Retrofitting & wireless technology

Turn your existing home into a smart home using Loxone Air, a wireless technology that gives you access to a wealth of smart home functionality without the need to pull cables. The perfect retrofit smart home solution.

Shortlisted for ‘Best Home Technolgy Product’

The Miniserver Go was shortlisted for the Best Home Technology Product at the Build It Awards 2016.

Mit dem Miniserver Go lässt sich einfach eine Hausautomation nachrüsten

Meet the Miniserver Go

The control of devices and processing of logic in a Loxone Smart Home is all done by the Miniserver. Think of your home as the central nervous system and the Miniserver as the brain. The Miniserver pulls all the strings and controls the conversation between components responsible for the likes of lighting, heating and shading. Whether it is wired or wireless, or a combination of the two – the Miniserver anticipates the habits, wishes and needs of a home’s occupants, ultimately creating an environment that is both comfortable and enjoyable.

Go wireless with Loxone Air

For those who want to add more smart home functionality and comfort to their existing home, we’ve developed our own wireless technology called Loxone Air. It’s perfect for retrofitters and renovations.

Auch die Loxone Air Technologie untersützt das Nachrüsten Ihrer Hausautomation
Giving your home 100% smart home functionality, Loxone Air is extremely reliable and stable thanks to bidirectional communication and mesh technology. No need for cables, no fuss. This means an ordinary home can easily be turned into a smart home in no time at all.

The Loxone Air product range

The right product for every project

Loxone Air products are designed to offer powerful, reliable smart home technology without the need for cabling. The range is continually updated, so you’ll always be able to find what you need.

Smart homes bring happiness

“At first, I was a bit sceptical about whether my wife and I would get along with the technology. Today, we are both happy to be living in a smart home. We see almost nothing of the technology, it simply does the work behind the scenes. Our home takes care of so many tasks for us and simplifies our lives in so many ways. It just makes us happy.”

Hans Moser,
71 Years

Through the creation of tens of thousands of smart homes, our collection of case studies is growing steadily. Whether it’s an apartment, a villa or a house, be inspired by these breathtaking smart home projects.  

Let's talk about your smart home

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