Multifunction Switch


The Multifunction Switch function block can be used for hallway or corridor lighting.


Basic Programming

A pulse on input Tr activates output Q for the specified time (parameter TH in seconds).

A switch-off warning (briefly switching the output on/off) notifies you prior to deactivating the output, to prevent you from being left in the dark by surprise.

Parameter TW specifies the time when the warning should occur in seconds before the final switch-off. The duration of the warning (duration of switching off) is specified with the parameter WT.

If the pulse on Tr is longer than the time set with parameter TT, output Q is permanently ON. A pulse on input O also sets output Q permanently ON.



Name Summary Description Value Range Unit
Tr Trigger A pulse activates output Q for the defined time (parameter TH)
Another pulse deactivates Q again
R Reset Resets Output Q to OFF 0/1
O On A pulse permanently turns output Q ON 0/1
Dis Disable Disables all inputs (child lock). The time function and the operation via the user interface continue to function 0/1



Name Summary Description Value Range Unit
Rem Remanence input If active, the function block retains its previous state after a Miniserver reboot. 0/1
TH Duration On Specifies the duration that Output Q should remain active after a pulse on the Input Tr. s
TT Duration (Tr) for continuous on Specifies the duration required of a pulse on Tr so that the output Q remains permanently activated s
TW Switch-off warning time Time for how long before the light switches off an advance warning should be given. s
WT Duration of switch-off warning Specifies the duration of the switch-off warning s



Name Summary Description Value Range Unit
Q Digital output Digital output of the Multifunction Switch. 0/1