Building Automation System for custom processes

Regardless of how unique your project is, Loxone can offer you high-levels of automation as a customised building management system. The Loxone Miniserver – the brain of the system – is intelligent enough to process detailed logic, so individual requirements are no issue whatsoever.

Lighting control

The Loxone Miniserver ensures that production sites are always adequately lit. If the lighting is no longer required in a specific area, it will automatically be switched off.

Temperature monitoring

Whether it’s an industrial production hall or a communal building, Loxone will ensure that room temperatures are constantly monitored and controlled around the clock.

Access control

Safeguard restricted areas of your project with Loxone’s customisable access control solution.  

Energy management 

By recording and visually displaying all consumption data, the Loxone Miniserver immediately recognises potential savings. Meaning you can simultaneously reduce your energy costs and increase the profitability of your project.

Individual solutions for individual problems

Thanks to our powerful solution you can solve numerous individual problems on your project. The graphical interface of our software along with the large selection of function blocks allows simple and quick implementation when coupled with the know-how of a Loxone Partner.   

Our Patners have already implemented countless unique solutions on projects. Here are a few interesting examples:

Automatic rain-dependent
irrigation of a football pitch  

Level monitoring and alarm in automatic car wash

Temperature monitoring and control to maintain the cold chain in a large butcher’s shop 

Automatic locking of the pumps at a petrol station if the CCTV cameras are disabled or malfunction.

Automated parking system with pneumatic bollard control

Server monitoring via periodic ping request and a subsequent phonecall if downtime is detected

Intelligent building automation 

Loxone has a multitude of open and configurable interfaces; this paired with the freely programmable nature of the system gives you the individuality you need. The goal of intelligent automation is to comprehensively integrate the entire building together to create a holistic system which works together. Here are some examples of intelligent automation:

Automated ventilation

Temperature & humidity recording 

Automated hall or warehouse lighting

Completely scalable 

If you have a particularly large project, several Miniservers can be merged in a gateway/client grouping. This increases capacity and enables automation on a large-scale.

The gateway Miniserver combines all of the respective sub-areas together and forms a comprehensive system with an accompanying app. Should the maintenance or expansion of an individual sub-area be needed, all other sub-areas will continue to run autonomously. Due to the gateway/client relationship of the Miniservers, any updates can be handled locally. 

Focusing on your specific requirements 

Loxone has a wide range of open, freely configurable interfaces meaning integration into every single element of the building is possible. The following interfaces are available:   

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