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Our offer for journalists

As a journalist, it’s imperative that you’re always up to date. So why should your home be any different? Get in touch with us and discover how Loxone can enhance your life.

Stay in our Showhome

We would be delighted for you to book a stay at our Showhome in Austria to experience Loxone for yourself.

Test our products

Qualifying members of the media can request to test Loxone products for a period of up to 30 days.

Do you have any specific questions?

We offer commentary, editorial insights, images and more for members of the media. Please get in touch with our marketing team if you would like to access such resources or know more about Loxone.

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Gerne nehmen wir Sie in unseren Verteiler auf.

Guidelines for using press resources and press releases

Official employees of the press and Loxone Partners are welcome to use pictures and photos from our Press Resources section – for print and web – free of charge. We ask you to use pictures in their original form unchanged. For all images you use, the source ‘Loxone’ must be included in the caption.