Turbocharged ROI

Automation with the Loxone Miniserver, leads to incredible energy efficiency!

Proof of concept:
A well-known global restaurant franchise
saves 14,000 kWh of energy per month with Loxone

Since the energy crisis, energy bills have been a key indicator for the hospitality industry as to whether an establishment will be economically successful and profitabile. So it is key for businesses to monitor energy usage and try to reduce it where possible… this is where Loxone comes in!

Check out this example project, that impressively illustrates the energy-saving potential for restaurant chains. Installed here in the restaurants of this global franchise brand, among other things, was an intelligent HVAC control system, which reduced energy consumption by 30%. This energy saving was seen in a short period of time and with no loss of comfort in-store. Which is a win-win and reduces the restaurants ecological footprint.

The Facts:



One time investment:

4,200 €

Monthly savings:

4,900 €


Less than 1 month

The numbers speak for themselves

14,000 kWh of energy is being saved per month since Loxone was installed. This energy saving sees a great financial saving too. Plus, when compared to the cost of Loxone products and install, the return on investment is staggeringly short at less than one month.

Making the install of a Loxone system for commercial customers a no-brainer as it is a win-win situation: only requiring a small initial investment which pays for itself with impressive savings in a short period of time.

If you extrapolate these energy savings out, across the almost 40,000 restaurants in the catering chain, the result is an impressive savings potential of 560 million kWh per month. At an average electricity price of 0.35 € per kWh, this corresponds to a monthly saving of over 190 million euros. Plus, from a sustainability perspective, that’s 229,320 tonnes of CO2 saved – per month!

In the UK, 50% of electricity consumption and 17% of greenhouse gas emissions are related to the operation of buildings. Large companies, such as McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Starbucks and many others, set high sustainability targets along the whole value chain. Loxone can make a significant contribution to achieving these targets even faster. As a manufacturer of intelligent building automation, we therefore see it as our duty to help companies of all sizes achieve these goals.

More comfort for guests and staff

In this project, Loxone also takes over the intelligent control of the indoor and outdoor lighting. Plus, Loxone monitors the building’s temperature, humidity and air quality. Thanks to the Loxone app, the restaurant operator has an overview of their actual energy and gas consumption in real time from anywhere in the world.

Loxone connects all of the components in an intelligent building. With numerous open interfaces allowing for the system to be extremely flexible. This enables Loxone’s unique, holistic energy management system, which opens up numerous great energy saving potentials. With other providers talking theoreticals, we as Loxone are proud to have a powerful, universally applicable, reliable solution for every project and every requirement.