Explained: Project planning with the Loxone Config

Jasmin Kiss
03/01/2023 in Know How

The free Loxone Config is the ultimate tool for home and building automation. The “Project planning” feature is particularly useful. This allows you to create a complete project plan and the resulting offer in just a few minutes.

With the Loxone Config planning tool, you can minimize your planning effort and save valuable time during the preparation and planning phase of a Loxone project. You can map the floor plan of the building and save all the required products in the correct quantities for each room individually.

In just a few minutes you will receive an exact bill of materials – broken down by project, category and room. On request also with prices in order to be able to create a cost estimate quickly and easily.

All information about the project planning tool can be found in the following video:

The highlights of the planning tool:

  • Create a complete project plan including a parts list for your offer in just a few minutes
  • Avoid planning mistakes:
    • The planning tool automatically adds all required extensions to the parts list
    • The number and dimensions of the required power supply units is determined fully automatically and added to the parts list
    • At the same time, the tool calculates the required space for the planned components in the control cabinet
    • The parts list can be imported directly into the Loxone web shop’s shopping cart as a .csv file
  • The planning file is converted into a config file with just one mouse click. In combination with the “Auto Config” feature, the basic configuration of a project takes only about 30 minutes – including visualization!

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