Award-winning pools powered by Loxone

Courtney Muraczewski
05/02/2019 in Technology

low maintenance
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A dream pool lives in the minds of many. But Loxone Partners have the special opportunity to make this a reality with a twist – automated pool management. With these examples of award-winning pools from Loxone Partner Woodtli, you can not only appreciate their beauty, but you can also realize the capabilities of Loxone.  Luxury pools become easier to maintain – the real dream.

Owning a Woodtli pool means being economically, ecologically and technically up to date. This is all made possible, among other attributes, by the integration of Loxone Smart Home technology.

 Peter Notter, Managing Director at Woodtli

Photos: Justin Hession / © Justin Hession, / © Woodtli Schwimmbadtechnik GmbH

“Black beauty”: Winner of the Switzerland’s “Aqua Suisse” award 2017

“Highend I” & “Sobre Todo”: Double victory at the EUSA Awards 2017/2018:

What do these pools have in common?

Their beauty is obvious at first glance, but we’re focusing on is under the surface. The pools’ designs are paired with Loxone technology for true luxury and automation.

That means pool functions that operate by themselves, so you can relax on your pool float knowing your pool is working for you. Think filter systems, temperature management and more.

Then in the Loxone Smart Home App, any pool function can be controlled. Instantly display water temperature and operating conditions or regulation of pH and chlorine values. You can even control the filter system or the operation of the pool’s lighting, cover, water levels and much more.

Smartphone displaying Loxone app pool controls

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Outdoor living area with pool and plants

How does this all happen?

The key player here is the Loxone AquaStar Air, developed together with Austrian pool supplier Peraqua. The six-way backlash valve relieves pool owners of tasks around the pool. Thanks to Loxone Air technology, pools can be quickly and easily integrated into Real Smart Homes worldwide.

Learn more about filtration, circulation and other pool maintenance with Loxone.

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