create unique lighting moods, adjust your lighting via the app and much more.

Beleuchtung - Optischer Alarm

Optical alarm
In the event of an alarm, be informed immediately by having your ceiling lights flash.

Beleuchtung - App

Control lights via the app

In the Loxone Smart Home app, you have all your light sources under control and can control them as the mood takes you.

Beleuchtung - Weckfunktion

Alarm clock
Let yourself be woken up gently by your lighting gradually fading up to full brightness.

Beleuchtung - Mondlicht

Night lighting
If you wake up at night, gently dimmed light accompanies you to the bathroom.