Loxone featured in CEPro, Residential Systems, and Metrostudy’s Smart Home Webcast

10/27/2017 in Backstage

This week, Loxone is featured in the leading publications within the Custom Integration channel, CEPro, and Residential Systems. Don’t miss their take on Loxone.

Loxone Offers Smart Home Control for ‘Everyman’ – CEPro

“…the Loxone system is quite impressive. In fact, when you consider each subsystem and the overall design, it’s arguably the most vertically integrated control solution on the market.”

Read the full article: “Loxone Offers Smart Home Control for ‘Everyman’”

Josh Willits

CEPro Contributor

Install Features User-Adjustable Automation from Loxone – Residential Systems

When it comes to hosting guests, Beth Chappo, a fashion blogger, said that she has been quite pleased with how well family members of all ages, as well as Airbnb guests, are able to engage with the system without issue.

“When people check out, they often don’t turn everything down, even though we specify that all you have to do is tap the touchpad, and it literally turns the condo off,” Beth said. “We can monitor their entrances and their exits, and can tell if they locked the door. We can tell if they’re cranking up the AC. We can tell if they turned the lights off. It’s nice for me, because I’m a little OCD. We can be at our house in Carmel and know that this place is secure and locked up. I can just go on my phone and check.”

Read the full article: “Install Features User-Adjustable Automation from Loxone

Beth Chappo


Loxone CEO, Florian Woess, Spoke at The MetroStudy Smart Home Webcast

Tune in and listen to Florian discuss business opportunities for builders by utilizing smart home integration into their existing and future projects. Florian’s presentation begins at the 37:10 mark. You can also download our Loxone presentation and builder brochure here. 

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