Update: Audioserver Firmware

06/29/2022 in For Partners
The Loxone Audioserver has gotten a powerful firmware update with new features that partners and customers have been waiting for. Discover the new possibilities that the Audioserver offers the future.

Dynamic Grouping

With this free update, the Loxone Audioserver now supports dynamic grouping for multiple rooms, right in the app. Enjoy being able to combine different rooms into zones for the long or short term. Having a birthday party? Individually group together a few rooms and play completely synchronized audio to wish them a Happy Birthday! Doesn’t matter if it’s a terrace, garage, living room, dining room or even the guest bathroom.

For rooms where audio isn’t clearly separated, we still recommend grouping them together using the “Audio Player Fixed Group” module. This will ensure the same music is played through all the speakers. However, we’ve made sure that the volume is still individually set as it’s always been.

Multi Line-In

The ‘line-in’ input on the Audioserver can now be individually selected on all devices through the Loxone App. For example, if you connect a record player to the line-in input with a phono equalizer, you can play the signal across all stereo extensions and even across multiple Audioservers.

Spotify Connect 

Spotify Connect has been fully integrated with this update! You can now stream your music, podcasts, and more right from the Spotify app to any speaker. Just make sure your mobile device is on the same network as the Audioserver and you’re good to go. Use your mobile device or the Spotify app as a remote control and start enjoying your music anywhere.

How to get these new features

If you have the auto-update function activated in your Miniserver, the Audioserver will implement these features once the update is available. A simple click in the Loxone App is enough to get it up and running.

Alternatively, the update can be performed in Loxone Config or the web interface of the Audioserver. All information about how this works can be found in our online documentation.

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