Housebuilders & property developers

If you’re looking to offer your customers an energy-efficient, comfortable and safe home that stands out from the crowd, we have the right solution for you.

With Loxone at your side, you are leading the way in home technology. Our technology can increase the added value for yourself and your customers and create appeal from a greater number of potential home buyers.

Quick integration, easy retrofitting and future security are what sets a Loxone system apart from others.


of homeowners would like to own a smart home where they can control everything from a single app.


seek a professionally installed system over a DIY solution.


of homeowners would spend up to £10,000 extra on a property with the latest home technology.


of homeowners would prefer a smart home to a conservatory.

Research by Loxone (2016), Barclays Digital Homes Report (2015), Honeywell (2014)

Why choose Loxone for your homes?

We’ve revolutionised the smart home industry with the green Loxone Miniserver and currently have over 200,000 Loxone systems installed globally. The Loxone Group employs over 500 people and ranks among the fastest-growing companies in the automation industry. We partner with other leading brands including BMWi, Internorm and Fronius to offer a comprehensive smart home solution.

We had a set of specific needs when searching for a smart home solution; it needed to be reliable, effective, desirable and affordable. We spent a long time researching a number of different solutions but as soon as we saw the extensive Loxone product range and how price competitive it was we knew we had found the right solution.

P. Harvey

Hughes Smart

We are excited to partner with Loxone as the smart home system of choice for our new homes. As a developer who builds homes to the highest standard of energy efficiency, we are committed to achieving A Rating energy efficiency for all of our new homes. Loxone provides the level of control and automation needed for the core heating, ventilation and renewable technologies employed in our homes.

S. Rogers


Winner: ‘Best Home Technology Product’ 2017

We’re proud to say that Loxone Tree won Best Home Technology Product at the 2017 Build It Awards! Read more about Loxone Tree here.


Build It Awards Winner 2017

Winner: Global Innovation Award

The 2017 National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Global Innovation Award recognises the most cutting-edge, advanced, and original product offerings in the home building market. Chosen by an independent panel of judges, Loxone’s affordable and easily installed smart home solution is the 2017 Global Innovation Award Winner.


LEATHWAITE ® build innovative and sustainable new homes and announced their partnership with Loxone in 2017. Loxone technology is used in LEATHWAITE® homes to optimise energy efficiency, offer advanced security features and to enhance the comfort and lifestyle of residents.

International partnerships

As an internationally active company, we have already been able to work with many well-known companies as cooperation partners. From prefabricated manufacturers to contractors, more and more companies are choosing to equip their residential buildings with intelligent technology from Loxone.

Working with us

Are you interested in working with Loxone? Please get in touch. We can offer you advice and insight about how Loxone can be a valuable and seamless part of a home’s infrastructure.

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