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06/29/2022 in Technology

Touch Pure Flex

With the new Touch Pure Flex you can offer your customers a powerful and versatile new control element:

  • 100% customizable for your customers projects: functions, layouts, icons, labeling…
  • Easy online configuration with just a few clicks.
  • Powerful API Connector: Operate the Touch Pure Flex in a snap, pre-configured through Plug & Play.

Miniserver Compact

The high-performance Miniserver Compact is the ideal control unit for automation tasks of all kinds:

  • Miniserver and Audioserver: now combined in one device.
  • Multi-functional with Link, Air, Tree, Tree Turbo, relays and digital inputs on-board.
  • Space-saving in electrical panels thanks to its compact design (6 TE)

Update: Loxone Audioserver

Partners and customers have been looking forward to this powerful firmware update to the Loxone Audioserver. Here are the new features included in the update (

  • Dynamic Grouping – From now on, dynamic room groups are individually selectable in the Loxone App.
  • Spotify Connect – Spotify-Connect is fully supported and integrated with the new update. (Now works with Spotify podcasts!)
  • Multi-Line-In – Select the line-in input of the Audioserver on all players individually through the Loxone App.

04 Config & App 13

As usual, we’ve updated and upgraded our free Loxone Config to work with the new, major hardware releases. In the new Loxone Config & App 13 you can expect the following new features:

API Connector

With the new API Connector you can more flexibly work with function blocks in Config and even send individual commands directly to the blocks inputs and outputs. For example, it’s through the API Connector that we’ve implemented control of the new Touch Pure Flex.


Multiplicator (Beta)

Copy a configuration to multiple Miniservers with just one click. Especially in the case of hotels, apartment buildings and commercial projects that need the same configuration across Miniservers, this will save time without losing flexibility. Plus, each Miniserver can still be configured individually.

Intercom Trust

Use one intercom for several Miniservers and in turn in several residential units. With Trust you can share an intercom from a central Miniserver to the Miniservers of individual apartments or areas and add a separate doorbell output for each unit.

Air Diagnostics

Trace the routes of all your Air devices and identify potential improvements in your installation. Details such as connection quality or existing problems will help you optimize your network in the future and optimally integrate Air devices.

Human Centric Lighting (HCL)

The extension of the lighting module to include “daylight control” allows lighting scenes to be controlled automatically based on the time of day, so that the mood changes with the day. We’ve also integrated adjustable white levels of our PWM dimmer.

Test Commands

Test integrations with e.g. RS232, mode etc. with test commands. You no longer need to save your configuration to the Miniserver in order to test the connection. We have also improved the setup of the Miniserver and the automatic search of Loxone devices in the periphery tree.

New Naming Conventions

After 12 years of successful use within Loxone Config, we have optimized the naming convention of our building blocks, inputs, outputs and parameters with even simpler abbreviations.

Husqvarna Robotic Lawn Mower

You can now easily integrate your Husqvarna robotic lawnmower into your Loxone system and automate it intelligently. Stop or start your robotic lawnmower with predefined parameters, such as presence detection in the garden or during garden watering.

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