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Brief: I need a solution to monitor my holiday home remotely.

Frost, wind, fire, water and burglars are dangers that affect every building – regardless of whether someone is inside or not. People who have a second home, however, are often concerned about how they can monitor their holiday home remotely to check things such as whether the security system is activated. Often it is necessary to hire someone to check the holiday home regularly – however, this is only as reliable as the person checking and it’s going to regularly cost money. This also does not allow around the clock monitoring – which is why a holiday home monitoring system should be considered.

Solution: Using Loxone for as a holiday home monitoring system.

Basic protection for a holiday home
With Loxone you can implement a Holiday Home Monitoring System which will enable easy monitoring from a distance. Loxone offers protection for every type of building, which is active both in presence and absence. This includes the following functions, which are all handy for remote monitoring of a holiday home:

Every building is threatened by various environmental influences and is exposed to various dangers. Impending damage can be caused by a storm, frost, fire or water. An intelligent house protects itself from these dangers. Required products:

With the help of the Weather Station, which records a wide range of weather data (temperature, wind, precipitation, etc.), the Miniserver recognizes early on when it needs to take measures to protect against a storm or frost.

In order to prevent imminent damage due to water leakage in time, the Water Sensor Air in combination with the Caller Service is recommended. The Water Sensor Air requires no wiring and can, therefore, be positioned anywhere where water could leak. If the sensor comes into contact with water, the owner is immediately informed of any impending damage to the holiday home via Caller Service.

The Smoke Detector Air reliably detects smoke, sounds the alarm and reports the danger to the Miniserver. The Miniserver reacts immediately by flashing the lights. In addition, the shading system is raised completely to create escape routes and the music server emits an alarm sound. Thanks to the Caller Service, the owner will be informed about the fire in the holiday home regardless of where they are in the world. We would also recommend installing the Touch or Touch Pure, because the temperature sensor built into it can also be used for early detection of a fire.

The Fire and Water Alarm Function Block simplifies the programming in the Loxone Config, because e.g. the alarm sequence, etc. is already programmed in it.

So enable an effective burglar in a holiday home, information such as movement, the status of the windows, glass breakage and vibration must be recorded. Here are the required products:

The Window Handle Air detects open, closed and tilted windows and detects broken glass by vibration. Any attempt of a break-in is immediately reported to the owner of the building through the Caller Service. This enables them to keep a watch on their holiday home even from a distance. The Tree/Air Motion Sensor also serves as an alarm detector when the alarm is active. If a window is opened it will be detected by the door & window contact Air – regardless of force.

Holiday home in Away Mode
In addition, there are ten predefined operating modes in Loxone. One operating mode serves to automatically adjust the behaviour of the house at certain times (summer/winter) and occasions (holidays, absence). The “Away Mode” operating mode relieves your customers of the thoughts and actions that are necessary for safety precautions during longer absences and helps with the remote monitoring of the holiday home:

  • Frost protection (temperature of rooms + drinking water on frost protection)
  • Automatic shading
  • Lighting off
  • Burglar Alarm on
  • Presence Simulation on
  • Reset the Intelligent Room Controllers (stops extension of the heating schedule)
  • Music server + music zones off
  • Media control off
  • Wellness facilities (ie. sauna control) off
  • Devices in standby mode off

Download the sample file:

Why you and your customer should consider Loxone for monitoring a holiday home?

The listed functions combine to give your customers an effective holiday home monitoring system which can be used from a distance. The owner is informed about the different statuses in the Loxone App and, thanks to the Caller Service, receives an immediate notification in case of an alarm. So no one has to physically check in on the second home, because the owner has everything in view.


Local regulations and standards need to be observed. The contents of this page make certain installation assumptions. The information herein does not replace the contextual know-how of a Loxone Partner. As a professionally-installed solution, please consult with a Loxone Partner to realise any of the functionality listed in this Use Case.

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