Now available: Presence Sensor and updated Touch Pure

06/23/2020 in Technology
Have you tried a new recipe or makeover during this quarantine? Our Motion Sensor and Touch Pure felt the same way…kinda. No matter the current events, at Loxone, we’re adapting to keep supporting our partners with the latest improvements so we can keep moving forward together. We’re announcing the enhancement of two popular products, the Motion Sensor, now truly a Presence Sensor, and the Touch Pure with updated glass surface.

New Presence Sensor Tree

Maybe you felt like that bread recipe was missing something, that’s similar to what we thought about our Motion Sensor. So far, the Motion Sensor has championed detection of motion and brightness in 120,000+ Loxone projects worldwide in efforts to Create Automation. Its next challenge was to develop into a Presence Sensor. The missing ingredient? Acoustics

Just as you would expect, if a person does not move in the room, a classic Motion Sensor does not register any motion and, therefore, their presence. This can become a slight problem in some situations such as sitting still in front of the TV, but also if you are not in the direct field of view.

While we are constantly working on improving and expanding the possibilities of our home and building automation, we knew the next step for our trusted Motion Sensor would turn into what is now the Presence Sensor. Inside, in addition to an infrared sensor for motion and brightness sensor, we placed an acoustic sensor.

New Presence Sensor
Overview of features:
  • Unique multi-sensor capability (Infrared, Acoustic, and Brightness) making it perfect for automatic lighting and heating, Ambient Assisted Living applications, and more.
  • High field of view with a detection angle of 360° horizontal and 110° vertical (giving you an 8m detection field at a ceiling height of 3m).
  • Presence Sensors can reduce hardware costs in non-traditionally shaped rooms that would have required multiple motion sensors.
  • Individually adjustable acoustic sensor threshold value for presence detection.
  • Individually adjustable acoustic sensor threshold value for the alarm.
  • Presence detection for Ambient Assisted Living (detection of emergency situations).
  • With Loxone Tree technology for functional assurance and ease-of-install.

Touch Pure (updated glass surface)

Everyone’s experiencing a new hairstyle lately, even the Touch Pure. So we’re giving the modern, award-winning design of the Touch Pure even more clarity – with an updated glass surface to help further define each Touch Point. The same impressive features and functions of the Touch Pure can still be found in our latest version.

Now at a discounted price, you can purchase past generations of the Touch Pure with your usual partner discount.

New Touch Pure
Overview of features:
  • Five Touch points
  • Integrated temperature & humidity sensor
  • Orientation light (power supply needed for Air version)
  • Simple installation with either Tree or Air technology

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