New: Loxone Config & App 12.2

10/27/2021 in Technology

With version 12.2 of the Loxone Config & App, more features and improvements take your building automation projects to the next level. Get the free update today and see what you can improve on – and how you can do it faster.

You might even win a free Miniserver…

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Loxone Library

Play nice with others in the brand new Loxone Library, where you can find and share templates and plug-ins for the integration of third-party products.

We’re fundamentally an “open system”. To us, this means our system is willing to integrate with any manufacturer’s product for any application, as long as it’s willing to return the favor with a suitable interface.

Become a developer in the Loxone community
Join in on the Loxone community, where fantastic building automation solutions are developed and shared daily. The Loxone Library gives your ideas the palace they deserve to help each other improve. Submit your templates today!

All submitted templates will be under careful review by our team before they become published. A rating system will also allow community members to evaluate quality of published templates.

Your template could win you a Miniserver

Submit one template (or more) to the Loxone Library and get entered for your chance to win one Miniserver. There are five Miniservers available. Multiple templates do not increase your chance of winning. Winner is announced by email in December.

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New Function Block:
Sequential Controller

Familiar with the formula function in Excel? The Function Block “Sequential Controller” performs similarly to help you solve individual automation tasks and save on modules.

You can easily create powerful scripts to perform specific actions in the order and conditions you define. So you can work more efficiently in Config, reduce the number of Function Blocks and clarify conditions.


01 Welcome Message

02 Pump Control

Beim Aufheizen am Vormittag fährt die Beschattung automatisch hoch

When the front door is opened, the light is switched on (if required) and a welcome message which includes the current living room temperature is played.

A pump and a heater are activated as often as necessary until the target temperature is reached or the loop has completed X times.

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Intelligent Integration with

With Loxone Config Version 12.2, it’s possible to integrate smart household appliances from Miele. Customers’ everyday lives becomes smarter with enhanced energy management.

Energy management
At the exact point that the photovoltaic system produces enough energy, the Miele@home appliance will know how to turn on, using this energy efficiently.

When leaving the building, you can become notified if, for example, the oven is left turned on. Rely on your smart devices to give you peace of mind.

In the Loxone App, all devices can be displayed and controlled individually. See an overview of the status of Miele appliances, their maintenance needs and service messages.

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Tesla Powerwall Integration

When it comes to energy management, automation can optimize the building down to the level of battery storage. Tesla’s Powerwall, including an integrated AC inverter, is now able to communicate with the Loxone system via network HTTPS. Information becomes easily available regarding current charge of the battery, current grid power, consumption and production.

Emergency power switching
Another significant feature of the Tesla Powerwall is emergency power switching in coordination with Loxone products so energy consumers become independent from the grid over a period of time. If grid connection becomes interrupted py a power outage, for example, the Tesla Powerwall reports this to the Minsierver.  

Tip: The Miniserver can recognize a “minimum charge level” and respond accordingly. For example, a minimum charge of 20% can be set in summer months while a minimum charge of 40% can be set in winter months so the system can respond flexibly to power outages.

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More improvements

Find even more features of Version 12.2 in our Changelog: Config & App.

Download now: Loxone Config & App 12.2

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