Give back to the Earth with Loxone technology

Courtney Muraczewski
04/22/2019 in Know How
Especially on Earth Day, we’re proud to share some examples of how a Loxone Smart Home not only gives back to its occupants, but also gives back to the Earth. Saving energy is easy with Loxone’s environmentally friendly behaviors and products that think for you. From inside the home to the yard, and even to your electric car, energy-related tasks are done efficiently without any extra effort needed on your part. A truly smart home = a happy Earth.
solar car charging in the garage of a smart home

1. Effortless energy management

A Loxone Smart Home works with nature to make your home as energy efficient as possible. With intelligent solar car charging, your home determines when it’s best to direct energy toward your car – this means a fully charged car at no cost. Weather and seasons become major factors in energy management. A step further, a Loxone Smart Home can even produce its own energy. Then, your home’s energy usage can be monitored in all in our app. And when you activate Away Mode, every home task will operate as efficiently as possible so you don’t have worry about it while you’re gone.

2. Homes powered entirely by the sun

With Loxone, it’s possible to have your entire home powered by the sun. This means it’s also possible that your home produces more energy than it consumes. Read more about our partnership with Acre Homes building truly environmentally friendly homes.

3. Technology and products that think for you

What does this mean? No more forgetting to turn off lights. No more wasted heating. All Loxone products communicate intelligently for the highest energy efficiency thanks to the Miniserver. Power guzzlers don’t get away with wasting energy, and your money, in a Loxone Smart Home.

4. Special care for plants

Even more than energy efficient outdoor lighting, your yard can also take advantage of an automatic irrigation system. Reliable moisture and humidity sensors keep plants happy with just the right amount of water.

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