Welcome to Carnegie Diner – the smartest restaurant in NJ!

Gaby Wolszczak
04/13/2023 in Case Studies

Carnegie Diner, originally from New York City, now in Secaucus, NJ! Loxone innovations control lighting and temperature in the all-American restaurant, elevating the guest experience. What’s more: store-wide management has never been easier and more sustainable.

What was implemented?

Thanks to the owner’s trust, Loxone Partner Optimal System Solutions got a free hand in what they thought would bring the most success to the project.

First things first, the whole store’s energy management is operating intelligently via the Loxone system. This ensures that the store runs smoothly and sustainably, and the manager can see all necessary information conveniently – of each store individually, or as a whole report of all stores.


Fact Check

Country: United States

Location: Secaucus, New Jersey

Construction year: 2022

Loxone Partner: Optimal System Solutions 

Pohled do vnitřní části komplexu

Energy management meets security

What is more, smart temperature control has also been installed to maintain the perfect climate, and employees can focus on what is really important. No need to check thermostats!

Plus, fridges and freezers are constantly monitored to guarantee the safe storage of food. If any of the appliances are not working properly, managers and personnel are informed immediately via notification so they can take action right away.

Store-wide management at your fingertips

With more stores to be added to the Carnegie brand, the manager is supported by the automation system in various ways. Thanks to the Loxone App, they can control the restaurants remotely from anywhere, at all times.. Thus, everything can be monitored and set up within just one intelligent and user-friendly app, e.g., the user management.

Thanks to the unique option to set up Miniserver trust, the owner can access all of their stores nation-wide without the need for numerous keys and IDs. One key fob or NFC is enough, and they will be granted the same authorizations and access rights in each store – easy and scalable.

The one app solution control and easy option to remote connect for troubleshooting makes Loxone perfect for any type of project.

Sebastian Jofre

Optimal System Solutions

The star of the show 

Automatic lighting was installed which significantly improved working conditions for employees and ambience for the visitors. No switches or remote controls needed – the lighting changes fully-automatically based on the time of day, without guests even noticing.

However, if manual intervention is needed, it is easy and simple. It can be done by anyone with access to the App, remotely or in-store


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