What is a known issue?

We work continuously to correct any known bugs in our products and software. This page details a list of bugs and errors found that affect the performance and usability of the software.

In order for an error to count as a known issue, it must be a reproducible error that affects the operation of the Miniserver or Loxone Config.

Please note: We do not list every minor bug/error within Known Issues!

Product failures which are not known issues include:

  • Failures of services such as Loxone Cloud Services where these are of short duration (<1 day)
  • Minor errors which have no effect on the functionality of the software. These include, for example, minor display errors.


If you have discovered an error which you feel ought to be included in the Known Issues list, please contact our support team.



  • New Project Management view with new Message Centre
  • Spot Price Optimizer:
    • Added Epex Spot integration
      • Select Epex Spot as mode to get the current spot prices via the Loxone cloud
      • All european Epex markets supported
    • Enter a formula to calculate your actual price (e.g. apply surcharge on the spot price)
  • BG-I22429 Miniserver Search: Added clear button
  • Code Signing Certificate
  • Improved Performance of Miniserver when loading program
  • Project Planning: Added Hörmann Air
  • Energy Flow Monitor: Spot Price Optimizer can be source for price import & export



  • BG-I23060 AT holidays contain ‘Good Friday’
  • BG-I23014 Usermanagement-Dialog: Columns cant be resized
  • BG-I23048 Intercom configure in Config not working when intercom is on client
  • BG-I23070 App Air Learning: Learning not properly restarted when it was stopped by a second app
  • BG-I21835 Nano Dimmer: doesn’t respect button behaviour set in config
  • BG-I22597 forwarding from within user authentication edit dialog to 1-Wire learning dialog didn’t work
  • BG-I22211 fixed incorrect parsing of HttpVirtualIn URL when path contains colon character
  • BG-I22201 RS232/RS485 learning dialogs did only show extensions of the first found miniserver
  • Version on cover page not updating
  • BG-I22659 Wrong page selected after aborting connection referencing
  • BG-I22202 RS485/RS232 Sensors and actors don’t have the fitting icon
  • BG-I22026 Tree selection: When an item is selected the tree is only scroll so far that the item is visible but not its parent
  • BG-I22692 Generic View: Empty filter not working
  • BG-I22729 Miniserver search: Identify not stopped when closing dialog
  • Threshold switch has statistic option
  • Application signed with SHA1 signature switched to SHA256
  • BG-I22731 Update/Backup Dialog: No information to what document the dialog belongs
  • BG-I22549 Autoconnect Shading-Api-Actors to invalid shading type
  • BG-I22316 Automatic designer: empty page created when loading from miniserver
  • BG-I22577 Automatic designer dialog: show info when no supported controls
  • BG-I22596 User: Enable/disable time in config displayed in UTC
  • BG-I22566 Sequence control dialog: example sequence saved pressing OK without changes
  • BG-I22228 Modbus Server: Sensors are still polled after being deleted
  • Wallbox: Charge-session not ended when disconnected during load-shedding / limitation below min-value
  • BG-I22656 Statistics with interval are not activated with expert mode
  • BG-I22676 Deleting user connected with config doesn’t logoff from config
  • Invalid Size for Name-Options-Dialog
  • Simulation/Live View use default unit if not defined by control
  • BG-I22715 Sequence Control Dialog: if in set string value causes indentation
  • BG-I22894 Disabled user not logged off fast enough (check now done each minute instead once an hour)
  • BG-I22879 Peripherie tree scrolling with keyboard not possible
  • BG-I22710 Power Supply & Backup: Internal connections get lost when doing a cut & paste
  • BG-I22871 Modbus TCP: receive buffer not processed completely
  • BG-I22636 Modbus TCP: automatically reconnect with permanent receive-errors
  • BG-I22847 Modbus TCP: Actors with repetition-interval are sent before remanence is ready
  • BG-I22575 Automatic Designer Dialog: invalid style for Date-Picker
  • BG-I22576 Scene not shown as locked in app
  • BG-I22226 Connection to hidden error output of input reference goes to the top left corner
  • BG-I21835 Nano Dimmer: doesn’t respect button behaviour set in config
  • Hungarian texts missing
  • BG-I23116 Device Status: Rooms String not uniform because of missing space
  • BG-I23112 Configure Volume-Threshold-dialog: current values are zeroed after closing dialog
  • BG-I23137 Rename of intercom with a number not working
  • BG-I22749 Wrong active page after undo
  • BG-I22750 Position of controls after undo/redo not always correct
  • BG-I22821 Invalid pages after search & replace
  • BG-I22670 Value of Weather inputs cant be edited in LiveView
  • BG-I22917 Auto configuration: Thresholdtriggers of Wind and frost protection have no remanence
  • BG-I22915 Tree selection:
    • Scrolling with keys makes unwanted jumps
    • Showing of parent objects which was added with BG-I22026 not properly working anymore
  • Poolcontroller: Safety shutdown system message does not have a confirm action
  • BG-I23252 Usermanagement: Remove of access code not forwarded to clients or trust members
  • BG-I23153 Remote Air: Button 3&4 switched in simulation
  • BG-I23204 Exported Statistic CSV Time empty when 00:00
  • BG-I23214 No error message when starting air search on dummy tree to air bridge
  • BG-I22956 RS485 & RS232 extensions show test command button in ribbon
  • BG-I23212 Authentication NFC Code Touch has different room than device
  • BG-I23128 Invalid selection after object was deleted from tree
  • BG-I23099 UDP Monitor does not display sent data
  • BG-I22427 IR Actors/Sensor dont have a room or category setting
  • BG-I23223 API actors of devices missing
  • Unable to load from Miniserver which was updated from an old version
  • BG-I23308 LiveView not possible during backup
  • BG-I23261 Rooms/Controls of Clients disappear in the visualisation when the usergroup of a user which is has full access rights gets updated (e.g. from trust update)
  • BG-I23452 Auto Configuration: Power Supply & Backup is created with connection reference
  • A07R-I403 Hörmann Air invalid unit for opening/closing setting
  • BG-I23476 Power Supply & Backup: Automatic positioning not correct
  • Project not set to modified when adding user to user group via drag and drop
  • Modbus TCP: Invalid values not discarded when received length less than expected
  • BG-I22777 Adding more than 16 NFC Tag in Config causes visible names of Tags above project title
  • BG-I23046 Bbr input of the NFC block is multiplied by 10
  • BG-I22600 Access controller block information assign device is visible despite device is assigned
  • BG-I23215 Access Code NFC: Time schedule gets lost after reactivation of code
  • BG-I23255 BG-I23199 VIN HTTP cmd learning window did not show content when server replied with chunked transfer encoding
  • BG-I22040 VIN HTTP cmd learning didn’t consider content encodings other than UTF-8
  • BG-I23271 Gate: Unlock from Central block lifts active lock on individual gate
  • BG-I23329 Add support for analog/digital values connected to text-inputs of control
  • BG-I23313 Fixed simulation crash when starting invalid sequence
  • BG-I22995 Empty Error-Output for some invalid set commands
  • BG-I23382 Icons missing after auto update
  • BG-I23319 Adapted text of identification button for devices which do an audible and a visual identification
  • Prevent access to system by setting invalid configuration settings via webservice
  • BG-I23288 Temperature shutdown input can’t be set via LiveView or webservice
  • BG-I22722 Connection to error output displays a unit
  • BG-I23398 Not all Monitors docked when opening with device webservice
  • BG-I23421 Text in Dali search not translatable
  • Serial ‘Auto’ handling improved
  • Auto is now displayed in serial setting
    • First ‘Auto’ Air Device is learned (previously only dummy device was learned)
    • Handling is now always done if there are ‘Auto’ devices (previously only when Extension was also on ‘Auto’)
    • Fixed handling of tree with different branches
  • BG-I23369 PI Controller: Prevent sample in one of the first cycles where inputs are not yet loaded
  • BG-I23503 VIN HTTP learn dialog doesn’t work when url contains certain delimiters
  • BG-I23499 missing customer address in ‘My projects’ view
  • BG-I23508 right after adding Multi Extension Air, 1-Wire devices couldn’t be learned in correctly
  • BG-I23507 1-wire search now stays active instead of being automatically stopped after last search result
  • BG-I23570 update buttons for older versions were displayed in ‘My projects’ view
  • BG-I23538 VIN HTTP learning dialog highlighting was incorrect if the boundaries of the found pattern spanned multiple lines
  • BG-I23571 project management view was closed in some situations (e.g. when removing a project)
  • Miniserver when starting the action via the Multi Edit row
  • Document not modified when replacing Extension
  • No warning prior to the update when the utilisation of the Miniserver is already very high
  • Adapted utilisation calculations for gateways
  • Generic View (Monitors): New items are shown even if they don’t fit the current active filter
  • BG-I23575 Generic View: Copy of password
  • BG-I23468 Config-Tree: Systemstatus bubble not emptied after disconnect
  • BG-I22485 deprecated “no devices to assign”-message shown
  • Presence Control: Place of configured Presence controls not shown in gateway-client-systems
  • BG-I23529 Name option dialog: validate strings on opening
  • BG-I23448 Central (old) Triple click on Light Controller does not turn off other configured Lightcontrollers
  • BG-I23009 Modbusserver: suspend regular communication during test-commands
  • BG-I23509 Project not set to modified when changing access schedule
  • BG-I22566 Reset sample sequence when creating new tab
  • BG-I23374 IO’s of Devices learned in with app visible after miniserver-update via app
  • BG-I22807 Sequence Control: enable remanence input
  • BG-I23479 Lighting Group: reason for unconfigured control not shown in property window
  • BG-I23477 prevent jump to device-page when deleting reference on page
  • BG-I23500 Tree Search: Red Circle start Search on all Branches.
  • BG-I23474 Cancelled drag-operation of Actor leaves “referenced” state

    Devices & Extensions

    • new binary for Touch Flex Air: fixed timekeeping issues
    • new binary for Roomsensor Air V2: fixed timekeeping issues
    • BG-I18960 LED stripes are flashing after power on reset from RGBW Dimmer Tree
    • new firmware for valve tree: improved position stability


    • BG-I22584 Lightcontroller-Dialog: allow id’s between 1 and 90 for all inputs


    • Wallbox: prioritise Enable-Input over app-commands when disconnecting
    • Spot Price Optimizer: Improved use of current value when inputs are not updated often enough
    • Spot Price Optimizer: Output not activating often enough when inputting decimal hours
    • BG-T3005 No proper information when meter objects have nothing connected to their inputs
    • BG-I22474 Energy Flow Monitor: Deleting or cutting a control removes it from the Energy Flow Monitor
    • Energy Flow Monitor:
      • Added statistic of yield so that app can display proper values
      • A3D9-T930 Calculation of delivery reading in group node returns 0
    • Meter shown as unconfigured when only meter reading is connected
    • Wallbox: Separate info for app if power or meter reading is used
    • Spot price optimizer: Auto connect of inputs not working when plus sign is the first character
    • BG-I22977 Wallbox Tree/Air: Different default Modbus settings than extension
    • BG-I23171 Wallbox does not recognize changes on LM5 during charging
    • BG-I23175 Wallbox: charging restarted after pausing via app
    • BG-I23042 Energy Flow Monitor: Optimised structure when all meters of a Power Supply & Backup are in one group
      • The group will be shown added as distribution board to the LoxApp
      • This minimises the amount of needed requests for the app
    • BG-I23246 Meter does not use actual input reading for total meter reading
      • Previously the difference was constantly added, resulting in problems when invalid values were on the input side (e.g. wrong reading via Modbus)
      • a negative offset was also not possible because of this
      • Now when the meter is non accumulating the offseted input meter reading will be directly set to the output
      • Day/Month/Year will continue to be calculated differentially!
    • Meter Reading which jumps between an invalid 0 value and the actual value always adds to day/week/month/..
    • BG-I23337 Meter for storage: Discharge/Charge output and input naming incorrect (switched)
    • BG-I22672 Wallbox: prevent decimal-input for parameter Muv
    • Spot Price Optimizer not shown as unconfigured


      • BG-I22489 Autojalouse has Unnecessary device setting
      • BG-I22548 Autojalousie: Connecting API connector to As while having relays makes invalid connection
      • BG-I22945 Central Shading: column “Description” shows no values
      • BG-I23044 Automatic Shading: active Automatic stopped or restarted with SPS/Sunshine when Automatic position is 100%


        • BG-I22462 Color Favourites not forwarded in client gateway systems
        • Increased Client Task watchdog timeouts
        • Tree on Intercom not working when there are multiple intercoms on different Miniservers in a Client/Gateway


        • Trust user groups cant be added when users were transferred from another Member before
        • BG-I22308 Trust: Identical user names from different trust clients cannot be distinguished in history of NFC Code Touch
        • Trust data handling not thread safe
        • Trust: Usergroup is immediately deleted when source member removes it unintentionally
        • Trust invalid nfc appid/key used when data was inherited from one member
        • Trust member online state not hidden per default
        • BG-I23049 Trusted intercom is reported as offline when doing an update
        • BG-I23418 Trust: Permissions of renamed user not updated on client
        • BG-I23418 Trust: Deleting a user and immediately creating it again with the same name may lead to problems


        • BG-I22969 Multiplicator: Endless reboot due to deviating Dali address settings
        • Multiplicator: Load from Miniserver not loading program after an update
        • BG-I23185 Multiplicator: Collapse button in periphery tree not working
        • Devices show status in settings
        • Inheriting project can be converted to Multiplicator project
        • Managed Miniservers are hidden by filter
        • Onboarding: Added more information
        • Opening of Touch Pure Flex dialog directly deinherits device
        • Editing of transferred devices/pages not possible as long as serial is not entered
        • BG-I23481 Config crash in periphery tree
        • Ribbon Drop Down: Items not updated and show empty brackets, when no serial is set
        • Minimum column width for status column
        • Status of Miniserver without working HTTPs connection cant be fetched
        • BG-I23343 Miniserver connect and save button list empty
        • Connection not shown when loading from Miniserver
        • BG-I23354 Multiplicator: Project shown as modified
        • Error message when saving to Miniserver after changes where reset
        • Miniserver reboot when loading program from Miniserver
        • BG-I23514 Devices which were created via app not reintegrated into multiplicator file
        • Todo message always appear when one was added by local changes
        • BG-I23501 Replace in Miniserver search not consistent to other learn dialogs (name is taken over)
        • Not reachable Miniserver with red background
        • Temporary devices which are created while learning devices are added as change
        • Manage Miniservers dialog: Even when row is filtered save/update/backup is done to that 
        • Icon missing in ‘My Projects’ view
        • Improved sizing of columns in dialog
        • BG-I23493 Warning that Miniserver needs an update even if its not reachable and no version is set
        • Added ‘Load Changes from all Miniservers’ button
        • Deviation dialog: Added/Deleted controls have now coloured cell
        • Message popups have placeholder icon
        • Search: Replace does not take over name
        • Invalid version is displayed as an error (now only version will be shown orange)
        • Undo does not always readd Miniserver in management dialog
        • Columns not resizable after add of a new Miniserver
        • Not all deviations properly displayed as setting
        • Opening Web Interface does not open web interface of selected managed Miniserver

        Project Planning

        • BG-I22586 Project Planning does not create Power Supply & Backup
        • BG-I22649 Partlist generation shows dimmer extension 110V
        • BG-I22619 Selection ‘None’ not available for presence detection and touch devices
        • BG-I22960 Speaker planned when using a different default plan than the german one
        • BG-I23058 Speaker with concrete backbox generates backbox for suspended ceiling
        • BG-I23249 Generated excel file contains fixed values instead of formulas
        • BG-I23012 Project Planning does not create dali devices
        • BG-I23286 Lighting devices in wrong power group
        • BG-I23043 Planning tool: Power Supply and Backup wrong calculated in the PartList preview

        Sequence Controller

        • BG-I23320 Fixed rounding bug when comparing IO-Values to hard coded numbers
        • BG-I23265 Right term in IF doesn’t accept a variable in division
        • BG-I23266 Fixed renaming variables during active simulation
        • BG-I23377 Power x^n is not formatted correctly
        • BG-I23459 Automatically add end sequence after pasting text


        • Config crash during startup
        • Miniserver reboot due to race condition in trust handling
        • BG-I22973 Config crash on drag and drop
        • BG-I22942 Config crash in statistics dialog
        • BG-I22830 Possible Config crash when resetting all Multiplicator deviations
        • BG-I22829 Config crash while creating connection reference
        • BG-I22892 Config crash while calibrating valve devices
        • BG-I22834 Config crash during air search
        • Possible Miniserver safety reboot causes
        • BG-I23108 Config crash when editing nfc code validity in dialog
        • Config crash during startup
        • BG-I23124 Config crash in diagnosis dialog
        • BG-I23301 Config crash when closing sequence controller dialog directly after editing something
        • BG-I23168 Config crash in pages window
        • BG-I23114 Modulo with number smaller than 1 causes config crash
        • Miniserver reboot when NFC requests unknown credentials
        • BG-I23237 Config crash when loading from Miniserver
        • BG-I23180 Config crash in permission management dialog when browsing to group/user
        • BG-I23307 Config crash when connecting 2 NFC code touches to block
        • BG-I23342 Config crash after deleting audioserver
        • BG-I23530 Config-Crash when searching for controls during liveview
        • BG-I23470 Music Player Group fix: Config crash when deleting all pages containing assigned players


        • BG-T2758 Added Commissioning Mode feature binaries for the following devices
          • Miniserver (Version
          • Miniserver Compact (Version
          • Tree Extension (Version
          • LED Spot RGBW Tree (Version
          • LED Spot WW Tree (Version
          • LED Ceiling Light RGBW Tree (Version
          • LED Pendulum Slim Tree (Version
          • LED Ceiling Spot RGBW Tree (Version
          • LED Ceiling Spot WW Tree (Version
          • We want to give the installer direct feedback and a better overview wether the tree connection is faulty or not.
          • Lighting devices will now visually provide information whether the tree connection between tree extension and device is ok or faulty, when they are not paired with the miniserver.
          • A “OK” connection is indicated by white light (with additional green led ring in case of RGBW-Spots, Pendulum, etc.), a faulty connection is indicated by either no light (WW-Devices) or a red light (RGBW Devices).
        • Config Performance Improvements
          • Faster startup (50% faster)
          • Faster document open/close (60% faster)
          • Faster object insert (80% faster)
          • Faster document tree update
          • Less idle CPU usage in opened project view
          • Faster edit
          • Faster save to Client/Gateway
          • General performance improvements
          • Faster save to Client/Gateway, Save is now done asynchronous in multiple threads
          • Faster Paste
          • Fast Select
        • A3D9-T993 SD format in background
        • A3D9-T993 Backup in background
          • Window can be closed/minimised
        • New function block Spot Price Optimizer
          • Activate a load at times where your energy price is cheapest
        • A3D9-T928 Energy Flow Monitor: Name & Icon of residual value
        • A3D9-T904 NFC Code Touch function block validity options for NFC tags and codes
        • A3D9-T905 Device Count for Modbus
        • A3D9-T853 Added additional authentication configuration for the user and an text input for the access controller
        • A3D9-T902 New NFC Authentication Types (Code or NFC, 2FA, NFC, Code)
        • A3D9-T895 Added scroll function for info pinner
        • A3D9-T886 Added comparison of inputs for status block
          • Comparing inputs by writing e.g. <v1> in the value field (similar to the Status-text field)
        • Comparing text inputs with numerical operators (<, <=, >, >=) is not supported
        • Conversion of Utility Meter to new block via context menu
        • A3D9-T870 Info banner when client project is open
        • A3D9-T575 Added excel sheet that lists power usage
        • A3D9-T109 Project Planning is resized to screen size, if screen size is smaller than the default planning tool size
        • A3D9-T266 AutoSave for project planning tool
        • A3D9-T574 Automatic connection of multiple selected equal inputs
        • Reset Miniserver to factory settings from context menu
        • Belimo auto-Addressing dialog
        • Audio Player: New input Custom sound for playing event files
        • A3D9-T906 New parameters, Vs for the Mixing Valve Controller and Ps for the Intelligent Temperature Controller (same as IRC valve stand still)
        • A3D9-T289 Tooltip when creating a new trust
        • A3D9-T585 Added web service for longitude, latitude and sea level
          • miniserver/dev/sps/setlocation?latitude=48&longitude=14&sealevel=572
          • miniserver/dev/sps/setlocation?longitude=14&sealevel=572
          • miniserver/dev/sps/setlocation?latitude=48
        • Search of Miniservers
          • Possibility to enter IP address range for IP scan
        • A3D9-T841 Weather Data is requested as a zip file
        • Project Planning: Added new spots
          • LED Ceiling Spot RGBW Tree: 100503, 100504
          • LED Ceiling Spot WW PWM: 100505, 100506
        • BG-I20674 Sauna Controllers: Added new input ‘On’
        •  A3D9-T925 New Systemmessage reporting device updates available with the possibility to start the updates directly.
        • A3D9-T1 Devices no longer update during pairing. Only during the desired AutoUpdate time (default 02:00) or manually via the device manager (context menu).
        • A3D9-T910 Editing icons in a multiple selection of function blocks is now possible (if the function block supports Icon editing)
        • A3D9-T648 Use same format for Loxone serial numbers in all places
        • New languages Vietnamese & Bulgarian
          • BG-T2794 Music-Player: add custom TTS-language
          • Transfer of Manager role to another Miniserver
          • Transfer ownership of Users to another Miniserver
          • Error message when too many messages are sent
          • Communication improvements
        • Authentication NFC Code Touch: Added output for last authorised user, including Trust hostname if from another trust (without NFC ID)
        • BG-I21789 added online state object for HTTP VirtualIn objects
        • Modbus:
          • Adapted default polling cycle
          • Show register setting in red when nothing was entered
        • Valve Tree: improved status feedback on wrong cabling
        • Loxone Config 14.0 splash screen



        • Updated used Frameworks & Compilers
        • BG-I19288 Miniserver compact has wrong icon in multi edit dialog
        • BG-I19231 Project Planning: Wrong ‘Under Bed’ presence sensor added for new sleeping rooms
        • BG-I19314 Sauna Controller: Ready state not correctly using bench temperature and correction
        • BG-I19367 Comparison function block have problems with very small differences (0.001) resulting in invalid ‘equal’ result e.g. (1.001 & 1.002)
        • RN1-I767 Energy Manager: Value range not shown in tooltips
        • RN1-I773 Energy Flow Monitor: Unconfigured control not shown in app
        • Energy Flow Monitor: Not a favourite per default
        • Audioserver system status message: Confirm does not work
        • Trust: User tokens not invalidated when changing password on another trust member
        • DMX Extension: DMX device search bugfix
        • BG-I19891 IRC V1: typo in description of parameters Ths + Tcs
        • BG-I18809 local hostname not resolved always correctly when multiple ip addresses were in the dns answer
        • temp files were not deleted after routed network device update
        • increased timeout for routed network device update
        • Improved Statistic analysis for Version 2 statistics
        • BG-I18809 local hostname not resolved always correctly when multiple ip addresses were in the dns answer
        • BG-I18987 DMX Extension Page Clamp description cut off
        • BG-I18997 Internal Airbase has no Device-Information option
        • BG-I18592 Climate Control Selection Dialog reverts setting in Room Controller
        • BG-I19041 Modbus RTU: automatically set stop-bits based on parity
        • BG-I19025 Music Server Zone: API-connector-line drawn with offset
        • BG-I18288 Gate: state change of Ic not taken into account for last driven direction
        • BG-I19160 Climate Controller limC cant be set higher than limH
        • BG-I18993 Starting Monitor in dialog not working
        • BG-I19159 Room/Category dialog favourite checkbox cant be unchecked
        • A3D9-T459 Remove confusing update message when loading from miniserver
        • BG-I19154 corrected UX of search button in Dali learning dialog during search is running
        • BG-I19277 Modbus Actors sent even if they are not used
        • BG-I18199 Sequence Control Dialog: new IF-formula causes incorrect indentations
        • BG-I18156 Sequence Control Dialog: “-” operator not spaced correctly
        • BG-I18910 Daytimer: output Mode renamed to “Om”, show liveview without digits
        • BG-I19213 Connector-names cut off if room/category is too long
        • Power Supply & Backup: do not lock visu for common system messages
        • BG-I19333: Devicestatus: log file not shown when connected externally
        • BG-I17158 Sequence Controller: finished sequence shown as active
        • [email protected]
          • States not updating
          • Energy consumption has no decimal places
        • Old installed files not deleted when installing Loxone Config over existing installation
        • BG-I19345 Invalid filter text
        • BG-I19495 Setting grid: border not correctly displayed
        • Monitor: Changing filter stops autoscroll
        • BG-I18025 API Connector Media Controller Double Click is not recognized by the API Input
        • BG-I17450 ITC AQl output calculation incorrect for cooling mode
        • BG-I19412 SMTP Mailer: invalid order of header-elements when adding attachments
        • BG-I6899 Analog Memory: edges caused by time-objects not handled by all connected controls
        • BG-I19514 Central Controls: lock via app does not lock all assigned controls
        • BG-I19524 Climate Controller: no automatic popup
        • BG-I19574 DeviceStatus: no channel-check for US and IL Channels
        • Switch: Activate remanence per default
        • Changelog dialog not properly sized
        • Converted Statistics file (e.g. Utility Meter) contains invalid timestamps due to errors in old files, causing wrong lifetime statistics
        • BG-I19272 Daylight savings: Client program reported as outdated
        • Modbus TCP: Some test commands not working, test commands not correctly displayed in monitor
        • Reworked Tree device search
          • Miniserver uses the list of devices which the Miniserver already has additionally to the active search
        • [email protected]: Added user agent to API requests
        • BG-I19613 Message Boxes appear while converting energy monitor / utility meter
        • Miniserver does not respond to unicast search requests
        • Multi Edit dialog for IO cant be opened from program page
        • Control preset cant be multi edited
        • Port not set when replacing network device
        • BG-I20050 Add only one connection per object (Drag&Drop)
        • BG-I19957 Project Planning: Multi Extension causes a second power supply & backup
        • Update dialog fails when Miniserver changes its IP
        • BG-I19420 Device Status: Enocean devices displayed as offline
        • Enocean Actors displayed as dummy devices
        • BG-I19775 Virtual Output template: Answer property not saved
        • BG-I19680 Systemmessage: User can have visualisation limited
        • BG-I19695 Identify possible on 1-Wire device
        • BG-I19774 Saving template with @ in password
        • BG-I19769 API Actor not automatically connected to API output of block
        • BG-I19708 Documentation: Info Boxes not displayed correctly
        • BG-I20020 Ribbon: No separator between Link and Extension specific buttons
        • BG-I20127 Paste of devices not working after load from Miniserver
        • BG-I20118 Multiplicator: Light Group assignment gets lost
        • BG-I19917 Room assignment of devices get lost when adding project to gateway
        • BG-I19270 Custom icons not visible in Config since they are not coloured by the app and therefore need to be in light colours
        • BG-I20048 Miniserver Configuration: Internal address is set to ip instead of hostname
        • BG-I20129 Statistics: Every Change (Expert) does not write an entry on day change
        • Miniserver unable to load project due to invalid object count
        • BG-I19702 Statistic files containing entries from other months
        • BG-I20053 Adapted power connector letters
        • BG-I19686 Program always shown as not identical when there is a duplicate KNX address
        • Endless loop when entering specific IP address scan range
        • BG-I20112 Invalid permissions when user is created via app
        • BG-I20309 Lightcontroller: remove from favourites changes order in config
        • BG-I20291 Power supply & backup dialog: prevent pasting of control characters
        • BG-I20232 Operating Time: adapted default name and object type name
        • BG-I20140 Miniserver Compact: new Tree Device-Bubble shown on wrong extension
        • Newly added user does not have any permissions to controls on a client
        • Power Supply & Backup: Systemmessage does not contain room of device
        • Audio Identify of Compact not working when Compact is a Client Miniserver
        • Belimo Monitor remains active after Loxone Config disconnect
        • Improved Config connection reliability
        • Improved performance of table view with large data
        • Improved performance of System status
        • Spot Price Optimizer uses too many time slots
        • Schedule: Mode not updating in visualisation
        • BG-I20384 Project view does not close after Miniserver search
        • BG-I20017 No Device-Command context menu for Tree to Air bridge
        • BG-I20014 Automatic rule: severity-levels not identical with custom system message
        • BG-I20013 Device Status: remove unsupported commands from 1-Wire-Extension
        • BG-I20083 DMX Device: invalid next dmx channel when using 1-actor-types
        • BG-I18129 HTTP Virtual Out only sent POST request when body data was provided
        • BG-I20023 updated address conflict message in Dali learn dialog
        • BG-I20421 NFC LearnDialog: Learning could be started even on unavailable devices
        • BG-I19848 fixed jumping scrollbar in tech doc viewer when there are multiple gifs present
        • Starting Miniserver search from project view while already a project is opened connects in the opened project
        • Audio Central: Client restart causes resend of tts command to Audioserver
        • BG-I18428 Tree2Air-Bridge: sleeping Touch&Grill goes offline when saving into Miniserver
        • BG-I18212 Touch&Grill: switching room not possible after inserting controls in a certain order
        • Touch&Grill: Wrong room assigned after dragging on page
        • BG-I15908 fixed inconsistency on Lighting Controller Circuit Naming
        • BG-I17217 Caller Service Add additional spam error message at too many calls
        • BG-I20744 Fixed tracker minimal time interval. Values below 21ms are considered as 0.
        • Fixed System message indicates that a device is updating even though the device is finished updating
        • BG-I20784 Fixed icon multi edit over shared properties window
        • BG-I17710 Fixed shading central restarts by itself after stopping via Pc
        • BG-I19537 / BG-I17772 Scene on a client can not be triggered by an object connection
        • BG-I20841 KNX Sensors not updated on page when showing/hiding error output
        • BG-I20836 Output on another Miniserver cant be switched anymore after it was switch via LiveView
        • A07R-I309 Documentation: Range not displayed for some IOs
        • 1-Wire Monitor: Entries have no level (data, error), making it difficult to filter
        • LiveView/Simulation: Removed value adjust via mouse drag
          • This caused unwanted changes of values in installations when trying to move a reference
        • Simplified printing project
          • Only one print action
          • Automatically select current selected page in print dialog
        • LiveView: Display correction only if there is enough space
        • Monitors not working when ‘Position windows freely’ mode is active
        • BG-I20874 Integrated blind shown as not configured
        • BG-I20872 Connection to API output not created properly when done via connection window
        •  Tree search shows results without serial
        • BG-I20723 AutoConfig: Tunable White shown as RGBW
        • Burglar Alarm: Opening configuration dialog is necessary to update names of used sensors
        • BG-I20702 Added hostname including domain to LoxAPP3.json (if the Miniserver is on DHCP)
        • BG-I20708 LiveView/Simulation: Nothing displayed on inputs of status block
        • Fire and Water Alarm: Use more descriptive names IOs which cause an alarm
          • Same handling as Burglar Alarm
        • BG-I20785 Confirmed error messages are also shown in document trees
        • Miniserver serial cant be entered without colons
        • Connect dialog does not set external address when connecting to Miniserver without internal address
        • BG-I19126 fixed crash and address conflict resolution in Dali learning dialog
        • BG-I20025 fixed incorrect address check in Dali learning dialog
        • BG-I20722 Deactivated update available message for devices which are offline or have the version
        • BG-I19530 Wallbox Gen. 1: Profile change during charging caused a jump in energy consumption for the newly selected profile
        • BG-I19669 Fixed copying of a value from the property window, when it’s not pinned
        • Tree2Air-Bridge: Device-Webservice & Device-Info not executed
        • BG-I12602 Geiger Solidline: API-Output is created with conversion when command-output is used
        • BG-I20715 System Status: view jumps to top after confirming message
        • BG-I20691 Remote Air does not extend the presence
        • BG-I20546 Air learning help link not working
        • BG-I20447 Schedule: Inverted output invalid when starting manual timer
        • BG-I20729 Statistics: Removed handling to only write values to the statistic file if they have changed
          • Now values are always written in the defined interval
        • BG-I20701 Power Supply & Backup not displayed in energy flow monitor when user has no rights for it
        • BG-I20618 IR Module search not working
        • BG-I20719 Generic View Filtering: Improved search/filter when texts include special characters (:.;) e.g. for serial numbers which now contain a colon
        • BG-I20732 PicoC text output edge not reset
        • BG-I20565 Search does not give any results when starting it after opening project view
        • BG-I19639 Miele devices displayed offline even if they are online
        • BG-I20746 Burglar Alarm: Tracker entries and text output does not contain enough information to distinguish sensors
          • added device name or installation place, depending on if the device was renamed
        • Remote Connect: Connection establishment did timeout in some cases when ipv4 and ipv6 nameservers are available
        • BG-I20457 ensuring that text in monitors is always readable depending on background colour
        • BG-I20406 virtual command edit dialog did not request full url parameters
        • BG-I19681 ensure NFC learning command is also sent to battery driven Air devices
        • BG-I20030 only enable resolve conflict button in dali learning dialog when needed
        • BG-I20021 show error message when trying to add/assign dali device with already assigned address
        • Presence links are shown as memory object in the periphery tree
        • Miniserver Compact: too many audioserver-tasks started
        • BG-I20132 Device Learning: Automatic blinds offline after replace via app
        • Periphery tree filter: ‘Do not use’ shows items without room/category
        • Caption bar changes when connection gets lost in another document
        • BG-I19420 EnOcean devices displayed offline in device status
        • BG-I20545 Mouse over shows hidden tree extension on Miniserver compact
        • BG-I20555 Removed error message when using custom inputs for UDP port 7090
        • BG-I20408 Setting Edit dialog shows non working links
        • BG-I20532 Project analysis: Shows duplicate address even though when port is different
        • Allow cloud dns connect with Serialnumber including colons
        • BG-I17800 Radio Buttons: Allow web service command ‘next’ & ‘prev’
        • Too many old program files get deleted when saving to Miniserver
        • Activate watchdog for IO Task
        • BG-I20891 Wallbox g1: Charging Power is always 1kw
        • BG-I20911 Miniserver search when filter is active does not show items
        • BG-I20902 Manage SD card dialog: Text overlaps button
        • BG-I20910 EFM: Meters get lost when adding project to gateway
        • Config/Miniserver memory leaks
        • Dali: removed deprecated settings (RGBWAF channel assignment)
        • BG-I15822 Dali: Fade Rate gets invalid value after replace device
        • BG-I19373 NFC Code Touch: no app update if code expires shortly after creation
        • BG-I20909 Monitor: Keycode information not shown if “force preselection” is activated
        • BG-T2795 Miniserver-Replace: audioserver not paired with new device
        • BG-I20906 + BG-I20932: DMX Extension: Invalid values sent to actors
          • Actors not switching
        • BG-I21006 Search/Filter for Air serial numbers in Config
        • BG-I21051 Nano DI Tree: Not all information displayed on cover page
        • BG-I21003 Touch Surface Dialog: Max. material thickness not validated
        • BG-I21024 Known Issue dialog not opening on click
        • BG-I21039 API Command text in table cut off
        • BG-I21020 Touch Pure Flex: Initial value not set in Menu command
        • BG-I21052 Copy of KNX IO not possible even if Cut is possible
        • BG-I18945 Touch Pure Flex not selectable as output in alarm objects
        • Update: Miniserver Gen.1 Update not working due to too short timeouts
        • BG-I20949 EFM: Self Consumption output zero
        • BG-I20936 Miniserver replace: Connect to gateway not working without IP & Config crash when there is no Audioserver
        • Reworked device updates available system message
        • Tree Devices: Fixed CAN was not initialised properly during startup if 24 V was connected to CAN
        • BG-T2825 TreeBase: Fixed init sequence which lead to a non functional Tree2Air bridge
        • BG-I21069 Touch & Grill causing Black screen in App
        • BG-I20029 hide already learned Dali devices in learning dialog, except “new installation” option is checked
        • BG-I20745 name of learning Enocean device wasn’t taken over correctly
        • BG-I20738 added serial number column in Enocean learning dialog devices list
        • BG-I20737 corrected highlighting of new learn data in Enocean learning dialog
        • BG-I20789 fixed authentication url with email address as user in VIN command learning dialog
        • BG-I21394 fixed incorrect highlighting in some special cases in VIN command learning dialog
        • BG-I21009 Api Command on status block not working
        • Energy Manager Gen.2: Lower prioritised analog load does not get turned off when there is enough power for higher prioritised analog load
        • Nano DI Tree: Text on cover page too long
        • Include Alpha Web Interface
        • Weatherstation: Removed unused hidden inputs
        • BG-I21146 Miniserver replace: Miniserver not identifying in search
        • BG-I21147 Miniserver replace: Continue with enter on credential page
        • BG-I16359 Chart View: X Label to the left is cut off (presence configuration dialog)
        • BG-I19470 New statistics write value 0 to statistics on reboot
        • BG-I19122 Poolcontroller: Automatic Designer texts not available in the app
        • BG-I21407 Connection flag creation: Page window is opened outside of view
        • BG-I21396 Reference shows more information button
        • BG-I21283 User created operating modes get high IDs
        • BG-I18438 Presence Sensor Overrun Time P reset after power cycle incorrect
        • BG-I20981 Tree search on a intercom on a client not working when intercom block is not inserted
        • BG-I21162 Part List: Power supply & backup missing
        • BG-I21234 Adapted air signal strength qualification
        • BG-I21199 Intercom Gen.1: iButton learning not possible
        • BG-I21338 Touch Pure Flex: Command on central function block (e.g. central shading) is not sent to all objects (only sent to the controls last selected in the app)
        • Emergency Button can’t be triggered via API command
        • Touch Pure Flex: Value selection in config has a shorter timeout than the device
        • Config locks up when loading from Miniserver
        • Plugin dummy device state not updated when changing api user setting
        • BG-I21008: DMX device DMX actuator RGBW can’t set type of actuator
        • BG-I21090: Project Analysis: show duplicate Address/Channel settings for Belimo + DMX
        • BG-I17846 IR Extension/Module Learning not working
        • BG-I21909 Tree filter dropdowns empty in new project
        • BG-I20562 better error message in case start command failed in NFC learning dialog
        • BG-I21100 corrected DMX default name assignment when inserting device via DMX learning dialog
        • BG-I19714 default name was not correctly propagated when left empty in 1-Wire learning dialog
        • BG-I21761 popup in table views caused close when clicking in empty area
        • BG-I21763 first opening of detached monitor window showed all monitors
        • BG-I21802 search kicked message dialog shown for air and tree even though search was not running
        • BG-I21453 Device Status: invalid online state for Sonnen-Battery
        • BG-I21756 System Message for failed certificate: add information about reachability of internet and cloud-server
        • BG-I21809 Wallbox: relative metering doesn’t work
        • Dali Monitor:
          • Data flow is slow
          • Show errors in colour
          • Fixed wrong direction
        • Dali devices not sorted by name in document tree
        • BG-I21165 Monitor: Cancelling loading still empties monitor
        • Dali: Readded off to Power-On options
        • BG-I17585 Parameter cant be edited anymore after being set via API command
        • BG-I21726 Tree diagnosis cant send data when monitor is running at the same time in a big installation
        • BG-I21686 Invalid search answer for app learning when searching in a gateway
        • Touch Pure Flex: Arrow commands executed twice when in pulse mode
        • Extension serial cant be entered with colons
        • BG-I17713 Switch of mode via LiveView not working when calendar is active
        • BG-I21486 “Don’t show again” checkboxes are not remembered after installing new version
        • BG-I21599 Extension update starts without being started
        • BG-I21600 Remove sensitivity settings from inputs which currently don’t support it
        • BG-I19005 No device type for Miniserver displayed
        • BG-I21706 Control Linking dialog: Memory leak and invalid display
        • BG-I21693 Shorter validity for Loxone Config tokens
        • BG-I21516 Object stays partially selected when unselecting in tree
        • BG-I21390 LiveView: Yellow line not correctly displayed when value is zero
        • API Command dialog: Wrong command preselected
        • BG-I21441 SubControls contain “hasControlNotes” flag
        • BG-I21550 No Info on control when used in system schematic
        • BG-I21548 Unstable config connection when searching for tree devices on a gateway
        • Certificate systemmessage: removed help link
        • BG-I21515 Page scrolling continues after page change
        • BG-I21532 Property window: Scroll jumps when window is updated
        • BG-I21536 Wrong selection after deleting device from device tree
        • BG-I21478 Miniserver not correctly rebooting after update
        • No warning when using a hostname for a client as internal address
        • Reduced debug Monitor outputs
        • BG-I21592 Plugins: Online state is not per default monitored
        • BG-I21542 MENU Api Command: Added more info about start value
          • “If the current value does not represent an option, the first option will be used as the start value.”
        • Improved speed of insert of multiple references
        • BG-I21072: App access code on NFC Code Touch cannot be deactivated in the app
        • Presence Tree: invalid default parameter after creating
        • BG-I21580 Media Controller: always execute “change to mode”
        • BG-I20751 Media Controller: reset via double-click does not finish command list
        • BG-I20988 Remove unused sensibility settings for Modbus-Sensors
        • BG-I16157 Usermanagement: Automaticdesigner not visible after editing groups
        • IO Data serialised twice to xml for air devices
        • BG-I21399 Dimmer: Value Selection on touch pure flex does not start with actual value
        • BG-I21430 Page scroll jumps after editing name of page
        • BG-I21450 Identify from tree not stopped when clicking in empty area of tree
        • BG-I21070 Proxy not properly closed when using ssl
        • BG-I21467 Statistic dialog cant be closed with escape after deleting a statistic
        • Emergency Alarm shown as unconfigured when only Alarm input is used
        • BG-I21082 Meter reset not correct, when reseting multiple times
        • Project cant be opened anymore after learning devices
        • BG-I21209 Tree device learning: Identification of devices in Config not working
        • Generic Table: Delete empties wrong cell when table is filtered or sorted
        • Miniserver compact: duplicate audioserver after re-adding gateway client to document
        • Updated installer
        • BG-I21487 Presence Control: Statistics Record Every Second
        • BG-I21966 DMX actors change room assignment to “do not use”
        • BG-I21808 fixed incorrect request when invoking test command on HTTP VirtualIn
        • BG-I21800 Integer block result was incorrect for negative values in some cases
        • Invalid dns domain name breaks LoxApp
        • BG-I21949 Output to Output connection via reference not completely deleted when deleting reference
        • BG-I22038 Config cant be closed after opening project planning file
        • BG-I21905 Config problems when drag and dropping incompatible files onto Loxone Config
        • Document is modified when double clicking objects
        • BG-I22221 ‘Switch (On/Off)’ has option for statistics
        • BG-I21811 Test command button disappears from ribbon and does not reappear
        • BG-I22143 Energy Manager: Memory changes type to analog when connected to output
        • BG-I22227 System Schematic flag remains when copying control from another project
        • BG-I22034 Dali Config improvements (Missing setting updates, clearer info when device has no address, naming after learning,…)
        • BG-I21697 Fire and Water Alarm Output N is not set to 0 when Off input is used
        • BG-I21689 Alarm Chain Output gets triggered once too many
        • BG-I21607 Handling a group of API commands separated by &
        • BG-I21586 Fixed object type name for NFC Key-Tags
        • BG-I22183 Intelligent Room Controller: Presets for Roomtype not applied
        • BG-I21110 Custom System Message not shown for allowed Users which have no access to triggering control
        • BG-I18777 Apostrophe in Miniserver name breaks admin interface
        • BG-I22148 Template button in ribbon has no action
        • BG-I22050 Document tree collapses on undo
        • BG-I21747 Invalid connection when connecting multiple memory inputs with different types
        • BG-I22142 Merged object cant be edited in multi edit window
        • BG-I22018 Opening system schematic set document to modified
        • BG-I21923 Valve error system messages not shown anymore when device goes temporarily offline
        • BG-I22001 Miniserver search: Added miniserver configure button
        • BG-I22033 Room/Category dropdown not updated when loading from Miniserver
        • BG-I22051 Miniserver mDNS response invalid when many extensions are connected
        • IR Meter Reader Air (M-Bus): Before each readout, the firmware now sends a “SndNke” to always get the same response.
        • BG-I22068 Media Control Dialog: Escape does not close window
        • BG-I21465 Roof Window Shading: Output Op is switched on sequentially
        • BG-I22160 Modbus: Digital Actor Write Single register sends 0xFF00 instead of 1/0
        • Duplicated systemmessage for virtual HTTP Input
        • Unable to set ipv6 address as external address
        • BG-I21471 KNX Extension on wrong parent when converting Gen.1 to Gen.2 Miniserver
        • BG-I21491 Formula block: Division by zero in unused If result also results in an error (e.g. “IF(I1>0;10/I1;10)”)
        • BG-I21719 App Learning: Search not stopped in app when search on another client is started
        • BG-I21721 Device Information of Miniserver shows wrong DNS
        • BG-I21745 Edit dialog not opening anymore after inserting control (e.g. burglar alarm)
        • BG-I21752 Receive timeout of analog input not directly reported
        • BG-I21777 Tooltip does not disappear
        • BG-I22070 Trust User: Token get deleted after update from trust owner
        • BG-I21625 Document Tree: Invalid tree root item
        • BG-I21790 Forward slash not allowed in block names
        • New icon for extension search
        • BG-T2934 Reduced delay in device proxy
        • BG-I20111 NFC: Access denied in App with authentication type “NFC (only)”
        • Schedule modes are invalid after update
        • LoxAPP not generated for standalone Miniserver when saving to Miniserver
        • No Page displayed after deleting all pages
        • BG-I22245 Mode: Switch in Simulation not working
        • BG-I22297 Air Channel does not revert to correct original channel when frequency change, which was started via context menu, is aborted
        • BG-I22351 Config shows program not identical
        • BG-I20689 Intercom: Bell input is available when intercom originates from another trust member
        • Network device does not display any serial number when address is not entered
        • BG-I19874 System Message unclear when Tree left and Tree right are connected
        • BG-I21412 Tree Shortcut systemmessage does not disappear
        • BG-I22219 AI Extension: Inputs are sorted by name
        • BG-I22253 Selection of multiple controls not working when there is a connection reference
        • BG-I22294 Room/Category may overlap for controls with only 1 visible input or output
        • BG-I14516 Steak Thermo: show “no sensor connected” in monitor and liveview
        • BG-I22030 API commands work even when Disable input of function block is active
        • BG-I22078 & BG-I22078 Touch Flex: Updating configuration always completely resets button configuration (selected controls, show state,..)
        • BG-I22025 Runtime counter: Output not updating when unit parameter is changed
        • BG-I21810 Multiplicator: Users are shown as unsecure even when password was changed
        • BG-I21905 Config problems when drag and dropping incompatible files onto Loxone Config
        • Document is modified when double clicking objects
        • BG-I22221 ‘Switch (On/Off)’ has option for statistics
        • BG-I21811 Test command button disappears from ribbon and does not reappear
        • BG-I22227 System Schematic flag remains when copying control from another project
        • BG-I22034 Dali Config improvements (Missing setting updates, clearer info when device has no address, naming after learning,…)
        • BG-I22494 Project Overview: Miniserver type not updated when project is saved
        • Initial line origin when creating connection reference
        • BG-I21190 Touch Pure Flex Air: Does not send humidity anymore
        • BG-I21693 Shorter config token age
        • BG-I22128 Monitor can’t be stopped from within the Monitor dialog
        • BG-I22225 API commands: Value selection start value not taken over from selection switch
        • BG-I22311 Additional info text when creating trust key
        • BG-I20736 certain monitor types were stopped when starting learning dialog
        • BG-I22466 Intercommunication: Password gets corrupted when copying intercommunication object
        • Control references are not restored when cutting and pasting control
        • BG-I22530 Miniserver LED still reports error after caller systemmessage source gets deleted
        • Update dialog automatically put to background during update
        • BG-I21834 Sequence Controller Dialog: goto-commands update invalid when lines are wrapped
        • BG-I19373 NFC Code Touch: Missing app update if code expires
        • BG-I18796 NFC Code Touch Air: not possible to learn NFC tags via app when battery powered
        • BG-I21130 NFC Code Touch: Locked device also locks app user
        • BG-I21579 Expert Mode: not possible to activate statistics
        • Wallbox Air/Tree: product variants not visible in quicksearch
        • QU1-I208 Miniserver conversion: Settings of moved IO’s get lost
        • Program shows not identical after update
        • BG-I22325 Formula: Automatically remove line breaks
        • BG-I22350 Miniserver configuration: Dialog closed when pressing ENTER even when a textfield has the focus
        • BG-I22356 Opened dialog positioned to low so its behind taskbar
        • BG-I22315 Multi Connect with physical input and memory input: Hidden error output gets connection instead of input
        • Trust: Usercaption created on unnecessarily
        • BG-I22030 Disable does not disable API commands on all controls
        • BG-I22247 Room/Category dropdown on program page goes out of application
        • A07R-I328 Project documentation has missing settings
        • Further validate hostname on Miniserver Gen.2 and compact
        • Smaller edit and drawing issues
          • Miniserver usage not updated after delete/undo
          • Pages not correct after undo
        • Auto-Update on Miniserver Gen.1 not working due to high memory usage
          • Update is now downloaded directly to file when there is not enough memory available
        • New binaries ( for Belimo Air/Tree (Fixing/Full support search by Serial Number)
        • BG-I22304 Air Base set to ‘Auto’ always does an auto learn of devices
          • Now it’s only done when there is a dummy device
        • BG-I22606 Format dialog: Broken selection when selecting Miniserver Compact backup
        • Assertion when closing document
        • Error message during connection establish
        • Miniserver update available message not shown
        • WA1-T298 WallboxTree is not working on internal Tree branch of Miniserver Compact

          Devices & Extensions

          • new Roomsensor Tree binary: activated CO2 autocalibration
          • new Valve Tree binary: changes to reference drive and position drive to 0%
          • IR Meter Reader Air: Reading out Elster AS1440 could result in frequently occuring system messages
          • new binary for Valve Actuator Tree: improved valve detection and force applied to valve
          • Multi Extension Air: Stability improvements of the digital inputs
          • Miniserver reboot loop after configuring Miniserver which contains an internorm blind
          • LED Ceiling Light RGBW Tree: Removed blink states of backwards LED on
          • added new binary for NFC Code Touch Air:
            • learn mode improvements
            • BG-I20383 NFC Code Touch: Code entry timeout loses preselection
            • BG-I19180 NFC Code Touch Air: Sleep mode doesn’t cancel held buttons
          • added new binary for Touch Pure Flex Air and Tree
            • BG-I20726 Touch Pure Flex Air VALUESELECT not working
            • Timekeeping improvements
          • Valve tree
          • added reference drive after firmware update
          • fixed valve stuck messages
          • Increased force to fix “valve stuck” messages
          • Improved internal error handling
          • BG-T1593: Weatherstation Air V2 added new binary FW-Version 12040309, fixed power on reset
          • BG-T1594: PacketSafe Air added new binary FW-Version 12040309, fixed power on reset
          • new binary for touch air: fixed BG-I21230: Touch Air: Touch not working in/after learn mode
          • new binary for room sensor air (HW 2): fixed device not sending values in 24V operation
          • New binaries ( for Belimo Air/Tree (Fixes and de-address unknown)
          • Nano2Relay Tree (HW version 2): fixed devices going offline sporadically


          • BG-I12390 Lightgroups go off during restart if actor is not on same miniserver
          • BG-I18405 T5 stuck in light controllers
          • BG-I19185 TW Smart actor: invalid On/Off state in LiveView
          • BG-I19751 Light Controller: moods still mixed after saving new mood
          • BG-I19705 Central light: with Off the selection is not observed
          • BG-I18909 Lightcontroller: Moods with stored sequences cannot be triggered when changing output type
          • I17292 Brightness-Change in Master-Color not applied for daylight-control
          • BG-I19472 Unable to dim Smart TW actor
          • RN1-I661 Daylight-states not updated for non-smart-actors
          • BG-I17633 Actor sends invalid values after adding to light group
          • BG-I19472  On/Off state incorrect when solely using TW-actors
          • BG-I22074 Dialog: operating modes not sorted alphabetically
          • BG-I21869 Light-Actors cannot be deleted after light group is removed
          • BG-I21444 Activating daylight does not change active mood


          • BG-I19601 EFM: Name of node gets lost in client gateway systems
          • BG-I19103 Utility Meter add value on miniserver start
          • Energy Flow Monitor: Meter on Client does not send values to EFM
          • RN1-I961 Energy Manager: Runtime per day and Minimum runtime wrong unit in the app
          • BG-I19010 Energy Flow Monitor: Program not modified when changing setting in dialog
          • BG-I19217 Energy Manager: Load which uses more power than provided not handled correctly
          • Meters of Power Supply & Backup on a Client break the Energy Flow Monitor
          • BG-I20128 Energy Manager: Reordering breaks runtime variables
          • BG-I19719 Meter without dedicated Meter Reading does not apply offset
          • BG-I20090 EFM: Statistic of used Meter is disabled
          • Energy Manager: Analog load is not maxed out when its not drawing any power, therefore no additional loads get activated
          • BG-I19635 Power Supply & Backup: Does Not write statistics on Client
          • BG-I21569 Energy Monitor conversion: Connection loss breaks conversion
          • Energy Flow Monitor: Does not show info of how many objects are assigned
          • BG-I19635 Power Supply & Backup: Does Not write statistics on Client
          • BG-I21514 Energymanager: Overlapping Output Texts
          • Energy Manager: Output regulation not the same anymore as before resulting in activation of inactive loads with maximum (e.g. e-car when getting plugged in)
          • Energy Manager: Active load which does not use any power, gets deactivated as soon as another load uses power and power available for managing therefore goes to zero
          • Spot Price Optimizer: Shown in visualisation despite not having one
          • BG-I21797 Power Supply Control: invalid output RST in documentation
          • BG-I19552 Energy Flow Monitor does not use description of function blocks
          • BG-I22060 Pulse Meters: First energy not added to day/month/year
          • BG-I21921 Bidirectional Meters: Automatic connect of production/delivery meter reading inputs not correct
          • BG-I21921 Bidirectional Meters: Automatic connect of production/delivery meter reading inputs not correct
          • BG-I22143 Energy Manager: Memory changes type to analog when connected to output
          • BG-I22287 Energy Manager: Minimum runtime of load is ignored when managing grid power with an analog load
          • BG-I22345 Energy Monitor: Import total output only visible after conversion
          • BG-I22373 Energy Manager: Used power of load ignored when not activated by energy manager
          • Energy Flow Monitor: Residual icon & name can be edited even when not enabled
          • BG-I21974 Wallbox: start/pause via app not possible when inverted input with additional logic is used
          • Wallbox: charging status not updated in app
          • Wallbox: Charge-session not ended when disconnected during load-shedding / limitation below min-value


          • BG-I20032 Intelligent Temperature Controller: override-inputs always shown english in visu
          • BG-I20281 Intelligent Temperature Controller: set default colour to type “climate”
          • BG-I20334 Climate Controller: untranslated text in app
          • BG-I20468 Intelligent Temperature control: outputs not activated after reboot of gateway client
          • BG-I18463 + BG-I20079 Intelligent Roomcontroller: fixed setpoint in fahrenheit converted incorrectly
          • BG-I17499 Intelligent Roomcontroller: window contact not considered in changes of outdoor-temperature
          • BG-I9282 Intelligent Roomcontroller: prepare heating ignored after first day of operating time with duration > 1 day
          • BG-I20451 Intelligent Temperature Control: state not updated after miniserver-reboot
          • BG-I18991 Intelligent Room-Controller: output value changed multiple times during shutdown of climate controller
          • BG-I20857: Climate Controller Dialog: Checkboxes not remaining
          • BG-I20793 Climate Controller: If setting ϑlimC and ϑlimH via own logic it still can be changed in the app
          • BG-I21225 IRC: Mode 3 does not take over the target temperature
          • BG-I21259 IRC: Liveview when using PWM Outputs not updated
          • BG-I20777 IRC: Reset to Default doesn’t reset selected mode
          • BG-I20377 IRC: selected mode via app persists after connecting mode-input
          • BG-I20933 IRC: Error-Message for big difference comes immediately when manually starting comfort mode
          • BG-I21339 Climate Controller: missing remanence
          • BG-I22076 IRC Setting limits can be overruled with multi edit


          • Automatic Shading Central: Change direction while moving.
          • Automatic Jalousie: Invalid End Position for Full-Up-Movement in simulation
          • BG-I21637 Central Shade: direction change via T5 incorrect
          • BG-I21637 Central Shade: direction change via T5 incorrect
          • Automatic Jalousie: Invalid End Position for Full-Up-Movement in simulation
          • BG-I21606 Automatic Jalousie: Shading moves completely when two commands are sent in succession
          • BG-I21755 Automatic Shading Integrated: connecting a dummy motor causes infinite recalculation loop
          • BG-I21606 Automatic Jalousie: Shading moves completely when two commands are sent in succession
          • BG-I22402 Automatic Jalousie: allow pulse up/down commands via app
          • BG-I21926 Automatic jalousie: invalid behaviour in simulation when using Nano2Relay tree


          • BG-I19474 Belimo learning: multiple identify commands when adding device
          •  Device found via Address-Button after manual creation
          • BG-I20494 Belimo: Inherit room of device to IO’s, add devices to devicestatus
          • BG-I21157: Belimo Add Device Dialog learned in devices not shown
          • BG-I20985: Belimo: fixed naming of child-IO’s
          • BG-I21095: Belimo manual addressing: charset problem on result-message
          • BG2-T245: various bug fixes for Belimo learning
          • BG-I21703 Belimo: cut and paste of Sensor sets to “not configured”
          • BG-I21762 Belimo Monitor: some Data contains “:” others not
          • Belimo Addressing: invalid device type
          • Belimo Addressing: device created on wrong Belimo Air/Tree
          • BG-I22282 Show deaddress-warning before deleting Belimo device
          • BG-I21472 Belimo Devices: No “Monitor Online Status” Option
          • Belimo: devices without serial not shown as dummy device
          • BG-I19419 Belimo: Systemmessage cannot be confirmed
          • BG2-T261 Improved Belimo Addressing
          • BG2-T259 Belimo: Sensor/Actor limitation is calculated on actual usage
          • BG2-T258 Belimo: show Addressing-Error in search-dialog
          • BG-I19419 Belimo: Systemmessage cannot be confirmed
          • Belimo: Malfunction/Maintenance handling


          • BG-I20177 RS232/RS485 Monitor on Client/Gateway not starting
          • Adding client to gateway: Room/Category of light group get lost
          • Gateway/Client: Reduced memory usage during update
          • Miniserver Compacts in a Gateway show an error in project analysis
          • Sort Client Miniservers by Name and then by switchboard
          • Device Status: Offline client always shown Online and with wrong Miniserver type
          • Gateway file distribution is interrupted by trust updates
          • Gateway/Client Miniservers are sorted differently in program tree and pages than in periphery tree
          • Gateway shows outdated project system message
          • BG-I21483 Gateway: Update/project not transferred to slave due to failed discovery
          • Gateway: Client offline message does not disappear
          • BG-I20934 Gateway/Client: Statistic not working for objects on a client when it previously was on the gateway
          • BG-I21443 Client/Gateway: Audioserver connection on a Client not working after reboot (client not authorised)
          • BG-I21198 Gateway/Client: Object communication commands get lost in big installations (e.g. All On of more than 128 light controllers via central light)
          • BG-I18466 DMX Monitor not working in Client/Gateway


          • Trust: User gets deleted from all members directly after it was removed from the source
            • To prevent accidental delete the user is now disabled for a 1 day and deleted afterwards
          • Trust IO cant be deleted from context menu
          • BG-I21014 Trust: Usergroup deletion not handled correctly
          • BG-I21479 Trust Member Offline Message does not disappear when nothing is subscribed anymore
          • BG-I20887 Trust join fails when both Miniserver have the same local address
          • BG-I21479 Trust Member Offline Message does not disappear when nothing is subscribed anymore
          • Trust transferred nfc credentials not saved
          • Trust has missing user group caption


          • BG-I20962 Miniserver status not updated when opening dialog
          • BG-I20791 No info which Miniserver is opened
          • BG-I22037 Configurable controls (e.g. Window Monitor) always set to modified after cancelling control selection dialog
          • BG-I21827 Changes get lost when directly updating a Miniserver
          • BG-I21827 Error handling when transfer of files to Miniserver fails
          • Save backup of programChanges.xml in backup path

          Auto Configuration

          • BG-I21298 Auto Configuration: Added Todo to configure the volume thresholds of presence sensors
          • BG-I21296 Auto Configuration: Create a presence detection control in thoroughfares when there is audio (Audio Player has no motion input)
          • Auto Configuration: No visu password per default for mode switches


          • BG-I19330 Audio Player: don’t use decimal places for volume parameters
          • BG-I18904 Music Player: Input P always on when triggered via Player Group
          • BG-I18254 Central Audio: Send Alarm,Bell for Music Server as group events
          • BG-I14743 Central Audio: grouped bell off is sent if control is located on client
          • BG-I17237 Central Audio: grouped event is also sent to music servers
          • BG-I18965 Updating Audioserver-IP does not refresh configured-state of audio players
          • BG-I18827 Audioserver system messages displayed twice in client gateway systems
          • Stereo Extension: Room not displayed in periphery tree
          • BG-I19648 Line In ID displayed on Miniserver Compact
          • BG-I19330 Music Player: do not allow negative values for parameter BuzzerFav
          • Added volume state to audio player
          • Music Player: play because of presence not sent after reboot of miniserver+audioserver
          • BG-I21253: Audio Central: commands for Music server not executed
          • BG-I21442 Audio Central: Block ignores selected music server zones
          • BG-I21414 Music Server Zone: shown as offline in Device Status
          • BG-T2892 MS Compact: Internal Audioserver was not notified of planned reboot

          Automatic Designer

          • BG-I18912 Automatic designer: Operating modes not shown when defined
          • BG-I18990 Automatic designer: Date-edit text cut off
          • BG-I17361 Automatic designer: rules with conditions using “not equal” are executing after change via app
          • BG-I19009 Automatic Scene: actions after wait conditions are not executed
          • Automatic rule: Edit dialog entries have missing text
          • Added Wallbox to Automatikdesigner
          • BG-I20843: Automatic designer: invalid maximum number of musicserver-zone-favourites
          • BG-I21448 Automatic Designer Dialog: fixed crash when filtering empty list
          • BG-I20823 Automatic Designer: Added Meter objects
          • BG-I19121 Automatic Designer Dialog: Controls with no actions/conditions are shown
          • BG-I18164 Automatic Rule: liveview not updated for new rules
          • Automatic Designer Dialog: rooms without valid controls are shown in room/category list
          • BG-I22289 Automatic Designer Dialog: config crash when using network intercommunication

          Project Planning

          • Wallbox missing in project planning
          • BG-I19957 Project Planning: Multi Extension causes a second power supply & backup
          • BG-I20265 Fixed output in power usage sheet (project planning)
          • BG-I19693 Fixed addition of devices in project planning
          • BG-I20538 Project Planning: Invalid power used for Valve Tree
          • Project Planning: Moved weatherstation to outside in DEU Default file
          • BG-I21351 Project Planning: Nanos get an unwanted topmodule
          • BG-I13784 Project Planning: PWM products are combined to one dimmer even when having a different name (only installation place was used to differentiate)
          • BG-I21627 Project Planning: Invalid power calculation for relay extension
          • BG-I22583 Project Planning: Dropdown overlaps checkbox
          • BG-I22590 Project Planning: Negative surcharge

          Device Status

          • BG-I19574 US/IL channels not checked on all AirBase-Types
          • BG-I18619 Add spinner-animation for longer requests (deviceinfo, logfile,…)
          • BG-I20115 Get Log File Command not working when Miniserver is configured with custom Port
          • BG-I20864 No device type for Extensions
          • BG-I20013 Updated device-info-capabilities for 1Wire, RS232, RS485
          • BG-I20824 Remove sleep/wakeup commands for non-battery-devices
          • BG-I20710 Miniserver reboot via device status, reconnect after reboot

          Device Learning

          • Device Learning: Data is not committed when device is replaced where setting is currently edited
          • Device Learning: Invalid filter set when starting search via context menu
          • Tree device learning: Device type column too small
          • BG-I20908 Air Learning: Device not found again after unpairing directly after learning it
          • BG-I21290 Device Learning: Identify not stopped when item is unselected
          • Dali Learning:
            • Conflicts are now resolved automatically
            • Searching for a lot of devices locks up config
            • Removed visual confirmation and load factory defaults for simplicity
            • Added buttons to turn on/off all lights
            • Search not aborted when stopping search or closing dialog
            • Address duplication is shown when manually editing address
            • Extensions not sorted
          • App Learning: Tree search results disappear
          • BG-I21056 App Air search on gateway not working properly
          • BG-I21749 Internorm device search results were missing correct serial number assignments

          Sequence Controller

          • BG-I20529 Creates an if statement when it should not be needed
          • BG-I20386 Spaces added in between variable for TQ
          • BG-I17511 Set TQ Command Copying Text from Texteditor results in red line
          • BG-I18156 Does not correctly work with formula without space
          • BG-I18198 Invalid cursor position after auto-format
          • BG-I20780 goto-commands not adapted for undo or every line break
          • BG-I20838 Comments are shown as error in text editor
          • Goto-update not working with uppercases
          • BG-I21642 Crash when cancelling sequence renaming
          • BG-I21720 Text-output not trimmed


          • BG-I19414 Config crash when renaming Wallbox Gen.1 after cut/paste
          • BG-I19223 Config crash when saving to Miniserver
          • BG-I19278 Config crash when starting simulation
          • BG-I19359 Config crash in Media object dialog
          • BG-I19206 Config crash when deleting Power Supply & Backup
          • BG-I19192 Config crash when editing settings
          • BG-I19862 Config Crash Right Click Valve Actor while Virtual Input is selected
          • BG-I19279 Config crash when editing setting and then clicking a button
          • BG-I18983 Loxone Config freezes when using hostnames in a gateway project
          • BG-I18434 Config crash during auto configuration
          • BG-I20085 Config crash after paste
          • Multiplicator: Config crash when loading from Miniserver
          • Multiplicator: Config crash when loading from Miniserver
          • Config crash due to high communication traffic in big installations
          • Config crash while learning devices
          • BG-I19812 Config can not be closed
          • Miniserver reboot when tcp socket is deleted after incomplete tcp handshake
          • BG-I20547 Miniserver reboot when setting user attribute to empty from app
          • BG-I20797 Miniserver reboot when saving to large Client/Gateway installations
          • BG-I20886 Config crash when changing topmodule
          • Config crash when starting Miniserver search
          • BG-I20849 Lighting Controller: Config crash when deleting moods in dialog
          • Miniserver not restarting after crash
          • BG-I20850 Config crash when deleting project from overview
          • Gateway rebooting in rare cases when saving to Miniserver
          • Config crash when starting link search a second time
          • Config Crash when sending large encrypted webservice
          • BG-I19806 Config crash when opening project from project view
          • BG-I21417 Config crash when creating new projects
          • BG-I21400 Config crash when creating connection flags
          • BG-I21642 Sequence Controller: Crash when cancelling sequence renaming
          • BG-I21482 Config crash when opening config
          • BG-I21632 Config crash when deleting control
          • BG-I21630 Config crash when receiving invalid search answer
          • BG-I21804 Config crash when managing SD card
          • Fixed Debug Monitor causing ddos and memory leak on Miniserver Gen.1 by sending data to itself
          • Improved handling of a lot of HTTP requests
          • BG-I20901 possible crash when adding Enocean device via learning dialog
          • BG-I21948 Config crash when editing user rights
          • BG-I20678 High memory usage on Miniserver Gen.1 due to FTP file download resulting in possible out of memory crashes
          • BG-I21679 Miniserer crash with broken file
          • BG-I22086 Config crash when device update is reported
          • BG-I22180 Miniserver reboot with invalid 1-wire devices on a Multi Extension
          • BG-I22038 Config cant be closed after opening project planning file
          • BG-I22344 Config crash when opening Monitor
          • BG-I22506 Config crash when creating file for a gateway Miniserver
          • Config crash when formatting a second SD without closing dialog
          • BG-I22366 Config crash when editing in multi edit view
          • BG-I22446 Config crash after deleting device reference
          • BG-I22581 Config crash after insert of energy flow monitor
          • BG-I22480 Config crash when saving Monitor as csv
          • BG-I21647 Communications failure
          • BG-I22677 Config crash when loading from Miniserver





          • A3D9-T897 Audio Player input to select Line In
          • Power Supply & Backup
          • Wallbox Air & Tree
          • Belimo Air & Tree



          • EFM: Consumption calculation adapted when only loads available
          • BG-I19045 EFM Rest of distribution board not calculated correctly
          • BG-I19009 Automatic Scene: actions after wait conditions are not executed
          • Automatic Jalouse Integrated: position not updated in visualisation
          • Plugin device search creates offline error message
          • BG-I19159 Room/Category dialog favourite checkbox cant be unchecked
          • BG2-T259 Belimo: Sensor/Actor limitation is calculated on actual usage
          • BG2-T258 Belimo: show Addressing-Error in search-dialog
          • Belimo: Malfunction/Maintenance handling


            • Miniserver reboot when doing a Modbus server test command
            • Miniserver reboot due to Main Task Watchdog
            • Miniserver reboot due to Watchdog on a Gateway
            • Miniserver reboot when sending Tree to Air Bridge data to Monitor
            • Config crash after a dialog was opened
            • BG-I19151 fixed crash when deleting user tags in NFC learning dialog
            • BG-I19080 Config crash in plugin search dialog
            • BG-I19087 Config crash when learning devices
            • Miniserver SPS Watchdog reboot
            • BG-I19047 Config crash when adding certain 1-wire devices
            • BG-I19040 Config crash when calling “resolve address conflict” in Dali learn dialog
            • BG-I19037 Possible config crashes
            • BG-I19019 Config crash when searching for Modbus
            LOXONE CONFIG

            LOXONE CONFIG


            • Energy Flow Monitor
            • Wallbox function block
            • New Meter function blocks
              • Pulse Meter (Unidirectional, Bidirectional and with Storage)
              • Meter (Unidirectional, Bidirectional and with Storage)
              • Calculated Meter (for loads where only the On/Off status is known)
              • App does not yet fully support the blocks!
            • Energy Manager Gen.2
              • Variable outputs
              • Simpler configuration
              • Input for forced recalculation
              • Output for seconds until next recalculation
            • Loxone Icon Library
              • Select an Icon for your room, category, function block, or status out of more than 500 available icons
              • Import custom Icons (png, jpg)
              • All existing used icons will be converted to new ones
              • Custom icons will remain untouched
              • Icon editor has been removed from Config
              • Icons for visualised state only objects need an updated app to be properly displayed!
              • Icons for the status function block need an updated app to be properly displayed!
            • New Monitor windows & learning dialogs
              • Air Monitor
              • Tree Monitor
              • IR
              • UDP
              • DMX
              • Dali
              • Internorm
              • EnOcean
              • RS232/RS485
              • NFC
              • 1-Wire
              • Link Monitor
              • Modbus Monitor
              • HTTP
            • IR Meter Reader Air
              • Added M-Bus support
              • Sontex Supercal 739 and Itron CF Echo II can no longer be selected as meter types (use M-Bus instead)
              • Added send interval property
              • Some meter types can no longer be selected in new installations
              • For Landis+Gyr E350/E550/E650, Itron ACE2000, Elster AS1440 and Iskra MT174 please use IEC62056-21
              • For EMH 300L, EMH eHZ-I meters and Easymeter Q3C, please use SML
              • For Itron CF echo II and Sontex Supercal 739, please use M-Bus
            • Project Planning: Added Tree Intercommunication
            • BG-I16697 Aquastar Air: Added cyclic sending for voltage input (every 15 minutes)
            • New Setting for Air Touch products “ButtonBehaviour”
              • Behaviour of already existing projects not changed. Newly added devices will be set to pulse behaviour.
              • When On/Off is set:
                • Behaviour not changed compared to previous versions
              • When pulse is set:
                • automatic reconnect is deactivated pressing a button for more than 1 sec will trigger a reconnect
              • battery consumption reduced to a minimum, packets are not retransmitted on packet loss
            • New Firmware ( for Air Touch products to support ButtonBehaviour option
              • Nightlight Air
              • Touch Air V1 & V2
              • Touch Pure Air V1, V2 & V3
              • NanoDimmer V1 & V2
              • NanoIO V1 & V2
              • NanoIO-US
              • Touch Surface
            • Added new EIB/KNX monitor and learning dialog
            • Tunable White Feature added for Multi Extension Air and DMX Extension
            • Text generator
              • Create texts and trigger them by an event
              • e.g. for TTS messages
            • A3D9-T9 Added description of the device in object selection dialog window
            • A3D9-T21 Added function to enable/disable validation system message
            • A3D9-T849 Display a tooltip when a device/item has an active systemmessage and the user hovers with the mouse at the icon of the device
            • Use new Weather-Service Server for testing of new service
            • Automatic Air Pairing
              • On Airbase for offline devices (e.g. unpaired devices where the mac address is entered manually)
              • Learn Mode starts after Ms-Reboot (5 to 10 min delay) and is executed once per hour for 2 Minutes if there are any devices to pair
              • Learn Mode stops if the given Date Setting on Airbase is passed
            • A3D9-T558 Added category in cover page
            • A3D9-T717 Added edge detection for the threshold switch
            • A3D9-T407 Added toggle input for roof window
            • A3D9-T407 Added synchronisation of central gate and roof window
            • BG-I17949 Project Planning: Added pwm spots to preselection
            • A3D9-T232 Formula Parser: Added IF functionality
              • Examples:
                • IF(I1>1;1;0)
                • IF(I1*I2==0;I3;I4/2)
            • A3D9-T573 AlarmClock: Added new output for next alarm time
            • HTTP VirtualIn Command Recognition Edit dialog
              • live testing of command recognition pattern
              • only available when connected to Miniserver, otherwise the old dialog will be shown
            • Reworked Devicestatus-Dialog
            • A3D9-T858 Added text-to-speech input for central audio
            • Convert Energy Monitor to separate new Meter objects via action in context menu
            • BG-I18671 added initial column filtering based on selected control to monitors
            • A3D9-T896 Added new operating mode for load manager: peak load manager (Beta)
            • A3D9-T625 added search next/previous buttons and display of search result index/count to search in TechDoc and Changelog dialogs



            • BG-I17524 Plugin Child devices not shown in learning dialog
            • BG-I17504 Update: Credential dialog after update may appear multiple times at once
            • BG-I17492 Update: Credential dialog sizing improved
            • BG-I17469 Invalid connector letters for devices (Weatherstation and IR Meter)
            • BG-I17385 Modbus RTU: Add recovery for Rx overrun errors
            • BG-I17259 Extension learning dialog allows add of more than 30 Extensions
            • BG-I17188 Light Controller dialog: Initial scroll position not at the top
            • BG-I17221 Extension serial cant be deleted
            • BG-I17309 Control Linking Dialogs: Columns cant be resized
            • Husqvarna: fixed sporadically not updating values of husqvarna mower objects
            • BG-I16069 Device-Learning via App: unconfigured control after replacing dummy-device
            • new Device information not shown on tree/link caption
            • BG-I17284 Audioserver: Systemmessage shown on wrong music player
            • Status-Dialog: Device-Command not available for Internal Airbase
            • BG-I17311 Media Control: selected cells not visible, editing difficult
            • BG-I17237 Events with Client/GW and AS in Stack Audio Player Fixed Group TTS not sending command
            • BG-I17236 Events with Client/GW and AS in Stack Intercom Bell
            • Category Icon colour cant be set to default
            • BG-I17385 Modbus TCP: fixed 64Bit-Integer sensors
            • BG-I17403 Stereo Extension has no visual identify option
            • BG-I17347 System status action ‘Show’ shows too many items
            • BG-I17194 Selection Tables: Added text to checkbox column
            • BG-I17370 Permission management dialog: Columns cant be resized
            • BG-I17410 Project Validation shows statistics mailer as unused
            • BG-I17420 KNX Sensors/Actors cant be created from monitor window
            • BG-I17355 IRC: Better description when object is not completely configured
            • BG-I17421 Expert Mode Light Controller: Current brightness is shown with too many decimals
            • BG-I17332 Alarm: Window Handle from another Miniserver not displayed properly
            • BG-I17443 Category dialog: Invalid description for category group
            • Trust: User for member created twice when same Miniserver is member of different trusts
            • BG-I17437 Modbus TCP: unreferenced actors are sent on startup
            • QU1-I208 MS Compact conversion: create dummy extensions for omitted IO’s
            • Modbus Server: 64bit signed integer handled incorrectly
            • Led Stati (expect Identify) for Touch Air and Touch Pure air only available in the first 10 minutes after a power on reset
            • Delay Startup data for Touch Nightlight to avoid air channel overloading
            • Generic Table: Invalid sorting in some dialogs (e.g. Touch Pure Flex, Load Manager,…)
            • Saved Air & Tree Monitor cant be loaded
            • BG-I17656 Touch Pure Flex: Calculation for text display duration not exact
            • BG-I17586 LiveView has hidden buttons for controlling of outputs even when manual value change is not enabled
            • BG-I17535 Auto Configuration: Tunable white actors in the same room are converted to smart actor
            • BG-I17552 MS Compact: App cannot connect to Audio Player initially
            • BG-I17566 Intercommunication outputs are sent even when they are not used
            • BG-I16156 Client weather activation status overrides gateway status after some time, making it impossible to create automatic rule in the app with weather
            • Utility Meter is now hidden please use new Meter function blocks instead
            • BG-I17551 Audioserver: visual identify not working correctly
            • TreeMonitor: Digital state displayed inverted
            • AirHost (AirBase, MiniserverGo,…) crashes: New Firmware for AirHosts Version
            • WindowhandleV2: new firmware (Version add recovery on communication loss
            • BG-I17863 SMTPS mailer not working
            • BG-I18226 T5 inputs get stuck in LiveView
            • BG-I16590 KNX Gateway: invalid telegrams tunnelled
            • BG-I14614 NFC Code Touch: Assigning different NFC Code Touch version makes graphical bug
            • BG-I17971 KNX/EIB: actuator sends once 0 after reboot
            • BG-I18182 & BG-I18183: Weather Server not properly created in new projects
            • A3D9-T407 fixed error in synchronisation for shades
            • Improve drawing of additional names next to output abbreviations
            • Window does not auto connect outputs
            • Window Central: Dialog does not automatically open after inserting control
            • BG-I18055 Extension Learning: Program still identical after learning
            • BG-I17778 API Command generator: GETOUTPUT correct output is not selected when opening dialogBG-I17782 MENU Api Command: Selected value toggles between zero and defined start value when there is no value:text pair defined for the start value
            • BG-I17741 Radio Button 16: Menu API command skips OFF
            • BG-I17773 No room next to 1-Wire devices in document tree
            • BG-I17793 Abbreviations not renamed in auto configuration todos
            • BG-I18019 Invalid characters in configuration ID produce wrong error message
            • BG-I17930 Random number generator: Minimum can be set above Maximum and vice versa
            • BG-I17999 DMX Extension has invalid icon
            • BG-I18027 Invalid currency symbol in new czech projects
            • BG-I17979 State: Abbreviations not renamed in dialog
            • BG-I17932 Disabling HTTPS on Miniserver does not remove all information for app connection
            • BG-I18023 First activate of Default Alarm Clock entry resets alarm time to 00:00
            • BG-I18076 Property Window: Disabled ComboBoxes have a drop down arrow
            • Columns in object selection dialog (Alarm,…) can’t be resized
            • BG-I17994 Configuring Miniserver: Customer address not transferred to Miniserver
            • BG-I18070 Invalid plural for ‘Days’ in czech language when using <v.t> as format specifier
            • BG-I17758 HVAC: Mode cant be changed with API command
            • BG-I17755 T5 input edges lost when triggered in LiveView
            • BG-I17981 Monitor window buttons cutoff directly after Config start
            • Invalid Link displayed in expert mode for ‘Use’ setting
            • BG-I18020 Property window disabled while touch flex dialog is opened
            • BG-I17805 Config cant automatically establish an external connection when internal address is a hostname
            • BG-I17561 Project Planning: Tree usage not calculated correctly when planning an intercommunication branch
            • SD Format: Wrong error message displayed, formatting not possible
            • Froeling Extension cant be properly created
            • Setting Edit dialog support Links
            • BG-I17711 Schueco IO documentation missing
            • Names of Connection flags invalid
            • BG-I17537 Permission Management: Visualisation setting unnecessary for some controls
            • BG-I17455 No error message when trying to format a too small SD card
            • BG-I17655 Backup: Data of addons not included
            • BG-I16676 Config connection gets lost when using a Client Gateway Program where clients are not available
            • MS Go & MS Compact: Fixed possible race condition in clock switching (Air)
            • Possible overflows of internal timers after 25/50 days due to too small data types (May have caused some unexpected issues in all areas of the Miniserver)
            • Alarm Clock: Output of the next alarm within a year
            • Tree to Air Bridge is missing encryption key settings
            • BG-I17939 Simulation or other timer related features not working in some cases
            • BG-I17665 Audioserver: Can add too many merged stereo outputs
            • BG-I17731 Modbus TCP: reboot when sending test-command while device is offline
            • BG-I17788 Roof Window Shade: automatic isn’t enabled when Sps gets active before sunshine
            • BG-I17789 Roof Window Shade: output WDS is not updated in liveview
            • BG-I17474 invalid description in Lightcontroller dialog
            • BG-I17543 Random number generator
              • not properly initialised
              • Maximum value is generated very rarely
            • BG-I17517 Wrong texts in tooltips of quick access bar items
            • BG-I17565 Connection references: Invalid short IO names displayed when connection to IO
            • Generic Table:
              • BG-I17636 Improved performance when filtered (e.g. Monitor)
              • Selected rows not correct when table is filtered
              • Remove filter items for columns where its not necessary but still allow sorting of column
            • BG-I17500 Aquastar: Adapted default correction of analog inputs
            • BG-I17300 PoolController: Operating mode change does not directly affect the current active scheduled entry
            • BG-I17748 Gateway/Client: Language of clients not changed when saving to Miniserver
            • BG-I17734 Tree to Air Bridge: Learning not possible
            • BG-I17715 Generic Table: Multi Edit Line not always sorted to the top
            • BG-I17745 Default password warning also displayed for trust user
            • Touch Pure Flex
              • ME1-I169 Config ID with a trailing or leading space leads to an error
              • ME1-I170 Icons are in simulation view not properly displayed due to small window
            • BG-I17740 Cant connect output to API output via connection window
            • BG-I17621 Can’t make multiple connections to API output
            • BG-I17619 Connecting API output to normal input not working
            • BG-I17587 Non working link displayed in setting description
            • BG-I17574 DI Extension active inputs not green anymore in liveview
            • BG-I17509 Digital RS485/232 inputs are created with wrong display type
            • BG-I17628 Ghost input on Miniserver reboot from devices where button behaviour is set to pulse
            • BG-I17729 Buttons in simulation missing
            • NFC Code Touch
              • BG-I17897 Hardware version not updated if learned manually
              • BG-I15232 Dialog doesn’t update output names when opened
              • BG-I15045 Known denied user not shown in log
              • BG-I12174 Wrong access feedback in big trust installations
            • Devicestatus: fixed column resize, onlinestatus of onewire
            • BG-I18382 Brightness Input on Weather Station does not auto connect to Br input on Lighting Controller
            • BG-I18323 Presence: “number of entries” tooltip changes to incorrect value
            • BG-I18282 Multiple API-Connectors created during drag/drop
            • BG-I18274 Show warning before deleting Audioserver
            • BG-I16718 Document Tree: Draw red info-bubble for elements with missing settings
            • BG-I18424, BG-I18290 fixed encoding issue of texts with special characters when they need to be ellided on the drawn function block
            • BG-I18321 various fixes and small enhancements to NFC learn dialog
            • A3D9-T21 Display monitor validation option only when needed
            • DMX Extension device search bugfix
            • DMX Tunable White improvements added tunable white + individual channels
            • BG-I18009 1-wire search on MultiExtension Air
            • BG-I18612 tree monitor data was not correctly saved to file
            • BG-I18367 added ‘jump to device’ action to monitor context menu
            • BG-I16375 Miniserver 2: DI7 not reliable with 12V when DI3 is high
            • Tree Monitor: Error not shown with red background
            • BG-I18078 1-wire extension did not show switchboard property settings in some situations
            • BG-I18234 added missing languages to change language notification dialog
            • BG-I18502 Documentation: Range missing for combined IOs
            • BG-I18531 Duplicated device test command button
            • BG-I18411 Quicksearch: Can’t add Audioserver or Intercom
            • BG-I18301 Trust user access codes can be edited via double click
            • BG-I18325 DMX Monitor: Does not show actual DMX value, instead percent are shown
            • BG-I17817 [email protected]: Device without fabrication number not shown in device search
            • BG-I18565 Loading from Miniserver warning message box always appears after installing new version
            • BG-I18180 Auto Configuration: Removed unnecessary edge detection from frost protection logic
            • BG-I18315 floating and tabbed monitor did not show the same data when loading monitor file
            • BG-I18479 + BG-I18021 Automatic Designer: Rules with wait conditions are not always executed
            • BG-I18807 Audio Central: No info that Favourite input is not available in some cases
            • BG-I17563 Switch: Added status for app when object is locked by constant ‘On’
            • BG-I18497 Devices which are not visible to the homeowner have no identify when selected
              • All cabinet devices now are identified again when selected
            • BG-I18497 Identify options is called ‘optical’ when its in reality ‘audible’ (e.g. Touch)
            • BG-I18260 Caller: Minimum repeat time of output set to 5 seconds. Existing outputs are not changed.
            • BG-I18819 Duplicate serial warning
            • BG-I17446 DNS resolving of ntp servers blocks dns when there is no internet available
            • BG-I18447 Hour Counter: Running for the whole day displays a runtime of more than 24h
            • BG-I18357 Project Planning: Product for current input missing
            • BG-I18824 Json parsing not working correctly anymore
            • BG-I18639 fixed incorrect viewport size in device status dialog
            • BG-I17582, BG-I18539 NFC code touch couldn’t be added to presence block
            • BG-I18589 Music Server Zone: Drag from tree disabled after deleting API connector
            • BG-I18526 Wallbox: Limitation mode changed via app not shown on connector “M”
            • BG-I18742 Add Project as client: imported document not fully converted
            • BG-I18494 Saving statistics in config does not show name
            • BG-I18798 new dali learn dialog was missing in ribbon menu
            • BG-I18804 some monitors/learn-dialogs didn’t stop learning on offline extensions
            • Generic View settings missing in user management dialog
            • BG-I18287 Miniserver loads outdated SPS file with a future timestamp instead of actual newest file
            • BG-I18500 Increased size of Message box
            • BG-I18276 Custom certificate: No error when trying to import encrypted private key
            • BG-I18126 Slave project import: Issue with duplicated rooms and categories
            • BG-I18772 Constant Light Controller: Fixed displayed output unit and type when using composite Lumitech value
            • BG-I18788 Systemmessage (e.g. Battery Weakt) remains even after unpairing the device
            • Double click on controls in a Multiplicator inheriting project opens the wrong dialog
            • BG-I18770 Dali outputs don’t show corrected value in LiveView
            • BG-I17849 EEBUS: Discovery not restarting
            • BG-I18624 Inserting a new control while creating a connection reference breaks the connection referencing
            • BG-I17597 Adapted connector letter of all temperature inputs to ϑ
            • Trust: Not all user information transferred (first & last name, phone & email were missing)
            • BG-I18782 Web Interface missing after Auto Update
            • BG-I18651 Extension search: Fröling extension created without IO’s
            • Miniserver HTTP Tasks not closed when not in use
            • BG-I18626 Unit displayed not correctly on cover page
            • Info about usage of value missing in descriptions of virtual out settings
            • BG-I18668 Energy Manager Gen.2 Invalid unit for Soc
            • BG-I18622 Room Comfort Sensor Air: Drag and drop on controls creates invalid references
            • BG-I18594 Api Commands: Display command for certain controls does not respect selected controls
            • BG-I18564 Radio Buttons: Allow modes to start with a number
            • BG-I18557 Config allows parameters to be set to more than 3 decimal places
            • BG-I18555 Config reports a file as invalid even if its valid
            • BG-I18489 KNX Actor/Sensor can’t be inserted when reference is selected
            • BG-I18488 Invalid selection and page tab is colored after inserting object
            • BG-I18543 Loxone Music Server has option for optical identify
            • BG-I18456 Virtual HTTP input: Saving template does not save unit
            • BG-I18722 Energy Monitor Conversion: Does not check if Miniserver is on the same version as Loxone Config
            • BG-I18685 Energy Manager Gen.2: Sorting in dialog allowed
            • BG-I18132 Property window: Password strength display overlaps with text
            • BG-I18085 Access controller: Link to Extension can be transferred to another Miniserver via Copy & Paste
            • BG-I18157 Objects not selectable/movable during liveview
            • BG-I18230 Document Tree: Tooltip flickers when mouse is left of the text
            • BG-I17918 Hide ‘More information’ button in property window for objects where there is no more information
            • BG-I18229 1-Wire device counted as tree device on Tree to Air Bridge
            • BG-I18149 Audioserver: Invalid stereo outputs used for cover page
            • Colour of state only objects gets lost after saving project
            • BG-I18783 Config crash when editing icons
            • Icons: Wrong electricity-outlet mapped to new icons
            • BG-I14047, BG-I12604, BG-I17412 Presence Sensor Air bugfix: Motion OFF is not transmitted correctly in some situations
            • BG-I18711 Air Monitor: Invalid characters for DC-powered devices
            • BG-I18630 Devicestatus: default number of 1 hop
            • BG-I18528 Devicestatus: Dali-Devices shown as offline
            • BG-I18730 Devicestatus: Version for Loxone Musicserver not displayed
            • BG-I18598 Tracker: invalid value range in settings
            • BG-I18294 empty extra options in configurable object dialog
            • Energy Monitor Conversion:
              • No error when function block is not found on the Miniserver
              • Conversion fails when statistics where never enabled for energy monitor
            • BG-I18407 Text Generator: Reset output text on falling edge
            • Adapted connector letters of IR Meter Reader to new function blocks
            • DMX Monitor: Support for tunable white
            • Removed Log Window from Config
            • Moved Test Command informations from Log window to Monitors
            • BG-I18745 Music Player: Alarm-Inputs should not be affected by Input DisPc
            • Energy Manager Gen.2: Added statistics for Energy Storage Level (needed for App)
            • Miniserver reboot when requesting statistic info
            • BG-I18150 selected remote control in IR learning dialog is taken over for subsequent incoming key learning data
            • BG-I18137 monitor tabs were incorrectly activated in some rare constellations
            • BG-I18393 mnemonics in insert function block submenu descriptions were rendered incorrectly
            • BG-I18900 Special characters are allowed in customer email, telephone, website
            • Improved Monitor display when ‘Freely positioned windows’ mode is active
            • Energy Manager: App not updated when load is activated manually
            • Old shoe icon missing
            • BG-I18891 Statistics V2: Every Change writes a datapoint even if nothing has changed
            • BG-I18716 consistent natural text sorting
            • BG-I18676 fixed incorrect sorting of float values
            • BG-I17752 EIB Dimmer: output not calculated on reboot
            • BG-I18384 Daytimer: removed autoconnect for common analog/digital inputs
            • BG-I18569 DeviceStatus: device-info for sleeping devices shown delayed
            • BG-I18839 DeviceStatus Musicserver: unused Zones not displayed as DummyDevice
            • BG-I18818 Devicestatus: device-info for sleeping devices timed out
            • BG-I18709 Devicestatus: Detailed Device Information Air Base timeout
            • BG-I17900 Document conversion: Geiger-Jalousie shows API-actor as always visible
            • Modbus Monitor: Device address not shown
            • BG-I18446 Monitor tabs dont dock when activated
            • BG-I18926 Touch Pure Flex Air: Optical identification button shown as audible
            • BG-I18307 Repositioning of controls, with inputs on API connector to a new page, not working
            • BG-I18864 Trust Bell output: Changes type when connected to something analog
            • BG-I18656 fixed sorting of time values in control settings
            • A3D9-T896 Loadmanager: changed input name from Ces to Gi
            • Device web service answer cutoff at line break
            • BG-I18471 Bacnet output cant be switched in LiveView
            • Icons for scenes not editable from app
            • BG-I18906 Negative decimal value is displayed with too many decimal places
            • fixed possible crash in statistics handling
            • Miniserver reboot when creating http server stream fails
            • BG-I18001 fixed incorrect recognition of Dali Type 8 smart actors
            • BG-I18843 corrected plugin data in device status dialog
            • BG-I18854 Tree Monitor can’t be saved
            • New icons in scene edit missing
            • BG-I18847 Custom icon not updated in app when replaced
            • BG-I18844 KNX Actor/Sensor insert not working
            • BG-I18835 Colour property does not support hex triplets
            • Multiplicator
              • BG-I17921 Replacing device can not move it to another parent
              • BG-I18799 User codes not working when defined on inheriting Miniserver
              • BG-I18277 Miniserver reboot when objects are deleted
            • Miniserver deletes its own project file
            • BG-I18616 [email protected]: Unable to find devices since plugin keeps restarting
            • BG-I18767 System Variable forecast hours not working on a gateway system
            • M-Bus device address gets lost when saving to Miniserver
            • BG-I18897 learning 1-wire devices always had the same incorrect default name; corrected 1-wire device type handling during learning
            • BG-I18716 unified sorting in table views, object trees and tabs
            • BG-I18859 Light Controller: Presence simulation activates off as random mood
            • RGBW Dimmers identify when selected
            • BG-I18774 Project Backups: Note text cutoff
            • BG-I18951 State icons displayed black when no specific icon is selected
            • BG-I18830 Tree Monitor: Wrong device shown for update packets
            • Config crash when opening sd maintenance dialog from project analysis
            • QU1-I277 Audio Player Group Fix: Zone Favourite, Volume and TTS is always resent to Audioserver when a Client Miniserver restarts resulting in a playing music
            • BG-I18816 Automatic Designer Rule: Status not correctly shown in LiveView on a gateway system
            • BG-I18578 Miniserver Gen.2 Update fails when a reboot is required to free up space
            • BG-I18288 Gate: state change of Ic not taken into account for last driven direction
            • BG-I18069 Automatic Scene: program not identical when input “Off” is Triggered
            • BG-I18858 Automatic Rule not deleted from config
            • BG-I18838 Automatic Designer Dialog: opening/closing dialog without changes sets document modified
            • BG-I18865 DeviceStatus: Remove onlinestate for internal EIB-Line
            • BG-I18967 NFC learning dialog: filtered “assign to” column selects incorrect index
            • update of devices stopped unexpected
            • new firmware for button air and wrist button air (fixed: air channel blocked when Led is used as output)
            • BG-I18962 Default values are adapted for objects where it is not allowed (anymore)
            • Miniserver reboot while creating ‘new device’ information for config
            • BG-I18974 Increased minimum size for user management dialog
            • Visualisation Colour reset to white when clicking ‘Default’
            • Statistic warning message triggered
            • Energy Manager called too often
            • Invalid displayed characters in Air monitor

            Devices & Extensions

            • Touch Pure Flex Tree:
              • New firmware for Tree version, Main improvements:
              • ME1-I162 Display ticker is interrupted in the middle of text
              • Avoid display ghosting
              • New touch IC firmware
              • Improved time synchronisation
            • Dali Extension
              • BG-I17121 DALI standard actuator is not working
              • Removed RGBWAF assigned colour functionality (deprecated according to standard)
            • Touch Pure Flex
              • ME1-I163 Date does not run completely on the display (New Firmware:
            • BG-I17229 Erratic system temperature on Nano2RelayTree
            • BG-I17466 & BG-I17411 New Firmware for WindowHandle Air V2 (Version: multiple software resets and no status update after reconnect
            • Recovery problem on Air V3
            • Air Actors stopped working
            • New binaries for Touch Pure Air: fixed device getting unresponsive in rare cases
            • New Firmware for Touch Air, Touch Pure Air and Nano Air with Touch (Version
              • fixed problem on Air Learning,
              • fixed temperature and humidity sending
            • New Firmware for NanoIo Touch V2, NanoDimmer Touch V2, CapTouch V2 ( fixed I2C problem
            • New binary for touch pure flex tree: fixed touch update sporadically not working
            • BG-I18005 Multi Extension Air: Fixed visual identification
            • BG-I16362 Multi Extension Air: Fixed frequency counter
            • BG-I18451 System Temperature bugfix for Smart Socket Air, Shading Actuator Air, Nano Relay Air US, Nano IO Air NFC
            • Air communication problem (new Firmware for Airbase V2, MsGo V2, Tree2AirBridge, MsCompact, Roomsensor V2, Touch Air V2, RGBW Dimmer Air V2)
            • MultiExtension Air smart actuator fading bugfix
            • System Temperature fix for Smart Socket, Nano IO Air with NFC plug module


            Project Planning

            • BG-I17569 10A relays instead of 5A relays
            • BG-I17609 Added shading and valve adapters
            • BG-I18455 Inputs/Outputs of Air & Tree devices are not assigned the set name & category


            • BG-I17642 IRC: Cooling output disabled when temperature goes above heat protection
            • BG-I17667 IRC: Error output not reset when error is resolved (e.g. heat protection)
            • BG-I17417 HVAC Controller does not react to requests from a room controller in the room ‘do not use’
            • BG-I17571 No scrollbars for selecting energy sources
            • BG-I18556 Intelligent Room Controller: Operating Mode Heating/Cooling Period not supported
            • BG-I18365 Intelligent Temperature Controller: missing text for API-Connector
            • BG-I18297: Mixing Valve Controller: error output description

            Lighting Controller

            • BG-I17397 No master brightness when using regular dimmers
            • BG-I18470 Description of + column is not up to date
            • BG-I18517 Mood change overridden by presence if Br < Brt
            • BG-I18335 Tunable white with the input LC1 isn’t working
            • BG-I18519 Mode change not registered for tunable white
            • BG-I17945 Dialog: fixed flickering when changing sequence-brightness
            • BG-I17739 Dialog: header text for light-circuits cut off
            • BG-I18312 + BG-I18306 Sequence interval not constant


            • BG-I17620 Audio Player favourite API commands only work with texts when there is a Touch Pure Flex in the project
            • BG-I17390 Stereo Extension not set to offline when Audioserver goes offline
            • BG-I17552 MS Compact: App cannot connect to Audio Player initially

            Auto Configuration

            • BG-I18386 Central shading not a favourite


            • BG-I18209 Shading Controls: invalid value range for parameter Spi
            • BG-I18111 Automatic Shading: Direction Tolerance not calculated correctly for second shading period of north-aligned windows
            • Window-contact does not block SO-command from central shade
            • BG-I18284 Automatic Jalousie Integrated: very high position-update-interval


            • BG-I18510 Unsafe password of trust user can be edited
            • BG-I18416 Trust iButton serial not correctly transferred
            • BG-I17654 Trust Login fails after user name is changed on source Miniserver


            • BG-I17556 Config crash when loading from Miniserver
            • Miniserver cant load emergency file when safety reboots occur while loading custom changes
            • BG-I17375 Config crash when saving to the Miniserver
            • BG-I17431 Config crash when device which is member of a light group is moved by learning it via app
            • BG-I17416 Miniserver reboot when changing when deleting a trust user with modifications
            • BG-I17430 Plugin device search renders Loxone Config unresponsive
            • BG-I17454 Config crash when creating automatic rule in hungarian
            • BG-I17893 Config crash when saving to Miniserver
            • BG-I17820 Config crash after Dali Search on MS Compact
            • BG-I17944 Config crash during Tree search
            • BG-I18162 Config crash when changing light group memberships
            • BG-I18134 Config crash when aborting drag and drop of api connector
            • BG-I18159 Config crash in permission management dialog
            • BG-I14818 Miniserver Crash on sending to invalid air device
            • BG-I18573 Config crash when browsing permissions of control
            • BG-I18582 Crash when trying to select device tag for assignment in NFC learn dialog
            • BG-I18311 Config crash when renaming Miniserver
            • Miniserver reboot when converting energy monitor due to invalid statistic file
            • BG-I18684 Config crash when selecting wallbox sensor/actor caption
            • BG-I18779 & BG-I18506 Config crash after click in property window
            • BG-I18805 Config crash when opening template project dialog
            • BG-I18177 Config crash when connecting geiger-api-actor onto existing control
            • BG-I18946 Config crash when selecting Modbus device
            • BG-I18255 Miniserver reboot when using stream to a device (e.g. RS232) in PicoC
            LOXONE CONFIG

            Loxone Config


            • BG-I17642 IRC: Cooling output disabled when temperature goes above heat protection
            • BG-I17667 IRC: Error output not reset when error is resolved (e.g. heat protection)
            • BG-I17759 IRC: Shade output toggles on heatprotection
            • BG-I17430 Plugin device search renders Loxone Config unresponsive
            • BG-I17385 Modbus TCP: fixed 64Bit-Integer sensors
            • BG-I17420 KNX Sensors/Actors cant be created from monitor window
            • Air Actors stopped working
            LOXONE CONFIG

            Loxone Config


            • Touch Pure Flex Air & Tree
            • Miniserver Compact
            • Multiplicator Project (BETA)
              • Distribute a project file to multiple Miniservers
              • Allow complete edit of inheriting Miniserver without detaching from the Multiplicator project
              • Edit settings of controls for each Miniserver individually directly in the Multiplicator project
              • Reintegrate changes made on an individual Miniserver back into the Multiplicator project
            • BG-I13567 Button to show entered geo coordinates on a map
            • A3D9-T535 Intelligent Room Controller: Inherit cooling/heating prohibition due to outdoor temperature from Climate/HVAC controller
            • A3D9-T322 Door and Windowmonitor: Text output for opened, tilted and unlocked objects
            • Tesla Powerwall AddOn v1.0.5: New sensors (grid energy exported, grid energy imported, solar energy produced)
            • Home Connect AddOn v1.3.0: Fixed program start problems with hoods
            • A3D9-T339 added output pulse (Qr) when ready to sauna blocks
            • All integrated devices are now connected via an API connector to the function blocks
            • A3D9-T516 Documentation dialog now supports searching
            • A3D9-T540 Added support for animated GIFs in documentation dialog
            • IN1-T153 Intercom added setting to set number of saved bell images (Needs Intercom version greater than
            • Added setting in document to set date format
            • Generic Table
              • Allow Empty of cell with delete key
              • Allow Copy & Paste with key shortcuts
            • Project Planning:
              • New Quadral Speakers
              • Updated US default file
            • NFC Code Touch Air binary: flash error handling improved
            • Husqvarna Integration
            • A3D9-T723 Restrict used TLS1.2 ciphers
            • A3D9-T724 Activate validation of server certificate for https connections
            • New Firmware for RemoteAirV1 and RemoteAirV2 (Version
            • ButtonBehaviour setting for Remote Air
              • Switch between Pulse and On/Off commands.
              • For existing remotes the behaviour is switched to Pulse! a message is generated informing the user about the change
              • When On/Off is set:
                • Behaviour not changed compared to previous versions
                • slightly reduced current consumption on RemoteAirV2 devices
              • When pulse is set:
                • automatic reconnect is deactivated pressing a button for more than 2 sec will trigger a reconnect
                • -battery consumption reduced to a minimum, packets are not retransmitted on packet loss
            • Trust:
              • BG-I14229 NFC Tag does not work immediately
              • New joined members are not always directly available in other members
              • Improved communication speed
              • Sharing of inputs and outputs
              • Sharing of an Intercom
              • Permission Management
                • Each Trust member gets an own user to which permissions can be assigned
                • In order to share in/outputs the member needs permission for them
                • In order to share users/groups the member needs the right ‘user management’
            • Air Mesh visualisation
              • Showing the routes of air devices and the corresponding rssi values
              • Known Issue: For battery devices it is possible that there is no route displayed
            • A3D9-T611 Improvements for Initial configuration of Miniservers
            • remove wizard when creating new Project
            • search for unconfigured Miniservers
            • allow Remote Connect with default password directly after reboot
            • A3D9-T677 Add Miniservers to Network-Search
            • A3D9-T679 Show new devices in config
            • AI Extension Gen.2
            • Alarm Clock:
              • New Inputs for toggling integrated alarm clock entry and setting its alarm time
              • Output for status of the integrated alarm clock entry
            • Audio Player: Added toggle input to toggle between play and pause
            • Only secure User/password combination are allowed anymore
            • Default password (admin/admin) must be changed when saving to the Miniserver the first time
            • BG-I16876 HTTP Proxy allows specify of ports (so that App can access Admin interface of Audioserver)
            • Reworked device Identification handling:
              • Selecting a device in the document tree does no longer identify the device
              • Since this may wake sleeping hotel guests or roommates
              • A device still can be identified via an action in the context menu
              • Learning dialogs have the identify still enabled
            • Support for Tunable white
              • RGBW Air and Tree dimmer
            • use .CN Certificate-TLD for Miniservers located in China (based on Country-Code CN in Document)
            • New updated documentation for all controls
              • New input/parameter/output names & descriptions
              • New control documentations
            • Lightcontroller: HCL (Human Centric Lighting): daytime-based light temperature curve



            • BG-I13810 NFC Code Touch V2: replace gen.1 device doesn’t work correctly
            • BG-I11914 NFC Code Touch dialog: visual problem with long output names
            • BG-I11712 NFC Code Touch API: empty access codes not known in app
            • BG-I13962 Trust data not updated
            • BG-I13940 Value of memory flag outputs and inputs can’t be adjusted in liveview
            • Config File to part list: Missing prices and Intercom missing
            • BG-I13744 Per default set inversions get lost
            • BG-I13986 Corridor Light: use smartactors as default
            • BG-I13523 Gatecontroller: Movement-state not ended
            • Fixed invalid value ranges of AddOn IOs
            • IN1-I340 & IN1-I342 Intercom bell and movement sensor do not activate in Miniserver
            • BG-I13768 Project Planning: Can’t switch technology of comfort sensor air/tree
            • BG-I13961 Trust User management dialog: Wrong tooltip text
            • BG-I13918 Device Status: Plugin dont show a version number
            • BG-I13494 Intercom: Reworked pushes (only one push is sent when bell is rang)
            • BG-I13770 No proper error message when trying to connect with Loxone Config to Miniserver with a user with not enough rights
            • BG-I13720 Control notes text length limitation has problems with vowel mutations
            • BG-I12927 Context Ribbon category not visible
            • BG-I13757 Miniserver configuration dialog cant be cancelled when an invalid hostname is entered
            • BG-I13648 Miniserver backup on client gateway systems shows confusing path with an IP
            • BG-I13944 Tree learning dialog: Device is shown as unlearned even if its already learned
            • BG-I13276 Tree learning dialog: Missing columns in search view
            • BG-I13658 Project Analysis: Control which is linked somewhere is shown as unused
            • BG-I13707 Project not set to modified when replacing device in learning dialog
            • BG-I13659 Creating a connection reference does only start as soon mouse is released far enough aways in x direction
            • BG-I13670 Control-Linking Selection dialog is not properly sorted
            • BG-I13618 Copying linked control shows wrong tooltip
            • BG-I13641 Update not directly cancelled when clicking abort
            • BG-I13674 Project Planning: Adapted CZ default file
            • BG-I13689 Status control: Math operations not working with decimal places
            • BG-I13731 Imported user always shows insecure password
            • BG-I13732 SMA output briefly shows arrow when starting simulation
            • BG-I13739 Ribbon shows a dot next to the ‘OR’ button
            • BG-I13730 Systemscheme allows selection of different file types
            • BG-I13738 Sorting of weather data offset options not correct
            • BG-I13743 Weather data unit not correct (unit is no automatically adapted to default)
            • BG-I13747 ‘Go to device’ not working properly
            • BG-I13812 Intercom is shown offline after Miniserver restart
            • BG-I13744 Digital values not saved when saving parameters of a control as default
            • BG-I13725 Spanish calendar adds additional heating/cooling period
            • BG-I13706 Extension search: no feedback if search is started
            • BG-I13357 Automatic Designer: Rules not visible on Page
            • BG-I13496 Caller/Mailer/Tracker: Placeholder <v.t> not working when at the beginning of the text
            • BG-I9986 System Status: Added more visible link to documentation to dialog
            • Updated calendars for Espana
            • BG-I13554 Configure intercom button opens wrong dialog when intercom block is selected
            • BG-I13499 Connection window: Scrolling does not always select correct IP and credentials
            • BG-I13588 Emergency file contains connection to hidden outputs
            • Increased Websocket timeouts to increase reliability of app connection
            • BG-I13360 GateController: Dis does not affect T5
            • BG-I13443 Switch: Qon/Qoff not triggered when disable is active and switch is switched via app
            • BG-I13453 Multiedit dialog: Units not shown in column titles
            • BG-I13404 Saving spot as parameter default breaks actor types of other devices
            • BG-I13438 Document Tree: Collapse button not clickable when there is an item with a long text
            • BG-I13389 Linked intercom not displayed on audio players
            • BG-I13390 Linked ventilation controllers not displayed on intelligent room controllers
            • BG-I13382 Miniserver configuration sent to wrong Miniserver in client/gateway when changing network settings to DHCP
            • BG-I13373 Controls with category and place ‘do not use’ don’t update in visualization when used in linked controls or systemschemes
            • BG-I13306 Changelog search: Invalid searches result in disappearing lines
            • BG-I13298 Alarm: Tracker displays alarm is ‘triggered’ when only one movement sensor triggers
            • BG-I13303 Dali actor not sent when changed via liveview and nothing is connected
            • BG-I13367 Objects are re-selected when Config gets focus again this breaks scrolling in periphery tree
            • BG-I13296 Central blocks don’t send off value when input was on before reboot
            • BG-I13281 Energy Manager: missing Unit for Output AQr
            • BG-I13041 Device Status missing in Music Extension Search Dialog
            • renaming of reference does not update all connection-flags
            • BG-I13077 Project View: Initial menu selection not shown correctly
            • BG-I13032 Tree Search: Message when intercom is offline is not accurate
            • BG-I13071 System scheme: Image not correctly orientated (exif informations have not been taken into account)
            • BG-I13017 External IOs are not removed when exporting Miniserver in new project
            • BG-I12965 Network learning dialog: Identify not working when only one device is learned
            • BG-I13017 External IOs are not removed when exporting Miniserver in new project
            • BG-I12831 Json Web Tokens don’t include fully qualified username
            • HTML tags displayed in setting description
            • BG-I13136 Configure device dialog: Non hex characters are allowed
            • BG-I13143 Quicksearch: Or function block not at the top when searching for ‘or’
            • BG-I13165 Buttonboxes use Systemlanguage instead of config-language
            • BG-I13087 Push Notifications are sent to disabled user
            • BG-I13178 Irrigation: Time cant be set to 0 in dialog
            • Config crash in gateway documents
            • Tree monitor shows invalid extensions in drop down
            • BG-I13238 Config crash when creating extension
            • BG-I13250 Froeling Extension can’t add additional sensor or actors
            • BG-I13251 Document is set to modified when push device is removed
            • BG-I13251 Document shows not identical after saving to Miniserver
            • BG-I13245 ‘Connect with local address’ opens browser without address when no address is set in the Miniserver settings
            • BG-I13266 In App notifications of not visualised objects (e.g. notification) not shown in app
            • FTP server security vulnerability
            • BG-I14153 State: Directly entered output value is not correctly working in simulation when it has decimal places
            • BG-I14130 Old bootloader update is not deleted after updating Miniserver to a newer version
            • BG-I14049 Users without Windows admin rights cant format a Gen.2 SD card
            • BG-I14147 Memory set via LiveView not sent to other Miniservers
            • Window Monitor has no rating per default
            • BG-I14558 Tree/Air Monitor: Device identification resorts search results which breaks selection
            • BG-I14495 Audioserver disappears from LoxAPP after changing room of one Audio Player
            • BG-I14565 Empty network device shown in device status
            • BG-I14567 Network device learning: No information that search is done by the Miniserver
            • BG-I14559 Mode cant be switched in LiveView
            • Editing all objects of a type from context menu only available when there are more than 1 objects of a type
            • BG-I14192 Simulation: Changing solar radiation not possible when simulation is not yet running
            • BG-I14182 Tree2Air Bridge has duplicate serial tags in .Loxone file
            • BG-I14574 Auto Config dialog: Check all checkbox does not update view anymore
            • BG-I14247 Multiplicator: Identify in Miniserver search not working
            • BG-I14194 Plugins not displayed as dummy devices
            • BG-I13998 Project analysis can delete T5 Input from peripheries
            • Intercom Search: Intercom Gen1 appears in search-result after creation
            • BG-I14096 Controls without Permissions shown in app
            • BG-I13613: old message stuck in Systenstatus
            • BG-I13883 Controls with only digital parameters cant be set to default
            • BG-I13923 Show permissions of Full Access user group in permission dialog
            • BG-I13885 Project validation warning icon not directly shown after opening project
            • BG-I13886 Multi edit does not show all settings when a reference is selected
            • BG-I13887 Simulation: Frequency mode (rectangle, triangle, sine) not working
            • BG-I13968 Memory flag can be connected to api connector
            • BG-I13989 Property Window: Drawing issue with rating property
            • BG-I13943 Central block and other references get lost when adding project to gateway
            • BG-I13990 Solar Irradiation box in ribbon allows text values
            • BG-I13971 Insufficient description for ‘<v.u>’ format
            • BG-I14315 Object which has been dragged onto the page disappears
            • BG-I13881 Multplicator dialog: Resizing of columns not possible
            • BG-I14021 Saving IO as default unhides some hidden inputs
            • BG-I13991 Serial setting allows non hex characters
            • BG-I14303 Ribbon does not revert back to normal when closing last multiplicator project
            • BG-I14030 Property window: Scrolling is not reset when a different control is selected
            • BG-I14002 Simulation: Correction not shown
            • BG-I14037 Wrong Modbus Polling cycle maximum
            • BG-I14006 Not assigned reference of api actor can be assigned to every type of actor
            • BG-I13969 Intercom control still shows as not completely configured when Intercom was connected by changing reference of api actor
            • BG-I14009 References overlapping controls cant be selected when they have been inserted before the control
            • BG-I14513 Device status broken when tree to air bridge is on intercom
            • BG-I14061 Cant connect api connector via connection reference
            • BG-I14065 Miniserver external port not reset when changing external access
            • BG-I14060 Can’t change category of intercom control
            • BG-I14310 Multifunction & Stairway switch: Constant On on the input O causes constant edges on the output (This may result in spamming Link/Tree/Air)
            • BG-I14064 Disappearing context menu items when mouse is hovering over them
            • BG-I14119 Config does not properly close http request connections instead reuses them, this results in encryption problems
            • BG-I14056 Property window not updated when serial is updated during save to Miniserver
            • BG-I14055 Online state inputs can’t be fetched/changed via webservice
            • BG-I975 Outputs do not trigger when photoelectric sensors activate and therefore don’t really stop the gate if it’s currently moving
            • BG-I14062 Schueco Extension does not have a proper icon
            • BG-I14073 Door Controller: Added option to show video or bell image in the app when someone rings (needs new app)
            • Fixed:
            • BG-I13988 Wrong/additional option for time functions (night, unix)
            • BG-I14013 Skylight central not visible in central category
            • BG-I14012 Central uses default name when inserted
            • BG-I14342 Calendar PT: added Terça-feira
            • BG-I14341 Calendar HU: missing / invalid holidays
            • BG-I14339 Calendar LI: missing / invalid holidays
            • BG-I14338 Calendar LU: missing / invalid holidays
            • BG-I14336 Calendar BR: adapted carnival calculation
            • BG-I14111 Sequence Control Dialog: not all comments marked green
            • BG-I13936 Tree Learning: Lightgroup cannot be created when name is already used
            • fixed remanence of control-locking if locked by app AND central
            • BG-I13780 Connection flag names not updated when renaming a control
            • BG-I12907 External access data of client gets lost
            • BG-I14042 Template folders not created when importing template xml
            • BG-I13864 Project validation shows hostname as duplicate address
            • BG-I13811 Documentation: Table of contents header is shown without any content
            • BG-I13816 LiveView Button not updating when activating/deactivating liveview control
            • BG-I13838 Automatic connection of inputs of some devices not working properly (Touch, Roomsensor)
            • BG-I13832 Display of numeric numbers in qt dialogs does not respect locale settings (dot or comma)
            • BG-I13878 Ribbon does not update when undoing multiplicator conversion
            • BG-I13840 Page is added in wrong project when having opened multiple projects in split view
            • BG-I13857 Page selection jumps when dragging intercom from tree
            • BG-I13867 Stop LiveView button not clickable at the bottom
            • BG-I14017 Intercom Gen1 not displayed in intercom-search-dialog
            • BG-I14541 Light Controller: moving moods after deleting creates a new mood
            • BG-I14530 Status dialog: no icon for tree-devices
            • BG-I14362 Tracker: pipe-symbol not displayed
            • BG-I14278 Music-Player: presence not ended after alarm-event
            • BG-I14200 Control locked via App can be unlocked via central block
            • BG-I13666 Automatic Scene: command “move slat” behaves irregularly
            • BG-I13120 KNX Extension: physical address
            • BG-I12827 EIN/KNX: Datatype 1 receive timeout not working
            • fixed “unknown command 9A” messages in Tree Monitor
            • BG-I13128 Dali: unused actor can’t be controlled over live view
            • BG-I6693 DMX search: “search running” hangs if search is started repeatedly
            • BG-I10036 NFC Code Touch: access times setting not refreshing with multiple changes
            • BG-I13842 Calendar PL: calendar adds extra Heat Period; additional holidays added
            • BG-I13803 Calendar EST: removed invalid spaces
            • BG-I13794 Calendar DK: fixed invaild holidays
            • BG-I13790 Calendar NOR: fixed invalid holidays
            • BG-I13734 Calendar ZA: fixed invalid holidays
            • BG-I13830 Connecting Presence block to Lighting controller does not change Ti
            • BG-I13941 Presence: invalid origin-texts when linking controls in gateway
            • BG-I14160 Sequence Control dialog: cursor jumps when editing indented lines
            • BG-I14178 Sequence Control dialog: Indented command line can not be commented out
            • BG-I14285 Lightcontroller : Presence not working correctly when MS is used
            • Automaticdesigner: rules displayed as invalid
            • BG-I14155 Tree Shading actuator: fixed sending of empty move-sequences
            • BG-I14189 Weatherserver: don’t show decimals when using fahrenheit
            • BG-I15187 Ribbon not updated after inserting control
            • BG-I15010 Consumption meter: Invalid value for this & last year
            • BG-I14421 Format dialog stops responding when starting format of Audioserver SD card
            • BG-I15183 1-Wire devices are counted as device when on a tree to air bridge
            • BG-I15268 Wrong device configure dialog opens when configuring intercom
            • BG-I15063 Periphery tree filter options (e.g. ‘Only blocks with stats’) do not work for objects that have a merged child
            • BG-I15064 Periphery tree filter room and category options not updated when a room/category is renamed
            • BG-I15065 Device Status: Room Climate Sensor Tree has context menu options of an Air device
            • BG-I14917 Valve recalibration action in context menu not enabled when actor reference is selected
            • BG-I14799 Miniserver serves wrong http content type for mp3 files
            • BG-I14893 Config tooltip overlaps other programs, because tooltip is shown without focus to the config
            • BG-I15047 Resolving of hostnames via mDNS improved
            • Miniserver does not have a robots.txt file for web crawlers
            • BG-I15028 Connection window is opened on wrong screen
            • BG-I14593 Quicksearch: Missing czech diacritics mapping
            • BG-I14613 NFC Code Touch: Assigning new NFC device to old block does not retain codes and tags
            • BG-I14561 Room comfort sensor tree: Doesn’t send values when one of them is saturated
            • BG-I14769 Changing virtual input from up/down to push button does not disconnect second output
            • BG-I14724 Alarm Clock & Switch: Preparation impuls is too short pulse may get lost depending on SPS object order
            • BG-I14617 Miniserver search not working anymore when it has been aborted previously
            • BG-I14646 Device Status: Device is displayed as updating even if its not updating
            • BG-I14610 Manage SD card dialog only always shows file from gateway Miniserver
            • BG-I14612 Webservice reveals connected user and ip without authorization (Config will now use a separate authenticated webservice to get that info & check webservice does not include the info anymore)
            • BG-I14597 Plugin Analog inputs are not remanent
            • BG-I14593 Quicksearch: Some diacritics are required for searching
            • BG-I14840 Control template: Control count not recalculated when saving the program on the pc
            • BG-I14052 Miniserver internal address setting is not marked red when its not entered
            • Reconnect after Miniserver update not working when using a reverse proxy
            • BG-I13565 GateController: SO/SC working incorrect when using endposition contacts
            • Multi edit table shows invalid or no options when filtering table
            • BG-I14982 Context ribbon does not update after searching in the quick search
            • BG-I14960 Can’t set empty text on virtual text input
            • BG-I14899 Window Monitor: Invalid output on TQo when controls are connected instead of IOs
            • BG-I14930 Removed automatic set of visualisation password for alarm control
            • BG-I14860 New intercommunication inputs are starting with ‘Input 9’ as a name
            • BG-I14973 Analog outputs are not marked red in live view when device is offline
            • Statistic usage system message does not take periphery objects into its calculation
            • BG-I14620 Generic device learning dialog shows assign arrow instead of create plus
            • BG-I14808 Wallbox control ignores statistic setting
            • BG-I14872 Door and Windowmonitor: Status for offline devices does not change fast enough update interval reduced to 10 minutes (until now it was updated once an hour)
            • BG-I14959 Music Player Group: prevent empty TTS output
            • BG-I14862 Daytimer dialog: some operating modes are not deletable
            • BG-I14655 System Variable Internet visible without permissions
            • BG-I14853 Heatmixer Dialog: changes on selected room controllers are not completed
            • BG-I14752 Add DMX-Actuator-Type to property-window
            • BG-I14540 Music Player: RQ not activated via V-
            • BG-I14668 Miniserver update message is shown when different project is focused
            • BG-I14693 EIB Push Button: Reset is still working when control is disabled with Dis
            • BG-I14666 Changelog dialog has grey border
            • BG-I14590 1-wire sensor has invalid range for setting
            • BG-I14588 Device status: Copy does not work when cells are only focused but not selected
            • BG-I14517 Context menu: Diagnostics button (Link/Tree) not clear
            • BG-I13953 Dialog cut off by taskbar on a small screen
            • BG-I14069 Automatic reconnect after Miniserver configuration blocks Config
            • BG-I14600 Audio central documentation: Inputs in wrong order
            • BG-I14424 Door and Windowmonitor: Different output on TQl in Simulation
            • BG-I14225 LiveView: Can’t control a negated output
            • BG-I14737 Document trees: Navigation with keyboard not working
            • BG-I14379 LiveView/Simulation: Uncorrected value is used for drawing yellow bar on analog outputs
            • BG-I14551 Ribbon tooltips not displayed properly when using display scaling
            • A3D9-T580 Skylight: Not available in Door and Window Monitor
            • BG-I14363 Config locks up after connecting an input to the presence input of the light controller via drag and drop
            • BG-I14608 Intercom mute from app not remanent
            • BG-I14284 Generic Table: Too long texts and many items make column dropdown unreadable
            • BG-I14365 Sunshine threshold setting description not clear
            • BG-I14377 Modbusserver & Plugins not selected after creation
            • BG-I14366 User management dialog: Filtering not directly possible
            • BG-I14309 Click output of top modules is available twice for selection in configurable object (e.g. Alarm)
            • BG-I13995 QuickSearch: Help Arrow appears after closing of search resulting in focus loss
            • BG-I14373 Simulation/LiveView: Can’t use Ctrl+C/V/A/X when editing analog value
            • BG-I14695 Intercom: Negation of mute not working
            • BG-I14587 Climate Controller: immediately recalculate when valve-values change
            • BG-I14177 Media Controller: connections get lost after copy/paste
            • BG-I14470 RGB Lightscene: control is visible for users without permission
            • BG-I14506 Presence Controller: no tracker-entry when ending presence with reset-input
            • BG-I14709 Sequence Controller: custom IO-Names not recognized any more
            • [email protected]: Updated Documentation
            • Home Connect: Updated Documentation
            • BG-I16171 inconsistent naming for Outdoor-temperature
            • BG-I16164 System notifications cannot be sent by SMTP
            • BG-I16334 Music Extension cover-page: adapted Treeturbo-colours
            • BG-I16320 Music Extension: removed some speaker types
            • BG-I16350 System Status: not all users recognized as admin-users
            • Adapted default send cycle for air devices to 15 minutes
            • Api actor copy and paste not working
            • BG-I16240 Display of tree branch in document tree
            • Operating mode cant be disabled anymore after sps restart (when its used in a automatic rule)
            • BG-I15257 Allow connect of API actors to all outputs even if it does nothing
            • BG-I15618 Multi Edit dialog: Items shown twice when editing all objects with a certain setting
            • BG-I15756 Load Manager: Loads not visible in the App when there is an unconfigured one
            • BG-I16232 Log Level reset time not updated when setting level again
            • BG-I15925 Geo Coordinates Town written into ZIP code
            • BG-I16012 Changed auto configuration waiting text
            • BG-I16020 Drag and Drop of devices does not connect working reference
            • BG-I16127 Push Switch: Continuous Reset not ‘locking’ function block
            • BG-I16077 Multiplicator: Config crash when adding Miniserver from Search
            • Miniserver Replace: No Info about Trusts
            • Miniserver Replace: No Info about Plugins which need to be repaired (e.g. Apple HomeKit)
            • BG-I16034 Multiplicator: Config crash when updating Miniservers
            • BG-I16131 Multiplicator: Tree filter hides Managed Miniservers caption
            • Learning Dialog: Invalid filter count
            • BG-I15867 Password reset shows error message when clicking Next at the right time
            • BG-I15611 Poolcontroller: Duration changes are not saved
            • BG-I16073 RS485/RS232: Protocols and Checksums not handled anymore
            • BG-I16230 UUIDs are always adapted when importing a new slave document, this results in loss of statistics
            • BG-I15664 Check validity of factory certificate and key with production webservice
            • BG-I16257 Network Learning Dialog: Config crash when deselecting Multi Edit row
            • BG-I15562 Operating Mode: remanence when set via autopilot
            • Presence-Detection: add support for RemoteAir
            • BG-I15954 Lighting controller wrong behaviour of Alarm when Ta = 0
            • BG-I15972 MS Go Extensions are not displayed in device status
            • BG-I16134 User Management-Dialog: new user has no rights, cannot be added to user groups
            • BG-I16166 Air-Monitor opens automatically when data is received
            • BG-I16096 Config is showing wrong device settings after teaching a Air device
            • Plugin Device-Learning: Type not displayed in learning-dialog, no default-name
            • BG-I15997 Tree Learning: already known devices are shown
            • BG-I14809 Climate Controller: prevent spamming of operating-mode
            • BG-I15989 MSV2: Tree shown at incorrect position
            • BG-I15990 Incorrect tree after directly loading from miniserver
            • BG-I15841 Drag/Drop of multiple sensors or actors does not connect to target control
            • BG-I15959 Wrong error message when connecting an API connector
            • MsGoV2, TreeToAir, AirBaseV2 new Firmware
              • fixed several bugs where the communication is totally down and only a airbase reboot could restore connectivity
            • BG-I14364 DMX-Learning: changed text for created type
            • BG-I12651 Tree Learning: Device switched to different extension not found in app
            • BG-I15364 Fixed sorting of Extensions
            • BG-I11756 Light-Controller: step up/down incorrect for small brightness-values
            • BG-I15923 Status Dialog: do not display room of Plugins
            • BG-I15906 Air-Monitor cannot be stopped
            • BG-I15928 Counter: parameter Ev allows decimal places
            • BG-I15929 Music Player: Buzzer-command for room favourite uses invalid version
            • Sequence Controller: some outputs not set to 0 with reset
            • Alarm: Current/Next level not sent correctly
            • QU1-I200 Detailed Device Info doesn’t show all information
            • BG-I15446 Automatic Rule function block does not have an API connector
            • BG-I15432 User management dialog: Changed Edit permissions button text
            • BG-I15476 Part List generation uses outdated products
            • BG-I15821 Document Tree update is slow
            • BG-I15875 Config crash when deleting control
            • BG-I15872 Increased timeout for update file transfer to Miniserver Gen.1
            • BG-I15885 Config crash when splitting stereo output
            • BG-I14364 DMX-Learning: changed text for created type
            • BG-I15882 Miniserver Convert: internal Tree not placed correctly
            • BG-I13604 Intelligent Roomcontroller: added capabilities for passive cooling
            • BG-I15816 Wrong error message when deleting a API connector
            • BG-I14368 Calendars: inconsistent naming for different countries
            • BG-I15825 Climate-Controller: EH/EC state not updated with reset-input
            • Pulse generator creates impulse before remanence is loaded
            • BG-I14469 Alarm: add state for “armed at”
            • BG-I15813 Musicserver Zone Deleting the API Connector breaks connections
            • BG-I15789 IRC / Climate Controller Climate Controller does not turn off
            • BG-I15818 Programm Page won’t show blocks after deleting extensions from the periphery tree
            • BG-I15360 & BG-I15459 Wrong error message when connecting an Api Connector
            • BG-I15774 Miniserver has invalid factory private key
            • BG-I15647 Connecting the Loxone Link between two Miniservers results in Miniserver-time jumps
            • BG-I15788 Multiplicator: Tree is not updated after renaming Miniserver in dialog
            • BG-I15778 Air Learning dialog shows result from previous air base
            • BG-I15295 Presence control: sensor cannot be unchecked after copy/paste
            • BG-I15755 Modbus TCP: delayed answers are lost when function code is different
            • BG-I15348 Api-Connector: automatically choose direction for new Leaf-Devices
            • BG-I13019 Lighting Group: no warning when adding mixed types
            • BG-I15157 Expert Mode: Changes of 1-Wire sensor not inherited by parent-device
            • BG-I13194 Skylight: invalid protection-state in app
            • BG-I15186 SD card systemmessage always shown on sd card of gateway
            • BG-I15222 Import of library file not working
            • BG-I15227 1-Wire search has no timeout
            • BG-I15326 Changed text of close button in format dialog
            • BG-I15355 Documentation of Stereo Extension not shown anymore
            • Drag and Drop of device from tree does not set room & name
            • BG-I15367 Some settings allow too many decimal places in numeric up down
            • BG-I15471 Tree learning dialog: Always show interaction column
            • BG-I15584 Learning dialogs: Multi edit line in search view
            • BG-I15357 Learning dialogs: Set Name column to empty per default
            • BG-I15505 Air Monitor stops when closing learning dialog
            • BG-I15508 Tree Turbo learning dialog: Acoustic identify always enabled
            • BG-I15519 Extension search can be started even if Miniserver is not ready
            • BG-I15519 Invalid/No selection after delete of control
            • BG-I15554 Tree states not updated after ‘Redo’
            • BG-I15559 LiveView not stopped when closing volume threshold configuration dialog
            • BG-I15561 Presence sensor air shows settings which are not available in battery mode (volume)
            • BG-I15628 Alarm: Enable ‘State change’ per Default
            • BG-I15581 Property window no context menu on disabled items
            • BG-I15502 Improved responsiveness of format dialog during format
            • BG-I15566 Automatically load out from Miniserver when new file is created
            • BG-I15434 Virtual Output: Made http settings titles easier understandable
            • BG-I15359 Determining Geo Coordinates: Set address to the one used for the geo coordinates
            • BG-I15583 Can’t open webinterface when local address has not been filled (fallback to hostname and to connected address)
            • BG-I15638 Drag and Drop does not connect multiple outputs
            • BG-I15576 Debug Monitor: Can’t search next result with enter
            • BG-I15575 Debug Monitor: Allow line selection with keys
            • BG-T2604 Custom certificate not working when Miniserver never had a Loxone certificate
            • Control not shown as selected when hovering over it with dragging control
            • BG-I15014 Importing Documents can create duplicate network devices
            • BG-I15572 Enable drag/drop of multiple Stereo-Extensions / Network-devices
            • BG-I15552 Touch & Grill: second T5 is lost
            • BG-I15377 Climatecontroller: Ib does not affect H2
            • BG-I15569 Remove “insecure password”-messagebox
            • BG-I15568 Remove “project was adjusted”-messagebox
            • BG-I15573 Presence Detection: do not send hey-times to battery-devices
            • BG-I15443 Unconfigured Windowsmonitor not loading in app
            • BG-I15332 Lightcontroller: master-switch incorrect
            • BG-I15220 Media Control: command-cell should not be editable
            • BG-I14910 Heat Mixer: Min/Max settings not considered in Stop-Mode
            • BG-I15392 Usermanagement: inherited group-rights not available in webservice
            • BG-I15318 Automatic scene: invalid state after reboot
            • BG-I14103 Diagnostic window: label cut-off
            • BG-I15095 Memory flag as unnecessary display type settings
            • BG-I15163 Allow frequency mode ‘None’ for analog inputs
            • BG-I15182 Invalid icons in multi edit view for some analog inputs/outputs
            • BG-I15200 Hidden tree branch shown in multi edit dialog
            • BG-I15221 Control linking selection dialog is not sized to screen size
            • BG-I15212 Connection reference name not updated when connected to a lighting controller
            • BG-I15213 Drag and Drop: Inheriting of room/category from page not working properly
            • BG-I15216 Device does not inherit room/category of page when API actor is inserted
            • BG-I15385 Connection window takes a while to disappear when doing a drag and drop on a control
            • BG-I15384 Generic View (e.g. Learning dialogs) deselecting rows not possible
            • BG-I15300 Status block: Minus values are rounded incorrectly on text output
            • BG-I15438 Time inputs are shown with correction value during liveview
            • BG-I15528 API Connector: Edges are not forced & text commands not working
            • API Connector: Light Controller T5 pulse command not working
            • High CPU usage when opening documentation view
            • BG-I14314 Touch & Grill: Temperatures are reseted when device goes to sleep
            • BG-I15292 Stereo Extension displayed wrong in device status
            • BG-I15315 Automatic positioning not properly working for controls with API connector & Api connector gets hidden automatically in some cases
            • BG-I14375 Reduced height of Miniserver configuration dialog to fit on small screens
            • BG-I15347 Scene: Output show button is drawn outside of the control
            • BG-I15327 Adding mode output while multiple modes are selected results in adding unwanted inputs
            • BG-I15280 Control conversion does not use api connectors
            • BG-I14421 Project View disappears while formatting SD card
            • BG-I16643 Format Dialog: invalid file size for images to be downloaded
            • BG-I16419 Device Learning: add number of max. devices to devices-list
            • BG-I16663 Air Diagnostic button missing in special air ribbons (Ir, Nfc)
            • BG-I16703 Files not transferred to clients when config and Miniserver version doesn’t exactly match
            • BG-I16457 Simulation: Remote Air button assignment wrong
            • BG-I16630 Caption Bar not updating all information when switching between projects
            • User Key-Code web services: Removed Brute force protection for users with the right User Management
            • BG-I15552 Touch & Grill: second T5 is lost
            • BG-I15935 Touch & Grill controls wrong room
            • BG-I16333 Climate Controller: additional standby-Reason “no demand”
            • BG-I16636 Systemmessage “returns no values”: add information how to disable this message
            • Air Update: Use reduced delay for unicast update packets (600 milliseconds)
            • QU1-I210 Update failed on systems with high memory usage
            • BG-I16203 Controls shown as unconfigured directly after loading from Miniserver
            • BG-I16132 Permission-Dialog: hide table-rows unusable while dialog is opened
            • BG-I16096 Config is showing wrong device settings after teaching a Air device
            • BG-I16533 Nano Dimmer Air Periphery Tree collapses automatically if Input is selected
            • BG-I16555 Connect to unconfigured Miniserver not working
            • Reduce Identify delay on Link, Tree and Air devices
            • Miniserver Gen.2 Client does not accept commands from gateway when Monitor is not running
            • BG-I16536 Document tree display problems
            • BG-I16525 Plugin does not have translated texts after download during runtime
            • BG-I16168 External login not working when username contains an ampersand
            • BG-I16589 Document always shown as modified when loading from Miniserver
            • Husqvarna (0.1.2)
              • removed unnecessary token invalidate requests, which caused “too many requests” error
              • avoid the need of re authentication in case of internet connection loss
              • improved log output
            • BG-I16462 LiveView/Simulation: Text memory flag always drawn active
            • BG-I14369 Property window does not draw description of selected property
            • BG-I16431 Update got too large for some Miniserver Gen.1 causing the Update transfer to fail
            • BG-I16456 Gate: T5 input value not correctly displayed in LiveView/Simulation
            • BG-I16133 Firmware package management dialog: Columns reset when pressing refresh
            • BG-I16243 Audio Player: Enable AirPlay setting not saved in control template
            • BG-I16251 Geo Coordinates: Disabled automatic update of address
            • BG-I16365 Special line breaks not working in setting descriptions
            • BG-I16355 LiveView/Simulation: Special characters in text outputs are not displayed in mouse over tooltip
            • BG-I16356 Creating tree devices not possible when correct parent is not selected
            • BG-I16346 HVAC:
              • Adapted default fan overrun duration
              • Wait with Activation for 30 seconds to give Dampers enough time to open, to prevent high pressure in heating system
            • BG-I16295 Weekday operating modes can’t be used in project
            • BG-I16779 Trust users can be permitted to controls
            • BG-I16485 Can’t create user when there is a trust user with the same name
            • Set of T5 input of Remote Air pulses when no timeout is specified
            • [email protected] added additional logging
            • BG-I16728 Calculation of active http connections wrong
            • High CPU usage due to long timeout in ping object
            • BG-I16946 Touch Nightlight gets connected to wrong output of Alarm Clock
            • ME1-I94 IRC: Start with last used target temperature when switching to fixed temperature mode
            • BG-I16871 Tree devices not properly sorted
            • A3D9-T721 Documentation: No unit for digital inputs/parameters/outputs shown
            • A3D9-T722 No unit for parameters in connection window shown
            • BG-I16992 Multiplicator onboarding screen has to less space for texts
            • BG-I16996 Text cut off in icon edit dialog
            • Fixed invalid tree-item status for internal devices
            • Multiplicator:
              • BG-I15808 Systemscheme image missing
              • Config crash when editing project name for each Miniserver
              • Possible config crash when closing project
              • Miniservers not sorted in Save and Connect buttons and in tree
              • Banner text overlaps buttons
              • Issues with connection references
              • Emergency program handling
              • Trust handling changed
            • BG-I16602 Touch and Grill: Low battery message not accurate
            • BG-I16823 Inserting multiple api actors causes overlap
            • BG-I16558 Connected to wrong Miniserver after adding a Gen.2 Miniserver to a Gen.1
            • Multiple api actors on Gate and Intercom block not working
            • BG-I16684 Air diagnostics: Edit dialog cant be cancelled
            • Husqvarna: fixed issues with authentication and controlling of mower (relogin might be required)
            • BG-I16742 [email protected]: Connection is always restarted due to increased Alive interval from Miele Servers
            • BG-I16938 NFC Tag inserted on wrong level in control structure
            • A3D9-T728 Removed API connector from unsupported controls
            • A3D9-T728 Old central block is deprecated and now hidden
            • BG-I16959 & BG-I16759 Extension pages are not printed
            • BG-I16688 Device status: rows get selected after right click
            • BG-I15645 Wrong error message displayed when connection to Miniserver fails
            • BG-I16746 Room/Category dialog increased space for label at the bottom
            • BG-I16964 Delete of user access code from within the app not working
            • BG-I16758 Message Boxes are opened outside of screen
            • BG-I16593 Ping packet of Miniserver Gen.2 has to less payload
            • BG-I16933 Relogin after update when password changes not working
            • BG-I16965 Caption Bar not shown after opening config
            • BG-I16662 & BG-I16753: Device status shows wrong device updating
            • BG-I16868 Status block: Entering text in greater/lower condition not validated
            • TH1-T158 Gatecontroller: Adaptations when controlled by hörmann
            • BG-I16718 Nano Dimmer Air: Unconfigured Device-Info not displayed for dimmer-type
            • BG-I16696 Shade Skylight: Automatic can be started via App while disabled
            • BG-I16727 Sequence Controller: Return without function after save into Miniserver
            • Config shows program not identical after saving to Miniserver
            • BG-I12701 Air Pairing: When pairing Air devices fast one after another it may occur that for one device an error was reported that pairing was not successful
            • BG-I16511 No systemmessage when a client is running a different firmware or program version than the gateway
            • BG-I13708 No reference in document tree when a device is used in a control (e.g. a presence sensor in an Alarm control)
            • BG-I16721 Utility Meter: Reset always resets to Offset. Now the AQ output energy value always starts at zero when using an absolute energy value
            • new Touch Pure Tree binary: fixed missed touch edges during miniserver restart
            • BG-I16987 Config: adapt zoom level when changing paper-format
            • BG-I16853 Statistic Export does not use value-names
            • BG-I16904 Auto Jalousie: automatic turned off by sunshine after activation via app
            • BG-I17002 Intercom: Bell events not synchronised when using multiple Audioservers
            • BG-I16436 Invalid permissions when adding control to favourites
            • BG-I17130 Control size of controls incorrect directly after insert
            • BG-I17103 Visual Identify available for internal extensions
            • BG-I17115 Device reference shown twice in tree
            • BG-I15330 System scheme: Position of objects is modified when opening dialog
            • BG-I17129 Dragging smart socket from tree does not result in the relay output
            • BG-I13652 Can’t multi edit all T5 inputs
            • BG-I17125 Try to use config language instead of system language for dialog translations
            • Disabled Onlinestatus not monitored system message
            • ME1-I96 Status input values not shown in liveview when set by API command
            • BG-I17097 Added separate option for intercom to configuration dialog
            • BG-I15678 Miniserver Replace: Miniserver does not get new program when replacing client
            • BG-I17044 Trust Member-User multi edit also shows normal users
            • BG-I17045 Locked by status of a control not properly updated when locked by multiple sources
            • BG-I14244 Digital/analog outputs connected to text inputs don’t work properly when there is also a text output connected (e.g. digital in to logger output)
            • BG-I17064 Device identify possible in setting dialog
            • BG-I14821 No info that external HTTPS access is necessary
            • BG-I17159 Renamed ‘Mv’ input abbreviation to ‘Mo’
            • BG-I15674 Miniserver Replace: Automatic search finds invalid Miniserver search result
            • BG-I17096 Multiplicator Banner not clickable after loading from inheriting Miniserver
            • Miniserver reboot during update resulting in firmware load error

            Devices & Extensions

            • Wristband Air: New firmware, fixing battery measurement, button handling and led handling
            • Button Air: New firmware, fixing button handling
            • NFC Code Touch Tree: improved noise resistance on touch
            • Dali Extension: Fixed detection of gears with multiple types
            • Add Airbase transmit Watchdog (Airbase V2 stopped sometimes sending packets)
            • NFC Code Touch:
              • touch responsivity improved
              • BG-I14100 NFC Code Touch: Status LED 4 gleams
              •  improved touch behaviour in cold and wet environments
            • BG-I14159 Internorm Extension: Fan goes offline sporadically
            • BG-I13676 Dali Extension V2: Identifier does not work
            • BG-I13982 Dali Extension: some device specific commands not shown in monitor
            • BG-I13712 Ceiling Light: Fixed incorrect presence detection after finished fading
            • NFC Code Touch: improvements to touch sensitivity and handling
            • Roomsensor Tree: rebuild of binary, no feature change
            • Touch Nightlight: 
              • removing online blink after power on
              • fixing fading when set display brightness via miniserver
              • Fixed dot brightness, delayed °C dot when change to show time, fading of dot when snooze
            • BG-I14829 Can’t create 30 extension from extension search dialog
            • New Binaries for AirbaseV2, MsGoV2, Tree2Air Bridge, SmartsocketV2 (Version
              • RouteFail bug, route is dropped to fast
              • Neighbour Discovery bug, neighbour is not always added
            • BG_T2595 Windowsensor_V2: New binaries fixing flash NMI exception
            • BG_T2596 AlarmButtonAir: New binaries fixing flash NMI exception
            • BG_T2598 AlarmWristbandAir: New binaries fixing flash NMI exception
            • Touch Tree: New binaries fixing temperature/humidity measurement bug in new devices
            • AirbaseV2: reworked data handling (under development)
            • New Airbase Version for AirBase_V2 fixing fragmentation problems
            • new binaries for NanoIO with touch top module: improved touch pure responsiveness
            • Firmware Update Airbase_V2: fixed memory bug, fixed fragmentation problems with huge packets (e.g.: ir control air commands)
            • Update Air V3 (new firmware for AirbaseV2, Miniserver Go V2, Tree2Air-Bridge, SmartsocketV2) to Firmware Version
              • reduced load when pairing devices
              • fixed bug in route handling
            • Roomsensor Tree: added error handling for sensor communication
            • Identify: added a short delay on identify output (stepping through devices could cause an communication overload and therefore cause troubles in air pairing)
            • New Firmware for AirBaseV2, MsGoV2, Tree2AirBridge, SmartSocket Air V2 (version (slightly improved routing on last edge to/from airbase)
              • Add neighbour from broadcast packet if neighbour mac matches loxone mac
              • fixed packet handling of fragmented packets
              • fixed padding of encrypted payload
              • improved queue handling for fragmented packets
              • fixed device update (very high number of failed update packets, e.g. more than 500 retries on firmware update packets)
            • NFC Code Touch Tree: improved noise handling (signal processing and NFC burst timing)
            • Touch Pure Tree newest HW version: improved touch performance
            • BG-I15057, BG-I15057: System temperature not working on some Nano IO and Nano Dimmer devices
            • BG-I15602 MS2 Analog Inputs resolution was limited to 10mV as on MS1
            • BG-I14501 Nano 2 Relay: device goes offline
            •  BG-I17007, BG-I17047 Air: communication invalid padding calculation
              • Resulted in restarting Air devices, non working IR Air

            Gateway Client

            • BG-I14317 Gateway Client: Monitor (Air, Tree,..) stops on Client after saving to the Miniservers
            • BG-I14880 Info when client could not be added to gateway. You must make sure to have set the same username/password on the new Miniserver so that it can be added
            • Gateway: Fixed race condition in file transfer causing the fail of transferring new SPS files to clients (especially when client is a Gen.2)
            • BG-I16554 Devices can be added to client pages by copy and paste
            • BG-I16156 Gateway-Client: Client cloud-service status overwrites state of gateway resulting in non working weather in Automatic Designer

            Project Planning

            • BG-I14019 Battery pack for Touch Surface missing
            • BG-I14543 No window dependent products in German default plan for the room ‘Flur’
            • BG-I14053 Additionally added audio zones are used up by speaker which were also added resulting in a wrong calculation of needed audio channels
            • BG-I14512 Additional IOs have installation place instead of name in US default plan
            • BG-I14526 Quadral Products missing
            • BG-I14532 Reduced switch-on factor for power calculation from 90% to 30% this greatly reduces the planned power supplies
            • Feller Adapter Set Anthracite missing
            • Can’t change mounting type of tree presence sensor
            • BG-I14152 Updated UK default file
            • BG-I13781 Change of customer country is not saved
            • BG-I14717 Audio not properly created anymore
            • BG-I14545 Created audio channels are not named according to the plan
            • BG-I14536 New default plan is not loaded when changing country
            • BG-I14692 Catalogue dialog closes when pressing enter
            • BG-I14945 Dimmer Extension is used for digital inputs
            • BG-I14274 Incorrect PSU sizes
            • BG-I15174 No Air devices for button preselection
            • BG-I15437 Hidden items visible in excel file
            • BG-I15365 No proper message when planning is closed without saving
            • BG-I15201 Intercom has installation place set even if it does not have one
            • Project Planning US: Missing Damper and Panels
            • BG-I16705 Project Planning: Dali devices can not be preselected as light products
            • BG-I16461 Project Planning: Invalid tax for italy
            • BG-I16843 Exported CSV does not combine same products
            • BG-I16921 Error due to an unknown product cant be resolved by deleting the product
            • Nano Dimmer now used for dimmer outputs when Extension is not available
            • BG-I17083 Project Planning: Always adds an unnecessary stereo extension
            • BG-I16973 Project Planning Miniserver invalid relais-type

            Automatic Designer

            • BG-I13292 Virtual Inputs with Type “PushButton” have no actions
            • BG-I13490 Condition “light out” not triggered
            • BG-I14790 Automaticdesigner / Musicserver Zone: fixed commands for increase, decrease volume, play favourite
            • BG-I14770 Analog Virtual Inputs have wrong actions and conditions
            • BG-I14768 Digital up/down and left/right have no actions
            • BG-I14954 Description gets lost when creating new Rule
            • BG-I14253 Rule cant be opened after adding visu-password to control
            • BG-I13363 Rule placed on invalid page
            • BG-I12294 Automatic Designer Dialog: UI objects don’t look properly

            Intelligent Roomcontroller

            • BG-I13436 Inavlid capabilities when adding source
            • BG-I13064 No Mode-Switch in manual mode when no outputs are connected
            • BG-I13123 Restore target temperature after manually stopping timer
            • BG-I13062 Change of target-temperature during prepare-phase triggers no recalculations
            • BG-I13385 Invalid mode and target in manual mode below frost protection temperature
            • BG-I14819 Invalid timer-duration during active operating-times
            • BG-I14819 Modes via operating-times don’t trigger preheating

            Lighting Controller

            • BG-I13431 Buzzer-mood not selectable in automatic tab
            • BG-I13352 AQs stays active after TH when using manual move mood
            • BG-I13422 Dialog: show message when invalid mood-id is assigned
            • BG-I14076 Unmixing of mood after end of ‘Th’ restores wrong mood
            • BG-I13952 Jump to next sequence colour when saving into miniserver
            • BG-I14294 Dialog: sequence by master-colour-button not assigned
            • BG-I14725 Dialog: sequence-colour selections shown in Warmwhite / rgb tab
            • BG-I14257 Output AQs creates edges when nothing changes
            • BG-I15901 Dialog: missing info in automatic-tab
            • BG-I14226 Lighting controller + Presence block + Touch switches moods twice
            • BG-I14275 Incorrect movement-mood after reset
            • BG-I15436 Changes of TH/MT do not recalculate active timers
            • BG-I13423 Exchanging output-types not possible
            • Master-Brightness not blocked by Input Dis
            • BG-I16841 Light Controller-Dialog: increase width of “mix”-column

            Sequence Controller

            • BG-I14961 Execution stops after time correction
            • BG-I14968 Fixed auto format + serialise of text-commands
            • BG-I15339 Fixed moved control before cancelling dialog
            • BG-I15845 Invalid indentation while creating if statement
            • BG-I15846 Invalid line break when inserting function


            • Music Player Group: fixed invalid player-ids’s in gateway-command
            • Music Player: adaptations for external volume-control
            • Music Player: pause command sent after P input switches off
            • BG-I12975 Multimedia Server Configuration Dialog: Date-Time Controls hidden after changing tab
            • AUDIO1-I2290 Stereo Extension shows old version in device status
            • AUDIO1-I2293 Audio Central: hide inputs with functions not supported by audioserver
            • BG-I13387 Stereo Extension: channels are not sorted by channel-number
            • BG-I13497 Central Music: invalid command for Prev-Song
            • AUDIO1-I2429 Audioserver: add small delay between identify commands
            • Music Player: fixed player name in gateway client
            • Music Player: external volume-outputs always visible
            • AUDIO1-I2409 Audioserver: adapted names visible in airplay
            • BG-I13913 Music Player: Autopilot-Information not shown when used as TTS
            • BG-I14108 Music Player Group + Central: Doubleclick in T5/3 does not turn off music
            • A3D9-T615 Audio Player: Adapted description of TTS-Volume
            • A3D9-T619 Audio Player: enable/disable airplay via setting and expert mode
            • BG-I16100 Audioserver Configuration shows “Show on map” button
            • BG-I16484 Audio Player group fixed sends wrong command on Fav input
            • BG-I15491 Audioserver: init-data sent before sps is ready
            • BG-I15835 Audioserver: misleading serverstate during planned reboot
            • BG-I16249 Audioserver has no info about what control preset is assigned to a player
            • BG-I16578 Audio outputs are not sorted by physical order
            • BG-I16502 Musicserver Gen1 created with TreeTurbo-Caption
            • BG-I14743 Audioserver: Doorbell sound isn’t quit after rejecting/accepting the Doorbell
            • Audio Player fixed group does not use master volume when changing volume via input
            • Audioserver: Systemmessage not shown if PlayerID not found
            • BG-I16503 Drag and Drop of MusicServer zone does not set room
            • BG-I16247 AudioPlayer preset always shown as modified when there was a change in Music history
            • Config reports an available update for the Audioserver, even if there is none available


            • BG-I15238 Intercom control not properly reset when restarting simulation
            • BG-I15429 Intercom identify won’t stop if Audioserver was selected after intercom
            • BG-I15798 Intercom has Installation place option when inserting it
            • Deviceproxy: Added connect retries for Intercom
            • Intercom: wrong device status message shown when paired during pairing window

            Auto Configuration

            • BG-I13286 Auto-Configuration: Invalid unit used for frost & storm protection
            • BG-I13815 Auto Configuration: Nano DI Tree inputs not automatically connected
            • Digital outputs in the category heating are connected to the heating & cooling output of the irc instead of the heating output
            • Dialog: Checkboxes not updated
            • BG-I15041 NFC which is a child of a intercom is not completely configured
            • BG-I14930 Auto Configuration: TODO for night mode in sleeping rooms is not created anymore
            • BG-I15226 Auto Configuration: Light Controller in Thoroughfare has invalid Inputs set
            • BG-I15620 Auto Configuration: DisP on Lighting Controller connected multiple times
            • BG-I16479 Auto Configuration: Unassigned stereo extension not filtered in tree
            • BG-I16410 Changed wording in Auto configuration dialog

            Presence Detection

            • BG-I13754 Presence Detection: delete of device does not update counter
            • BG-I13941 Presence Detection: presence not forwarded in gateway
            • BG-I13372 Presence Control: origin of last presence not shown in tracker


            • BG-I13016 Shading object not automatically positioning/snapping to object columns on page
            •  BG-I13083 Automatic Jalousie Internorm: wrong position in app, move-times not inherited by device
            • BG-I13470 Automatic Jalousie: immediately send position update to app after stop
            • Central Shade: synchronised Trigger-Input
            • Automatic Jalousie: invalid target-position-state when setting manual position


            Sequence Control

            • BG-I13156 Sequence Control: function “INT” does not work with some variable names
            • BG-I13288 Sequence Control: TextOutput should remove trailing zeros of analog values


            • BG-I13362 Config crash in light controller dialog
            • BG-I12600 Config crash when closing during connection process
            • BG-I13569 Config crash when converting project to excel list
            • BG-I13308 Sequence Control Dialog: fixed config crash
            • BG-I13657 Config crash when opening multi edit dialog
            • BG-I14549 Config hangs when switching between plugins in search dialog (e.g. SmartThings)
            • BG-I14150 Config crash when deleting client Miniserver
            • BG-I13884 Config crash when closing
            • BG-I14586 Config crash when closing automatic designer dialog
            • BG-I14098 Config crash while learning NFC tags
            • BG-I14659 Config crash after pasting controls
            • Miniserver crash due to buffer overflow when decoding malformed http request
            • BG-I15188 Config crash when deleting climate controller
            • BG-I14625 Config crash when connecting output of consumption meter to another object
            • BG-I14976 Config crash when changing setting of integrated control
            • BG-I14989 Config crash when right clicking multi edit row in tableview
            • BG-I14989 Config crash on right click in permission management dialog
            • BG-I14842 Config crash when trying to open config file with invalid nfc tags (due to an old copy paste issue)
            • BG-I15013 Config crash when closing automatically after downloading update
            • BG-I15030 Config crash when setting air device serial to a serial which already exists
            • BG-I15035 Config crash when changing device template
            • BG-I14919 Config crash during copy and paste
            • BG-I15328 & BG-I15341 Config crash when opening config file
            • BG-I15313 Config crash when deleting air device while air monitor is active
            • BG-I15507 Config crash while saving to Miniserver during update
            • BG-I15165 Config crash when starting simulation with frequency mode enabled on weather inputs
            • BG-I15486 Possible Lockup of SPS when saving to Miniserver
            • BG-I15988 Config crash showing cover-page
            • Config crash when showing search results in QuickSearch
            • BG-I16407 Config crash when importing users
            • Config crash when loading from Miniserver which has a newer firmware
            • BG-I16561 Config crash when aborting device insert while simulation is running
            • BG-I16579 Config crash when separating stereo outputs of Audioserver
            • BG-I16976 Config crash when dragging old intercom a second time from the tree
            • BG-I16954 Config crash when searching for AI/AO extension
            • BG-I16858 Config crash when closing config while addons are still downloaded
            • BG-I16826 Miniserver Gen.1 crash with Sonnenbattery device
            • BG-I16623 Miniserver reboot when deleting user who owns a plugin
            • BG-I16866 Config crash when opening file with eib actors/sensors
            • Config crash when reopening network learning dialog
            • BG-I17015 Config crash when copying and then cutting a control with device references
            • BG-I17101 Config crash when closing setting dialog
            • Config crash when trying to start update/backup
            • BG-I17156 Config crash when closing device command dialog
            LOXONE CONFIG



            • FTP server security vulnerability
              LOXONE CONFIG 12.2.1


              • Project Planning: New Tree cable



              • BG-I13066 Invalid items in intercom ribbon
              • BG-I12752 Intelligent Room Controller: Displays ‘Incomplete configuration’ after auto update when temperature is connected via connection flag
              • BG-I12893 Lightcontroller: invalid unmixing of mood when used with P and P/X
              • BG-I13060 Lightcontroller: Light sometimes goes off after unmixing via TH
              • Config does not display old template versions
              • IN1-I298 Tree devices on intercom are shown as offline during intercom update
              • Autoprogram: invalid value for Lightcontroller-Parameter Ti
              • BG-I13183 InApp notifications from clients are not sent to the visualization (doorcontroller, intercom)


              • Miniserver reboot after expert mode
              • BG-I13031 Config crash when searching in quick search
              • BG-I13034 Config crash during device search
              • Miniserver reboot when loading user permissions
              • BG-I13037 Config crash when changing access times via multi edit row
              • Miniserver reboot when using BacNet
              • Miniserver reboot when using a broken program
              • BG-I13045 Sequence Control Dialog: Config crash when entering invalid character as Connector-Name
              • Miniserver safety reboot caused by defect program
              • BG-I13051 Miniserver safety reboot caused by racecondition when doing http requests
              • BG-I13092 Config crash when closing config
              • BG-I13119 Permissions and Switching timers not converted correctly
              • BG-T2416 Miniserver boot-error when loading a huge number of tokens
              • Config crash when loading from Miniserver while sequence dialog is opened
              • Config crash in sequence control dialog
              LOXONE CONFIG 12.2


              • Sequence Controller
              • Loxone library integration
                • Recommended templates are automatically downloaded into Loxone Config
                • Moved user templates to documents folder
              • User Management dialogs: Combined to one dialog
                • Manage members and memberships
                • Permissions of each user/user group
                • Edit settings of users and groups
                • Save table settings (visible columns and order) and restore when opening dialog the next time
              • A3D9-T297 Alarm: Activation/Deactivation added to history
              • Tesla Powerwall Integration
              • [email protected] integration
              • Extension Learn Dialog
              • BG-I10644 Intelligent Room Controller: Timer via app should not be affected by Reset-Input
              • Network device ribbon always visible
              • Intercom caption under each Miniserver containing all intercoms
              • A3D9-T305 Changelog Dialog: Search function added
              • A3D9-T23 Enabled color setting for rooms like its already available for categories
              • Threshold Switch & Differential Threshold Switch: Added remanence
              • A3D9-T98 Show control links in control tooltip
              • A3D9-T24 Connection Window: Added check-all checkbox
              • A3D9-T387: Modbus TCP: added support for 64-Bit Data Types
              • BG-I11618 Set language of Config via command line argument (e.g.: ‘/Language=DEU’)
              • BG-I11587 Allow delete of all pages (one empty page will be added if all pages are deleted)
              • A3D9-T41 Better display for correction values in liveview
              • Project Planning: Free pwm output article added
              • A3D9-T27 Usermanagement dialog: Improved usability
              • Changed development language from german to english
                • New texts now will be always in english until they are translated
              • BG-I10947 Wallbox: total energy invalid when saving into miniserver during active loading process
              • BG-I11757 Wallbox: invalid number of energy-statistics shown in app
              • BG-I12178 Systemmessage when SD card is removed from Miniserver Gen.2
              • BG-I11887 Permission management: Edit access times and visualization access type in authorized users dialog of each control
              • Home Connect: Added sensor for remote start allowance
              • Permission-Management: reduced size of permission binaries and program-zipfile
              • BG-I12268 Enable App-Tree-Search for Intercom
              • A3D9-T469 Device Status: Actively check online status of Intercom and Audioserver
              • Automatically reload templates when a template has been imported in another instance of Loxone Config
              • Project Planning: Added quadral In-Ceiling Speaker 7
              • Add Log Entry for Air Transceiver error
              • API: Allow fetching of new tokens with an existing token additional to username/password (affected commands: getjwt/ & gettoken/)
              • BG-T2394 Add Help-Icon for currently selected Property
              • A3D9-T18 Implemented “not fully configured” information for various controls
              • A3D9-T81 Presence Detection: add state + command to configure Th via webservice
              • A3D9-T164 Add serial-number to Battery-Monitor
              • R12-T872 Allow Heat / Cool Period in Daytimers
              • A3D9-T39 Presence Detection: use analog Presence-Status of linked presence-controls
              • BG-I12800 Project Analysis: Warning when too many IOs are used on different Miniservers in a Gateway/Client project
              • BG-I12799 Re-Added project info to about dialog
              • Improved sorting in generic tables
                • If texts in one column are the same the other columns are used additionally for sorting



              • BG-I12223 Fixed copy of plugin analog inputs
              • BG-I11763 AIs input documentation of Music Server Zone and Audio Central is not clear
              • BG-I12232 LiveView: Unit is shown on input value and on corrected value now it only shown on the corrected value
              • BG-I7154 Wallbox Standalone: adapt default limitation to 1.4 22kW
              • Sauna Vapor Controller: added automatic action: start sauna with temperature and humidity
              • BG-I12099 Automatic designer: rules executed after deleting other rules
              • BG-I12051 Weather Service: Radiation level calculation not correct
              • BG-I11651 Increased timeout for connection establishment from Config to Miniserver
              • BG-I12067 Miniserver loads emergency file after Miniserver configuration when trying to load a program with nano motor controller
              • Config locks itself out of Miniserver
              • BG-I12061 System Variable output is drawn wrong when error output is shown
              • BG-I12165 Object not correctly renamed when renaming reference on page
              • BG-I12069 Invalid file name when saving RS485 monitor
              • BG-I12141 Intercommunication receive timeout does not always set error output
              • BG-I12121 Sauna Controllers: Safety shutdown time only used in active mode but not in drying mode
              • Poolcontroller: Backwash cycle is not done the full duration
              • BG-I12132 Status: Formatting text with <v.t> adds unnecessary milliseconds
              • Poolcontroller: Backwash duration is too long when started via schedule (it includes rinse duration)
              • Config tree tooltip flickers
              • BG-I12210 Moving average: Calculated wrong when decreasing number of samples with active remanence
              • BG-I12183 Program page position jumps occasionally
              • No proper error message when already is someone connected to the Miniserver via Remote Connect
              • BG-I12091 Liveview: invalid restored value after liveview end
              • BG-I12213 Caller: new-line not handled properly
              • BG-I11836 Property-Window: added information if default value is based on room-type
              • BG-I12209 Energy-Generator: changes of storage-inputs are not applied immediately
              • BG-I12097 Energy-Generator: allow 3 digits for autopilot-conditions using Power
              • Proxy (Audioserver, Intercom) may cause high cpu usage
              • BG-I11748 Hide visu settings of virtual input when its not used on a page
              • BG-I11920 Shade Roof: invalid handling of Parameter Ae
              • Increased watchdog timeouts when loading sps
              • BG-I12044 Project Planning US: Smokedetector is automatically added in new rooms
              • BG-I12025 Renaming reference with a number at the end automatically increases the number
              • BG-I12050 System Variable Rain not working reliable
              • BG-I11997 Project Analysis: Connecting a T5 to a Mailer, Logger, Caller,.. is shown as error
              • BG-I11966 Changing external address overwrites external http port
              • BG-I11977 Intercom/Doorcontroller reference to device gets lost when configuring Miniserver
              • BG-I12000 HVAC Controller: Mode toggles between heating and cooling when Tmin is very small and fan overrun time is still active
              • BG-I11688 A pulse on the reset input results the control being shown immediately as locked in the app
              • BG-I12023 Automatic Designer config crash
              • Detection if app connection is local not working when using IPv6
              • Intercom improvements
              • BG-I11954 Project Analysis: T5 connection to shade roof is shown as invalid connection
              • BG-I11922 Color popup in property window has invalid tooltip
              • BG-I10910 Poolcontroller: Backwash cycle only started once via schedule, all following activations dont work
              • IR Meter Interface: IEC62056 Allow communication with 19200 baud
              • BG-I11926 Config locks itself out of Miniserver when password has changed
              • Device secure connection establish (Audioserver, intercom) is aborted when unexpected data is received
              • Device status not expanded when Audioserver is offline
              • BG-I11814 Wrong error message in config when Miniserver can’t establish connection to remote connect server
              • BG-I11864 Document tree not resorted when changing cabinet position of Miniserver
              • BG-I11831 Gateway stops working when setting http port to 8080
              • BG-I11875 Miniserver search does only display Miniserver hostname but not Miniserver name
              • BG-I9865 Permission-Management: Controls located on Gateway-Clients are not removed from Loxapp when removing user from permitted user-groups
              • BG-I7276 Permission-Management: Controls without permissions visible in app (Gateway-Clients)
              • BG-I9371 Permission-Management: Controls on Gateway-Clients are not visible for user when room is changed
              • BG-I11653 AddOns: No permissions available for analog inputs, digital inputs, analog outputs
              • A3D9-T406 AddOns: Devices now set offline when AddOn is set offline
              • BG-I11842 Program shown as identical when loading with a newer version from the Miniserver
              • BG-I11779 Miniserver does not establish a proper connection to the Audioserver
              • Connections get lost when cutting objects like memory flags from the page
              • BG-I11501 Presence-Control: pulse outputs not turned off after reset
              • BG-I11482 EnergyManager: outputs not visible in app when adding connections without opening dialog
              • BG-I11518 Connector-letters on Extension IO’s do not have appended numbers
              • BG-I11523 Central Roof Window: input WP not working
              • BG-I11416 Irrigation control: Outputs now are not shown/hidden intelligently anymore
              • Room background color setting has invalid description
              • BG-I11528 Operating times ribbon dropdown has a non working button
              • BG-I11535 Known Issue only clickable on link icon
              • BG-I11584 Invalid error message when changing referenced input on a reference
              • BG-I11526 Tree Control: Hidden items get shown
              • BG-I11606 Control-Notes bubble appears on wrong position
              • BG-I11488 BasicAuthorization rejected if password contains ‘:’
              • BG-I11531 SD Format: Miniserver type is now automatically selected depending on selected backup
              • BG-I11532 Network device learning: Don’t automatically create device when its configured in learning dialog
              • BG-I11597 Client Backup very slow when connected externally
              • BG-I11519 Can’t format SD card for Miniserver Gen.1 if SD card has no mountable partition
              • BG-I11698 Control notes text is not properly limited to 500 characters
              • BG-I11699 Smoke/Water Alarm: Alarm suppression is not remanent
              • A3D9-T20 Set Alarm mode of movement sensors when alarm is armed delayed
              • BG-I11690 Edge Detection: Falling Edge immediately deactivates Qon and vice versa
              • BG-I11686 Tree Control displays partially empty tooltip
              • BG-I11631 Drastically improved performance of system status request, which has caused connection aborts when many messages are active
              • BG-I11673 Cancelling closing of Config causes lockup of most functions
              • Miniserver CPU usage not updated and monitor not working properly
              • BG-I11720 Alarm: Delayed on time not updated in visualization
              • BG-I11610 System Scheme: scale slider not set properly
              • BG-I11562 Load Manager: Loads not immediately shedded when exceeding maximum a second time
              • BG-I11629 Setting Miniserver to DHCP does not update internal address
              • A3D9-T340 Dali devices not sorted in settings of dali group
              • A3D9-T340 No dali device count in tree visible
              • BG-I11567 User Settings now can be stored in different files
              • BG-I11766 Project Planning: Product unavailable warning is shown when exporting partlist to shop csv for items that are no products
              • BG-I11460 Door Controller: Video not working via remote connection to gateway, when object is on a client
              • A3D9-T327 Plugin devices not in device status (e.g. HomeConnect)
              • BG-I11808 Status object always creates an edge on AQ when the condition changes
              • Removed automatic set of internal ip address when saving to Miniserver since it is a hidden feature and overrides setting set by customer
              • BG-I11722 Intercommunication: Received packets get lost on Miniserver Gen.1
              • BG-I11659 Schedule, AAL Smart Alarm & Emergency Alarm: Reset does not deactivate active timer
              • BG-I11814 No proper error message when Config connection fails because Miniserver is unable to establish a connection to the remote connect server
              • SD format type preselection not working on intercom
              • BG-I11834 Setting edit dialog: Multi edit is only applied to first item when entering invalid value
              • Updated HomeConnect
                • Updated translations
                • Internal improvements, updated documentation
              • Miniserver Replace dialog size too small in some cases
              • BG-I12246 Enocean Serials are not validated for duplicates
              • Filter banner not shown in document tree
              • BG-I12249 Size of diagnostic dialogs too big
              • New Firmware for ValveTree (Version a lower current threshold is used when driving towards the closed position)
              • Miniserver Gen.2 Releases DHCP lease on reboot
              • NFC Code Touch Tree: Halt during touch input
              • BG-I12286 Emergency Button + Wristband: deleting device does not delete assignment in AAL Emergency
              • BG-I12285 Emergency Button + Wristband: invalid reference still sends commands to device
              • BG-I11988 Keba Wallbox: use default configuration of 3 Phases until device sends alternative
              • BG-I11752 Presence Detection: invalid tracker-entry for presence via Automatic-Rule/Scene
              • BG-I12299 Door Controller & Intercom: Display user defined text on outputs
              • Adding RS232/RS485 templates ask user if he wants to remove existing IO
              • BG-I12197 Caption bar not visible when opening project file from explorer
              • Miniserver HTTP Client: Parsing of HTTP headers not correct in all cases
              • BG-I11993 Automatically select placeholder-text when multi-editing a setting which has different values on the selected controls
              • BG-I11530 Custom system message does not affect Miniserver LED
              • BG-I11775 Caller/Mailer/Logger outputs shown as digital when starting the simulation a second time
              • BG-I12263 Wallbox-Statistics could not be opened
              • Replace username and password with placeholders when saving virtual outputs/inputs as template
              • BG-I12508 Intercom/Audioserver not unpaired after deletion when no address is entered in Miniserver settings
              • BG-I12453 Weathertype options not sorted alphabetically
              • BG-I12320 Systemmessage “Onlinestate not monitored” reappears after update
              • BG-I12434 Music-Central / Player Group: Reset does not lock assigned Music Players
              • BG-I12472 Daytimer-Dialog: Dialog shown as unmodified after dialog close with OK
              • Auto configuration: Irrigation added multiple times
              • BG-I12365 Property Window: Values with decimals are shown in settings which don’t allow decimals
              • BG-I12328 Audioserver Search: Identify not working properly when switching selection between Audioserver and Musicserver
              • BG-I12350 Virtual HTTP inputs not sorted by name
              • Room Permission not updated when changing room of control
              • Updated ribbon buttons for Modbus-Extension, Modbus-Server, RS232 & RS485
              • Room changing of Intercom and Doorcontroller not working properly when having multiple controls
              • BG-I11809 Allow rename of internal Air Base and Tree Extension
              • BG-I12493 Air Learning: Devices which are not found anymore are removed from the search which interrupts editing (the logic has now been removed)
              • Tree/Air Learning Dialog: Don’t empty search when stopping/starting search
              • BG-I12340 System Status not updated after saving to Miniserver
              • BG-T380 New user passwords are now hashed with SHA256 instead of SHA1 per default
              • BG-I12592 Edge wipe relay not working when output is negated
              • BG-I12587 BG-I12589 Daylight, Daylight 30, and Nighttime can’t be simulated
              • BG-I12571 List of rooms in permission dialog do not fit existing rooms (names were different)
              • BG-I12609 Rare case that a client is offline after update or saving to Miniserver
              • BG-I12637 Lighting Controller not top search result when searching for ‘Light’
              • BG-I12580 Space was previously allowed in hostname and now a warning is always shown when opening Miniserver configuration dialog
              • BG-I12646 ProjectPlanning displays tax in US
              • BG-I12563 Invalid LiveView data after opening NFC access configuration dialog
              • BG-I12574 Control Linking is possible when having multiple controls selected
              • BG-I12709 Onlinestatus is shown for audioserver even when not connected
              • BG-I12605 Presence Sensor: Default values for thresholds are too low
              • BG-I11780 Automatic Designer: virtual inputs with pulse converted incorrectly
              • BG-I12532 Steak Thermometer: added Device-State “asleep”
              • A3D9-T42 Control-Notes not visible for Input/Output-References
              • BG-I12513 Central Audio: rename DisMv to DisP
              • Value ranges of Plugin-IOs not correct
              • Miniserver denies authentication with token in rare cases when multiple devices try to authenticate at the same time
              • BG-I12660 Authentication dialog can be opened when double clicking a trust user
              • API: Encrypted requests cant have get parameters
              • BG-I12711 Intercommunication: Invalid systemstatus message when multiple hostnames cant be resolved
              • BG-T1037 User: show insecure-password-warning without active system message
              • BG-I12671 Scheduler not activated by Operatingmode
              • BG-I12661 1-wire device don’t have an installation place
              • BG-I12678 Room of referenced control not updated when chaning it on a tree device
              • BG-I12679 NFC default actions dropdown is empty after saving the document
              • BG-I12631 HTTP-Input: System-Message for Timeout shows invalid value
              • Home Connect AddOn v1.2.5: Small fixes & improvements
              • Miele AddOn v1.0.2: Small fixes & improvements
              • BG-I12816 Project Planning: Mounting bracket misses silver/anthracite and single/double relation
              • BG-I12837 ‘AND’ control not a top result
              • BG-I12844 Document Tree filter not expanding items when searching via a text
              • BG-I12814 Category group options missing in room/cat dialog
              • BG-I12878 Status control: Prevent double rounding problems when creating text with input values
              • BG-I12881 Showing inputs of controls sets the document to modified
              • A3D9-T305 Updated changelog search
              • BG-I12871 Central Shade: lock-state of jalousie resetted with movement-commands via app
              • BG-I12867 Maintenance Counter: Overdue-Notification triggered which each reboot
              • BG-I12865 Sequence Controller: additional empty line inserting when adding new function via Library
              • BG-I12839 Added cancel-button to Device-Options-Dialog
              • BG-I12772 fixed Device-Command for Air-devices in Status-Dialog
              • BG-I11898 Car Charger: default Limit Mode “Maximum” if AIl has no connections
              • BG-I12818 Sequence control: missing space in format of Text-Output
              • BG-I12727 Miniserver update hangs and may fail when there is an extension/device update running in the background
              • BG-I12766 ControlLinking/Systemscheme: Some used controls may not be displayed in visualization when not explicitly used in visu
              • BG-I12431 Device status displays update status on wrong air device
              • BG-I12754 Control Notes not shown on references
              • BG-I12648 Linked controls are invalid when copying a control from one project to another
              • BG-I12704 AddOns: Error output not shown for digital inputs
              • BG-I12687 AddOns: Fixed unnecessary installation place
              • BG-I12765 Wallbox: invalid unit / digits on inputs
              • BG-I12731 removed flickering in Hotel Lighting Controller
              • BG-I12410 Statistic Mails: csv does not contain a whole week when month has changed
              • BG-I12702 Extension Learning: wrong ribbon after closing dialog
              • BG-I11692 Climate Controller: Show infotext if Heating / Cooling is prevented because of threshold or outdoor-temperature
              • View not updated when creating new access schedule
              • Sorting of light group caption not the same as in previous versions
              • Miniserver needs long to start bus init flag not properly reset
              • BG-I12970 System Variable forecast setting visible even when output reference is used
              • BG-I12964 Unpairing in network learning dialog not possible
              • BG-I12979 Invalid unit of particle matter inputs (weather and system variable)
              • BG-I12904 Command recognition reads too much data and thus invalid values (e.g. RS232 & RS485)
              • BG-I12930 Setting edit dialog shows invalid icons
              • BG-I12931 Generic View: Reordering columns by drag and drop does not work properly
              • Miniserver taking long to start
              • BG-I12826 Added default-category for brightness-controller
              • BG-I12932 Automatic Designer: force text-value for numeric descriptions
              • Problems with documentation of AddOn IOs
              • BG-I12890 Analog Outputs have no value-bar in simulation
              • BG-I12513 Central Audio: rename DisMv to DisP
              • BG-I12792 Light Group-Assignment corrupt Light Controller-Moods
              • BG-I12920 Wrong text in ribbon when NFC Code Touch Gen.2 is selected
              • BG-I12909 Usermanagement dialog: Allow delete of users and groups via context menu
              • BG-I12906 Intercom/Audioserver: Hostname not configurable from within configuration dialog
              • BG-I12911 Cover page not correctly named after device was selected
              • BG-I11544 HTTPS certificate handling improved
                • Private Key and certificate do not match
                • To fast refreshes lead to block by letsencrypt
              • BG-I12900 System Status dialog shows messages from previously connected Miniserver
              • Wrong font size in update/backup dialog
              • Learning dialogs show too much data in table view due to a change in the last version
              • BG-I12733 Lan intercommunication devices are always displayed offline
              • BG-I12887 Miniserver configuration: Document is set to modified without sending configuration
              • BG-I12895 Usermanagement: Member selection dialog now selects users when opening dialog
              • BG-I12721 Operating mode outputs can be used in automatic scenes and as output references
              • BG-I12455 Climate Controller: Mode switch slow when changing temperature borders


              Air, Tree & Link

              • Button Air: 
                • Led did not flash when used as integrated device
                • Led did not flash correctly in non integrated device mode
                • Reduced Max LedOnTime from 800 ms to 500 ms
                • Changed setting for LedOffTime to Led Intervall (now only seconds are allowed was millisecond)
                • New Firmware (Version
                • Learnmode never stopped
                •  Don’t send awake / standby when used as integrated device
                • BG-I12245 Link/Tree diagnosis: Invalid values displayed
                • Blinking did not work when used together with burglar alarm
              • BG-I12403 & BG-I11889: air transceiver stopped working in various situations (general improvements of transceiver handling)
                • New firmware for AirBaseV2, MiniserverGoV2, Tree2Air-Bridge: Version
              • Added support to Air devices for different Touch controller
              • R12-I252 Airdevice natindex not correct after removing a device
              • Touch Pure Tree Gen. 1: fixed ambient light
              • BG-I12040 TreeToAir Bridge: Update not stable (new firmware version
              • New binaries for NFC Code Touch Tree Gen. 1, Touch improvements
              • BG-I12747 MultiExtension which is learned in on a tree2air is not available as source for an access controller
              • BG-I12693 Air Learning dialog: Bad signal strength is displayed without an icon


              Automatic Designer

              • BG-I11716 Automatic Scene: no structure-update when changing description or visuPwd-Flag
              • BG-I11625 Automatic Rule Klimacontroller: changed mode to Dropdown
              • BG-I11607 Automatic Rule positioned on wrong page when loading from miniserver
              • BG-I11758 Automatic Scene: icon-adaption via Expert-Mode not shown in “edit scene”
              • BG-I11625 Action for Climate-Controller “set Mode” changed to dropdown
              • BG-I11374 Control is not shown as unconfigured when messaging-actions are incomplete
              • BG-I11444 invalid rule-configuration after editing rule
              • BG-I11799 digital virtual input has no capabilities in app
              • BG-I11935 Hourcounter: automatic rule conditions do not consider time unit
              • BG-I11434 Allow Copy/Paste of Automatic Rules
              • BG-I11507 Automatic Designer Rule: checkbox “notify on execution” can’t be unselected in config
              • BG-I11916 Automatic Scene: trigger-input has no effect on gateway-client
              • BG-I4952 Repositioning of new autopilot rules after loading from Miniserver
              • BG-I11569 Automatic designer rule recording doesn’t record actions from client Miniserver
              • BG-I12444 Newly created Automatic-Rule found in app-search
              • BG-I12253 Not all texts translated after changing language of miniserver

              Intelligent Roomcontroller

              • BG-I11537 Outdoor-temperature not considered when already in eco-mode
              • BG-I11975 Inherit capabilities of Climate-Controllers if no heat/cool outputs are used
              • BG-I11878 System Messages are triggered even if there is no IST temperature connected (Controller cant work without IST temperature)
              • BG-I12140 Unconfigured control has no info-element in property-window
              • BG-I11470 Capabilities for Ventilation should be Heating and Cooling
              • Don’t activate comfort temperature by movement when window is opened
              • BG-I11796 Mode of climate controller not correctly forwarded to room controller
              • BG-I12806 Intelligent Roomcontroller: surplus heating displayed in manual mode when using fahrenheit
              • BG-I12805 Intelligent Roomcontroller: change of comfort-temperature during prepare-phase does not update target temperature
              • BG-T2414  Intelligent Roomcontroller: shading in manual heat mode too early


              • BG-I11918 Output number > 12 may not be usable
              • BG-I11903 Unmixing via P/x not executed
              • BG-I11888 Mixing of sequencer not started immediately
              • Use Warmwhite instead of RGB White when using I1-I4 or when no AllOn-Mood is configured
              • BG-I12138 Dialog: invalid chars can be used in moodnames
              • BG-I11974 Mode change after change via AIs incorrect
              • BG-I11570 Invalid Presence-Mood selected after reset
              • BG-I6600 Light turns off for a few seconds when saving to the Miniserver if smartactor is used on a different Miniserver
              • BG-I11713 Master-Brightness incorrect when using switches
              • BG-I12421 Invalid fading-time for values > 180
              • BG-I12435 Master-brightness wrong after manually turning off all channels
              • BG-I12476 Presence not properly ended after alarm was active
              • BG-I12675 Change on AIS handled incorrectly after end of presence
              • BG-I12590 Lightcontroller Hotel: removed old image from dialog
              • BG-I12796 Invalid mood-state when using presence input
              • BG-I12836 Color dialog: Brightness cant be set to 0%
              • BG-I12875 Multiple digital sensors on same P/X Input handled incorrectly
              • BG-I12893 Impulse on Mv does not mix mood after unmixing by TH-Timer
              • BG-I12889 Master Brightness cannot be set if mood has no outputs


              • BG-I11533 Stereo Extensions are shown in network device search
              • Audioserver proxy is now closed faster when connection is idle (App has disconnected)
              • BG-I12006 Audio Player Ids not adapted when importing client document
              • BG-I12135 Audio Player: DisP does not turn off music
              • BG-I11982 Audio Player: commands from central Music accepted when Reset is active
              • AudioCentral / Musicplayer-Group: Commands not reliable if Players are located on different Miniservers
              • BG-I11486 Project Analysis: Audio Player group shows invalid connection when something is connected to T5
              • Audioserver: Increased debouncing for pairing error systemmessage
              • AUDIO1-I2128 Audio-Outputs can be inverted
              • AUDIO1-I2152 Central Audio / Music Player Group: DoubleClick on V+ / Vhandled incorrectly

              Auto Configuration

              • BG-I11644 Pulse at for sleep mode has no proper name
              • BG-I11774 Auto Config can create duplicate mode output reference


              • Only NFCs of first trust member work
              • BG-I12211 Trust NFCs not working on a Miniserver Gen.1 client
              • Trust: Not allowed Miniserver locks out all external connections
              • BG-I12901 Trust users are not logged off when trust member name changes


              • Various config crashes
                • BG-I11512
                • BG-I11515
                • BG-I11545
                • BG-I11619
              • BG-I11781 Config crash caused by project analysis
              • BG-I11783 Config crash when creating new connection
              • BG-I11833 Crash when creating Air device
              • BG-I11786 Miniserver reboot when extension is invalid
              • BG-I11609 Fixed high GDI object usage, causing config crash when having a lot of custom icons
              • BG-I11724 Config crash when disconnecting from Miniserver
              • BG-I11705 Config crash when opening invalid or too big file
              • BG-I11708 Config crash during open of file from a non existent volume
              • Config Crash when hiding diagnosis inputs and then deleting device
              • Plugin Handling: Fixed access to invalid pointers
              • BG-I11896 Config crash when deleting auto pilot rule
              • Miniserver reboot when using trust and entering a code on the NFC Code Touch
              • BG-I12064 Config crash when creating dali devices
              • Fixed safety reboot caused by lockup in auto pilot
              • BG-I12161 Config crash when changing light moods when simulation is active
              • BG-I12143 Config crash in EIB monitor
              • BG-I12144 Config crash in tree sorting
              • BG-I12114 Config crash when deleting user in document creation dialog
              • BG-I12048 Occasional FTP Watchdog reboot on Miniserver Gen.1
              • BG-I12171 Config crash in light controller dialog
              • Config crash when closing directly after start
              • Miniserver memory leaks
              • Improved recovery after syn-flood attacks
              • BG-I12327 Config crash during simulation
              • BG-I12325 Config crash when creating project planning with 2 Miniservers
              • BG-I9486 Config crash when copying page containing a presence control multiple times
              • MainTask Watchdog reboot while checking SD card
              • BG-I12541 Config crash when downloading firmware packages
              • BG-I12533 Config crash when deleting light scene
              • BG-I12334 Config crash when updating firmware packages
              • BG-I12408 Miniserver-Reboot after deleting user via app
              • BG-I12485 Config crash when multi-editing all controls with a specific setting
              • BG-I12734 Config crash when creating audioserver
              • Miniserver Gen.2 network stops working (not possible to connect with app due to invalid tcp/udp checksums)
              • BG-I12718 Config crash during auto configuration
              • Miniserver safety reboot with air motor
              LOXONE CONFIG


              • Trust: Invalid NFC data is used for decryption
              • BG-I11410 Miniserver safety reboot when setting aes key of meter interface
              • BG-I11414 Irrigation: Irrigation times not saved when changing multiple at once
              • BG-I11423 Config Crash with Dali
              • BG-I11418 Miniserver memory leak when modbus device is offline, causing cyclic update of system messages
              • Hour Counter starts after update
              • Usermanagement not working on Miniserver Gen.1
              • AirBaseV2, MsGoV2, Tree2Air bugfix – lost packets (firmware version
              • BG-I11517 Irrigation: no states when used in gateway-systems
              • Various config crashes
                • BG-I11512
                • BG-I11515
                • BG-I11545
                • BG-I11619
              • Intercom does not ring on audio players
              • BG-I11671 Possible high memory usage when sending a lot of events in client gateway
              • Intercom: Possible config crash when saving to client/gateway
              • Updated HomeConnect
              • Plugin Handling: Fixed access to invalid pointers causing start of plugins without proper permissions
              • Presence-Control: assigned Touch Nightlights lose reference to Device when configured with dialog
              • BG-I11570 Light Controller: invalid Presence-Mood selected after reset
              LOXONE CONFIG 12.1


              • Trust
                • Sharing of users and user groups between multiple Miniservers
              • Intelligent Room Controller:
                • Presence activated schedule
                • Two comfort temperatures one for cooling and one for heating
                • Removed outdoor temperature handling
                • Support for new visualization
                • Moved ‘Use Sunshine’ setting to shade controls
              • Support for Intercom
              • HVAC Controller
                • Works with different kinds of HVAC systems
                • Can be used similar like the climate controller
              • Home Connect support
              • Added Button Air & Wrist Button Air
              • NFC Code Touch Gen.2
              • RG1-T112 Offline system messages of devices/extensions are now shown on the affected controls where outputs of the device/extension are connected to
              • A3D9-T123: Added support for Automatic-Scenes
              • A3D9-T282 Roof Window Central Block
              • A3D9-T283 Roof Window: added parameter for Block-Time, Inputs for end-positions
              • System Variables:
                • Rain
                • Expected Solar energy
                • Expected precipitation
                • Expected particular matter
              • Import users from CSV
              • Load Manager
                • Manages the power usage in your home and keeps it below a maximum by turning of loads
              • Energy Manager
                • API support
                • New reworked dialog
                • Set time until when the minimum daily runtime has to be reached
                • Fully configured existing blocks are automatically added to visualization
              • Irrigation function block
              • R12-T868 Auto Jalousie: add and position Adjustment-mode
              • Remote Connect Support for china
                • Miniserver tries to determine what Loxone datacenter it should use
                • On first connect with config to a loxone cloud dns address both data centers are checked
                • Country setting in document settings now affects what datacenter the Miniserver uses
                • Country setting is now a combobox
              • Allow login with [email protected]
                • host can be Miniserver name or Miniserver serial
                • This enables us to allow duplicate user names in Trust systems
                • Trust users need to login with host
              • Automatic Designer
                • A3D9-T101 Added command “Set Lamelle Position” for jalousie
                • A3D9-T97 Added Action “disable presence for presence-controller”
                • A3D9-T106 Create custom System Message and TTS for multiple AudioZones
                • A3D9-T74 Added support for recording tasks as action-list for a rule
              • New templates:
                • Negotica P1
                • SunnyBoy
                • E+E EE671
                • E+E EE600
                • Solarfocus products
                • Stiebel Eltron LWZ
                • Updated Samsung TV IR template
              • BG-I10851: Intercommunication
                • Improved receive performance
                • Warning is triggered when too many packets are received and Miniserver is unable to process them all
              • User now has fields for firstname, last name, email and phone
              • Gate Controller: Webservice to stop and open/close the gate with one command
              • A3D9-T294 New Time-Object: Nighttime (active from dusk till dawn)
              • Lightcontroller
                • BG-I10892 Changed behaviour of movement-moods based on current operating modes
                  • ‘change to’ is only allowed when all off or current move-mood is activated by presence, not after manual change
                  • ‘change to when off’ is only set when lights are off and presence/mv is activated, not set by change of active operating modes
                • Added Input: MasterBrightness
              • Button to edit all items of a type added to ribbon
              • Air Learning dialog: Signal strength added
              • BG-I10871 Central Audio & Light: Added RtD input for centralized reset of light and music controls
              • A3D9-T323 Buttons added for browsing to templates
              • Floating average: Reset input
              • Pulse By: Support for 4 different search patterns
              • Pulse At
                • Different types of pulses can now be set (sunset, sunrise,…)
                • App support
              • BG-I11099 Separate acoustic identification on stereo outputs
              • Automatic Designer: Conversion of recorded Tasks into automatic-rules


              • General
                • BG-I10612 Override of T5 inputs in LiveView not reset after stopping liveview
                • BG-I10726 Control not shown in system scheme if set to category and place ‘do not use’
                • No proper error message when Miniserver is using default credentials and cloud dns is therefore not working
                • BG-I10572 Invalid onlinestates are displayed in the tree for a short time directly after connecting or loading from Miniserver
                • Copy & Paste of items that have children (e.g. intercommunication device)
                • BG-I10508 Unselected objects are created when dragging different object from tree
                • Plugin does not start properly (e.g. EEBUS) when having multiple instances
                • BG-I10755 Remote Air: Button order wrong in LiveView/Simulation
                • BG-I10718 Hourcounter statistic is now enabled per default
                • BG-I10695 Energy: Automatically set to ‘Absolute’-mode when air meter interface is connected
                • BG-I9604 Editing control notes timed out
                • BG-I10383 Sun-Positions incorrect after timezone-change
                • BG-I10262 Energy Manager: minimum off time ignored
                • Solar Pump Controller: manual mode not started
                • BG-I10517 Updated splash screen
                • BG-I10502 Link is not removed when system scheme is deleted, therefore control stays in LoxApp
                • BG-I10493 Invalid email addresses cause broken automatic designer
                • BG-I10460 Warning about custom changes when saving to Miniserver does not have an abort button
                • BG-I10709 Diagnosis dialogs: Can’t identify device without device type
                • BG-I8057 Invalid control size after connection reference has been connected
                • Users with Loxone Config rights don’t have all other rights
                • BG-I10701 Category and room of door controller not updated
                • BG-I10709 Dragging user to user group within tree shows wrong image and text
                • BG-I10451 Tracker has no Symbol-Selection
                • BG-I10364 Shade Roof: trigger not working when fully closed
                • BG-I10660 Froeling Extension: Chargestate Buffer 2 4 missing
                • Time-Functions (Impulse sunrise,..) shown as not permitted to non-admin-users
                • Fixed invalid Structure file after removing controls
                • A3D9-T202 Shading-Controls: protection-state not saved after miniserver-reboot
                • BG-I10353 Virtual http output: Authorization not working when user or password contains a ‘@’
                • Plugins go offline after saving to Miniserver
                • BG-I10268 ControlLinking: Sorting is lost when adding additional controls
                • BG-I10075 Shading Controls not properly locked via central shade
                • BG-I10304 NFC code touch not shown in device status when learned in on Tree to Air bridge
                • BG-I10299 Media control allows selection of non existent modes breaking visualization
                • BG-I10294 Inputs only used for display in app show nothing after option was set to ‘Custom symbols’
                • BG-I10201 Miniserver Gen.1 can’t handle changing gateway mac address
                • BG-I10325 Roof Window: Setting of position while already moving not always possible
                • EEBUS better naming of periphery
                • BG-I10241 Daytimer/IRC Schedule: Needs activation entries are not properly separated when an entry in the middle of an existing entry is added
                • BG-I10246 Sauna Vapor Controller: Ready Push is sent event if humidity is not reached
                • BG-I10260 Separate description of minimum time setting for analog/digital inputs
                • BG-I10264 Property Window: HTML-link displayed in description
                • Damper Tree: Driving with full force to endstop causes increased wear of gears
                • High cpu usage causes loss of input packets
                • BG-I9979 Certificates for Miniserver Gen1: verify number of certificates in chain
                • BG-I9367 Energy-Monitor: incorrect income if update-intervals between production and delivery are too big
                • BG-I9412 NFC Code Touch: Bsel output does not output -1 without preselection
                • BG-I10079 Ribbons appear even if project dialog is opened
                • BG-I10167 ProjetPlanning: Systemmailer has no recipient set after document creation
                • When selecting pages on the far left or right the tab of the next/previous page is not properly visible
                • BG-I9935 UDP input can’t be set in simulation
                • BG-I10091 Via app created room does not have a right group
                • BG-I10144 Plugin outputs (EEBUS, HunterDouglas) are sent even if the outputs are not used in programming
                • BG-I10170 Description text title in property window is cut off
                • BG-I10136 Control links are not restored when cutting and pasting object
                • BG-I10048 Miniserver Gen.1 can’t communicate with devices which use an extremely small tcp window size
                • BG-I10084 Light Central: Reset on gateway systems not reliable anymore
                • BG-I5512 Energy-Monitor: Consumption-values incorrect if receive-intervals have large difference
                • renamed Varta-Template
                • Connection window: Description very long and not descriptive. Short description of inputs is now used
                • BG-I9953 Show product prices when exporting config file to a excel part list
                • BG-I9961 Project Analysis: Analog multiplexer shown as warning if nothing is connected to inputs
                • BG-I9905 Telenot template has signed check activated
                • BG-I9957 Invalid visu option for virtual out command
                • UK English now uses the translations from US english
                • BG-I10064 Format Dialog: Per default Miniserver Gen.1 is selected
                • BG-I10066 Known issue for sd caption is not shown
                • BG-I9998 Custom Enocean device with 32 bits not working on Miniserver Gen.2
                • BG-I10059 Notification does not send digital values
                • BG-I10041 Missing event for app for counter inputs
                • BG-I9828 Project backups: Wrong sorting
                • BG-I9829 Io references have control notes
                • BG-I9818 Network configuration: No error message when entering invalid settings
                • BG-I9875 Config connection to Miniserver behind reverse proxy via tls not working
                • BG-I9896 Manual wakeup not possible of presence air
                • BG-I9898 Fixed drag and drop of battery powered presence sensor
                • BG-I9888 Wrong context menu in floating property window
                • BG-I9831 Page ordering wrong after closing learning dialog
                • Audio Alarm not working when Audioserver is dummy device when programming alarm logic
                • BG-I9890 Room Tree: hide button visible without any text
                • BG-T2101 Learning Dialogs: Text next to extension selection combobox is not suitable
                • BG-I9907 Bacnet sensor error connector of input not available
                • Pages window: Readded Miniserver Name
                • Energy Monitor: invalid case for Fronius storage data-request
                • BG-I9661 Climate Controller: Fan output deactivated while input If is still active
                • BG-I8673 Caller: call is cut off after # in text
                • BG-I10812 ProjectView Miniserver search: IP address is cut off
                • BG-I10870 Digital input is always connected to + on light controller
                • BG-I10872 References are not sorted by name in document tree
                • BG-I10958 Visualization settings missing when control is not explicitly used in visualization and only used in a control link
                • BG-I10863 Touch & Grill room can’t be changed without changing room of second control
                • BG-I10967 Weather Service can have control links
                • BG-I10972 Invalid selection in property window after multi selection
                • Integrated Auto jalousie: Web Service ‘manualPosBlind/’ not working correctly
                • BG-I10753 devices stop identifying during search
                • ProjectView: Double click in search bar opens file
                • Save Password not checked per default in connection dialogs
                • BG-I10845 Text in state dialog is cut off
                • BG-I10831 Connect with empty password/user is allowed
                • BG-I10890 Invalid tooltip displayed in some dialogs
                • BG-I10782 MeterInt: References get lost when changing type
                • BG-T559 Hostname of Miniserver can not be properly set
                • Config crash when loading from Miniserver
                • Tree To Air Bridge not properly created
                • Auto updated addon index deleted after reboot
                • User specific LoxAPP not updated after rights are changed
                • BG-I11050 simpler display of yearly timespans
                • BG-I11148 Table View which is used in multiple dialogs does not use local aware sorting
                • BG-I11154 Wrong button type of input after switching from analog to digital
                • BG-I11206 Status block: Output AQ creates an edge each input change
                • BG-I11190 System Scheme: Image gets lost when loading custom changes from Miniserver
                • BG-I11181 SIA: Text outputs not supported
                • BG-I11165 Some keyboard shortcuts can’t be used
                • Pulse at: Is not shown as big control as all other visualized controls (there will be now automatic repositioning)
                • BG-I9899 Nanomotorcontroller: Room not set after changing operating mode
                • Operating times: Date cant be set
                • Improved auto positioning
                • Improved line handling
                • BG-I10674 User doesn’t get any system status push message when not part of any group
                • BG-I11131 Rooms-Name not used in user management dialogs
                • BG-I10981 Tree learning via app lists extensions used for intercommunication
                • BG-I11084 Alarm Buttons: Option “Use LED” disabled after deleting assigned alarm control
                • BG-I11001 AAL Emergency Alarm: some sensor-types immediately trigger alarm when configured timeout is expected
                • Invalid permissions for factory files
                • BG-I10265 Controllinks are available for system scheme (Option has been removed for system scheme)
                • BG-I10969 Creating switching time has no abort button
                • Error message when having multiple extension with serial number ‘auto’
                • BG-I11028 Suggested project save name may be wrong when project has been copied
                • Control Link to meter interface input gets lost
                • Multi Edit of captions is possible, but they don’t really have any settings
                • BG-I10990 System Variable Output not yellow in simulation when pressed
                • BG-I10998 Media control dialog: Initial size is to big and dialog is not resizeable
                • BG-I11034 Time Control Unix Timestamp visible per default
                • BG-I10830 correct invalid viewtypes of virtual udp sensors
                • BG-I10791 Expert mode: fixed parameter-boundaries for audio player
                • BG-I11029 Shade Central: up/down commands via app when all blinds already moving will now stop shades
                • BG-I11218 Wake-Function Messagebox cannot be cancelled
                • BG-I8135 Air Learning: no proper response to app when device did not react to learn command
                • BG-I9993 PicoC: Increased allowed CPU usage
                • Daytimer: Edge is created on SPS start on Qon/Qoff when AQ is inverted
                • BG-I11144 Possible connections window shows wrong error output
                • BG-I11247 Virtual HTTP output not working when URL contains a colon
                • Touch & Grill: New Version, fixing show temperature after wake up when sensor is no longer connected
                • Update for NFC Code Touch with fixes to NFC communication
                • BG-I11267 Autojalosie “unknown” locked reason shown in app
                • BG-I11278 Night-Time object assigned to wrong parent
                • BG-I11260 Custom-Change warning does not show up when saving into miniserver
                • BG-I10966 T5 sensor of offline Device triggers when every miniserver-start
                • BG-I10336 AAL Smart Alarm shown as “disabled” after changing timezone
                • BG-I10815 Energy-Generator Fronius: storage-requests used wrong storage-ID
                • BG-I10747: AirBase Update never completed 
                • Tree filter wrong when showing unassigned periphery
                • Tree filter: When filtering for device names IO of device is not shown
                • Setting edit dialog: Not all settings of output/input references are shown, now also settings of actual output/input are shown
                • BG-I11315 App Learning: Offline message is triggered when learning new device
                • BG-I11305 LiveView: Multi clicks on T5 inputs not working properly
                • Message Boxes appear during extension creation and block input
                • BG-I11327 Text in tree not readable when item is selected
                • Nanomotorcontroller Air/Tree: Fixed typecasts for overcurrent setting
                • Added longitude, latitude & altitude to info for app
                • BG-I11284 Project subfolder are created to often
                • BG-I11282 Air serial not editable
                • BG-I7296 No weather data after SPS restart
                • EEBUS Subscriptions get lost due to uninitialized/restarting eebus device
                • Virtual HTTP input error system message triggered constantly
                • BG-I9141 Touch & Grill: Systemmessage “Device offline” shown when device is intentionally turned off
                • NFC Code Touch Air: Improvements when initializing tags and smartphones
              • Automatic Designer
                • BG-I10384 Door Controller: add option with output-names
                • BG-I10720 invalid rule shown as valid
                • BG-I10708 Dialog: uuid shown instead of reference-name
                • BG-I10713 Music Player Group via Automatic Designer: vol up/down handled incorrectly
                • A3D9-T117 Hourcounter: additional capabilities for Hours, Minutes, Days
                • BG-I10152 edited rule in gateway client loses last received value
                • BG-I10581 Light Controller-conditions not working in gateway
                • BG-I10707 Dialog: sequences is empty
                • BG-I10603 allow empty description
                • BG-I10602 rename of scene does not adjust visu
                • A3D9-T281 added support for audio group fix
                • BG-I10474 Dialog: show value range in helptext
                • A3D9-T278 Systemmessage “invalid Rule” disappears after saving to miniserver
                • Added property “notify on execution”
                • Text-Events not recognized when last value was an empty string
                • Systemmessage is not confirmed when rule is deleted
                • Added support for Central Music
                • A3D9-T230 Jalousie Controls: safety activated with Automatic Designer must be disabled with Automatic Designer
                • BG-I10337 Conditions with combination of day and time executed multiple times
                • A3D9-T252 Adapted strings for Autodesigner-Systemmessage
                • A3D9-T248 Actions for Sauna have invalid temperature-boundaries
                • A3D9-T112 Added Receivers to System-Message
                • A3D9-T100 Dialog: set placeholder text when analog-control was not edited
                • A3D9-T99 Dialog: added date-picker to date-selector
                • A3D9-T111 Dialog: added validation for email
                • A3D9-T110 Use Minutes for Roomcontroller-Overrides
                • A3D9-T119 Additional commands for Ventilation: timer (duration) & timer-until
                • A3D9-T120 Condition “current cycle” is no dropdown
                • A3D9-T116 AAL Smart Alarm: added Events Locked, not locked and “no alarm is active”
                • A3D9-T121 Sauna Controller: added Condition “ready”, added action “start with target temperature”
                • A3D9-T115 Added Conditions to Central Gate, Central Alarm, Central Light, Central Shade
                • A3D9-T130 Improve performance when requesting capabilities
                • Room Controller Timers: invalid mode selected
                • Alarm: activate alarm with or without presence was switched
                • Audio Player: set volume and favorite only executed if connector-value is different
                • BG-I10887 Rule not set invalid when deleting Automatic Scene
                • R12-I248 Dialog: virtual input set as PushButton has no actions
                • BG-I10384 selection for DoorController shows numbers instead of text
                • BG-I11160 LoxApp3: property “LinkedControl” invalid for automatic scenes
                • BG-I10931 added EIB controls
                • BG-I10929 Rules shown as incomplete after reboot
                • BG-I10804 deleting of rules is very slow
                • R12-I249 Dialog: drag started when using date or time picker
                • BG-I11290: Automatic Designer + Media Control: Added condition for active Mood
                • BG-I10581 Light Controller-conditions not working in gateway
                • BG-I9837 property-window is not refreshed after closing dialog
                • Miniserver handling of automatic designer and system status web services improved
                • Radio16 does not show all options in config-dialog
                • BG-I10153 Auto configuration: Fixed invalid connector assignments on light controller
                • Dialog: filter actions based on conditions
              • Presence Controller
                • BG-I9505 Resets during save into miniserver
                • BG-I10813 Warning pulse activated after manual reset
                • BG-I11082 Not reset when restarting simulation
                • BG-I10607 Presence not started when adding active presence-controls to configuration
              • Wallbox
                • BG-I11320 Custom change triggered by Keba Wallbox after saving into miniserver
                • Wallbox function block cant be locked
                • BG-I9644 Outputs are not reseted after device goes offline; fixed unnecessary custom change
                • BG-I10060 Miniserver AIN are not working as digital inputs after update when a Wallbox is used
                • BG-I10420 Duration counter keeps running when device is offline
              • Intelligent Roomcontroller
                • Command “override until” uses incorrect endtime
                • BG-I8002 calculate allowed temperature from Climate Controller Ec/Eh based on range of comfort-temperatures
                • Switching between heating and cooling is slow
                  • Removed the current delay of 30 minutes
                  • Controller now switches within two samples (~20 seconds)
                • BG-I10255 No info for app what capabilities (heating, cooling,..) the controller has
                • IRC Toggling between heating and cooling
                • BG-I9867 Invalid displayed mode in prepare-phase
                • Temperatures always shown blue when using fahrenheit
                • BG-I9595 Systemmessage “Big Temperature Difference” does not consider configured capabilities of source (if HC1-3 is used)
                • BG-I8508 init default mode based on capabilities
                • IRC not switching between cooling and heating when using fahrenheit
                • IRC big temperature difference even if there is no active cooling system
                • BG-I10886 Previous setpoint is not restored when override timer is stopped in manual mode
                • IRC: Increased automatic activation of comfort mode due to movement to 30 minutes
                • BG-I10599 Shading now also counts as active cooling which allows switch to cooling mode without additional cooling devices
                • Mode may toggle if source only used for a single purpose
              • Devices
                • BG-I10085: Update NAT Table management for Air Devices
                • BG-I9826: Air devices offline after Miniserver restart (added new Binaries for AirBase / MsGo / Tree2Air)
                • BG-T2341: TraceRoute not working on Battery-devices when last Hop is located in a different network.
                • BG-I10050 1-Wire Extension not working after update (some DS18B20 sensors cant be read)
                • New Firmware for production of various Air Devices
                • Nightlight: New Binaries: Fixed bug in fading of T7 Led
              • Auto Configuration
                • BG-I9973 Presence-Sensor used in Presence-Control are connected
                • BG-I10063 Category group climate not used for climate
                • BG-I11159 Old controls are used instead of newer ones (Frost & Storm-Protection)
                • BG-I10459 Presence: add support for leave room / leave house / goodnight function
                • Unconnected outputs TODO is positioned over outputs
              • Project Planning
                • BG-I11166 Tree usage not correct when using tree to air bridge
                • New rooms don’t have a preselection
                • BG-I10928 Project planning dialog too big with product catalog
              • Systemstatus
                • BG-I9960 Custom systemmessage: Users cant be allowed for the control via user management
              • Gateway/Client
                • BG-I9291 Expert Mode Client/Gateway: changes which affect visualization disconnects app
                • BG-I7342 Gateway/Client with EIB/KNX: EIB Actors controlled from other miniserver send values cyclic
              • Lightcontroller
                • BG-I7777 Alarmclock-mood cannot be unmixed
                • BG-I10138 RQ not triggered via double-click in app
                • BG-I10233 Fixed permanent refresh of states while Next/previous input is active
                • BG-I10067 DisP switches off light after manual input
                • BG-I9972 DisP switch off while waiting for T5-click-duration
                • Set Ti to zero when connecting something on presence input
                • BG-I7933 Dialog: Light sequence disappears
                • BG-I9817 Active P/X input added after unmixing mood
                • BG-I9832 Dialog: wrong message when deleting mood assigned to T5 or P/X input
                • BG-I10761 mode change switches on light after manual input
                • BG-I10234 adding mood via T5 to active move mood switches off after TH instead of MT
                • Master-Value is now based on lowest output instead of highest
                • BG-I10825 Master-brightness affects dimmer-output whit output-value 0
                • BG-I11156 Moods can’t be added to “alarm clock”-mood
                • Parameter Ti not considered when using P/x inputs
                • Allow switch back to movement-mood “any mode”
                • BG-I11200 Master Brightness: adjust output factor after reset via app
                • Light not immediately switched off when presence and DisMV is active
                • DisP does not affect P/x inputs
                • Automatic-Action “Change to” only allowed when all off or light is activated via presence
                • Not all moods mixed with P1-8 are unmixed with DisP
              • Audio
                • AUDIO1-I1842 AudioPlayer: adapted tts command for volume 0
                • AUDIO1-I1827 Stereo Extension search: uuid is used if name is empty
                • AUDIO1-I1724 Config pages not selectable after learning audioserver
                • AUDIO1-I1485 Audio-Server: do not send volumes and playernames for players of dummy-extensions
                • BG-I9885 Added Musicserver-Zone for Automatic Designer
                • AUDIO1-I1687 Music player: bell event cut off on very short input pulses
                • BG-I10803 Audio Player cant be selected in audio player group when it previously was assigned to one
                • Audioserver configuration dialog says music server
              • Intercommunication
                • Unknown packets are shown
                • First filtered packet is shown
                • Item selection changes when search view is updated
                • BG-I11031 Wrong password systemmessage stays even after changing password and the message is not visible on all affected counterparts
                • Removed need for validation when setting password
                • BG-I10963 Encrypted Intercommunication packet can’t be learned
                • Intercommunication sensor get default name when created via search and not packet ID
                • Can’t enter port when creating encrypted lan intercommunication packets from search
                • BG-I10725 Intercommunication counterpart does not display all settings in documentation
                • Intercommunication password warning can’t be ignored
                • BG-I10422 Can’t add input if a sensor already exists on tree/network intercommunication
                • BG-I10339 Lan Intercommunication not added automatically
              • Shade Roof
                • Lock reason wrong
                • BG-I11002 remove “assign device” bar from control
                • Moving to the same position twice via web service not working
              • Modbus
                • BG-I10717 Modbus TCP: add option for TCP fragmentation
                • BG-I10738 Documentation of Modbus/Fröling not visible anymore
                • M-Tec template invalid correction factor
                • BG-I5297 Modbus TCP: Sensor validation shows “returns no values” if not used
                • BG-I9608 Modbus devices go offline after saving to the Miniserver
                • Modbus Server: received values written to wrong sensor after timeout
                • BG-I11000 Modbus extension cant be replaced in extension search dialog
              • Stability
                • Config crashes due to out of memory (maximum memory usage of config has been reduced)
                • Miniserver reboot when deleting control and its childs via app
                • BG-I10587 Config-Crash when opening automatic designer rule with active miniserver-connection
                • BG-I10374 Config crash when creating 1-wire device
                • BG-I10272 Config crash
                • BG-I10271 Config crash when saving to Miniserver
                • BG-I10284 Config Crash when changing actor settings of tree/air device in Setting dialog
                • Config crash when closing dialogs
                • BG-I10081 Config crash in light controller dialog
                • BG-I10157 Config crash when aborting room creation on references
                • BG-I10077 Miniserver reboot when setting wallbox actor
                • BG-I10146 Miniserver crash with invalid dali actors
                • BG-I10149 Lightcontroller: config crashes when converting gen1 with same actor connected to multiple outputs
                • BG-I10053 Miniserver reboot while initializing audioserver
                • BG-I9838 Config crash in liveview
                • BG-I9835 Config crash when closing audioserver update dialog
                • Miniserver crash when Monitor is active
                • BG-I9856 Config crash when opening media control dialog
                • Miniserver reboot when aquastar object is not properly created
                • Miniserver reboot when deleting object from program during runtime
                • BG-I9906 Config crash when setting network configuration
                • Increased watchdog timeout for DNS task, reducing risk of watchdog reboots when Miniserver has no internet
                • Miniserver safety reboot when saving remanence
                • Miniserver safety reboot in irc
                • BG-I11080 Config crash when setting light group
                • Config crash when intercom control is deleted
                • BG-I10721 Fixed Config-crash while cut/paste of Autodesigner-Rules during saving into miniserver
                • Miniserver safety reboot when system status message change too fast
                • Miniserver safety reboot during liveview
                • DNS Watchdog improved
                • NTP Watchdog improved
                • BG-I11279 Config crash when inserting device while simulation is running
                • BG-I11281 Config crash when selecting item on page
                • BG-I11328 Config crash when NFC monitor is active
                • Config crash when deleting IR actors
                • Config crash when closing config while search is running
                • Project Analysis: Config crash
                • Miniserver safety reboot with incompatible SanDisk SD cards
                • Invalid tree search results shown causing crashes in some cases
                • BG-I10776 Config crash when top modules are added when opening document
                • BG-I10896 Config crash when deleting Miniserver in program tree
                • BG-I11345 Config crash when editing actor type in multi edit dialog
              LOXONE CONFIG 12.0

              Loxone Config


              • Intelligent Room Controller: invalid conversion to Fahrenheit for outdoor temperature-boundaries
              • Miniserver reboot while monitor is active
              • Config sometimes loses connection

              Loxone Config 12.0

              What’s new?

              • Automatic Designer:
                • Rules can now be created and edited with Loxone Config
                • Added support for Simulation of rules
              • R12-T789 Show settings of a control in a floating window by clicking the ‘setting’ icon on the block or double clicking it
              • R12-T770: Lock any control from within the app
                • Blocks access to the control
                • Sets Reset or Stop input on control
                • Needs new App version
              • R12-T769: Control linking
                • link one or multiple controls to another on
                • the linked controls will be displayed in the details of the control in the visualization
                • Needs new App version
              • R12-T799: Reset password of Miniserver via Config
                • Access to the SD card is required
                • Option can be found in project overview or when selecting the sd card object in the document tree
              • Control presets:
                • Possibility to reset control via logic or app
                • Update control preset via app or control input
                • Control presets with additional settings like light moods, or alarm clock entries
                • Supported controls: Roomcontroller, light controller, alarm clock, ventilation, Audio player
              • Support for EEBUS devices
                • Currently only the Hvac Use Case is supported
              • Custom systemmessage
                • Add the systemmessage output under ‘messages’
                • Trigger a custom system message from within your programming
              • Network intercommunication added
                • Use like tree intercommunication except that you can enter network addresses
              • Hunter Douglas PowerView Hub integration
                • Trigger your scenes defined in your PowerView app
                • Only for Miniserver Gen.2
              • Schüco Extension
              • New tree device ‘Tree to Air Bridge’
                • The perfect solution for enabling existing Tree installations with Air technology
                • Getting great Air performance at your garage for your Remote Air
                • Extend your Air network in bigger buildings
              • Light Controller: Added Possibility to use T5-Input as Presence-Input with simple holding function
              • Improved automatic filter:
                • Room Filter is reset when deactivating ‘automatic filter’
                • If the current page does not have a room, room filter is now set to ‘all’
              • Systemstatus
                • R12-I18 New messages are now more present in Loxone Config
                • R12-T584 Added serial number of devices to system messages
              • R12-T71 Warning when trying to update Audioserver or format Audioserver SD card with an old version
              • Updated Audioserver documentation
              • Miniserver Go Gen.2 available
              • Flush mounted presence sensor available
              • R12-T353 Token authentication on Miniserver can now be done without application layer encryption, token also does not have to be hashed anymore
                • This is for simpler usage of our API
                • Application layer encryption is not necessary anymore since Miniserver Gen.2 supports transport layer security
                • Loxone app currently still uses application layer encryption!
              • Document tree filter is now always visible for easier access to the filter options
              • Project Planning:
                • New products
                • The newest pricelists are now always included with the Loxone Config Setup
                • Added CHF/FR
                • Added presence sensors to preselection
              • R12-T585 Show CRC Error and 85Degrees Error in 1Wire Monitor
              • R12-I183 Connection flags: Move back to starting page when aborting connection flag creation with escape
              • R12-T608 Client/Gateway: Periphery from other Miniservers is now colored in the color of the Miniserver
              • Intercommunication: Added repetition settings for outputs
              • Air and Tree ribbon now always visible when air or tree devices are in project
              • R12-T180 Temperature-Controller: added Gateway-Support for Roomcontrollers
              • R12-T510 Presence configuration dialog
                • Movement is now shown in chart
                • Timer functionality added, to measure minimum and maximum volume
              • R12-T511 Presence Sensor Air/Tree
                • time limit for Audio-Ontime-Prolonging is now supported
              • BG-I4309 Enable error outputs for digital inputs
              • BG-I8707 Creation dialog is now opened when creating a room or category by entering name into setting
                • This prevents unwanted creation of rooms/categories
              • R12-T673 Analog multiplexer: Inputs are now parameters
                • Instead of connecting constants its now possible to define parameter
              • R12-T673 2-point controller is now invertable
              • R12-T656 Delete statistics for a control if statistic is disabled via expert mode
              • R12-T838 Statistics Dialog: Added button to delete statistics
              • R12-I206 Setup icon
              • BG-I9107 F1 shortcut opens documentation for selected control
              • Network devices are moved below the Miniserver in the document tree
              • R12-T762 Miniserver Gen2 now uses Zeroconf Ipv4 Link-Local Addressing.
                • If DHCP configuration is activated, the Miniserver will not fall back to if no IP address is assigned from a DHCP server.
                • Instead a 169.254.x.x link-local address will be allocated. This is the same behaviour as known from MS Windows and Apple Mac OS
              • Auto Configuration
                • BG-I9370 Dialog: Added separate checkbox for checking and unchecking all options
                • BG-I8991 Dialog: Added uncheck/check all to column dropdowns
                • BG-T2305 Dialog: Only currently selected room is selected per default
              • Learning Dialog
                • BG-I9391 Air: Help texts if no search results are found
                • R12-T797 Reduced amount of filled out fields, to provide a better overview
              • BG-I9392 Project Analysis: Hint about project analysis is now only shown in caption bar and not in a popup
              • BG-I9335 Added name option for planned products
              • Added Modbus-template for Varta-Storage
              • R12-T792 Connection reference: Go to counter part via context menu
              • R12-T794 Memory reference: Go to memory output via context menu
              • R12-T796 Inversion of outputs
              • R12-T795 Show memory inputs highlighted when memory output is selected
              • R12-T798 Miniserver identify out of search
              • R12-T787 Document trees: Cleaner and shorter display of items
              • R12-I26 Open network configuration dialog out of Miniserver search
              • R12-T784 Lightcontroller: Allow change of light circuit names from app (needs app support)
              • R12-T785 Added API support to create rooms via webservice
              • BG-I9392 Project Analysis: Hint about project analysis is now only shown in caption bar and not in a popup
              • BG-I9335 Added name option for planned products
              • R12-T788 Memory can now be used to combine T5 inputs


                • General
                • R12-I42 Document tree does not show any items when project creation is aborted
                • Document not set to modified when changing Audioserver network settings
                • R12-I72 NFC Dialog: column texts are cutoff
                • R12-I75 Icon ‘Surveillance 2’ renamed to ‘Surveillance’
                • External connection not working if a device is reachable under https address but Miniserver is not
                • R12-I78 Real Smart Home Check: Adapted Music/Audio text
                • R12-I80 Removed Onkyo AVR template since its not working properly
                • R12-I50 Room Controller: Inputs get hidden when saving document
                • R12-I49 Presence control dialog: objects already used by other presence controls now disabled instead of hidden
                • R12-I51 All Access user group: add members dialog does not show all available groups
                • R12-I45 Temperature-Controller does not show “not fully configured” if no climate controller is assigned
                • R12-I46 Fixed typo in MessageBox “no communication with device”
                • R12-I47 Invalid Air-Channel for MiniserverGo default program
                • R12-I33 Digital Inputs: setting Initialvalue (Startwert EIN) gets lost when doing an Undo
                • R12-I32 Hidden peripherie (e.g. onlinestates) can not be unselected in permission management dialog
                • R12-I37 Dimmer cover page does not display correct values of outputs in simulation/liveview
                • R12-I40 Miniserver Gen.2 SSL encryption files (private key & certificate) can’t be in DER encoding
                • Miniserver Gen.2 does not cache dns results resulting in problems when dns is not properly working and fallback to mdns is used
                • NewsFeed: When using polish as language, feed is always in english
                • R12-I38 Update dialog immediately gives error that miniserver is not reachable, but in fact its just rebooting
                • R12-I8 Automatic room filter is not updated when changing page via quicksearch
                • R12-I9 New added room has not correct name in document tree
                • R12-I10 Control not deletable directly after inserting
                • R12-I11 Control not visible anymore in document tree after renaming
                • R12-I12 Room/Category-Dialog: Next control is not selected after delete
                • R12-I13 Backup: Multiple backup folders can be created when connection gets lost during backup
                • R12-I14 SD-Format: No proper error message when RAM is too less
                • R12-I16 Document tree scroll bar is not updated when collapsing items at the bottom
                • R12-I17 Sauna Vapor: Vapor output disabled as long as ‘Low water’ input is active (minimum off time of vapor output has been removed)
                • Miniserver Gen.2 sometimes cant resolve hostname via mdns
                • Device cant be configured to DHCP if invalid manual addresses are set
                • BG-I7839 Modbus Template Nilan: invalid correction for Humidity
                • BG-I7968 NFC Code touch not selectable as output in alarm control
                • BG-I7873 Intercom: Serial number gets lost when saving document
                • BG-I6864 Webpage: Tabulator can be entered as url, resulting in a broken app
                • BG-I7982 Document tree filter not reapplied when loading document from Miniserver
                • BG-I7731, BG-I7744: KNX sensor is shortly zero when data gets requested by miniserver
                • BG-I8044 Air Unicast Update checkbox is unchecked when storing into Miniserver
                • Tracker-Controls: reload tracker during saving remanence may cause sd-lock-reboot
                • BG-I7988 untranslatable control characters in resource files
                • BG-I7437 TemperatureController does not show outdoor temperature of system-variable
                • BG-I7843 RoofWindow: incorrect description of input WP (app-control is still possible)
                • BG-I7517 Klimacontroller and Temperature Controller: outdoor temperature -1000 not described
                • BG-I7263 Intelligent Room Controller: heating/cooling outputs not visible after adding or removing source
                • R12-I88 Tree to Air Bridge was shown in Link Diagnosis
                • R12-I130 Setting loses focus while editing due to system status update
                • R12-I127 Connection popup immediately disappears when dragging input on control
                • R12-I137: Ampersand not drawn in controls
                • BG-I8632 Valve Tree: no install-place via app-learning
                • R12-I136 Presence control: tracker-entries “presence ended” without last active object
                • R12-I140 Intelligent room controller: priorities-list gets corrupted after deleting climate controller
                • SIA DC-09 Data receive error
                • R12-T374 Fixed error when Extensions and Tree to Air Bridges add up to more than 32 devices
                • R12-I120 Gateway: New SPS file not distributed to clients instead previous file is used
                  • May happen in some cases after the Update, resulting in an inconsistent gateway
                • BG-I8028 Internorm Ventilation: removed not working “quit filter change” button
                • BG-I8493 NFC App Learn: unreadable NFC Tags can be learned
                • BG-I8420 Changelog couldn’t display umlaute (äöü)
                • BG-I7352 Set RS232 und RS485 Extension to “Not Fully Configured” if read cycle of chosen Serial-protocol is still “-1”
                • BG-I7332 1-wire Monitor “assign user” dropdown list too small
                • R12-I132 Part List: Invalid color of presence sensor tree
                • R12-I96 Adapted description for Presence-control
                • R12-I98 Property window still shows “unconfigured control” after object is configured via dialog
                • R12-I101 Color of references cant be changed
                • R12-I102 Not all statistic settings shown in some cases
                • R12-I105 Low memory systemmessage is triggered during update
                • R12-I110 Firmware Packages: Sorting by version not working properly
                • R12-I115 Config-reconnect not working when using special characters in user
                • R12-I142 Multiple caller inputs cant be dragged to the program page
                • R12-I143 Quicksearch: Switch control not top hit when searching for switch
                • BG-I8682 Auto Update can be triggered by users without the necessary rights
                • Valve Air (battery powered) stopped operating after a webservice has been processed
                • Schueco device not working in a client/gateway system 
                • R12-I148 Known Issues Button in TechdocViewer could overlap into TextBrowser
                • R12-I149 Two Tree To Air Bridges on same Tree-Branch could cause an error in Device-Status
                • R12-I150 Extensions went offline when adding a Tree to Air Bridge
                • Removed all Tree to Air Bridges from Link-Diagnosis
                • R12-I155 Project Analysis: Can’t filter for controls above Miniserver
                • Battery devices can’t enter standby after certain actions 
                • R12-I180 User Management dialogs cant be closed with escape
                • R12-I184 Miniserver Gen.2 ARP resolves wrong mac addresses – resulting in invalid mac addresses in network device learning dialog
                • R12-I182 Command recognitions: Parsing of signed values with 1 byte length not working
                • R12-I185 Partlist generation: No info when there is no excel installed
                • R12-I187 Miniserver search does not work properly when having multiple ethernet interfaces on computer
                • R12-I188 Can’t add line breaks to command recognition
                • R12-I190 Project View: Wrong names of Miniserver are displayed, now the real Miniserver name is shown
                • R12-I191 Project View: Wrong Miniserver version is shown
                • DNS resolve takes a long time – improved caching of dns
                • R12-T606 Remove Average-Statistics from available options (existing statistics are not affected)
                • BG-I7312 Internorm Blinds: position feedback from motor not transferred to visualization
                • R12-I157 Documentation: text in textboxes is not readable
                • R12-I160 Search & replace does not update room and device tree
                • R12-I163 Miniserver identify does not stop when disconnecting
                • R12-I162 MinMax: Maximum value not correct when working with negative values
                • BG-I8043 Unsecure Password-Flag resetted when cancelling password-dialog
                • Modbus Server: added receive-retry if sensor could not be polled
                • BG-I6743 Added custom error code for user-logon without app-rights
                • BG-I4251 Added closeReason for loxapp3-user-logout
                • Media Controller: Input “Off” now executes Off-Command for last active Mode if no Mode is active
                • BG-I8630 Fire-/Water Alarm: Acoustic click signals not checked per default
                • BG-I8630 Fire-/Water Alarm: Output connections get lost when inserting an automatic added device
                • Updated year
                • BG-I7948 Default Qt translations missing resulting in dialogs with english strings
                • BG-I4559 Door-/Window Monitor: Added installation place to informations for app
                • BG-I7976 Miniserver does not include ‘Connection: close’ header in http requests (Virtual HTTP inputs,…) when no keep alive is used
                • BG-I7752 New projects don’t have a correct currency set depending on config language
                • BG-I8751 Ventilation Controller wrong AQs Status when Setting Sl
                • BG-I7853 Wrong behaviour when double-clicking Virtual-Inputs
                • BG-I8043 User-Management: do not show unsecure password-systemmessage for users without login rights
                • BG-I7278 Project-Analysis: do not show unsecure password-entry for users without login rights
                • BG-I6854 invalid xml-output for “all”-webservice
                • BG-I5160 Media Control Dialog: available objects disappear after changing room
                • BG-I8319 Device-Learning: no actors created for valve tree
                • BG-I7819 Connection reference from another page does not show correct state in liveview
                • BG-I5243 Miniserver is shown with invalid type image in search
                • BG-I6348 System notifier has no proper description
                • BG-I8957 Techdoc: Images in tables not working
                • BG-I4147 Miniserver Replace: No info about NFC tags & QR-Codes (they do not work anymore after the replace)
                • Remote connect connection not working on windows server operating system
                • BG-I6352 LiveView of device pages (Miniserver,..) not working after loading from Miniserver
                • BG-I3938 Web Interface is not always up to date
                • BG-I9158 No proper http status code if token is not valid anymore due to rights/password change
                • BG-I7289 Radio Buttons: Adapted description of Parameter “M”
                • BG-I8747 Presence Tree: falling edge of presence sensor activates warning-impulse in simulation
                • Klimacontroller: cut/paste deletes connections of valves on assigned room controllers
                • BG-I7335 Miniserver shows custom changes after reboot
                • BG-I6786 + BG-I7231 Gate Controller: Inverted inputs show invalid state after saving into miniserver
                • BG-I7313 Wallbox: invalid power value when car is connected
                • R12-I128 Shade Base: no stop / start of moving when already moving in desired direction
                • BG-I9099 Tree serial cant be deleted
                • BG-I9076 Search & Replace: References on program page are not updated to new name
                • BG-I9075 Meltem template has invalid correction for temperature inputs set
                • BG-I9011 System Scheme: No info that on a client only objects from a client are available
                • R12-I203 Quicksearch: Scrolling with keys not working
                • BG-I9097 Learning dialogs:
                  • Device filter not per default activated
                  • Air: tables always filter by device which was selected when starting learning
                  • If no dummy device is available no device is selected or the same stays selected – now the first offline device is selected
                • BG-I9102 Learning dialogs: Click on replace button sometimes doesn’t work
                • BG-I9070 Quicksearch: Item is not shown in tree when currently automatic filter is active & allow reselect of items
                • BG-I9067 Setting parameters to default not properly working
                • BG-I8382 Integrated controls don’t use name of device instead they use installation place
                • BG-I7702 Onetime salts can be overwritten when multiple clients (apps) login at the same time
                • Removed config file size limitation
                • HTTP input stops being requested
                • BG-I9315 Miniserver configuration: Advanced settings are shown even if remote connect is used
                • BG-I9312 Device network configuration: Invalid ip settings are suggested
                • BG-I9329 Config locks itself out of the Miniserver by logging in with wrong credentials
                • BG-I9331 Learning dialog optimizations
                  • Removed suggested installation place
                  • Improved UI
                  • Status of device view is now saved (visible or not visible)
                  • Renamed identification to interaction
                • Virtual HTTP input timeout error not reset when timeout is deactivated
                • R12-T793 Items that are currently filtered in the tree are also not shown when selected on the page
                • BG-I9125 Output is switchable in simulation
                • BG-I9116 Operating modes: An output must be inserted before an input can
                  • Output can now be inserted by clicking on the insert button in the ribbon
                • BG-I9290 Parameter default options not available anymore for objects that have been minified in the tree (e.g. 1-Wire)
                • BG-I9322 Site search: Miniserver name is included in name
                • BG-I9314 Tree not updated after initial configuration
                • BG-I9313 Initial configuration automatic extension creation removed
                • BG-I9323 Edit all extensions not possible via context menu
                • BG-I9326 Setting Edit dialog: All changes are reverted when closing dialog with X
                • BG-I9324 Setting Edit dialog: Invalid tab order
                • BG-I9380 Html tags are displayed in connection window
                • BG-I9387 Config crash when dragging control from tree
                • BG-I9368 Selected page changes when loading already opened document again from Miniserver
                • BG-I9325 Generic view: Numeric cells cant be exited with arrow keys
                • BG-I9293 Device Learning via app: Internal extensions (tree, air) don´t have a switchboard shown in app
                • BG-I9309 Integrated jalousie/ jalousie: No information if device is offline or online in the app
                • BG-I9316 Remote connect not used as default
                • BG-I9377 Tree Learning: No information in config if tree search is started on app and vice versa
                • BG-I9330 Tree Learning: Outputs not sent after creating device
                • BG-I9320 Selected page tab not visible anymore after resizing tree or property window
                • T5 Input will not reset after 14 seconds with a long click anymore (Tree-Touch Products)
                • HTTP input stops being requested
                • BG-I9315 Miniserver configuration: Advanced settings are shown even if remote connect is used
                • BG-I9312 Device network configuration: Invalid ip settings are suggested
                • BG-I9329 Config locks itself out of the Miniserver by logging in with wrong credentials
                • BG-I9331 Learning dialog optimizations
                  • Removed suggested installation place
                  • Improved UI
                  • Status of device view is now saved (visible or not visible)
                  • Renamed identification to interaction
                • Virtual HTTP input timeout error not reset when timeout is deactivated
                • R12-T793 Items that are currently filtered in the tree are also not shown when selected on the page
                • BG-I9450 Wrong type image displayed for Miniserver Go in project view
                • BG-I9444 Error message when importing template
                • Serial number necessary for all network devices
                • Blind controls now have a state for the app to be able to show the target position
                • BG-I9523 News Feed in config for slovakia uses always czech news feed
                • BG-I9555 Main property window not updated when changing settings in second window
                • BG-I9561 SNMP: no information in debug monitor when command is invalid
                • BG-I9510 Always use default name of permission (a permission can not be renamed)
                • BG-I9564 System Scheme: Objects get lost when importing project to gateway project
                • BG-I9563 Documentation: Value range not shown in some cases
                • R12-I224 Info-Bar missing when starting Loxone from file, “cleanup project”-button not working
                • BG-I9460 Documentation showing table of contents without any content
                • BG-I9467 Invalid page names in document tree
                • BG-I9336 Connection establish to Miniserver only works after multiple tries due to timeouts
                • DNS is slow after Miniserver start
                • BG-I9470 Weather not immediately fetched after Miniserver start
                • BG-I9385 – HttpServer Threads might not be closed properly
                • Multiedit dialog: Numeric values cant be set higher than 100
                • BG-I9658 No message when windows user has not enough rights for opening sd format program
                • BG-I3263 Property Window: More Information button not visible when help is too long
                • BG-I6425 Update systemmessage is shown in config even if update was done via config
                • BG-I7315 BacNet error output connector output not shown automatically when connecting something
                • BG-I7305 Unsupported items are not removed when converting Miniserver to Generation 1
                • EIB Button still changeable via api when reset is active
                • 2 Selection Button: Still changeable via api when reset is active
                • Alarm control: Still triggering alarm when there is a constant ON on the Inactive/Reset input
                • BG-I7394 Dimmer output not colored red if dimm type is not set
                • BG-I9389 Invalid state of ‘show diagnosis inputs’ setting
                • BG-I9554 More than the maximum of 10 Stereo extensions can be inserted via search
                • BG-I9594 Audio references get lost when importing project to another project
                • Config crash when closing update dialog
                • BG-I9615 References don’t have a button for settings
                • BG-I8055 Project View: Not able to scroll in the left menu
                • BG-I9648 App Learning: Diagnosis inputs not hidden after learning via app
                • Remote connect intercom proxy: Increase rcv timeout to avoid receiving incomplete data in some cases
                • R12-I228 Help-Info in Ribbon easier accessible
                • BG-I9731 QuickSearch button cut off when it opens the first time
                • BG-I9321 Presence controller: Renamed PBin output to AQPr
                • BG-I9746 Media control dialog shows actors which cant be inserted
                • BG-I9753 NewsFeed: Special characters not shown properly
                • BG-I9656 Relays switch off during Miniserver reboot (only Miniserver Gen. 2)
                • BG-I7865: Central Shade: Trigger-command not synchronized
                • BG-I6793 Virtual output: template do not save analog correction values
                • BG-I7336 Media Control Dialog: enabled navigation with arrows in mode-list
                • BG-I9714 Unwanted value is set on T5 input if an analog reference was changed before
                • BG-I7572 Expert mode: Invalid step size of volume parameters
                • BG-I9319 Media control dialog not resizable
                • BG-I9319 Media control dialogs: Increased size
                • Miniserver Configuration: No info that remote connect is only available for Gen.2
                • BG-I9249 Unable to set light sequence via config when previously white was selected
                • BG-I9339 invalid right groups shown in Permission-dialog
                • BG-I7265 Mail-Error-Systemmessage: invalid additional text “user defined mailer”
                • Client Gateway: Fixed transfer of web interface to client
                • Devices
                • PresenceSensorAir and PacketSafe – air learning only working in Channel EU0 
                • R12-I225 1-Wire of Multi-Extension can’t be used when learned in Tree to Air Bridge
                • R12-I223 Dummy – Tree to Air Bridge causes other Tree-Devices on the branch to go offline
                • Fixed accidental trigger of Touch Pure Tree when saving to Miniserver
                • BG-I8936 Touch Nightlight: Edit mode shows the current time instead of alarm
                • BG-I8757 Touch Nightlight: Fixed bug in display control to avoid watchdog resets
                • BG-I7334 Searching new Tree Devices takes a long time when there are dummy devices
                • BG-I8556 Weather station Air/Tree: Modified wind measurement to avoid spikes
                • BG-I9027 Weather station Air/Tree: Fixed Sunshine when brightness is not used
                • R12-I15 Presence Air/Tree: Alarm mode directly set active with no active alarm control
                • R12-T192 Volare Air: New Binaries – fixed fading problems
                • BG-I9654: Relay Extension over temperature shutdown on temperature below 0
                • BG-I8045 Otau switch to unicast update if broadcast update fails (3x broadcast, 2x unicast)
                • BG-I9649 Presence Air: Presence and volume inputs visible even if device is learned in battery mode
                • Auto Configuration
                • BG-I9393 Temperature shutdown inputs used in water alarm
                • BG-I9397 Network devices not used anymore
                • BG-I6911 Use wind warning of weather station air for storm protection
                • R12-I161 Light Group in wrong category is not used in auto configuration
                • R12-I108 Changing room type does not affect presence option and room type is not stored
                • R12-I104 Auto Config dialog – Look of table headers is not consistent
                • Project Planning
                • R12-I99 Selection after project planning is random
                • R12-I100 Unused audio outputs are set to room ‘not assigned’ instead of ‘do not use’
                • R12-I131 Audio Zone (Mono) renamed to Stereo Downmix
                • R12-I126 Wallspeaker needs 2 audio channels instead of one
                • R12-I159 Caller service not available in category ‘cloud services’
                • Audio power supply now listed in ‘control’ not ‘periphery’
                • BG-I8990: Allow instant edit of installation place when inserting new product
                • Default preselected LED Spot for US changed
                • BG-I9277 Intercom CH missing
                • BG-I7752 Currency is not transferred when creating document from plan
                • BG-I9212 Amount of power supplies to high when Multi Extension is used
                • As second Miniserver a Miniserver Gen.1 is inserted
                • BG-I9603 Reduced calculate wattage for audio products
                • BG-I7994 Project Planning: Too many audio channels are used for Loxone speakers
                • Systemstatus
                • BG-I4838 System Status: daily report not sent
                • BG-I8431 Fixed System Message Healing for Tree Shortcut on internal Tree
                • BG-I8628 Systemmessage “Communication Loss” is shown after clock change for short time in rare cases
                • R12-I165 Valve Air/Tree show switchboard row in systemmessage even if they don’t have that setting
                • R12-I19 Systemmessage of virtualinput is also shown on Miniserver
                • Gateway/Client
                • BG-I8348 LiveView switching of actors from a client which are on another Miniserver not working
                • BG-I7375 Gateway file transfer not working when client uses a different http port than gateway
                • BG-I7574 Client does not use same time offset than gateway
                • Client crashes when using AAL Smart Alarm
                • BG-I4077 No information in config when gateway is distributing files to its clients
                • R12-I144 Gateway: Message that clients are offline is sometimes shown before Update, even if everything is okay
                • R12-I35 Some integrated control references (e.g. Touch & Grill, Nightlight, Packetsafe,…) get lost when importing document to a gateway project
                • Lightcontroller
                • R12-I82 Movement-Input should not be connected to Presence
                • Remove linking of input and mood-id (T5-Inputs can now be assigned without changing mood-id)
                • R12-I31 Unmix of mood via MV does not work sometimes
                • R12-I43 Reset is not blocking
                • Mood is immediately unmixed if TH = 0
                • MT-timer was started after presence ended
                • mode-change does not activate light when presence is already active
                • BG-I8064 Light switches off after TH instead of unmixing movement-mood
                • BG-I6553 Invalid default value for parameter Tb
                • R12-I109 Connection References have wrong name when connected to presence input
                • Adapted Description of T5-Input: Information about first/next click
                • R12-I89 Dialog: change of assignment may corrupt automatic configuration
                • R12-I95 Dialog: invalid connector-text when deleting assigned mood
                • R12-I135 Removed input-limitation of channel-names
                • Lightcontroller: input P visible per default
                • R12-T452 Lightcontroller dialog: automatic “change to when off” as default
                • BG-I7627 Lightcontroller-dialog: restore name of memory-objects creates empty name
                • BG-I8879 Lightcontroller: maximum parameter of fading time not shown in property window
                • Wrong display of audio outputs in gateway projects
                • Project analysis: Audio player group shown as unused
                • AUDIO1-I1229 Audioserver offline message is displayed multiple times in gateway systems
                • Audioserver: errors as tts is now configurable
                • Music Player: do not play tts-volume when changed via parameter
                • Lightcontroller: adapted fading time to 0.25s when using color picker in app
                • BG-I4300 Dialog: invalid color on edge of color-picker
                • BG-I7270 Moods changed in config are not applied after saving into miniserver
                • BG-I6571 Dimming of color output via I1-4 not working when lights are off
                • BG-I6554 Alarm Clock fading only supported for smart-actors is not documented
                • BG-I8935 Dialog: Output type not fully visible
                • BG-I9014 Long mood names are drawn beyond control borders
                • BG-I5254 Invalid value on first click on I1-4 for Lumitech
                • BG-I9719 Lightcontroller: T5/8 cannot be configured as presence input
                • BG-I9383 Lightcontroller: fadingtime not validated via logic
                • BG-I9249 Light Sequence always starts with the second color instead of the first
                • Audioserver
                • AUDIO1-I1550 Audio configuration changes with each saving to the Miniserver
                • AUDIO1-I1033 Online state of stereo extensions in tree sometimes not updated
                • AUDIO1-I1484 Audioserver can not be found when already in project but offline due to wrong address
                • AUDIO1-I1016 Systemmessage “Audio Extension Offline” not displayed properly
                • AUDIO1-I1032 Audioserver hostname configuration: invalid characters allowed
                • AUDIO1-I1049 Remove dummy outputs from audioserver configuration
                • AUDIO1-I1041 Warn user if he has not enough rights to write files to Windows-Temp directory (this results in an incomplete configuration)
                • R12-I79 Audioserver missing in print
                • AUDIO1-I978 Music Player: tts volume via logic is not set correctly
                • AUDIO1-I845 DeviceStatus: Audioserver is not expanded when an extension is offline
                • AUDIO1-I864 Music Player: events are not stopped / stopped with a big delay
                • AUDIO1-I847 Music Player: Parameter for volumes have no limitation
                • AUDIO1-I886 Music Player: adapted for speaker type
                • AUDIO1-I881 Audioserver: invalid port after configuring device
                • AUDIO1-I875 TTS-command does not contain system language
                • AUDIO1-I885 impuls on p-input does not pause song
                • AUDIO1-I862 remove buzzer-input from player group / Adapted Description of Buzzer-Input in Music Player
                • AUDIO1-I983 Invalid server state on gateway-client
                • Fixed acoustic identify for server-control (all 4 channels will make the acoustic identification)
                • AUDIO1-I930 mDNS is not always used as fallback when DNS does not resolve a hostname
                • AUDIO1-I932 Stereo Extension does not have setting ‘Monitor onlinestate’
                • AUDIO1-I915 Error message if certificate fetch fails on Miniserver Gen.1 is not fast enough when certificate is needed for audioserver pairing
                • AUDIO1-I843 Undo does not set the document to modified
                • AUDIO1-I859 Debug monitoring time not sent to audioserver
                • Wrong title in Audioserver search dialog
                • AUDIO1-I989 Audioserver Update: no proper message when audioserver is already on newest version
                • AUDIO1-I992 Debug monitor options can be opened without a connection to Miniserver
                • AUDIO1-I991 Stereo Extension search not working in some rare cases
                • AUDIO1-I826 Audioserver & Stereo Extension missing in generated partlist
                • AUDIO1-I901 Audioserver serial is written with colons after configuration
                • AUDIO1-I905 Quicksearch: Controls are not found anymore when searching by control type
                • AUDIO1-I910 Empty central bubble displayed on audio player when selected in door controller
                • AUDIO1-I898 No warning when entering a serial that is already used on another device – Now a warning is shown and multiedit of serials is not possible anymore
                • AUDIO1-I756: Central Music and Music Player Group Fix: bell command triggered with input Bu
                • AUDIO1-I764: identify command for split channels not working (will need audioserver-update)
                • AUDIO1-I777: Audioserver learn dialog: hostname used when fixed ip is set via “configure device”
                • AUDIO1-I790: Audioserver configuration: hide alternative dns controls
                • AUDIO1-I1110 Music Player group: do not serialize unconfigured players, extensions or musicservers
                • AUDIO1-I938 Doorcontroller: reference to audio player not properly removed when deleting audio player
                • AUDIO1-I1013 Audioplayer: re-send Play command when presence goes active while audioserver is still booting
                • Audioserver connection fails due to invalid resolved address
                • AUDIO1-I1060 No info about newer version when trying to do audioserver update with initial version
                • AUDIO1-I1136 Miniserver sometimes creates invalid signature for JWT resulting in authentication errors on Audioserver
                • AUDIO1-I1234 Audioserver: Systemmessage for Updating should not be displayed on music player
                • AUDIO1-I757 Music Player: no minimum event-time for bell event
                • Media Client: added support for AudioPlayer / Player Group fix / central music
                • BG-I6599 Music Server: invalid server state after saving into miniserver
                • AUDIO1-I1452 Music Player group fix: send source-changing commands (fav, next, prev) only on first source
                • BG-I7345 Musicserver Zone: app-commands ignored during active Play/Pause-Buzzer-Event
                • BG-I9069 Stereo Extension Search: Columns in gridview not ordered correctly
                • BG-I9722 Media clients used on another Miniserver shown without status in device status
                • BG-I9540 Musicserver Zone: Reset does not start TI-Timer
                • AUDIO1-I1615 delay InitDone-command
                • AUDIO1-I1538 Music player group fix: send roomfav command to all players
                • BG-I9255 Audio-Server: sending of commands attempted while offline
                • Tree Filter
                • Automatic Filter always updates (Now the filter only updates when page is changed explicitly)
                • R12-I106 Tree Filter: Devices are not expanded when filtering
                • R12-I107 Tree Filter: References of IO missing when filtering
                • Automatic Filter: Filter reactivated when doing undo or aborting autoconfig
                • R12-I153 Tree filter does not update when typing room/category and pressing enter 
                • Tree filter: Filter is set after opening a document
                • Tree filter: Reset automatic filtering when entering filter text
                • R12-I73 Automatic tree filter is reactivated when closing multi edit dialog
                • Climate
                • R12-I141 Visible io’s of room controllers are not updated when assigning room controller
                • R12-I139 Source is re-added during simulation
                • R12-I138 Not all assigned room controllers are shown in visu
                • R12-I90 Added cyclic sending of current data
                • R12-I178 Intelligent Roomcontroller: set outputs to 0 as long as Reset-Input is active
                • BG-I5064 Intelligent Roomcontroller: prepare-mode is started after window-contact closes
                • BG-I5046 Intelligent Roomcontroller: prepare mode is started for very small temperature differences
                • BG-I5337 Intelligent Roomcontroller: Temperature-change is not applied immediately
                • BG-I5661 Intelligent Roomcontroller: timers are stopped when saving into miniserver
                • BG-I8872 Intelligent Roomcontroller: added state for forced temperature-adaptations by climate controller(Eh / Ec )
                • BG-I7256 Climate Controller: invalid mode started after stop goes off
                • BG-I9350 Intelligent Roomcontroller: Parameter Td not validated via logic
                • BG-I9115 Intelligent Roomcontroller: Input Io not considered when saving into miniserver
                • BG-I9469 Intelligent Roomcontroller: Input Ic not considered when saving into miniserver
                • R12-T849 Intelligent Roomcontroller: Added Outdoor-Temperature to prevent Heating or cooling in certain temperature ranges
                • BG-I9593 Clima Controller: added state of Ec/Eh Inputs to app
                • Shade Roof
                • R12-I202 Shade Roof: stop input via central shade has no effect
                • BG-I8031 Shade Roof: trigger input not working after saving into miniserver
                • BG-I8195 Shade Roof: parameter AM has no effect
                • BG-I8198 Shade Roof: automatic goes off when AR is triggered
                • BG-I8242 Shade Roof: unintended stop of movement via T5
                • BG-I8959 Shade Roof: control not counted in central shade
                • BG-I8608 Shade roof not selectable in alarm or fire/water alarm control
                • Stability
                • R12-I28 Jalousie-Controls: miniserver-reboots when direction is a very big number
                • BG-I9468 Config crash when starting update
                • Config crash when closing update dialog
                • RV2-I3 Miniserver reboot when reporting SIA error
                • R12-I6 Config crash when converting old document
                • R12-I7 Config crash due to EIB
                • BG-I7939 Config crash after editing setting
                • BG-I8665 Config crash when receiving invalid air monitor data
                • BG-I8478 Config crash when creating tree device
                • BG-I8460 Config crash when creating dali device
                • R12-I129 Config crash when editing text setting
                • BG-I8495 Config crash when changing actor of dimmer extension to SMART
                • R12-I97 Lightcontroller Gen 1: fixed config crash during simulation
                • Loxone Config crash when opening context menu of Schueco extension
                • BG-I8726 Config crash during eib search
                • BG-I8845 & BG-I8777 Config crash in monitor dialogs
                • BG-I8875 Config crash in document tree
                • R12-I158 Config crash when creating a schueco device
                • BG-I7881 Config crash when closing document after connection to Miniserver has been established
                • Config crash when closing config
                • BG-I6739 Config crash when dragging control on page
                • BG-I7986 Config crash due to failed connection
                • BG-I6878 Config crash due to project analysis running in background
                • Config crash after pressing buttons in ribbon
                • BG-I9118 Config crash when trying to insert plugin (eebus, hunterdouglas,..) on Miniserver Gen.1
                • BG-I4739 Miniserver safety reboots due to system status
                • AUDIO1-I1412 Miniserver-Reboot after handling shared user-settings
                • BG-I9262 Config crash after startup
                • BG-I9480 Config crash when inserting tree device
                • Possible Miniserver safety reboot caused by http input with timeout
                • BG-I9725 Possible config crash when closing automatic designer dialog
                • BG-I9756 Config crash when connection to Miniserver is lost or closed and previously were learning nfcs
              LOXONE CONFIG

              What’s new?

              • Support for new audio server
              • BacNet support
              • Support of Presence-Detector-Control
              • Weather: New particle concentration data point (PM2.5)
              • Weather: Enhanced accuracy
              • Config: Automatic filter of peripheral tree based on selected pages default room
              • Air/Tree device pairing via app:
                • learning on all tree devices
                • move air-devices to different extensions
                • added support for switchboard and lightgroups
              • Improved security of cloud dns (Attention: When updating to this version and then reverting back to an older version clouddns wont work anymore)
              • LightController: support for Presence input
              • Systemstatus: Added more information to offline reports if the device is an air device.
                • New message if the device is offline and the connection was bad.
                • New message if the device is offline and the battery was low.
                • Added a button to open help view and get detailed information on how to change the battery.
                • New message if the device is offline while a bad connection and a low battery was reported.
                • Added a button to open help view and get detailed information on how to change the battery.
              • Central controls (light, shade,..) now also use new selection dialog
              • Project Planning
                • New power supply for US
                • Paketsafe Air preselection (AT, DE, CH & BENELUX)
                • Added new presence sensor
                • Added new Touch Pure
                • BG-I7835: Added iPad Wallmount
                • New presence Air
                • New products added & adaptions for USA
              • added Button for the Live-Chat in the Diagnosis-Tab
              • Changed Icon and Description of Loxone-Support Button in the Diagnosis-Tab
              • Adding devices to full Extensions
                • When trying to add an Air-Device to a full Air Base Extension, a message-box shows up
                • Updated Text of message-box when adding a Tree-Device to a full Tree Extension
              • Air Binaries for DC or Hybrid powered air devices.
              • Air Protocol modifications.
              • added Dialog to show changelog since last release
                • can be accessed in Project View
                • can be accessed in Help-Menu in Ribbon
              • added Dialog to show Known Issues for current Config-Version
                • can be accessed in Project View (if there are any Known Issues for this version)
                • can be accessed in Help-Menu in Ribbon (if there are any Known Issues for this version)
                • If there are Device- or Block specific Issues they can be seen Property Window and Documentation-Viewer
              • added Link to Loxone Support website to Help Menu in Ribbon
              • Seperate document caption for intercoms providing a better overview
              • Tree intercommunication:
                • Improved usability
                • Encrypted messages
              • Air: protocol changes
              • Device Update Progress in Air/Tree – Monitor now looks different
              • VR1-T32: presence tree: added on-time (Nachlaufzeit) for move input
              • VR1-T33: presence tree: improved brightness handling (reduced tree traffic)
              • Updated documentation of presence sensor
              • VR1-T31 weather station air/tree: improved sending of wind speed: maximum wind value of last 5 seconds is sent to Miniserver (a change of at least 1 km/h is necessary in order value is sent to Miniserver)
              • VR1-T30: don’t send packets to tree dummy devices
              • VR1-T29: Tree devices: don’t send analog inputs to Miniserver when input is not used.
              • VR1-T29: Presence Sensor Tree: don’t send movement and presence input to Miniserver when input is not used.
              • Some controls now have per default a rating or are used as favorite (music, light, central blocks).
              • Added Volare Air
              • BG-T2080 activated authentication for Dimmer Extension (Hardware Version 2)
              • Debug setting monitor simplified
              • BG-I6455 Simulation: T5 updates corresponding digital inputs TI1-TI5
              • BG-I6726 Simulation: TI1-TI5 updates corresponding T5
              • Timezone Data updated

              Fixed (2020.09.14):

              • AUDIO1-I736 Audioserver backup/update fails if windows cant resolve the hostname
              • Update of new Tree Extension not working
              • Project Planning: Audioserver cabinet space missing
              • BG-I7904 Config crash when learning eib sensors/actors
              • BG-I7908&BG-I7893 Miniserver safety reboot when using modbusserver and saving new program to Miniserver
              • BG-I7916 Acoustic identify option not enabled on splitted outputs of stereo extension
              • BG-I7858 Usermanagement: Group-Rights not converted properly when converting from older document-versions
              • BG-I7892 Miniserver Gen. 1 reboots when calculating autoshade-times
              • BG-I7889 Music Player group fix: Dobuleclick on T5 not handled properly
              • BG-I7299 1Wire Button still grants access after disabling user
              • BG-I7910: System variables not updated when weatherstation air is selected as source
              • Watchdog of SPS not working on Miniserver Gen.2

              Fixed (2020.09.03):

              • BG-I7863 Presence Air: Wrong connector letters of analog inputs
              • Config crash in learning dialogs when unpairing a device that is currently edited
              • BG-I7721 fixed Stormwarning-Text for Weather station Air
              • BG-I7693 Usermanagement: deleted user reappears after miniserver-restart
              • shorten Movement-Ontime of corresponding Presence Sensors when arming the alarm block
              • BG-I7703: Lightcontroller dialog: white-color is not assigned
              • added Modbus Template for Kostal Plenticore
              • Visualization presence block is depcrecated and thus removed, it is replaced by the new presence block
              • Identify not stopped when saving to Miniserver
              • Miniserver memory leak when closing threads
              • Missing scrollbars after reseting document tree filter
              • Weather data: Gusts in wrong unit
              • BG-I7395 Device status shows LAN & Link Errors on Miniserver Gen.2
              • BG-I7048 Door-/Windowcontroller shows invalid output text for offline windowhandle
              • BG-I6986 & BG-I7338 Units like currency not internationalized
              • BG-I7842 Cant set analog values to value with decimal places in liveview when using a Miniserver Gen.2
              • BG-I6714 Config crash due to background autosave
              • Updated documentation
              • Systemstatus Dialog: Cant be resized
              • BG-I7630 SmokeAlarm: Selected outputs are not removed when being unselected, all selected will be readded when closing configuration dialog
                • This results in increasing project size each time when opening and closing configuration dialog
                • Outputs are still triggered even if not selected anymore
              • BG-I7478 Name of czech calendar entry invalid
              • BG-I7333 New Document: Unselected rooms are still available in permission manager
              • Generic View: Column width not adjustable when stretch mode is active
              • Use lower update interval for air devices if the update is sent as unicast.
              • The Air and Tree Monitors now inform the user if some packets where lost due to high traffic
              • BG-I7651 Wrong icons shown in quicksearch or multiedit dialog
              • BG-I7634 Modified warning shown when project backup is restored
              • BG-I7248 Existing client control when importing a project results in invalid configuration
              • BG-I7253 Dummy devices always send identification to config which makes config connection fragile
              • BG-I7652 Quicksearch – Window in some cases too small
              • Gateway/Client Racecondition when discovering Miniservers resulting in a broken gateway system
              • BG-I7790 Default files are in old format
              • BG-I7233 Document tree: Extensions are not sorted by position
              • Warning in configuration dialog about 1 our limit not prominent enough
              • BG-I7324 Paketsafe: Mail delivery is triggered again while emptying
              • BG-I7722 Config crash when adding project to gateway
              • BG-I7294 Input is not connected to highlighted control when doing a drag and drop on two close controls
              • Possible config crash when inserting control during simulation
              • BG-I7359 Document tree filter not updated when deleting filter text
              • BG-I6980 Changed windows regional settings break decimal values of parameters
              • BG-I6807 Value of Systemvariable cant be set in simulation
              • BG-I7743 Learning Dialog: Set room filter disappears when assigning device
              • BG-I7759 Tree intercommunication improved encryption error warning
              • BG-I7751 Config crash when converting Miniserver with active simulation
              • BG-I7755 No warning when deactivating tree intercommunication
              • BG-I7283 Touch & Grill Air Monitor: Fixed wrong texts for sensor green and sensor yellow
              • BG-I7753 Edge detection: Fixed problem with decimal values
              • Gateway/Client: Missing states from client after saving to Miniserver or Update
              • Gateway/Client: Missing LiveView Data from Client
              • BG-I7537: def.log not loading in device status
              • BG-I6821 Config crash during start
              • BG-I6723 Config crash when closing document
              • BG-I6947 Config crash
              • BG-I6857 Simulation/LiveView: Value of analog inputs not shown anymore with yellow bar
              • BG-I7396 Miniserver Gen.2: Displayed DNS not correct
              • BG-I7696 Project Planning: Room settings opened multiple times
              • BG-I7330 Virtual Up/Down/Left/right not correctly shown in simulation/liveview
              • Tree intercommunication: Cut/Copy/Paste of sensors and actors
              • BG-I6732 Poolcontroller: Cycle is always restarted at midnight
              • BG-I4956 Poolcontroller: After reset aquastar is not set to position filter
              • BG-I7622 Learning Dialogs: Multi edit shown even if there is only one device (now there must be at least two devices)
              • BG-I7264 Alarmchain: Digital/Analog input placeholders disappear
              • BG-I7096 Lightcontroller: Output not reset when restarting simulation
              • BG-I7369 Dali Type 8: fade rate not settable in standard actor mode
              • BG-I7069 Invalid Default-Address for Wallbox-Device
              • BG-I7054 KlimaController: duplicate name To for input and parameters
              • BG-I5602 Lightcontroller: added webservice to change mood-id
              • BG-I7153 Autojalousie: Parameter Tdt not shown for rollo-type
              • Unified names of Disable-Inputs (Dis), renamed DisableP to DisP (Controls with presence-inputs)
              • BG-I6917 AAL Smart Alarm: alarm is activated while disabled via app
              • BG-I3978 Configure Network-Device: ip-address is not written into control
              • Fixed broken Changelog-Link in the Info Dialog
              • The text next to Extensions is now “(x/y Devices)” and not “(x/y Devices connected)” anymore
              • BG-T2247 Weatherstation tree: added support of new ambient light sensor OPT3004 (current ambient light sensor is not available anymore)
              • Tree Intercommunication
                • BG-I7645: Sorting in document tree
                • BG-I7649: Missing hint about maximum length of packet id
                • BG-I7642: Adapted wording
                • BG-I7639: Wildcards are possible for own ID
                • BG-I7638: Already created input is not selected in monitor
                • BG-I7650: Improved system messages
                • BG-I7636: Invalid display of sensor value in liveview
                • BG-I4328: Inputs now get the sender and packet id as name
                • The Device is now created with the sender id as name
                • Sensors can be inserted multiple times
                • Packets that are sent to other intercommunication participants can be intercepted
                • Sender ID is shown in document tree even if the name of the device is the same
                • Possible config crash while learning
              • BG-I7637 Display error for button of multi line settings
              • Project planning: DI Extension not used when needing digital inputs
              • Debug Monitor cant be activated for more than 1 day
              • Crash when creating upnp zone from search
              • BG-I6218 IR Control Air – Kann mit längeren IR Befehlen nicht umgehen.
              • BG-I7069 Invalid Default-Address for Wallbox-Device
              • BG-I7054 KlimaController: duplicate name To for input and parameters
              • BG-I7153 Autojalousie: Parameter Tdt not shown for rollo-type
              • Unified names of Disable-Inputs (Dis), renamed DisableP to DisP (Controls with presence-inputs)
              • BG-I6917 AAL Smart Alarm: alarm is activated while disabled via app
              • BG-I3978 Configure Network-Device: ip-address is not written into control
              • Data packets where not visible in Air-Monitor
              • Language Menu in Ribbon was not accessible
              • Changed Air Update timing. Interval for updating dc powered devices is now calculated depending on the number of dc powered air devices.
              • BG-I7512 Intercommunication id multi edit not correct
              • BG-I7376 Config crash when wallbox is deleted during simulation
              • BG-I7513 Newly inserted device immediately shown offline when doing an undo
              • BG-I7380 Possible crash when logger is connected to lightcontroller
              • BG-I7232 Meter interface inputs all have the same connector letter
              • BG-I7381 Control permanently selected after drag and drop
              • BG-I7382 Systemscheme: Wrong selection after closing dialog
              • BG-I7364 Config crash due to race condition in live view
              • BG-I7120 Project Planning: Duplicated rooms have heat circuit auto adjust disabled
              • BG-I7178 Quicksearch: Item is occasionally not inserted
              • BG-I7083 Liveview: Multi Click on touch input not working
              • BG-I7515: smarthome-check adapted for use of Presence-Inputs and Presence-Control
              • BG-I7350 Autojalousie: Southern Hemisphere: automatics only works from sunrise until sun direction reaches 0
              • BG-I7397 Autojalousie: automatic works only in 1 shading period if 2 would be possible (northern window in summer)
              • BG-I7057 Shade Roof: Auto-Endstate not executed
              • mDNS search on Miniserver Gen.2 not working
              • External ports not correctly fetched from Miniserver
              • Debug monitor: copy of lines not working
              • BG-I7389 multiple permission-entries for “change own password”
              • Lightcontroller: automatic with mood “All On” could not be mixed
              • Maximum number of extensions wrong when using a Miniserver Gen.2
              • Switchboard is displayed for devices which dont need it
              • System Scheme: Positioning with keys is not working when picture is zoomed
              • Extension Auto Serial not working when using a Tree Extension on Miniserver Gen.2
              • Air Monitor: Identify Packets for Air-Devices weren’t always shown
              • BG-I6888: added correct Symbols for Virtual Inputs
              • Weather: Data update is stopped if cloud service fails only once
              • External port of Miniserver Gen.1 cant be set
              • websocket was closed after ping-request
              • KNX Extension not working
              • Code restructured to support future products. All Extensions and Devices are affected
              • BG-I7358 Usermanagement: not shown in app even though permitted by usergroup
              • Lightcontroller: changed autoconnect of presence-sensors to Presence-Input
              • Client offline message does not disappear when gateway is removed
              • Remanence input is shown with red color even if not inverted
              • BG-I7280 Reconnect after Miniserver configuration not working
              • BG-I7317 Miniserver crash during document conversion
              • BG-I7346 SMTP-Mailer sending to multiple recipients on some servers not working
              • BG-I7119 Untranslatable short name of output reference is not internationalized
              • BG-I7329 Loxone Config connection does not use correct hostname in HTTP headers when connecting to the Miniserver
              • BG-I7328 Automatic Designer: ‘Sunlight’ & ‘Sunlight 30min’ are displayed as analog
              • BG-I7311 Memory on gateway systems can cause a buffer overflow
              • BG-I7356 Editing in property window is aborted when document autosaves
              • Memory leak on Miniserver Gen.1 in RSA signature creation
              • Internal Tree or Air can be replaced in extension search dialog
              • BG-I7170 fixed possibly wrong signal strength of air device in device status
              • BG-I7255 settings window not refreshed after nfc code touch insert
              • BG-I6852 nfc added to user message referring to old permission system
              • BG-I7277 dali group assignments missing after adding a client with dali to a gateway system
              • BG-I4027 Device Status: in tree selected device now also selected in device status
              • BG-I7254 PI(D) controller: min/max parameters can have invalid values
              • BG-I7243 NFC Code Touch Tree: Last LED stays on when code is longer than 8 digits
              • BG-I7071 NFC Code Touch Air: fixed possible overflow problem
              • BG-I7326 Ribbon bar set to ‘Hide’-mode does not minimize again in certain cases
              • Improved stability of displayed online states on gateway system
              • Modbusserver: task ended before connection was shut down
              • Window-/Doormonitor: Inversion of locked input not working
              • Miniserver memory leak when app connection is active
              • Project planning: Products prices are now automatically updated once a day (when opening project planning)
              • BG-I5120 Double-Click on tree always opens other dialogs
              • BG-I7103 Shade Roof: Automatic shading does not start
              • BG-I7341 newly created user does not show right for “edit own password”
              • BG-I7225 Permissions-Dialog: Invalid Symbol for RS232 and RS485
              • BG-I7143 Remote Connect: Improved Handling of multiple connect requests
              • BG-I7027 Increase timeout in Loxone Config to establish external connection to miniserver
              • BG-I7268 Remote Connect: Provide more error information in system state message
              • fixed possible tree device config data bug (introduced with change VR1-T29)
              • BG-I7252 Internorm Device not available in Loxone Config
              • Device-Learning App: fixed invalid serials and search-results for tree-search on gateway-clients
              • Racecondition in gateway communication resulting in lost packets and loss of connect
              • BG-I7117 Usermanagement Dialog: Selection not restored when removing permission
              • BG-I7080 Usermanagement: Possible endlessloop when all access usergroup is a member of another usergroup (which was an error itself)
              • BG-I7073 Analog memory flags not editable in simulation
              • BG-I7072 All Dali devices are converted to smart actuators during auto configuration
              • mDNS hostname resolve is now also done when hostname does not contain a domain
              • BG-I7208 Tree search on gateway not working after saving to Miniserver
              • BG-I7035 Unable to learn iButtons on intercom XL
              • BG-I6907: Fixed Sensor Descriptions for PresenceSensor
              • Improved reliability of systemscheme image transfer
              • Miniserver Gen.1 now also uses mDNS to resolve local hostnames
              • BG-I7176 Devices cannot be dragged from tree (NFC Code Touch)
              • Roof window has no parameter descriptions
              • Miniserver Gen.2 now additionally uses mDNS to resolve local hostnames
              • Fixed Volare and Dimmer: Text changes when switching from smart to standard
              • Fixed Volare and Dimmer: Aktor was no longer merged after autoprogram changes from standard to smart
              • Fixed missing blink synchronization after saving into miniserver
              • BG-I7084 Config crash due to monitor
              • BG-I7078 Project analysis: Http input displayed as unused despite being used in visu
              • Improved speed of device proxy
              • BG-I7134 system status message was shown as active (in log-file, push-notification and mail) although message was already inactive
              • BG-T2168 window handle air: increased alarm sensitivity (no firmware update necessary)
              • BG-I6078 fixed possible crash when saved into miniserver after device status was open
              • Autojalousie: Up/Dw triggered movement even when in endposition
              • Autojalousie: Movement-command with Move-Time “0” sent to shading actuator
              • Autojalousie: Movement started when Input AIp set to > 100
              • Central Shade: Movement via T5 cannot be stopped if an Autojalousie is Locked or stopped
              • Presence Sensor Tree not visible in Tree-Device-Context-Menu
              • I-Tec-Device not available as Tree-Device
              • Learning Dialogs – Editing is stopped when new search results are added
              • Debug Monitor: Various usability fixes
              • BG-I6216 Fixed closing socket after WOL command on Miniserver Gen 2
              • Document is modified when saving
              • BG-I6716 Config crash during object creation
              • BG-I6796 Config crash when selecting items from tree
              • BG-I6797 Config after message box has been shown
              • BG-I6849 Config crash after setting edit
              • BG-I7043 Config crash after project planning update
              • BG-I6982 Config crash when trying to insert device
              • BG-I7041 Expanded Fröling documentation
              • BG-I7037 Config & Miniserver crash during document conversion
              • Generic View: Combobox is not editable via keys
              • Generic View: Editing is started in next cell when leaving edit via tabulator
              • Debug settings – always select option ‘This PC’
              • Correct documents which have multiple rooms marked as ‘Not assigned’, which caused problems in e.g. learning dialogs
              • BG-I7033 – Rooms created with dialog are not visible in Permission-Management
              • BG-I7050 – Central Down Command stops blinds that are already closing
              • BG-I6846 – fixed crash after update due to invalid place-references
              • BG-I6679 IR monitor: shown signal does not get cleared
              • BG-I5408 Tree identify: identification of dummy device identifies tree extension
              • BG-I6788 Dali: search aborted with collision if dali devices with multiple supported types are used
              • BG-I6903: fixed weather station tree temperature measurement
              • SIA: resolved problems with data format of additional data
              • SIA: now using utc instead of local time
              LOXONE CONFIG & APP 11.0

              Loxone Config & App

              What’s new?

              • New default user group “Full Access”
              • User group “Admins” is now a normal group and is replaced by the group “Full Access”
              • All users with Loxone Config access are added to user group “Full Access”
              • Groups can be members of other groups
              • Permissions (Rights, Access & Visualization restrictions) can be set for users and groups
              • Permissions granted to a group will be granted to their members too.
              • Permitted users and groups can be set for visualized controls.
              • Reuse a single daytimer for several users or user groups.
              • Access & Visualization permissions can be set for rooms and therefore for everything assigned to them.
              • Until now you could only pick one group for internal or external access, now you can permit several groups or individual users.
              • Check permissions dialog – See who has access to what and why
              • Specify a start & end date & time for a user, so far you could only specify active until a certain date.

              What can I do with all that now?

              • New Employee in Marketing? Assign the user to the marketing group, it will get all access rights & permissions needed.
              • Have a “Work-Time”-Daytimer and reuse it, you don’t have to reconfigure it when granting access for another group or user.
              • Want to grant access to a whole storey in a building? Create group for that & assign other groups to that group. Or individual users.
              • Want to know who can control your Music Server Zone? Select it and fire up the “Check Permissions”-Dialog – you can now see who has access and why (e.g. because he’s the member of a group, which is a member of another group that has access and so on).
              • Want to check the permissions of the user Frank? Select the user and fire up the “Check Permissions”-Dialog, it’ll clear up the situation!
              • Want to change the permissions for your Music Server Zone? Select it and fire up the “Manage Permissions” – Dialog.
              • Want to check the permissions of the user Frank? Select the user and fire up the “Check Permissions”-Dialog, it’ll clear up the situation!
              • Everything is possible, it’s up to you!
              • Remote Connect service for Miniserver Gen 2
                • External access to your Miniserver without the hassle of Port Forwarding
                • Privacy ensured by encrypted End-2-End Encryption between App & Miniserver.
                • External access to intercom video with remote connect
              • System scheme
                • Upload any image and place UI elements on it.
                • Get an instant overview of complex systems (e.g. heating, ventilation, …)
                • VERY powerful as you can place ANY object that can be visualized within our apps.
              • SIA DC-09 Support
                • Requires a Miniserver Gen 2
                • Inform your emergency/security service provider via the standard protocols
              • Touch Surface ready for more than “just” being mounted underneath tabletops
                • The activation LEDs & -button can now be used for other purposes
              • Overhauled peripheral view in Loxone Config
                • Cleaner tree & better overview over your devices
                • Reduced levels, devices with just one purpose no longer have a separate actor underneath it, e.g. our Tree Spots or the Valve Actor Tree.
                • Devices are now sorted by their type & then by their name
                • When filtering the device tree, serial numbers and device types are minded too.
                • Filter-Banner so you can easily tell when a filter is active.
              • Improved config F5-search
                • Shows all search results instead of only the top x results.
              • Reworked tables
                • Navigate through our table views using your keyboard effortlessly
                • E.g. within the pairing dialogs or multi-edit dialogs.
                • Values can now be copied using the context menu
                • Identify devices within multi edit dialogs
              • Optimized pairing dialogs
                • Existing devices list only shown if there are unpaired or offline devices
                • Empowered by the reworked tables
              • Extended documentation within Loxone Config
                • Device documentation extended
                • Block documentation overhauled
              • Live View – Manually adopt outputs
                • Until now it was only possible to adopt input values within LiveView, now you can additionally change the actuator values too!
              • UI help texts supported for blocks
                • It’s sometimes hard to keep track what a certain block does, partners are now able to provide a help text for any block, which is then available inside the apps for the customers.
              • New Mail & Parcel-Block (PaketSafe Air)
                • Keeps track and notifies when parcels or mail arrives.
                • A perfect match for our PaketSafe, but the block can also be used without it.
              • New Brightness Control Block
                • New Dialog to configure target brightness.
                • Set a minimum level of brightness and it ensures it is always reached
                • Is connected in between of your Light Controller and light actuators.
              • New products supported
                • Dali Typ 8 devices
                  • Color lights or WW/CW lights are now supported too
                • PaketSafe Air
              • System Status
                • Messages can now be acknowledged, even though they are still active.
                • Adopted message triggering mechanism to avoid spamming the system state.
                • Email notifications have been reworked to give a better overview of what happened.
              • New AAL emergency block
                • Used for emergency buttons, but can also be used with our touches
                • Keeping a touch pressed for more than 4 seconds (configurable) will trigger an alarm.
                • Alarms can be acknowledged by pressing them again for more than 2 seconds (configurable)
              • Upgraded Loxone Support tool to use TeamViewer 15
              • NFC Code Touch usability optimizations
                • No need to confirm a preselection when authenticating using NFC
                • Codes entered will be automatically confirmed & sent after the timeout.
                • Users with the right to Manage Users can now create codes or pair NFC tags.
              • Project planning support for
                • KNX Extension
                • Dimmable outputs available for preselection
                • Dali device
              • New Modbus Template for E+E sensor
              • Abbreviations for in and outputs has been reworked
              • Improved naming of references of In – & Outputs on the program page
                • References are named like the installation place. If no installation place is set then the name of the parent device is used.
                  • Devices that may be mounted elsewhere than the actual functionality (e.g.: multi Extension) are excluded.
                • If the In-/Output name was changed by the user then the actual name of the IO is used
                  Tightened Security
                • The new Miniserver ensures that at least TLS 1.2 is used.
                • Locking login after too many failed attempts by username additionally to IP.

              Fixed (2020.07.16):

              • blinds will not close fully if only in shade-position
              • manuel position handled incorrectly if Alp/All>1 or <0
              • synchronized movement of blinds not working cia shade central
              • locked jalousie affects synchronized movement of all other blinds
              • shade roof: automatic not started when entering auto-window
              • Miniserver Crash with enocean actor devices
              • Brightness Control: target setting dialog overwrites “En” permanently
              • Wire: IButtons not working when more than 32 on one Extension
              • Memory references name not updated after renaming
              • Config crash in project analysis
              • Config crash when deleting usergroups
              • Config crash during auto config
              • EIB: EIS 2 and EIS 7 not selectable
              • Dali: Fading for standard actors not changeable
              • Dali: Some actors not controllable
              • Brightness Control: target brightness dialog not functional with other actors than 0-100%
              • Gatecontroller: invalid state if gate was moved without miniserver
              • Fixed various problems with device search (Dali, IR, 1Wire)


              Known Issues:

              Config / Miniserver

              • Gate – BG-I6620 – State of Dc not properly handled when gate was moved without the Miniserver (e.g. Buttons on the Gates Motor itself)
              • Dali, 1-Wire & IR-Search – BG-I6700- Search is stopped prematurely in installations with Tree Devices.
              • Dali – Issues with controlling dali devices depending on internal addressing.
              • Dali – Issues with Fading rate
              • KNX – BG-I6702- Actuator Type selection not functional, EIS7 & EIS2 missing.
              • Brightness Control – BG-I6698 – Target setting dialog overwrites “En” to ON, never disables it.
              • Brightness Control – BG-I6564 – Target setting dialog not working with actors other than 0-100%
              • 1Wire – BG-I6705 – more than 32 I-Buttons per Extension do not work
              • Config: Memory references renaming – BG-I6728 – Renaming memory did not update all references


              • Intercom – BG-I6270 – Audio not supported on devices running iOS 12
              • Intercom – BG-I6719 Video stuck in loading on iOS devices
              • Connection – BG-I6696 – Android 4.4 cannot login
              • Music Server Zone – BG-I6703 – Global favorite radiostations won’t play.
              • Music Server Zone – Cannot wake the Music Server from standby
              • Music Server Zone – Cannot change the spotify account
              • Music Server Zone – White title cover

              Detailed technical Changelog Config 11.0 (2020.04.28):

              • Miniserver
                • Set Miniserver Gen 2 Minimum TLS Level to TLS 1.2
              • Security
                • Improved security by locking login after too many failed attempts by username additionally to IP
              •  Certification:
                • New certificate for signing setup and executables
              • Multi Edit Dialog:
                • MultiEdit Dialog – Identify devices when selecting them in dialog
              • Air Shading:
                • Added packet ID acknowledge
              • Systemstatus:
                • System State message for Remote Connect Errors
                • New ‘confirmed’ messages with new ‘confirm’ action (changed old confirm action to ‘okay’)
                • Added new actions to battery weak message
                • Removed action ‘find partner’ from all messages and added partner infos to mail
                • Systemmessage ‘Tree shortcut’ added button to activate tree intercommunication
              • User Management:
                • Usergroup ‘Admins’ is now a normal group and is replaced by the group ‘Full Access’, in new projects it will not be created anymore
                • Manage permissions of controls added to context menu
                • Default usergroup ‘Full Access’
                • In new projects admin user is in usergroup ‘Full Access’
                • All Users with LoxoneConfig right are added to usergroup ‘All access’
              • Documentation
                • Updated datasheets
              • Systemsheme:
                • System Scheme Dialog: Is not modal anymore -> interaction with project (renaming, adding, deleting,.. controls) is possible
              • Sauna & Sauna Vapor
                • Now use the presence input to prolong the safety shutdown
              • Touch Surface Air/Tree
                • can now be used as 5 single Actors if “Use activation LEDs” is unchecked.
                • If “Activation required”-setting is unchecked “Use activation LEDs”-setting gets unchecked and disabled
                • 6th input can be hidden
              • Brightness Control
                • Dialog to configure target brightness
                • Target brightness parameter has been removed
                • Added Smartactor as output mode
                • Added dynamic start (Controller jumps directly to good brightness)
                • automatic detection of output mode
                • New control calculation, input/outputs changed
              • Monitor
                • enabled/disabled not visible enough
                • Added “start/stop” mini-Icons to all monitor buttons
                • Added additional monitor start/stop button to the monitor itself
                • Reordered monitor controls for better uniformity across monitors
              • NFC Code Touch
                • NFC Code Touch: confirm preselection with nfc tag
                • NFC Code Touch: auto confirm code after input timeout
                • device dependent NFC tags/code creation for users with user management right
              • Project Planning
                • Added KNX Extension
                • Dali device plannable
              • Devices
                • on-time (Nachlaufzeit) can now be set in Config (range is from 3 to 900 seconds).
                • Default on-time value is increased from 3 to 60 seconds in order to reduce link/tree traffic.
                • brightness value is not sent any more on every motion sensor value change in order to reduce link/tree traffic.
                • BG-T1772 motion sensor tree and LED ceiling light RGBW tree:
                • BG-T1782 new default-Icons for Air/Treedevices
                • Air and tree devices are now sorted by device type and then by name
              • In- & Outputs:
                • All In & Outputs have reworked abbrevations
                • Improved naming of references of In- & Outputs on the program page
                  • References are now named like the parent device
                  • If the device has an installation place its used instead
                  • Devices that may be mounted elswhere than the acutal functionality (e.g. ulti Extension) are excluded
                  • If the In-/Output name was changed by the user then the actual name of the is used
              • Loxone Config
                • Devices can now be searched by serial number and device type
                • Text-Filtering options have been removed, to have a simpler filter
                • Added banner that is displayed when a filter is active
                • BG-T1888: Added filter to show unused devices
                • All search results are listed
                • results are scrollable
                • search is delayed when typing to improve responsiveness
                • BG-T1810 Added Help Text to controls
                • BG-T1850: Improved search in tree
                • BG-T1850: Improved F5 search
                • BG-T1861: Added button to context menu to select extension of a device

              Fixed & changes Loxone Config:

              • Loxone Config
                • High RAM usage causes Loxone Config crash
                • Constant high CPU usage during editing of project
                • Config crash with IR devices
                • Wallbox shows “offline” when saving into miniserver
                • Crash during text validation
                • Crash when changing a lot of control-data (settings, positions,…) in a very short time
                • Document Backup does not work with documents that are copied
                • Crash when deleting nested groups
                • Fixed Notifications in Gateway-systems
                • High CPU load during LiveView (load has been slightly reduced)
                • Crash in creating gateway files
                • Additional information when format of Gen.2 SD card fails
                • Switching-Timer cannot be deleted event if not used anymore
                • Crash when starting config
                • Crash during device configuration
                • Crash when adding project to gateway
                • Loxone Config sometimes uses data from cache when making web requests
                • Possible Config crash
                • MultiEdit Dialog – config crash
                • Document-trees: Tooltip not hidden when scrolling
                • Buttons in wizards always in systemlanguage
                • Jumping controls when inserting a new control
                • Custom Changed-Flag not resetted when saving in loxone config
                • Document is always modified when opened
                • Conversion from Miniserver Gen.2 shows tree extension with serial
                • Document-tree: Item focused but not selected – display error
                • GenericView: Setting button overlapping with column header
                • Reference not displayed when dragging a control from the document tree to the page
                • Loxone Config crash when reading system messages
                • Loxone Config crash when loading document from Miniserver
                • Loxone Config crash when creating document
                • Loxone Config crash when exporting document
                • Loxone Config crash when closing
                • Loxone Config crash when loading from Miniserver and document is converted
                • Removed artifical light settings from brightness control, settings are automatically learned by miniserver
                • Control notes property is opened prefered when double clicking on a block (Now all other setting dialogs are prefered)
                • Multiedit dialog: Parameters are displayed twice when view is updated
                • Miniserver connection port is appended to backup name
                • LiveView/Simulation: Buttons stuck when mousebutton release was outside of page
                • Converting Miniserver with more than 500 KNX actors/sensors only adds one KNX Extension
                • Project Analysis: T5 on analog multiplexer is not allowed
                • Digital In & Outputs use now per default simulation type ‘switch’. Old documents will be converted. A Switch is more intuitive in simulation & LiveView
                • Single item selection in tree not working when multiple items are selected
                • Format of Miniserver Gen.1 sd card with gpt formatted card not working when using a backup
                • Reconnect not working when using a file with different username/password during update
                • Switch – Negating of output changes behaviour of edge outputs
                • Notes not clickable when in front of control
                • Updated some icons
                • Loxone config crash, when saving to Miniserver
                • Loxone config crash during autoconfig
                • Loxone config crash when closing
                • Device page of Miniserver not shown
                • Edit of dates in property window (e.g. operating times)
                • Translations for new dialogs not applied
                • Mailer subject, receiver and sender not searchable via quicksearch
                • Fixed crash for cut/pasting in cut/pasting objects
                • Fixed missing numbering
                • Fixed wrong name at device creation
                • Config crash when creating all dali search results at once
                • Config crash during selection of controls
                • Lightgroup references not shown when filtering tree
                • Multiple Pastes (Ctrl + V) not possible
                • Templates from previous installation are not imported
                • Transfer of user defined HTTPS certificates not working
                • Miniserver Go – AirBase serial is empty due to faulty document
                • Newsfeed not working in chinese language
                • Config crash during connecting to Miniserver
                • Config crash due to division by zero in document tree
                • Config crash in quicksearch
                • Connect Dialog – With scrolling it was possible to unintentionally select ‘Clear search’
                • Property window not updated when removing connections from parameters and parameter setting was therefore disabled
                • Status Control: Text output of floating point values are differently formatted in Miniserver (uses ‘.’) and simulation (uses ‘,’)
                • Config crash when saving to Miniserver
                • Config crash during draw of partner logo
                • fixed documentation of devices and controls
                • Dimmer extension actor type switch not working
                • RGBW-Dimmer Tree cannot be added to light group
                • Object-Dialogues: open default-dialog for each control with doubleclick
                • Device Info and Air Trace in status dialog with better formatting
                • Object naming
                • XSS-Check made case-insensitive
                • Opening of configurable object dialog (systemscheme, alarm,..) is slow when using a lot of controls (>2000)
                • Connection window: Tooltips not shown long enough
                • BG-I5244 DMX RGB devices occupy 4 channels
                • BG-T1814 Miniserver type not displayed in tree, extension type displayed twice in some cases
                • Application icon in dialogs is old
                • Loxone Config crash when doing cut of program objects
                • Ensure that Not assigned room & category are named correctly if not, new objects will be created
                • Color of tree branch in tree diagnosis dialog toggles without lost packages
              • User Management:
                • Crash in device status when using dali
                • Status control: Different behaviour of value output on Gen.2 Miniserver
                • Admin Users are not added to Full Access when a new version was already used
                • New user created with invalid characters
                • Concentrator: Change of Usergroup-Memberships removes permissions
                • Users are missing after update via app
                • InApp-Notification not shown correctly
                • Removed Multiedit line from permission management dialog of controls
                • Adapted default sort column in usermanagement dialogs
                • Renaming of users does not validate name in multi edit dialog.
                • Dragging user into ‘Full Access’ Group not working
                • Pushnotifications not sent to ‘All-Access’-Users
                • Config-Login failed after change user of main-administrator
                • Users are missing after update via app
                • Concentrator: Change of usergroup-Memberships removes permissions
                • Full Access usergroup can be permitted on a control
                • BG-I6255 Manage permitted dialog: Table settings are available
                • BG-I4644 Notifications not shown for permitted users
                • BG-T2015 removed deprecated usergroup-references
                • BG-I6046 IO can not be switched from LiveView when config user has no rights for the control
                • Usermanagement dialogs: Filter in checkbox columns not available
                • Lightgroups should not be added to permission-management
                • Prevent deletion of daytimers which are used in permissions
                • Loxone config crash when opening ‘Show all permissions’ dialog
                • Fixed crash when deleting control with multiple permission-entries
                • Too much controls are visible for users created via app
              • Central Alarm
                • BG-I5045 Missing edge of output AQT
              • Remote Connect:
                • BG-I6436 External connection with Loxone Config to Miniserver with IPv6 not always possible
                • BG-I6506 Improved Loxone Config reconnect handling when using Remote Connect
                • BG-I6186 Loxone Config uses wrong port with Remote Connect and IPv6
                • BG-I6010 Remote Connect certificate verify failed
                • CC1-T16 Remote Connect connection establishment improvements
                • BG-I5349 Reconnect after external update not working when using remote connect
                • BG-I5855 No external connection with Loxone Config from IPv6 address to Miniserver possible when using Remote Connect
                • BG-I5816 Router port are required when using remote connect
              • Operating times:
                • BG-I5647 Belgian template readds cooling and heating period
              • Tableview (Learning dialogs, multi edit dialog)
                • BG-I5544 ComboBoxes are too small and cut off text – dropdowns can now be larger than cell
              • Miniserver
                • BG-I4645 Crash in device status when using dali
                • BG-I6390 Status control: Different behaviour of value output on Gen.2 Miniserver
                • BG-I6446 Crash when Debug-Monitor is active
                • BG-I6078 Crash when new program saved into miniserver
                • BG-I6381 Miniserver sends packets to dummy devices
                • BG-I5997 Fixed Memory Leak on Miniserver Gen2 when formatting large strings
                • BG-I6257 Deleting folders with fsdel is not working on Miniserver Gen 2
                • BG-I4105 Onlinestate & LiveView values in gateway systems sometimes not sent
                • BG-I6058 Miniserver internal IP not updated when configuring Miniserver and changing port
                • BG-I5346 Roof Window: Input Wp ignored after restart
                • BG-I5908 Watchdog timeout during certificate status check
                • BG-I5960 Crash BusHandler FindParentDevice
                • BG-I4537: Miniserver Crash at receiving Enocean data
                • Miniserver safety reboot due to deleted io connections
                • BG-I5755 KNX Extension not functional with MS Go fixed showing remote connect error after reboot
                • BG-I5645 Watchdog timeout during certificate status check
                • BG-I5685 User login logging not working with apps using token authentication
                • BG-I5242 Diagnostic CPU Temperature inputs are not in Fahrenheit
                • Miniserver Gen.2 – NTP error message not reset
                • Tree update monitor is active even without config connection
                • BG-I5223 Short impulses might not be written to digital outputs on Miniserver Gen 2
                • Safety reboot when overriding outputs in LiveView
                • BG-I5856 /dev/fslist hast wrong timestamps on Miniserver Gen 2
                • BG-I5760 Miniserver safety reboot when using modbus server
                • BG-I6074 No message when autoupdate fails
              • Configuration Dialog
                • BG-I3507 No info shown when serial is invalid
              • Central Shading
                • BG-I6482 only first AIp-command is executed
                • BG-I5248 Second shade command stops jalousie
              •  Configuration
                • BG-I6220 Fixed typo in Modbus-Template
                • Control-Notes: remove setting for place or category
              • Room Controller
                • BG-I4247 Actualization problems with EC input and ventilation blocks
                • BG-I4984 Actived inputs (Ic, Ia, Io) not properly handled after reboot
                • BG-I5531 Allow confirmation of Frost / Heatprotect-message
              • Sauna & Sauna Vapor
                • BG-I5579 SafeTime parameter is now per default 7200 seconds instead of 36000. Old documents which have the value 36000 set are converted to use 7200
                • BG-I5580 hase mode parameter is visible even if only one phase is connected
              • 1 Wire
                • BG-I6540 Invalid entries in search window
              • Heat mixer
                • BG-T1526 when stop is activated a reference drive to close (when Sm is 2) or open (when Sm is 1) is forced
                • BG-T1526 fixed limiting of the internal error sum of the internal PI control unit (did not work correct when MAX parameter was smaller than 100)
                • BG-T1526 fixed the first computation after miniserver restart of the internal PI control unit (difference of T and AI inputs was always zero)
                • BG-T1526 fixed reference drive duration (is now 120% of mixer runtime, before it was 100% of runtime)
              • AAL Smart Alarm
                • BG-I5466 Fixed Typo
              • Musicserver
                • MUSIC-I300: Backup contains no recovery-key
                • Musicserver Zone: fixed duplicate uuid in LoxApp3
                • BG-I6030 Validation of musicserver ip address not working
                • BG-I5825 Network-Learning: disable configure-button for musicserver (only works for v2 hardware)
                • Musicserver-Search: already paired musicserver shown in search-results
              • Music Server-Zone
                • BG-I6543 Category can not be changed
                • Category always set to “do not use”
                • BG-I4817 Default TTS volume set to 40
                • BG-I5302 Bu-input with mode Play/Pause is not paused correctly
                • MUSIC-T571 Musicserver-Zone: Added support for master-volume
                • BG-I5302 Quitting buzzer is not sent to musicserver
                • MUSIC-I399 invalid button-text
                • MUSIC-I324 Fixed Renaming via property-window
                • MUSIC-I207 Systemmessages for zone not forwarded to gateway
                • Set default-TH to 15min for living rooms
              • Multimedia Server:
                • BG-I5971: Miniserver sends empty SetMaster-Message
              •  Monitor
                • Monitor outputs for analyzing DNS problems
                • BG-I6222 View not correct in free positioning mode
              • Klimacontroller
                • BG-T1773 only show boost-mode if outputs are connected
              • Damper Tree
                • reupload of binary, firmware update did not work
              • Document-Tree
                • Navigation with Keys not working
              • Batterymonitor
                • in app displays remote air as online/offline despite it does not have a onlinestate (needs App support)
              • Tree Intercommunication
                • BG-I4310 Intercommunication actor: show packetid unfullfilled when default
                • References on program-page are not distinguishable from other in-/outputs -> Connection letter has been adapted
                • Outputs not visualized
                • BG-I5805: Monitor not working on gateway
                • BG-I5455 Intercom-Device: Leading & trailing spaces are removed from URL´s
              • Mailbox
                • Mail notification locked for 30 seconds after emptying (Only when using packetsafe air)
                • Reduced debouncing time for mail input
              • Light Controller
                • BG-I5514 Input “O” visible as default
                • BG-I6503 fixed uneccessary checks when removing lightcontroller-inputs
                • BG-T1899 + BG-I6096 Adapted automatic naming of circuits
              • Physical IO
                • Overridden Physical IO in LiveView is not reset when LiveView is stopped
                • Overridden Physical IO is also displayed overridden value on device page
                • BG-I5615 Digital Input as counter: validation not working
                • BG-I5869 Fixed validation/timeout for udp-sensors
              • Generic View
                • BG-I6283 / BG-I6317 Filtering sometimes not working
                • BG-I6433 Generic View: Check & Uncheck all items in filter menu not working
              • Systemstatus
                • BG-I5206 Systemmessage “cloudservice is expiring” is not removed
                • BG-I5766: fixed analog input validation system status message (old message was not cleared allthough validation is OK again)
                • BG-I6476 fixed analog input validation system status message (was immediately set as historic when default value was set)
                • BG-I6404 Setting of caller & weather are not distinguishable from other systemstatus settings
                • BG-I6406 Systemstatus not limitable for old admin group
                • BG-I5184 Low Memory systemmessage appears without sensible reason (mostly during gateway update)
                • BG-I6233 Low Memory systemmessage cant be confirmed
                • BG-I6161 Systemmessages with TTL (e.g. Reboot message) are not always automatically confirmed
                • Error Message during autoupdate even if autoupdate succeeds
                • BG-I4854 System-Messages for Devices: replace internal Type-Name with Device-Type
                • BG-I4299 Systemmessage ‘Tree shortcut’ does not disappear when activating intercommunication
                • Fixed messages newly created after saved to Miniserver
                • Fixed internal object names appearing in messages
              • Device status
                • BG-I6496 fixed device status for Meter Interface IR Air
                • BG-I5061 Dialog is too small
                • Dialog gets into background
                • LED Ceiling Light RGBW Tree device info window (in device status)
              • Systemsheme
                • BG-I6320 / BG-I6319 Not opened properly via multiedit dialog
                • BG-I6318 Wrong settings displayed when selecting control via system-scheme dialog
                • BG-I6318 Wrong settings displayed when selecting control via system-scheme dialog
                • Cut & Paste of system scheme not working
                • BG-I5846 Systemschemes displayed wrong in tree after loading from Miniserver
                • BG-I5876: Systemscheme removed image size restrictions
                • Systemscheme: Ping block not available
                • BG-I5318 Removing controls from visualization by using expert mode also removes them from system schemes
                • BG-T1784 Controls which are not visualized can also be selected (needs App support)
              • Learning Dialog
                • Selection is lost when filter is active and data is edited
                • BG-I6536 Slow update when filter is active
                • BG-I6326 Tables not have same height
                • Air: Wrong AirBase selected on startup
                • BG-I5255 speed up tree device search
                • Room preselection improved
                • Tree search results are shown on wrong extension
                • Tree search results take a long time until showing up
                • BG-I5235 Fixed selection after replace
                • Crash when deleting device
              • App-Learning
                • BG-I5304 Information about devices now contains info if device does not have any onlinestate (e.g. Remote Air)
                • BG-I4204 Online state has no room
              • Auto-Configuration
                • BG-I6490 Table not redrawn when unchecking
                • Rating of all controls is changed
                • BG-I6248 Orientation lights are always first connected outputs
              • Automaticjalousie
                • Miniserver can’t load program when constant is connectected on Parameter “T”
              • SadeRoof
                • BG-I6180 AR not working via central block
                • Impuls on AR after manual intervention handled incorrectly
                • Move Down does not consider current position
              • Touch & Grill Air
                • BG-I5082 Settings for Captions moved to Device
              • Brightness Cotnrol
                • BG-I6502 Output value truncated for voltage actors
                • Fixed wrong detection of output light actor type
                • BG-I6480 & BG-I6466 Webservices not working (configuration dialog not working)
                • Input En visible per default
                • Hysteresis in percent
                • Removed visualization
                • added missing text
                • fixed control with missing calibration values
              • Emergency Alarm
                • BG-I6081 Emergency Alarm: Input A and C pressed simultaneously trigger many notifications
                • Linked remote air uses button 1 for alarm
                • Multiple triggers at same time causes problems
                • Linked devices not remembering their alarm status after restart
              • Dali
                • fixed problem with type 7 param read
              • Devices
                • BG-I6170 fixed Touch Surface Air/Tree Led control
                  • The “activation button necessary”-Setting of Touch Surface Tree/Air no longer disables the “use LEDs for activation”-Setting.
                • Inverted the Order of the separately controllable Status-LED´s
                • BG-I6407 Air problem when two or more AirBase extensions working on the same channel
                • BG-I5818: RS232/RS485 Extension: added pause between TX packets (value can be changed in Config in extension property window)
                • BG-I6001 Packetsafe Air not working
                • BG-I6267 Emergency Button: Push not sent
                • BG-I4641 Modbus extension 32 devices limit missing
                • BG-I5297 Modbus TCP: poll sensors only if actually used
                • BG-T1869 Improved air device link lost handling: Now it takes at most 16 minutes until the air device detects a connection loss and sets the outputs accordingly
                • BG-I5933 Motion Sensor Tree and LED Ceiling Light RGBW Tree: Fixed on-time (Nachlaufzeit) bug (3 sec didn’t work correctly)
                • BG-I5182: Fixed possible wrong state of battery device inputs (Air Base firmware update)
                • BG-I5108: Reduced air traffic when air battery device update and air device search is done simultaneously
                • BG-I5252 Air device link lost handling and air device reconnecting didn’t work since version
                • BG-I5818: RS232/RS485 Extension: added pause between TX packets (pause is 50 bit periods and at least 1 millisecond)
                • BG-I5239: Device reconnect: digital status sent when device uses move sequences
                • BG-T1896: Nano Dimmer Air: increased over temperature switch-off threshold from 70° to 80° celsius
              • Documentation
                • Updated documentation of Automaticjalousie
                • BG-I6213 Alarm: Documentation of activation inputs not clear
                • BG-I6245 Fixed table of content not working correctly in technical documentation
                • BG-I5405 Documentation window is always on top
                • Technical documentation window always opened on the same spot
                • Title of Extension devices was empty in technical documentation
                • Brightness Control: developer-german name changed from “Helligkeitsregler BETA” to “Konstantlichtregler”
                • Text of system messages improved, to give help what to do about the different problems
                • BG-T2007 renamed control-helptext to control-hint
              • Gatecontroller
                • BG-I4824 Invalid state after changes of end-sensors
                • BG-I6073 Not blocked when stop and open/close input are active at the same moment
              • Project Planing
                • Missing category for speaker item
              • Project Analysis
                • BG-I6178 Virtual input is detected as used, as soon as its used in visualization
                • BG-T979 Defused warning
                • Warning can be temporarly disabled
              • General
                • BG-I4005 Category Groups: some not shown in settings
                • BG-I4136 Improved durations for network device-search
                • BG-I4731 Klimacontroller does not shutdown immediately after ending servicemode
                • BG-I6283 / BG-I6317 : Generic View Filtering sometimes not working
                • BG-I4468 Possible crashes when making http requests to localhost
                • BG-I6198 State control: Commas are replaced with dots
                • BG-I6254 Updated naming of terminals on cover pages
                • BG-I4131 Validation-Timeout when time is changed manually
                • BG-I5307 Carcharger: disable limitation-reset per default
                • BG-I5348 Virtual text input – some texts not setable via webservice (on, off,…)
                • BG-I5492 Update to lower version is possible via Loxone Config, which results in an invalid state
                • BG-I5967 Firealarm: Displayed temperature is not correct when sensor is on a different Miniserver
                • BG-I4261 A change in correction settings is not directly applied, the old value stays until a new value is received (this is a problem on battery devices)
                • BG-I5276 Battery state input sends wrong system status message
                • BG-I5989 Light output type detection: Wrong type for 0-10V analog outputs
                • Removed T5 side setting from gate controller, only left side supported from now on
                • BG-I5112 Ping & Daytimer: Invert of output also inverts state in visualization
                • BG-I5862 Difference threshold switch: Display of trigger outputs
                • Lightcontroller: Set default-TH to 15min for living rooms
                • Autojalousie: Already closed blind move for “MinMove-Time”
                • BG-I5596 Klimacontroller: show outdoor-temperature on temperature-input
                • BG-I5176 Energy monitor: storage capacity accepts only integer values
                • BG-I5880 Systemscheme: Selection of main object not working
                • BG-I428 Projectanalysis: Warning for unused default logger
                • BG-I5751 Heatmixer: Does not show target temperature
                • BG-I5707 Roof-Window: Invalid state after reboot
                • Internal changes for Translations


              Detailed technical Changelog App 11.0.2 (2020.05.14):

              • Emergency Alarm:
                • Added Emergency alarm control + automatic designer functionality.
              • Ventilation:
                • Implemented frost protection handling
              • Apple Watch App Support
                • iOS Quick Actions are now available right from your wrist!
                • At least Watch OS 6.0 required
                • Added visual feedback in addition to haptic feedback
              • Brand new music server zone UI
                • Too many great improvements to go into detail here!
                • Send Equalizer Settings to another zone for easier configuration
              • Remote Connect support
                • You don’t have to do anything, it just works when the Miniserver is set to used it.
              • System scheme support
                • Instant overview over complex systems
                • Navigate into blocks visualized within the scheme to make changes to them.
              • User Management
                • Restrict user access from & until a certain date and time.
                • Search for users in the list, important for commercial installations
              • Help text support for all blocks
                • If a partner has defined a help text for a block, you can now see it in your app.
                • Useful for providing additional information on what a certain block does.
              • Mail & Parcel block support (PaketSafe)
                • Informs when parcels or mail has been delivered
                • Keeps track of delivered mail or parcels
                • Deactivate notifications temporarily
              • AAL emergency block support
                • Trigger an emergency from within your app
                • Notifies when an alarm is triggered
                • See what happened and acknowledge the alarm.
              • AAL smart alarms can now be temporarily disabled from within the app
              • General
                • Now it is possible switch between tile and cell representation


              Fixed App:

              • Watch App:
                • BG-I5776: QuickActions synchronisation was slow in some cases
                • BG-I5807: App crashed when connected to iOS App
                • BG-I5897: Play-Button is displayed inline, adjusted spacing between buttons & green tint color added
              • Automatic Designer:
                • BG-I4188: Multiple Light-Controls indistinguishable
              •  AudioZone:
                • Added missing “Play next” and “Add to Queue” buttons
                • Can’t play “All Favorites”
                • Queue wasn’t usable on Musicservers
                • When playing Spotify Songs, Prev and Next buttons were disabled
                • Add playlist and playlist songs to queue not working
                • Shortcuts couldn’t be played or opened
                • No timeline visible when playing a spotify track
                • View was corrupted after reopening the favorites screen
                • In some cases the cover of a spotify track is missing
                • Add playlist and playlist songs to queue not working
                • Remove entries from queue is sometimes unresponsive
                • Volume Slider overlapped Audio Controls on iPad/Safari
                • Loading screen did not disappear under certain circumstances
                • Shortcuts aren’t shown when no zone favorites existed
                • Shortcuts couldn’t be played or opened
                • In some cases, the timeline was missing when playing a spotify track
                • Cover was missing after track change, when the player was opened
                • Error message when opening the context menu of the player
                • Current playing item was shown multiple times when long queue got cleared by another device.
                • Empty queue view was not displayed.
                • Queue was not displayed immediately when Queue button was pressed
                • Audiozone Home View overlayed controls on the left.
                • Shortcut got created with a wrong position
                • Missing search on HD Devices
                • BG-I6298: Browsable search results (artists, album, playlist) couldn’t be played or added to a playlist
                • Fixed wrong state of “Show More” and “Show less”
                • Appearance Settings of the Loxone section where in sync with the “Show More” and “Show less” functionality
                • Much quicker loading time when opening the AudioZone
                • Show more/show less function shows or hides the cells instantly
                • Reduced flickering of content
                • Fixed TinyPlayer on HD Devices if the current song title was very long
                • Improved handling of Covers
                • New TinyPlayer for Tablets and Desktop environments
                • Unified zone naming scheme
                • Did show EQ-Settings for UPNP zones
                • Prevent UPNP Zones from being grouped
                • Service EULA (e.g: Spotify) was already marked as read, even though it wasn’t
                • MUSIC2-T573: Added missing search
                • Spotify playlists are displayed as cells
                • Added Play/Pause button to zone group screen
                • Enhanced “Show more”/”Show less” button behaviour (Flickering of the content)
                • MUSIC2-I406: “Loading…” on Devices running iOS 10 or lower
                • Changed Appearance of Play/Pause buttons in Zone Groups
                • Infinite loading indicator in “Loxone Playlists” and “Queue” after reconnecting to the Musicserver (Planed reboot or network change, …)
                • Error Popup when opening the search after a Miniserver Reconnect (Planed reboot or network change, …)
                • Grouping did always show the first group instead of the selected one
              • NewsHub:
                • News will display as ready, after entering the newsHubScreen
              • AirDeviceSearch:
                • Now checks if the found Air Base Extensions are online
              • Android:
                • User can’t login in the app with an android device with a lower android version than 5
                • Wrong name in “About App” screen
              • ArchiveScreen:
                • Error popup was shown after canceled miniserver search
                • In some cases an error popup was shown after saving in the miniserver
                • Deleting multiple Miniserver at once did not remove entries in Archive Screen
              •  Usermanagement:
                • Users without admin rights cannot edit their own visu password.
              •  LightController
                •  Improved contrast of “scene mix in” buttons
              •  Tabbar:
                • Missing spacing between tabs on iOS devices running iOS <= 10.3
                • Increased icon size on HD Devices
              • EntryPoint:
                • App Navigated to the last position instead of the set entry point
              • Emergency Alarm:
                • History could’t be opened
                • Does not change back to ecomode
              • Notification:
                • Miniserver-update-notification is displayed too often
              • System Scheme:
                • Empty text field when using a SystemScheme in a SystemScheme without main control+
                • Adopted minimum scale
              • Intercom:
                • Long button text has overlapped each other
                • Text was cut off on tablets
              • CarCharger:
                • Fixed flicker of the slider
              • Control Note:
                • Control Notes (Former Control Help) moved to context menu (Like Expert-Mode)
              •  EcoMode:
                • Error message did appear after eco mode screen was shown
                • Improved contrast and readability of text
              • GateCentral:
                • Now checks subControl animation type and displays different action buttons
              • General:
                • Several fixes on devices running Android 4.4
                • Cell-title was scrollable
                • Fixed occasional false value of wrong sliders (ClimateController, Touch & Grill, …)
                • Fixed flicker of certain listViews (LightController Central)
                • Opening a new connection takes a long time
              • Quick Action:
                • Jumps back to Settings or InfoScreen
              • Virtual State:
                • Value not clearly visible
              • Presence:
                • Presence disabled after a Miniserver restart
              • IRC:
                • Fixed flickering of IRC Timeline cell on some occasions
              • IRR:
                • IRR – App target temperature is displayed very small in the app
              LOXONE CONFIG

              Loxone Config / Miniserver

              Known Issues:

              • Miniserver Gen 2: BG-I4737 – Network Mask values different to 0 or 255 are ignored.
              • Miniserver Gen 2: If the signal at a digital input is ON when the power supply of the Miniserver is turned on, the first falling edge of the signal is not recognized.
              • Caller: BG-I4801 – Callback Buttons don’t work, unless CloudDNS is used for external access.
              • Changing the name of integrated devices and blocks does not work via property window. As workaround you can set the name by editing the object in the tree, on the page or in the setting edit dialog
              • Reworked project planning
                • Configuration of rooms can be resetted to default values
                • Find/Replace dialog enhanced
                • Parts list reworked to provide a better understanding of price per category
                • New default rooms (at least in German): Garage, Cellar and Hallway
                • 5A & 10A relays selectable for lighting
                • iPad Wallmount supported
                • Nano 2 Relay Tree supported
              • General
                • Automatic Miniserver update can now be triggered from Loxone Smart Home App
                • Recovery of configuration after unsuspected closing of Loxone Config
                • ZIP Code added to project address
                • Up to 20% faster connection establishing by optimizing communication between Miniserver and App.
                • Redesigned status bar, ensuring the right things are in the center of attention. 
                • Free/Available device slots of Tree- & Air-Base Extensions are shown.
                • Optimized line drawing algorithm
                • Download progress while loading Loxone Config updates is now shown. 
              • Virtual inputs 
                • automatically converted from analog to digital and vice versa when connected
              • NFC Code Touch
                • New outputs provide information on whom was last authorized for what and when. Enables more detailed evaluation and further processing of authorizations for access control and billing purposes.
                • Now allows for preselection for door-bells, e.g. ring bell in flat #1, or flat #2
                • Introduced optional 2-Factor-Authentication, requiring both a code and a NFC Smart tag for successful authentication.
              • Optimized mathematical blocks (Addition, Subtraction, ..)
                • Constant input arguments may now be set to a default value, reducing the number of constants used in a configuration & therefore shrinking down configurations.
                • Static computations will be converted to constants with their result (e.g. 60*60 -> 3600), reduces CPU load.
              • Auto-Config
                • Reworked dialog
                • Support for incremental auto-configuration or running it again on configurations that have already been modified before.
                • Good night mode will now end at 8 AM instead of the sunrise.
                • Adds a Todo-Note for door-locks for NFC Code Touches.
              • Shading block
                • Introduced door-input, will open the shading regardless of the safety position configured. Shading may still be closed manually, while the door is open – automatic shading won’t close the blinds
              • New blocks
                • Alarmchain – effortless way to informing up to 10 persons on critical incidents.
                • Roof Window – allows to open/close a roof window
                • Roof Window shading – perfect solution to take care of a roof windows shading 
                • “Pulse by”
                • Command Recognition
              • User Management has received a large overhaul:
                • Users can now be created/removed from within the Loxone Smart Home App
                • NFC Smart Tags can now be assigned/removed from Users via the Loxone Smart Home App (in combination with a NFC Code Touch)
                • Users can now be activated and deactivated, allowing e.g. to provide temporary access until a certain date. 
                • Right to edit users can now be granted to users without loxone config rights
                • New field “identification” allows to provide e.g. staff number or alike. This identification can be used for billing purposes or for (Locker-)access-control in combination with NFC Code Touch. 
              • System-State
                • Will prompt when caller-service was unable to make calls (no internet, no phone-number provided, ..)
                • Reports sensors that suddenly don’t report values anymore (1-wire, HTTP, Modbus ..)
              • Documentation
                • Device documentation is now available from within Loxone Config.
                • Documentation window is now independent and can remain open while working in Loxone Config
                • Tooltips reworked to provide a better overview of block in-/outputs and arguments
              • New Statistic Type “Interval”
                • It is now possible to have values recorded based on a periodic interval (5, 10, 30, 60 Minutes)


              • Burglar, Smoke and Water Alarm
                • Users can now start an alarm drill right from the app
              • General
                • Up to 20% faster connection establishment due to enhanced communication between Miniserver and App
                • Miniservers can now be marked as Favorites, putting them on top of your Miniserver-List
                • Your password and User interface password can now be securely stored protected using your phones biometrics (Face, Fingerprint), so you don’t have to type it.
              • Roof Window
                • UI Support for our new block allowing to open/close roof windows
              • User Management
                • Create, edit and remove users right from your app.
                • Share-Feature allows to send user access data of newly created users from your app.
                • Users may now be only activated until a certain date, allowing temporary access for guests or partners.
                • NFC Smart Tags can now be assigned to or removed from users straight from within your app.
              • Air Device Search
                • Air devices can now be paired right from your app. 
              • Virtual Text Inputs can now be adjusted within the app
              • Launch Miniserver Updates
                • Users with proper permissions can trigger Miniserver Updates

              Detailed technical changelog

              Loxone Config – New

              New Function Blocks

              • AAL Smart Alarm
              • Edge Detection
              • BG-T778 Added roof window control object
              • Command recognition
              • Pulse by

              New Functions

              • Tree Intercommunication – enables communication between Miniservers via Tree branches

              Automatic Blind

              • Added Door-Input: Triggers complete up and disables all central commands targeting this function block.

              Alarm Chain

              • BG-T822 Changed placeholder for text inputs from ‘<v1>’ to ‘<vt1>’ and for alarm start time from ‘<vs>’ to ‘<vton>’.
              • Added new input for confirmation and new outputs for confirmation time and originator

              User Interface

              • New Loxone CI
              • New Loxone Config cover page
              • Improved visibility of missing settings and unlearned devices
              • Improved Monitors
              • Packettype filtering
              • Unused monitor tabs are hidden now
              • All air & tree communication packets shown
              • Removed unreliable signal info (device state shows proper signal)
              • Reworked Caption Bar

              System Status

              • BG-T959 Added possibility to turn off system status for individual user groups
              • BG-T961 New message for deactivated program block (PicoC)
              • BG-T960 New message for link errors
              • New messages for IR Meter Reader Air communication errors
              • BG-T691 Integrated System Status in peripheral list and property window
              • BG-T794 SD card: Added Systemstatus message if SD card is full
              • Systemstatus: Miniserver LED does not show info any more, only warnings, important and critical messages
              • BG-I2285: Added Systemstatus message: Caller used without a phone-number


              • Added possibility to disable an user.
              • Added possibility to have active a user until a specified date.
              • Added Property “User-identification”

              Project Planning

              • Introduce chinese shop in project planning
              • BG-T918 Optimizations in project planning and part list
              • BG-T917 Add default room “Flur” in project planning
              • BG-I2341 New polish project planning default file
              • BG-T786 Project Planning: Added 5A Relais to light options
              • BG-T797 Add garage and cellar to project planning
              • New default french project planning file
              • BG-T639: Real Smart Home Offline Checks & Dialog
              • Add iPad Wallmount to project planning


              • BG-T418: New auto configuration dialog
              • BG-T192 Auto-Config: Todo for motor lock on NFC access control
              • BG-T862 Auto config Reset good night mode at 8 o’clock

              NFC Code Touch

              • BG-T820 NFC Code Touch: Added text outputs for “what” and “when”
              • BG-T664 Added Two-Factor-Authentication


              • Improved Performance
              • Support for learning of Air Devices via App
              • SD-Card dialog accessible from project overview
              • KNX Group addresses with main group >15 supported
              • Nano2Relay current threshold now also adjustable in shading actuator mode
              • Added documentation for more devices
              • BG-T865 Optimize Nano IO Air for shading applications
              • Added new Touch Pure products
              • Config: Added documentation for several devices
              • BG-T732 Config: Automatic document save in background task and recovery after unexpected close
              • New statistic option ‘Intervall’
              • BG-T895 Sort excel part list by product category
              • BG-T829 Auto Update: Added possibility to update Miniserver via App if Autoupdate is 
              • BG-T380 Possibility to hash passwords with SHA256 (is not yet enabled since an app update is necessary)
              • BG-T707 Config: Added possibility to report crashes by saving and sending dump files
              • BG-T674 Caption bar redesign
              • BG-T861 VirtualInput: Automatic change to analog when connecting to analog object
              • BG-T826 Introduce postcode for customer location
              • Added new language: CHS – Chinese Simplified (Translation work in progress)
              • Added webservice /jdev/sys/appinitinfo – will be used in future for faster app connection
              • BG-T860 Optimize sizing of page selection window
              • BG-T859 Add possibility to set constants on inputs of math objects
              • BG-T727 Detect static calculations of math objects
              • BG-T890 Convert constant operations into constants
              • BG-T882 Switch value inputs of comparison objects to parameters
              • BG-T871: Rearranged texts shown in tooltip boxes when hovering over control ios
              • BG-T709: Amount of free device slots for air base and tree extension are displayed in tree
              • BG-I2639 Increased clouddns update intervall to 10 minutes
              • Reworked update file handling
              • BG-I2467: Bigger Icons for Comboboxes in Room-Category-Dialog
              • Alarm Chain: New funtion block for a 10 level alarm chain
              • BG-T687: Improve connection line handling by avoiding overlapping lines and drawing intersections
              • SD Format now needs Admin rights this enables better detection of SD cards
              • Documentation: Added support for device documentation
              • Documentation: Changed help bubbles to independent windows (always on top)

              Loxone Config – Fixes & changes


              • BG-I3854 Brightness-change creates RGB-White when previously temperature was selected
              • BG-I2641 All Off triggered to soon after manual input + DisMV
              • BG-T898  Reworked Auto-Naming of Lightcontroller-Outputs
              • BG-I3578 Active Movement-Timer resetted when MV is triggered exactly during reset
              • BG-I3869 undefined movement-mood after deleting via app
              • BG-I3460 Colorpicker: always set to 100% brightness
              • BG-I3461 Colorpicker: current color overwritten when changing tabs
              • BG-I3463 Dialog: added Master-Color-Control
              • BG-I3733 fixed invalid “different output-types” when connecting inputs
              • BG-I3518 Memory-Type not changed if connected to lightcontroller
              • BG-I3479 Lightcontroller Liveview/Simu: do not show T5-Display if no t5 is connected
              • BG-I3130 Enabled Output for Smartactors for other blocks (light = 1)
              • BG-I3469 adapted description of AQs
              • BG-I3468 wrong output-type changed when removing existing connections
              • BG-I3294 invalid replacement-mood when removing scene used in 
              • BG-I3108 RQ/RaQ not reseted during alarm
              • BG-I2935 Lightcontroller: light-sequence restarted after turning off lights
              • BG-I2751 Lightcontroller: Start Mt-Timer on end of Buzzer
              • BG-I2722 Lightcontroller not woking in visu with brand new document
              • BG-I2455: Lightcontroller-Dialog: Unexpected close on Return
              • BG-I2456: Lightcontroller-Dialog: Tab change ignores actual edited cell
              • BG-I2387: Lightcontroller: State of remanence input is not checked


              • BG-I3757 Central-safety not correctly displayed on control
              • BG-I3966 CD should only make a relative movement instead of full movement each time
              • BG-I3631 Wrong behaviour if inputs are inverted
              • BG-I3852 Direction Tolerance not considered
              • BG-I3640 Stop-Input during MinMove-Time does not work
              • Northern facing windows aren’t shaded in the evening
              • BG-I2994 Autoshading on southern hemisphere is not activated
              • Fixed reactivation of Autoshading while safety is active
              • BG-I3142: Allow hide of Input Id
              • BG-I3213 NanoIO: invalid moving direction
              • BG-I3065 Rising edge on Id input of automatic jalousie object should end automatic mode for the current day
              • Autojalousie + Shaderoof: fixed possible watchdog-reboot for very narrow shading-ranges
              • Autojalousie: Current Lamelle-Position not considered in up/down-commands

              Shade Central

              • BG-I2691 Asynchronous movement via T5
              • Added Central-Support for Shade-Roof
              • Delayed response for autoshade-command

              Roof Window Shading

              • BG-I3933 Added support for integrated jalousie-devices (shading actuators, NanoIO)
              • Lock output not resetted when ST goes off
              • second shade-interval not started if automatic is activated after end of first shading-period
              • Fixed QA-Output
              • BG-I4097 roof window rollo: Rollo not moving correctly when activating Id


              • BG-I3702 Remanence not saved when alarm is triggered
              • BG-I3125 Parameter T2 (wait time for second presence sensor) is also used when there is only one presence sensor – alarm was never triggered
              • BG-I3204 Fixed not working remanence
              • Fixed Touch & Grill and Touch Nightlight not selectable as outputs in configuration dialog

              Intelligent Roomcontroller

              • BG-I3298 adapted description of TaMin
              • Fixed invalid unit of Parameter Tiw (correct unit is seconds)
              • BG-I3159 Additional Description for Output Qe
              • BG-I2840 Digital Statistic-Options shown in PWM-Mode
              • Force Mode toggles prepare-phase near target-temperature
              • Fixed forced PWM-Outputvalue while Climate-Controller is shutting down
              • BG-I2950 Intelligent Room-Controller Gen1: QS does not consider sunshine-state in simulation
              • BG-I2395: Intelligent Room Controller: Comfort override not working in °F
              • BG-I2363: Intelligent Room Controller:  use outputs as digital in pwm-mode
              • BG-I2383: Intelligent Room Controller:  Mode set via app reseted after reboot

              Sauna Controller

              • BG-I3931 Don’t count dryheat and dryfan phases as active phases for maximum sauna time notification
              • BG-I3211 Set default temperature of sauna controller to 30°C
              • BG-T949 Fan phase of sauna controller should be skipped if no fan is connected
              • BG-I3137 PWM of sauna controller should be updated if set temperature changes

              Climate Controller

              • Klimacontroller:Output H3 is reset while I3 is ON
              • BG-I3122 Climacontroller: Parameter “Use Average Temperature” set by default 
              • BG-I2553 Heat/Coolmode not started
              • BG-I2936 Reset is only executed on Edge of Stop-Input
              • BG-I2586 Hide Parameters TLimC / TLimH if outdoor-temperature is not used
              • BG-I2833 Changes to default mode after reboot

              Other Function Blocks

              • BG-I3056 MediaController: unsupported IR-actors are shown
              • BG-I3930 Alarmclock: Pending alarm shown on Holidays
              • BG-I3418 Energy Monitor: First input-value is counted do total value of this week/year/month
              • BG-I3590 Comparison control object doesn’t work with very large numbers
              • BG-I3146 Multipulse control object called cyclically if trigger input is active
              • BG-I3114 Renamed RS and SR-Switches
              • BG-I3088 Description of outputs of Longtimeclick control object not correct
              • BG-I3075 Modulo control object returns wrong results
              • BG-I3039 Outputs of door controller were not set when pressing button in app for a very short time


              • Device-Update: Updatename for IR Module not shown
              • BG-I3605 Carcharger: Offline-message not shown on Carcharger-Block
              • BG-I3610 Battery weak system message triggered too often
              • Sensor timeout system messages can’t be resetted if the affected object is the device and not the sensor (eg: Modbus devices)
              • BG-I3529 Online Service system messages are one message for all messages – splitted them up into seperate messages (weather & caller)
              • BG-I3323 Online Service System messages not displayed when the service was never activated
              • BG-I3363 Changed array of message timestamps to single latest timestamp
              • BG-I3371 Fixed message for Link errors without any devices connected to Link
              • BG-I3397 Fixed message for weak battery visible while device is already offline
              • Systemstatus: Removed user insecure password message for deactivated users
              • BG-I3180 Receive timeouts from motion sensors should not be shown in system status
              • Fixed missing System status message after successful update
              • BG-I3665: Battery weak message oscillates
              • BG-I3277 Wallbox: report Onlinestate by default
              • BG-I4087 fixed missing extension update systemstatus message
              • BG-I3488 Tree: Added system status for connected tree branches


              • BG-I3190 First created user is loaded without passwords
              • BG-I2905 user added to admin-group not immediately able to log on via config
              • BG-I2910 Userid deleted when disabling user

              Timechanges (Daylight savings)

              • BG-I3895 Air- and Treedevices shown as offline after changing from DST
              • BG-I3896 Receive-Timeout after change from DST
              • BG-I3333 Wrong handling of time changes for hour counter object
              • Fixed not sending air packets after time change

              Project Planning

              • BG-I3950 Ceiling lights shouldn’t be used in thoroughfares if relays are used as global lighting selection
              • BG-I3725 Add scroll bars to any combo box in project planning dialog
              • BG-I3626 Rooms with room type “other” plan motion sensors unnecessarily
              • BG-I3545 Adjust part list title in project planning dialog
              • BG-I3441 Add touch beneath bed in sleeping rooms
              • BG-I3436 Add Geiger GJ56 Air in global shading preselection
              • Reset icon shouldn’t get when changing room type for non default rooms
              • BG-I3126 Show amount of products per room in product replace dialog
              • BG-T759 Add scroll bar to comboboxes in product replace dialog
              • BG-I3064 Same product in different categories is shown multiple times in default part list
              • BG-I3033 Remote air (planned for room “Garage”) not available in project planning
              • BG-I3091 Installation place “Esstisch” not translatable in Default-Plan
              • BG-I3995 Project planing: missing tooltips for remove, copy and reset in room overview mask
              • BG-I3994 Project planing: automatic numbering of copied rooms ignores preceding zero
              • exchange RMD with RMB (chinese currency)
              • BG-I2723 Improved speaker calculation (result is rounded to 0, 1, 2, 4, …)
              • BG-I2970 Power consumption calculation for Nano 2 Relay Tree wrong
              • Space requirement for 120V Dimmer was not set
              • BG-I2676 Project Planning: Changed type of child´s room to sleep-room

              Miniserver Replace

              • BG-I3943 Replacing of a Client causes problems when new Miniserver needs an update
              • BG-T1189 Added information about battery devices, when replacing a Miniserver Go
              • After replace of Gateway clients can’t reconnect
              • Miniserver properties are not updated after replace
              • Musicserver warning is shown when saving to Miniserver
              • Progress steps not correct
              • BG-I3586 Serial number not considered in miniserver replace dialog when searching target MS manually


              • BG-I3724 Musicserver Zone: cancelled events are sent to musicserver
              • BG-I3846 Musicserver-Offline message is shown after update
              • BG-T885 Central Music: changed volume-step to pulse-command
              • BG-I3395 added default-category and room/category to mediaserver
              • BG-I3302 Musicserver Zone: adapted description of DisMV
              • BG-I3216 Musicserver Zone: Bell-Event for UPNP-Zones not ended properly
              • Musicserver and Musicserver Zone:
                • Convert to Device<->Control System (like Integrated Devices)
                • Added new MusicZone-Search-Dialog (accessible via Networkdevice-Search after inserting and via Ribbon)
                • Enabled Identify for Supported Zones (Tree and Zone-Search)
                • No Offline-message in System Status if Musicserver is shut down on purpose
                • added support for Subtypes of Mediaserver and Zones in Device-Discovery
              • BG-I3076 Musicserver Zone: external stop (stream-errors,…) should not suppress MV
              • BG-T885 Adapted volume-command for Central-Music
              • BG-I2573 Fixed recognition of different master
              • BG-I2669 Setmaster not working for certain device-versions
              • BG-I2670 Invalid state during high load
              • BG-I2661 no state-updates after bell is started via doorcontrollar AND object input
              • BG-I2352: pause/stop input triggers WOL
              • BG-T713: Adapted default-tts volume
              • BG-I2130: Fixed Selection of Musicserver-Zone after changing place/cat
              • BG-I2130: control object loses focus after changing setting

              Multiline Edit Dialog

              • BG-I2532 Added information about edited setting
              • BG-I2556 Sorted list of available column filters alphabetically
              • Fixed Dropdown menus not beeing sorted
              • Fixed whole column beeing assigned to new value ‘different assignements’ when a dropdown of a column with different assigments was clicked and nothing selected
              • BG-I2627 Fixed crash when editing company logo
              • BG-I2651 Fixed crash when editing a setting of multiple controls
              • BG-I2804 Changing combo box texts doesn’t save when clicking off

              Line Management Optimizations

              • BG-I2648: Use control object grid also as line grid
              • BG-I2608: Draw branch points from selected lines fat
              • BG-I2607: Use line colors also for branch points
              • BG-I2694: Size of branch points is wrong in certain constellations

              Expert Mode

              • BG-I3861 Not all categories and rooms are available, only already used ones

              Auto Config

              • BG-I3769 Relays for shading are not added to automatic jalousie
              • BG-I3391 Presence simulation loses connection target when executing auto config multiple times
              • BG-I3390 Control objects are not assigned properly when executing auto config multiple times
              • BG-I3389 Control objects are created and assigned multiple times when re-executing auto config
              • BG-I3388 Auto config creates too many auto jalousie objects when executing auto config multiple times
              • BG-I3322 Multiple errors when executing auto config multiple times
              • BG-T728 Splitted Firealarm and Wateralarm in Autoconfig
              • BG-I3220 Do not assign music zones in sleeping rooms or thoroughfares to door controller by default

              Project Analysis

              • BG-I3556 Warning in project analysis if a sensor of a battery device is only used for logging or statistics
              • BG-I3755 Logging object (logger, tracker,..) is detected unused despite being used in another logging object
              • BG-I3413 Constants in operation objects are not displayed by project analysis


              • BG-I3210 Fixed forwarding of web service to correct client. Invalid routing caused commands never reaching correct client
              • BG-I3226 Fixed expert mode on gateway for large controls (Structure file was corrupted)
              • Fixed client reachability not monitored in some cases
              • BG-I3050 Fixed wrong edges of text memories in client-gateway systems
              • BG-I2951 Fixed wrong analog type of logger in client-gateway systems
              • BG-I2989 Fixed lost value in client-gateway systems
              • BG-I4174 App Air Search fixed state-updates for Gateway
              • BG-I4104 fixed JSON-error on Gateway
              • BG-I3992 Automatic designer rules invalid after updating client gateway system
              • BG-I4104 App Air Search: Json-Error in Gateway-Systems


              • BG-I3228 Documentation for 3 point controller wrong
              • BG-I3372 Device Documentation: Fixed empty io chapters
              • BG-I3185 3-Position-Controller: Fixed online documentation link
              • BG-I3184 Documentation: Fixed T5 input documentation
              • BG-I3163 Documentation: Adapted texts for Id inputs
              • BG-I3036 Documentation: Fixed corrupted documentation of AND, OR, XOR

              Property Window

              • BG-I3152 Property window not updated after inserting virtual outputs or HTTP / UDP inputs of predefined devices
              • BG-I3101 Fixed font of description in property window
              • BG-I3467 Property-Window: Selection is reset on autosaving


              • BG-I4000 Internorm: No message when >40 devices are connected
              • BG-I3997 Internorm: double assignment possible
              • BG-I3736  Internorm Learn: refresh irritating with many devices
              • BG-I2659  Internorm: Sending blocks radio channel
              • BG-I2389 Internorm: Radio channel full detected
              • BG-I3035 Internorm: Fan offline even though signal strength is good
              • BG-I3195 Internorm Learn: Learn process fails sometimes
              • BG-I3395 Internorm: Coordinate radio commands over extensions


              • BG-I2637 Fixed crash with invalid cycle times
              • BG-I2583 Fixed manual cycle rest time during day change
              • BG-I2598 Return to Filter position after quitting service mode
              • BG-I2618 Fixed disable of drain valve during backwash cycle when changing relays

              Misc Devices

              • – BG-I3252 Air Rssi values incorrect
              • – Ceiling Light Air: reduced air traffic. ATTENTION: Default value for overrun duration (movement) has changed from 3s to 75s!
              • – BG-I3964 Meter Interface Air is sending to much data and therefore causing a lot of traffic
              • – Send Intervals have been increased:
              • – Power isn’t sent more often than every 10 seconds (when the power change is greater than 5% compared to last send)
              • – Energy & Power sent cyclic every 5 minutes when there is power flow 
              • – MeterInterface: Energy data not sent cyclic
              • – Improved battery voltage measurement on Air devices
              • – BG-T1008 Fixed air device RSSI signaling if more than on hop is used
              • – BG-T1035 Don’t send air device analog input to miniserver if it is not used in miniserver
              • – BG-I3893: Alarm-Siren Tree/Air: improved sabotage contact handling
              • – BG-3437: window handle not updating values after learn
              • – BG-I3329: presence detectors stay on while offline
              • – BG-I3902: Tree devices on not learned Tree Extension blink red
              • – Touch Nightlight – Display turns on without any interaction
              • – RemoteAir: fixed miniserver reconnect
              • – BG-I3859 Valve Air: fixed reconnect problem when airbase was exchanged
              • – BG-I3558 Smart Socket Air: improved power sending after relay is switched off
              • – Improved AirBase link error/reconnect handling
              • – Air battery devices: (fixed automatic frequency change, enabled watchdog for 24V powered battery devices, send battery voltage to miniserver)
              • – BG-I3038 Touch & Grill: Fixed not shown in the battery status view in the App
              • – BG-I3048 NFC Code Touch Air: Fixed not selectable in alarm configuration dialog
              • – BG-I3197 NFC for disabled user not denied
              • – BG-I3170 Fröling Extension: no actors when creating new device
              • – BG-I3878 Valve Tree: wrong blink codes
              • – BG-I3560 Valve Air: Temperature compensation for 24V missing
              • – BG-I3719 fixed remote air not working after air base exchange
              • – App Air Search: NFC Code Touch shown as dummy-device after creation
              • – BG-I2831 Fixed Touch Nightlight snoozing and ringing after start packet
              • – BG-I2975 Fixed slewrate setting for dimmer outputs
              • – Valve Air, Presence Air and NFC Code Touch Air: fixed automatic frequency change
              • – BG-I2883 Touch & Grill: Fixed corrupted device structure in rare situations
              • – BG-I2593 & BG-I2594: AquastarAir: Fixed problem with active pump during position change
              • – BG-I2226 Shading Actuators identify click at deselection
              • – BG-I2719: NFC Code Touch: input error infos visible in XML
              • – BG-I2536 Touch & Grill: Fixed crashes after changing external address of Miniserver
              • – BG-I2705 Touch Nightlight: Fixed display brightness changing after Miniserver reboot
              • – BG-I2645 Intercom-XL: Fixed 1-wire usage on a gateway – (1-Wire commands were not handled when no doorcontroller was inserted)
              • – IR Meter Interface: Fixed read of Logarex energy meter (Meter does not completely conform to the norm)

              Misc  Miniserver

              • – BG-I4348 Miniserver reboot during extension update
              • – Not received ping answer causes NTP watchdog reboot
              • – Internal problem when learning new nano io air devices
              • – BG-I4390 Nfc access block changes standard function when converting to new version
              • – Link and Tree devices authenticate on the Miniserver
              • – BG-I3944 Missing remanence for digital virtual inputs
              • – BG-I3639 Websocket: added request to resend states of single controls
              • – BG-I3905 Adapted default-Text for Caller-Callback
              • – BG-I3893: 1-Wire temperature sensor: improved receive timeout handling
              • – BG-T1065 Use of analog/digital values on text connectors not working
              • – BG-I3898 improved link/tree/air device online handling (when online timeout is exceeded poll device before setting it offline)
              • – BG-I3381 fixed Air Base Extension, Tree Extension and Miniserver CAN bit timing
              • – BG-I3800 Timeout validation of HTTP inputs doesn’t work correctly
              • – BG-I2957 Weatherdata: statistics written on all gateway-clients
              • – A73C-T282 Fixed not closing HTTP tasks
              • – Fixed possible CPU load increase due to Heatmixer event handling
              • – Fixed duplicated states (affected controls: autojalousie, pool & gatecontroller)
              • – BG-I3086 Fixed constant retrying of auto update
              • – BG-I3055 Invalid Websocket-answer when deleting unknown user
              • – RSA calculation now uses stack memory – this reduces the impact of memory fragmentation to calculation speed
              • – BG-I2995 Creating automatic rules with a number as name crashes automatic designer
              • – BG-I3998 Update message immediately disappears
              • – Fixed Miniserver-Reboot during Air-Search
              • – BG-I4023 added handling of differend equalizer-results
              • – BG-I4142 Fixed App-Identify in App-Search
              • – BG-I2937 No HTTP headers agains click hijacking 
              • – BG-I3010 Systemstatus: Fixed messages for insecure passwords
              • – BG-I2976 Fixed search results when Miniserver name contains serial
              • – BG-I2966 Fixed invalid reboot reason after an update
              • – Fixed disable of debug monitor when maximum time has elapsed
              • – Multiple memory leaks fixed
              • – BG-I2596 Removed Monitorserver from Miniserver
              • – BG-I2909 Usermanagement: changes not forwarded to gateway-clients 
              • – BG-I2898 Fixed replacing of json-wildcards in loxapp3
              • – A73C-T284 Added timeouts for reboot handling
              • – A73C-T284 Fixed locked file system during update
              • – BG-T843 Increased speed of initial events from Miniserver to app
              • – BG-I2930 Device safety shutdown: Fixed Systemstatus messages for safety shutdown not disappearing after resolving
              • – BG-I2766/BG-I2828 Gateway: Fixed sporadic reboot during creating/deleting users via app
              • – BG-I1224 Virtual HTTP Input: Improved error & timeout handling
              • – BG-I2753 Fixed mail not beeing sent on security reboot
              • – Improved pairing of Air devices and online state handling
              • – BG-I2802 ExpertMode: fixed removal of control from visu
              • – BG-I2763 Deactivate intercom visu outputs if keep alive pulses from app are missing
              • – BG-I2740 Remanence for Presence control object not working
              • – BG-I2737 Update of visu settings for room category types via app not working
              • – BG-I2708 Gateway/Client: Fixed sporadic reboot when changing serial of client and saving to Miniserver
              • – BG-I2720 not all States for Systemvariable sent
              • – BG-I2678 Fixed mail client not opening on security reboot
              • – BG-I2680 Sending of weather-forecast data blocked
              • – fixed route usermanagement-webservices in gateway-systems
              • – BG-I2665 Gateway/Client: Don’t send states of client to app when client has not yet updated them
              • – BG-I2597 Fixed Air search on client gateway with multiple miniserver go
              • – BG-I2526: Fixed Remanence of Objects with simulation-type “opener”
              • – BG-I2514: Fixed Remancence of Roomcontroller in Manual mode
              • – BG-I2153: Fixed Identify in Gateway-Learning
              • – Increased Crypto Performance by using a seperate memory management
              • – Increased RSA decryption speed
              • – BG-I2524 Push Notifications: Fixed not working notifications with ” in title or Miniserver name

              Misc  Loxone Config

              • – BG-I4250 Config crash while navigating in document tree
              • – BG-I4364 Config crash when starting real smart home check
              • – BG-I4012 Device Status: Does not display any data when immediately reopening dialog after close
              • – BG-I3416 Device Status: Offline devices show RSSI value
              • – BG-I3549 Caption bar not properly updated during connection process
              • – Controls with referenced objects that are not fully configured are not marked red
              • – BG-I4080 Tree Intercommunication output caption is deleteable
              • – BG-I4081 Tree Intercommunication branches are displayed in diagnosis
              • – BG-I4085 No warning when activating tree intercommunication
              • – BG-I4079 inserted objects are overlapping when dragging in multiple objects
              • – BG-I4003 Red dot is displayed on extension when device is offline -> removed due to confusion
              • – Fixed Config-crash when loading from miniserver
              • – BG-I4021 Devices not identifying after reselecting control in Loxone Config
              • – Tree Branch has ‘noname …’ as name – will now be converted to correct name
              • – BG-I4110 Tree Diagnosis: TreeBranch position not visible
              • – Miniserver Replace: Connection cant be reestablished after replace when Miniserver has not set a static IP
              • – BG-I4035 Quicksearch: Description text is cut off
              • – BG-I3976 User is not warned when trying to enter invalid subnetmask
              • – BG-I4124 Music server zone is always inserted on last page
              • – BG-I4128 system variables show wrong correction values
              • – BG-I4138 Show internal port info on external access page of miniserver configuration dialog
              • – BG-T1008 Device Status: added “Air Trace” option
              • – BG-I4134 Simulation time is applied to miniserver erronously
              • – BG-I4213: avoid finding tree devices in extension search dialog
              • – BG-T1446 Gate-Controller: Invalid state if DO and DC is active
              • – BG-I2632 Network-Search – improved assign of unfinished Intercom
              • – App Air Search: Inherit Device-Name for Auto-Programming
              • – BG-I4174 Air-Search: Results shown in Config during App-Search
              • – BG-I4216 Fixed crash when saving into a gateway miniserver with central control objects
              • – BG-I4116 Don’t allow special characters as in tree intercommunication sender ID
              • – BG-I4187 Config crash when searching tree objects
              • – BG-I4184 Config crash when opening document with old light controller
              • – BG-I4183 Config crash when deleting objects via project analysis while live view is active
              • – BG-I4177 Config crash when closing document while object with integrated device is selected
              • – BG-I4170 Config crash when assigning user groups via setting dialog
              • – BG-I4150 Document location data corrupt
              • – Optimized default settings of Modbus polling cycle and receive timeout 
              • – Name for new projects will now be numbered, to prevent overwriting of existing projects
              • – Reworked how external port is set (the port is now set separately from the external host address)
              • – BG-I3853 Various dialogs not centered on screen
              • – BG-I3533 Fixed crashes when changing user settings via dialogs
              • – BG-I4018 Config Crash when deleting previously unassigned intercom
              • – BG-I3983 Crash when inserting dali devices from search
              • – BG-I3729: Device status: tree branch without learned devices shows communication problem
              • – BG-I3253: Air Monitor: RSSI not correct
              • – BG-T744 RGBW light products: Color change at low dim levels
              • – BG-I3921 Miniserver initial configuration not opening when entering wrong username/password once during connecting
              • – BG-I3919 Last extension grey when using Miniserver initial configuration
              • – BG-I3949 Opening backup/update help also opens system status help if the dialog was open before
              • – Project-Analysis scrollbar not displayed properly
              • – BG-T1160 Access and network configuration of Miniserver is confusing
              • – moved port settings to network tab and added seperate tab for external access
              • – BG-I3289 Improve configuration of user defined intercom
              • – BG-I1899: no fading at color change
              • – BG-I3793 LiveView values are overlapping with target control object
              • – BG-I3712 Device template list is not updated immediately after storing new template
              • – BG-I3525 Improve signalization of too many erroneous miniserver logins
              • – BG-I3550 Statistics can not be loaded in Config if program is not identical
              • – BG-I3771 Musicserver Search: all zones inherited place from musicserver
              • – BG-I3763 user can not be deleted via app
              • – BG-I3489 Connections are lost when after cut/paste
              • – BG-I3387 Crashes when copy/pasting pages
              • – BG-I3267 Copy/pasted markers have wrong references
              • – BG-I2735 Hidden Io references are not removed from page when cutting
              • – BG-I2500 Central objects lose reference when being cut/pasted
              • – BG-I3721 Tree search: Confusing error message shown when an extension is offline
              • – BG-I3760 System variables (Temperature & Wind speed) did not use correct units (°C/°F & kmh/mph/…) when source was weatherstation
              • – BG-I3756 AirBase online inputs are duplicated
              • – BG-I3739 Learning Dialogs: Column Filters are reset when search is restarted
              • – Transfer of files (e.g. Backup Restore) does not create non existing directories
              • – BG-I3722 Dali: control gear with more than one supported type not handled correctly
              • – Moved some items in ribbon
              • – BG-I3541 Values of text connectors are not shown
              • – BG-I3536 Simulation / live view stops if device are inserted in device tree
              • – BG-I3514 Add extra symbol for active simulation / live view when setting values is allowed
              • – BG-I3324 Improve visualization for virtual text inputs
              • – Heatmixer: Property “Threshold (Str)” is not shown
              • – Set statistic type interval as default when activating statistic
              • – BG-I3603 Integrated Devices: Rename via tree not applied to controls
              • – BG-I3623 Tooltip help for connectors not working if certain signs are used in the descriptions
              • – BG-I3543 Yellow indicator for analog input references is not correct in some cases
              • – BG-I3534 Extension dialog: Dummy devices are also added when executing “Add all devices”
              • – BG-I3423 Smart Drag is not working for certain air devices
              • – Fixed a crash in Tree Monitor if control is not known in config
              • – BG-I3571 Config crash during block conversion
              • – BG-I3344 Room and Categories in Room/Cat dialog are now initially sorted by name not by rating
              • – BG-I3254 Improve device identification in air device report via device status dialog
              • – Reposition page when opening document
              • – External address in LoxAPP is not correct after configuring Miniserver
              • – Touch Surface Dialog: Message boxes are out of focus
              • – Change of customer address does not update the availability of the ‘Update Geo-coordinates’ button
              • – Context Menu not populated directly after document creation
              • – BG-I3564 Show an error message when trying to insert an extension despite having already 30 on the Miniserver
              • – BG-I3450 Internorm IO are inserted twice when using drag & drop
              • – BG-I3281 Loxone Config crash error message not user friendly
              • – BG-I3335 Split up installation place setting into individual settings
              • – BG-I3491 Text-Sensors: added support for analog/Digital-Input
              • – BG-I3480 Imported Template cannot be saved
              • – BG-I3201 Delete of Alarm clock does not remove reference on nightlight
              • – BG-I3288 Remove deprecated control objects from ribbon
              • – BG_I3261 Select objects in tree when showing object via system status message
              • – BG-I3254 Show air device name and room information for repeater and air trace in air details dialog
              • – BG-I3520 Fixed error message when trying to insert logger/mailer/caller
              • – BG-I3524 Fixed automatic closing of project view when opening or deleting a project
              • – BG-I3482 Allow renaming of memory objects in tree
              • – BG-I3546 Fixed deletion of mailer/logger/caller objects
              • – BG-I3527 Tree Branch captions can now be renamed
              • – BG-I3502 Improved edit of Tree Branches in setting edit dialog
              • – BG-I3498 Improved edit of visible columns in table view
              • – BG-I3386 Fixed inconsistent naming of program object
              • – BG-I3385 Fixed inconsistent naming of project analysis
              • – BG-I3500 Tree Only collapse items that are not selected
              • – BG-I3562 Fixed empty error message, when error during config update occurs
              • – BG-I3509 Fixed repetition rate of UDP outputs
              • – BG-I3352 Meter Reader Type Setting: Fixed undefined row in dialog with all objects with this setting
              • – BG-I2267 Adapted Onlinestatus description
              • – Caller: Added caller objects for emergency services
              • – BG-T821 Alarm & Fire- and Wateralarm: Adapted alarm cause text output and added alarm time output
              • – BG-I3321 Adjust description of receive timeout setting if validation setting is not available
              • – Improved Miniserver conversion
              • – BG-I3276 Rename weather server object when it still has an old name
              • – BG-I3282 Fixed crash when inserting car charger
              • – BG-I3270 Hide connection window when closing document
              • – BG-I3177 Update & Backup Dialog: Prettified memory size disclosures
              • – BG-I3205 Memory: Removed statistic option for text memory objects
              • – BG-T614 Set corresponding message if config login is not possible due to a blocked IP address
              • – BG-I3207 Device learning dialogs add new room if room name is entered manually in “New device” column
              • – BG-I3200 Connection line not drawn correctly when connecting error output of system variable
              • – BG-I3188 Online status check of Smart Home Check is not working
              • – BG-I3183 Config login dialog should reopen if wrong login data have been inserted
              • – BG-I3120 Wrong english translation for Cu/Cd inputs of shading control objects
              • – BG-I3149 Analog values of references not displayed in simulation/live view at default distance
              • – BG-I3101 Fixed used font in Qt windows
              • – BG-I3042 Fixed naming of meter interface inputs
              • – BG-I2975 Fixed slew rate setting for existing dimmer outputs
              • – A73C-T300 Fixed format of sd card when sd card is formatted in gpt format
              • – BG-I3145 Close project analysis when starting update or backup dialog
              • – BG-I3162 Fixed EIB-Infor for EIB-Blocks (none or multiple texts shown)
              • – BG-I3193 Improved display of title, room & category edit on page
              • – BG-I3150 Fixed colored pages in gateway documents 
              • – BG-I3165 Fixed crash when closing config with open help views
              • – BG-I3151 Dont change context ribbon when closing quick search
              • – BG-I3147 Adapted default sensitivity-interval for analog sensors
              • – BG-T779 Device identification in learning dialogs
              • – BG-T633 Possibility to reset already edited rooms in project planning
              • – BG-I3080 Config Liveview not updated after aborting connection referencing
              • – BG-I2283 No checkboxes in access configuration dialog of NFC code touch object in chinese language
              • – BG-I3060 Selected device loses focus inside tree search dialog
              • – BG-I3027 Type of constant (analog / digital) is ignored when exchanging constant by dragging it on an operation object
              • – BG-I3074 Old connection reference lines are not removed when using mouse wheel while scrolling is not possible
              • – Loxone Config not able to start with chinese language
              • – BG-I3268 Document Tree: Filter is not shown when there is an automatic filter active (e.g. from project analysis)
              • – Document tree filter: Predefined filters have no label
              • – BG-I2156 Improve algorithm for renaming childs in periphery tree
              • – BG-I3017 Fixed login with passwords in websocket upgrade
              • – Fixed URL encoding in config
              • – Fixed focus problem in format dialog
              • – BG-I2962 Fixed learning of IR commands
              • – BG-I2977 Fixed unit of dimmer outputs
              • – BG-I2928 Fixed sensitivity setting of analog inputs
              • – BG-I2941 Message when same user is already connected via config
              • – BG-I2961 Fixed possible crash when drawing connection reference
              • – BG-I2418 Increased timeout during transfer of large files to Miniserver
              • – BG-I2973 Hide references that should be hidden (conversion of invalid documents)
              • – BG-I2123 EIB Sensor/Actors cannot be pasted with statistic mailer enabled
              • – BG-I2860 Fixed config crash during search
              • – BG-I2903 Fixed backup of update files
              • – BG-I2875 Fixed possible crash after open of document
              • – BG-I2867 Documentation: Fixed uncorrectly displayed special characters
              • – BG-I2781 Device Updates: Fixed wrong device shown in Systemstatus message
              • – BG-I2878 Miniserver connection check is not updated when reopening project overview window
              • – BG-I2890 Overlay handling when assigning control objects erroneous
              • – BG-I2907 Adjusting room for dummy device in Learning Dialog opens room edit dialog
              • – A73C-T9 Create analog output extension when converting Miniserver to Miniserver Go
              • – BG-I2703 Fixed non utf8 characters in room combobox in learning dialogs
              • – BG-I2841 Miniserver replacement: Fixed crash when simulation was active
              • – Fixed crash with invalid event IDs
              • – BG-I2855: Config crash on leaf copy-paste
              • – BG-I2757: False detection of double EIB address
              • – BG-I2707: Wrong sorting in dali settings
              • – BG-I2847 Documentation: Fixed < and > not displayed correctly
              • – BG-I2822 Wrong description of NFC Code Touch ToDo from Auto Configuration
              • – BG-I2805 Drop down lists for room and category of control object not fully visible on page bottom position
              • – BG-I2969 Miniserver are listed in the wrong room category in part list
              • – BG-I2779 Unable to remove user from admin group
              • – BG-I2696 Input & Output References: Fixed remaining hidden input & output references
              • – BG-I2733 Config crashes when assigning control objects on pages with connection references
              • – BG-I2713 Config crashes when changing meter type of air meter
              • – BG-I1932 Miniserver configuration: Name not changed without saving to Miniserver
              • – Update: Increased wait time for updating of clients
              • – Partlist-generator: Use 120V Dimmer when using Loxone Config on american english
              • – BG-I2746 Fixed config crash during liveview
              • – BG-I2748 Fixed config crash when closing during Miniserver search
              • – BG-I2642 Config-Crash when changing actor-type
              • – BG-I2630 Config-Crash when deleting musicserver
              • – BG-I2744 Config Crash when searching for KNX on Miniserver Go
              • – BG-T806 Optimize speed of Auto Configuration
              • – BG-I2695: Auto Config – Memory for “Leave room” is not created in rooms without leave room application
              • – BG-I2656: Selection rectangle drawn twice in simulation and live view
              • – BG-I2563: Positioning of connection references wrong when connecting control objects on the bottom end of the page
              • – BG-I2672: Wrong ceiling light type in projectplanning in US
              • – BG-I2575: Wrong description text for “assigned device” setting of access control object
              • – BG-I2657: Scroll bar position is reset after activating/deactivating user group in NFC Code Touch configuration dialog
              • – BG-I2595: Customer location data not correctly set in miniserver configuration dialog
              • – BG-I2419: Device pairing dialog too large for small monitors
              • – BG-I2567: Control objects not sorted alphabetically in project ribbon
              • – BG-I2564: Improvements for assigning control objects => align connected control objects
              • – BG-I2628 Fixed config crash when doing a config update while document is closing
              • – BG-I2081 Device Status: Fixed icon of Music Server UPNP zones
              • – BG-I2619 Device Status: Fixed devices sometimes being not marked for update
              • – BG-I2638 Cover Pages: Fixed AO Extension not showing a correct cover page
              • – BG-I2613 Fixed config-crash when editing project properties
              • – Fixed refresh of property-window after changing analog/digital-settings
              • – BG-I2602 Auto-Config: Fixed ‘House Enter’ action when ‘Away’-mode was not active
              • – Real Smart Home Check: Add Nano2Relay Tree as valid shading actuator
              • – BG-I2581: Config-crash after removing user from current selected group
              • – BG-I2515 LiveView/Simulation: Fixed wrong button arrangement of Remote
              • – BG-I2572 Documentation: Fixed images not shown
              • – BG-I2596 Removed Monitorserver from Loxone Config
              • – BG-I2806 Fixed unit of gusts weather input
              • – BG-T658: Enable Nano 2 Relay Tree in Loxone Config and integrate in project planning
              • – BG-I2467: Bigger Icons for Comboboxes in Room-Category-Dialog
              • – QuickSearch changes currently selected control
              • – BG-II2501: Nano 2 Relay does not send current flow off if already in end position
              • – BG-I2517: Quick Search: Special Characters are not displayed correctly in description field
              • – BG-I2158: Renaming of control object in device tree not working correctly
              • – BG-I2157: Linked device not adjusted when renaming control object via property dialog
              • – BG-I2421: Multiple execution of automatic designer rules without new edges
              • – BG-I2522: Fixed Taskrecorder entry creation on gateway-client
              • – BG-I2519: Fixed Config crash when inserting item while connection reference is selected
              • – BG-I2531: Fixed hang of SPS when MusicServer shutdown is sent multiple times
              • – BG-I2274: Fixed crash when deleting NFC code touch
              • – BG-I2347: Fixed copy and paste of user directly after load from Miniserver
              • – BG-I2365: Fixed crash when editing properties after closing learning dialog
              • – BG-I2350: Fixed error message during installation when Loxone Config is opened
              • – BG-I2492: Fixed Loxone Config connection when user contains special characters
              • – BG-I2178: Commissioning mode – Fixed restore of original program
              • – BG-I2373: Windcontrol – Set minimum warn speed to 1
              • – BG-I2476: Fixed Backup-speed of files on a Client
              • – BG-I2487: Fixed tooltip of template (Virtual inputs/outputs) items
              • – BG-I2369: Show everywhere the same Air device unpair warning
              • – BG-I2462: Fixed crash when converting controls
              • – Improved watchdog handling during auto update 
              • – BG-I2458: MediaController-Dialog: Collapse configuration tree
              • – BG-I2390: Systemmessage “Wrong Configuration loaded”: Empty mails are sent, message
              • is not resetted after saving into Miniserver
              • – BG-I2385: Virtual HTTP-Input not processed with http header without ReasonPhrase
              • – BG-I2376: Gatecontroller: Undefined behaviour of light times are 0
              • – BG-I2413: Selected object parameters changed with search window
              • – BG-I2388: Intelligent Temperature Controller: Scale load output for IRRV2
              • Virtual inputs: Now by default have switch as visualisation type
              • – BG-I2451 Extension Learning: Fixed Extension grey in tree after being learned
              • – Logging: Fixed drawing of tree references for some objects
              • – BG-I2449 Solarpump Controller: Refactored descriptions
              • – BG-I2475 Energy Monitor: Refactored descriptions
              • – Fixed saving into Miniserver if no Weather Server is allowed
              • – Fixed missing user rights after reboot
              • – Hardware Watchdog was not properly reset (This could have caused a hardware watchdog reboot, – despite software watchdog still running)
              • – BG-I2357 Fixed crash when communicating with Samsung TV
              • – fixed saving into miniserver if no Weatherserver is allowed
              • – fixed missing user-rights after reboot
              • – Systemstatus: Fixed remanence file not being included in backup
              • – Programm Tree: Not updated when room or category is changed in property window
              • – Radio Button Controls: Removed default names for outputs
              • – BG-I2366 Ribbon: Fixed wrong ribbon when selecting Air device to insert in quick search
              • – Weather Data: Added description
              • – Virtual Inputs: Fixed missing removal of error output connections when changing to digital type
              • – Digital Inputs: Change default simulation type to switch
              • – Multiline Edit: Added for Formula and Logger-On/Off strings
              • – BG-I2109 EIB Textsensor: Fixed not sending ACK
              • – Onlinestate: Fixed offline messages for dummy Extensions
              • – BG-I2381 Virtual UDP Input: Fixed remaining validation after switching from analog to digital
              • – 1Wire Devices: Added device smart drag of sensors/actors
              • – Weather Data: Removed user custom types
              • – Control outputs: Changed positions of QOn/QOff for Switch and 2Button-Switch
              • – Energymanager: Removed setting to use in visu
              • – Caller: Fixed logger referenced to caller input not working
              • – Systemvariables: Text changes, Fixed unit of solar energy variables
              • – BG-I2162: Common parameter are not shown if the selected objects have a link reference and share the same control type
              • – BG-I2154: Settings Dialog: Remove button text “Click here” if button is not editable (eg: multi selection)
              • – Alarm Clock: Fixed QTp not being triggered in some situations
              • – BG-I2412 Door Controller: Fixed control not being disabled during permanent signal on input R
              • – Touch & Grill: Fixed too late removal of Systemstatus message for weak battery
              • – Touch & Grill: Fixed initial push notifications not working
              • – Tree: Dummy Extensions now also have grey item color and are sorted to bottom
              • – Virtual Inputs: Fixed missing removal of error output connections when changing to digital  type
              • – BG-I2346 Automatic extension of event-times if start-time was delayed
              • – BG-I2544 Websocket-Closereason not sent if username was changed
              • – Limited maximum length of Username
              • – BG-I2517: Quick Search: Special Characters are not displayed correctly in description field
              • – BG-I2158: Renaming of control object in device tree not working correctly
              • – BG-I2157: Linked device not adjusted when renaming control object via property dialog
              • – BG-I2421: Multiple execution of automatic designer rules without new edges
              • – BG-I2522: Fixed Taskrecorder entry creation on gateway-client
              • – BG-I2519: Fixed Config crash when inserting item while connection reference is selected
              • – BG-I2531: Fixed hang of SPS when MusicServer shutdown is sent multiple times
              • – Project Analysis: Fixed crash when deleting a selected object
              • – BG-I2528 Calendar Entries: Fixed wrong holiday dates for UK
              • – BG-I2550 Touch & Grill: Fixed room of second T5 after Autoconfiguration
              • – BG-I2530 Solarpump Controller: Fixed documentation for combined parameters
              • – BG-I726 Energy Monitor: Fixed delivery output data not reset on day change

              Misc  Function Blocks

              • – BG-I3011 Solarpump: Fixed display of configuration depending inputs.
              • – Solarpump: Fixed update of Status outputs if 
              • – BG-I2585 Smoke Alarm: Fixed pre alarm continuing after automatic cancellation
              • – BG-I2469 Energy Manager: Reworked description
              • – BG-I2579: Ventilation: increased temperature control parameters for faster response
              • – BG-I2566 Ping: Added payload to echo requests
              • – Memory: not all needed events are sent
              • – BG-I2681 Wallbox: Limitation changes during loading process
              • – BG-I2742 AutomaticBlind: do not hide parameter MA for Rollo
              • – BG-I2886 Internorm Fan: humidity input without location
              • – BG-I2856 Formula object: INT function erroneous
              • – BG-T810 Rename Min Max control objects into better fitting names
              • – Autojalousie: Fixed not sent events directly after adding it to project
              • – BG-T787 Remove block RGB Lightscene (existing objects will still work)

              App – New

                • Search: BG-I3424: Added “more” button, that forwards to the menu
                • Music Central: BG-T885: added volume up and volume down button
                • DeviceLearning: Added to search screen
                • NfcScreen: BG-I3652: Set background color to black
                • DeviceLearning: BG-I4151: Changed menu Icon
                • Connection: BG-I2706: A waiting screen appears, when the maximum number of active connections (31) is reached
                • Newly improved Air Device Search. Directly add or replace Air devices via the App (Requires Public Beta of Loxone Config)
                • iOS Input Focus: BG-I3817: iOS automatically shows the keyboard when an input field appears and gets focused
                • Statistics: BG-I3758: Added support for new interval statistics
                • VirtualTextInput: BG-T711: Visualization for virtual text input
                • Operating times: BG-T1034: Display the selected operating mode as a subtitle
                • Systemstate: BG-T1046: New Design
                • Appearance: BG-T841: App appears in a darker look
                • Alarms: Update of the visualization.
                • Smoke and Water alarm, alarm: Added alarm drill as action for autopilot
                • Systemstate: BG-T959: Added possibility to hide system state messages for specific users.
                • VentilationControl: T872: Heat exchanger state is now visible in the Control itself
                • Miniserver Update: Use the new Update dialog via Systemstate instead of the apps update dialog


              • Miniserver Screen: Add Miniservers as favorites


                • Improved UserManagement:
                  • Share users for easy access
                  • User Management: Users can now be easily managed via the app
                  • The “User-ID” can be edited for any user
                • DeviceLearning: Now it’s possible to replace / add air devices without the Loxone Config
                • Login: Users can authenticate via Biometric ID (Face or Touch ID) when the users password is been requested (UserManagement, ExpertMode, Miniserver Reboot, Relogin, …)
                • Visualisation-Password: Supported iOS and Android devices are able to authenticate via Biometric sensors (Fingerprint or Facescanners)
                • Search: New Feature will be promoted in the “New” section
                • Search: Added Systemstate in “Tools” section
                • ChangePasswordScreen: BG-T716: Improved UI for better user experience
                • AppRating: Actively ask for feedback to keep improving our App
                • CredentialScreen: Invalid passwords will be selected to quickly replace them


              • Systemstate: Changed information color from green to blue
              • Miniserver Connection: Improved connection speed


              • RoofWindowControl: Added support for Roof Window Control
              • Alarm, Smoke and Water alarm: BG-T819: Users can now start an alarm drill right from the controls context menu

              Known Issue

              • User Management: Sending the app to background while editing users will cause repeated requests for password or biometrics after reopening it.
              • UserShare: Exported pdf will open the app with the internal address instead of the external address

              App – Changes & Fixes

                • Air Device Search: Fixed “Waiting for…” popup when no AirBase is available on the Miniserver
                • Biometric ID: BG-I4203: Fixed not responding App when canceling the authentication dialog
                • General: Adopted Central Icon
                • ClimateController: BG-I3715: Heating and Cooling allowed/not allowed were displayed incorrectly
                • Connection Establishment: BG-I3224: Won’t send an HTTP request if the Webinterface has been requested via a HTTPS connection, it would trigger a security warning in the Browsers console
                • Air Device Search: BG-I4092: Stretched images on iOS devices
                • Air Device Search: BG-I4146: App Search hasn’t been re-indexed when adding a control via Air Device Search via Auto Config
                • Air Device Search: BG-I4155, BG-I4149: Search will automatically be stopped after three minutes if the App has been closed unexpectedly
                • Air Device Search: BG-I4148: Stopping Air Device Search when navigating back or out of the Device Search (e.g. clicking on the darkner on HD)
                • Air Device Search: BG-I4154: Starting search on multiple devices
                • Air Device Search: Improved behaviour when closing and opening the app (Multiple Authentications, Device Search closing, …)
                • Air Device Search: BG-I4152: Learn button did stay visible when stopping and starting the Air Device Search after selecting a Air Device
                • Air Device Search: BG-I4144: Added missing images of multiple Devices
                • Air Device Search: BG-I4164: Air Device naming validation didn’t work properly
                • Air Device Search: BG-I4157: “Waiting for Status” when adding a Touch NightLight
                • Permissive Screens: BG-I4153: Unexpected behaviour (multiple overlapping authentication popups), when starting the app with a permissive screen (UserManagement, ExpertMode, DeviceSearch, …) and the app is locked with Biometric ID
                • Systemstate: BG-I4123: Message title and subtitle didn’t update on change if the message is currently opened
                • NfcScreen: BG-I3652: Set background color to black
                • DeviceLearning: BG-I4151: Changed menu Icon
                • UserShare: BG-I4140: long Miniserver name overlapped Miniserver location
                • UserManagement: BG-I3911: Dark Mode Adoptions
                • UserManagement: BG-I3910: Change password switch now displays the state of the switch, when disabled
                • UserManagement: BG-I4093: Changed usergroups were not transferred
                • JalousieControl: BG-I3020: Changed presentations, when door contact is opened
                • BiometricID: BG-I3951: Wrong Biometric technology name on iOS devices with FaceID when cold starting the app and the authentication won’t work the first time
                • BiometricID: BG-I3464: Authentication loop when changing the password
                • Navigation: BG-I4034: Fixed multiple navigations on some devices
                • Date & Time: BG-I4053: Added missing UTC Offset when setting the Date Time to the Miniserver
                • Statistics: BG-I3875: Increased dropdown area when switching between statistics
                • ClimateControl: BG-I3659: Slider correctly support °F instead of always defaulting back to °C values
                • Car Charger:  BG-T858: Changed text of charging state, when current power equals zero
                • LightController: BG-I3841: Fixed scrollable overflow in manual list screen
                • Batterymonitor: BG-I3592: HTML entities appeared in Titlebar if name of the product contains characters with diacritics (é, ï, …)
                • macOS: BG-T941: Installation issues on macOS 10.14 and up
                • App Menu: BG-I3000: Menu didn’t remember scroll position on HD devices
                • Systemstate: BG-T401: Behaviour of Systemstate notification is now like in Config
                • QuickActions: BG-I3473: Missing QuickActions on iOS devices without 3D Touch on iOS 13
                • NFC-Code-Touch: BG-I3581: Changing the time range of a code results in wrong time ranges
                • VentilationControl: BG-I3459: “Bad Connection” popup when changing a value in the settings and closing the app immediately after
                • Fixes issue with Push Notification on devices running iOS 13
                • AudioZone: Wrong commands were sent to the Minsierver (next- / previous Title) 
                • NFC-Control: BG-I2952: Time independent codes aren’t activated immediately.
                • UserManagement: BG-I3055: Can’t navigate back if user was deleted on another device.
                • Smoke and Water alarm: BG-I3059: Last sensor list doesn’t show at test alarm.
                • CalendarView: BG-I3175: Create entries with negative time
                • Statistic: BG-I2858: Line chart isn’t drawn correctly.
                • SteakControl: BG-T699: The room location selector screen is not understandable.
                • AudioZone: BG-I2425: After deleting all favorites a loading error is shown.
                • UserManagement: BG-I3055: Can’t navigate back if user was deleted on another device.
                • UserManagement: BG-I3085: If the username and the user-id are identically there was no way to distinguish them.
                • UserManagement: BG-I3158: Current user is being logged out, even if there aren’t any changes


              • UserManagement: User Changed dialog did appear even after nothing had been changed
              • UserManagement: User list has not been updated after adding a user
              • UserManagement: BG-I3037: Expired user could no longer be extended


                • FavoriteScreen: BG-I3249: Favorite hint disappear after control settings were changed.
                • System State: Notification was not visible in certification cases.
                • SearchScreen: BG-I3283: An error occurs, if you want to open the AirDeviceSearch-Screen a second time.
                • VirtualPushbutton: BG-I3293: Pushbutton is active after release if a pop up opens.
                • AirDeviceSearch: BG-I3221: It is not possible to replace an existing device with a new one.
                • Connection: BG-I3295: Repeating error messages when immediately canceling connection
                • AutomaticDesigner: BG-I3189: Enabling or disabling an automatic rule sporadically hasn’t been acknowledged
                • macOS App: Couldn’t enter proper full screen mode
                • Desktop App: Splashscreen stayed on top of the application when starting in Kiosk mode
                • ClimateControl: BG-I2974: Temperature limits are not understandable
                • AudioZone: BG-I3077: All basic commands were routed over the Miniserver
                • Push Notifications: BG-I3087: Push notifications appear to be enabled if disabled
                • Calendar: BG-I3112: Newly created calender entries have been created with an offset
                • Statistics: Barcharts did add up if the same value has been written a few times sequentially
                • macOS: BG-I3121: Caps lock symbol displayed too big


              • Connection Establishment: BG-I2996: No action when canceling the “Found Minisever with different serial number” dialog
              • Miniserver Time: BG-I3009: User was asked to change the miniserver time when in another timezone then the miniserver
              • Intercom: BG-I3098: Oval buttons on chrome based Browsers and Android
              • Intercom: BG-I3045: Image got stuck after the app has been reopened a few times while a stream was active
              • Re-connection: BG-I3103: Loading indicators when closing and reopening the app again (Only on case sensitive filesystems)
              • Pickers: BG-I3123: Old Loxone Green in Pickers
              • Android Notifications: BG-I2671: Grouped notifications played multiple slightly delayed sounds
              • CalendarView: BG-I2611: Values disappeared, time lines did disappear and wander around when opening the calendar view of IRCv2, IRC, PoolController, …
              • CalendarView: Creating entries by tapping or holding on the calendar works again
              • macOS-Update: BG-I3070: In-App-Update prevents app from being opened
              • Systemstate: Empty notification bar if current active entry was already read but not marked as historic (greyed out)
              • Miniserver Favorites: Currently connected miniserver didn’t update favorite state properly
              • JalousieControl: BG-T780: Moved servicemode to context menu accessible via (•••)
              • Miniserver change: BG-I2771: Settings were not applied on the new miniserver


                • Per Device Settings: BG-I688: Settings did not apply on the House”-tab
                • IntercomControl: BG-I2380 Intercom automatically acknowledged the bell if the settings or activity screen has been presented
                • ClimateController: BG-I2349: “Bad connection” Popup if a temperature has been changed and the app has been closed and reopened again
                • FaceID: BG-I2394: Code fallback instead of Face ID authentication on newly installed versions
                • FaceID: BG-I2368: Wrong Biometric type in description on iPad Pro with Face ID
                • Login: BG-I2392: The remaining block time was displayed in seconds
                • Systemstate: BG-I2427: Fixed overlapped text if control name was to long or device to slim
                • General: BG-I2382, BG-I2474: Fixed overlapping of UI elements on small iOS devices like iPhone SE
                • EcoScreen: BG-I2433: Fixed scrollbar on Chromium based browsers
                • SearchScreen: Fixed misaligned searchbar
                • LightV2Control: BG-I2335: Cell has been in selected state after a mood change has been recorded as quick action or NFC action
                • General: Improved tap handling for elderly people (They usually tap a bit longer)
                • IRCv2: BG-I2422: Minimal absent temperature was equal to the maximal absent temperature
                • UserManagement: Fixed app UI crash when closing and reopening the app while in the UserManagement UserManagement: Overall UI Adoptions (Strings, iPhone X adoptions)
                • UpdateDialog: Will be shown again
                • UpdateDialog: Apps using the alpha/test update level will display the alpha/test changelog instead of the beta changelog
                • Adopted translations for Energy Monitor
                • Tracker: BG-I2675: Fixed overflowing tracker entries if words are too long


              • General: BG-I2685: Improved hyphenation for long words or character chains
              • Statistic: BG-I2576: Will display correct value if the value didn’t change for a full period


                • Push Notifications: Couldn’t open push notification settings
                • ExpertMode: BG-I2761: User was unable to navigate back from an ExpertMode sub-setting like the statistic interval
                • ExpertMode: Fixed “Couldn’t verify value” popup if the user canceled a permission popup (Biometric ID or regular password request) after changing a value before closing and re-opening the app
                • ExpertMode: Will correctly be dismissed if the user cancels an authentication request after closing and re-opening the app
                • Intercom: Fixed multiple ongoing video streams on macOS, Linux and Windows if two independent Intercoms are opened sequentially in a short period in between
                • NFC Code Touch History: BG-T664: Added visualization for two-factor authentication


              • Desktop App Update Process: BG-I2775: Improved the update processes UI/UX on our Desktop apps (macOS, Windows, Linux)
              • Controls General: Prevent text from touching the buttons outer perimeters
              • Biometric ID: BG-I2769: The Touch ID or Face ID permission is requested when activating either the biometric visualization password, biometric user password or the app security feature (lock app with biometric ID)
              • CredentialScreen: BG-I2770: Navigating to the password input using the tab key
              • Ventilation Control: BG-I2760: Issues in navigation if a timer has been set
              • IRCv2: BG-I2692: The timeline displayed the wrong day if an entry has been started at around 11pm
              • DaytimerControl: BG-I2774: Fixed rendering issue on Apple Webkit Safari Desktop when animating the calender legend in
              • Localized Numeral Format: BG-I2559: Countries with other number formats other then US, England and Germany used the England format. All available countries use the correct localization now
              • Notification History Screen: BG-I2782: Missing Texts when the notification title or message contained “<” or “>”
              • ServiceMessageScreen: BG-I2444: Updated UI to match current app design
              • General: Linebreaks won’t be added after an uppercase letter followed by one or more lower case letters
              • AlarmControl: BG-I2874: Only the latest four history entries were shown during the alarm was active
              • Animation Screen: BG-I2908: Added missing description
              • Change AccessCode: BG-I2702: Added Popup for too many requests in five minutes
              • Music Server Zone: BG-I2759: Popups appear in zones they don’t belong to
              • MusicServerZone: BG-I2317: Zones room names not shown in volume control list
              • MusicServerZone: BG-I2434: Volume control list was not scrollable
              • MusicServerZone: BG-I2686: Only first favorite of ‘n’ was deleted


                • Statistic: BG-I2897, BG-I2175: Hovering value indicator when moving over a gap in the bar graph


              • IRCv2: BG-I2774: Legend has been displayed underneath the calender entries on iOS devices 
              • IRCv2: Legend did stutter when hiding it again Switch User: BG-I2979: An error message has been displayed when switching the current user on the Windows desktop application 
              • LightControllerV2: BG-I2959: Two colors are the mandatory minimum after exceeding two colors 


              • IRC V2: BG-I2879: Unwanted navigation to statistic screen if “+” or “-” button have been missedWindows Desktop: BG-I3015: Correct file filters when saving a file


              LOXONE CONFIG 10.2



              Devices and Extension

              • Devices: Touch Nightlight Air and Touch & Grill Air are added into Loxone Config
              • Extensions: Made AO and AI Extensions are added into Loxone Config
              • BG-T532 Onlinestate:

              * All Loxone devices now have their Onlinestate monitored by default
              * Critical devices do not allow any more to turn the surveillance of the Onlinestate off
              * Single shot Systemstatus message to point to all not monitored devices

              Miniserver Replacement Dialog

              • Easily replace your existing Miniserver with a new one
              • Select the Miniserver in your document and press the button ‘Replace Miniserver’
              • A wizard guides through each step of the process

              Learn Dialog

              • More intuitive design and improved usability
              • New features: Identify of light groups, edit of controls, modification of table, device status, …

              Network Device Search Dialog

              • New dialog with more intuitive design and improved usability


              • Added Systemstatus message for devices which can switch 230V if the device overheats
              • Added Systemstatus message for Extension and Air/Tree device update
              • Added Systemstatus message for Miniserver loading a wrong program or firmware
              • Added Systemstatus message for expiring / expired Cloud Services
              • Added Systemstatus message for Push / Mail send error
              • Added Systemstatus message for Miniserver with incorrect date and time
              • Added Systemstatus message with the last text of the last call or push, if they have not been sent via Internet
              • Added Systemstatus messages for Miniserver with low memory available, Miniserver reboot due to no remaining free memory and Auto-Update failed because due to low memory available
              • New behaviour for information bar in the Loxone Config software (BG-T402)

              Project Planning

              • Added new lighting products
              • Added Room Comfort Sensor Air
              • Added AI & AO Extension
              • Added Alarm siren Air & Tree
              • Rooms can now by duplicated
              • Option to delete products in the replacement dialog
              • Manual added products are now used during automatic calculation (e.g. adding a Touch for Nano and a Nano Dimmer now won’t add an additional Nano IO)
              • Added more global settings (Touches, Window surveillance, Speaker Backbox, automatically planned RGBW Dimmer type)
              • Added calculation of space needed in cabinet (calculation is added to info sheet in excel)
              • BG-T583: Changes for residential buildings
                * Introduced Ceiling Light as lighting option in project planning
                * Introduced no lighting, no shading, no heating and no music options in   project planning
              • BG-T650 Added polish project planning

              Light Groups


              • Added Identify for light groups (all lights of light group are flashing when light group is selected in Loxone Config) (BG-I1498)
              • Added links of light group members to document tree (when a link is clicked the device is selected in the tree) (BG-I1929)

              System Variables

              • Added Systemvariable “Internet Connection” (can also trigger Systemstatus messages)
              • Fixed Systemvariables not forwarding correct values to output references

              Loxone Air

              • Added possibility to disable router functionality of Air device (so far this is supported by Shading Actuator, Nano IO, GEIGER GJ56, GEIGER SOLIDline and GEIGER SOLIDline Zip). This is useful in big air installations to reduce Air traffic (BG-T549)
              • BG-T611 changed device identify of rgbw dimmer air/tree: when device is selected in search window or in peripherie tree not only the status LED is blinking but also the connected LED-stripe or LED-spot


              • Not editable data cells now have light grey background color
              • Create a partlist out of an existing project
              • Online state of devices and Extensions now displayed in periphery tree
              • Update and backup dialog improved (show current status in the title text with an icon and show more information in the log)
              • Reworked control configuration dialog (burglar alarm, central blocks,…) (BG-T246)
              • Controls such as memory, mode, system variables, time and weather data can now be set via simulation in the Config Software (BG-T434)
              • Sensors and actors which not functionable in the current configuration of their device (dummy, offline, etc.) are bordered red (BG-T432)
              • Added Identify for Internorm devices (blinds, ventilation)

              Fixes & Changes

              Statistics– Remanence:

              • Statistics
                * Improved response-time for opening statistics
                * Reduced write-operations to sd-card

              * Improved remanence for many controls
              * Reworked remanence info for sensors, systemstatus, lightcontroller and


              • BG-I536: All analog statistics now use the value according to the correction setting for this object (this also affects existing statistics!)
              • BG-I1996: Statistics-Dialog in Config: Added room name to the list of statistics


              • Don’t show “Show” button for presentation message
              • BG-I1538 & BG-I1448: Changed texts pointing on links or on actions
              • Messages present on all miniservers (in client-gateway) now forward an on the client executed action to the gateway
              • Fixed old system messages not sent properly to daily report
              • BG-I1323: Fixed not working ‘Contact Loxone partner’ actions
              • BG-I1687: Fixed ‘Client offline’ or ‘Client not Reachable’ messages not set historic if system is changed from client-gateway to normal
              • BG-I1656: Systemstatus Dialog – Disabled System wide always on top display
              • BG-I1955: Don’t send device status message “Update available” for remote air as update doesn’t start automatic
              • BG-I2293 Systemstatus: Fixed not shown in Config in some situations after connecting to Miniserver

              Project Planning

              • BG-T498: Improved calculation of how many Miniservers are needed for a project
              • BG-I1639: No planning rule for PWM Pendulum
              • BG-I1547: Save Project Settings (town, telephone, mail,…) as defaults after creation via project planning
              • BG-I1575: Fixed replace of products that have a automatic rule with products that don’t have a rule
              • BG-I1418: Fixed invalid power consumption of WW Led strip
              • BG-I1643: Validate new default files before updating
              • BG-I2300 Project Planning: Fixed some global decisions not working for non-german languages

              Light groups

              • BG-I1499: Added Lightgroup-Options to light devices
              • BG-I1497: Auto-Configuration: Add a ToDo for light groups with no devices assigned, instead of connecting them to the light controller
              • BG-I1501: Multi-selected delete from light group members now working
              • BG-I1494: Device options: Added editable Combobox for creating new light group
              • BG-I1486: Add room name for light groups Property-Window / Filter light groups to room of actor
              • Fixed handling if changing actor to  “not assigned”
              • BG-I1784: Removed light group actor delay after Miniserver/Device restart

              Burglar Alarm & Fire-/Water Alarm

              • BG-I2009: Fire- and Water Alarm: Now both pre-alarm signals and main-alarm signals are turned off by Ch (also over visualisation)
              • BG-I2009: Fire- and Water Alarm: Added new output for pre-alarm signals Qp
              • BG-I1528: Fire- and Water Alarm: Fixed usage description for lights and shading
              • BG-I2022: Burglar Alarm: Added Air channel check
              • BG-I2021: Burglar Alarm: Removed Miniserver name from object string
              • Both blocks are now coloured red and are shown in the Project Analysis if no sensors are configured
              • BG-I2083 Alarm, Fire- and Wateralarm: Fixed red colouring after copy
              • BG-I2219 Alarm: Fixed confirm not possible when a door/window contact position was changed again after it activated the alarm by a position change (with Ii = 1)


              Automatic blinds & Automatic blinds integrated

              • BG-I1290: Automatic blinds: Additional description for deadtimes
              • BG-I1572: Automatic blinds: Adapted description for referenced device
              • BG-I977:  Automatic blinds: Fixed additional move-command with invalid parameter-configuration
              • BG-I1078: Automatic blinds: Disable automatic-button when parameter Tr is set to 0
              • BG-I810:  Automatic blinds integrated: Fixed none updating move-status
              • BG-I1534: Fixed Max-Value in description of automatic blinds integrated / Parameter Pm
              • BG-I2051 Automatic blinds: invalid lamelle-position for schlotterer

              Intelligent Room Controller

              • BG-I2181 Roomcontroller: immediate recalculate target-temperature on mode or timer-change
              • Warning-Threshold if Temperature was not reached reduced to 1.5°C
              • Switch Mode for Prepare-Phase if in Outside Comfort-Range
              • Adapted Upper / Lower-Bounds for manual timer
              • BG-I1408: Conversion: “Use sunshine-status” was not copied to the new function block
              • BG-I1452: Conversion: Remove reference to central object
              • BG-I1513: Fixed: DisMV affects window- and manual override-inputs
              • BG-I1600: Fixed: Output-Value too big when Climate Controller is shutting down
              • BG-I1548: Immediate mode-switch for manual timers
              • BG-I1646: Immediate target-refresh after parameter-change
              • BG-I1583: Fixed: Enable preventive mode to lower target
              • BG-I1714:: Autopilot not working if no calendar-entries are configured
              • BG-I1854, BG-I778: Fixed handling of overlapping times in schedule
              • BG-I1951: Fixed: Warning for big temperature difference was not shown
              • BG-I1934: Fixed: Origin for inverted open window not correct
              • BG-I1855: Lock temperatures which are controlled via program-logic
              • BG-I1811: Adapted PWM-Frequency
              • BG-I2264 Roomcontroller: ignore invalid sunshine state until device is online
              • BG-I2049 Roomcontroller: Adapted description of Window-input

              Climate Controller

              • Fixed remanence of mode
              • BG-I1517, BG-I1396: Adapted description for parameters Str, TPon, TPoff
              • BG-I1429: Defined min-value for parameter TPoff
              • BG-I1412 Climate Controller: Fixed Typos in help texts
              • BG-I1455: Showed average outdoor temperature instead of current outdoor temperature in the User Interface
              • BG-I1614: Average temperature not set after reboot
              • BG-I1409: Fixed: inverted values affect start/end of active modes
              • BG-I1611: Fixed: Invalid object count in simulation
              • BG-I1683: Fixed: Heat-mode did not end
              • Fixed: HeatMode did not start in PWM-Mode
              • BG-I1783: Fixed: Source without prio-configuration
              • BG-I2275: Climatecontroller: Fixed CustomChange + Temperature-Unit for TLimH & TLimC

              Other Fixes & Changes

              • BG-I2212 Status: Improved description texts
              • The Ceiling Light Air can now be dimmed further downwards, which means that the Ceiling Light Air/Tree has a larger dimming range.
              • Onlinestate: Fixed old Systemstatus device offline messages not being updated with new actions
              • BG-I2203: fixed alarm siren tree sabotage contact (if any Tree Device is currently updating, the sabotage contact may be triggered without any actual sabotage)
              • BG-I2196 Fixed device info of alarm siren air/tree
              • BG-I807 & BG-I1544 Virtual HTTPS Input: Fixed receive of data when server is providing chunked data
              • BG-I1625 Virtual HTTPS Input: Allow both HTTP Status Codes “200” & “200 OK”
              • BG-I1546 Virtual UDP Input: Fixed display data when switch from analog to digital or visversa
              • BG-I150 Virtual Output: Fixed problems with text edges
              • BG-I1604 Systemvariable: Fixed crash when inserting systemvariable output
              • BG-I1574 Systemvariable: Fixed transfer of value to Client Miniservers
              • BG-I1757 Disabled multi-edit of source for systemvariables
              • BG-I1914 Systemvariables: Fixed incorrect values at variable input reference during LiveView
              • BG-I1536 Switch-Control: Fixed missing Input type setting
              • BG-I1383 TemperatureController: Text cut off fixed
              • BG-I1426 TemperatureController: Fixed invalid behaviour of PWM-outputs
              • Poolcontroller: Fixed Reset after end of ‘Out of order’
              • BG-I1389 & BG-I1386 Aquastar Air: Fixed Problems when stopping cycles
              • BG-I1388 Poolcontroller: Fixed abort of cycle
              • BG-I1466 Poolcontroller: Cycle inputs are now disabled when in service mode
              • BG-I1809 Aquastar Air: Implemented over temperature shutdown
              • BG-I1371 Central blocks: Fixed Dis input (Dis also blocked commands from visualization)
              • BG-I1012 Shade Central: Additional description for Cu and Cd
              • BG-I1216 Shade Central: Fixed blocked input after St was disabled
              • BG-I1720 Door- and Window Surveillance: Improved find of the names that should be displayed for sensors
              • Door- and Window Surveillance: Devices will not be added automatically anymore!
              • BG-I1443 Gateway-Client: Fixed fetch of statistic of client input that also was used on gateway
              • BG-I1286 Gateway-Client: Fixed time encryption
              • BG-I721  Gateway-Client Expertmode: Don’t close websocket that did the expertmode change
              • BG-I830: Fixed DHCP Watchdog reboot, when renewal interval is longer than 12 days
              • BG-I1635 Fixed LoxoneConfig-Server Task Watchdog Reboot (occurred when having text files with wrong line endings)
              • BG-I1596 Fixed restart when serializing Virtual State CustomChange from Client
              • BG-I1421, BG-I1537, BG-I1681: Prevent Miniserver reboot
              • BG-I1595 Fixed modbusserver crash
              • BG-I1214, BG-I1632: Fixed possible Miniserver reboots
              • BG-I1441 Expertmode: Fixed reboot if same control is edited coincidentally
              • Fixed rare Miniserver crash when saving into Miniserver during Systemstatus entries are queried
              • BG-I1700 Slightly optimized SPS boot speed
              • BG-I1439: Fixed Miniserver Go identify
              • BG-I1424 Improved ARP handling in Miniserver
              • Removed “Miniserver usage” from the periphery tree since it was not accurate
              • Miniserver Update: Automatic reboot of Miniserver when free memory is too low
              • Miniserver Update: Loxone Config now saves the Config file into the Miniserver during the Update
              • Old Token webservices (gettoken & refreshtoken) do the same as before
              • New Token webserivces (getjwt & refreshjwt) for Json Web Tokens
              • Improved MultiThreaded access and deletion -> Faster verify of tokens
              • New Air Base firmware: Observe Air RX and TX status and restart Air Base if packets can’t be sent or received any more
              • BG-I1567 Improved Air communication when switching a lot of Air devices at the same time (e.g. central shading commands)
              • Fix for all powered Air devices: In rare cases it was possible that Air device is not working as a repeater anymore
              • Valve Air/Tree: fixed valve error detection
              • Valve Air: fixed offline problem
              • BG-T525 Fixed remote air shown as offline in air device battery status in visu
              • ShadeActuator: Fixed Refresh of Properties
              • Shading Actuator Air: Fixed Refresh of tree after changing use case
              • BG-T292 Improved communication with Shading Actuator Air (get more precise lamella position)
              • Shading Actuator Air: set jalousie mode per default in order identify (click-clack) is working in learn dialog.
              • GJ56 Air: New firmware with improved obstacle detection
              • BG-I1761: Smart Socket Air: Fixed CPU temperature calibration (new binary)
              • BG-I1118 Window Contact & Watersensor input per default shown as switch
              • BG-I617: Fixed Identify-bug on all Air and Tree dimmers and lamps (new binaries)
              • BG-I2122 Motion Sensor Air: Fixed possible hanging of presence input after miniserver reboot (new binary)
              • BG-I1999 setting to switch off leds of switchboard tree devices can now also be found directly in device
              • Added information to the device status when device is not yet learned
              • BG-I1430 Dont set room/category automatically when inserting a reference, when the room/category is already set to “do not use”
              • BG-I1620 Allow Retrieve of GeoCoordinates after manual change of sea level
              • BG-I1451 Improved display of device & extension names in Loxone Config trees
              • BG-I1576 Fixed save of default value for T5 input
              • BG-I1434: Fixed online info link not working in dialog that no assignable device is available
              • BG-I1515: Fixed units displayed double for some properties in property window
              • BG-I1483 Property-Window: Smartaktor Displayed as Analog Actor
              • BG-I1337: Fixed Config crash when clicking on help button of Valve Air output
              • BG-I76 Object-Connections are reverted when loading custom-changes from miniserver.
              • BG-I1188 Improved export of Miniserver (hidden inputs that were used on other miniserver will not be exported anymore)
              • BG-I1370 State Object: Allow multiplications & divisions of inputs for outputs value
              • BG-I1394 Fixed crash when setting object-template
              • BG-I1395 Fixed baudrate setting manipulation
              • BG-I1423 Fixed display of ‘à’ Character in Tree
              • BG-I1645 Presence Simulation: Fixed not turned on actuator when simulation is started close to the end of the timespan and activation times are quite long
              • BG-I325  Presence-Simulation: Only send off command when control was activated by simulation
              • BG-I1655 Languages: Fixed always included language option Indonesian
              • BG-I1569 Enable Ir Learn only when connected
              • BG-I887 Fixed problems with time pulses (day, month, year, sunrise, sunset,…) – sometimes no pulse was generated
              • BG-I528 Fixed save of backup to shared folder
              • BG-I1733 Fixed sporadic crash during project analysis (e.g. when loading from Miniserver)
              • BG-I1727 Connect Dialog: Enabled horizontal scroll, to allow longer URLs
              • BG-I733 Fixed MessageBox disappearing behind splash screen
              • BG-I1686 AutoConfig: Fixed wrong used central room
              • BG-I1746 Autoconfig: adapted default moods
              • BG-I1695 Adapted description of alarm clock option in autoconfiguration
              • BG-I1331 ProjectAnalysis: Show info if no Roomtemperature is available
              • BG-I1500 Projectanalysis: show warning for mixed lightgroups
              • BG-I1682 ProjectAnalysis: Invalid-PWM-configuration shown for connection-flag and complex objects
              • Project Analysis: Added Pool Controller, Leaf control and Internorm Ventilation control checking if the control has no referenced device
              • BG-I1310 Project Analysis: Button to fix stats is not shown any longer for digital statistics
              • BG-I1863 Project Analysis: Detect if a sensor/device is connected multiple times to the alarm control
              • Music Server Zone: Casatunes-Server is assignable again
              • BG-I1557 Musicserver Zone: Double Impulse from QOn
              • Musicserver Zone: Zone paused during active movement
              • BG-I390 Keba Wallbox: Input X1 not working in Gateway
              • BG-I1565 Fixed Settings for Custom Enocean-Actor
              • BG-I1571 Radiobuttons: adapted Descriptions of Parameter
              • BG-I1844 fixed wrong greying for Dali devices
              • Increased speed of device status when there are a lot of air dummy devices
              • Set Air device back to dummy when learning fails
              • Fixed keep of hidden connections (e.g. Alarm object) when changing a parameter
              • Fixed empty brackets of 1-wire devices in device tree
              • Fixed displayed name of Miniserver Go – Air Base
              • Fixed missing window icons
              • Fixed non clickable dialog settings
              • Fixed deselect of object when starting search (F5)
              • Enable Autoconfig when only central functions are available
              • Fixed change of room on device, room of childs was not adapted
              • BG-I1738 Operating Times property change in config not correct
              • Trying to re-establish connection to Miniserver when the connection is lost
              • BG-I1550 Saunacontroller: active System-Message triggered again after reboot
              • BG-I190 Lightcontroller: Timer TOn not canceled with input O
              • BG-I655  Lightcontroller: Fixed issue with Master-Brightness after reboot
              • BG-I1603 Lightcontroller-dialog: disable deleting of last movement-configuration
              • BG-I1675 LightController: Master-Brightness changes outputs > 100%
              • BG-I1260 Lightcontroller: Fixed blocked inputs with Pulse-At Object when pulse time < 1 sec
              • BG-I788 Lightcontroller: Fixed: Movement-Mood stays on after Alarm
              • BG-I819 Lightcontroller: Lights out via Light central triggers reset output
              • BG-I1436 Lightcontroller: Fixed: Light activated after mode-change
              • BG-I1471 Fixed alarm on lightcontroller when activated and deactivated from different sources
              • Lightcontroller-Dialog: Header-Texts was cut off
              • Fixed Parameter Min/Max values not adjusted according to Description (several Blocks)
              • BG-I1461 Switch On/Off: Removed statistic option
              • BG-I1764 Modbus TCP: allow configuration of byte / word-orders for analog actors
              • BG-T245 Added abort button to message box when trying to save document with a different serial to Miniserver
              • Expert-Mode: fixed locked flag
              • BG-I1862 Fixed invalid object names for IR-, Modbus- and Fröling-Extensions
              • BG-I1101: Modbus Extension: Increased pause between two modbus packets to 50 ms when Timing is set to “Auto” (new binary)
              • BG-I1602 Colorpicker-Dialog: Multiselect-Delete only works on Sequences
              • BG-I818  Media-Controller: Adapted Description for double-clicks
              • BG-I1973 Ventilation: Adapted description of input Ts
              • BG-I642  ExpertMode: Fixed change in remanence-setting inactive on first reboot
              • BG-I1223 Adapted description of Formula-Block
              • BG-I1483 Smartactor: invalid Type-Name in Context-menu
              • BG-I2066 Remove correction setting for Smartactors
              • BG-I1531 Adapted Template for Musicserver-Zone playurl-command
              • BG-I388  Device-References invalid after cut/paste into other Miniserver
              • BG-I1943: fixed wrong default category for firealarm air battery input
              • BG-I1786: fixed 1-Wire dummy device detection
              • BG-I1205 Validate strings for html commands (expert mode & settings)
              • BG-I1478 Updated Quickstart guide (Updated texts, Added button to open Miniserver search, Removed from project view)
              • BG-I785 Template Saving: Now warning is shown if file name contains not allowed characters
              • BG-I1618 Caller: If language is set to ‘Standard’ now the Miniserver language is used instead of German
              • BG-I1985 Changed icon for diagnosis inputs
              • BG-I1479 Moved Auto-configuration button to fixed ribbon part
              • BG-I1588 Hourcounter – Fixed daylightsavings time jump (falsely added hour)
              • BG-I1963 Added Tree In- & Outputs to enumin and enumout webservices
              • BG-I1879 Fixed multi edit of input & simulation type of digital and analog inputs
              • BG-I1868 Fixed adding of IR output multiple times to the same channel on IR Control Air
              • Help Bubble: BG-I1824: fixed unnecessary line breaks in some io short descriptions
              • Help Bubble: BG-I1551: fixed scaling of table width. Text may was not visible
              • Help Bubble: BG-I1288, BG-I1437: layout and word wrap was messed up for some functionblocks
              • BG-I614 manual simulation input was bound to device timing and sensitivity
              • BG-I2014 Deny Pipe-Symbol for App-Names
              • BG-I2004 Simulation: some objects are not resetted when simulation is restarted
              • BG-I1749 Simulation: Improved reset of set values at simulation start
              • BG-I1415 Config-Crash when loading custom-changes for converted object
              • BG-I1606 Statistic-Mail: show output-name instead of output symbol
              • Fixed sporadic crashes in document tree (mostly happened directly after loading from Miniserver)
              • Fixed password security evaluation (password insecure message)
              • BG-I568 Alarm Clock: Fixed incorrect time for next wake time shown in visu
              • BG-I367 Logger: Now syslog protocol is correctly supported
              • Added default room for online-status input of Extensions
              • BG-I2023 Fixed constant config-connection loss when having a lots of devices
              • Increased timeout during update when saving to Miniserver
              • BG-I1622 Fixed delete of UPNP zone in Config software
              • BG-I1274 Fixed remove of connection flags after control conversion
              • BG-I1359 Add port to http post header
              • BG-I1877 Onlinestatus: Devices of Extensions are now set offline immediately when Extension goes offline
              • BG-I2170 Fixed update of property window for controls without settings
              • BG-I2148 AirBase: fixed link reconnect
              • Fixed Miniserver search
              • BG-I2088 Adapted default color for stats-webinterface
              • BG-I2085 Lightcontroller: duplicate uuid’s for sequencer after copy/paste
              • BG-I2084 Alarm-Siren: manipulation-message active directly after program start
              • BG-I2105 Musicserver Zone: Block locked if event could not be started
              • BG-I2090 Roomcontroller: added Hysteresis to temperature-warning
              • BG-I2096 Autojalousie: fixed central command for moving jalousie
              • BG-I2107 Fixed Non-Boolean checkbox-values
              • BG-I2116 Fixed Config-crash when converting lightcontroller
              • BG-I2121 Invalid Connector-Letter for RGBW-Dimmer # 4
              • Fixed Blocking of App-Connection while disabling caller / weather systemmessages
              • Logger: Fixed missing addition of text to syslog message
              • BG-I2160: Fixed copy room in project planning issue
              • Systemvariables: Fixed values not shown in visualisation
              • BG-I2182 fixed fröling operating hours input scaling
              • BG-I2221 Fixed race condition during miniserver restart
              • BG-I2228 Fixed possible crash during parse of DNS response
              • BG-I2241 Fixed start of tree device search from quick search
              • BG-I2242 Fixed start of 1-Wire search from quick search
              • BG-I2239 Fixed disabled Tree search action
              • BG-I2201 Fixed changing contents of property window when quick search is opened
              • BG-I2213 Diagnostic Inputs: Fixed Icons for some diagnostic inputs
              • BG-I2289: Fixed repeated mail sending for messages where mail was already sent

              * Sending time for daily report mail now varies between 4am and 6am  depending on Miniserver MAC

              • Liveview: Fixed button in ribbon dropdown shown multiple times at some situations
              • BG-I2188 Learning Dialogs: Installation place can now be left free in learning dialogs
              • BG-I2141 Project Analysis: Changed title of show button for multiple PicoC objects
              • BG-I2137 Paste Control: Fixed configurable controls giving the impression to be pasted multiple times
              • BG-I2246 Settings: Fixed not working arrow buttons in Property Window for some settings
              • BG-I2238 fixed Config-Crash when renaming audio-zone
              • BG-I2243 fixed Config-Crash when selecting unassigned integrated jalousie
              • BG-I2261 Musicserver-Zone: Events can not be stopped
              • BG-I2245 Roomcontroller: Temperatures get lost after reboot
              • BG-I1964 1-Wire: If a read value from a sensor might not be possible it will be read a second time.
              • BG-I2150 Musicserver Individual volumes for groupedEvent(Alarm, Bell)
              • BG-I2236 fixed invalid ribbon-text for onlinestate of dmx, dali extension
              • BG-I2177 AutoProgram: Lightscene Brightness-level was greater than 100
              • BG-I219 Added Feedback for Systemmessage-Action “Reboot Miniserver”
              • BG-I2091 Quick Info: Fixed names not matching when hovering over an io reference after changing name in property window
              • BG-I2073 Door and Window Monitor: Fix for devices shown offline (after save to Miniserver, Miniserver restart, …)
              • BG-I2259 Motion Sensor Air: Adapted description of overrun duration following motion parameter
              • BG-I2214 Device Learning Dialogs: Improved behaviour for setting room and installation place
              • BG-I2253 Systemvariables: Uninitialised Systemvariables do not show -2147483647 any more
              • BG-I2312 Fixed invalid reboot message after an update where bootloader was adapted
              • Property Window: Fixed being stuck at a control after Quick Search
              • BG-I2076 Autopilot triggered multiple times
              • BG-I2282 fixed config-crash when copying user into group
              • fixed invalid setting of sensor-error-output during update
              • BG-I2279 Adapted description of MinMax:Reset-input
              • Musicserver: set Alarm and Firealarm prioritized in command-queue
              • BG-I2266 Autopilot: If Control is used in multiple autopilots, conditions are not analyzed correctly
              • BG-I2284 Deletion of Page deletes Musicserver Zone
              • BG-I2248 Lightcontroller: Colorpicker does not work in alternative rgb mode
              • BG-I2311 Lightcontroller: adapted description of Parameter Ti
              • BG-I2319 Push Notifications: Controls now use description instead of name in push notifications
              • BG-I2237 Adapted description of wallbox-block
              • BG-I2257 Central Objects: Invalid object-count after pasting in other project


              LOXONE CONFIG 10.0

              Known Issues: (?)

              • BG-I1408: When converting “Intelligent Room Controller Gen 1” the setting “Use Sunshine Information” is not converted. You may have to uncheck this setting manually after converting.
              • BG-I1409: Digital outputs of the “Climate Controller” function block are not working if their are inverted. Workaround: Use a “Not” function block instead.
              • BG-I1101: It rarely happen that a received register-value is written to the wrong register-address of a Modbus Device. This happens due to bad timings in Modbus communication. Workaround: Change the “Timing” setting of the Modbus Extension from “Auto” to “Manuell” and then set the “Pause” setting to at least 0,05 (50 milliseconds).
              • BG-I1420: In rare cases due to data corruption it might happen that the SD-Card statistics are wrong. This may end in a Sd-Card error message via the systemstatus. To ensure that the error message is caused by this issue, you should check if the the webservice /dev/sys/errorstats lists plausible values. For example, no negative or enormous number should be listed. In case of doubt, please contact our support. Workaround: Enter the Webservice in your browser. After that you have to do a power cycle on the miniserver. (For all listed webservices you will need admin rights on your miniserver).
              • In rare cases Loxone Air Devices, which previously worked as repeater don’t repeats packages of other devices anymore. The problem is recognizable by the fact that surrounding Air Devices go offline or now have a bad connection to the Air Base. The affected Device itself will work as expected. Only Devices with fixed power supply can be affected by this issue (for example Smart Socket Air). Workaround: Do a power cycle of the affected Devices. After that it will repeat packages from all devices again.
              • BG-I1352: If the option “Allow Additional Preselections” is activated for the NFC Code Touch function block, you are then able to enter 4 digit long preselections. If you enter longer preselections it will cut off the latest entered digits, without any feedback that the given preselection is invalid. If you enter ‘123456’ then the recognized preselection will be ‘1234’. If the preselection is longer than 8 digits the preselection will be reset. If you enter ‘123456789’ the recognized preselection will be ‘9’.
              • BG-I1426: Intelligent Temperature Controller outputs invalid values if Intelligent-Room-Controller outputs (H, C and HC) are set to PWM. Workaround: Disable the PWM option in the Room Controller and use the Climate-Controller PWM outputs instead (H1, C1, HC1,…). To use the Climate Controller outputs as PWM you have to check the PWM option in the Room-Controller configuration dialog first.
              • Clima-Controller: Current Outdoor-Temperature displayed instead of Average Outdoor-Temperature. This value will only be shown if the average function is activated for the Clima-Controller
              • BG-I1728: If using Loxone Config in the language CAT Catalan. Opening the configuration dialog of any central function block will end in a software crash. Workaround to this will be to use any other language instead.
              • BG-I887: The Time-Functions which are generating a pulse like “Pulse Minute”, “Pulse Hour”, “Pulse Day”, “Pulse Week”, “Pulse Month”, “Pulse Year”, “Pulse Sunrise” and “Pulse Sunset” may not be triggered every time. If the Miniserver is under higher load during the time the pulse should be triggered then it may be skipped.Workaround: Minimize the load of the miniserver that is caused by any logic in the configuration. Optimize your custom logic so it will consume less performance during the wanted pulse. Anotherway could be to use your own logic which generates an pulse at the wanted time (use non pulsing time functions for that). 
              • Alarm Siren Tree: If any Tree Device is currently updating, the sabotage contact may be triggered without any actual sabotage. This is a fault detection by the Miniserver (caused by the timeout reception of the sabotage contact input). This issue does not occur during the normal operation of the Miniserver. This issue will be fixed with the next software version (the next update might trigger this issue). 

              Loxone Config Version C

              If you update from to a Miniserver update isn’t essential. All changes are only for the Loxone Config Software. 

              – Fixed fetch of geo coordinates
              – Added new light products to installed project planning database
              – Updated Translations

              Loxone Config Version


              Sonnen Battery Support:

              • New Loxone Config template
              • Autoconfig will connect it to an energy-monitor

              Setting Edit Dialog:

              • Easy way to edit settings of multiple objects
              • You can use right click to select the setting edit dialogue
              • Possibility to only show common settings


              • autoconfig of ventilation objects will add a logic for nighttime ventilation
              • autoconfig will now start sleep timer when going to sleep and simulate presence during nighttime

              Intelligent Room Controller v2:

              • Intelligent room controller Gen 1 can be converted over ribbon button or project analysis
              • Is communicating with supported function blocks (Ventilation + Climate Controller)
              • Automatic switching between heating and cooling
              • Simultaneous usage of different sources depending on their energy cost
              • Allow overheating / overcooling in eco-mode with free sources
              • Shade-Output in Heating-Mode activated when actual temperatur > comfort + TaMax

              Climate Controller:

              • For controlling temperature-sources such as heat pumps, HVAC-Systems, …
              • mode(heat/cool/standby) decided by demand of all configured intelligent room controllers (only works with Intelligent Room Controller v2)
              • locks outputs for intelligent room controllers in opposite mode

              Intelligent temperature controller:

              • Auto-Mode with Climate Controller to switch between heating and cooling dynamically
              • Automatic usage of system Outdoor-Temperature variable
              • New option „Use all controls from Climate Controller“ in dialogue


              • global variables for humidity, temperature, sunshine, rain and  solar-energy
              • automatically set by weather-server or weather-station if available
              • may be manually overwritten by user-defined logic
              • used by default from some function blocks. For example: climate controller and ventilation-blocks (no manual connection needed).


              • Enables the editing of multiple different controls settings
              • To open the dialog, select the controls and open the context menu (right click).


              • New Dialogs for learning Air and Tree Devices that will speed up the process.
              • Better overview of devices that still need to be learned and devices that are already learned in.
              • Easy way to pair and unpair air devices.

              Channel Change:

              • Changing the Air Channel inside of your current regional band is now much easier.
              • Most devices now automatically detect when the channel of its Air Base was changed, also if the device was sleeping during the actual change.
              • There is an info message if a device is not able to automatically change the frequency band.
              • This will only work if all of the devices are already up to date!

              NFC Code Touch:

              • Added option to use more than 6 as preselection. This will force you to always enter a preselection.

              System Status:

              • Added System Status to LoxoneConfig. It will be shown on the right side of the status bar.
              • New central place to handle different kinds of messages
              • There are different message levels: Info, Warning, Error, Critical
              • Miniserver secondary led indicating message center messages.  Info -> green, Warning -> orange, Error & Critical -> red
              • Mail and push notifications are sent to the notification address with a slight delay
              • If many notifications are triggered in a short period of time, one combined notification will be sent
              • Critical error messages are sent immediately with no delays
              • System State messages include:
                • Sd-card in poor condition (BG-T19)
                • Sd-card broken (BG-T63)
                • Sd-card with high write load (BG-T114)
                • obstacle detected (for GEIGER  Motors)
                • motor stuck (for GEIGER Motors)
                • no valve detected (for valve air and valve tree)
                • valve stuck (for valve air and valve tree)
                • air channel occupied (for Air Base Extension)
                • Device Offline (only if “monitor online status” is activated for that device)
                • Ventilation filter change needed (Leaf and Internorm)
                • Ventilation error (Device mechanical or electrical errors)
                • Gate stopped due to safety input
                • Gate Endstop not active after closing
                • ‚Insecure password‘ (user-specific)
                • Insecure user‘ (for user admin)
                • Client is offline (BG-I1184)
                • BG-T118 Messages for Sauna + Saunavaporcontroller
                • BG-T124 Messages for Energy-Monitor offline
                • BG-T120 Messages for PoolController
                • Message for Miniserver Reboot, automatically set historic after 30 minutes

              Technical Documentation:

              • The documentation window now provides additional information about the current Block or Device such as units, range and default values
              • In addition, the documentation is also available offline within Loxone Config (the offline documentation reflects the documentation at the time of release – updates to the documentation might be available online)

              Light Groups:

              • Supported Devices: all kinds of Tree Spots (for smart actuators)
              • Project Planning: create lightgroup per room & devicetype
              • Autoconfig: automatically combines actuators to groups
              • Dialogue for combining existing actuators in project-analysis
              • Combine existing actuators via context-menu

              Energy Manager (Beta)

              • Intelligently control different loads depending on the available energy.


              • Built in Quick Start Guide that provides guidance to get started with Loxone Config
              • Use Touch devices as an alarm output in burglar-alarm and fire & water alarm (triggers click sound of Loxone Touches in case of an alarm)
              • Added Tree Cable to Project Planning Tool
              • LiveView now offers the possibility to change input values within Loxone Config (enable LiveView with manual control)
              • Added new ‘Room’ View and ‘Device’ View in Loxone Config to get a better overview of objects in rooms
              • Ribbon button for QuickSearch
              • Link & Tree Diagnosis: Added help link & more information
              • After creating a new document, the project settings will be opened
              • Added russian language
              • Delayed connection to Miniserver when Miniserver is not yet ready
              • Added the possibility to update the data needed for time-offset calculation (daylight saving)


              Project Planning

              • BT-T138 Added Search and Replace Dialog in project planning
              • Bg-619 Fixed RGBW Output power
              • Bg-441 Country dependent default files
              • Bg-615 Fixed corrupted Excel file in some languages
              • Added default plan for Espanol
              • BG-I741 fixed wrong intercom in czech default file
              • BG-I943 Fixed change of tax when changing between Austria and Germany
              • BG-I1329 Fixed Duplicated items in preselection
              • Fixed error when opening a file with different store ID
              • Fixed product variants when a product is not available anymore
              • BG-T225 Project Planning: Automatic Spot calculation
              • Bg-524 Added italian to project planning
              • The count is not rounded up anymore
              • Different ruling for sleeping rooms
              • Increased needed power for Tree valves
              • Use Tree cable instead of CAT7
              • BG-T137 Add Items from catalog via double click
              • BT-T128 Export a plan to a file that can be used in the shop
              • BG-T139 Catalog Dialog will now be displayed floating and not docked when the used display is too small
              • Added default plan for UK
              • Added default plan for switzerland
              • Added additional guidance after project planning

              Lighting Controller

              • BG-I1277 Lightcontroller: adapted descriptions for AIb / T
              • BG-I1167 Fixed possible miniserver reboot when setting sequence after alarm
              • BG-I703: Color-Picker-Dialog: set default brightness on first click on color
              • fixed Composite-Capabilities for Smart-Single actuators(RGBW / WW)
              • BG-I1157 Lightcontroller 1+2: adapted description of RQ
              • disable Ignore-Movement-Timer after presence-simulation
              • BG-I1076 deny special characters in channel / moodnames
              • BG-I627 changing Operating Mode activates light even if brightness is too high
              • BG-I1058 DisMV ignored when changing Operatingmode
              • BG-I719 Added info-bit for used Buzzer-Mood

              Temperature Controller

              • Kj-T122 mode not changed after Service Mode off
              • BG-I1144 Qp is active when valves are opened because of min-movement

              Project Validation

              • Fixed crash after closing/reopening document
              • Bg-128 Added Validation of Dimmer output type

              Air General

              • fixed possible reboot loop when battery gets empty (reboot loop causes an occupied air channel)
              • changed battery scaling. This affects the current battery capacity and the statistics of it.
              • fixed battery measurement
              • improved meshing parameters. Routes with bad signal and signal fluctuations are now more stable.
              • BG-I1230 improved DC powered valve air startup handling (avoid a lot of air traffic on miniserver startup)


              • removed dali device setting „device off on system failure / power failure“. This setting is not supported by dali standard and did not work at all.
              • dali devices not switching off after miniserver restart


              • BG-I1357: Importing of CCF-Files may not import all IR buttons
              • BG-I1332 Fixed maximum byte array size in config
              • Fixed display of memory objects in tree on gateways
              • BG-I1313 Fixed Text connected to virtual state
              • Warning when client is offline
              • BG-I629 Music Central: DisMV has no effect to clients
              • BG-I745: fixed T5 for Media-controller
              • BG-I660: Objects used in Central are hidden after visu-change / expertmode
              • BG-T241 Valve Tree: fixed status LED blinking
              • BG-I1042 AutoConfig Fixed blocking of room off option
              • BG-I675 fixed toggling behaviour of energy manager
              • BG-I1292 GEIGER GJ56 motor: fixed obstacle input when obstacle is detected right after start from end position (e.g. on frozen blind)
              • BG-I1163 Geiger motors: don’t set obstacle input during end position recalibration
              • ventilation sleep input not using correct sleep time
              • BG-I1178 Fixed update of settings when setting input to frequency counter
              • BG-I804 Central-Information of function blocks not correct
              • Installation place in device status and view info box
              • BG-I1208 Fixed crash on copy & paste
              • BG-I1124 Fixed Intercom invalid setting title
              • Fixed insert names of integrated devices
              • BG-I1147 File Type detection now case insensitive
              • BG-I815 Miniserver configuration: External address is now serialized
              • BG-I726 Day-Values are only resetted after first production in energy monitor:
              • BG-I790 Autoconnect Energymanager
              • BG-I641 GateController Expert Mode-change for Animation Type does not change visualization
              • BG-I1090 Musicserver Zone: Add Zone-ID to default-name
              • Extension Update: less disturbance of normal link communication during extension update
              • BG-I1074 Fixed simulation with connectionflags
              • BG-I1079 Shortened text in caption bar (File path is not displayed anymore when connected to miniserver)
              • Fixed crash when loading from miniserver during connection flag referencing
              • BG-I831: NFC Code Touch crashes due to non existing outputs
              • BG-I64: NFC Code Touch insert from another document not working
              • BG-I645: NFC Code Touch crash on cut
              • BG-I863 Fixed references in smoke water alarm after cut and paste
              • BG-I318 WeatherstationAir: current wind value is not only sent when when exceed or fall below wind threshold but also when value changes for at least 25% (in loxone DC mode)
              • BG-I1035 Input references now only show a button when they are really clickable
              • BG-I1063 Fixed presence simulation of stairway light switch and comfort lightswitch
              • Improved error detection inputs of Valve Air and Tree
              • Connection Dialog improvements
                • Fixed password display length
                • empty stored password when selecting textbox
              • Improved naming of devices after creation. Devices and their IO now have a shorter name after creation
              • Token Authorization now returns proper error codes
              • Help View: fixed combined descriptions in central blocks. Now lists them only as one entry (T5/1-8 in Light Controller central).
              • SD Optimizations: weatheru.xml is not written to SD card anymore!
              • Automatic-Rule Dialog: invalid string for „input“ fixed
              • Fixed time-changed functions for Light Controllers, Jalousie and Musicserver Zone
              • adjusted battery levels for some air devices
              • Removed GJ56 from planning options
              • Added Ökofen Pelletronic modbus template
              • BG-I668 Improved getting of statistic data for app on a gateway
              • BG-I1023 Improved display of media client in tree
              • BG-I1016 Fixed endless loop in geo coordinate parsing
              • BG-I397 Improved description of autoupdate setting
              • BG-I857 Remove documentation object when its still in the document
              • BG-I917 Config-Tree Fixed visual glitch of first visible item after hide of items in tree
              • BG-I592 Warning message when virtual output command is too long for miniserver
              • BG-I495 Fixed unwanted selection after close of info bubble in view
              • BG-I844 Fixed drop of a reference on a connection reference
              • BG-I856 Fixed restore of connection flags after document import
              • BG-I932 Fixed configure button when not directly device is selected
              • BG-I1022: Statistics: do not write identical values when no changes are made
              • BG-I984 Small error in NFC Code Touch description texts
              • BG-I1014 ExpertMode: fixed configuration of place and category
              • BG-I838 Ping: Display-Settings not shown in Visu
              • BG-I855 EnergyMonitor: increased timeout for testing connection via config
              • BG-I714 ExpertMode: Some Sensor-Types can not be edited
              • BG-I751: Extension Search: replaced extensions don’t disappear
              • BG-I875: Extension Search: replace button texts same for dummy extensions
              • Extension Search: cancel button did not undo changes
              • BG-I958 Fixed Calendars & Temperatures for each roomtype
              • BG-I816 Fixed opening of def.log when having special characters in Windows user
              • BG-I837 Fixed renaming of numbered references
              • BG-I845 Fixed default correction of Aquastar input
              • BG-I859 Removed not used remote usergroup setting from notification object
              • BG-I448 DrawLibrary: Enabled reverse tabulator
              • BG-I706 Fixed digital state of virtual output command in visualization
              • BG-I691 Alarm – Fixed rest delay time event when deactivating
              • BG-I761 Enocean TelegramType not saved beyond undo
              • BG-I715 Smoke- & Wateralarm fixed wrong edges on Text output
              • BG-I731 Dont save converted program after SPS load when it was a fallback file
              • BG-I782 Fixed open of note text setting via double click
              • BG-I771 Increased minimum needed Windows Version (Windows 7 Service Pack 1) in Setup
              • BG-I765 Show correct cursor when inserting objects
              • BG-I795 Improved handling of creating a connection reference
              • BG-I762 Fixed Weatherserver data when not receiving any data from server
              • Bg-657 Fixed oscillating estimated memory usage
              • BG-271 Carcharger Keba: edges for udp-sensors not recognized in time
              • BG-502 Templates: IR Cyclic sending not assigned
              • BG-606 Musicserver: cancel event during boot
              • Bg-561 Statistic: last value not shown when imported in config
              • Bg-174 Internorm-Jalousie: Fullup/down not working correctly
              • Bg-696 MediaController: Reset only works on falling edge
              • BG-I661 Client has wrong LoxAPP3
              • Bg-470: Calendar API: 28th Feb not possible to enter if no leap year
              • Bg-610: ETS communication over NAT fails
              • Bg-110: Fixed reference of object in centrals after cut and paste
              • Bg-289 Allow change of password secured inputs via liveview
              • Bg-362: Taskrecorder: Fixed usage of visu password
              • Bg-395 Virtualoutput value visualization
              • Bg-417 Alarm: Fixed Alarm Text when WindowHandle-Window is opened/closed
              • Bg-510 Connection References: fixed creation of reference
              • Bg-538 Fixed UDP Input when receiving fragmented UDP packets
              • Bg-542 Fixed external connect to Miniserver when there is local device with same ip as Miniserver
              • Bg-559 Fixed Edge Wipe relay when changing High/Low Time during active cycle
              • Bg-590 Miniserver Configuration: Added message when selecting manual time
              • Bg-597 Fixed endless loop in file analyze
              • Bg-599 Fixed crash when copying Input to another project
              • Bg-458 Pool: Fixed cycle duration
              • Bg-609 Pool: Fixed overflow when cycle was longer than 18 hours
              • Bg-508 Pool: Fixed first switch of pump and valve in service mode
              • Bg-630 Fixed typo in autoconfig description strings
              • Bg-542 Warn if trying to connect to wrong Miniserver that does not fit to document
              • Bg-648 Fixed Encoding in translation files



              LOXONE CONFIG

              Known Issues: (?)

              • KNX IP Gateway: Communication with the ETS not working if “NAT Mode” is activated for the connection.
                • Workaround:
                • disable “Nat Mode” in the ETS Software
                • or use an external EIB Gateway to connect via ETS

              New Functions:

              • Project Planning
              • New program block for leaf ventilation system
              • Improved learning of devices
                • The replacement-list contains now also devices from other extensions
                • If replaced those, the devices are moved to the new extension
                • If the Extension is already full, it will be swapped with a device that isn’t learned
                • Device that are not learned at the time are listed at the top in the replacement-list (marked with an asterisk *)
              • New News Hub
              • New Internorm Fan Programm block

              Starting with Version 9.3 password based authentication has been removed due to security reasons. Token based authentication must be used from now on, for websocket authentication on the Miniserver! (Please see API documentation)
              To connect to the Miniserver the App Version must be at least 9.0

              The operating systems Windows XP and Windows Vista aren’t supported anymore. To run the Loxone Config 9.3 minimum Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 is required.

              Other Changes:

              Update Warning added to Setup and before Miniserver Update
              Bg-551 NFC Code Touch Output names changed after save/load
              Bg-540 NFC Code Touch better description text for Dialog
              Changed App Icon
              Fixed maximum download size for Config Update File
              Fixed Issue with NFC Code Touch
              Special characters in cloud mail subject and from fields are supported now
              Bg-186 Room/Category missing in fire water alarm block on gateway
              Renamed Tree-Spots
              Bg-493: Fixed Hide of project view when reopening Document
              Bg-424: AlarmClock: Don’t allow no modes for entry anymore (entry would never ring)
              Bg-492 Lightcontroller Fixed Presence Simulation – scene selection
              Bg-428: Fixed external T5 connections (T5 input used on other miniserver)
              Added Disclaimer for Project Planning and Auto Configuration
              Bg-520: Fixed typo in disclaimer
              Bg-475 fixed config crash when try to delete non existing news image file
              NewsHub: Online changes are now also updated in Config
              NewsHub: “\n\r” are now escaped correct
              Bg-438 Gateway doesn’t transmit program to clients in some cases
              DrawLibrary: No Messages to invisible items
              Bg-453 Fixed wrong required rights for operating times
              BG-391 IRC: removed info-Output from BG-223
              hide unused Lightgroup-caption
              Carcharger-device: removed unused statistic-option
              BG-432 removed Modbus-Template „keba/neura“
              BG-427 invalid text for Fröling-sensor
              BG-440 Scaling for SmartActors
              BM-170 LSC2 AllOn displayed after manual change
              allow Lumitech-Value < 10%
              BG-398 LSC/LSC2: Reduced Colorpicker-Load LSC2: fixed lumitech states during / after alarm User-Properties hidden with visu-options Dali Extension: Issue with short circuit detection fixed faster backup from gateway on external connection
              Fixed cases where PicoC tasks could be left over hogging memory after saving in Miniserver
              Bg-399 Fixed Digital In – Receive Timeout, Its now not needed anymore that the value changes
              Bg-389 Project Analysis: Switch Control is not a error when at least one output is connected
              Bg-404 QuickSearch: Fixed change switch to correct tree when selecting project item
              Bg-402 Fixed Currency Symbol reverting when doing restore
              Bg-405 DocumentTree: RoomName before Product Name Improved air-communication for air devices LSC2: Reworked mood-switch when operating-mode changes
              BG-323 LSC2: Additional Moods not active after alarm
              BG-304 LSC2: Masterslider Incorrect after dragging dimmer
              Bg-316 LSC2: automatic mixing off AllOn not working
              Bg-312 LSC2: fixed wrong mood at first click on + / –
              BG-155 LSC2: invalid Movement-Mood after manual selection
              BG-262 + BG-181 LSC2: Ti ignored after light out
              BG-248 LSC2: Invalid Mood after Reboot
              BG-250 LSC2: Sequence not removed after changing output-type LSC2: Miniserver-Reboot after invalid webservice
              BG-241 LSC2: Fixed T5-sequence
              BG-196 LSC2: T5 after + not working
              BG-86 LSC2: sequencer not started
              BG-153 LSC2: wrong mood in presenceSimulation LSC2: fixed mood via t5 after manual change
              179362437 Typo in LSC2 parameter
              179369022 LSC2 Dialog: removed mix-checkbox for alloff
              179720022 LSC2 invalid index in sequence config
              180581603 LSC2: mood-order after mixing
              180647031 LSC2: mixing (alternating app/t5) not working
              180637643 LSC2: mixing / next available mood 180581488 LSC2: alternative RGB handling > 100%
              180818313 LSC2: Lumitech-conversion
              180311820 LSC2 dialog: scaling in Win7
              182059704 LSC2 dialog: invalid action
              183629365 LSC2: Longtimeclick I1-I4 / switch
              182781368 LSC2 dialog: any mode priority
              182452791 LSC2 dialog: lock text-input for all off
              183982835 LSC1 + 2: PropertyWindow for PresenceSimu not refreshed
              181242817 LSC2 dialog: invalid string
              84429659 LSC2: Lumitech invalid color
              179686155 fixed single channel smart actor link lost state
              178474042 fixed lumitech smart actor RGB mode scaling (only 40% of brightness was used)
              BG-382 Lightcontroller: convert lumitech
              Lightcontroller: invalid mood after TH
              LSC2: reworked mood-selection with T5 / + (Master-Values, I1, App, O, R)
              LSC2: reset entry-mood after timeout
              LSC2: fixed wrong uuid for dimmer-subcontrol
              LSC2: Fixed mixing for 1-10V output
              BG-99 Config: Smartaktor RGBW: WW-Value for LinkLost-State
              BG-86 LSC2: Sequencer on high outputs not correct
              LinkLost-Value for WW-Devices/Smartactors not working
              Dimmer Extension:
              added channel identify
              BG-315 IRC: ErrorMail for temperature-difference sent too soon
              fixed crash when creating gateway-files
              140974511 Fixed Iroomcontroller for Gateway
              ValveAir: fixed „no valve detected“ input; improved valve start detection; adjust battery thresholds, fixed low power reset
              Valve Tree:
              fixed device crash
              fixed status LED blinking
              improved reference drive
              Smokealarm: Additional Input for Arc-Fault
              Bg-197 Alarmanlage Events problem (max alarm duration not working)
              Bg-268 Alarm not turned off when reaching maximum duration
              Bg-347 NFC Code Touch: Miniserverübergreifende Zuordnung möglich
              Bg-232 NFC Code Touch in Batteriebetrieb: Config lässt NFC-Lernmodus aktivieren
              Bg-282 NFC Code Touch: looses reference
              Bg-227 NFC Code Touch: TQ logs not uniform
              Bg-221 NFC Code Touch: does not write log with unknown nfc-tags
              Bg-199 NFC Code Touch: access over app not in log
              Bg-161 NFC Code Touch: cut/paste: peripery tree reference missing
              Fixes for NFC Code Touch Authentification: Load reduced and Timing issues fixed
              Musicserver: added option: TTS Output for Error-Messages
              Musicserver-Zone: Upnp-Mode enabled for Expert-Mode
              BG-284 Musicserver Zone: fixed description of repeat-input
              Bg-205 Musicserver Zone: adapted description for Vd
              BG-113 Musicserver Init-Sequence not completed
              179520694 AutoConfig: Fixed config when central room is missing
              182411310 Added new category icons and Use them in AutoConfig
              BG-246 AutoConfig: Reworked Frost-safety logic
              BG-73 Automaticjalousie Integrated: zyklic stop-command is send while ST is active
              BG-251 Autojalousie: Locked-Reason not displayed
              Central / ShadeCentral: Stop does not override Security
              Bg-61 Fixed reconnect when tcp stream was not closed properly by server
              Bg-63 Fixed deadlock in FTP transfer
              177941541 Fixed reuse of TCP connection in HTTP client / Fixed connection state#
              Bg-192 Connection lost after detailed device info
              Faster download of update files
              Project View: Select Search tab if not yet any projects
              Project View: Decision between new and configured adapted to new MS name
              Fixed setting of Roomsize when Square Feets is used
              Project Analysis: Fixed memory validation
              Project Analysis: Fixed delete of page
              Project Analysis: Analize direction of autojalousie
              181529047 Validate Document name
              Project analysis
              check miniserver registration
              check product usage
              Bg-75 Project Analysis shows actors, as unused, even if they are used in a media object
              Added Possibility to ignore project analysis light warnings
              188163531 Fixed endless logfile analyze
              Fixed password validation
              Bg-257 Fixed connection loss during project analysis
              Reword Help for Alarm, AlarmClock and Poolcontroller
              Bg-296 No category displayed on virtual state when room is unused
              Pushbutton2Sel: no default-value if remanence not used
              Added nullptr handling during SPS Stop in VirtualInUdp
              Bg-283 State Object: Tracker not working
              160054566 autopilotDesigner: invalid json
              173989713 Config: fixed crash in copy / paste autopilot
              BG-366 EnergyGenerator: invalid Value for Offline Fronius with DataLogger
              Bg-332 Poolcontroller reference in tree
              BG-196 Carcharger: AIl duplicate after conversion, Reference to Device missing
              Bg-193 Wrong name for Touch Surface
              Bg-192 Schedule invalid after expert mode change
              Bg-164 Pulse generator: Fixed increasing CPU usage
              Bg-346 Adapted trigger input description of multifunctionswitch
              Bg-175 unable to use digital inputs of extensions as frequency counters
              BG-295 Hide visu-options for T5-Sensors
              BG-275 Auto-Adjust Monitor maximum-runtime
              Bg-137 changed description of Remanence parameter
              Bg-337 Fixed property update after memory type change
              Bg-324 Fixed pane positioning on multimonitor setup
              Config: cut of automatic-rule not working
              BG-114 Config: Show used autopilots in tooltip
              New CI in Config
              changes colors
              changed icons
              Fixed edit of category colors
              Dont auto insert [email protected] address to mailer
              182104446 RoomCatDlg: Fixed edit of category group
              181810576 RoomCatDlg: Fixed Delete key
              Fixed Config connect error display when monitor is not running
              Fixed delete of not assigned place/cat
              187520614 Fixed Page numbering string
              178537489 Fixed cause of „Programm hat einen fehlerhaften Inhalt“ when loading from MS with a newly formatted card > 4GB.
              178441693 Fixed Http response header
              Improved password security in LX-Config files
              171140036 Removed Visusort from LoxApp
              176267376 Fixed HTTP Icon
              Fixed password hash validation
              179723622 Deactivate statistics if a object is hidden
              Bg-259 Fixed wrong state color in visualization
              Fixed wrong ordered Icons.
              BG-252 Show Central Controllers in Objects
              188449108 Fixed Webinterface version == 0 in CloudDNS update
              Bg-109 Wrong page is shown after paste of controls
              180342862 Fixed simulation with connection references
              115752023 Webinterface: fixed obsolete mimetype
              Config: fixed possible crash after deleting page
              Fix LoxoneConfig crash on close when in communication with miniserver
              Fix LoxoneConfig crash after update dialog
              Fixed possible memory overflow
              Bg-355 Fixed crash when deleting central object
              Bg-288 Fixed crash when deleting a block during edit
              Bg-281 Fixed crash when closing document
              Bg-266 & Bg-263 Fixed date calculation
              Bg-136 Added message box when trying to update a too old version
              Bg-230 Online-sate Error mail default value
              Bg-214 QuickSearch result handling improved
              Bg-189 Unwanted rename of inputs in simulation
              Bg-143 Gateway SPS restart after file transfer done on wrong time

              LOXONE CONFIG

              Known Issues: (?)

              – (137354301) Pulse at: When “One off pulse” is selected, the pulse will be delayed by one hour (caused by summer time shift).

              – Outputs of iRoom Controller doesn’t work at Client Gateway

              – Miniserver as an EIB Gateway: Not all EIB components can be programmed.

              – Loxone Config on 4k displays: The startup may take up to 1 minute if using a display scaling other than 100% (depending on graphics driver).

              – 183665813 Valve Tree flashes with wrong color sometimes (open/close works 100% correct; only LED state is wrong)

              – Smart-Actor state on connection loss does not work properly

              – ValveAir: “no valve detected” input does not work properly. Input is not getting active even if the actuator ist not mounted on a valve

              – DI Extension: Inputs stop working sometimes. temporary solution: switch power supply off and on again. New Firmware is online for this device and will update automatically overnight. With Extension Firmware this issue is resolved

              – Translation Issue: In some languages sentences in Loxone Config may be in a wrong language

              – burglar alarm: if only one alarm-sensor is triggered without a second sensor followed afterwards the “Max alarm duration” does not work

              – NFC Code Touch: using the automatic backlight function, especially after sunset, it may happen that valid codes or Tags are denied. Workaround: disable automatic backlight in Loxone Config and enable your light manually with the block inputs


              • Light Controller: some times light gets turned off even when movement is active
              • Light Controller: Conversion of DMX Actor does not work properly for RGBW
              • Caller does not work if to many calls in a small time
              • Light Controller: Szene Switch does not work automatically in some caess when configured in the “Automatic”-section
              • Light Controller: Master brightness stays “0” in some situations even when light is turned on
              • Auto Config: Config Crash when no Central Room
              • Auto Config: [email protected] is not inserted automatically when Mailer is added
              • Lumitech Smart Actor uses max. 40% of the possible brightness
              • Valve Air Update -> reference drive did not work properly
              • New App Webinterface
              • Internorm Extension Update: commands sometimes do not reach the internorm device
              • Dali Extension Update: Dali search did not work properly when a high amount of devices is connected
              • New cateogry icons added
              • Category / Room “not assigned” could be deleted
              LOXONE CONFIG

              Known Issues: (?)

              -(180581280) Light Controller: In some cases the light will be turned off also if motion is detected when using brightness (AIb).

              – (188414359) Light Controller: Light activated with input “O” turns off after Time TH and not MT

              – Light Controller: Overall Brightness stays on 0% even if light is on -> happens sometimes after reboot or with scenes where it should be 100%

              – Auto Config: If there is no Central Room the Config will crash when trying to use the Auto Configuration.

              – Light Controller: Light does not switch mood if operating mode changes while presence is not active and Action is set to “Always change”

              – Smart Actor Individual Channels: Retain Last State if connection is lost does not work for RGBW Dimmer Air, RGBW Dimmer Tree and Multi Extension Air

              – Smart Actor RGB Mode: Only dimable until 40% of their brightness

              – (137354301) Pulse at: When “One off pulse” is selected, the pulse will be delayed by one hour (caused by summer time shift).

              – Outputs of iRoom Controller doesn’t work at Client Gateway

              – Miniserver as an EIB Gateway: Not all EIB components can be programmed.

              – Loxone Config on 4k displays: The startup may take up to 1 minute if using a display scaling other than 100% (depending on graphics driver).

              – Conversion from DMX Actor to DMX Smart Actor can lead to WW not working anymore. Workaround: Completely delete DMX device and insert it again.

              – Caller: if 2 calls are sent out within some seconds the second one will not be sent.

              – Category / Room “not defined” can be deleted

              – Dali device Search does not work properly when many devices connected to dali bus.

              – Internorm: Sometimes commands are not sent out properly.

              – 183665813 Valve Tree flashes with wrong color sometimes (open/close works 100% correct; only LED state is wrong)

              – ValveAir: “no valve detected” input does not work properly. Input is not getting active even if the actuator ist not mounted on a valve

              New Functions:
              Light Controller V2
              Smart Actor
              Project Analyse
              Improved Auto Config
              New Central Blocks
              New user permissions
              New Setting for sunshine at intelligent room controller
              New “Reference” Connection
              support for iTec window contacts
              support Dali device type 7

              Other Changes:
              AutoConfig: Positioning of Todo (temp and brightness)
              AutoConfig: Todo for temperature control
              AutoConfig: Todo for alarm
              Fixed Positioning: Notes don´t occupy space anymore
              Project Analysis: Fixed first open
              Project Analysis: Expansions for unfinished periphery
              Project Analysis: Fixed referenced loggers
              168420172 fixed ‘Current RoomFavorite Highlighting” for Upnp Zones
              86922557 Change UpdateInfo to fix unnecessery update/downgrade of Webinterface
              178210462 Project Analysis: Closing/aborting improved – to prevent crashes
              Project Analysis: Use a copy of current document for analysis – pointer safety
              Project Analysis: Sealevel detection adapted
              168962061 Autojalousie: Infotext for safety/locked state
              178156834 fixed EnOcean Sensor scaling (EEP A5-10-10, EEP A5-10-11, EEP A5-10-12, EEP A5-10-13, EEP A5-10-14)
              Project Analysis: Improvements for overloaded miniservers
              Fixed AutoUpdate Checkbox on gateway
              178414972 AutoConfig: Fixed insertion page for media zones
              Fixed config crash when opening document
              Fixed Connection references when loading custom changes
              Help in no todos message box – no help site yet
              161646300 fixed air device output state
              AutoConfig and Project Analysis improved
              Fixed Crash on close
              Alarm: Fixed crash in Integer List
              Alarm: Fixed Alarm quit
              Fixed position of dash in initdocdialog
              Close old Document after restoring Backup
              Fixed proper closing of config without flash of project window
              177559543 Fixed connection reference drawing
              AutoConfig: Disable Options that are already configured
              (this is needed to prevent destroying existing configurations)
              AutoConfig: Display in tree fixed
              AutoConfig: RGBW configuration fixed
              AutoConfig: Categories for modes
              Create System-Mailer in new document
              Silent Project Analysis when opening a document
              Project Analysis: Estimate SD Usage
              AutoConfig: Fixed create of single smart actuators
              177522833 valve air: improved reference drive
              176248980 LoxControl Deleted
              Fixed crash when starting AutoConfig
              176042665 Fixed reference positioning
              175298225 AutoConfig: Optimized Good Night creation
              175599031 AutoConfig: AlarmClock – shade connection when only one shade in room
              AutoConfig: Disable simulation on start
              AutoConfig: Fixed frost safety logic
              171702952 Seperate ‘ALL’ string
              AutoConfig: Modified lightscene creation
              AutoConfig: Convert lights to smart actors if possible
              AutoConfig: Creation of Todo notes
              Switch: Added Edge outputs
              175975676 added smart actors to DMX
              Fixed Project analysis crash when deleting categories
              AutoConfig: Optimized Page finding and creation
              smartactors for DMX
              174140342+173397478 DeviceMonitor: invalid json for GW
              175953768 Description for Smart-Actor
              176030135+176027227 LSC2: Conversion if actors are used on different
              176032754 Autoconnect for rgbw-tree via device
              176270787 Fixed crash in formula parser (0^0 = )
              176867333 AutoConfig: Delay Off added to storm safety
              Fixed Room Off connection to autojalousie
              148661085 Fixed option description
              175131313 Changed function of Alarm Block
              DisMv Input removed (a TODO note is added if the input was used)
              Changed Behavior of Parameter T2 (wait time second sensor)
              Parameter now influences only Presence sensors
              An Alarm is only triggered if 2 presence sensors are active within the time T2 or one sensor from another type
              If only one motion sensor is active within time T2 no alarm is triggered (also not a silent alarm)
              Added TODO option to notes
              175297831 Fixed reposition of too large groups
              175333982 Fixed room rename
              175609700 intelligent temperature control: hide room and category
              175314686 Fixed extension exchange
              175611908 Fixed air and tree monitor filtering
              175964160 fixed air base exchange for window sensor air and water sensor air
              174723468 ConvertDialog: reset Filter if no remainig objects
              174773033 Config: Convert Block Symbol with MultiSelect
              Musicserver Zone: fixed wrong serialization
              86922557 Fix downgrade of Test webinterface on Release level miniserver
              174605604 Fixed AutoConfig Crash
              Project Analysis: Check Objects for missing connections
              Project Analysis: Modified Design
              Webscket is now closed after too many invalid gettoken attempts
              173986767 Invalidate Tokens if password or rights change
              Due to conversion the User needs to reauthenticate after the Update
              Removed some unnecessary default rooms and categories
              PushButton: Added Special handling when pulse time is zero
              -output is on as long the button is pushed
              174635904 A User is now an Admin as soon it has Config rights
              Usergroup None hidden in tree
              167067787 Modified Text Drawing
              173725722 Fixed file rename reverted after power loss
              Fixed RoomCat Column header
              Fixed show of listctrl (Control Select Dialog empty on open)
              RoomCat Dialog: Sorting adapted
              Config: Fixed Memory Leak (Icons not deleted correctly)
              AutoConfig: Renamed Double- and Tripleclick memories
              AutoConfig: Added Musicserver Standby
              AutoConfig: No open of custom dialog during programming
              AutoConfig: Shade Central now included in shading option
              AutoConfig: Shade Central only created when more than 1 shade object in room
              AutoConfig: Select First programmed page after finish
              AutoConfig Dialog: Sorting adapted
              AutoConfig Dialog: Increased size
              Factory Presets: No Party mode in IRRs of Sleeping and Passing room
              Fixed Multiselect of Autojalousie integrated
              Fixed Open of Quicksearch when filter has focus
              173723117 Water/Smokealarm: Visual Alarm already with first Alarm stage
              Removed old Shade block from ribbon
              149738944 Air Devices: Send Cycle when input is only used in Visu
              173121524 New Splash Screen
              173968182 RoomCatDlg: Fixed focus of new inserted room/cat
              173967919 RoomCatDlg: Fixed multiselect rating change
              173973754 Expert mode Token timeout decreased to 30 seconds
              165226290 QuickSearch: Search via device type
              Fixed Config Memory Leak
              New Room/Category Editing
              Fixed Token Lock (Expert Mode not working)
              170909867 Visu Icon entry in LoxAPP is now null when no icon has been selected
              AlarmClock: Need Confirmation per default OFF
              AutoConfig: Improvements & fixes
              160388405, 162223502, 167076952 fixed valve air battery input
              AutoConfig: Connect Room Off to MediaClient only if internal Off logic is not used
              AutoConfig: Enable AlarmClock Option if there is Audio in the room
              170859470 Komposit-Actors single channel
              LSC2: number of outputs after conversion
              144838779 Carcharger: Adapt description for parameter Lm
              Dali Extension: Added Support for Dali Device Type 7
              171140036 Removed “Favorite Sorting” option
              171953383 fixed Extension reconnect timeout
              169310815 HTTP Unauthorized when trying to get token with invalid user
              Faster transmission of WebInterface (AGZ packed format)
              169930068 Expertmode: fixed corrupt structurefile after saving
              Auto Programming fixed and improvements
              171953066 Fixed Config crash when creating enocean devices
              Repositioning now also done in Y axis
              169930068+171144896 Expertmode: corrupt structurefile after saving
              AutoConfig: Dialog and Expansions – Still work in progress
              169841123: changed extension status LED blinking (see online documentation:
              Fixed PicoC Crashes / Interrupt faulty PicoC programs
              Task Priority handling when accessing the SD card optimized
              Reduced SD card timeouts
              Fixed crash when deleting Miniserver
              Fixed Gateway Miniserver Configuration from extern
              166515867 Fixed remove of output connection when connection flag was aborted
              166844591 MediaClient Correct Handling of Default Volume -1, fixed misbehaviour of expert mode settings of defvol and maxvol
              167061661 Fixed controls are visible in app, even if user is not allowed
              Added Internorm Window Contact
              Added Internorm Blind Battery Surveillance
              167035479 Fixed SMTP Mail – SSL now uses correct timeout on tcp connection
              167283157 Project Analysis: convertable object not an error
              167282413 Fixed state images
              157432781 CentralDialog: Changed initial sort column to room
              AutoConfig: Expansion (Operating Modes, Alarm Clocks,..)
              Free access to SD card during webinterface extraction
              166301426 Autojalousie integrated: wrong direction in visu
              161390343 Autojalousie / Integrated ExpertMode: Parmeter So
              166800819 Lightcontroller V1/V2 Dialog: background colors
              multimediaserver: reduced custom changes
              – Central Functions are now seperate
              – Notes are now positioned as good as possible
              – Use AutoProgram Groups
              – Create a new page if space is too less
              – Reposition connection flags when moving connected control
              View: Notes are always drawn an top
              167881515 Touch Surface Calibration window adjustments
              168192741 Added white as new category color
              168487046 Fixed webinterface reloading status
              167061607 Proper Display of connection flags in LiveView and Simulation
              168663239 LSC1 + 2: Alarm-Lights 50%
              161646300, 158247248: fixed air device output state
              168421142 intelligent temperature control: no cool/heat demand on valve blocking protection
              “Not assigned” room and category not editable anymore
              Rating adaption of old documents
              Filter in tree for objects with rating
              168133206 Intelligent Temperature Controller and Heat Curve: fixed flow temperature if outside temperature is above (heating) or below (cooling) room set temperature
              Reintroduced EIB “Check Device (Gerät prüfen)” in EIB Search. Button is now in Right Click Menu in EIB Search window
              166360676 Central Blocks: No mailer tracker options
              166334908 Central Blocks: Removed stats option
              166364970 Central Gate: Fixed trigger input
              166491946 Project Analysis: Update Analysis if an object is converted
              166349960 Central Light: Fixed T5 inputs
              166503532 Central Light: Fixed plus command
              166343104 Fixed position when inserting object
              166332134 Fixed selection after pasting controls
              Fixed autoposition of connection flag in left column
              166519540 Fixed secured details when control is using visu password on gateway
              AutoConfig: Fixed central creation
              Fixed positioning for pos-linked controls
              166543526 Convert Dialog: Fixed setting of correct document
              166536626 Fixed focus of config if project analysis is openened
              166552393 & 166556817 & 166549594 Project Analysis improvements
              166645401 No select of connection flags
              166499729 ExpertMode Light not visible
              166608176 Composite: Fixed Autoconnect for LSC1
              LSC2: fixed brightness-change for non-composite outputs
              LSC2: first klick on T5 partially ignored
              166646992 Connection Flags: Fixed delete of counterpart if flag is deleted
              Fixed connection flag connected to AND Block
              165212197 Integrated Block conversion into project analysis
              165201591 Weather not working on former client miniserver
              160581354 Fixed HTTPS site download
              160025074 Fixed SSL blocking HTTP Task
              157429966 Wait with webinterface extract until sps is running
              Fixed Firewall port opening
              161081071 Fixed Intercom Online state
              165458048 Fixed “possible” Null Pointer
              165159728 Fixed hanging update dialog
              144200571 Fixed unwanted controls in LoxApp when using windowmonitor
              164066663 Fixed Miniserver Update offer during update
              155811714 Fixed Broadcast-Search (no Musicserver were found)
              165457358 fixed crash in RgbLightScnene
              Added Lightgroup-Actor
              LSC2: fixed mode-Change whit disMV
              LSC2: Fixed missing timeouts after reboot
              LSC2: Removed Switch to Mood via Mode-Change
              LSC2: added options for movement-moods
              162224207 Fixed hanging Config when opening a newer document
              Smoke/Water Alarm: 149582808 Fixed Alarm state when saving to miniserver
              Smoke/Water Alarm: 159544983 Fixed Alarm Jalousie Up
              Smoke/Water Alarm: Fixed Test Alarm when saving to miniserver
              161385314 Fixed Multiselect properties
              MS Configuration: 145848914 & 153160420 Reconnect when port changed
              MS Configuration: 165721015 MS Configuration: Removed network name
              MS Configuration: 94045987 MS Configuration: Now working with clients
              165486043 Fixed redraw when aborting connection flag
              141996531 Fixed unnecessary save of remanence
              FTP Transfer now uses passive mode
              162439650 Multiselection: Renaming
              163514074 Fixed Value Set of virtual input in Simulation
              Added possibility to connect externally only with serial (clouddns)
              Info Popup for connection flags
              165792000 Fixed numbering of custom added IO
              165831036 Renamed Test to Alpha also in UpdateCheck
              152592069 Added help to format, update, backup and project backup Dialogs
              Fixed Connection Flags in Project Analysis
              165956715 LSC2: Conversion of Multiple selected objects
              146398171 OperatingTimes: Added Gateway-Support
              Fixed LiveView display of analog inputs of universals
              Fixed Project analysis of big gateway constellations
              164598322 Fixed secured controls on gateway
              150981235 Alarm: Fixed DisMV handling
              166253287 Fixed Central linking
              142761206 Fixed Seconds Since Boot overflow
              Fixed logon if miniserver has no program file
              Project Analysis: Button for correcting Statistic settings
              166255060 List Control: Fixed double click on checkbox
              166299417 Central Music: Remove Mute input
              166316391 Fixed crash when trying to copy or cut connection flag
              166227068 No multiselect change for mailer settings
              163766323 no extension update during miniserver update any more (extension update is done in background)
              145162784 air coin cell battery devices: fixed not going online after battery was empty
              157202179 air coin cell battery devices: fixed battery capacity input
              164060351 Project Analysis strings adapted
              QuickSearch: Results improved
              Added Connection Flags (also working over multiple pages and on gateway)
              Auto Program of new central objects
              164159624 Adapted Central objects API
              Renamed PushButton (Taster) control to Switch (Schalter) and added a new PushButton (Taster) control!
              IRR: Set Qs only if Sunshine is active
              Fixed disabled items in quicksearch
              Quicksearch: Fixed preview of deprecated controls
              Auto Programming: Added Room Off
              Gateway update: only load file if not the correct document opened
              164321725 Fixed Progress when saving to Miniserver
              163474128 Fixed delete of program pages on gateway
              161701909 Connect with new clouddns address
              Made analysis of Log Files faster
              161176937 Fixed delete-option of captions
              162439245 Fixed change of color of multiple controls
              156972356 Force send of status to config when Update state changes
              GateController: Fixed Block Time
              161177002 User Password security evaluation in miniserver an entry in token requests
              Fixed check of userkey when using hashed password
              161397306 Serials only uppercase
              Changed Rating Right to Right for upcoming Expert Mode Light
              159744071 Webservice for chaning user passwords hashed
              Modified saving frequency of tokens
              161916843 Project analysis: different spelling
              162147721 Fixed name validation on device creation
              Automatically add new Central Controls to Project
              (When updating to new version new controls are created if necessary (Central Light, Central Shade, Central Alarm, Central Gate – this is necessary for optimal use of app)
              160882476 UDP Input: Fixed stuck pulse when a lot of data is received
              LSC2: Removed Switch to Mood via Mode-Change
              LSC2: added options for movement-moods
              161545816 ExpertMode: invalid json
              161393908 AutoJalousie Integrated: Invalid Lamelle-Position
              122172031 LightController: RQ via Central-Off
              159404716 Installation Place Dropdown in search and learn windows (Autocomplete)
              159404716 Dropdown in DeviceOption Dialog (Autocomplete)
              Touch Stone Calibration: Wakeup for air device
              Rating of Rooms and categories is automatically adjusted (only if it was not yet edited by user and the type can be clearly identified!)
              Default Rating for rooms and categories adapted
              Webservice for setting rating
              User Group Right for change of control rating
              Project Analysis: Fixed crash on refresh
              146438073 AirBase: fixed battery packet for old firealarm versions
              145382665 Autojalousie: Missing SP-Stateupdate after reboot
              151304003 Projekt Analysis
              159714415 Fixed refresh of token as non admin
              Fixed memory leak in Bitmap loading
              154008940 Token: ExpertMode Token is now longer valid
              154008723 User Right: Own option for Autopilot (needs support from app)
              144203323 Fixed country change detection
              Fixed caching of UpdateCheck.xml in Config
              150732295 Autojalousie: DeadTime for Lamelle-correction
              Added Miniserver Conversion to Context Menu
              DigIn Extension not hidden anymore
              Wakeup Task when Terminating
              151887220 LoxAPP filtering made more reliable
              Fixed Connector Letter of RGBW Air W Channel
              Document Tree: Fixed collapsing of childs
              Fixed Miniserver conversion on gateway
              Config Search: Search Object Type if not enough results are found
              143678593 State for App containing current miniserver time
              156133266 Fixed push with quotation marks (single quotes are now used)
              156167791 Fixed blocking config, when using invalid hostname as internal address
              Fixed crash on close
              156961869 Fixed CPU Usage when using a lot of external IO
              Fixed Automatic SPS Frequency adjustment
              156144079 Automatically repair defective programs
              157223306 Alarm: Fixed Typo in parameter description
              145892207 Autojalousie integrated: parameter AX
              Quick Search: Additional Result score for specific items
              156992533 InfoPinner: Fixed display of connector on digital references
              Fixed getting stats list from client
              Fixed time sync with miniserver
              Fixed Digital In Extension Plan
              155408665 EnergyManager: LoadShedding
              154621541 HeatMixer, HeatIroomController, HVAC: Lock valves i
              154283451 Alarmclock: Buzzer-mode
              157007748 ExpertMode: Show Input AIB for Lightcontrolle
              156360825 EnergyMonitor: KwPeak Read Only
              New Dali Firmware for improved search performance
              Dali-Monitor: shows now also Device Informations, like Dali System shorts
              Dali-Search: new Button “Resolve Address Conflict”: enables User to resolve double addresses without running a complete new install of the system
              153161128 Fixed Gateway Update Timeout (Gateway Update needs 2 tries- First will fail)
              Added message if Update on client fails
              Added Caption message if Versions of clients are not ident
              Fixed crash on close
              153173759 Fixed Crash during paste of controls
              Multi Selection made faster
              Retry Webinterface Extraction if a file fails
              Webservice /dev/sps/reloadwebinterface now forces the reload
              150257341 Input Numbering for DIExt
              Prevent access to deleted map on gateway
              Added Info Icon to Quicksearch if not all conditions are met
              Increased default Min. Log-time
              138725599 DayTimer: Added reset active state
              150465025 Added Insert-Limitation to 50 unique UDP Inputs (more never worked)
              Fixed Crash if no udp sockets are available
              fixed switched miniserver /-go image in coverpage
              Periphery Tree: Fixed collapse of childs if collapsing with keyboard
              Automatic Reset of LogLevel after 14 days
              149195706 Air: Reduced frequency of sending time packet to devices & time requestable
              150351402 Air: Fixed Time Packet overflow
              151545301 Fixed some insecurities in Gateway Client communication
              144783045 Fixed Http Input without authorization
              HTTP Input failed when another HTTP Request has been made, that contained an authorization. The Authorization was never reset
              150458496 Changed Autoupdate level names
              150243450 Fixed config crash with invalid document
              Removed unused tcp server
              150496989 Fixed TCP Race-condition that caused a crash
              Musicserver Zone: Fixed T5 Volume Up Single Click (reported by Thomas Simon)
              145060260 Fixed Stackoverflow
              Flush Logfiles on watchdog reboot
              151858071 Improved reliability of webinterface extraction
              137165968 Automatic Check of time on Miniserver on Connect with Config
              Fixed UTF8-Encoding in setup
              140641088 Doorcontroller: Adapted parameter description
              152628783 Update of Token Rights
              147861016 Fixed memory usage in autoupdate & http requests
              151787308 Fixed virtual HTTP Input Timeout
              143333575 Error when fixing duplicated EIB Text actors/sensors
              150473631 Fixed Autoconnect of MeterInt sensor
              150516556 Doorcontroller: Fixed secured details
              126480992 EIB-Jalousie: autopilot not working
              145583081: Casatunes T5 Input Volume Step single click fixed (no long-time click support by casatunes)
              AlarmClock: Fixed Remanence
              149221154 QuickSearch: Fixed Preview of page
              149178451 Fixed User Password in default document
              86191740 Invalid Json for sps/all
              149282526 Fixed Slow GetTree
              149716505 Pool: Adapted description of pump output
              Further reduced deflog output
              142270690 Autojalousie Integrated: TR not working
              Autojalousie Integrated: SP overriden by Central-Commands
              145060276 /144756094 Fixed unhandled TCP data
              Reduced frequency of writing statistics to SD
              Fixed writing of statistics on reboot/restart
              145060207 SD Card: Blockwise read and write to prevent blocking of card
              LSC2: Init allon-scene
              150501306 Fixed Crash in autoupdate with slower SD cards
              Fixed Crash when receiving DNS response
              Fixed UPNP Response parsing
              Made PicoC more Memory safe
              Updated PicoC Parsing
              147564571 Fixed Config Crash on Identify
              148801395 Extract Webinterface when system is running
              150808427 Fixed gettoken request
              147575227 Fixed rename of page in pagetab
              Removed Autoprogram for Smart Socket
              Fixed Dialog popup on startup
              Added Authentification with Tokens
              Miniserver and Config now create only compact json files
              142554545 Fixed UDP and Syslog Logger
              142481490 Fixed possible crash on SPS reload
              Memory usage reduced
              143024643 Project Backups: Fixed shortening of note
              143024817 Fixed conversion of defective MS Go projects
              Optimized memory usage when saving sps
              Fixed memory leak when unable to load file
              143412919 Projects: Fixed case sensitivity in project paths
              Added safety to send statistic mail – abort if sps is reloading
              Dont always reload LoxAPP from SD if App is connecting
              143027225 Optimized memory usage of Json compress
              143359182 Autojalousie: description Parameter AT1 & AT2
              143322880 Fixed Object Timeouts on time change
              143349646 Fixed delete of references from tree
              143593053 Fixed drawing of arrows on Virtual Input Up and down
              Fixed unnecessary display of buttons in check for update dialog
              142510760 Improved handling of too large statistic files
              143700215 TCP – VirtualOut: Fixed Close after send & Fixed reconnect after connection was closed from server
              143296929 fixed invalid AES Padding
              Fixed adding of categories in release versions
              Added Room Recommendation for Air & Tree Weatherstation
              Changed Default category for Air & Tree Weatherstation sensors
              Fixed creation of default categories
              Reworked Context Menu
              Added Connection Lost message to diagnosis dialogs
              Added Room to Tree Diagnosis
              144864166 Fixed multiselection in propwindow
              Flush Loggers on planned reboot
              143021510 WindowMonitor: Room/name for sensors not shown
              Memory reductions
              empty loxapp on reload
              no default started FTP Tasks
              Reduced number of waiting HTTP tasks
              Webinterface not loaded to RAM anymore – it is now loaded from SD
              Optimized calculation of miniserver usage
              145060839 Periphery Tree: Collapse childs if parent is collapsed
              Extract Webinterface to SD when formatting
              143453088 Alarm: Visu password per default
              146411526 Info when inserting unconfigured dimmer output

              LOXONE CONFIG


              New Functions:

              • New Unifed Search
              • Project Management
              • Project Configuration Assistent
              • Project Backups
              • Measurement view tool for LifeView (for watching values from other pages)
              • New Firmware for Air Devices (requires Air Base  Version 8.3)
              • Internorm Extension now supports the I-Tec Window Contact.
              • Memory flags support text now.
              • Battery gauges of battery powered Loxone Air devices improved to allow a better prediction of the battery lifetime.

              Bug Fixes:

              Changed Remanence Time to 1 hour
              – saving of remanence when saving to miniserver remains
              – saving remanence when activating burgler alarm
              Buffered writing of Log Files – Log Files are not written immediately anymore
              – every half an hour
              – every 10kB
              – if log file is opened via fsget/FTP
              – when SPS is changing (save to miniserver)

              122082452 & 120290937 LightController: FactoryPresets overwrite move-scene
              106234625 LightController: IgnoreMove-Timeout after reset via AIS / S1-S8
              84836345 & 122758287 LightController: Value 0 on MS resets LightScene
              122983256 LightController: Paramter TI: Default 300s
              119141425 LightController: Start Movescene after DisMV while Mv is active
              80797541 LightController: last RGB/Lumitech-Value via app-slider
              77337526 LightController: Scene AllOn / AllOf via AQs not recognized if composed manually
              125198025 LightController: DoubleClick via T5 not recognized
              129989874 LightController: Invalid scene-number if first scenename is empty
              129713881 LightController: Crash when unconnection Reset-outputs
              125803483 Fixed Crash when disconnecting lightcontroller

              Blinds/Automatic Blinds
              114199257 Autojalousie, Geigermotors: different rooms for device / object
              121570541 Autojalousie: trigger incorrect on endposition
              85998748 Autojalousie integratet: parameter for blinds which don’t move just between hor
              120219814 Automaticjalousie: Trigger not working with parameter TI

              116374856 CarCharger: invalid Session-Energy when saving into
              137320003 CarCharger: Total Energy in Remanence-File
              123669592 + 139023404 CarCharger: Initial Connected/Loading State after reboot
              Carcharger: added Support for Keba P30

              129731136 AutoConfig: Temperature Control inserted twice
              129731534 AutoConfig: Remove empty unused page
              130967471 Auto Config: Use Descriptions of outputs as Lightcontroller output names
              134997610 Added WindowMonitor

              Other Fixes
              138746321 Tracker: Now per default not remanent anymore
              Fixed config crash when editing in dialog during autosave
              140700383 Added some pointer safety
              Bootloader will be updated with this version if not already on new version
              Connect Dialog: Made it more clear to what addresses the connection is tried (only if a project is opened)
              Fixes in Document Size Display
              Allow insert of unsupported Dali Types
              Fixed drag of temperature sensors from tree
              Fixed irregularity in saving of remanence
              141941748 Fixed Crash when copying intelligent temperature control
              Fixed Invalid type name in Pulse At remanence
              Fixed multiple rooms in LoxAPP
              141316747 + 141769773 Dimmer 1-10V not activated via slider
              141909178 ExpertModes Place/Category: 2nd Digit for Room-Area incorrect
              141254694 Fixed estimated size
              Fixed DPI Awareness
              140638220 Fixed Enumeration of not assigned periphery
              139818324 Added Abort Button to Project Backup Dialog
              133948462 Added Control Description to Propwindow if no property is selected
              133948462 Dont open Custom dialog if there is nothing to choose
              139785355 Load from Gateway before Update after connect
              140147411 QuickSearch: Improved display of icon and description
              Weather: Use as current weather the last hour
              Fixed Day timer dialog of poolcontroller
              108747419 Poolcontroller: Fixed turn off of pool relay on midnight
              56989591 & 140388069 Fixed unwanted selection of whole page
              140148774 Program was displayed in quicksearch
              139808689 ProjectView: Adapted displaying of Reachability of miniserver in project list
              Some Design adaption.
              137323011 Fixed Sorting in Maps – virtual inputs not working in special constellations
              Reduced Def.log output
              Handling of invalid time improvements
              Different NTP server fallback
              Wallbox: fixed invalid session-energy
              127350335 Fixed Format of SD card with large backup
              134969401 Doorcontroller: Added Structure Detail: “lastBellEventImages”
              133948462 Dont always ask again to save file when using autosave, and file save is aborted
              136316743 Added Error Mail when Weatherservice is about to expire (7 days in advance)
              134217059 Properties: Fixed selection of different controls
              138756382 WindowMonitor: fixed showing wrong Sensor-Names
              139380379 crash when selecting rgb-actor
              Connect: If connecting with document prefer internal address
              Users can now have more than one 1Wire button assigned.
              Connect Dialog: Get Credentials from external address to have unique saved credentials
              138746321 Tracker: Now per default not remanent anymore
              added option to properties
              old documents are converted to enabled
              Fixed insert enable of tree devices
              Added Webservice for getting the currently running program
              138466045 Improved Search Results
              134989490 Error Mail if backup image is loaded
              137544406 Info Pinner: Design Changes – added icons
              128641093 Access: Fixed cut off description
              DeviceMonitor: Fixed on gateway
              139538721 Fixed crash on overlapping objects
              HelpArrow: Dont show when selecting project items
              86159440 &120650757 ConfigDialog: Custom External Port not Updated
              120916011 ConfigDialog: Change to DHCP not working
              125057445 Only 7 Code objects were executed instead of 8
              134678253 Project Backups: Info not reseted when deleting all backups
              122081165 Doorcontroller: Adapted Output descriptions
              133948462 Selecting of overlapping objects
              137346152 Fixed Connect to Miniserver on Version 6.2
              130437133 Fixed Hang & Crash of Config on startup
              133948462 Removed unnecessary def log output (save network config)
              Enabled drop of connection to dummy connector
              Connection Window: Show parameters also when Simulation is disabled
              Connection Window: Checkbox also visible when Simulation is enabled
              LiveView/Simulation: Analog Values are only changed when control is selected
              LiveView/Simulation: Start Analog edit, when typing numbers
              137943549 Fixed convert to Miniserver GO Document
              Miniserver Go Air Base now also has a channel free input
              136347041 Adapted musicserver input description
              Added Window-Configuration for WindowMonitor
              134975748 Fixed Copy&paste Windowsmonnitor, Alarm, Smokealarm, and Heatmixer2
              133647699 WindowsMonitor added offline, output and locked state
              ProjectView: Fixed restart of search
              QuickSearch: Show help button also when inserting objects
              QuickSearch: Made Preview clickable
              136125818 Project View: Invisible buttons were still clickable
              Fixed Preview of Devices if they have not a device page
              136048236 Quick Search: Double click now inserts control on page
              136351044 ProjectView: No message box when deleting missing project
              Improved connecting to Miniserver
              135267310 Gateway: Added Resends to UDP Transmissions
              122115967 As digital used analog inputs fixed
              100982373 Config: Enabled horizontal scroll
              136598367 Fixed crash when receiving invalid auto update file
              Added safety to xml parser, for xml comment parsing
              Removed External Checkbox from connect dialog
              135072035 Fixed filter for object that do not have a setable room/category
              110956764 Fixed Destination Objects when draging a connected memory object
              136807612 HelpArrow: Does not find Ribbon item if it is in a submenu
              133056280 Rampcontroller: Output was not updated every 100 ms, it was updated every sps cycle
              Fixed undeleted task memory
              Added Quick Search – A new way to search functions and items in the Loxone Config
              – Default Category/Room for Weather data
              – Changed Default Range of Virtual Inputs to 0 – 100
              – NTP Settings log output more customer friendly
              – Outside is now a default room
              – Removed Auto Positioning from ContextMenu
              – Weather: Removed confusing monitor output
              – PI and PID Controller Target Input visible per default and Auto Input inverted per default
              – Sunshine Weather Data now has Category & Room Displayed in tree
              Added Possibility for multiple insertion
              Enabled inserting of devices, even if extension is not selected. First Extension is used.
              134995834 Fixed Adjusted to program version message
              135383504 Fixed empty page rename
              134405703 Insert MusicServer with zones
              Music Server: Onlinestatus is now aligned with true “Music Server Services Online”
              Music Server Zone: T5 Triple Click fires RaQ again
              135597905 Project Backups Dialog: DIsable Note Box, not only readonly
              135657033 Added Webservice to print Gateway Data
              130977056 Increased TCP retries for retransmits to avoid connection loss
              133973327 Dimmer Docu Link added to block
              Project View: Fixed position of new version available button
              133554503 Project Backups: Sorting in
              133287211 AutoProgram: Fixed multiple autoprogramming
              132542899 Fixed Modified state after loading from miniserver
              132897976 description for Dimmer fixed
              131966406 Threshold-Trigger: Fixed output if Von and Voff are equal
              Difference-Trigger: Output not hideable anymore
              132001303 Fixed umlauts in backup note
              Project View: Added Search bar
              132246695 Init Dialog: Fixed multiple messageboxes
              12023455 Weather: Webservice to force weatherrequest
              132199547 Weather: remove weather data if service expires
              131663642 Slight delay in websocket between different event types
              132340257 Fixed scaling on high resolution monitors
              Fixed invalid Weather data on gateway
              91783489 Gateway Client: Increased speed of tree dump
              Fixed some possible overwritten memory (could have happened on large files in gateway)
              119130347 Increased Dali Search timeout
              103475351 Negation of memory objects is now possible again
              Negation circle was drawn on wrong layer
              disabled push-messages for Devicemonitor
              Enhanced debug output for custom changes
              130440318 Fixed saving of IRC learning files
              130227683 SwitchButton: Input “O” not working correctly
              130292022+129992862 message “Program not identical” after loading from miniserver
              Projects: Automatically connect to Miniserver from search and start configuration
              Projects: Remove not found projects or search for new save path
              130437009 Projects: Fixed click area for menu buttons
              130436200 Projects: Fixed scrolling after loosing focus
              129827925 Added tooltip if password repetition is not correct
              HTTP Client: Fixed Possible crash
              123437934 Added serial to device log outputs and room and serial to error mails
              adjusted minimal sps-frequency to 20
              Added delayed reconnect to Miniserver after Miniserver configuration
              Fixed uninitialized variable
              Fixed redraw of floating windows after minimizing Config
              Fixed sizing of connection window
              Projects: Automatically load from Miniserver
              Projects: Added “Explore To” Button
              Update after Connect: Only load from Miniserver if gateway
              Expanded max. waiting time for delayed reconnect
              124526668 Network-crash: Fixed tcp socket race condition
              Projects: Restart search after deleting Project
              Fixed Enabling of Update button
              128967704 Added Room to replace devices in search window
              130450469 Projects: Fixed Backups with umlauts
              131242290 Added sound option to push notifications
              Projects: Added Dialog for Backups
              131506939 Fixed cursor when opening project backup
              131513214 Fixed modified state when making project backup
              121564443 Fixed SD-Card problems with starting up
              Added IR Command for Source: HDMI1 in Samsung Remote template
              119106554 Fixed Connection Window sizing
              118721083 Fixed Invalid selection crash in tree
              120257911 Fixed background colors of texts in dialogs
              119160836 Fixed copy of analogue enocean input
              119341802 Fixed empty Daytimer value
              120461404 Energy Generator: Consumption not updated immediately after Ps changes
              120902675 Energy Generator: Pp without energy not working
              107806506 Average: Limit number of Samples to 1000
              120696888 Access: Fixed multiple intercom XL
              121388514 Heatmixer: Fixed Zero Division
              121447175 Meterint: Fixed negative Power
              21769107 Fixed Password Strength Edit
              Fixed UDP Sockets
              Delayed Task delete
              Improved Client-Gateway handling
              122003432 Fixed Undo after MS GO Document creation
              Fixed PWM Usage Description
              121637262 Fixed User Rename in Document Init Dialog
              121404508 Fixed Internorm Monitor
              123154176 Renamed Presence inputs
              124267099 iRoom: direct link of actor / sensor not reliable
              121807999 iRoom: invalid offset for Digital-inputs
              120859737 & 120868165 Configured additional Icons
              EnergyGenerator: fixed display-unit for errornumber
              120431343 HeatMixer2: avoid demand by wrong choosen IRR
              122184664 HeatMixer2: suppress boost, if there is no demand
              120654797 RoomCatDlg: Fixed room type change of multiple rooms
              123669468 DeviceStatus: Fixed device wakeup
              119141213 Fixed Hourcounter CSV Statistics
              122387643 Fixed Resize of daytimer dialog
              119407922 Device Option Dialog is now modal
              124540097 MediaController: fixed invalid doubleclick-detection via app
              122108583 Webservices for UpdateLevel Admin-Only
              Changed visibility of inputs on 2 and 3 point
              127927806 Fixed cam image
              128930229 Fronius: added API-changes for battery-capacity
              87043489 added helplink for rgb lightscene
              128953452 AutopilotDialog: invaild Characters
              123193584 Tree search: added room to replace devices
              128956161 Access: Fixed Tp = 0
              129189608 MediaController: unsteady execution of continuous commands
              120647527 MediaController: Virtual analog commands not correct
              122291724 Fixed Memory problem in XML Serialization
              Status Dialog: Fixed coloring of version if version is 0
              129491810 MultiIO: Fixed Reset of PWM output

              LOXONE CONFIG


              New Functions:

              Function Block Window Monitor
              Energymonitor supports now Battery storage
              New Initdialog for new Documents
              improved Security Features
              Support of new Loxone Air and Tree Products
              Add iRoom Controller for integration of iRoom’s iBezel

              116816820 MediaController: Switch from/to mode commands
              106421274 MediaController: Add commands from newly insterted remotes not working
              103654641 MediaController: “unable to find object” after autoconfig
              78044021 MediaController: Ignore Whitespace in autoconfig
              95718165 Mediacontroller: search english templates
              102546917 Mediacontroller: search english templates
              103879492 MediaControl: duplicate execution of commands

              115253226 Changed rename-behavior of intercom
              109439143 UDP-IButton cooldown for Intercom
              117755104 Doorcontroller: Removed Credentials from LoxApp
              118058756 Doorcontroller: Changed order of push and picture (get last activities picture faster)
              115081626 Fixed Doorcontroller LoxAPP entry
              106598772 Doorcontroller: Reset now also resets outputs
              105781694 Doorcontroller: Send multiple bell events

              Burglar Alarm/ Smoke Alarm:
              92742483 Burglaralarm added 3 inputs for activation without presence and changed armed-output Q to analog
              107180275 Burglar-alarm: fixed reset on positive edge
              110318161 Burglar-alarm: fixed handling for inverted outputs q1-q6
              112756228 smoke Alarm: fixed wrong default max-temp, if used Fahrenheit

              Musicserver Zone:
              114390693 Music Server causes SPS hang when offline-updating event volumes
              93536507 MusicServer: When Mv causes the Server to start (WOL), Timer TH was ignored and music plays infinite
              107331165 MusicServer Zone: Behaviour of DisMV and Mv excluded from Dis
              108661878 exclude mediaclients are not assigned (Zoneid 0) to a mediaserver for Alarm, Burglaralarm

              Blinds/Automatic Blinds:
              113537286 Autojalousie: Added Trigger-Input
              108471325 Autojalousie integrated: Lamelle-Position when moving up
              Automaticjalousie Integrated: fixed Tr input
              101924247 Autojalousie: verify Parameter AT
              97162205 Autojalousie: autopilot after safety position
              102524559 Autojalousie: central-commands via virtualIn
              101906440 Autojalousie: invalid turn-time after reboot

              Intelligent Roomcontroller:
              118214029 Intelligent Roomcontroller: fixed convert celsius to fahrenheit for relative temperatures
              Factory Presets: Times for intelligent room controller
              Intelligent Roomcontroller: added handling fahrenheit for parameter Ths and Tcs
              116145691 Intelligent Roomcontroller: fixed ignoring sampletime when using overrride heatup-time
              115274046 Intelligent Roomcontroller: fixed inverted windowscontacts
              114015137 Intelligent Roomcontroller changed Qc anbd Qc2 to digital output
              112378556 Intelligent Roomcontroller: fixed non functional solltemperature input
              109367698 Intelligent Roomcontroller: fixed wrong state of IRR after using expert-mode
              Intelligent Roomcontroller: removed sending pushnotifications on period end
              98194984 Intelligent Roomcontroller: added 2 parameter for heatingup- and coolingdown-time

              Other Fixes:
              119108073 Fixed Config Dialog
              119106459 Enable delete if Control is pressed
              Default Place type for each room
              Fixed XML Parse if file is invalid
              119398091 Fixed Auto position of output
              119337904 Adjust Modbus Template Solar Edge WR
              118758252 Config: fixed drop a MEMORY-list containing already a reference
              Autoprogram: Fixed multiple create
              117989368 Fixed crash when deleting control during simulation
              Fixed create of icons in new document
              118422775 Virtual HTTP In: Per default state only
              118058213 Fixed Filtering of visualized objects
              118408533 Config: fixed display-error if using unit
              108661025 fixed enocean analog sensor and actor: used as digital in visu and lettercode on changing digital to analog
              108661878 fixed enocean analog sensor and actor loosing upper and lower bits on using undo
              116809602 Config: fixed description of tree devicetype in properties
              117081765 Fixed temperature conversion of default values
              84013398 Added sea level to miniserver configuration
              111201507 Optimized RSA generating
              116141875 EnergyGenerator: Invalid Metermode for Standalone
              111931790 Fixed setting of internal MS IP
              87695483 Stop Identify when deleting object
              82615672 Optimized Config Connect Error Message
              117120811 Removed correction of RGB actors
              Fixed room when changing tree pwm usage
              116827253 Disable Air Battery cyclic sending if inputs are not used
              117534976 Autopositioning: Disabled cascading
              114625308 Fixed Position outside page
              48811775 Added device type to Online state error mail
              112454973 Changed creation of geiger remote
              81854170 Fixed paste of mode output
              117100994 Fixed reuse of multiple string IDs
              94942360 Validate light scene name
              76497127 Meter Interface – Fixed SML Scaler parsing
              117597305 Gateway non concentrator fixed
              117547807 Changed Air Push to sys level
              117748611 Gateway: Remove external address from client if its the same on gateway
              99647879 Fixed Page change after HTTP input creation
              114174740 fixed Meltem template
              AutoConfig: Improvements
              Init Dialog: Fixed empty name
              Init Dialog: Added Default Password Warning
              Init Dialog: Tooltip for wrong user options
              No Connection window if drag control has a connection
              116275745 Fixed Copy of controls
              Positioning of references: Keep ordering in Y-axis
              116407629 Fixed Air devices input naming
              114185840 fixed wrong connection on reassign IOREF
              115283379 fixed statistic data for analog outputs, if using corrected values
              weatherserver: fixed solarconstant for calculation sunshineclasses
              99775789 Poolcontroller: Added Error Message if Aquastar is Offline
              106421486 Fixed crashlog dns resolve
              115471353 Simulation Timer Diff now matching SPS Timer Diff
              113068234 PicoC: Goto not a keyword anymore
              116804598 Added Channel utilization info link
              96082565 Config Button changing name
              Fixed Parsing of invalid XML File (Unable to open device status)
              115315661 Draw selected lines in liveview thick
              Added column description in init dialog for room type
              113959871 ExpertMode: Fixed disabling visualization on gateway
              115477768 Fixed Context Ribbon Update
              115537322 Fixed sizing of connection window
              112373201 Remote Air: Remove Installation Place
              115727090 Text: Now always has at least 1 character
              114900695 Added safety to airdevice creation
              48363853 Adapted Heat Curve Error Output Name
              98140372 Added Message to load statistics if program is not identical
              85809251 PulseAt: Fixed Time change
              110889504 Removed Unsupported Slovak Language
              112622849 Brightness: Fixed Dimmer Min & Max
              109441537 API: prevent CrossSite-Scripting
              81833798 EnergyMonitor: added Support for Battery-Storage
              113535848 Pushbutton: Option for usage as switch / button
              114186099 AutoProg: Filter for unassigned periphery
              Fixed IR Air Learn
              110956764 Fixed Destination objects
              114867811 Fixed configuring of network devices
              105626879 Clear Air Search after document changed
              113491325 Fixed Valve Error Mail
              112136532 WindowHandle: Added to auto config
              108450076 Enabled Multi connection if no input is free
              104370381 Modified Category groups handling
              Fixed Icon background colors
              112797596 AutoConfig: Reuse unconnected references
              114216053 API: secured request not working for certain queries
              114180096 API: Decoding with double %2F not working
              114614698 changed handling outputnames in lightcontroller
              115068240 fixed crash on deleting more than one miniserver because of hiddeniorefs
              115041648 Fixed Miniserver Update Info
              114191836 Fixed Auto positioning with hidden connections
              114196628 AutoProgram: Fixed Unused Room/Cat
              113963986 Fixed validation against XSS
              114009294 Optimized Size of Connection window
              Default Room and Cat for carcharger
              MeterInt: Fixed SML Scaler Parsing
              114003057 New Categories
              111527779 Crashlog can now be disabled
              113958785 Statistic: Energymonitor could not be read
              113960688 API: user-management not working
              111086817 API: errorcode after secured request
              106268535 API: disable visu-pwd for securedDetails
              111086817 API: encrypted communication
              110554562 API: webservices for non-visualized / state only objects
              114216053 API: encrypted keyexchange
              114178824 API: adapted buffersize for large messages
              111544088 CloudDNS Custom Errormessages / Link-Texts
              114615896 Config fixed virtual analog for sending typed values to ms in lifeview
              99663918 Config removed icons of refs for changing value if not virtualin in lifeview
              Weather: fixed calculation sunshineclasses
              110551372 Added Password Evaluation
              110747474: OT_MEMORY: fixed iorefs connected to otmemory, if type of ot_memory (anlog to digital) changed (leading to a invalid line)
              90234370 PID: fixed handling virtual in-connections
              113058280 Config: fixed display Statistic data if more than 3 plots
              92908613 DragType for air/treedevices depending on target
              100997018 Autopilot: only start on client
              102153367 Autopilot not created for standalone
              36382017 Modbus-Template Dimplex HeatPump
              88817068 Modbus-Template fpr Idegis Domitic
              Fixed Modbus polling cycle to avoid problematic configurations
              104316737/102808286 Fixed crash in 1wire-handler
              106823373 Central: Shade-command from IRR not executed if no weather-service is active
              104115575 Central: Shade-comand from IRR with multiple central-objects not working
              98342894 Simulation of WeatherData
              106268535 API: add Webservice for secured Control Details
              107157479 API: statuscode 404 for unknown objects
              108306644 Fixed Json-Escaping for autopilot / editmode
              107828062 API: json-escape for public key
              108445652 Lightcontroller: added webservice for plus/minus
              108933042 limited userlist-webservice for admin
              110362433 ExpertMode: change Password with Config-Rights
              106424558 EnergyMonitor: Added Statistics for Battery, Delivery and Grid-Power
              112380078 Config: .Loxone-file not serialized corectly
              energyMonitor: additional statistics
              Added Modbus RS232 Template for APC Smart-UPS SMT
              Fixed room and cat when changing pwm usage of rgbw dimmer
              101739848 Fixed rename on change of switchboard position
              Fixed update of liveview when drawing connection
              102139224 Fixed crash when resolving too long hostnames
              102139862 Fixed size calculation of text objects
              102250245 Fixed AirBase Serial on Miniserver GO
              102532507 Fixed crash when draging memory flags
              102529006 Fixed TCP transmission with 0x00 data
              100233921 Fixed autoposition of updown inputs
              97543104 Fixed drawing of company logo
              102529572 Internorm: Fixed re-lock of device after replacing
              102352306 Internorm: Delete existing devices in learn bank before paring with extension
              90802575 Internorm: Fixed RSSI calculation
              Improved Air Device webservice
              102876487 Fixed open of document
              101681541 Disable rename of time functions & fix modes
              Improved NTP
              Fixed NTP Watchdog
              102197381 Fixed weather visualisation
              103476887 Config: Fixed selection crash
              102839012 Fixed crash in cut&paste of audio zone
              Readded year to air devices in updateinfo
              Fixed display of hidden parameters
              103520240 Fixed crash when deleting logged outputs
              103966333 Fixed naming of SmartSocket relay output
              103651135 Improved autoprogramming of central page
              103647601 Fixed Error Output in connection window
              104365162 Validate ext miniserver address
              101573205 Allow multiple values in virtual outputs
              103051584 Fixed Temperature regulation of poolcontroller
              Increased Dali search timeout
              103038978 Fixed stop of Air search
              Added new icons
              106210562 Prevent connect of input to input and output to output
              105614340 Improved autopositioning
              Improved handling when memory is too less
              104316737 Fixed crash in 1wire-handler
              105490763 Tracker ‘|’ chars replaced
              103375224 Added room to air and tree monitor
              105462494 Default logger output settings now use unit
              106424047 Fixed use of periphery in autoprogramming
              104974397 Fixed LinkLost description for tree
              105220484 Fixed units in LiveView and simulation
              107366012 Enable Support Button when no document is opened
              105029356 Monitor: Fixed Extension Filter
              104966910 Fixed selected objects after undo
              102310255 Fixed AutoConnect of constants
              101422334 Improved combining of analog DayTimer entries
              93088183 Dali: Error Message when trying to create unsupported device
              105002662 RemoteAir and Touch T5 are now toggle buttons in simulation
              104123929 Fixed Serial of Miniserver GO AirBase
              106823373 Central: Shade-command from IRR not executed if no weather-service is active
              104115575 Central: Shade-comand from IRR with multiple central-objects not working
              98342894 Simulation of WeatherData
              106268535 API: add Webservice for secured Control Details
              107157479 API: statuscode 404 for unknown objects
              107828077 Fixed Air Unpair
              97525901 Fixed unresponsive stop of LiveView
              103649298 Allow same IR commands on different outputs
              Fixed opening of calendar documents
              Fixed selection crash after delete
              08655619 Poolcontroller drag and drop from tree
              108669550 Fixed remanence of multifunction switch
              108905633 Fixed HTTPS Request if content is in header
              108941807 Fixed movement of inputs in LiveView
              105276453 Fixed Value of analog outputs in visualization
              109070534 Hourcounter: Fixed Reset with start impuls
              102874572 Create missing icons during startup
              110744806 Increased Timeout for bell picture
              110711526 AlarmClock: Fixed Disable of Alarm via input
              109366692 AutoConfig: Widened search for heating IO
              109649081 AutoConfig: Home Off fixed
              AutoConfig: Create central page if program consists of at least 2 rooms
              110722250 Fixed saving of edited properties when selecting different object
              95116640 Added more safety to DNS Handling
              110935590 Adapted parameter descriptions
              110761145 Fixed search for generic caption
              110704550 Fixed line after dropping control from tree
              98348414 Fixed internal numbering of Air/Tree IO

              Known Issues: (?)

              – Tr Input of Automatic Blinds didn’t work proper.

              – IR Air: Long IR commands can not be learned in.

              – Auto Positioning: Notice objects are new positioned. Positon relativ to other Objects are not remembered

              – Miniserver as an EIB Gateway: Not all EIB components can be programmed.

              – Doorcontoller: External Videostream dosen’t work if you connected to a Gateway Miniserver and Doorcontroller block is add at a Client Miniserver.
              Workaround: Connect to the Client Miniserver or add Doorcontroller block at Gateway Miniserver.

              – Loxone Config on 4k displays: The startup may take up to 1 minute if using a display scaling other than 100% (depending on graphics driver).

              LOXONE CONFIG


              New Functions

              New Config User Interface (Ribbons,Icons,…)
              Support Expertmode in App
              Autopilot Generator
              Loxone Link diagnose
              Small Objects
              Auto Configuration
              Auto Positioning

              Intelligent room controller:
              90753948 set default value for manual temperature to correspondingly cooling or heating
              90544205 changed choose of autopilot in config set in the program object
              90753182 added pushnotifications for heatiroomcontroller if userdefined heating or coolingperiod ends
              Fixed Push settings for Intelligent roomcontroller
              97776708 intelligent room controller: fixed visualization password

              Smoke Alarm:
              95122572 and doorcontroller: grouped eventplay for mediaserver
              87857406 fixed correct alarm-case if trigger comes from an air-sensor (central)
              87857473 fixed multiple similar tracker-entries
              87231085 added userdefined number of tracker
              86691521 burglar-alarm and smokealarm: fixed app not showing correct alarmstate if alarm is active while storing into miniserver
              89177466 changed display time in Servicemode
              97092727 smokealarm, burglaralarm: added jalousie alarm up in customdialog of alarm and smokealarm
              99762723 burglar and smokealarm: fixed converting hidden air-connections from Config Version and 97092727 burglaralarm and smokealarm: added jalousie alarm up in customdialog
              99422554 smokealarm: showing correct unit in liveview and simulation
              99762723 smokealarm: fixed insert new water or firesensors and restricted to one smokealarm-block
              98058049 smokealarm: fixed default category

              97755336 LightController: remove outputname after removing connection
              95527412 LightController: Brightness-Input
              100831347 LightController: Extend MoveIgnore while timer is active
              87066008 Light Controller: fixed scene state after alarm
              98168035 LightController: TrippleClick for light not working if configured in multiple Central- objects
              55181434 LightController: Movement-cooldown after manual light off

              94700395 Added Error Input and status – Error Input locks valve until the error is acknowledged
              91520382 Fixed not ending cycle
              87041790 Poolcontroller: Fixed indices of Daytimer-entries (wrong entries from other days were used)
              87041790 Poolcontroller: Fixed change of operating mode (change was done – at every edge) & Force edges when setting pump output
              100984368 Poolcontroller: Cover status not correct
              95722313 Poolcontroller: Only allow heating or cooling in service mode not both at same time
              93940096 Poolcontroller: Validate temp control mode depending on what outputs are available

              95717532 MediaController: Text-Selection not working
              99393484 MediaController: Off via app / Object input different
              98135615 MediaController: redraw for empty virtual devices
              95116355 MediaController: configuration of Numerical Value incorrect

              95122572 added CustomDialog for musicserver-bell central-commando
              96904132 Added pulse commando for doorcontroller outputs
              68575764 Added Intercom to device status
              89871083 Added Audio Password to intercom creation dialog
              91752543 Intercom: Fixed wrong URL for Loxone Intercom
              Doorcontroller: fixed bell while supresstimer active
              97564353 Intercom version is not sent on first start
              93950390 Fixed Lastbell event on Gateway/Client
              98199734 Intercom device: validate url (no ‘\r’, ‘\n’ or ‘\t’ allowed)

              Musicserver Zone
              Room-off (Gesture Input 3, center button on Touches) now also switches off music. To override this behaviour set the Roff parameter to “on”
              Fixed Config Crash in Music Server dialog
              77070789 Musicserver-Zonenames editable in Config-dialog
              86858139 Musicserver Zone: restore connections after cut/paste
              100210443 Musicserver Enabled multiselection for upnp options

              Other Fixes:
              Ribbons reorganized
              Combined F4 and F5 quickmenu
              99017947 Seperated Room and Category strings
              99028379 Fixed auto connection of memory reference
              99119391 Fixed assign of hidden IO
              99201000 Fixed assign of installation place
              99764502 fixed JSON output for statistics
              97715179 Gateway-Client: Load Custom Changes before update
              fixed redraw below frame-border
              Automatik Blinds 77422006 fixed automatic jalousie lamella position
              Enable Reposition Button when at least one object is on page
              Connector Letter for Brightness and Window contact input
              Modified Positioning when connecting references
              48364579 Heatmixer: Error Mail now optional
              96114317 Reposition references when connecting objects
              Fixed crash when replacing a text with itself
              Fixed crash in Diagnosis ribbon
              98999386 / 98999552 Changed hitbox on analog connectors
              98341921 fixed crash in find / Replace
              97840238 Fixed show of Air Search on start
              97715346 Fixed Disabling of infobox when leaving area
              Added Room Option to search window for DMX and Dali
              Fixed Device Type in Info-Box
              Fixed deadlock when closing program
              96915820 Fixed SD-Format Filter
              97993328 Fixed Virtual IO warning text
              Fixed quickwindows out of desktop
              Serialize SPS Document when loading default program
              98137957 Added check for update to ribbon bar
              85359715 Always show possible connection window when dropping reference on object
              Serialize SPS Document when converting from old version
              96747682 & 8164164 Fixed Pause of Simulation
              97127247 Fixed List of quickwindow
              98339682 Sorting of rooms in device option dialog
              Fixed Clipboard button
              Need to enter a name for devices when creating
              Fixed adding of room, category and symbols from quickwindow
              Fixed crash in search windows
              97964246 Change Password via app: active websocket is closed
              97963776 NF-Flags for new objects / devices
              98615974 CustomIcons are not created
              98348812 Central: shade command active if no authenticated weather server
              Added new state holiday for CZ
              Fixed Tree search is disabled
              Fixed context ribbon for carcharger and relay extension
              Fixed output already used error message
              Adapted KNX Ribbon
              95343235 Added Room option to Air Learning
              95761613 Air & Tree devices are now created with installation place
              96082565 Enable Miniserver Config also when not connected (but only open device config dialog)
              96502693 Config GUI: changed Colors
              Fixed Autohide of monitor and watch window
              95530832 Fixed sizes of some objects
              95761613 Config Adapted Names in tree
              96752267 Added Error Mailer when Emergency file is loaded
              96561334 Optimized saving to miniserver (most work is now done in config)
              89388477 No rename when of extension when changing switchboard/row/pos when extension already has a custom name
              Custom-Changes are now saved compressed
              Fixed wrong “Geräte” string (due to modification of ribbon)
              Removed crash-file detection, because of emergency file
              96905868 Added pulseleft and pulseright virtual in command
              96700972 Weatherserver is now not deleteable anymore
              91773045 jalousie integrated: lamelle-position after stop
              96900931 CustomChanges: remove from visu not working for actors/sensors+
              95938054 FilterControl: Adapt with of Room/Cat-Dropdows
              Fixed EIB/KNX Ribbon buttons (were always disabled)
              95723867 Fixed wrong miniserver status in caption bar
              Fixed unit of radiation-weather data
              96522368 Fixed reposition of memories
              95342408 Fixed search and replace
              97099157 Added Intercom-1Wire Ribbon
              96489866 No closing when clicking on object library categories
              95332367 Improved Miniserver search
              94583039 Added Miniserver-Webservices to device status (LoxApp, SdTest & reboot)
              97283466 Improved speed of analyzing received data (could cause a watchdog)
              96697626 Validate names of rooms and categories
              97529965 Changed color and opacity of infobox
              PicoC: Fixed strfind function – start position was not used
              97554773 Fixed crash, when selecting online state
              95315404 config: handle occupied channel 0 by a internorm-extension
              97092727 central: openjalousie for burglaralarm on alert
              93992448 config: fixed reference to wrong position on deleting a memory-marker
              93123018 burglaralarm: suppressing trigger A, if an alarm is active
              Fixed Backup on Gateway (Gateway zip folder was not saved)
              87915750 Fixed name Update of object (room not update when inserted)
              Standard paper format is now always A3 (before the last used format was used)
              Added Room to DMX Device
              Fixed name of smart socket relay (an additional space what at the end)
              91754445 Prevent crash during Miniserver Production
              92710788 Fixed timeout for Auto-Update
              91294712 Free allocated memory after autoupdate
              90969176 Added Hidden option to add Air & Tree IO
              Visual styles removed – replace by fixed design
              Fixed Device status if an miniserver is offline
              Added new timezone data
              91517583 Fixed timezone link for belfast
              92141837 Access: Paramter Tp was not used when access was denied
              92081740 Fixed sorting of dmx actors
              fixed nano dimmer air T5 input
              93538453 Added changing of virtual inputs from LiveView
              93095962 Fixed View option in properties at multiselection
              93981879 Added new hidden version of Ribbon (hidden with registry flag)
              91726382 Moved description in room/cat dialog
              91938465 Fixed Enable of Miniserver-export
              93985239 Sendcylce for weather and sunwindguard
              90948691 Fixed crash when trying to delete custom heat/cool period
              84571377 Maximum value for max and min of validation (max is Integer)
              Modified sending of system state
              92926238 Fixed Weather data visualization
              92277371 Fixed duplicated Loxone Folder in Documents
              94590730 Display of Filter-Window
              93948697 Color for Error-Output
              93981879 Redesign of Ribbon
              Added Prefered column (Blind Objects should be in the right column)
              added more zoom steps
              95359629 removed page tab centering
              95522651 Fixed Topmodule inputs of NanoDimmer
              95140588 width of note fixed
              95480839 add output dialog vertical size fixed
              95479847 Fixed selection after pasting controls
              95357601 Fixed pasting Controls
              94216669 Fixed Autoconnect on drop of drag output
              94030204 Fixed crash when deleting used room or cat
              92143321 Config: crash when using %-symbol
              95146341 Incorrect message for invalid chars in io-references
              95480250 Added Room/Category for Central-Object
              86865203 fixed digital input for iButtons with family code not equal to 1
              93981879 Added new Ribbon
              Fixed MultiExtension Cover Page
              95769074 Added Object name to popup
              Ribbon: Adapted name of insert network devices
              New Air and Tree icons
              94699308 Memory reference not selectable in simulation
              85359715 Fixed autoconnect of Air digital inputs
              95711792 Froeling: Fixed Config crash when using gateway document
              95548366 Removed gender from caller languages
              91298310 Fixed leading and trailing spaces in object names
              90970464 Fixed crash in device status, when saving to miniserver
              90333456 Don´t deactivate monitor when saving to miniserver
              Fixed name of smart socket relay output (name had a trailing space)
              90721389 Fixed IR Learning on gateway
              88641147 miniserver now works with ETS 5.5
              91541363 Gateway: Fixed Virtual In Out
              77070117 Valve Air: position to 24V powered device is now sent immediately
              Gateway: Return Code 500 to App if client does not answer command
              91291476 Fixed Lost Dali-Lamp-type
              Fixed Lost Dali Group Mask
              Added Debug Outputs for DNS
              87742299 fixed frequency input visualization
              89988147 Added Webservice to get Credentials for intercom
              89871125 Intercom: Added Status for version of Intercom & added type to LoxAPP
              89871083 Intercom: Added Audio Password for new intercom version
              91764538 Fixed printing of Tree Extension
              68575764 Added Version and MAC to Device status of intercom
              80267898 Fixed creation of MeterInt sensors
              84531691 fixed EIB textactor umlaute
              84531691 fixed EIB textsensor umlaute
              Two outputs added to differential threshold
              84775131 Replace Leading / trailing spaces in Object-Names
              84213783 timeout for Virtual HTTP-Input
              87152665 HTTPSERVER: first webservice after unlock not working
              84183727 added UUID of CurrentUser in Loxapp3
              78258134 added property SendCycle to certain device
              Integrated Jalousie – Internorm: hide obstacle / block outputs
              87859758 Fixed Backup when Miniserver name contains underscores
              81045843 Added Miniserver Name to Backup
              88777759 Disabled autosave during editing of user passwords
              Fixed delete of user defined enocean actor and sensors
              87898156 Exchanged teamviewer to english version
              88659855 Fixed subject and receipient of smtp mailer
              88866362 Infosymbol on analogue connectors not shown
              Custom Changes: Only save objects not complete program
              Custom Changes: On Save to Miniserver check if custom changes are on miniserver
              Fixed Stackoverflow in HTTP Tasks (caused crash when saving IRR custom changes)
              Fixed multiple custom changes in IRoomcontroller – were saved 3 times instead of once
              Fixed program identical status when custom changes are loaded
              Middle mouse button for pan
              83411628 Fixed PicoC memory validation
              Gateway: Don´t request customchanges from clients, when App connects
              Gateway: Added monitor outputs to Miniserver communication
              100579751 Disable hiding of inverted IO
              90531508 In-App notifications intern and external dependencies not correct
              90532440 Fixed wrong symbol in weather input
              101208267 Caller/Mailer/Tracker/Notification: per default command is set
              84956074 DayTimer: Minimum time of 1 minute
              98581228 Miniserver responds with code 501 (HTTP-OPTIONS not implemented)
              98581228  added http method OPTIONS
              87043708 AlarmClock: Fixed next entry after disable
              AlarmClock: Fixed confirmation needed check-state
              99399853  connectionWindow gets smaller after closing/reopening
              100372877 DeviceStatus: Fixed AirDevice Wakeup
              DeviceOption: Fixed multiple messageboxes
              100364436 Config: fixed crash on place memory direct (from tree) into a object
              100365001 Config: added warning-dialog for non-support for Classic App
              100231401 Config: fixed T5 simulation
              100177151 Config: listed enocean sensors and actors twice in quickview
              99683896 Config: fixed wrong reference-line, if drag line onto memory
              100607536 LoxoneConfig: Load Parameter Default overwrites Subtypes for Actors
              64136355 CommissioningMode: added support for rgb/lumitech; adapted 1Wire-Polling-Cycles
              91288422 CommissioningMode: Outputs of Dimmer-Extension not visible
              Fixed creation of invalid connections
              Fixed default push settings
              100792698 Fixed password property
              96501741 Fixed percent characters in virtual out commands
              100978812 Fixed connection with wrong miniserver
              101019517 Fixed drawing of colored references
              100988018 AlarmClock: Fixed not ending snooze time
              100793565 Fixed text in source editor
              94564265 Utilitymeter: Fixed resetting unit settings
              98616150 disabled non existing digital actors for froeling extension
              100806763 fixed wrong solltemp, if solltemperatur set by a virtualinput
              98346268 & 98346268 fixed wrong page index in Loxone Config with Autopilot
              100630611 Expertmode: special characters are allowed in description name
              99628809 Fixed adjusting to prefered positions when multiple objects are selected
              100277355 Hide room combobox in treemonitor
              91975967 On, On-OffDelay: Fixed turn on when Time-parameter changes
              97291530 Fixed drawing error
              100171398 Fixed Autostart of linkdiagnosis
              98143513 Improved hitbox of central info
              99008049 Fixed Destination object when multiple objects are selected
              95342408 fixed search & replace
              99452937 added max tracker entries
              98999386 / 98999552 Changed hitbox on analog connectors
              99017025 splitted peripheral search strings
              99397843 BurglarAlarm: fixed stucking at silent alarm, if T2 is used
              98560690 BurglarAlarm: fixed null in pushnotification (if using T2 and a second sensor came)
              99442610 WindowContact Air: adapted default display-values
              99398906 Autoconnect: multiple objects supported via connection-window
              98350698 terminate liveview when connection aborts
              98565680 burglaralarm: fixed showing correct tree-type in customdialog
              100044961 control object size optimized
              98602452 config: fixed saving second dns in dialog miniserverconfig
              99025417 config: fixed missing tree-devices in assign input-dropdown
              98848002 airroomsensor: fixed batterystate

              Known Issues: (?)

              – IR Air: Long IR commands can not be learned in.

              -AirBase, Dimmer Extension and Dali Extension show wrong flashing states when connected while offline and in Loxone Config a wrong Online state is shown if the extension was online before.

              – Auto Positioning: Notice objects are new positioned. Positon relativ to other Objects are not remembered

              -Virtual Input status for LiveView and Simulation updated only after released Slider

              – Miniserver as an EIB gateway: Not all EIB components can be programmed.

              – Missing subject at Mailer
              Mailer sending E-Mails without subject Workaround use Loxone Cloud Mailer

              – At some Installations Weatherdata are not shown in Visualisation after Update.
              For fixing this issue please Contact our Support

              – Autopilot Generator was not shown in App after Update from V if Document Typ is Client at Standalone Miniserver.

              – Keba Wallbox is shown offline at Miniserver.
              Wallbox charging function is  working only Communiation to Miniserver isn’t able.
              For fixing this issue please Contact our Support

              LOXONE CONFIG


              Brand New Tree Devices:
              Tree Extension
              Touch Tree
              Valve Tree
              Motion Detector Tree

              82465824 Music Server Zone UPnP Client Offline State not handled correctly
              Fixed sorting of childs of carcharger and multimediaserver

              Burglar Alarm:
              expanded air/tree inputs and music and lightcontroller to connect over gateway
              80544614 burglar alarm: take care of a non zero delay for silent alarm
              80199387 burglar alarm: fixed missing tracker-entries
              changed to event-triggered
              setting alarm-outputs in correct delay order
              added support centralblock for lightcontroller

              65097718 Fixed intercom device discovery (Sip was not found)
              82831917 Fixed Tooltip of intercom
              83027005 Fixed configuration of IntercomXL
              Increased search time for intercom

              Automatik blinds / blinds / integrated blinds:
              Added new AnimationType “Marquee” to Autojalousie
              Fixed repeating commands on longtime-click
              82307452 Autojalousie: invalid position when chaging lamelle-position during/after full movement
              86627395 Crash when selecting Integrated Jalousie

              Fixed crash when autosave occurs during editing of lightscenes
              86399113 Fixed Gatecontroller light-time descriptions

              Other Fixes:
              87065901 Renamed Automatic to Autopilot
              Fixed crash when minsierver trying to send commands to config
              87941425 Fixed device status options of new devices
              88068523 Fixed My products ribbon title
              77243016 Disable Identify during creation of all Dali devices
              Fixed crash when inserting door controller when no proper page is selected
              Fixed logging of Websocket logon
              Diagnosis: No Auto-start when extension is selected
              Fixed Room of Modbus Device
              Fixed negative last received in device status
              81134572 Remote Air: Swapped Vol up and down on T5
              86344432 Constants lost, when importing document
              87477706 Battery status of watersensor not shown in device status
              87657213 Gateway: Closing of Update Dialog aborts Update on clients
              86384374 Backup: Select Backup when selecting Row
              75279845 Access: Fixed output when using Intercom and Tp is zero
              87450081 Fixed resize of poolcontroller
              85788127 Fixed remove of memory connections
              87470048 Diagnosis: Added cyclic shortcut detection
              Fixed name when creating all dali devices at once
              Added search timeout for dali
              79035660 energymonitor: fixed handling invalid input data from fronius and kostal
              86383874 pushbutton2 changed: permament “off” will disable q only on first edge
              87231570 smokealarm: set remance setted for smokealarm as default
              84365926 added search airbase for next free valid channel on insert
              87053079 fixed MiniserverConfigDialog if a non-network device is selected
              86044207 Virtual up/down input fixed
              84263950 Fixed sending of statistics with Smtp Mailers
              Fixed DNS-timeout when creating TCP stream
              82908313 Added Webservice to check Miniserver utilization
              86921415 Added new teamviewer tool
              86627395 Crash when selecting Integrated Jalousie
              80715985 Allow Identic Names for Wallbox & Integraded Jalousie-Devices
              84193448 Fixed drag/drop for deprecated controls
              Changed Enocean universal descriptions
              Fixed search when command failed
              71918657 added EnOcean user-defined device
              86895750 Fixed Clouddns connection
              86894205 Fixed Current User on HTTP-Server Session
              85460272 Force send system-state to Config on connection
              85759679 added cyclic sending for modbus extension actors
              83565959 Fixed duplicated ID in Translations
              85179417 Added Templates for IntesisBox DK-RC-MBS-1 and IntesisBox ME-AC-MBS-1
              85359715 Fixed autoconnect errors with air sensors
              84793615 Fixed crash when opening invalid Config file
              85460272 Fixed Gateway Error-Message when saving to miniserver
              Device Status: Fixed wrong update progress
              72294877 Improved Gateway Client status
              Fixed Update of Webinterface on Clients (complete Update was done, when Webinterface was transmitted on saving to miniserver)
              Added function to send command from Client to all other Miniservers
              85759756 Password change on Gateway
              86042786 Property window update with parameter inversion
              Update bold text in property window after saving document
              80942672 Fixed insert of logger/mailer/tracker on other miniserver
              76866829 Fixed multiple Dali output references
              Fixed Date of program in tooltip when no status is available
              Fixed assigning of iButton from search window
              85037299 Error Message when starting search on Offline Extension
              No auto-save during saving to Miniserver
              Renamed Monitor “Extension” column
              Diagnosis: Added Information to Tooltip
              Fixed Dali System-Error state
              86000190 Fixed closing of exported document
              85825631 Fixed adding of T5 to touch for nano
              86637401 Fixed Parsing of HTTP Port
              85849952 Fixed HTTP-Get when server does not specify a length
              85825631 Correct wrong inserted T5 inputs on touch for nanos
              84181022 Fixed page references when using documentation
              82333799 Device status: Added option to get def.log from Miniserver
              84022158 Statistics Dialog: Fixed display of scroll bar
              84171730 DayTimer: Combining of entries not working anymore
              83925663 HTTP Inputs fixed redirects
              81134238 Fixed Dali Poweron/SysFailure properties
              74822656 AlarmClock: Added State to determine alarm-day in app
              81134572 Added T5 input to remote Air
              Fixed naming of Valve Air digital Input
              80947644 Fixed Naming of DMX devices
              81344372 Fixed Config connection when using port 8080
              83821172 Fixed saving delay on when output is inverted
              80034101 Deactivating simulation when starting liveview
              82438636 Fixed device configuration when connected to miniserver
              Added Techreport for supported devices to device status
              Added calculation of Hidden Inputs to ObjectSize
              Added SpecialState-uuids to /all command
              secured possible crash in  CLoxoneConfigServer
              Code Object hidden, only big Object remains
              81860486 Fixed crash when In/Outputs are missing in document
              80715336 Fixed FTP authentification with special characters
              83577086 Toilet: Fixed deactivation when started by movement
              81947324 Status: Fixed display for long integer values
              82831917 Fixed help-info for doorcontroller
              83459732 Fixed deletion & enumeration of RC Keys
              PicoC: Added missing programfail message, when memory is not valid
              Fixed configuration of current Miniserver Hardware
              fixed inital category for extension / irdevice
              fixed memory-loak in push-notifications
              81454866 LightController: invalid StateUpdate
              secured possible crash in liveview during save into miniserver
              82333640 Miniserver: ntp pings
              79803694 Acces-object: Fixed Deny output when time is set to zero
              Fixed crash when saving to miniserver with liveview
              82615126 remove deprecated Alarm-Inputs for PresenceAir
              fixed tree-sorting for Modbus TCP
              saunavapor: changed to event-triggered
              80966899: saunavapor: remember maunal temps and humidity for each manual mode
              Added diagnosis option to modbusserver
              82276076 Daytimer: Fixed Setting of modelist
              Diagnosis inputs are now hidden per default (systemp, online,..) and can be shown via an option in the properties of the device
              80592605 Fixed memory connectors (analog and digital)
              Added function to Insert main input of devices via drag and drop of the device
              Fixed http request when encoding is chunked
              Fixed setting of default room/place
              Fixed crash when inserting objects
              Fixed crash when selecting after load from miniserver
              Fixed crash when deleting referenced objects
              Fixed wrong connected serial on a gateway (caption bar showed client serial)
              Fixed crash with referenced tubemotors
              Fixed crash in search window
              Fixed assigning of room when creating device from search window
              Fixed saving of remanence
              Valve Air and Valve Tree now send error mailer (valve stuck, no valve detected)
              81134766 Added default digital state text for valve inputs
              81453603 Fixed crash in enocean properties when wrong control is selected
              80230684 Fixed problem with in/outputs when default values have been set
              Fixed crash in brightness control debug outputs
              81289536 Secured possible crash in liveview during restarts
              81296294 Program: secured crash for invalid value in setlogtext
              81481537 Fixed crash with invalid fontnames
              81530373 Loxone Config: properties missing after cancelling new Document
              82082529 Stop Device Identify when other objects are selected
              81298517 Fixed crashes during sps-restarts
              64964178 Webservice /astate not working /all not implemented
              Added use of serial to remaining air webservices
              78044021 Simplyfied / improved MediaControl-Configuration
              Changed device status webservices to use serial instead of name

              Known Issues: (?)

              – IR Air: Long IR commands can not be used.

              -AirBase, Dimmer Extension and Dali Extension show wrong flashing states when connected while offline and in Loxone Config a wrong Online state is shown if the extension was online before.

              – Miniserver as an EIB gateway: Not all EIB components can be programmed.

              – Missing subject at Mailer
              Mailer sending E-Mails without subject Workaround use Loxone Cloud Mailer

              – With ETS 5.5 Miniserver can’t be used as EIB Gateway
              use ETS < 5.5 or another EIB Gateway

              – Airplay issues: some models, esp. iPads with iOs 9.3.2 have Problems from Apple side and the already canceled the 9.3.2 updates to work on a replacement. Sorry but you have to wait for Apple

              LOXONE CONFIG


              Heating Mixer does not work sometimes

              Weather Service fixed (old data was used)

              LOXONE CONFIG


              Music Server:
              75942904 Musicserver Sleep Timer Enabled with volume 0 after timer Ts elapsed
              66634312 Fixed disappearing musicserver zone when loading from gateway
              73500715 Fixed Zone Off after Th expired when Musicserver was in Standby before and got WakeUp via Mv
              68952118 Clear qeue after wakeup-timeout
              70380425 Invalid Serverstate for Gateway after poweroff
              68449656 added Clientstate “not reachable”
              Message for WrongMaster not shown
              poweroff instead of standby
              delay of powerOff-cmd after start
              pulse-Outputs for Zone On / Off
              eventsounds are not stopped
              Show unused musicserver zones only on gateway (Device Status)
              68575764 Added network devices (music server and carcharger) to device status
              No log level set on musicserver when server is not reachable
              67925419 close sockets during miniserver-update
              Send identification to music server added
              66470338 Master-errormessage added
              66536069 allow change of PlayerID
              65828000 send network-config after zone-configuration
              66149935 Fixed crash when loading document with casatunes-zones
              64774180 prevent configuration via multiple miniservers
              66139044 Te(EventTime) incorrect after WOL
              66172927 enable MAC-Adress in Network-Configuration
              65828000 Zone-search not working after IP-change
              65213856 manual configuration with duplicate PlayerID possible
              65385769 invalid values in configure-dialog
              65625609 show red border if playerID = 0
              65812124 remove Option “not assigned”
              65812774 duplicate zone when changing referenced MediaServer
              64442843 invalid behaviour with copy/cut+paste
              65223721 Onlinestate in Gateway
              Fixed crash in musicserver configuration
              65213856 manual configuration with duplicate PlayerID possible
              65388061 playerID not visible
              Double music zones fixed
              65215950 Add Musicserver before send new configuration (PeripherySearch)
              79865074 Default Volume & Max Volume not saved in Miniserver
              79001861 Fixed several State inconsistencies with App / Webinterface
              76170082 Zone Sleep Abort reverts to Default Volume fixed
              72436115 Master-Message not shown when swithcing miniservers
              78815686 Zone Off not handled correctly in Liveview
              76192158 AudioZone goes off short before event sound (bell, buzzer, …)
              Audio Zones added via peripherial tree now have the correct default Category “Audio”
              73527327 Zone Power stays ON while Server is sent to Standby
              72295232 Casatunes: Zone offline after reboot
              72601023 Casatunes: MV not working if zone-power is OFF
              79506331 fixed wrong alarmevent by disarming alarm (if presence was disabled)
              75281894 Max/Default Volume Change on App causes too many updates

              Gateway / Client / Konzentrator:
              66489027 Fixed external modes (external values have priority over calenders)
              65087944 Added functionality to send Text values from Client to gateway and reverse (used for virtual outputs with text values)
              Fixed Map of slaves in gateway – caused that config data from slave is blocked
              Fixed crash after saving to Miniserver, when identify is sent too early
              Document not equal after save to gateway fixed
              monitor device recognition enhanced for gateways
              Gateway-Dialog: Insert Miniservers intor the list that are already stored in the Document
              Fixed saving Client program to Gateway
              67809741 Fixed learning AirDevices on gateway
              70579431 New pages on gateway now created on client, when client is selected
              61099931 Clients now send the DoorBell Alert Image to their Gateway
              70663061 Gateway: Only transfer update files when necessary
              71541376 Fixed undefined gateway MAC
              Only accept file commands from own gateway
              Removed unnecessary custom-change serialization on gateway
              Improved Gateway Event handling
              Gateway: Initial Status Updates are now requested delayed from all clients
              Gateway crash fixed due to wrong client answer
              Fixed memory leak in gateway
              Fixed wakeup and sleep of airdevices on gateway-client
              Modified Event communication – ignore empty uuids

              Automatik blinds / blinds / integrated blinds:
              Tubemotor is now created in new format to be used in integrated blinds
              52994011 fixed stop via central while safety is active
              73436368 Parameter SO invisible in propertywindow
              75423997 Added T5-Support to integrated blinds
              75422392 Added Central-Support for integrated blinds
              66677365 Initial Version for TubeMotor integrated blinds
              fixed digital output-values for integrated blinds
              69751273 invalid value of output QA
              65075139 adapted move-times for schlotterer retrolux
              fixed stop/go via fullup/down on integrated blinds
              75528840 Input AIL not working if AIP is not connected
              76132193 Sp via Central stays on while moving
              66178259 AIP/AIL not working when set during block-time
              77084646 no Automatic if Tr == 0
              79269094 pulse on up/dw does not stop moving
              80408633 Integrated Jalousie: Automatic while Moving
              80952436 inavalid Lamelle-Position
              Added Learn input to blindmotor

              Pool controller:
              Fixed end of service mode
              75789158 Fixed valve position at end of service mode
              69099097 Backwashcycle is now abortable
              Corrected initialization of PoolController (caused unwanted monitor output)
              64560081 Fixes for copying and pasting
              64560048 Fixed wrong references on gateway
              Aquastar only selectable when on the same miniserver
              64181014 CurrentCylce not updating when doing a temperature control cycle

              Energy Monitor:
              66660627 Consumed Energy does not include own production
              47295836 Add DeliveryData to object
              67549973 reset powervalue when PV goes offline
              59268526 Kostal: invalid values around midnight
              67952946 Fronius: disconnect after IP-check
              70060920 Kostal offline after saving into miniserver
              72606680 invalid Values after reboot/daychange
              72748803 Close connection after address-verification
              72899371 Invalid consume/delivery-values on first day
              71538517 Adapted units for kwPeak
              67173402 Offline Kostal blocks Program-Task
              75227101 no power-Values if energy not available
              67650415 redundant state updates

              Light controller:
              73074876 Fixed random scene for PresenceSimulation
              73112778 learned scene is not selected
              73211679 removed unused ControlDetail
              73221442 scene+ not working after AllOn
              72594460 Added logging for learning scenes
              70836279 verify Scene-Number for Light-Controllers in presence simulation
              76700894 first alarm-period incorrect
              78669356 invalid Webinterface with special scenes

              Burglar Alarm:
              75965112 Added Configuration-Dialog for Air-Devices in Alarm
              StartTime status update working again
              78256512 Added status-update for alarm start
              76311287 changed default activation delay to 10 minutes
              69677909 Added Alarm mode functionality for presence air
              75329765 Fixed remanence of DisMv
              64022756 Fixed Tracker for object without visualisation

              Alarm Clock:
              67147229 Disable entry when current day is freeday/holiday and mode is not selected
              Fixed date calculation (Alarm Clock Reboot Bug)
              Unable to control entries over Mode Output references
              65519786 Improvements (Delete with delete Key, new entrys have now a default time) & Fixed non working entry constellations
              65519786 Copy Paste in grid
              Fixed Weekday calculation used for AlarmClock in Config
              65403343 Fixed crash when only one entry with no modes selected
              62813472 Removed unnecessary remanence of Acknowledge status
              61648238 Ringing time not resetting when snoozing

              73222339 use active scene when learning
              73607876 invalid visu-state
              72149756 fixed Off/Reset-command

              Smoke Alarm:
              76498986 Extended Smokealarm to Smoke- and Wateralarm
              80044575 Mail/Notification after reboot
              80966492 Missing category for Watersensor
              78814467 In-App notification during service-mode
              Fixed crash in smokealarm, when creating loxapp
              73648872 servicemode is not activated

              Media Controller:
              79405921 fixed Longtime-click for mode/power-inputs
              45953438 Added On/Off Inputs
              76130871 Added Reset
              77475830 Repeat of Volume/Program commands via input

              Other issues:
              79527592 Removed Onlinestate from Geiger Remote
              80264502 Fixed devicestatus when old caption is in document
              Fixed autoupdate of webinterface
              80043010 Removed context menu in state-object dialog (disabled hiding of columns)
              78218091 LinkPeriphSearchTab: Fixed replacing of extensions
              80592384 Fixed empty notification uuid – caused missing events
              Fixed crash of room selection in search window
              Fixed downloading of new Config Version
              80046686 Weather: Prevent multiple log entries when user is not active
              80223742 Remove old events in new connection
              73604865 fixed heat mixer swinging
              Fixed edges for text vaules
              80394357 Parameter SO not working
              80193131 fixed missing copy function for presence simulation in pushbutton
              79812407 Fixed counterinput edges
              79405151 Daytimer: Fixed setting of times to midnight
              74996748 fixed IRC parameter Tsm and Tcm
              79624174 / 51454549 Fixed edges for Text values
              Pico-C memory made safe
              78673865 DMX Device not inserted as child of DMX Extension
              Changed address for updatecheck in Config
              44516218 Linecount not correct in saved monitor files
              53285363 Fixed DS2438 1-Wire monitor data
              79239379 Multiselection in properties: Frequency-counter property not working
              68439867 Fixed jumping of page focus when inserting memories from tree
              79096095 Added Error mailer for meter int
              78644607 Logger/Mailer/Reference can be inserted on other miniserver
              77791069 Formula: Root-Calculation invalid
              fixed invalid position of Modbus-Device
              78683160 Fixed Events for InApp-Notifications
              76310323 Old tasks are restored when adding new ones
              75268942 Check for Webinterface Update after an Update
              78674933 Properties: Now able to hide/show inputs of multiple selected devices
              79035482 Fixed display of partner info on top programming page
              78050184 Codecoloring fixed
              Crashes fixed if too less memory
              75812232 Carcharger: validate min/max current for standalone
              76987735 Average: unnused Input is calculated
              79063376 Fixed crash when closing document when loading is not done
              44516218 Last line of monitor not displayed
              77770551 Air-Monitor: Automatically adjust width of data-column
              77761724 Fixed HTTP-Request when @ is in password
              Crashdata now also copied when doing a planned reboot
              77286030 Network-search: Deactivate ip window on old intercoms
              71868891 Network-search: Disable name window on unknown devices
              73646992 Validation for HTTP inputs (mjpg)
              68121919 DeviceStatus: Display current channel of Airbase in device information
              77245326 FrequencyChange: Fixed problem when connection to Miniserver is lost
              77259225 Device Status: changed description of menu for wakup/sleep of all devices
              64945355 Fixed offset of tooltips in tree
              74929113 Device Status: Fixed problem when old status was still present
              77636880 Fixed crash in HTTP client when memory is too less
              76137266 Fixed crash when choosing visu-rating
              77255699 Fixed opening webinterface from config
              77066494 Fixed cut of text in configuration dialog
              77754212 Fixed Http-get when no content length is specified
              77283847 Fixed Port description string
              75268580 Min Max Duration: invalid initial values
              76104769 Old Version of Tubemotor not working after update
              73646992 Fixed crash when downloading a stream with Http-input
              Fixed memory leak when alloc fails
              76342395 spurious HTTP 501 Errors while loading ressources from internal webserver, fixed HTTP Client Headers
              Fixed sys/heap webservice when using user
              fixed crash in NetworkPeriphSearchTab
              51454549 Fixed text value edges
              Fixed Windows XP support
              Added new SSL Library
              Virtual HTTP Inputs supports relative Redirects (301/302 Response with relative path)
              63343803 Presence simulation shown in visualization for eib dimmer
              75013601 Fixed selected site when inserting item via drag&drop
              73420735 Fixed escaping of string in LoxAPP
              75480061 Multifunction switch / stairway switch: fixed activation after reboot
              67856163 / 75270050: Fixed iButtons on AirDevices
              73164747 Adapted description of in state object
              72447281 Duplicate roomname not displayed in visualisation
              Fixed crash during saving to miniserver when using HTTP inputs
              75651003 Central-Dialog: Selected checkbox not drawn correctly
              Telnet removed
              75658808 No Watchdog within first 5 Minutes
              T5 jalousie fixed
              75659072 start with destroyed filesystem possible
              73644857 Configuration Dialog: Fixed sending of new values
              69677895 Changed strings for presence air/tree
              75658876 Emergency file added if more than 4 fast unwanted reboots
              72603794 Quick window scaling of edit box fixed
              73215138 Added Conversion of old EnOcean analogue actors
              51602693 Fixed connection of hidden in/ouputs
              73117461 Removed states for webpage and app object
              72800882 Sauna Error-Output is not set
              72801880 Sauna: Error is now not set anymore when sauna is too long active
              Weatherserver: Fixed retry timing
              72772631 Fixed DNS Device search
              72813294 & 65707673 Access-object: Use Gui name of extension when declining user
              73385613 Default category groups are not correct
              71051238 Added option for using as favorite to room and category
              64940985 Error message when importing of ccf file fails
              64782426 Added do not use category/room to filter options
              72813699 Mode: Visu state not correct when activated over calendar
              Fixed enabling of Search button in Air monitor
              71407391 Wallbox-Device BMW: invalid names for sensors/actors
              70850589 Wallbox standalone: do not allow charging if not connected
              67942064 Wallbox-Device Keba: Limitation not used
              71267160 Loxone Config: crashes when using “My Loxone-Account”- functions
              73517287 Tubemotor: Command-Output not working if output is used in visualization
              70892035 Device Status: Resizing of columns when updating information
              72754369 Virtual HTTP input with localhost – without password
              Loxone Config crash fixed when long running
              71918657 Added EnOcean Universal to Config
              72774313 Hourcounter: Fixed overdue event value
              removed unknown bitmap message
              72430555 Fixed XML File serialization when expected items are not present
              69574587 PresenceSimulation: no ON-Action if remaining time < minumum activation time
              68440902 Removed Upnp-Forwarding in PropertyWindow
              65827387 fixed SNMP Traps with multiple variable bindings
              72287151 Fixed crash when inserting new Page
              Removed now duplicated escaption of json strings
              71918099 Fixed special characters for logger name
              72297743 Test/Beta versions are shown in Release
              72007527 Removed old webinterface
              “ escaped in json
              set modified flag after conversion of invalid object names
              52002280 Client not displayed in device status directly after reboot
              71689387 Multifunction switch/stairway switch status update not correctly
              71051288 Weather server mistakenly in LoxAPP
              71872549 crash fixed with mdns search
              71868891 Network search: Able to add unknown devices
              68421952 MeterInt: Added polling cycle option for IEC62056 meters
              70882747 Remove OnlineState from EnOcean actors (devices created with version 4.3)
              71034578 heatmode init fixed
              70673955 Crash when loosing conection during active LiveView
              63849345 HTTP Virtual Out User-Agent Header now overwriteable
              59527386 Loxone Config fixed HTTP 1.1 Protocol requirements for multi-homed environments (reverse proxying)
              67766652 Push Notification broken when single quotes are sent (French translation of doorbell push)
              70362024 Access Object: Only show 1-wire devices from same Miniserver
              71379655 Able to create AirDevice in different document
              Added File-count information to backup dialog
              71275045 Fixed crash when drawing logo
              Serialization of custom changes is now aborted when no memory is left
              55818305 Compression for LoxAPP3.json added
              71028284 Battery inputs removed for DC powered devices
              63627039 Minimum time between notifications increased to 5s
              Show debug monitor lines in color again
              68668277 Fixed Config crash when aborting UPNP search
              Added hidden option to wakeup airdevices in device status
              Fixed symbol in object help
              69075431 Autocorrect negative sensitivity values
              Fixed sending of webinterface when client is not available
              70808488 Loxone Config: Enable Category-Groups
              70048816 Carcharger: first limitmode cannot be switched
              70048297 Carcharger: fixed jumping limitation-slider
              60265984 MultiIO: 1-Wire Statistics webservice (“/dev/sys/wsdevice/[Name]/Statistics”)
              64954570 MultiIO: Zero values on counterinputs not sent to miniserver
              70043470 Online help for Toilet block
              Fixed assigning of IP which ends with a 0
              70515962 Fixed too large texts with 125% display
              70409743 icons fixed in
              70515403 Crash when typing in User right property
              Sort extensions error fixed
              68743935 Configuration not sent when only acces properties are changed
              70600073 Hourcounter keeps current duty cycle while saving into miniserver
              T5 added for Touch Air on NanoIO Air
              fixed typo for duplicate user
              70174653 Visualisation option for sunshine weather data
              70372008 Fixed symbol for delayed pulse
              69613751 Fixed crash with missing Logger-Caption
              69761097 Miniserver is converted to GO/Miniserver when configuring
              66497137 Page delete only works on second click
              Device Status: Only expand tree nodes which contain an error
              Device Status: Columns not sized correctly
              T5 composite input added to Touch Air and light controller, music server zone, automatic blinds and central
              Fixed String conversion in Trace outputs
              69885503 Fixed In-App Push Notifications not delivered while Out-of-Band Push Notifications do
              Fixed TCP Sockets resetting while communication
              Fixed HTTP Servertasks stalled and become unusable until next reboot
              69089529 fixed Remanence and start value for virtual Text inputs
              66476377 Update device Status in background
              68121919 Device info on airbase not correct when using different channel
              Device Status improvements
              69231006 fixed Importing Client Document with intercom device (loxapp3.json was broken)
              Moved Networkdevices in device status under Miniserver (not yet visible in Config)
              Drop of monitor files added
              Fixed Air Learning when using multiple AirBases on 1 Miniserver
              67809741 Wrong serial of AirBase when converting document
              68436160 Comm-Monitor Resize Data Column if needed
              Fixed wrong string conversion, which resulted in Update-Problem
              68435032 Search: Search results are now updating during search (1-Wire, DMX)
              69229510 Escaping of special character in telephone number
              68467091 Fixed multiple System notifications in 1 document
              66699233 Fixed crash when closing document during loading
              65850825 Validation of IP in configuration dialog
              68073681 Configdata of Air devices is now transmitted to Config and can be used
              38409649 Air Learning: Error message when Miniserver Version is lower than required Version
              Windows7 color style contrast enhanced
              68073681 Air: Modification for Config Data usage
              66131837 Fixed multiple channel change of IR Air actors
              66178178 Escaping of special characters in Radiobuttons
              64962333 Tracker Removed Visualisation password option
              68095377 Duplicate room name check also checks other types
              Fixed crash with fresh formatted SD card
              38821121 Adaption for new taskrecorder API
              67627128 Show unresolved address when connected over Clouddns (also save backup with clouddns address)
              67921672 Daytimer: Fixed combination of different activate type entries
              65660718 intelligent temperature control: fixed pump/mixer enabling
              66813092 Crash when selecting invalid Font
              63765964 Added Buttons for Webinterface
              68227272 Added UPnP Automatic Port Forwarding
              65935715 Fixed replacing of devices from search window
              67470551 Fixed default room and category with defect document
              67650044 Having one Notification with multiple instances sending a message all the same time works now on websockets too
              67493878 Copy of Intercom in Peripherial Tree causes unloadable App (LoxApp3.JSON corrupted)
              Added Network Device Information to Miniserver Device Status (still hidden in Config)
              64950615 common properties for doorcontroller (multiple selection)
              64435650 random for presence simulation enhanced
              66654303 Adapt texts of PresenceAir object + properties
              65731030 Invalid Object in “Controllers”- Menu
              65374519 fixed IRC Mv and Is input
              Remove Recorded Task Webservice now only requires UUID
              Recalculation of sun when summer time changes
              63809346 Caching of Webinterface on browsers fixed when updating the whole Image (not only Webinterface)
              66130764 TQ on Access Object also sends out the Device name when unknown iButtons are attached
              66503474 Pico-C Right Shift Operator (>> and >>=) now distinct between unsigned and signed int or long.
              66133619 Userdefined WeatherTypes not used (any more) and therefore removed from list of available types
              66651044 fixed EnOcean roomcontroller EEP A5-10-04
              65950704 Fixed Autosave when user credentials are not valid
              Increased speed of User Check function
              65573209 EIB Dimmer value fixed for presence simulation
              MeterInt: Fixed Overflow when using M-Bus protocol
              Modbusserver: added excpetion-info to monitor
              valve test enhanced
              toilet object enhanced with movement input
              64618830 Virtual Outputs used with a text input did not update correctly & Virtual Outputs with a logger/tracker reference go into endless-loop sending commands
              65208899 Change from Analog to Digital for virtual Inputs now set Default Values correctly
              65673464 Loxone Config: crash when adding Onlinestate
              56635810 Loxone Config: Licence- and Connectivity-check when changing Server-Adress
              61243155 icon cache fixed for apps
              65066921 Tilde Symbol now unencoded in GET Request Strings
              65213856 Loxone Config: open Network-Configuration when device not available
              65809357 Loxone Config: Ip-Assignment not working
              65822200 Push Notifications “Miniserver Name” now Description if specified, otherwise the name
              65070081 MeterInt: IEC62056 Communication expanded (now using ServiceReadout function on Elster)
              65538780 MeterInt: MBus now is using calculation of units
              MeterInt: Added Webservice for sending data
              Accept Uuids for wsdevice
              Fix air monitor assignments
              add valve test
              Accept Uuids for wsdevice
              64970047 crash when adding dooconroller via peripherysearch
              carcharger bmw: adapt io-names when changing actionbuttons
              64439823 Loxone Config: deleting of last page allowed
              65208609 Users not deleteable
              65205869 Device Status: Columns are shifted when using gateway
              64834116 Allow download of testversion when miniserver is on new version
              65211434 Validation for Analog Comm Sensors not setable
              65226081 Configuration Window can be opened multiple times
              45128987 Fixed differences in Counter Input (always when a new time has been set)
              65329103 Click Aborts LiveView
              64771125 Access Settings of Inputs,Outputs and Logger Objects keep their configuration when moving to a page when other than All/All is set.
              64496838 hardcoded strings in AirBase edited
              64294843 Daytimer: Fixed change of the when activation is needed
              64610618 Modbus 32-bit floating datatype not selectable
              63815012 Gate: Fixed Status when controlled externally (End switches trigger without action from Miniserver)
              Daytimer hint for cloning entries added
              Air device child rooms enhanced
              Added room to Air monitor devices
              50439479 Redesigned SD-Format Dialog
              Page tabs always centered if possible
              Copy Context menu not disappearing
              63794995 Standard Logger not deleteable
              62516273 New Category and places are renamed when same name already exists
              61545580 Unnecessary heating/cooling calender entry not deleteable
              64440720 Typo in Push-button (+/-) fixed
              64438684 Corrected setting of heating and cooling period mode
              64443337 Changed standard send cycle of Valve Air
              64301401 Status Dialog: Formatting for 1-Wire statistics
              Webservice LPC added compatibility for jdev commands
              Reenabled Recorded Task Status Updates
              Webservice LPC added compatibility for jdev commands
              64442027 RS232 Templates for Dusky Controller Sky and Panasonic Display added
              64437876 Fixed use of delete key in state text dialog
              Intercom and Carcharger added to UDP monitor
              64661257 Added Error message when Miniserver is already connected to Config over gateway

              Known Issues: (?)

              – IR Air: Long IR commands can not be used.

              – Webservices with special character can lead to Miniserver reboots.

              – Miniserver as an EIB gateway: Not all EIB components can be programmed.

              LOXONE CONFIG


              Bug Fixes:

              Fixed date calculation (Alarm Clock leads to Miniserver Reboots when used in 2016)

              LOXONE CONFIG


              New Features:

              Push Notifications Automatic Update Firewall added against TCP Syn Floods

              Bug Fixes:

              Intercom: 63826816 Naming of Intercom devices (preventing double names) 63824589 Fixed Properties when adding Intercom 63823107 Fixed crash when adding of a Intercom is cancelled 63828221 Fixed copy of user defined Intercom 63000679 1-wire made invisible for custom intercom 63000810 Intercom texts adjusted 62181555 intercom references fixed 61842799 intercom conversion fixed 62672322 delete intercom crash fixed 62939087 Cut & Paste – first memory object looses connection line fixed 62944303 Copy of Intercom, virtual input Http and UDP commands enabled Intercom drag&drop fixed (page changed when trying to drag) 60123748 Intercom: fixed import/ conversion of Doorcontroller in Gateway-setup Poolcontroller: 63002090 No Heating or Cooling when nothing is attached on outputs Target-Temperature standard – 25° Operating mode not updating in visualisation after MS reboot 62805978 Corrected description of Cover-outputs 60683585 Made swimming machine remanent 61658766 Automatic heating not working 62125790 No heating started after change of temperature mode or desired temperature 61658766 Desired temperature not remanent 60683585 tweaks to swimming machine, cover state and manual temp. control 59388218 fixed deactivation of temp. control mode 56114523 allow only 1 poolcontroller per backwash wash Musicserver: 63621790 Zone: Additional UPNP-Settings 63631817 Zone: Minumum Eventtime 63204103 property for enabling triggercard 62659933 Property for enabling airplay-services 61670233 Zone: Doorbell-Event cancelable Musicserver Zone client pointers made safe Device Status: 54707544 New DeviceStatus functionalities. / Changed device status handling / added debug report for airdevices, miniserver and 1-Wire Extension Fixed resizing of Dialog Extended Device Status (Hidden Context Menu) Fixed Status for Valve485 Fixed OTAU-Status show Battery info with red color when capacity is 0% 62198682 Fixed Device status of IR modules 53250292 fixed problem when collapsing nested entries Added Channel Check to Air Base debug output in device status 54707544 Extended Information for Air Devices (Battery) 60822018 DeviceStatus no type displayed for unknown extensions Pheriephery Search: 3013873 Versionstatus is now displayed with color Fixed wrong name for Froeling Extension Added Hw-Revision distinction 62692194 Fixed adding of devices on gateway 62684625 Fixed Miniserver names on a gateway system 62667911 Config crash, when creating Intercom Configuration dialogue: 57440655 added option for intercom specific settings 59803735 removed new-feature flag for intercom options 58385488 split name of Music Server into description name and network name (like for Miniserver) 58569441 show info if device is not reachable when trying to configure it Other Bug Fixes: 63898157 crash fixed old files Miniserver and Program will be shown in the color of the tab (Version 63858877 Fixed Coverpage for MiniserverGo in Gateway Fixed crash of Client when saving to Gateway 63629991 fixed Fröling communication fixed modbus extension debug outputs Initial firewall stats log fixed slewrate fixed for multiple selection Eyecorrection multiseletion fixed # of files fixed in update dialog 63338771 fixed Smart Socket power input (on reconnect to miniserver) 45319566 Child not correctly renamed in tree Fixed crash with LiveView on save to miniserver 62089281 Fixed Gateway use of virtualout command on different miniserver 63519125 download update only if enough memory available 63630535 central object fixed 63179896 Logging Options are displayed for air devices 60854531 Loxone Config: Added new Icons / Categories 63155329 Smokealarm: unable to confirm after Dm Copy&paste virtual in http command fixed 63336919 create LoxAPP3 with central objects and gateway fixed TCP ACK handling enhanced for LoxoneConfigServer 62838816 EIB blinds after save to miniserver fixed 63333162 random scenes for presence simulation fixed Client property for concentrator added 63343803 EIB Dimmer and Dimmer presence simulation added to app 63341049 Fixed wrong CPU Temperature 62539796 Fixed names in Fröling template 47809978 Commissioning mode not activating 63332934 Air device has category 63343434 Empty error message is displayed, when connection failed Delete page crash fixed Crash fixed door controller in liveview 62174575 Logoff webservice not working anymore 63168167 IRC: fixed Qs output in heating mode 57176928 Sunrise and Sunset not updating in APP 57894603: fixed IRC automatic valve movement (Tsm/Tsc) 55963331 Modbusserver: added OnlineState 59089815 Modbusserver: Adapted Template for Keba (Server-State) 55824924 Modbus: invalid Ribbon-icons for Sensors/Actors 62204693 Fixed Copying of virtual HTTP Inputs create empty references 59611133 added presences simulation for Dimmer and EIB Dimmer random function enhanced 62654084 SaunaVapor: Fixed sauna slow heat-up 61443306 Fixed stopping of Learn mode on IR Air Renamed Fröling Extension name that is used in log and device status 62494485 Autojalousie: invalid Movetime for Schlotterer 62517756 Loxone Config: crash when replacing music server 60966384 Loxone Config: show commissioningMode in Captionbar 57609168 EIB-Dimmer: On/Off command via Central 54398294 EIB-Dimmer: On/Off command via App Empty message fixed when dragging already used object Fixed crash in Updateserver when saving to Miniserver 59386376 Fixed Update-Dialog positioning Added Loxone Icon to every dialog 62365487 Sauna: corrected Parameter M description 62354846 Daytimer: Fixed Qon and Qoff when setting manual time 61433386 Logger: Writing to Log when no command is set 62484027 Fixed disabled symbols 61685277 /60388960 Fixed wrong typecast 61381072 Automatic saving is blocking update Fronius text enhanced 55407367 Load from version fixed 61535746 Light Controller: invalid case in Scenename 62329480 AutoJalousie: Down-command not working 60840074 AutoJalousie: Parameter M via App 60366910 Autojalousie: invalid DeadTimes for Lamelle-correction 49642914 Corrected default categories for Air Device sensors and actors 47802246 up/down display fixed in liveview 61542276 intelligent heat mixer: visualization removed 58706729 avoid connected properties for wallbox if multiple selection 55966501 IRC: fixed short AQ switches 62213842 DMX Extension: improved link communication 62197518 Smokealarm: invalid currentLevel 62232989 Smokealarm: Inverted input I not working 60017512 Smokealarm: unable to confirm pre-alarm 53511340 MeterInt: Added new Meters and added generic Meters MeterInt: Total Energy is now calculated from partial Energy, when not available 60154332 MeterInt: Fixed parsing of current power MeterInt extracted from Global AirDevice 62198682 IRModules are displayed as offline in device status Update Status of Air Devices is not updating Abort search text enhanced Added copy context menu to grids Mark reference if memory selected Tooltip enhanced in caption bar adjust properties after paste Added new Push Notifications Command “Settings”, Deactivated Push History Commands Fixed Webinterface switch when no newer Webinterface is available online but a is found in /web directory 60512628 counter visualization fixed no offset allowed for weather data error and forecast error 61450178 large integer representation fixed 61545580 Operating modes not correctly set, when using multiple calendar entries for the same operating mode Allow only one calender entry for cooling and heating period 57451566