New: Power Supply & Backup

10/27/2022 in Technology

The new Power Supply & Backup (Art. 100401) is a DIN rail power supply that takes over the power supply for all your Loxone products – in combination with an external battery even in the event of a power failure. The seven 24V outputs provide a total of up to 25A, have power measurement and are equipped with replaceable fuses.

Power for the entire building

All seven outputs provide enough power to supply power to all distribution reliably, field (peripheral) as well as lighting and audio components of your Loxone installation. Even in the event of a power failure, your building remains operational, since you are now able to connect it with an external battery and the backup function.

Highlights – U.S. specifications:

      • Power measurement of all seven channels
      • 7 x 24V DC outputs at 10A each
      • Total 25A – short term (10s) 37A
      • Backup function by external 36V battery
      • Status monitoring including visualization

Blackout? Your light stays on.

Your smartphone – useless. The cooling chains – collapsed. Your home, your safe space – cold and dark. It is one of the greatest threats to modern society: a blackout!

Unfortunately, we have no influence on smartphone reception and cooling chains, but the Power Supply & Backup ensures that the operation of your 24V Loxone installation can be maintained in the event of a power failure (e.g. for approx. 8 hours in combination with a 20Ah battery).

Top Tip:

Thanks to the possibility of full integration into the Loxone home and building automation, you can develop logic that informs your customers when switching to emergency power mode and, for example, dims the lighting to 20%.

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