Audioserver Changelog



  • added CustomURL Feature (adding own Radio Stations / custom streaming URLs)
  • avoiding jingles on radio for first stream start


  • fixed Stereo Extensions not having the need for a LAN IP wont request one
  • (typically only the case if you have multiple extension outputs connected to a single player where only one extension will be spotify/airplay master)
  • fixed Stereo Extension time not accurate (causing spotify not able to re-login)
  • fixed Stream distribution not terminated correctly between Compact Miniservers causing duplicate Streams on a single output
  • fixed some race conditions for Stereoe Extensions that did not correctly gather an ip from dhcp
  • fixed Events not fully restore on stacked players
  • fixed Events being interrupted when linein was playing
  • fixed a grouped Player’s behaviour when it starts to play while Event is playing in the group. Now the player continues to play after the event
  • fixed Source State Synchronisation causing sometimes wrong playing status
  • fixed no sound output issue with Volume+ or Play arrive while TTS plays.
  • fixed no sound output issue due to sourcefinding algorithm when play or volume+ arrives at 2AS or more at the same time on players of a group
  • fixed some systemerror message not shown in systemstatus
  • fixed newly added Players did not get the optimized EQ Settings until Audioserver services restarted or another ‘Save into Miniserver’ triggered it

NOTE: If a Miniserver Compact is installed with an Audioserver, Config version Beta 1 or higher is required.


  • Fix issue with extension launcher process could be started twice
  • Fix issue with missing kernelupdate leading to spotify unplayable on Audioserver outputs
  • Added Audio Testfiles into Library to easily identify right/left outputs
  • Fix incorrect playstates from spotify (show paused whilst playing)
  • EQ rebalanced for much better sound when a customer does not configure the EQ of a player
    • Will only apply to players with all EQ Bands to 0 at the time of installation of this update
    • Of course it will not change anything if there is already a custom setup
    • Will only apply once, future updates or changing the EQ back to 0 will not lead to a change again
  • Optimized PTP for larger loxone installations where a lot of ptp traffic is expected and could have negative effects on time synchronisation
NOTE: If a Miniserver Compact is installed with an stacked audio server, the Miniserver Compact must be at least on Loxone Config 13.2 Beta 3.


  • Custom sound input on the Audio Player FunctionBlock:
    To play back a freely definable MP3 file, triggered by logic or API command.
  • Standby consumption:
    The currently very low stand-by consumption has been further improved.
  • Combination with the Miniserver Compact:
    Especially in larger installations where several Miniserver Compact and Audioservers are used in combination, the new update ensures improved communication and stability for cross-device audio zones.
  • Stability:
    Optimized caching and logging to create more memory for audio playback.
    Improved synchronicity in cross-device playback via Tree Turbo (latencies < 1ms).
  • System Messages:
    Displayed system messages now describe the error messages even better (Spotify reason for playback error, ….).



  • Spotify Connect integration (all Audioserver players are visible and controllable by Spotify app),
    which causes a few changes to previous known Spotify handling, using Connect standards:
    • the visible queue is limited to a maximum of 5 songs (2 previous, current, 2 next)
    • the queue isn’t editable in any way out of the Loxone App. You can edit the queue in spotify App, changes will reflect shortly
    • Shuffle acts as a Push button toggling between Shuffle and original context. 
    • Dynamic Grouping (static groups and single player grouping on the fly via App)
    • Added Spotify Podcasts
    • Added possibility to copy/paste Spotify playlist urls into the search box for playlist sharing
    • Allow search for episodes and shows in Spotify
    • Webadmin Interface: possibility to access admin interface of Audioserver via Miniserver proxy to have access on it when connecting externally 
    • Spotify: show the user’s collection (Songs that get tagged with the green heart within Spotify App) 
    • Add Spotify Connect visible/invisible mode via Expert Settings
  • fix: Spotify playurl/serviceplay command select correct user
  • fix: Spotify saving a user’s collection content into a playlist
  • fix: Spotify ratelimit messages do appear too often. Coupled with playback failed Error
  • fix: Spotify stop playback if underlying account was deleted (BG-I17020)
  • fix: Spotify playstates when transferring from/to spotify connect within a group (BG-I17033)
  • fix: Spotify Player reverts to default volume when currently playing Spotify and play was triggered again via grouped play (Group Play, Central block) (BG-I17032)
  • fix: Spotify health check is stopping music when lwsd restarts (due crash, … )
  • fix: DynamicGroups double delete player group can cause crash if second command is seen as a create, fix: remove mute state from connect to sink as volume would also been sent too
  • fix: DynamicGroups ungrouping while library was playing now correctly sets new source for players (BG-I17037)
  • fix: Playback transition from/to linein can cause a stalled playback
  • fix: Playback sink handle source changes always before volume changes & source change do not set pipeline to playing
  • fix: Playback Event sound cropped
  • fix: Playback sink does not recover from linein correctly causing the sink to struggle
  • fix: Admin-Interface is not accessible to non-Admin Accounts anymore
  • fix: resettodefault does not pause the player correctly (BG-I17106)
  • fix: handle flac if it is tagged as octet-stream too
  • fix: Airplay queue not showing correct metadata
  • fix: Spotify playurl/serviceplay command select correct user
  • fix: Spotify saving a user’s collection content into a playlist
  • AUDIO1-I2623 fix: Qa fix when switching sources
  • AUDIO1-I2581 fix: roomfav/play with volume behind 
  • AUDIO1-T763 add confirmation dialog for factory reset via Admin Interface 
  • BG-I15970 Linein Statusupdates other peers interpreted as own linein therefore overwritten their config
  • BG-I15802 sort output of getroomfavs to reflect slot ordering, deduplicate roomfavchanged_events 
  • BG-I15994 play Linein while in event
  • BG-I15983 Linein Event did not evaluate Mute/Power or each Player
  • BG-I15987 Library Play when currently spotify is playing
  • BG-I15995 linein stopped but other AS is requesting stream
  • BG-I16094 Spotify Resume Context at position fixed (allow higher difts)
  • BG-I16080 Spotify click in queue entry may not trigger an action
  • BG-I16094 Spotify play on fixed group 2 AS did not resume but start another track
  • BG-I16093 Spotify playurl command 
  • BG-I15996 EQ Settings not taken over via “copy EQ to Player N” 
  • BG-I16242 When issuing Rtd trigger, Spotify did not recover as expected
  • BG-I16242 When issuing Rtd, Spotify should not start playing if it is on the first roomfavorite slot
  • BG-I16228 Linein as roomfav stops playing if clicking same roomfav more than once
  • BG-I16275 Volume change on Airplay Device causes wrong metadata
  • BG-I16294 avoid Qa flicker on transition to Spotify 
  • BG-I16286 Spotify to Airplay Transitions causing wrong Metadata displayed


  • Volmode & fixed Volume from Loxone Config
  • Mastervolume scaling when starting at 0
  • apply offset volume before maxvolume
  • missing EOS signal to other AS
  • spdif fixed volume control
  • Maxvolume clipping at max, not scaling anymore
  • handle Spotify error ‚bad gateway‘ and notify
  • suppress events if player is playing and event Volume param is 0
  • audio/X/stop causing other players in autogroup stopping too
  • fix appending to queue causing wrong playback in stacked AS environments
  • correct urlencode output to app for getroomfavs
  • overall communication stability improved


Known Issues:



The focus of this Update is on increasing stability and usability:

  • New software platform for better synchronicity
  • Improvements for installations with multiple Audioservers
  • New AirPlay 2 SDK version for better handling, especially with grouped outputs
  • Increase in performance and responsiveness
  • Improved performance when playing Spotify

What is a known issue?

We work continuously to correct any known bugs in our products and software. This page details a list of bugs and errors found that affect the performance and usability of the software.

In order for an error to count as a known issue, it must be a reproducible error that affects the operation of the Miniserver or Loxone Config.

Please note: We do not list every minor bug/error within Known Issues!

Product failures which are not known issues include:

  • Failures of services such as Loxone Cloud Services where these are of short duration (<1 day)
  • Minor errors which have no effect on the functionality of the software. These include, for example, minor display errors.


If you have discovered an error which you feel ought to be included in the Known Issues list, please contact our support team.