New hands-on training for smart home installation

05/14/2019 in For Partners

A smart home installation and configuration experience you can’t get anywhere else; the Loxone Smart Home Training Course now offers even more hands-on experience with our new Demo Boards* as part of our Loxone Training Kit for our partners. When used along with the Loxone Config and Demo Case, you can practice a simulation of a multi-room configuration and installation right on a tabletop. It’s that simple and compact. Plus, our home automation training goes beyond homes – the skills you learn can be applied to commercial projects of all types and sizes too.

*Demo Boards are for training purposes only and not available for purchase.

How you’ll use the Loxone Config

With just a few clicks and drags on our configuration software, you’ll be able to configure a smart home in a way that makes sense. Simply match up rooms and smart home products and functions and then set all your specifications. The best part: no extra programming required!

What to love about the Demo Case

See a Miniserver in action. As the core of every installation, it determines how each component will operate according to your configuration input. During configuration, you’ll see how it will act and react in real-time along with other extensions and smart home products.

Advantages of Demo Board practice

Loxone products all interact with one another, and now so will you with hands-on Demo Board practice. The Demo Board is split into “rooms” that you will use to install products like light fixtures and motion sensors. This will simulate a Loxone installation by handling, and even wiring, Loxone products.

Get your hands on a Loxone Training Kit

Spots fill up quickly for our Smart Home Training Course! Register for our next available training date and you will get all the tools you need for your next smart home installation or commercial automation project.

What’s in a Demo Case?

1 x Miniserver

1 x Tree Extension

1 x Air Base Extension

1 x RGBW Dimmer Tree

1 x Motion Sensor Tree

1 x Touch Tree

1 x RGBW Strip

What’s in a Demo Board?

2 x RGBW Spot Tree Gen 2

2 x RGBW Ceiling Spot Tree

2 x Touch Pure Tree

2 x Motion Sensor Tree

1 x Room Comfort Sensor Tree

1 x NFC Code Touch Tree

1 x Window Handle Air

1 x Water Sensor Air

The best part about our training?

You get the experience and confidence to successfully complete true automation projects. From configuration to installation, you’ll realize the possibilities for your future smart home installations or commercial projects. It’s that easy to expand your business with Loxone. 

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