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Loxone building & home automation products

Focus Series Videos

Our Focus Series will cover helpful topics surrounding Loxone software, technology and products. We will upload helpful videos here so you can review them in your own time. However, we recommend joining our live webinars to get the most out of each topic and engage in Q&A with us.


V11 Overview: Take an in-depth look at all of the new features and functionality included in Version 11 of Loxone Config.

User Management: We’ll provide a breakdown of the User Management features within the latest software.

Music Interface: Take a closer look at the completely redesigned music interface in V11 on the Loxone App.

Daylight Responsive Lighting: What is it? Where should it be used? And how can you implement this into your projects using Loxone Config? Visit Use Case.

SIA DC-09: Learn how to use one of the world’s most widely used digital communication protocol standards – for transmitting information about a hazardous situation to a control center – with Loxone technology.

System Schematic: We’ll provide an overview of viewing the graphical visualisation of systems, floor plans and more in the Loxone App.

Tree Intercommunication: What is it? When and why would you use it? Take a closer look at this topic and scenarios in which it could be used.

Bathroom Ventilation: Learn how to configure automated bathroom ventilation within Loxone Config.

Miniserver & Remote Connections: Learn more about our newest version of the Loxone Miniserver. Plus expand your knowledge on remote connections.

Vacation Home: Learn how to remotely and efficiently monitor/control a secondary home and how this compares to a traditional family home. Visit Use Case.

Installing Config Versions: This includes how to have multiple versions of Config installed on your computer at once.

Autopilot Designer: Learn more about the Autopilot Designer within the Loxone App and how it can be used.

Virtual Outputs: Learn more about virtual outputs and how they can be used to create automation with Loxone Config.

Sports Field Irrigation: For example, a customer wants to automate the irrigation of a football field so that it receives a specific amount of water while taking into account the weather conditions at present and the forecast. Visit Use Case.

Ambient Assisted Living: Find out how you can use Loxone to enable assisted living functions that give residents more freedom. Visit Use Case.

Virtual Inputs: Learn more about virtual inputs and how they can be used to create automation with Loxone Config.

Automatic Router Reboot: We’ll explain how to check if a router is online and how to reboot it automatically if needed. Visit Use Case.

Key Management: Learn why you should be considering electronic access and how you can achieve this through Loxone.

Maintenance Counter: Take a closer look at how Loxone can be used to monitor building maintenance.

Pump Control: We take a look at how to control a pump, which has multiple operating modes, but only one can be active at any given time.

Hysteresis: Let’s take a look at what Hysteresis is, what it is for and how we can use it in Loxone Config.