Residential building automation system by Loxone

Smart MDU solutions for commercial developers

The Loxone residential building automation system will elevate your MDU project to unprecedented levels of sophistication, user comfort and energy efficiency. As an investor or developer, you understand the importance of delivering excellence that stands the trial of time. Loxone offers a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates lighting, heating, safety and security and more, providing unparalleled comfort and convenience for your residents. With Loxone, you’re not just investing in technology: you’re investing in the future of luxurious living.

Transform your MDU development into a state-of-the-art masterpiece with the Loxone residential building automation system. In today’s competitive real estate market, offering more than just a living space is essential. Loxone empowers investors and developers like you to differentiate their projects by incorporating intelligent automation that enhances the residents’ comfort, convenience, security and energy efficiency. Loxone will help you set a new standard for modern residential living.

Maximise the value of your MDU investment with the Loxone residential building automation system. If you seek solutions that not only impress but also deliver tangible benefits to your residents, look no further. Loxone offers state-of-the-art building automation solutions that streamline controls, minimise the need for manual intervention, reduce energy usage and costs, and enhance the modern living experience. With Loxone, you’re not just building units; you’re creating intelligent living spaces that resonate with your buyers, set you apart from the competition, and provide unparalleled comfort and convenience for the residents.

Intelligent energy management and protective functions unlock high savings potential. Smart access control systems immediately notify occupants if their doorbell rings and allow them to see and talk to their visitors regardless of where they are in the world. Automated ventilation protects against mould growth. Residents are also protected by the building automation network that connects all flats: if an escape of water is detected in a communal area or the front entrance has been left open, all apartments are informed, for example.

The benefits of smart apartment solutions

Benefits for landlords

Simplified building management

Increased property value

Visualisation of the entire building in one app

Remote maintenance

Notification in the event of technical faults

Limiting potential damage through immediate action and alert notifications

Email report of meter readings

Assessment of annual working time

Benefits for tenants

Flexible and smart access control with Intercom

Enhanced living comfort and convenience

Simple operation

Remote access via the Loxone App

Reduced utility bills

Overview of energy and water consumption

Increased security with smart alarm system

Higher standard of living in a perfectly managed environment

Reduced CO2 footprint

Benefits for Loxone Partners

Flexible customisation of each configuration

Training and support for quick and easy installation and commissioning

Remote maintenance options

Fully scalable

Expandable Loxone Air technology – perfect for smart retrofitting

100% quality and reliability guarantee

What do our Developers say

The route we decided to use was offer it in our showhome as the full package, so that all prospective buyers can come in, see what the possibilities are and decide whether it’s for them or not. Importantly it gave them the opportunity to be different to their next-door neighbour which is often lost in a new homes development.« 

Jonny Denton

Residential Sales Manager, Darcliffe Homes

Two men and a woman discussing plans for a residential building automation system with the Loxone Touch Pure and a floor plan on the table

One residential building automation system for all smart home functions

With the Miniserver, Loxone makes simple controls and intelligent automation possible for every project in residential properties. Our smart MDU solutions ensure sustainable and maintenance-free interaction in commercial buildings. Our in-house technologies Loxone Tree and Loxone Air help installers to minimise the installation effort for electrical installations. With us, you can rely on a cost-efficient and easy-to-use 360° smart apartment solution: unlike off-the-shelf devices that are often stand-alone systems, the Loxone residential building automation system provides a truly holistic solution for apartments and MDUs by automating and coordinating lighting, zoned heating, multiroom audio, safety and security, shading, access control and much more to suit the home’s occupants. The system can be tailored for a specific function such as lighting, or it can be expanded to control all elements of the building.

Different lighting moods and other smart MDU solutions depicted within an apartment

The technology behind the Loxone residential building automation system

Ein Icon, welches die Loxone Tree Technik symbolisiert.

Loxone Tree - Perfect for new builds

The award-winning Loxone Tree technology is a completely free-form cabling topology, allowing you to wire for home automation in a way that suits the installation. Just one cable is enough to handle both communications and power distribution for all peripheral Tree devices and smart MDU solutions. You can connect any Tree product such as lights, control elements, sensors and more. Compared to a classic installation in a new building, this can save up to 80% cabling effort.

A floor plan of an apartment with Loxone Tree wiring that connects a multitude of smart MDU solutions with free-form topology
Ein Icon, welches die Loxone Air Technologie symbolisiert.

Loxone Air - Perfect for extensions and renovation projects

Your customer wants to extend the automation after moving in? The radio-based Loxone Air technology makes your Loxone system fully flexible and scalable for future expansions. Inspire your clients with a home automation system that adapts to the resident while remaining reliable and easy to use. Retrofitting with a Touch switch, Water Sensor Air or Smart Socket Air is easy and adds value to your investment.

A floor plan of an apartment with Loxone Air mesh technology that connects the residential building automation system without wiring

Products for your residential building automation system

The Miniserver fully scalable home automation for apartments and MDUs

The Miniserver is at the heart of every Loxone installation. Specially developed for professional electricians, the Miniserver works as a central control unit: it operates, monitors and adjusts all smart MDU solutions integrated into the home automation system. The system can be expanded using numerous interfaces according to your requirements and budget, making the Loxone building automation system perfect from student apartments to luxury penthouses.

Smart access control solutions in residential buildings – as flexible as your requirements

Loxone has a range of smart access control solutions for your apartments and multi-dwelling units – perfect for any requirement you might have. Use our Touch Pure Flex by itself or in combination with our Intercom or NFC Code Touch and create your own personalised access control solution.

Only need one Intercom per residential building? No problem! With the new Intercom Trust function, your Loxone Intercom can also be used by several Miniservers.

The Loxone Intercom and NFC Code Touch next to the front door of an MDU

Versatile application with the Loxone residential building automation system

Ambient Assisted Living – smart assisted living

When it comes to buildings for the elderly or infirm, or residents that simply need assistance in their living environment, Loxone technology can offer exceptional functionality for unobtrusive monitoring. With Ambient Assisted Living, Loxone offers the flexibility to adapt to the age of the residents and their needs.  

For example, lighting can flash to indicate that there is a visitor at the door for hearing-impaired residents. Multiroom audio can deliver messages about the state of open doors or windows for visually impaired residents. When it comes to the elderly or infirm, Loxone products can offer unobtrusive monitoring to help identify if daily routine is broken, or if the path of motion is not completed which may suggest a fall. Our residential building automation system automatically switches the oriental lights on if residents get up at night, shuts off the electric cooker, instructs the smart alarm system to start an alert in case of an anomaly and much more.  

Carers and family members will be able to access monitoring information without removing the independence or interfering with the privacy of the residents. Likewise, should a potential concern arise, carers and family members can receive a notification on their phone that something might be amiss. 

Smart prefab homes

Loxone Smart Home technology can also be used in prefabricated houses. In Austria, numerous prefabricated house manufacturers have already responded to today’s increasing demand and are offering Loxone technology in their projects.

The outside of a prefab house equipped with the Loxone residential building automation system

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