Devices and Extension

  • Devices: Touch Nightlight Air and Touch & Grill Air are added into Loxone Config
  • Extensions: Made AO and AI Extensions are added into Loxone Config
  • BG-T532 Onlinestate:

* All Loxone devices now have their Onlinestate monitored by default
* Critical devices do not allow any more to turn the surveillance of the Onlinestate off
* Single shot Systemstatus message to point to all not monitored devices

Miniserver Replacement Dialog

  • Easily replace your existing Miniserver with a new one
  • Select the Miniserver in your document and press the button ‘Replace Miniserver’
  • A wizard guides through each step of the process

Learn Dialog

  • More intuitive design and improved usability
  • New features: Identify of light groups, edit of controls, modification of table, device status, …

Network Device Search Dialog

  • New dialog with more intuitive design and improved usability


  • Added Systemstatus message for devices which can switch 230V if the device overheats
  • Added Systemstatus message for Extension and Air/Tree device update
  • Added Systemstatus message for Miniserver loading a wrong program or firmware
  • Added Systemstatus message for expiring / expired Cloud Services
  • Added Systemstatus message for Push / Mail send error
  • Added Systemstatus message for Miniserver with incorrect date and time
  • Added Systemstatus message with the last text of the last call or push, if they have not been sent via Internet
  • Added Systemstatus messages for Miniserver with low memory available, Miniserver reboot due to no remaining free memory and Auto-Update failed because due to low memory available
  • New behaviour for information bar in the Loxone Config software (BG-T402)

Project Planning

  • Added new lighting products
  • Added Room Comfort Sensor Air
  • Added AI & AO Extension
  • Added Alarm siren Air & Tree
  • Rooms can now by duplicated
  • Option to delete products in the replacement dialog
  • Manual added products are now used during automatic calculation (e.g. adding a Touch for Nano and a Nano Dimmer now won’t add an additional Nano IO)
  • Added more global settings (Touches, Window surveillance, Speaker Backbox, automatically planned RGBW Dimmer type)
  • Added calculation of space needed in cabinet (calculation is added to info sheet in excel)
  • BG-T583: Changes for residential buildings
    * Introduced Ceiling Light as lighting option in project planning
    * Introduced no lighting, no shading, no heating and no music options in   project planning
  • BG-T650 Added polish project planning

Light Groups


  • Added Identify for light groups (all lights of light group are flashing when light group is selected in Loxone Config) (BG-I1498)
  • Added links of light group members to document tree (when a link is clicked the device is selected in the tree) (BG-I1929)

System Variables

  • Added Systemvariable “Internet Connection” (can also trigger Systemstatus messages)
  • Fixed Systemvariables not forwarding correct values to output references

Loxone Air

  • Added possibility to disable router functionality of Air device (so far this is supported by Shading Actuator, Nano IO, GEIGER GJ56, GEIGER SOLIDline and GEIGER SOLIDline Zip). This is useful in big air installations to reduce Air traffic (BG-T549)
  • BG-T611 changed device identify of rgbw dimmer air/tree: when device is selected in search window or in peripherie tree not only the status LED is blinking but also the connected LED-stripe or LED-spot


  • Not editable data cells now have light grey background color
  • Create a partlist out of an existing project
  • Online state of devices and Extensions now displayed in periphery tree
  • Update and backup dialog improved (show current status in the title text with an icon and show more information in the log)
  • Reworked control configuration dialog (burglar alarm, central blocks,…) (BG-T246)
  • Controls such as memory, mode, system variables, time and weather data can now be set via simulation in the Config Software (BG-T434)
  • Sensors and actors which not functionable in the current configuration of their device (dummy, offline, etc.) are bordered red (BG-T432)
  • Added Identify for Internorm devices (blinds, ventilation)

Fixes & Changes

Statistics– Remanence:

  • Statistics
    * Improved response-time for opening statistics
    * Reduced write-operations to sd-card

* Improved remanence for many controls
* Reworked remanence info for sensors, systemstatus, lightcontroller and


  • BG-I536: All analog statistics now use the value according to the correction setting for this object (this also affects existing statistics!)
  • BG-I1996: Statistics-Dialog in Config: Added room name to the list of statistics


  • Don’t show “Show” button for presentation message
  • BG-I1538 & BG-I1448: Changed texts pointing on links or on actions
  • Messages present on all miniservers (in client-gateway) now forward an on the client executed action to the gateway
  • Fixed old system messages not sent properly to daily report
  • BG-I1323: Fixed not working ‘Contact Loxone partner’ actions
  • BG-I1687: Fixed ‘Client offline’ or ‘Client not Reachable’ messages not set historic if system is changed from client-gateway to normal
  • BG-I1656: Systemstatus Dialog – Disabled System wide always on top display
  • BG-I1955: Don’t send device status message “Update available” for remote air as update doesn’t start automatic
  • BG-I2293 Systemstatus: Fixed not shown in Config in some situations after connecting to Miniserver

Project Planning

  • BG-T498: Improved calculation of how many Miniservers are needed for a project
  • BG-I1639: No planning rule for PWM Pendulum
  • BG-I1547: Save Project Settings (town, telephone, mail,…) as defaults after creation via project planning
  • BG-I1575: Fixed replace of products that have a automatic rule with products that don’t have a rule
  • BG-I1418: Fixed invalid power consumption of WW Led strip
  • BG-I1643: Validate new default files before updating
  • BG-I2300 Project Planning: Fixed some global decisions not working for non-german languages

Light groups

  • BG-I1499: Added Lightgroup-Options to light devices
  • BG-I1497: Auto-Configuration: Add a ToDo for light groups with no devices assigned, instead of connecting them to the light controller
  • BG-I1501: Multi-selected delete from light group members now working
  • BG-I1494: Device options: Added editable Combobox for creating new light group
  • BG-I1486: Add room name for light groups Property-Window / Filter light groups to room of actor
  • Fixed handling if changing actor to  “not assigned”
  • BG-I1784: Removed light group actor delay after Miniserver/Device restart

Burglar Alarm & Fire-/Water Alarm

  • BG-I2009: Fire- and Water Alarm: Now both pre-alarm signals and main-alarm signals are turned off by Ch (also over visualisation)
  • BG-I2009: Fire- and Water Alarm: Added new output for pre-alarm signals Qp
  • BG-I1528: Fire- and Water Alarm: Fixed usage description for lights and shading
  • BG-I2022: Burglar Alarm: Added Air channel check
  • BG-I2021: Burglar Alarm: Removed Miniserver name from object string
  • Both blocks are now coloured red and are shown in the Project Analysis if no sensors are configured
  • BG-I2083 Alarm, Fire- and Wateralarm: Fixed red colouring after copy
  • BG-I2219 Alarm: Fixed confirm not possible when a door/window contact position was changed again after it activated the alarm by a position change (with Ii = 1)


Automatic blinds & Automatic blinds integrated

  • BG-I1290: Automatic blinds: Additional description for deadtimes
  • BG-I1572: Automatic blinds: Adapted description for referenced device
  • BG-I977:  Automatic blinds: Fixed additional move-command with invalid parameter-configuration
  • BG-I1078: Automatic blinds: Disable automatic-button when parameter Tr is set to 0
  • BG-I810:  Automatic blinds integrated: Fixed none updating move-status
  • BG-I1534: Fixed Max-Value in description of automatic blinds integrated / Parameter Pm
  • BG-I2051 Automatic blinds: invalid lamelle-position for schlotterer

Intelligent Room Controller

  • BG-I2181 Roomcontroller: immediate recalculate target-temperature on mode or timer-change
  • Warning-Threshold if Temperature was not reached reduced to 1.5°C
  • Switch Mode for Prepare-Phase if in Outside Comfort-Range
  • Adapted Upper / Lower-Bounds for manual timer
  • BG-I1408: Conversion: “Use sunshine-status” was not copied to the new function block
  • BG-I1452: Conversion: Remove reference to central object
  • BG-I1513: Fixed: DisMV affects window- and manual override-inputs
  • BG-I1600: Fixed: Output-Value too big when Climate Controller is shutting down
  • BG-I1548: Immediate mode-switch for manual timers
  • BG-I1646: Immediate target-refresh after parameter-change
  • BG-I1583: Fixed: Enable preventive mode to lower target
  • BG-I1714:: Autopilot not working if no calendar-entries are configured
  • BG-I1854, BG-I778: Fixed handling of overlapping times in schedule
  • BG-I1951: Fixed: Warning for big temperature difference was not shown
  • BG-I1934: Fixed: Origin for inverted open window not correct
  • BG-I1855: Lock temperatures which are controlled via program-logic
  • BG-I1811: Adapted PWM-Frequency
  • BG-I2264 Roomcontroller: ignore invalid sunshine state until device is online
  • BG-I2049 Roomcontroller: Adapted description of Window-input

Climate Controller

  • Fixed remanence of mode
  • BG-I1517, BG-I1396: Adapted description for parameters Str, TPon, TPoff
  • BG-I1429: Defined min-value for parameter TPoff
  • BG-I1412 Climate Controller: Fixed Typos in help texts
  • BG-I1455: Showed average outdoor temperature instead of current outdoor temperature in the User Interface
  • BG-I1614: Average temperature not set after reboot
  • BG-I1409: Fixed: inverted values affect start/end of active modes
  • BG-I1611: Fixed: Invalid object count in simulation
  • BG-I1683: Fixed: Heat-mode did not end
  • Fixed: HeatMode did not start in PWM-Mode
  • BG-I1783: Fixed: Source without prio-configuration
  • BG-I2275: Climatecontroller: Fixed CustomChange + Temperature-Unit for TLimH & TLimC

Other Fixes & Changes

  • BG-I2212 Status: Improved description texts
  • The Ceiling Light Air can now be dimmed further downwards, which means that the Ceiling Light Air/Tree has a larger dimming range.
  • Onlinestate: Fixed old Systemstatus device offline messages not being updated with new actions
  • BG-I2203: fixed alarm siren tree sabotage contact (if any Tree Device is currently updating, the sabotage contact may be triggered without any actual sabotage)
  • BG-I2196 Fixed device info of alarm siren air/tree
  • BG-I807 & BG-I1544 Virtual HTTPS Input: Fixed receive of data when server is providing chunked data
  • BG-I1625 Virtual HTTPS Input: Allow both HTTP Status Codes “200” & “200 OK”
  • BG-I1546 Virtual UDP Input: Fixed display data when switch from analog to digital or visversa
  • BG-I150 Virtual Output: Fixed problems with text edges
  • BG-I1604 Systemvariable: Fixed crash when inserting systemvariable output
  • BG-I1574 Systemvariable: Fixed transfer of value to Client Miniservers
  • BG-I1757 Disabled multi-edit of source for systemvariables
  • BG-I1914 Systemvariables: Fixed incorrect values at variable input reference during LiveView
  • BG-I1536 Switch-Control: Fixed missing Input type setting
  • BG-I1383 TemperatureController: Text cut off fixed
  • BG-I1426 TemperatureController: Fixed invalid behaviour of PWM-outputs
  • Poolcontroller: Fixed Reset after end of ‘Out of order’
  • BG-I1389 & BG-I1386 Aquastar Air: Fixed Problems when stopping cycles
  • BG-I1388 Poolcontroller: Fixed abort of cycle
  • BG-I1466 Poolcontroller: Cycle inputs are now disabled when in service mode
  • BG-I1809 Aquastar Air: Implemented over temperature shutdown
  • BG-I1371 Central blocks: Fixed Dis input (Dis also blocked commands from visualization)
  • BG-I1012 Shade Central: Additional description for Cu and Cd
  • BG-I1216 Shade Central: Fixed blocked input after St was disabled
  • BG-I1720 Door- and Window Surveillance: Improved find of the names that should be displayed for sensors
  • Door- and Window Surveillance: Devices will not be added automatically anymore!
  • BG-I1443 Gateway-Client: Fixed fetch of statistic of client input that also was used on gateway
  • BG-I1286 Gateway-Client: Fixed time encryption
  • BG-I721  Gateway-Client Expertmode: Don’t close websocket that did the expertmode change
  • BG-I830: Fixed DHCP Watchdog reboot, when renewal interval is longer than 12 days
  • BG-I1635 Fixed LoxoneConfig-Server Task Watchdog Reboot (occurred when having text files with wrong line endings)
  • BG-I1596 Fixed restart when serializing Virtual State CustomChange from Client
  • BG-I1421, BG-I1537, BG-I1681: Prevent Miniserver reboot
  • BG-I1595 Fixed modbusserver crash
  • BG-I1214, BG-I1632: Fixed possible Miniserver reboots
  • BG-I1441 Expertmode: Fixed reboot if same control is edited coincidentally
  • Fixed rare Miniserver crash when saving into Miniserver during Systemstatus entries are queried
  • BG-I1700 Slightly optimized SPS boot speed
  • BG-I1439: Fixed Miniserver Go identify
  • BG-I1424 Improved ARP handling in Miniserver
  • Removed “Miniserver usage” from the periphery tree since it was not accurate
  • Miniserver Update: Automatic reboot of Miniserver when free memory is too low
  • Miniserver Update: Loxone Config now saves the Config file into the Miniserver during the Update
  • Old Token webservices (gettoken & refreshtoken) do the same as before
  • New Token webserivces (getjwt & refreshjwt) for Json Web Tokens
  • Improved MultiThreaded access and deletion -> Faster verify of tokens
  • New Air Base firmware: Observe Air RX and TX status and restart Air Base if packets can’t be sent or received any more
  • BG-I1567 Improved Air communication when switching a lot of Air devices at the same time (e.g. central shading commands)
  • Fix for all powered Air devices: In rare cases it was possible that Air device is not working as a repeater anymore
  • Valve Air/Tree: fixed valve error detection
  • Valve Air: fixed offline problem
  • BG-T525 Fixed remote air shown as offline in air device battery status in visu
  • ShadeActuator: Fixed Refresh of Properties
  • Shading Actuator Air: Fixed Refresh of tree after changing use case
  • BG-T292 Improved communication with Shading Actuator Air (get more precise lamella position)
  • Shading Actuator Air: set jalousie mode per default in order identify (click-clack) is working in learn dialog.
  • GJ56 Air: New firmware with improved obstacle detection
  • BG-I1761: Smart Socket Air: Fixed CPU temperature calibration (new binary)
  • BG-I1118 Window Contact & Watersensor input per default shown as switch
  • BG-I617: Fixed Identify-bug on all Air and Tree dimmers and lamps (new binaries)
  • BG-I2122 Motion Sensor Air: Fixed possible hanging of presence input after miniserver reboot (new binary)
  • BG-I1999 setting to switch off leds of switchboard tree devices can now also be found directly in device
  • Added information to the device status when device is not yet learned
  • BG-I1430 Dont set room/category automatically when inserting a reference, when the room/category is already set to “do not use”
  • BG-I1620 Allow Retrieve of GeoCoordinates after manual change of sea level
  • BG-I1451 Improved display of device & extension names in Loxone Config trees
  • BG-I1576 Fixed save of default value for T5 input
  • BG-I1434: Fixed online info link not working in dialog that no assignable device is available
  • BG-I1515: Fixed units displayed double for some properties in property window
  • BG-I1483 Property-Window: Smartaktor Displayed as Analog Actor
  • BG-I1337: Fixed Config crash when clicking on help button of Valve Air output
  • BG-I76 Object-Connections are reverted when loading custom-changes from miniserver.
  • BG-I1188 Improved export of Miniserver (hidden inputs that were used on other miniserver will not be exported anymore)
  • BG-I1370 State Object: Allow multiplications & divisions of inputs for outputs value
  • BG-I1394 Fixed crash when setting object-template
  • BG-I1395 Fixed baudrate setting manipulation
  • BG-I1423 Fixed display of ‘à’ Character in Tree
  • BG-I1645 Presence Simulation: Fixed not turned on actuator when simulation is started close to the end of the timespan and activation times are quite long
  • BG-I325  Presence-Simulation: Only send off command when control was activated by simulation
  • BG-I1655 Languages: Fixed always included language option Indonesian
  • BG-I1569 Enable Ir Learn only when connected
  • BG-I887 Fixed problems with time pulses (day, month, year, sunrise, sunset,…) – sometimes no pulse was generated
  • BG-I528 Fixed save of backup to shared folder
  • BG-I1733 Fixed sporadic crash during project analysis (e.g. when loading from Miniserver)
  • BG-I1727 Connect Dialog: Enabled horizontal scroll, to allow longer URLs
  • BG-I733 Fixed MessageBox disappearing behind splash screen
  • BG-I1686 AutoConfig: Fixed wrong used central room
  • BG-I1746 Autoconfig: adapted default moods
  • BG-I1695 Adapted description of alarm clock option in autoconfiguration
  • BG-I1331 ProjectAnalysis: Show info if no Roomtemperature is available
  • BG-I1500 Projectanalysis: show warning for mixed lightgroups
  • BG-I1682 ProjectAnalysis: Invalid-PWM-configuration shown for connection-flag and complex objects
  • Project Analysis: Added Pool Controller, Leaf control and Internorm Ventilation control checking if the control has no referenced device
  • BG-I1310 Project Analysis: Button to fix stats is not shown any longer for digital statistics
  • BG-I1863 Project Analysis: Detect if a sensor/device is connected multiple times to the alarm control
  • Music Server Zone: Casatunes-Server is assignable again
  • BG-I1557 Musicserver Zone: Double Impulse from QOn
  • Musicserver Zone: Zone paused during active movement
  • BG-I390 Keba Wallbox: Input X1 not working in Gateway
  • BG-I1565 Fixed Settings for Custom Enocean-Actor
  • BG-I1571 Radiobuttons: adapted Descriptions of Parameter
  • BG-I1844 fixed wrong greying for Dali devices
  • Increased speed of device status when there are a lot of air dummy devices
  • Set Air device back to dummy when learning fails
  • Fixed keep of hidden connections (e.g. Alarm object) when changing a parameter
  • Fixed empty brackets of 1-wire devices in device tree
  • Fixed displayed name of Miniserver Go – Air Base
  • Fixed missing window icons
  • Fixed non clickable dialog settings
  • Fixed deselect of object when starting search (F5)
  • Enable Autoconfig when only central functions are available
  • Fixed change of room on device, room of childs was not adapted
  • BG-I1738 Operating Times property change in config not correct
  • Trying to re-establish connection to Miniserver when the connection is lost
  • BG-I1550 Saunacontroller: active System-Message triggered again after reboot
  • BG-I190 Lightcontroller: Timer TOn not canceled with input O
  • BG-I655  Lightcontroller: Fixed issue with Master-Brightness after reboot
  • BG-I1603 Lightcontroller-dialog: disable deleting of last movement-configuration
  • BG-I1675 LightController: Master-Brightness changes outputs > 100%
  • BG-I1260 Lightcontroller: Fixed blocked inputs with Pulse-At Object when pulse time < 1 sec
  • BG-I788 Lightcontroller: Fixed: Movement-Mood stays on after Alarm
  • BG-I819 Lightcontroller: Lights out via Light central triggers reset output
  • BG-I1436 Lightcontroller: Fixed: Light activated after mode-change
  • BG-I1471 Fixed alarm on lightcontroller when activated and deactivated from different sources
  • Lightcontroller-Dialog: Header-Texts was cut off
  • Fixed Parameter Min/Max values not adjusted according to Description (several Blocks)
  • BG-I1461 Switch On/Off: Removed statistic option
  • BG-I1764 Modbus TCP: allow configuration of byte / word-orders for analog actors
  • BG-T245 Added abort button to message box when trying to save document with a different serial to Miniserver
  • Expert-Mode: fixed locked flag
  • BG-I1862 Fixed invalid object names for IR-, Modbus- and Fröling-Extensions
  • BG-I1101: Modbus Extension: Increased pause between two modbus packets to 50 ms when Timing is set to “Auto” (new binary)
  • BG-I1602 Colorpicker-Dialog: Multiselect-Delete only works on Sequences
  • BG-I818  Media-Controller: Adapted Description for double-clicks
  • BG-I1973 Ventilation: Adapted description of input Ts
  • BG-I642  ExpertMode: Fixed change in remanence-setting inactive on first reboot
  • BG-I1223 Adapted description of Formula-Block
  • BG-I1483 Smartactor: invalid Type-Name in Context-menu
  • BG-I2066 Remove correction setting for Smartactors
  • BG-I1531 Adapted Template for Musicserver-Zone playurl-command
  • BG-I388  Device-References invalid after cut/paste into other Miniserver
  • BG-I1943: fixed wrong default category for firealarm air battery input
  • BG-I1786: fixed 1-Wire dummy device detection
  • BG-I1205 Validate strings for html commands (expert mode & settings)
  • BG-I1478 Updated Quickstart guide (Updated texts, Added button to open Miniserver search, Removed from project view)
  • BG-I785 Template Saving: Now warning is shown if file name contains not allowed characters
  • BG-I1618 Caller: If language is set to ‘Standard’ now the Miniserver language is used instead of German
  • BG-I1985 Changed icon for diagnosis inputs
  • BG-I1479 Moved Auto-configuration button to fixed ribbon part
  • BG-I1588 Hourcounter – Fixed daylightsavings time jump (falsely added hour)
  • BG-I1963 Added Tree In- & Outputs to enumin and enumout webservices
  • BG-I1879 Fixed multi edit of input & simulation type of digital and analog inputs
  • BG-I1868 Fixed adding of IR output multiple times to the same channel on IR Control Air
  • Help Bubble: BG-I1824: fixed unnecessary line breaks in some io short descriptions
  • Help Bubble: BG-I1551: fixed scaling of table width. Text may was not visible
  • Help Bubble: BG-I1288, BG-I1437: layout and word wrap was messed up for some functionblocks
  • BG-I614 manual simulation input was bound to device timing and sensitivity
  • BG-I2014 Deny Pipe-Symbol for App-Names
  • BG-I2004 Simulation: some objects are not resetted when simulation is restarted
  • BG-I1749 Simulation: Improved reset of set values at simulation start
  • BG-I1415 Config-Crash when loading custom-changes for converted object
  • BG-I1606 Statistic-Mail: show output-name instead of output symbol
  • Fixed sporadic crashes in document tree (mostly happened directly after loading from Miniserver)
  • Fixed password security evaluation (password insecure message)
  • BG-I568 Alarm Clock: Fixed incorrect time for next wake time shown in visu
  • BG-I367 Logger: Now syslog protocol is correctly supported
  • Added default room for online-status input of Extensions
  • BG-I2023 Fixed constant config-connection loss when having a lots of devices
  • Increased timeout during update when saving to Miniserver
  • BG-I1622 Fixed delete of UPNP zone in Config software
  • BG-I1274 Fixed remove of connection flags after control conversion
  • BG-I1359 Add port to http post header
  • BG-I1877 Onlinestatus: Devices of Extensions are now set offline immediately when Extension goes offline
  • BG-I2170 Fixed update of property window for controls without settings
  • BG-I2148 AirBase: fixed link reconnect
  • Fixed Miniserver search
  • BG-I2088 Adapted default color for stats-webinterface
  • BG-I2085 Lightcontroller: duplicate uuid’s for sequencer after copy/paste
  • BG-I2084 Alarm-Siren: manipulation-message active directly after program start
  • BG-I2105 Musicserver Zone: Block locked if event could not be started
  • BG-I2090 Roomcontroller: added Hysteresis to temperature-warning
  • BG-I2096 Autojalousie: fixed central command for moving jalousie
  • BG-I2107 Fixed Non-Boolean checkbox-values
  • BG-I2116 Fixed Config-crash when converting lightcontroller
  • BG-I2121 Invalid Connector-Letter for RGBW-Dimmer # 4
  • Fixed Blocking of App-Connection while disabling caller / weather systemmessages
  • Logger: Fixed missing addition of text to syslog message
  • BG-I2160: Fixed copy room in project planning issue
  • Systemvariables: Fixed values not shown in visualisation
  • BG-I2182 fixed fröling operating hours input scaling
  • BG-I2221 Fixed race condition during miniserver restart
  • BG-I2228 Fixed possible crash during parse of DNS response
  • BG-I2241 Fixed start of tree device search from quick search
  • BG-I2242 Fixed start of 1-Wire search from quick search
  • BG-I2239 Fixed disabled Tree search action
  • BG-I2201 Fixed changing contents of property window when quick search is opened
  • BG-I2213 Diagnostic Inputs: Fixed Icons for some diagnostic inputs
  • BG-I2289: Fixed repeated mail sending for messages where mail was already sent

* Sending time for daily report mail now varies between 4am and 6am  depending on Miniserver MAC

  • Liveview: Fixed button in ribbon dropdown shown multiple times at some situations
  • BG-I2188 Learning Dialogs: Installation place can now be left free in learning dialogs
  • BG-I2141 Project Analysis: Changed title of show button for multiple PicoC objects
  • BG-I2137 Paste Control: Fixed configurable controls giving the impression to be pasted multiple times
  • BG-I2246 Settings: Fixed not working arrow buttons in Property Window for some settings
  • BG-I2238 fixed Config-Crash when renaming audio-zone
  • BG-I2243 fixed Config-Crash when selecting unassigned integrated jalousie
  • BG-I2261 Musicserver-Zone: Events can not be stopped
  • BG-I2245 Roomcontroller: Temperatures get lost after reboot
  • BG-I1964 1-Wire: If a read value from a sensor might not be possible it will be read a second time.
  • BG-I2150 Musicserver Individual volumes for groupedEvent(Alarm, Bell)
  • BG-I2236 fixed invalid ribbon-text for onlinestate of dmx, dali extension
  • BG-I2177 AutoProgram: Lightscene Brightness-level was greater than 100
  • BG-I219 Added Feedback for Systemmessage-Action “Reboot Miniserver”
  • BG-I2091 Quick Info: Fixed names not matching when hovering over an io reference after changing name in property window
  • BG-I2073 Door and Window Monitor: Fix for devices shown offline (after save to Miniserver, Miniserver restart, …)
  • BG-I2259 Motion Sensor Air: Adapted description of overrun duration following motion parameter
  • BG-I2214 Device Learning Dialogs: Improved behaviour for setting room and installation place
  • BG-I2253 Systemvariables: Uninitialised Systemvariables do not show -2147483647 any more
  • BG-I2312 Fixed invalid reboot message after an update where bootloader was adapted
  • Property Window: Fixed being stuck at a control after Quick Search
  • BG-I2076 Autopilot triggered multiple times
  • BG-I2282 fixed config-crash when copying user into group
  • fixed invalid setting of sensor-error-output during update
  • BG-I2279 Adapted description of MinMax:Reset-input
  • Musicserver: set Alarm and Firealarm prioritized in command-queue
  • BG-I2266 Autopilot: If Control is used in multiple autopilots, conditions are not analyzed correctly
  • BG-I2284 Deletion of Page deletes Musicserver Zone
  • BG-I2248 Lightcontroller: Colorpicker does not work in alternative rgb mode
  • BG-I2311 Lightcontroller: adapted description of Parameter Ti
  • BG-I2319 Push Notifications: Controls now use description instead of name in push notifications
  • BG-I2237 Adapted description of wallbox-block
  • BG-I2257 Central Objects: Invalid object-count after pasting in other project



Known Issues: (?)

  • BG-I1408: When converting “Intelligent Room Controller Gen 1” the setting “Use Sunshine Information” is not converted. You may have to uncheck this setting manually after converting.
  • BG-I1409: Digital outputs of the “Climate Controller” function block are not working if their are inverted. Workaround: Use a “Not” function block instead.
  • BG-I1101: It rarely happen that a received register-value is written to the wrong register-address of a Modbus Device. This happens due to bad timings in Modbus communication. Workaround: Change the “Timing” setting of the Modbus Extension from “Auto” to “Manuell” and then set the “Pause” setting to at least 0,05 (50 milliseconds).
  • BG-I1420: In rare cases due to data corruption it might happen that the SD-Card statistics are wrong. This may end in a Sd-Card error message via the systemstatus. To ensure that the error message is caused by this issue, you should check if the the webservice /dev/sys/errorstats lists plausible values. For example, no negative or enormous number should be listed. In case of doubt, please contact our support. Workaround: Enter the Webservice http://miniserver.ip/dev/fsdel/sys/rem/errors.bin in your browser. After that you have to do a power cycle on the miniserver. (For all listed webservices you will need admin rights on your miniserver).
  • In rare cases Loxone Air Devices, which previously worked as repeater don’t repeats packages of other devices anymore. The problem is recognizable by the fact that surrounding Air Devices go offline or now have a bad connection to the Air Base. The affected Device itself will work as expected. Only Devices with fixed power supply can be affected by this issue (for example Smart Socket Air). Workaround: Do a power cycle of the affected Devices. After that it will repeat packages from all devices again.
  • BG-I1352: If the option “Allow Additional Preselections” is activated for the NFC Code Touch function block, you are then able to enter 4 digit long preselections. If you enter longer preselections it will cut off the latest entered digits, without any feedback that the given preselection is invalid. If you enter ‘123456’ then the recognized preselection will be ‘1234’. If the preselection is longer than 8 digits the preselection will be reset. If you enter ‘123456789’ the recognized preselection will be ‘9’.
  • BG-I1426: Intelligent Temperature Controller outputs invalid values if Intelligent-Room-Controller outputs (H, C and HC) are set to PWM. Workaround: Disable the PWM option in the Room Controller and use the Climate-Controller PWM outputs instead (H1, C1, HC1,…). To use the Climate Controller outputs as PWM you have to check the PWM option in the Room-Controller configuration dialog first.
  • Clima-Controller: Current Outdoor-Temperature displayed instead of Average Outdoor-Temperature. This value will only be shown if the average function is activated for the Clima-Controller
  • BG-I1728: If using Loxone Config in the language CAT Catalan. Opening the configuration dialog of any central function block will end in a software crash. Workaround to this will be to use any other language instead.
  • BG-I887: The Time-Functions which are generating a pulse like “Pulse Minute”, “Pulse Hour”, “Pulse Day”, “Pulse Week”, “Pulse Month”, “Pulse Year”, “Pulse Sunrise” and “Pulse Sunset” may not be triggered every time. If the Miniserver is under higher load during the time the pulse should be triggered then it may be skipped.Workaround: Minimize the load of the miniserver that is caused by any logic in the configuration. Optimize your custom logic so it will consume less performance during the wanted pulse. Anotherway could be to use your own logic which generates an pulse at the wanted time (use non pulsing time functions for that). 
  • Alarm Siren Tree: If any Tree Device is currently updating, the sabotage contact may be triggered without any actual sabotage. This is a fault detection by the Miniserver (caused by the timeout reception of the sabotage contact input). This issue does not occur during the normal operation of the Miniserver. This issue will be fixed with the next software version (the next update might trigger this issue). 

Loxone Config Version C

If you update from to a Miniserver update isn’t essential. All changes are only for the Loxone Config Software. 

– Fixed fetch of geo coordinates
– Added new light products to installed project planning database
– Updated Translations

Loxone Config Version


Sonnen Battery Support:

  • New Loxone Config template
  • Autoconfig will connect it to an energy-monitor

Setting Edit Dialog:

  • Easy way to edit settings of multiple objects
  • You can use right click to select the setting edit dialogue
  • Possibility to only show common settings


  • autoconfig of ventilation objects will add a logic for nighttime ventilation
  • autoconfig will now start sleep timer when going to sleep and simulate presence during nighttime

Intelligent Room Controller v2:

  • Intelligent room controller Gen 1 can be converted over ribbon button or project analysis
  • Is communicating with supported function blocks (Ventilation + Climate Controller)
  • Automatic switching between heating and cooling
  • Simultaneous usage of different sources depending on their energy cost
  • Allow overheating / overcooling in eco-mode with free sources
  • Shade-Output in Heating-Mode activated when actual temperatur > comfort + TaMax

Climate Controller:

  • For controlling temperature-sources such as heat pumps, HVAC-Systems, …
  • mode(heat/cool/standby) decided by demand of all configured intelligent room controllers (only works with Intelligent Room Controller v2)
  • locks outputs for intelligent room controllers in opposite mode

Intelligent temperature controller:

  • Auto-Mode with Climate Controller to switch between heating and cooling dynamically
  • Automatic usage of system Outdoor-Temperature variable
  • New option „Use all controls from Climate Controller“ in dialogue


  • global variables for humidity, temperature, sunshine, rain and  solar-energy
  • automatically set by weather-server or weather-station if available
  • may be manually overwritten by user-defined logic
  • used by default from some function blocks. For example: climate controller and ventilation-blocks (no manual connection needed).


  • Enables the editing of multiple different controls settings
  • To open the dialog, select the controls and open the context menu (right click).


  • New Dialogs for learning Air and Tree Devices that will speed up the process.
  • Better overview of devices that still need to be learned and devices that are already learned in.
  • Easy way to pair and unpair air devices.

Channel Change:

  • Changing the Air Channel inside of your current regional band is now much easier.
  • Most devices now automatically detect when the channel of its Air Base was changed, also if the device was sleeping during the actual change.
  • There is an info message if a device is not able to automatically change the frequency band.
  • This will only work if all of the devices are already up to date!

NFC Code Touch:

  • Added option to use more than 6 as preselection. This will force you to always enter a preselection.

System Status:

  • Added System Status to LoxoneConfig. It will be shown on the right side of the status bar.
  • New central place to handle different kinds of messages
  • There are different message levels: Info, Warning, Error, Critical
  • Miniserver secondary led indicating message center messages.  Info -> green, Warning -> orange, Error & Critical -> red
  • Mail and push notifications are sent to the notification address with a slight delay
  • If many notifications are triggered in a short period of time, one combined notification will be sent
  • Critical error messages are sent immediately with no delays
  • System State messages include:
    • Sd-card in poor condition (BG-T19)
    • Sd-card broken (BG-T63)
    • Sd-card with high write load (BG-T114)
    • obstacle detected (for GEIGER  Motors)
    • motor stuck (for GEIGER Motors)
    • no valve detected (for valve air and valve tree)
    • valve stuck (for valve air and valve tree)
    • air channel occupied (for Air Base Extension)
    • Device Offline (only if “monitor online status” is activated for that device)
    • Ventilation filter change needed (Leaf and Internorm)
    • Ventilation error (Device mechanical or electrical errors)
    • Gate stopped due to safety input
    • Gate Endstop not active after closing
    • ‚Insecure password‘ (user-specific)
    • Insecure user‘ (for user admin)
    • Client is offline (BG-I1184)
    • BG-T118 Messages for Sauna + Saunavaporcontroller
    • BG-T124 Messages for Energy-Monitor offline
    • BG-T120 Messages for PoolController
    • Message for Miniserver Reboot, automatically set historic after 30 minutes

Technical Documentation:

  • The documentation window now provides additional information about the current Block or Device such as units, range and default values
  • In addition, the documentation is also available offline within Loxone Config (the offline documentation reflects the documentation at the time of release – updates to the documentation might be available online)

Light Groups:

  • Supported Devices: all kinds of Tree Spots (for smart actuators)
  • Project Planning: create lightgroup per room & devicetype
  • Autoconfig: automatically combines actuators to groups
  • Dialogue for combining existing actuators in project-analysis
  • Combine existing actuators via context-menu

Energy Manager (Beta)

  • Intelligently control different loads depending on the available energy.


  • Built in Quick Start Guide that provides guidance to get started with Loxone Config
  • Use Touch devices as an alarm output in burglar-alarm and fire & water alarm (triggers click sound of Loxone Touches in case of an alarm)
  • Added Tree Cable to Project Planning Tool
  • LiveView now offers the possibility to change input values within Loxone Config (enable LiveView with manual control)
  • Added new ‘Room’ View and ‘Device’ View in Loxone Config to get a better overview of objects in rooms
  • Ribbon button for QuickSearch
  • Link & Tree Diagnosis: Added help link & more information
  • After creating a new document, the project settings will be opened
  • Added russian language
  • Delayed connection to Miniserver when Miniserver is not yet ready
  • Added the possibility to update the data needed for time-offset calculation (daylight saving)


Project Planning

  • BT-T138 Added Search and Replace Dialog in project planning
  • Bg-619 Fixed RGBW Output power
  • Bg-441 Country dependent default files
  • Bg-615 Fixed corrupted Excel file in some languages
  • Added default plan for Espanol
  • BG-I741 fixed wrong intercom in czech default file
  • BG-I943 Fixed change of tax when changing between Austria and Germany
  • BG-I1329 Fixed Duplicated items in preselection
  • Fixed error when opening a file with different store ID
  • Fixed product variants when a product is not available anymore
  • BG-T225 Project Planning: Automatic Spot calculation
  • Bg-524 Added italian to project planning
  • The count is not rounded up anymore
  • Different ruling for sleeping rooms
  • Increased needed power for Tree valves
  • Use Tree cable instead of CAT7
  • BG-T137 Add Items from catalog via double click
  • BT-T128 Export a plan to a file that can be used in the shop
  • BG-T139 Catalog Dialog will now be displayed floating and not docked when the used display is too small
  • Added default plan for UK
  • Added default plan for switzerland
  • Added additional guidance after project planning

Lighting Controller

  • BG-I1277 Lightcontroller: adapted descriptions for AIb / T
  • BG-I1167 Fixed possible miniserver reboot when setting sequence after alarm
  • BG-I703: Color-Picker-Dialog: set default brightness on first click on color
  • fixed Composite-Capabilities for Smart-Single actuators(RGBW / WW)
  • BG-I1157 Lightcontroller 1+2: adapted description of RQ
  • disable Ignore-Movement-Timer after presence-simulation
  • BG-I1076 deny special characters in channel / moodnames
  • BG-I627 changing Operating Mode activates light even if brightness is too high
  • BG-I1058 DisMV ignored when changing Operatingmode
  • BG-I719 Added info-bit for used Buzzer-Mood

Temperature Controller

  • Kj-T122 mode not changed after Service Mode off
  • BG-I1144 Qp is active when valves are opened because of min-movement

Project Validation

  • Fixed crash after closing/reopening document
  • Bg-128 Added Validation of Dimmer output type

Air General

  • fixed possible reboot loop when battery gets empty (reboot loop causes an occupied air channel)
  • changed battery scaling. This affects the current battery capacity and the statistics of it.
  • fixed battery measurement
  • improved meshing parameters. Routes with bad signal and signal fluctuations are now more stable.
  • BG-I1230 improved DC powered valve air startup handling (avoid a lot of air traffic on miniserver startup)


  • removed dali device setting „device off on system failure / power failure“. This setting is not supported by dali standard and did not work at all.
  • dali devices not switching off after miniserver restart


  • BG-I1357: Importing of CCF-Files may not import all IR buttons
  • BG-I1332 Fixed maximum byte array size in config
  • Fixed display of memory objects in tree on gateways
  • BG-I1313 Fixed Text connected to virtual state
  • Warning when client is offline
  • BG-I629 Music Central: DisMV has no effect to clients
  • BG-I745: fixed T5 for Media-controller
  • BG-I660: Objects used in Central are hidden after visu-change / expertmode
  • BG-T241 Valve Tree: fixed status LED blinking
  • BG-I1042 AutoConfig Fixed blocking of room off option
  • BG-I675 fixed toggling behaviour of energy manager
  • BG-I1292 GEIGER GJ56 motor: fixed obstacle input when obstacle is detected right after start from end position (e.g. on frozen blind)
  • BG-I1163 Geiger motors: don’t set obstacle input during end position recalibration
  • ventilation sleep input not using correct sleep time
  • BG-I1178 Fixed update of settings when setting input to frequency counter
  • BG-I804 Central-Information of function blocks not correct
  • Installation place in device status and view info box
  • BG-I1208 Fixed crash on copy & paste
  • BG-I1124 Fixed Intercom invalid setting title
  • Fixed insert names of integrated devices
  • BG-I1147 File Type detection now case insensitive
  • BG-I815 Miniserver configuration: External address is now serialized
  • BG-I726 Day-Values are only resetted after first production in energy monitor:
  • BG-I790 Autoconnect Energymanager
  • BG-I641 GateController Expert Mode-change for Animation Type does not change visualization
  • BG-I1090 Musicserver Zone: Add Zone-ID to default-name
  • Extension Update: less disturbance of normal link communication during extension update
  • BG-I1074 Fixed simulation with connectionflags
  • BG-I1079 Shortened text in caption bar (File path is not displayed anymore when connected to miniserver)
  • Fixed crash when loading from miniserver during connection flag referencing
  • BG-I831: NFC Code Touch crashes due to non existing outputs
  • BG-I64: NFC Code Touch insert from another document not working
  • BG-I645: NFC Code Touch crash on cut
  • BG-I863 Fixed references in smoke water alarm after cut and paste
  • BG-I318 WeatherstationAir: current wind value is not only sent when when exceed or fall below wind threshold but also when value changes for at least 25% (in loxone DC mode)
  • BG-I1035 Input references now only show a button when they are really clickable
  • BG-I1063 Fixed presence simulation of stairway light switch and comfort lightswitch
  • Improved error detection inputs of Valve Air and Tree
  • Connection Dialog improvements
    • Fixed password display length
    • empty stored password when selecting textbox
  • Improved naming of devices after creation. Devices and their IO now have a shorter name after creation
  • Token Authorization now returns proper error codes
  • Help View: fixed combined descriptions in central blocks. Now lists them only as one entry (T5/1-8 in Light Controller central).
  • SD Optimizations: weatheru.xml is not written to SD card anymore!
  • Automatic-Rule Dialog: invalid string for „input“ fixed
  • Fixed time-changed functions for Light Controllers, Jalousie and Musicserver Zone
  • adjusted battery levels for some air devices
  • Removed GJ56 from planning options
  • Added Ökofen Pelletronic modbus template
  • BG-I668 Improved getting of statistic data for app on a gateway
  • BG-I1023 Improved display of media client in tree
  • BG-I1016 Fixed endless loop in geo coordinate parsing
  • BG-I397 Improved description of autoupdate setting
  • BG-I857 Remove documentation object when its still in the document
  • BG-I917 Config-Tree Fixed visual glitch of first visible item after hide of items in tree
  • BG-I592 Warning message when virtual output command is too long for miniserver
  • BG-I495 Fixed unwanted selection after close of info bubble in view
  • BG-I844 Fixed drop of a reference on a connection reference
  • BG-I856 Fixed restore of connection flags after document import
  • BG-I932 Fixed configure button when not directly device is selected
  • BG-I1022: Statistics: do not write identical values when no changes are made
  • BG-I984 Small error in NFC Code Touch description texts
  • BG-I1014 ExpertMode: fixed configuration of place and category
  • BG-I838 Ping: Display-Settings not shown in Visu
  • BG-I855 EnergyMonitor: increased timeout for testing connection via config
  • BG-I714 ExpertMode: Some Sensor-Types can not be edited
  • BG-I751: Extension Search: replaced extensions don’t disappear
  • BG-I875: Extension Search: replace button texts same for dummy extensions
  • Extension Search: cancel button did not undo changes
  • BG-I958 Fixed Calendars & Temperatures for each roomtype
  • BG-I816 Fixed opening of def.log when having special characters in Windows user
  • BG-I837 Fixed renaming of numbered references
  • BG-I845 Fixed default correction of Aquastar input
  • BG-I859 Removed not used remote usergroup setting from notification object
  • BG-I448 DrawLibrary: Enabled reverse tabulator
  • BG-I706 Fixed digital state of virtual output command in visualization
  • BG-I691 Alarm – Fixed rest delay time event when deactivating
  • BG-I761 Enocean TelegramType not saved beyond undo
  • BG-I715 Smoke- & Wateralarm fixed wrong edges on Text output
  • BG-I731 Dont save converted program after SPS load when it was a fallback file
  • BG-I782 Fixed open of note text setting via double click
  • BG-I771 Increased minimum needed Windows Version (Windows 7 Service Pack 1) in Setup
  • BG-I765 Show correct cursor when inserting objects
  • BG-I795 Improved handling of creating a connection reference
  • BG-I762 Fixed Weatherserver data when not receiving any data from server
  • Bg-657 Fixed oscillating estimated memory usage
  • BG-271 Carcharger Keba: edges for udp-sensors not recognized in time
  • BG-502 Templates: IR Cyclic sending not assigned
  • BG-606 Musicserver: cancel event during boot
  • Bg-561 Statistic: last value not shown when imported in config
  • Bg-174 Internorm-Jalousie: Fullup/down not working correctly
  • Bg-696 MediaController: Reset only works on falling edge
  • BG-I661 Client has wrong LoxAPP3
  • Bg-470: Calendar API: 28th Feb not possible to enter if no leap year
  • Bg-610: ETS communication over NAT fails
  • Bg-110: Fixed reference of object in centrals after cut and paste
  • Bg-289 Allow change of password secured inputs via liveview
  • Bg-362: Taskrecorder: Fixed usage of visu password
  • Bg-395 Virtualoutput value visualization
  • Bg-417 Alarm: Fixed Alarm Text when WindowHandle-Window is opened/closed
  • Bg-510 Connection References: fixed creation of reference
  • Bg-538 Fixed UDP Input when receiving fragmented UDP packets
  • Bg-542 Fixed external connect to Miniserver when there is local device with same ip as Miniserver
  • Bg-559 Fixed Edge Wipe relay when changing High/Low Time during active cycle
  • Bg-590 Miniserver Configuration: Added message when selecting manual time
  • Bg-597 Fixed endless loop in file analyze
  • Bg-599 Fixed crash when copying Input to another project
  • Bg-458 Pool: Fixed cycle duration
  • Bg-609 Pool: Fixed overflow when cycle was longer than 18 hours
  • Bg-508 Pool: Fixed first switch of pump and valve in service mode
  • Bg-630 Fixed typo in autoconfig description strings
  • Bg-542 Warn if trying to connect to wrong Miniserver that does not fit to document
  • Bg-648 Fixed Encoding in translation files




Known Issues: (?)

  • KNX IP Gateway: Communication with the ETS not working if “NAT Mode” is activated for the connection.
    • Workaround:
    • disable “Nat Mode” in the ETS Software
    • or use an external EIB Gateway to connect via ETS

New Functions:

  • Project Planning
  • New program block for leaf ventilation system
  • Improved learning of devices
    • The replacement-list contains now also devices from other extensions
    • If replaced those, the devices are moved to the new extension
    • If the Extension is already full, it will be swapped with a device that isn’t learned
    • Device that are not learned at the time are listed at the top in the replacement-list (marked with an asterisk *)
  • New News Hub
  • New Internorm Fan Programm block

Starting with Version 9.3 password based authentication has been removed due to security reasons. Token based authentication must be used from now on, for websocket authentication on the Miniserver! (Please see API documentation)
To connect to the Miniserver the App Version must be at least 9.0

The operating systems Windows XP and Windows Vista aren’t supported anymore. To run the Loxone Config 9.3 minimum Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 is required.

Other Changes:

Update Warning added to Setup and before Miniserver Update
Bg-551 NFC Code Touch Output names changed after save/load
Bg-540 NFC Code Touch better description text for Dialog
Changed App Icon
Fixed maximum download size for Config Update File
Fixed Issue with NFC Code Touch
Special characters in cloud mail subject and from fields are supported now
Bg-186 Room/Category missing in fire water alarm block on gateway
Renamed Tree-Spots
Bg-493: Fixed Hide of project view when reopening Document
Bg-424: AlarmClock: Don’t allow no modes for entry anymore (entry would never ring)
Bg-492 Lightcontroller Fixed Presence Simulation – scene selection
Bg-428: Fixed external T5 connections (T5 input used on other miniserver)
Added Disclaimer for Project Planning and Auto Configuration
Bg-520: Fixed typo in disclaimer
Bg-475 fixed config crash when try to delete non existing news image file
NewsHub: Online changes are now also updated in Config
NewsHub: “\n\r” are now escaped correct
Bg-438 Gateway doesn’t transmit program to clients in some cases
DrawLibrary: No Messages to invisible items
Bg-453 Fixed wrong required rights for operating times
BG-391 IRC: removed info-Output from BG-223
hide unused Lightgroup-caption
Carcharger-device: removed unused statistic-option
BG-432 removed Modbus-Template „keba/neura“
BG-427 invalid text for Fröling-sensor
BG-440 Scaling for SmartActors
BM-170 LSC2 AllOn displayed after manual change
allow Lumitech-Value < 10%
BG-398 LSC/LSC2: Reduced Colorpicker-Load LSC2: fixed lumitech states during / after alarm User-Properties hidden with visu-options Dali Extension: Issue with short circuit detection fixed faster backup from gateway on external connection
Fixed cases where PicoC tasks could be left over hogging memory after saving in Miniserver
Bg-399 Fixed Digital In – Receive Timeout, Its now not needed anymore that the value changes
Bg-389 Project Analysis: Switch Control is not a error when at least one output is connected
Bg-404 QuickSearch: Fixed change switch to correct tree when selecting project item
Bg-402 Fixed Currency Symbol reverting when doing restore
Bg-405 DocumentTree: RoomName before Product Name Improved air-communication for air devices LSC2: Reworked mood-switch when operating-mode changes
BG-323 LSC2: Additional Moods not active after alarm
BG-304 LSC2: Masterslider Incorrect after dragging dimmer
Bg-316 LSC2: automatic mixing off AllOn not working
Bg-312 LSC2: fixed wrong mood at first click on + / –
BG-155 LSC2: invalid Movement-Mood after manual selection
BG-262 + BG-181 LSC2: Ti ignored after light out
BG-248 LSC2: Invalid Mood after Reboot
BG-250 LSC2: Sequence not removed after changing output-type LSC2: Miniserver-Reboot after invalid webservice
BG-241 LSC2: Fixed T5-sequence
BG-196 LSC2: T5 after + not working
BG-86 LSC2: sequencer not started
BG-153 LSC2: wrong mood in presenceSimulation LSC2: fixed mood via t5 after manual change
179362437 Typo in LSC2 parameter
179369022 LSC2 Dialog: removed mix-checkbox for alloff
179720022 LSC2 invalid index in sequence config
180581603 LSC2: mood-order after mixing
180647031 LSC2: mixing (alternating app/t5) not working
180637643 LSC2: mixing / next available mood 180581488 LSC2: alternative RGB handling > 100%
180818313 LSC2: Lumitech-conversion
180311820 LSC2 dialog: scaling in Win7
182059704 LSC2 dialog: invalid action
183629365 LSC2: Longtimeclick I1-I4 / switch
182781368 LSC2 dialog: any mode priority
182452791 LSC2 dialog: lock text-input for all off
183982835 LSC1 + 2: PropertyWindow for PresenceSimu not refreshed
181242817 LSC2 dialog: invalid string
84429659 LSC2: Lumitech invalid color
179686155 fixed single channel smart actor link lost state
178474042 fixed lumitech smart actor RGB mode scaling (only 40% of brightness was used)
BG-382 Lightcontroller: convert lumitech
Lightcontroller: invalid mood after TH
LSC2: reworked mood-selection with T5 / + (Master-Values, I1, App, O, R)
LSC2: reset entry-mood after timeout
LSC2: fixed wrong uuid for dimmer-subcontrol
LSC2: Fixed mixing for 1-10V output
BG-99 Config: Smartaktor RGBW: WW-Value for LinkLost-State
BG-86 LSC2: Sequencer on high outputs not correct
LinkLost-Value for WW-Devices/Smartactors not working
Dimmer Extension:
added channel identify
BG-315 IRC: ErrorMail for temperature-difference sent too soon
fixed crash when creating gateway-files
140974511 Fixed Iroomcontroller for Gateway
ValveAir: fixed „no valve detected“ input; improved valve start detection; adjust battery thresholds, fixed low power reset
Valve Tree:
fixed device crash
fixed status LED blinking
improved reference drive
Smokealarm: Additional Input for Arc-Fault
Bg-197 Alarmanlage Events problem (max alarm duration not working)
Bg-268 Alarm not turned off when reaching maximum duration
Bg-347 NFC Code Touch: Miniserverübergreifende Zuordnung möglich
Bg-232 NFC Code Touch in Batteriebetrieb: Config lässt NFC-Lernmodus aktivieren
Bg-282 NFC Code Touch: looses reference
Bg-227 NFC Code Touch: TQ logs not uniform
Bg-221 NFC Code Touch: does not write log with unknown nfc-tags
Bg-199 NFC Code Touch: access over app not in log
Bg-161 NFC Code Touch: cut/paste: peripery tree reference missing
Fixes for NFC Code Touch Authentification: Load reduced and Timing issues fixed
Musicserver: added option: TTS Output for Error-Messages
Musicserver-Zone: Upnp-Mode enabled for Expert-Mode
BG-284 Musicserver Zone: fixed description of repeat-input
Bg-205 Musicserver Zone: adapted description for Vd
BG-113 Musicserver Init-Sequence not completed
179520694 AutoConfig: Fixed config when central room is missing
182411310 Added new category icons and Use them in AutoConfig
BG-246 AutoConfig: Reworked Frost-safety logic
BG-73 Automaticjalousie Integrated: zyklic stop-command is send while ST is active
BG-251 Autojalousie: Locked-Reason not displayed
Central / ShadeCentral: Stop does not override Security
Bg-61 Fixed reconnect when tcp stream was not closed properly by server
Bg-63 Fixed deadlock in FTP transfer
177941541 Fixed reuse of TCP connection in HTTP client / Fixed connection state#
Bg-192 Connection lost after detailed device info
Faster download of update files
Project View: Select Search tab if not yet any projects
Project View: Decision between new and configured adapted to new MS name
Fixed setting of Roomsize when Square Feets is used
Project Analysis: Fixed memory validation
Project Analysis: Fixed delete of page
Project Analysis: Analize direction of autojalousie
181529047 Validate Document name
Project analysis
check miniserver registration
check product usage
Bg-75 Project Analysis shows actors, as unused, even if they are used in a media object
Added Possibility to ignore project analysis light warnings
188163531 Fixed endless logfile analyze
Fixed password validation
Bg-257 Fixed connection loss during project analysis
Reword Help for Alarm, AlarmClock and Poolcontroller
Bg-296 No category displayed on virtual state when room is unused
Pushbutton2Sel: no default-value if remanence not used
Added nullptr handling during SPS Stop in VirtualInUdp
Bg-283 State Object: Tracker not working
160054566 autopilotDesigner: invalid json
173989713 Config: fixed crash in copy / paste autopilot
BG-366 EnergyGenerator: invalid Value for Offline Fronius with DataLogger
Bg-332 Poolcontroller reference in tree
BG-196 Carcharger: AIl duplicate after conversion, Reference to Device missing
Bg-193 Wrong name for Touch Surface
Bg-192 Schedule invalid after expert mode change
Bg-164 Pulse generator: Fixed increasing CPU usage
Bg-346 Adapted trigger input description of multifunctionswitch
Bg-175 unable to use digital inputs of extensions as frequency counters
BG-295 Hide visu-options for T5-Sensors
BG-275 Auto-Adjust Monitor maximum-runtime
Bg-137 changed description of Remanence parameter
Bg-337 Fixed property update after memory type change
Bg-324 Fixed pane positioning on multimonitor setup
Config: cut of automatic-rule not working
BG-114 Config: Show used autopilots in tooltip
New CI in Config
changes colors
changed icons
Fixed edit of category colors
Dont auto insert [email protected] address to mailer
182104446 RoomCatDlg: Fixed edit of category group
181810576 RoomCatDlg: Fixed Delete key
Fixed Config connect error display when monitor is not running
Fixed delete of not assigned place/cat
187520614 Fixed Page numbering string
178537489 Fixed cause of „Programm hat einen fehlerhaften Inhalt“ when loading from MS with a newly formatted card > 4GB.
178441693 Fixed Http response header
Improved password security in LX-Config files
171140036 Removed Visusort from LoxApp
176267376 Fixed HTTP Icon
Fixed password hash validation
179723622 Deactivate statistics if a object is hidden
Bg-259 Fixed wrong state color in visualization
Fixed wrong ordered Icons.
BG-252 Show Central Controllers in Objects
188449108 Fixed Webinterface version == 0 in CloudDNS update
Bg-109 Wrong page is shown after paste of controls
180342862 Fixed simulation with connection references
115752023 Webinterface: fixed obsolete mimetype
Config: fixed possible crash after deleting page
Fix LoxoneConfig crash on close when in communication with miniserver
Fix LoxoneConfig crash after update dialog
Fixed possible memory overflow
Bg-355 Fixed crash when deleting central object
Bg-288 Fixed crash when deleting a block during edit
Bg-281 Fixed crash when closing document
Bg-266 & Bg-263 Fixed date calculation
Bg-136 Added message box when trying to update a too old version
Bg-230 Online-sate Error mail default value
Bg-214 QuickSearch result handling improved
Bg-189 Unwanted rename of inputs in simulation
Bg-143 Gateway SPS restart after file transfer done on wrong time


Known Issues: (?)

– (137354301) Pulse at: When “One off pulse” is selected, the pulse will be delayed by one hour (caused by summer time shift).

– Outputs of iRoom Controller doesn’t work at Client Gateway

– Miniserver as an EIB Gateway: Not all EIB components can be programmed.

– Loxone Config on 4k displays: The startup may take up to 1 minute if using a display scaling other than 100% (depending on graphics driver).

– 183665813 Valve Tree flashes with wrong color sometimes (open/close works 100% correct; only LED state is wrong)

– Smart-Actor state on connection loss does not work properly

– ValveAir: “no valve detected” input does not work properly. Input is not getting active even if the actuator ist not mounted on a valve

– DI Extension: Inputs stop working sometimes. temporary solution: switch power supply off and on again. New Firmware is online for this device and will update automatically overnight. With Extension Firmware this issue is resolved

– Translation Issue: In some languages sentences in Loxone Config may be in a wrong language

– burglar alarm: if only one alarm-sensor is triggered without a second sensor followed afterwards the “Max alarm duration” does not work

– NFC Code Touch: using the automatic backlight function, especially after sunset, it may happen that valid codes or Tags are denied. Workaround: disable automatic backlight in Loxone Config and enable your light manually with the block inputs


  • Light Controller: some times light gets turned off even when movement is active
  • Light Controller: Conversion of DMX Actor does not work properly for RGBW
  • Caller does not work if to many calls in a small time
  • Light Controller: Szene Switch does not work automatically in some caess when configured in the “Automatic”-section
  • Light Controller: Master brightness stays “0” in some situations even when light is turned on
  • Auto Config: Config Crash when no Central Room
  • Auto Config: [email protected] is not inserted automatically when Mailer is added
  • Lumitech Smart Actor uses max. 40% of the possible brightness
  • Valve Air Update -> reference drive did not work properly
  • New App Webinterface
  • Internorm Extension Update: commands sometimes do not reach the internorm device
  • Dali Extension Update: Dali search did not work properly when a high amount of devices is connected
  • New cateogry icons added
  • Category / Room “not assigned” could be deleted

Known Issues: (?)

-(180581280) Light Controller: In some cases the light will be turned off also if motion is detected when using brightness (AIb).

– (188414359) Light Controller: Light activated with input “O” turns off after Time TH and not MT

– Light Controller: Overall Brightness stays on 0% even if light is on -> happens sometimes after reboot or with scenes where it should be 100%

– Auto Config: If there is no Central Room the Config will crash when trying to use the Auto Configuration.

– Light Controller: Light does not switch mood if operating mode changes while presence is not active and Action is set to “Always change”

– Smart Actor Individual Channels: Retain Last State if connection is lost does not work for RGBW Dimmer Air, RGBW Dimmer Tree and Multi Extension Air

– Smart Actor RGB Mode: Only dimable until 40% of their brightness

– (137354301) Pulse at: When “One off pulse” is selected, the pulse will be delayed by one hour (caused by summer time shift).

– Outputs of iRoom Controller doesn’t work at Client Gateway

– Miniserver as an EIB Gateway: Not all EIB components can be programmed.

– Loxone Config on 4k displays: The startup may take up to 1 minute if using a display scaling other than 100% (depending on graphics driver).

– Conversion from DMX Actor to DMX Smart Actor can lead to WW not working anymore. Workaround: Completely delete DMX device and insert it again.

– Caller: if 2 calls are sent out within some seconds the second one will not be sent.

– Category / Room “not defined” can be deleted

– Dali device Search does not work properly when many devices connected to dali bus.

– Internorm: Sometimes commands are not sent out properly.

– 183665813 Valve Tree flashes with wrong color sometimes (open/close works 100% correct; only LED state is wrong)

– ValveAir: “no valve detected” input does not work properly. Input is not getting active even if the actuator ist not mounted on a valve

New Functions:
Light Controller V2
Smart Actor
Project Analyse
Improved Auto Config
New Central Blocks
New user permissions
New Setting for sunshine at intelligent room controller
New “Reference” Connection
support for iTec window contacts
support Dali device type 7

Other Changes:
AutoConfig: Positioning of Todo (temp and brightness)
AutoConfig: Todo for temperature control
AutoConfig: Todo for alarm
Fixed Positioning: Notes don´t occupy space anymore
Project Analysis: Fixed first open
Project Analysis: Expansions for unfinished periphery
Project Analysis: Fixed referenced loggers
168420172 fixed ‘Current RoomFavorite Highlighting” for Upnp Zones
86922557 Change UpdateInfo to fix unnecessery update/downgrade of Webinterface
178210462 Project Analysis: Closing/aborting improved – to prevent crashes
Project Analysis: Use a copy of current document for analysis – pointer safety
Project Analysis: Sealevel detection adapted
168962061 Autojalousie: Infotext for safety/locked state
178156834 fixed EnOcean Sensor scaling (EEP A5-10-10, EEP A5-10-11, EEP A5-10-12, EEP A5-10-13, EEP A5-10-14)
Project Analysis: Improvements for overloaded miniservers
Fixed AutoUpdate Checkbox on gateway
178414972 AutoConfig: Fixed insertion page for media zones
Fixed config crash when opening document
Fixed Connection references when loading custom changes
Help in no todos message box – no help site yet
161646300 fixed air device output state
AutoConfig and Project Analysis improved
Fixed Crash on close
Alarm: Fixed crash in Integer List
Alarm: Fixed Alarm quit
Fixed position of dash in initdocdialog
Close old Document after restoring Backup
Fixed proper closing of config without flash of project window
177559543 Fixed connection reference drawing
AutoConfig: Disable Options that are already configured
(this is needed to prevent destroying existing configurations)
AutoConfig: Display in tree fixed
AutoConfig: RGBW configuration fixed
AutoConfig: Categories for modes
Create System-Mailer in new document
Silent Project Analysis when opening a document
Project Analysis: Estimate SD Usage
AutoConfig: Fixed create of single smart actuators
177522833 valve air: improved reference drive
176248980 LoxControl Deleted
Fixed crash when starting AutoConfig
176042665 Fixed reference positioning
175298225 AutoConfig: Optimized Good Night creation
175599031 AutoConfig: AlarmClock – shade connection when only one shade in room
AutoConfig: Disable simulation on start
AutoConfig: Fixed frost safety logic
171702952 Seperate ‘ALL’ string
AutoConfig: Modified lightscene creation
AutoConfig: Convert lights to smart actors if possible
AutoConfig: Creation of Todo notes
Switch: Added Edge outputs
175975676 added smart actors to DMX
Fixed Project analysis crash when deleting categories
AutoConfig: Optimized Page finding and creation
smartactors for DMX
174140342+173397478 DeviceMonitor: invalid json for GW
175953768 Description for Smart-Actor
176030135+176027227 LSC2: Conversion if actors are used on different
176032754 Autoconnect for rgbw-tree via device
176270787 Fixed crash in formula parser (0^0 = )
176867333 AutoConfig: Delay Off added to storm safety
Fixed Room Off connection to autojalousie
148661085 Fixed option description
175131313 Changed function of Alarm Block
DisMv Input removed (a TODO note is added if the input was used)
Changed Behavior of Parameter T2 (wait time second sensor)
Parameter now influences only Presence sensors
An Alarm is only triggered if 2 presence sensors are active within the time T2 or one sensor from another type
If only one motion sensor is active within time T2 no alarm is triggered (also not a silent alarm)
Added TODO option to notes
175297831 Fixed reposition of too large groups
175333982 Fixed room rename
175609700 intelligent temperature control: hide room and category
175314686 Fixed extension exchange
175611908 Fixed air and tree monitor filtering
175964160 fixed air base exchange for window sensor air and water sensor air
174723468 ConvertDialog: reset Filter if no remainig objects
174773033 Config: Convert Block Symbol with MultiSelect
Musicserver Zone: fixed wrong serialization
86922557 Fix downgrade of Test webinterface on Release level miniserver
174605604 Fixed AutoConfig Crash
Project Analysis: Check Objects for missing connections
Project Analysis: Modified Design
Webscket is now closed after too many invalid gettoken attempts
173986767 Invalidate Tokens if password or rights change
Due to conversion the User needs to reauthenticate after the Update
Removed some unnecessary default rooms and categories
PushButton: Added Special handling when pulse time is zero
-output is on as long the button is pushed
174635904 A User is now an Admin as soon it has Config rights
Usergroup None hidden in tree
167067787 Modified Text Drawing
173725722 Fixed file rename reverted after power loss
Fixed RoomCat Column header
Fixed show of listctrl (Control Select Dialog empty on open)
RoomCat Dialog: Sorting adapted
Config: Fixed Memory Leak (Icons not deleted correctly)
AutoConfig: Renamed Double- and Tripleclick memories
AutoConfig: Added Musicserver Standby
AutoConfig: No open of custom dialog during programming
AutoConfig: Shade Central now included in shading option
AutoConfig: Shade Central only created when more than 1 shade object in room
AutoConfig: Select First programmed page after finish
AutoConfig Dialog: Sorting adapted
AutoConfig Dialog: Increased size
Factory Presets: No Party mode in IRRs of Sleeping and Passing room
Fixed Multiselect of Autojalousie integrated
Fixed Open of Quicksearch when filter has focus
173723117 Water/Smokealarm: Visual Alarm already with first Alarm stage
Removed old Shade block from ribbon
149738944 Air Devices: Send Cycle when input is only used in Visu
173121524 New Splash Screen
173968182 RoomCatDlg: Fixed focus of new inserted room/cat
173967919 RoomCatDlg: Fixed multiselect rating change
173973754 Expert mode Token timeout decreased to 30 seconds
165226290 QuickSearch: Search via device type
Fixed Config Memory Leak
New Room/Category Editing
Fixed Token Lock (Expert Mode not working)
170909867 Visu Icon entry in LoxAPP is now null when no icon has been selected
AlarmClock: Need Confirmation per default OFF
AutoConfig: Improvements & fixes
160388405, 162223502, 167076952 fixed valve air battery input
AutoConfig: Connect Room Off to MediaClient only if internal Off logic is not used
AutoConfig: Enable AlarmClock Option if there is Audio in the room
170859470 Komposit-Actors single channel
LSC2: number of outputs after conversion
144838779 Carcharger: Adapt description for parameter Lm
Dali Extension: Added Support for Dali Device Type 7
171140036 Removed “Favorite Sorting” option
171953383 fixed Extension reconnect timeout
169310815 HTTP Unauthorized when trying to get token with invalid user
Faster transmission of WebInterface (AGZ packed format)
169930068 Expertmode: fixed corrupt structurefile after saving
Auto Programming fixed and improvements
171953066 Fixed Config crash when creating enocean devices
Repositioning now also done in Y axis
169930068+171144896 Expertmode: corrupt structurefile after saving
AutoConfig: Dialog and Expansions – Still work in progress
169841123: changed extension status LED blinking (see online documentation:
Fixed PicoC Crashes / Interrupt faulty PicoC programs
Task Priority handling when accessing the SD card optimized
Reduced SD card timeouts
Fixed crash when deleting Miniserver
Fixed Gateway Miniserver Configuration from extern
166515867 Fixed remove of output connection when connection flag was aborted
166844591 MediaClient Correct Handling of Default Volume -1, fixed misbehaviour of expert mode settings of defvol and maxvol
167061661 Fixed controls are visible in app, even if user is not allowed
Added Internorm Window Contact
Added Internorm Blind Battery Surveillance
167035479 Fixed SMTP Mail – SSL now uses correct timeout on tcp connection
167283157 Project Analysis: convertable object not an error
167282413 Fixed state images
157432781 CentralDialog: Changed initial sort column to room
AutoConfig: Expansion (Operating Modes, Alarm Clocks,..)
Free access to SD card during webinterface extraction
166301426 Autojalousie integrated: wrong direction in visu
161390343 Autojalousie / Integrated ExpertMode: Parmeter So
166800819 Lightcontroller V1/V2 Dialog: background colors
multimediaserver: reduced custom changes
– Central Functions are now seperate
– Notes are now positioned as good as possible
– Use AutoProgram Groups
– Create a new page if space is too less
– Reposition connection flags when moving connected control
View: Notes are always drawn an top
167881515 Touch Surface Calibration window adjustments
168192741 Added white as new category color
168487046 Fixed webinterface reloading status
167061607 Proper Display of connection flags in LiveView and Simulation
168663239 LSC1 + 2: Alarm-Lights 50%
161646300, 158247248: fixed air device output state
168421142 intelligent temperature control: no cool/heat demand on valve blocking protection
“Not assigned” room and category not editable anymore
Rating adaption of old documents
Filter in tree for objects with rating
168133206 Intelligent Temperature Controller and Heat Curve: fixed flow temperature if outside temperature is above (heating) or below (cooling) room set temperature
Reintroduced EIB “Check Device (Gerät prüfen)” in EIB Search. Button is now in Right Click Menu in EIB Search window
166360676 Central Blocks: No mailer tracker options
166334908 Central Blocks: Removed stats option
166364970 Central Gate: Fixed trigger input
166491946 Project Analysis: Update Analysis if an object is converted
166349960 Central Light: Fixed T5 inputs
166503532 Central Light: Fixed plus command
166343104 Fixed position when inserting object
166332134 Fixed selection after pasting controls
Fixed autoposition of connection flag in left column
166519540 Fixed secured details when control is using visu password on gateway
AutoConfig: Fixed central creation
Fixed positioning for pos-linked controls
166543526 Convert Dialog: Fixed setting of correct document
166536626 Fixed focus of config if project analysis is openened
166552393 & 166556817 & 166549594 Project Analysis improvements
166645401 No select of connection flags
166499729 ExpertMode Light not visible
166608176 Composite: Fixed Autoconnect for LSC1
LSC2: fixed brightness-change for non-composite outputs
LSC2: first klick on T5 partially ignored
166646992 Connection Flags: Fixed delete of counterpart if flag is deleted
Fixed connection flag connected to AND Block
165212197 Integrated Block conversion into project analysis
165201591 Weather not working on former client miniserver
160581354 Fixed HTTPS site download
160025074 Fixed SSL blocking HTTP Task
157429966 Wait with webinterface extract until sps is running
Fixed Firewall port opening
161081071 Fixed Intercom Online state
165458048 Fixed “possible” Null Pointer
165159728 Fixed hanging update dialog
144200571 Fixed unwanted controls in LoxApp when using windowmonitor
164066663 Fixed Miniserver Update offer during update
155811714 Fixed Broadcast-Search (no Musicserver were found)
165457358 fixed crash in RgbLightScnene
Added Lightgroup-Actor
LSC2: fixed mode-Change whit disMV
LSC2: Fixed missing timeouts after reboot
LSC2: Removed Switch to Mood via Mode-Change
LSC2: added options for movement-moods
162224207 Fixed hanging Config when opening a newer document
Smoke/Water Alarm: 149582808 Fixed Alarm state when saving to miniserver
Smoke/Water Alarm: 159544983 Fixed Alarm Jalousie Up
Smoke/Water Alarm: Fixed Test Alarm when saving to miniserver
161385314 Fixed Multiselect properties
MS Configuration: 145848914 & 153160420 Reconnect when port changed
MS Configuration: 165721015 MS Configuration: Removed network name
MS Configuration: 94045987 MS Configuration: Now working with clients
165486043 Fixed redraw when aborting connection flag
141996531 Fixed unnecessary save of remanence
FTP Transfer now uses passive mode
162439650 Multiselection: Renaming
163514074 Fixed Value Set of virtual input in Simulation
Added possibility to connect externally only with serial (clouddns)
Info Popup for connection flags
165792000 Fixed numbering of custom added IO
165831036 Renamed Test to Alpha also in UpdateCheck
152592069 Added help to format, update, backup and project backup Dialogs
Fixed Connection Flags in Project Analysis
165956715 LSC2: Conversion of Multiple selected objects
146398171 OperatingTimes: Added Gateway-Support
Fixed LiveView display of analog inputs of universals
Fixed Project analysis of big gateway constellations
164598322 Fixed secured controls on gateway
150981235 Alarm: Fixed DisMV handling
166253287 Fixed Central linking
142761206 Fixed Seconds Since Boot overflow
Fixed logon if miniserver has no program file
Project Analysis: Button for correcting Statistic settings
166255060 List Control: Fixed double click on checkbox
166299417 Central Music: Remove Mute input
166316391 Fixed crash when trying to copy or cut connection flag
166227068 No multiselect change for mailer settings
163766323 no extension update during miniserver update any more (extension update is done in background)
145162784 air coin cell battery devices: fixed not going online after battery was empty
157202179 air coin cell battery devices: fixed battery capacity input
164060351 Project Analysis strings adapted
QuickSearch: Results improved
Added Connection Flags (also working over multiple pages and on gateway)
Auto Program of new central objects
164159624 Adapted Central objects API
Renamed PushButton (Taster) control to Switch (Schalter) and added a new PushButton (Taster) control!
IRR: Set Qs only if Sunshine is active
Fixed disabled items in quicksearch
Quicksearch: Fixed preview of deprecated controls
Auto Programming: Added Room Off
Gateway update: only load file if not the correct document opened
164321725 Fixed Progress when saving to Miniserver
163474128 Fixed delete of program pages on gateway
161701909 Connect with new clouddns address
Made analysis of Log Files faster
161176937 Fixed delete-option of captions
162439245 Fixed change of color of multiple controls
156972356 Force send of status to config when Update state changes
GateController: Fixed Block Time
161177002 User Password security evaluation in miniserver an entry in token requests
Fixed check of userkey when using hashed password
161397306 Serials only uppercase
Changed Rating Right to Right for upcoming Expert Mode Light
159744071 Webservice for chaning user passwords hashed
Modified saving frequency of tokens
161916843 Project analysis: different spelling
162147721 Fixed name validation on device creation
Automatically add new Central Controls to Project
(When updating to new version new controls are created if necessary (Central Light, Central Shade, Central Alarm, Central Gate – this is necessary for optimal use of app)
160882476 UDP Input: Fixed stuck pulse when a lot of data is received
LSC2: Removed Switch to Mood via Mode-Change
LSC2: added options for movement-moods
161545816 ExpertMode: invalid json
161393908 AutoJalousie Integrated: Invalid Lamelle-Position
122172031 LightController: RQ via Central-Off
159404716 Installation Place Dropdown in search and learn windows (Autocomplete)
159404716 Dropdown in DeviceOption Dialog (Autocomplete)
Touch Stone Calibration: Wakeup for air device
Rating of Rooms and categories is automatically adjusted (only if it was not yet edited by user and the type can be clearly identified!)
Default Rating for rooms and categories adapted
Webservice for setting rating
User Group Right for change of control rating
Project Analysis: Fixed crash on refresh
146438073 AirBase: fixed battery packet for old firealarm versions
145382665 Autojalousie: Missing SP-Stateupdate after reboot
151304003 Projekt Analysis
159714415 Fixed refresh of token as non admin
Fixed memory leak in Bitmap loading
154008940 Token: ExpertMode Token is now longer valid
154008723 User Right: Own option for Autopilot (needs support from app)
144203323 Fixed country change detection
Fixed caching of UpdateCheck.xml in Config
150732295 Autojalousie: DeadTime for Lamelle-correction
Added Miniserver Conversion to Context Menu
DigIn Extension not hidden anymore
Wakeup Task when Terminating
151887220 LoxAPP filtering made more reliable
Fixed Connector Letter of RGBW Air W Channel
Document Tree: Fixed collapsing of childs
Fixed Miniserver conversion on gateway
Config Search: Search Object Type if not enough results are found
143678593 State for App containing current miniserver time
156133266 Fixed push with quotation marks (single quotes are now used)
156167791 Fixed blocking config, when using invalid hostname as internal address
Fixed crash on close
156961869 Fixed CPU Usage when using a lot of external IO
Fixed Automatic SPS Frequency adjustment
156144079 Automatically repair defective programs
157223306 Alarm: Fixed Typo in parameter description
145892207 Autojalousie integrated: parameter AX
Quick Search: Additional Result score for specific items
156992533 InfoPinner: Fixed display of connector on digital references
Fixed getting stats list from client
Fixed time sync with miniserver
Fixed Digital In Extension Plan
155408665 EnergyManager: LoadShedding
154621541 HeatMixer, HeatIroomController, HVAC: Lock valves i
154283451 Alarmclock: Buzzer-mode
157007748 ExpertMode: Show Input AIB for Lightcontrolle
156360825 EnergyMonitor: KwPeak Read Only
New Dali Firmware for improved search performance
Dali-Monitor: shows now also Device Informations, like Dali System shorts
Dali-Search: new Button “Resolve Address Conflict”: enables User to resolve double addresses without running a complete new install of the system
153161128 Fixed Gateway Update Timeout (Gateway Update needs 2 tries- First will fail)
Added message if Update on client fails
Added Caption message if Versions of clients are not ident
Fixed crash on close
153173759 Fixed Crash during paste of controls
Multi Selection made faster
Retry Webinterface Extraction if a file fails
Webservice /dev/sps/reloadwebinterface now forces the reload
150257341 Input Numbering for DIExt
Prevent access to deleted map on gateway
Added Info Icon to Quicksearch if not all conditions are met
Increased default Min. Log-time
138725599 DayTimer: Added reset active state
150465025 Added Insert-Limitation to 50 unique UDP Inputs (more never worked)
Fixed Crash if no udp sockets are available
fixed switched miniserver /-go image in coverpage
Periphery Tree: Fixed collapse of childs if collapsing with keyboard
Automatic Reset of LogLevel after 14 days
149195706 Air: Reduced frequency of sending time packet to devices & time requestable
150351402 Air: Fixed Time Packet overflow
151545301 Fixed some insecurities in Gateway Client communication
144783045 Fixed Http Input without authorization
HTTP Input failed when another HTTP Request has been made, that contained an authorization. The Authorization was never reset
150458496 Changed Autoupdate level names
150243450 Fixed config crash with invalid document
Removed unused tcp server
150496989 Fixed TCP Race-condition that caused a crash
Musicserver Zone: Fixed T5 Volume Up Single Click (reported by Thomas Simon)
145060260 Fixed Stackoverflow
Flush Logfiles on watchdog reboot
151858071 Improved reliability of webinterface extraction
137165968 Automatic Check of time on Miniserver on Connect with Config
Fixed UTF8-Encoding in setup
140641088 Doorcontroller: Adapted parameter description
152628783 Update of Token Rights
147861016 Fixed memory usage in autoupdate & http requests
151787308 Fixed virtual HTTP Input Timeout
143333575 Error when fixing duplicated EIB Text actors/sensors
150473631 Fixed Autoconnect of MeterInt sensor
150516556 Doorcontroller: Fixed secured details
126480992 EIB-Jalousie: autopilot not working
145583081: Casatunes T5 Input Volume Step single click fixed (no long-time click support by casatunes)
AlarmClock: Fixed Remanence
149221154 QuickSearch: Fixed Preview of page
149178451 Fixed User Password in default document
86191740 Invalid Json for sps/all
149282526 Fixed Slow GetTree
149716505 Pool: Adapted description of pump output
Further reduced deflog output
142270690 Autojalousie Integrated: TR not working
Autojalousie Integrated: SP overriden by Central-Commands
145060276 /144756094 Fixed unhandled TCP data
Reduced frequency of writing statistics to SD
Fixed writing of statistics on reboot/restart
145060207 SD Card: Blockwise read and write to prevent blocking of card
LSC2: Init allon-scene
150501306 Fixed Crash in autoupdate with slower SD cards
Fixed Crash when receiving DNS response
Fixed UPNP Response parsing
Made PicoC more Memory safe
Updated PicoC Parsing
147564571 Fixed Config Crash on Identify
148801395 Extract Webinterface when system is running
150808427 Fixed gettoken request
147575227 Fixed rename of page in pagetab
Removed Autoprogram for Smart Socket
Fixed Dialog popup on startup
Added Authentification with Tokens
Miniserver and Config now create only compact json files
142554545 Fixed UDP and Syslog Logger
142481490 Fixed possible crash on SPS reload
Memory usage reduced
143024643 Project Backups: Fixed shortening of note
143024817 Fixed conversion of defective MS Go projects
Optimized memory usage when saving sps
Fixed memory leak when unable to load file
143412919 Projects: Fixed case sensitivity in project paths
Added safety to send statistic mail – abort if sps is reloading
Dont always reload LoxAPP from SD if App is connecting
143027225 Optimized memory usage of Json compress
143359182 Autojalousie: description Parameter AT1 & AT2
143322880 Fixed Object Timeouts on time change
143349646 Fixed delete of references from tree
143593053 Fixed drawing of arrows on Virtual Input Up and down
Fixed unnecessary display of buttons in check for update dialog
142510760 Improved handling of too large statistic files
143700215 TCP – VirtualOut: Fixed Close after send & Fixed reconnect after connection was closed from server
143296929 fixed invalid AES Padding
Fixed adding of categories in release versions
Added Room Recommendation for Air & Tree Weatherstation
Changed Default category for Air & Tree Weatherstation sensors
Fixed creation of default categories
Reworked Context Menu
Added Connection Lost message to diagnosis dialogs
Added Room to Tree Diagnosis
144864166 Fixed multiselection in propwindow
Flush Loggers on planned reboot
143021510 WindowMonitor: Room/name for sensors not shown
Memory reductions
empty loxapp on reload
no default started FTP Tasks
Reduced number of waiting HTTP tasks
Webinterface not loaded to RAM anymore – it is now loaded from SD
Optimized calculation of miniserver usage
145060839 Periphery Tree: Collapse childs if parent is collapsed
Extract Webinterface to SD when formatting
143453088 Alarm: Visu password per default
146411526 Info when inserting unconfigured dimmer output



New Functions:

  • New Unifed Search
  • Project Management
  • Project Configuration Assistent
  • Project Backups
  • Measurement view tool for LifeView (for watching values from other pages)
  • New Firmware for Air Devices (requires Air Base  Version 8.3)
  • Internorm Extension now supports the I-Tec Window Contact.
  • Memory flags support text now.
  • Battery gauges of battery powered Loxone Air devices improved to allow a better prediction of the battery lifetime.

Bug Fixes:

Changed Remanence Time to 1 hour
– saving of remanence when saving to miniserver remains
– saving remanence when activating burgler alarm
Buffered writing of Log Files – Log Files are not written immediately anymore
– every half an hour
– every 10kB
– if log file is opened via fsget/FTP
– when SPS is changing (save to miniserver)

122082452 & 120290937 LightController: FactoryPresets overwrite move-scene
106234625 LightController: IgnoreMove-Timeout after reset via AIS / S1-S8
84836345 & 122758287 LightController: Value 0 on MS resets LightScene
122983256 LightController: Paramter TI: Default 300s
119141425 LightController: Start Movescene after DisMV while Mv is active
80797541 LightController: last RGB/Lumitech-Value via app-slider
77337526 LightController: Scene AllOn / AllOf via AQs not recognized if composed manually
125198025 LightController: DoubleClick via T5 not recognized
129989874 LightController: Invalid scene-number if first scenename is empty
129713881 LightController: Crash when unconnection Reset-outputs
125803483 Fixed Crash when disconnecting lightcontroller

Blinds/Automatic Blinds
114199257 Autojalousie, Geigermotors: different rooms for device / object
121570541 Autojalousie: trigger incorrect on endposition
85998748 Autojalousie integratet: parameter for blinds which don’t move just between hor
120219814 Automaticjalousie: Trigger not working with parameter TI

116374856 CarCharger: invalid Session-Energy when saving into
137320003 CarCharger: Total Energy in Remanence-File
123669592 + 139023404 CarCharger: Initial Connected/Loading State after reboot
Carcharger: added Support for Keba P30

129731136 AutoConfig: Temperature Control inserted twice
129731534 AutoConfig: Remove empty unused page
130967471 Auto Config: Use Descriptions of outputs as Lightcontroller output names
134997610 Added WindowMonitor

Other Fixes
138746321 Tracker: Now per default not remanent anymore
Fixed config crash when editing in dialog during autosave
140700383 Added some pointer safety
Bootloader will be updated with this version if not already on new version
Connect Dialog: Made it more clear to what addresses the connection is tried (only if a project is opened)
Fixes in Document Size Display
Allow insert of unsupported Dali Types
Fixed drag of temperature sensors from tree
Fixed irregularity in saving of remanence
141941748 Fixed Crash when copying intelligent temperature control
Fixed Invalid type name in Pulse At remanence
Fixed multiple rooms in LoxAPP
141316747 + 141769773 Dimmer 1-10V not activated via slider
141909178 ExpertModes Place/Category: 2nd Digit for Room-Area incorrect
141254694 Fixed estimated size
Fixed DPI Awareness
140638220 Fixed Enumeration of not assigned periphery
139818324 Added Abort Button to Project Backup Dialog
133948462 Added Control Description to Propwindow if no property is selected
133948462 Dont open Custom dialog if there is nothing to choose
139785355 Load from Gateway before Update after connect
140147411 QuickSearch: Improved display of icon and description
Weather: Use as current weather the last hour
Fixed Day timer dialog of poolcontroller
108747419 Poolcontroller: Fixed turn off of pool relay on midnight
56989591 & 140388069 Fixed unwanted selection of whole page
140148774 Program was displayed in quicksearch
139808689 ProjectView: Adapted displaying of Reachability of miniserver in project list
Some Design adaption.
137323011 Fixed Sorting in Maps – virtual inputs not working in special constellations
Reduced Def.log output
Handling of invalid time improvements
Different NTP server fallback
Wallbox: fixed invalid session-energy
127350335 Fixed Format of SD card with large backup
134969401 Doorcontroller: Added Structure Detail: “lastBellEventImages”
133948462 Dont always ask again to save file when using autosave, and file save is aborted
136316743 Added Error Mail when Weatherservice is about to expire (7 days in advance)
134217059 Properties: Fixed selection of different controls
138756382 WindowMonitor: fixed showing wrong Sensor-Names
139380379 crash when selecting rgb-actor
Connect: If connecting with document prefer internal address
Users can now have more than one 1Wire button assigned.
Connect Dialog: Get Credentials from external address to have unique saved credentials
138746321 Tracker: Now per default not remanent anymore
added option to properties
old documents are converted to enabled
Fixed insert enable of tree devices
Added Webservice for getting the currently running program
138466045 Improved Search Results
134989490 Error Mail if backup image is loaded
137544406 Info Pinner: Design Changes – added icons
128641093 Access: Fixed cut off description
DeviceMonitor: Fixed on gateway
139538721 Fixed crash on overlapping objects
HelpArrow: Dont show when selecting project items
86159440 &120650757 ConfigDialog: Custom External Port not Updated
120916011 ConfigDialog: Change to DHCP not working
125057445 Only 7 Code objects were executed instead of 8
134678253 Project Backups: Info not reseted when deleting all backups
122081165 Doorcontroller: Adapted Output descriptions
133948462 Selecting of overlapping objects
137346152 Fixed Connect to Miniserver on Version 6.2
130437133 Fixed Hang & Crash of Config on startup
133948462 Removed unnecessary def log output (save network config)
Enabled drop of connection to dummy connector
Connection Window: Show parameters also when Simulation is disabled
Connection Window: Checkbox also visible when Simulation is enabled
LiveView/Simulation: Analog Values are only changed when control is selected
LiveView/Simulation: Start Analog edit, when typing numbers
137943549 Fixed convert to Miniserver GO Document
Miniserver Go Air Base now also has a channel free input
136347041 Adapted musicserver input description
Added Window-Configuration for WindowMonitor
134975748 Fixed Copy&paste Windowsmonnitor, Alarm, Smokealarm, and Heatmixer2
133647699 WindowsMonitor added offline, output and locked state
ProjectView: Fixed restart of search
QuickSearch: Show help button also when inserting objects
QuickSearch: Made Preview clickable
136125818 Project View: Invisible buttons were still clickable
Fixed Preview of Devices if they have not a device page
136048236 Quick Search: Double click now inserts control on page
136351044 ProjectView: No message box when deleting missing project
Improved connecting to Miniserver
135267310 Gateway: Added Resends to UDP Transmissions
122115967 As digital used analog inputs fixed
100982373 Config: Enabled horizontal scroll
136598367 Fixed crash when receiving invalid auto update file
Added safety to xml parser, for xml comment parsing
Removed External Checkbox from connect dialog
135072035 Fixed filter for object that do not have a setable room/category
110956764 Fixed Destination Objects when draging a connected memory object
136807612 HelpArrow: Does not find Ribbon item if it is in a submenu
133056280 Rampcontroller: Output was not updated every 100 ms, it was updated every sps cycle
Fixed undeleted task memory
Added Quick Search – A new way to search functions and items in the Loxone Config
– Default Category/Room for Weather data
– Changed Default Range of Virtual Inputs to 0 – 100
– NTP Settings log output more customer friendly
– Outside is now a default room
– Removed Auto Positioning from ContextMenu
– Weather: Removed confusing monitor output
– PI and PID Controller Target Input visible per default and Auto Input inverted per default
– Sunshine Weather Data now has Category & Room Displayed in tree
Added Possibility for multiple insertion
Enabled inserting of devices, even if extension is not selected. First Extension is used.
134995834 Fixed Adjusted to program version message
135383504 Fixed empty page rename
134405703 Insert MusicServer with zones
Music Server: Onlinestatus is now aligned with true “Music Server Services Online”
Music Server Zone: T5 Triple Click fires RaQ again
135597905 Project Backups Dialog: DIsable Note Box, not only readonly
135657033 Added Webservice to print Gateway Data
130977056 Increased TCP retries for retransmits to avoid connection loss
133973327 Dimmer Docu Link added to block
Project View: Fixed position of new version available button
133554503 Project Backups: Sorting in
133287211 AutoProgram: Fixed multiple autoprogramming
132542899 Fixed Modified state after loading from miniserver
132897976 description for Dimmer fixed
131966406 Threshold-Trigger: Fixed output if Von and Voff are equal
Difference-Trigger: Output not hideable anymore
132001303 Fixed umlauts in backup note
Project View: Added Search bar
132246695 Init Dialog: Fixed multiple messageboxes
12023455 Weather: Webservice to force weatherrequest
132199547 Weather: remove weather data if service expires
131663642 Slight delay in websocket between different event types
132340257 Fixed scaling on high resolution monitors
Fixed invalid Weather data on gateway
91783489 Gateway Client: Increased speed of tree dump
Fixed some possible overwritten memory (could have happened on large files in gateway)
119130347 Increased Dali Search timeout
103475351 Negation of memory objects is now possible again
Negation circle was drawn on wrong layer
disabled push-messages for Devicemonitor
Enhanced debug output for custom changes
130440318 Fixed saving of IRC learning files
130227683 SwitchButton: Input “O” not working correctly
130292022+129992862 message “Program not identical” after loading from miniserver
Projects: Automatically connect to Miniserver from search and start configuration
Projects: Remove not found projects or search for new save path
130437009 Projects: Fixed click area for menu buttons
130436200 Projects: Fixed scrolling after loosing focus
129827925 Added tooltip if password repetition is not correct
HTTP Client: Fixed Possible crash
123437934 Added serial to device log outputs and room and serial to error mails
adjusted minimal sps-frequency to 20
Added delayed reconnect to Miniserver after Miniserver configuration
Fixed uninitialized variable
Fixed redraw of floating windows after minimizing Config
Fixed sizing of connection window
Projects: Automatically load from Miniserver
Projects: Added “Explore To” Button
Update after Connect: Only load from Miniserver if gateway
Expanded max. waiting time for delayed reconnect
124526668 Network-crash: Fixed tcp socket race condition
Projects: Restart search after deleting Project
Fixed Enabling of Update button
128967704 Added Room to replace devices in search window
130450469 Projects: Fixed Backups with umlauts
131242290 Added sound option to push notifications
Projects: Added Dialog for Backups
131506939 Fixed cursor when opening project backup
131513214 Fixed modified state when making project backup
121564443 Fixed SD-Card problems with starting up
Added IR Command for Source: HDMI1 in Samsung Remote template
119106554 Fixed Connection Window sizing
118721083 Fixed Invalid selection crash in tree
120257911 Fixed background colors of texts in dialogs
119160836 Fixed copy of analogue enocean input
119341802 Fixed empty Daytimer value
120461404 Energy Generator: Consumption not updated immediately after Ps changes
120902675 Energy Generator: Pp without energy not working
107806506 Average: Limit number of Samples to 1000
120696888 Access: Fixed multiple intercom XL
121388514 Heatmixer: Fixed Zero Division
121447175 Meterint: Fixed negative Power
21769107 Fixed Password Strength Edit
Fixed UDP Sockets
Delayed Task delete
Improved Client-Gateway handling
122003432 Fixed Undo after MS GO Document creation
Fixed PWM Usage Description
121637262 Fixed User Rename in Document Init Dialog
121404508 Fixed Internorm Monitor
123154176 Renamed Presence inputs
124267099 iRoom: direct link of actor / sensor not reliable
121807999 iRoom: invalid offset for Digital-inputs
120859737 & 120868165 Configured additional Icons
EnergyGenerator: fixed display-unit for errornumber
120431343 HeatMixer2: avoid demand by wrong choosen IRR
122184664 HeatMixer2: suppress boost, if there is no demand
120654797 RoomCatDlg: Fixed room type change of multiple rooms
123669468 DeviceStatus: Fixed device wakeup
119141213 Fixed Hourcounter CSV Statistics
122387643 Fixed Resize of daytimer dialog
119407922 Device Option Dialog is now modal
124540097 MediaController: fixed invalid doubleclick-detection via app
122108583 Webservices for UpdateLevel Admin-Only
Changed visibility of inputs on 2 and 3 point
127927806 Fixed cam image
128930229 Fronius: added API-changes for battery-capacity
87043489 added helplink for rgb lightscene
128953452 AutopilotDialog: invaild Characters
123193584 Tree search: added room to replace devices
128956161 Access: Fixed Tp = 0
129189608 MediaController: unsteady execution of continuous commands
120647527 MediaController: Virtual analog commands not correct
122291724 Fixed Memory problem in XML Serialization
Status Dialog: Fixed coloring of version if version is 0
129491810 MultiIO: Fixed Reset of PWM output



New Functions:

Function Block Window Monitor
Energymonitor supports now Battery storage
New Initdialog for new Documents
improved Security Features
Support of new Loxone Air and Tree Products
Add iRoom Controller for integration of iRoom’s iBezel

116816820 MediaController: Switch from/to mode commands
106421274 MediaController: Add commands from newly insterted remotes not working
103654641 MediaController: “unable to find object” after autoconfig
78044021 MediaController: Ignore Whitespace in autoconfig
95718165 Mediacontroller: search english templates
102546917 Mediacontroller: search english templates
103879492 MediaControl: duplicate execution of commands

115253226 Changed rename-behavior of intercom
109439143 UDP-IButton cooldown for Intercom
117755104 Doorcontroller: Removed Credentials from LoxApp
118058756 Doorcontroller: Changed order of push and picture (get last activities picture faster)
115081626 Fixed Doorcontroller LoxAPP entry
106598772 Doorcontroller: Reset now also resets outputs
105781694 Doorcontroller: Send multiple bell events

Burglar Alarm/ Smoke Alarm:
92742483 Burglaralarm added 3 inputs for activation without presence and changed armed-output Q to analog
107180275 Burglar-alarm: fixed reset on positive edge
110318161 Burglar-alarm: fixed handling for inverted outputs q1-q6
112756228 smoke Alarm: fixed wrong default max-temp, if used Fahrenheit

Musicserver Zone:
114390693 Music Server causes SPS hang when offline-updating event volumes
93536507 MusicServer: When Mv causes the Server to start (WOL), Timer TH was ignored and music plays infinite
107331165 MusicServer Zone: Behaviour of DisMV and Mv excluded from Dis
108661878 exclude mediaclients are not assigned (Zoneid 0) to a mediaserver for Alarm, Burglaralarm

Blinds/Automatic Blinds:
113537286 Autojalousie: Added Trigger-Input
108471325 Autojalousie integrated: Lamelle-Position when moving up
Automaticjalousie Integrated: fixed Tr input
101924247 Autojalousie: verify Parameter AT
97162205 Autojalousie: autopilot after safety position
102524559 Autojalousie: central-commands via virtualIn
101906440 Autojalousie: invalid turn-time after reboot

Intelligent Roomcontroller:
118214029 Intelligent Roomcontroller: fixed convert celsius to fahrenheit for relative temperatures
Factory Presets: Times for intelligent room controller
Intelligent Roomcontroller: added handling fahrenheit for parameter Ths and Tcs
116145691 Intelligent Roomcontroller: fixed ignoring sampletime when using overrride heatup-time
115274046 Intelligent Roomcontroller: fixed inverted windowscontacts
114015137 Intelligent Roomcontroller changed Qc anbd Qc2 to digital output
112378556 Intelligent Roomcontroller: fixed non functional solltemperature input
109367698 Intelligent Roomcontroller: fixed wrong state of IRR after using expert-mode
Intelligent Roomcontroller: removed sending pushnotifications on period end
98194984 Intelligent Roomcontroller: added 2 parameter for heatingup- and coolingdown-time

Other Fixes:
119108073 Fixed Config Dialog
119106459 Enable delete if Control is pressed
Default Place type for each room
Fixed XML Parse if file is invalid
119398091 Fixed Auto position of output
119337904 Adjust Modbus Template Solar Edge WR
118758252 Config: fixed drop a MEMORY-list containing already a reference
Autoprogram: Fixed multiple create
117989368 Fixed crash when deleting control during simulation
Fixed create of icons in new document
118422775 Virtual HTTP In: Per default state only
118058213 Fixed Filtering of visualized objects
118408533 Config: fixed display-error if using unit
108661025 fixed enocean analog sensor and actor: used as digital in visu and lettercode on changing digital to analog
108661878 fixed enocean analog sensor and actor loosing upper and lower bits on using undo
116809602 Config: fixed description of tree devicetype in properties
117081765 Fixed temperature conversion of default values
84013398 Added sea level to miniserver configuration
111201507 Optimized RSA generating
116141875 EnergyGenerator: Invalid Metermode for Standalone
111931790 Fixed setting of internal MS IP
87695483 Stop Identify when deleting object
82615672 Optimized Config Connect Error Message
117120811 Removed correction of RGB actors
Fixed room when changing tree pwm usage
116827253 Disable Air Battery cyclic sending if inputs are not used
117534976 Autopositioning: Disabled cascading
114625308 Fixed Position outside page
48811775 Added device type to Online state error mail
112454973 Changed creation of geiger remote
81854170 Fixed paste of mode output
117100994 Fixed reuse of multiple string IDs
94942360 Validate light scene name
76497127 Meter Interface – Fixed SML Scaler parsing
117597305 Gateway non concentrator fixed
117547807 Changed Air Push to sys level
117748611 Gateway: Remove external address from client if its the same on gateway
99647879 Fixed Page change after HTTP input creation
114174740 fixed Meltem template
AutoConfig: Improvements
Init Dialog: Fixed empty name
Init Dialog: Added Default Password Warning
Init Dialog: Tooltip for wrong user options
No Connection window if drag control has a connection
116275745 Fixed Copy of controls
Positioning of references: Keep ordering in Y-axis
116407629 Fixed Air devices input naming
114185840 fixed wrong connection on reassign IOREF
115283379 fixed statistic data for analog outputs, if using corrected values
weatherserver: fixed solarconstant for calculation sunshineclasses
99775789 Poolcontroller: Added Error Message if Aquastar is Offline
106421486 Fixed crashlog dns resolve
115471353 Simulation Timer Diff now matching SPS Timer Diff
113068234 PicoC: Goto not a keyword anymore
116804598 Added Channel utilization info link
96082565 Config Button changing name
Fixed Parsing of invalid XML File (Unable to open device status)
115315661 Draw selected lines in liveview thick
Added column description in init dialog for room type
113959871 ExpertMode: Fixed disabling visualization on gateway
115477768 Fixed Context Ribbon Update
115537322 Fixed sizing of connection window
112373201 Remote Air: Remove Installation Place
115727090 Text: Now always has at least 1 character
114900695 Added safety to airdevice creation
48363853 Adapted Heat Curve Error Output Name
98140372 Added Message to load statistics if program is not identical
85809251 PulseAt: Fixed Time change
110889504 Removed Unsupported Slovak Language
112622849 Brightness: Fixed Dimmer Min & Max
109441537 API: prevent CrossSite-Scripting
81833798 EnergyMonitor: added Support for Battery-Storage
113535848 Pushbutton: Option for usage as switch / button
114186099 AutoProg: Filter for unassigned periphery
Fixed IR Air Learn
110956764 Fixed Destination objects
114867811 Fixed configuring of network devices
105626879 Clear Air Search after document changed
113491325 Fixed Valve Error Mail
112136532 WindowHandle: Added to auto config
108450076 Enabled Multi connection if no input is free
104370381 Modified Category groups handling
Fixed Icon background colors
112797596 AutoConfig: Reuse unconnected references
114216053 API: secured request not working for certain queries
114180096 API: Decoding with double %2F not working
114614698 changed handling outputnames in lightcontroller
115068240 fixed crash on deleting more than one miniserver because of hiddeniorefs
115041648 Fixed Miniserver Update Info
114191836 Fixed Auto positioning with hidden connections
114196628 AutoProgram: Fixed Unused Room/Cat
113963986 Fixed validation against XSS
114009294 Optimized Size of Connection window
Default Room and Cat for carcharger
MeterInt: Fixed SML Scaler Parsing
114003057 New Categories
111527779 Crashlog can now be disabled
113958785 Statistic: Energymonitor could not be read
113960688 API: user-management not working
111086817 API: errorcode after secured request
106268535 API: disable visu-pwd for securedDetails
111086817 API: encrypted communication
110554562 API: webservices for non-visualized / state only objects
114216053 API: encrypted keyexchange
114178824 API: adapted buffersize for large messages
111544088 CloudDNS Custom Errormessages / Link-Texts
114615896 Config fixed virtual analog for sending typed values to ms in lifeview
99663918 Config removed icons of refs for changing value if not virtualin in lifeview
Weather: fixed calculation sunshineclasses
110551372 Added Password Evaluation
110747474: OT_MEMORY: fixed iorefs connected to otmemory, if type of ot_memory (anlog to digital) changed (leading to a invalid line)
90234370 PID: fixed handling virtual in-connections
113058280 Config: fixed display Statistic data if more than 3 plots
92908613 DragType for air/treedevices depending on target
100997018 Autopilot: only start on client
102153367 Autopilot not created for standalone
36382017 Modbus-Template Dimplex HeatPump
88817068 Modbus-Template fpr Idegis Domitic
Fixed Modbus polling cycle to avoid problematic configurations
104316737/102808286 Fixed crash in 1wire-handler
106823373 Central: Shade-command from IRR not executed if no weather-service is active
104115575 Central: Shade-comand from IRR with multiple central-objects not working
98342894 Simulation of WeatherData
106268535 API: add Webservice for secured Control Details
107157479 API: statuscode 404 for unknown objects
108306644 Fixed Json-Escaping for autopilot / editmode
107828062 API: json-escape for public key
108445652 Lightcontroller: added webservice for plus/minus
108933042 limited userlist-webservice for admin
110362433 ExpertMode: change Password with Config-Rights
106424558 EnergyMonitor: Added Statistics for Battery, Delivery and Grid-Power
112380078 Config: .Loxone-file not serialized corectly
energyMonitor: additional statistics
Added Modbus RS232 Template for APC Smart-UPS SMT
Fixed room and cat when changing pwm usage of rgbw dimmer
101739848 Fixed rename on change of switchboard position
Fixed update of liveview when drawing connection
102139224 Fixed crash when resolving too long hostnames
102139862 Fixed size calculation of text objects
102250245 Fixed AirBase Serial on Miniserver GO
102532507 Fixed crash when draging memory flags
102529006 Fixed TCP transmission with 0x00 data
100233921 Fixed autoposition of updown inputs
97543104 Fixed drawing of company logo
102529572 Internorm: Fixed re-lock of device after replacing
102352306 Internorm: Delete existing devices in learn bank before paring with extension
90802575 Internorm: Fixed RSSI calculation
Improved Air Device webservice
102876487 Fixed open of document
101681541 Disable rename of time functions & fix modes
Improved NTP
Fixed NTP Watchdog
102197381 Fixed weather visualisation
103476887 Config: Fixed selection crash
102839012 Fixed crash in cut&paste of audio zone
Readded year to air devices in updateinfo
Fixed display of hidden parameters
103520240 Fixed crash when deleting logged outputs
103966333 Fixed naming of SmartSocket relay output
103651135 Improved autoprogramming of central page
103647601 Fixed Error Output in connection window
104365162 Validate ext miniserver address
101573205 Allow multiple values in virtual outputs
103051584 Fixed Temperature regulation of poolcontroller
Increased Dali search timeout
103038978 Fixed stop of Air search
Added new icons
106210562 Prevent connect of input to input and output to output
105614340 Improved autopositioning
Improved handling when memory is too less
104316737 Fixed crash in 1wire-handler
105490763 Tracker ‘|’ chars replaced
103375224 Added room to air and tree monitor
105462494 Default logger output settings now use unit
106424047 Fixed use of periphery in autoprogramming
104974397 Fixed LinkLost description for tree
105220484 Fixed units in LiveView and simulation
107366012 Enable Support Button when no document is opened
105029356 Monitor: Fixed Extension Filter
104966910 Fixed selected objects after undo
102310255 Fixed AutoConnect of constants
101422334 Improved combining of analog DayTimer entries
93088183 Dali: Error Message when trying to create unsupported device
105002662 RemoteAir and Touch T5 are now toggle buttons in simulation
104123929 Fixed Serial of Miniserver GO AirBase
106823373 Central: Shade-command from IRR not executed if no weather-service is active
104115575 Central: Shade-comand from IRR with multiple central-objects not working
98342894 Simulation of WeatherData
106268535 API: add Webservice for secured Control Details
107157479 API: statuscode 404 for unknown objects
107828077 Fixed Air Unpair
97525901 Fixed unresponsive stop of LiveView
103649298 Allow same IR commands on different outputs
Fixed opening of calendar documents
Fixed selection crash after delete
08655619 Poolcontroller drag and drop from tree
108669550 Fixed remanence of multifunction switch
108905633 Fixed HTTPS Request if content is in header
108941807 Fixed movement of inputs in LiveView
105276453 Fixed Value of analog outputs in visualization
109070534 Hourcounter: Fixed Reset with start impuls
102874572 Create missing icons during startup
110744806 Increased Timeout for bell picture
110711526 AlarmClock: Fixed Disable of Alarm via input
109366692 AutoConfig: Widened search for heating IO
109649081 AutoConfig: Home Off fixed
AutoConfig: Create central page if program consists of at least 2 rooms
110722250 Fixed saving of edited properties when selecting different object
95116640 Added more safety to DNS Handling
110935590 Adapted parameter descriptions
110761145 Fixed search for generic caption
110704550 Fixed line after dropping control from tree
98348414 Fixed internal numbering of Air/Tree IO

Known Issues: (?)

– Tr Input of Automatic Blinds didn’t work proper.

– IR Air: Long IR commands can not be learned in.

– Auto Positioning: Notice objects are new positioned. Positon relativ to other Objects are not remembered

– Miniserver as an EIB Gateway: Not all EIB components can be programmed.

– Doorcontoller: External Videostream dosen’t work if you connected to a Gateway Miniserver and Doorcontroller block is add at a Client Miniserver.
Workaround: Connect to the Client Miniserver or add Doorcontroller block at Gateway Miniserver.

– Loxone Config on 4k displays: The startup may take up to 1 minute if using a display scaling other than 100% (depending on graphics driver).



New Functions

New Config User Interface (Ribbons,Icons,…)
Support Expertmode in App
Autopilot Generator
Loxone Link diagnose
Small Objects
Auto Configuration
Auto Positioning

Intelligent room controller:
90753948 set default value for manual temperature to correspondingly cooling or heating
90544205 changed choose of autopilot in config set in the program object
90753182 added pushnotifications for heatiroomcontroller if userdefined heating or coolingperiod ends
Fixed Push settings for Intelligent roomcontroller
97776708 intelligent room controller: fixed visualization password

Smoke Alarm:
95122572 and doorcontroller: grouped eventplay for mediaserver
87857406 fixed correct alarm-case if trigger comes from an air-sensor (central)
87857473 fixed multiple similar tracker-entries
87231085 added userdefined number of tracker
86691521 burglar-alarm and smokealarm: fixed app not showing correct alarmstate if alarm is active while storing into miniserver
89177466 changed display time in Servicemode
97092727 smokealarm, burglaralarm: added jalousie alarm up in customdialog of alarm and smokealarm
99762723 burglar and smokealarm: fixed converting hidden air-connections from Config Version and 97092727 burglaralarm and smokealarm: added jalousie alarm up in customdialog
99422554 smokealarm: showing correct unit in liveview and simulation
99762723 smokealarm: fixed insert new water or firesensors and restricted to one smokealarm-block
98058049 smokealarm: fixed default category

97755336 LightController: remove outputname after removing connection
95527412 LightController: Brightness-Input
100831347 LightController: Extend MoveIgnore while timer is active
87066008 Light Controller: fixed scene state after alarm
98168035 LightController: TrippleClick for light not working if configured in multiple Central- objects
55181434 LightController: Movement-cooldown after manual light off

94700395 Added Error Input and status – Error Input locks valve until the error is acknowledged
91520382 Fixed not ending cycle
87041790 Poolcontroller: Fixed indices of Daytimer-entries (wrong entries from other days were used)
87041790 Poolcontroller: Fixed change of operating mode (change was done – at every edge) & Force edges when setting pump output
100984368 Poolcontroller: Cover status not correct
95722313 Poolcontroller: Only allow heating or cooling in service mode not both at same time
93940096 Poolcontroller: Validate temp control mode depending on what outputs are available

95717532 MediaController: Text-Selection not working
99393484 MediaController: Off via app / Object input different
98135615 MediaController: redraw for empty virtual devices
95116355 MediaController: configuration of Numerical Value incorrect

95122572 added CustomDialog for musicserver-bell central-commando
96904132 Added pulse commando for doorcontroller outputs
68575764 Added Intercom to device status
89871083 Added Audio Password to intercom creation dialog
91752543 Intercom: Fixed wrong URL for Loxone Intercom
Doorcontroller: fixed bell while supresstimer active
97564353 Intercom version is not sent on first start
93950390 Fixed Lastbell event on Gateway/Client
98199734 Intercom device: validate url (no ‘\r’, ‘\n’ or ‘\t’ allowed)

Musicserver Zone
Room-off (Gesture Input 3, center button on Touches) now also switches off music. To override this behaviour set the Roff parameter to “on”
Fixed Config Crash in Music Server dialog
77070789 Musicserver-Zonenames editable in Config-dialog
86858139 Musicserver Zone: restore connections after cut/paste
100210443 Musicserver Enabled multiselection for upnp options

Other Fixes:
Ribbons reorganized
Combined F4 and F5 quickmenu
99017947 Seperated Room and Category strings
99028379 Fixed auto connection of memory reference
99119391 Fixed assign of hidden IO
99201000 Fixed assign of installation place
99764502 fixed JSON output for statistics
97715179 Gateway-Client: Load Custom Changes before update
fixed redraw below frame-border
Automatik Blinds 77422006 fixed automatic jalousie lamella position
Enable Reposition Button when at least one object is on page
Connector Letter for Brightness and Window contact input
Modified Positioning when connecting references
48364579 Heatmixer: Error Mail now optional
96114317 Reposition references when connecting objects
Fixed crash when replacing a text with itself
Fixed crash in Diagnosis ribbon
98999386 / 98999552 Changed hitbox on analog connectors
98341921 fixed crash in find / Replace
97840238 Fixed show of Air Search on start
97715346 Fixed Disabling of infobox when leaving area
Added Room Option to search window for DMX and Dali
Fixed Device Type in Info-Box
Fixed deadlock when closing program
96915820 Fixed SD-Format Filter
97993328 Fixed Virtual IO warning text
Fixed quickwindows out of desktop
Serialize SPS Document when loading default program
98137957 Added check for update to ribbon bar
85359715 Always show possible connection window when dropping reference on object
Serialize SPS Document when converting from old version
96747682 & 8164164 Fixed Pause of Simulation
97127247 Fixed List of quickwindow
98339682 Sorting of rooms in device option dialog
Fixed Clipboard button
Need to enter a name for devices when creating
Fixed adding of room, category and symbols from quickwindow
Fixed crash in search windows
97964246 Change Password via app: active websocket is closed
97963776 NF-Flags for new objects / devices
98615974 CustomIcons are not created
98348812 Central: shade command active if no authenticated weather server
Added new state holiday for CZ
Fixed Tree search is disabled
Fixed context ribbon for carcharger and relay extension
Fixed output already used error message
Adapted KNX Ribbon
95343235 Added Room option to Air Learning
95761613 Air & Tree devices are now created with installation place
96082565 Enable Miniserver Config also when not connected (but only open device config dialog)
96502693 Config GUI: changed Colors
Fixed Autohide of monitor and watch window
95530832 Fixed sizes of some objects
95761613 Config Adapted Names in tree
96752267 Added Error Mailer when Emergency file is loaded
96561334 Optimized saving to miniserver (most work is now done in config)
89388477 No rename when of extension when changing switchboard/row/pos when extension already has a custom name
Custom-Changes are now saved compressed
Fixed wrong “Geräte” string (due to modification of ribbon)
Removed crash-file detection, because of emergency file
96905868 Added pulseleft and pulseright virtual in command
96700972 Weatherserver is now not deleteable anymore
91773045 jalousie integrated: lamelle-position after stop
96900931 CustomChanges: remove from visu not working for actors/sensors+
95938054 FilterControl: Adapt with of Room/Cat-Dropdows
Fixed EIB/KNX Ribbon buttons (were always disabled)
95723867 Fixed wrong miniserver status in caption bar
Fixed unit of radiation-weather data
96522368 Fixed reposition of memories
95342408 Fixed search and replace
97099157 Added Intercom-1Wire Ribbon
96489866 No closing when clicking on object library categories
95332367 Improved Miniserver search
94583039 Added Miniserver-Webservices to device status (LoxApp, SdTest & reboot)
97283466 Improved speed of analyzing received data (could cause a watchdog)
96697626 Validate names of rooms and categories
97529965 Changed color and opacity of infobox
PicoC: Fixed strfind function – start position was not used
97554773 Fixed crash, when selecting online state
95315404 config: handle occupied channel 0 by a internorm-extension
97092727 central: openjalousie for burglaralarm on alert
93992448 config: fixed reference to wrong position on deleting a memory-marker
93123018 burglaralarm: suppressing trigger A, if an alarm is active
Fixed Backup on Gateway (Gateway zip folder was not saved)
87915750 Fixed name Update of object (room not update when inserted)
Standard paper format is now always A3 (before the last used format was used)
Added Room to DMX Device
Fixed name of smart socket relay (an additional space what at the end)
91754445 Prevent crash during Miniserver Production
92710788 Fixed timeout for Auto-Update
91294712 Free allocated memory after autoupdate
90969176 Added Hidden option to add Air & Tree IO
Visual styles removed – replace by fixed design
Fixed Device status if an miniserver is offline
Added new timezone data
91517583 Fixed timezone link for belfast
92141837 Access: Paramter Tp was not used when access was denied
92081740 Fixed sorting of dmx actors
fixed nano dimmer air T5 input
93538453 Added changing of virtual inputs from LiveView
93095962 Fixed View option in properties at multiselection
93981879 Added new hidden version of Ribbon (hidden with registry flag)
91726382 Moved description in room/cat dialog
91938465 Fixed Enable of Miniserver-export
93985239 Sendcylce for weather and sunwindguard
90948691 Fixed crash when trying to delete custom heat/cool period
84571377 Maximum value for max and min of validation (max is Integer)
Modified sending of system state
92926238 Fixed Weather data visualization
92277371 Fixed duplicated Loxone Folder in Documents
94590730 Display of Filter-Window
93948697 Color for Error-Output
93981879 Redesign of Ribbon
Added Prefered column (Blind Objects should be in the right column)
added more zoom steps
95359629 removed page tab centering
95522651 Fixed Topmodule inputs of NanoDimmer
95140588 width of note fixed
95480839 add output dialog vertical size fixed
95479847 Fixed selection after pasting controls
95357601 Fixed pasting Controls
94216669 Fixed Autoconnect on drop of drag output
94030204 Fixed crash when deleting used room or cat
92143321 Config: crash when using %-symbol
95146341 Incorrect message for invalid chars in io-references
95480250 Added Room/Category for Central-Object
86865203 fixed digital input for iButtons with family code not equal to 1
93981879 Added new Ribbon
Fixed MultiExtension Cover Page
95769074 Added Object name to popup
Ribbon: Adapted name of insert network devices
New Air and Tree icons
94699308 Memory reference not selectable in simulation
85359715 Fixed autoconnect of Air digital inputs
95711792 Froeling: Fixed Config crash when using gateway document
95548366 Removed gender from caller languages
91298310 Fixed leading and trailing spaces in object names
90970464 Fixed crash in device status, when saving to miniserver
90333456 Don´t deactivate monitor when saving to miniserver
Fixed name of smart socket relay output (name had a trailing space)
90721389 Fixed IR Learning on gateway
88641147 miniserver now works with ETS 5.5
91541363 Gateway: Fixed Virtual In Out
77070117 Valve Air: position to 24V powered device is now sent immediately
Gateway: Return Code 500 to App if client does not answer command
91291476 Fixed Lost Dali-Lamp-type
Fixed Lost Dali Group Mask
Added Debug Outputs for DNS
87742299 fixed frequency input visualization
89988147 Added Webservice to get Credentials for intercom
89871125 Intercom: Added Status for version of Intercom & added type to LoxAPP
89871083 Intercom: Added Audio Password for new intercom version
91764538 Fixed printing of Tree Extension
68575764 Added Version and MAC to Device status of intercom
80267898 Fixed creation of MeterInt sensors
84531691 fixed EIB textactor umlaute
84531691 fixed EIB textsensor umlaute
Two outputs added to differential threshold
84775131 Replace Leading / trailing spaces in Object-Names
84213783 timeout for Virtual HTTP-Input
87152665 HTTPSERVER: first webservice after unlock not working
84183727 added UUID of CurrentUser in Loxapp3
78258134 added property SendCycle to certain device
Integrated Jalousie – Internorm: hide obstacle / block outputs
87859758 Fixed Backup when Miniserver name contains underscores
81045843 Added Miniserver Name to Backup
88777759 Disabled autosave during editing of user passwords
Fixed delete of user defined enocean actor and sensors
87898156 Exchanged teamviewer to english version
88659855 Fixed subject and receipient of smtp mailer
88866362 Infosymbol on analogue connectors not shown
Custom Changes: Only save objects not complete program
Custom Changes: On Save to Miniserver check if custom changes are on miniserver
Fixed Stackoverflow in HTTP Tasks (caused crash when saving IRR custom changes)
Fixed multiple custom changes in IRoomcontroller – were saved 3 times instead of once
Fixed program identical status when custom changes are loaded
Middle mouse button for pan
83411628 Fixed PicoC memory validation
Gateway: Don´t request customchanges from clients, when App connects
Gateway: Added monitor outputs to Miniserver communication
100579751 Disable hiding of inverted IO
90531508 In-App notifications intern and external dependencies not correct
90532440 Fixed wrong symbol in weather input
101208267 Caller/Mailer/Tracker/Notification: per default command is set
84956074 DayTimer: Minimum time of 1 minute
98581228 Miniserver responds with code 501 (HTTP-OPTIONS not implemented)
98581228  added http method OPTIONS
87043708 AlarmClock: Fixed next entry after disable
AlarmClock: Fixed confirmation needed check-state
99399853  connectionWindow gets smaller after closing/reopening
100372877 DeviceStatus: Fixed AirDevice Wakeup
DeviceOption: Fixed multiple messageboxes
100364436 Config: fixed crash on place memory direct (from tree) into a object
100365001 Config: added warning-dialog for non-support for Classic App
100231401 Config: fixed T5 simulation
100177151 Config: listed enocean sensors and actors twice in quickview
99683896 Config: fixed wrong reference-line, if drag line onto memory
100607536 LoxoneConfig: Load Parameter Default overwrites Subtypes for Actors
64136355 CommissioningMode: added support for rgb/lumitech; adapted 1Wire-Polling-Cycles
91288422 CommissioningMode: Outputs of Dimmer-Extension not visible
Fixed creation of invalid connections
Fixed default push settings
100792698 Fixed password property
96501741 Fixed percent characters in virtual out commands
100978812 Fixed connection with wrong miniserver
101019517 Fixed drawing of colored references
100988018 AlarmClock: Fixed not ending snooze time
100793565 Fixed text in source editor
94564265 Utilitymeter: Fixed resetting unit settings
98616150 disabled non existing digital actors for froeling extension
100806763 fixed wrong solltemp, if solltemperatur set by a virtualinput
98346268 & 98346268 fixed wrong page index in Loxone Config with Autopilot
100630611 Expertmode: special characters are allowed in description name
99628809 Fixed adjusting to prefered positions when multiple objects are selected
100277355 Hide room combobox in treemonitor
91975967 On, On-OffDelay: Fixed turn on when Time-parameter changes
97291530 Fixed drawing error
100171398 Fixed Autostart of linkdiagnosis
98143513 Improved hitbox of central info
99008049 Fixed Destination object when multiple objects are selected
95342408 fixed search & replace
99452937 added max tracker entries
98999386 / 98999552 Changed hitbox on analog connectors
99017025 splitted peripheral search strings
99397843 BurglarAlarm: fixed stucking at silent alarm, if T2 is used
98560690 BurglarAlarm: fixed null in pushnotification (if using T2 and a second sensor came)
99442610 WindowContact Air: adapted default display-values
99398906 Autoconnect: multiple objects supported via connection-window
98350698 terminate liveview when connection aborts
98565680 burglaralarm: fixed showing correct tree-type in customdialog
100044961 control object size optimized
98602452 config: fixed saving second dns in dialog miniserverconfig
99025417 config: fixed missing tree-devices in assign input-dropdown
98848002 airroomsensor: fixed batterystate

Known Issues: (?)

– IR Air: Long IR commands can not be learned in.

-AirBase, Dimmer Extension and Dali Extension show wrong flashing states when connected while offline and in Loxone Config a wrong Online state is shown if the extension was online before.

– Auto Positioning: Notice objects are new positioned. Positon relativ to other Objects are not remembered

-Virtual Input status for LiveView and Simulation updated only after released Slider

– Miniserver as an EIB gateway: Not all EIB components can be programmed.

– Missing subject at Mailer
Mailer sending E-Mails without subject Workaround use Loxone Cloud Mailer

– At some Installations Weatherdata are not shown in Visualisation after Update.
For fixing this issue please Contact our Support

– Autopilot Generator was not shown in App after Update from V if Document Typ is Client at Standalone Miniserver.

– Keba Wallbox is shown offline at Miniserver.
Wallbox charging function is  working only Communiation to Miniserver isn’t able.
For fixing this issue please Contact our Support



Brand New Tree Devices:
Tree Extension
Touch Tree
Valve Tree
Motion Detector Tree

82465824 Music Server Zone UPnP Client Offline State not handled correctly
Fixed sorting of childs of carcharger and multimediaserver

Burglar Alarm:
expanded air/tree inputs and music and lightcontroller to connect over gateway
80544614 burglar alarm: take care of a non zero delay for silent alarm
80199387 burglar alarm: fixed missing tracker-entries
changed to event-triggered
setting alarm-outputs in correct delay order
added support centralblock for lightcontroller

65097718 Fixed intercom device discovery (Sip was not found)
82831917 Fixed Tooltip of intercom
83027005 Fixed configuration of IntercomXL
Increased search time for intercom

Automatik blinds / blinds / integrated blinds:
Added new AnimationType “Marquee” to Autojalousie
Fixed repeating commands on longtime-click
82307452 Autojalousie: invalid position when chaging lamelle-position during/after full movement
86627395 Crash when selecting Integrated Jalousie

Fixed crash when autosave occurs during editing of lightscenes
86399113 Fixed Gatecontroller light-time descriptions

Other Fixes:
87065901 Renamed Automatic to Autopilot
Fixed crash when minsierver trying to send commands to config
87941425 Fixed device status options of new devices
88068523 Fixed My products ribbon title
77243016 Disable Identify during creation of all Dali devices
Fixed crash when inserting door controller when no proper page is selected
Fixed logging of Websocket logon
Diagnosis: No Auto-start when extension is selected
Fixed Room of Modbus Device
Fixed negative last received in device status
81134572 Remote Air: Swapped Vol up and down on T5
86344432 Constants lost, when importing document
87477706 Battery status of watersensor not shown in device status
87657213 Gateway: Closing of Update Dialog aborts Update on clients
86384374 Backup: Select Backup when selecting Row
75279845 Access: Fixed output when using Intercom and Tp is zero
87450081 Fixed resize of poolcontroller
85788127 Fixed remove of memory connections
87470048 Diagnosis: Added cyclic shortcut detection
Fixed name when creating all dali devices at once
Added search timeout for dali
79035660 energymonitor: fixed handling invalid input data from fronius and kostal
86383874 pushbutton2 changed: permament “off” will disable q only on first edge
87231570 smokealarm: set remance setted for smokealarm as default
84365926 added search airbase for next free valid channel on insert
87053079 fixed MiniserverConfigDialog if a non-network device is selected
86044207 Virtual up/down input fixed
84263950 Fixed sending of statistics with Smtp Mailers
Fixed DNS-timeout when creating TCP stream
82908313 Added Webservice to check Miniserver utilization
86921415 Added new teamviewer tool
86627395 Crash when selecting Integrated Jalousie
80715985 Allow Identic Names for Wallbox & Integraded Jalousie-Devices
84193448 Fixed drag/drop for deprecated controls
Changed Enocean universal descriptions
Fixed search when command failed
71918657 added EnOcean user-defined device
86895750 Fixed Clouddns connection
86894205 Fixed Current User on HTTP-Server Session
85460272 Force send system-state to Config on connection
85759679 added cyclic sending for modbus extension actors
83565959 Fixed duplicated ID in Translations
85179417 Added Templates for IntesisBox DK-RC-MBS-1 and IntesisBox ME-AC-MBS-1
85359715 Fixed autoconnect errors with air sensors
84793615 Fixed crash when opening invalid Config file
85460272 Fixed Gateway Error-Message when saving to miniserver
Device Status: Fixed wrong update progress
72294877 Improved Gateway Client status
Fixed Update of Webinterface on Clients (complete Update was done, when Webinterface was transmitted on saving to miniserver)
Added function to send command from Client to all other Miniservers
85759756 Password change on Gateway
86042786 Property window update with parameter inversion
Update bold text in property window after saving document
80942672 Fixed insert of logger/mailer/tracker on other miniserver
76866829 Fixed multiple Dali output references
Fixed Date of program in tooltip when no status is available
Fixed assigning of iButton from search window
85037299 Error Message when starting search on Offline Extension
No auto-save during saving to Miniserver
Renamed Monitor “Extension” column
Diagnosis: Added Information to Tooltip
Fixed Dali System-Error state
86000190 Fixed closing of exported document
85825631 Fixed adding of T5 to touch for nano
86637401 Fixed Parsing of HTTP Port
85849952 Fixed HTTP-Get when server does not specify a length
85825631 Correct wrong inserted T5 inputs on touch for nanos
84181022 Fixed page references when using documentation
82333799 Device status: Added option to get def.log from Miniserver
84022158 Statistics Dialog: Fixed display of scroll bar
84171730 DayTimer: Combining of entries not working anymore
83925663 HTTP Inputs fixed redirects
81134238 Fixed Dali Poweron/SysFailure properties
74822656 AlarmClock: Added State to determine alarm-day in app
81134572 Added T5 input to remote Air
Fixed naming of Valve Air digital Input
80947644 Fixed Naming of DMX devices
81344372 Fixed Config connection when using port 8080
83821172 Fixed saving delay on when output is inverted
80034101 Deactivating simulation when starting liveview
82438636 Fixed device configuration when connected to miniserver
Added Techreport for supported devices to device status
Added calculation of Hidden Inputs to ObjectSize
Added SpecialState-uuids to /all command
secured possible crash in  CLoxoneConfigServer
Code Object hidden, only big Object remains
81860486 Fixed crash when In/Outputs are missing in document
80715336 Fixed FTP authentification with special characters
83577086 Toilet: Fixed deactivation when started by movement
81947324 Status: Fixed display for long integer values
82831917 Fixed help-info for doorcontroller
83459732 Fixed deletion & enumeration of RC Keys
PicoC: Added missing programfail message, when memory is not valid
Fixed configuration of current Miniserver Hardware
fixed inital category for extension / irdevice
fixed memory-loak in push-notifications
81454866 LightController: invalid StateUpdate
secured possible crash in liveview during save into miniserver
82333640 Miniserver: ntp pings
79803694 Acces-object: Fixed Deny output when time is set to zero
Fixed crash when saving to miniserver with liveview
82615126 remove deprecated Alarm-Inputs for PresenceAir
fixed tree-sorting for Modbus TCP
saunavapor: changed to event-triggered
80966899: saunavapor: remember maunal temps and humidity for each manual mode
Added diagnosis option to modbusserver
82276076 Daytimer: Fixed Setting of modelist
Diagnosis inputs are now hidden per default (systemp, online,..) and can be shown via an option in the properties of the device
80592605 Fixed memory connectors (analog and digital)
Added function to Insert main input of devices via drag and drop of the device
Fixed http request when encoding is chunked
Fixed setting of default room/place
Fixed crash when inserting objects
Fixed crash when selecting after load from miniserver
Fixed crash when deleting referenced objects
Fixed wrong connected serial on a gateway (caption bar showed client serial)
Fixed crash with referenced tubemotors
Fixed crash in search window
Fixed assigning of room when creating device from search window
Fixed saving of remanence
Valve Air and Valve Tree now send error mailer (valve stuck, no valve detected)
81134766 Added default digital state text for valve inputs
81453603 Fixed crash in enocean properties when wrong control is selected
80230684 Fixed problem with in/outputs when default values have been set
Fixed crash in brightness control debug outputs
81289536 Secured possible crash in liveview during restarts
81296294 Program: secured crash for invalid value in setlogtext
81481537 Fixed crash with invalid fontnames
81530373 Loxone Config: properties missing after cancelling new Document
82082529 Stop Device Identify when other objects are selected
81298517 Fixed crashes during sps-restarts
64964178 Webservice /astate not working /all not implemented
Added use of serial to remaining air webservices
78044021 Simplyfied / improved MediaControl-Configuration
Changed device status webservices to use serial instead of name

Known Issues: (?)

– IR Air: Long IR commands can not be used.

-AirBase, Dimmer Extension and Dali Extension show wrong flashing states when connected while offline and in Loxone Config a wrong Online state is shown if the extension was online before.

– Miniserver as an EIB gateway: Not all EIB components can be programmed.

– Missing subject at Mailer
Mailer sending E-Mails without subject Workaround use Loxone Cloud Mailer

– With ETS 5.5 Miniserver can’t be used as EIB Gateway
use ETS < 5.5 or another EIB Gateway

– Airplay issues: some models, esp. iPads with iOs 9.3.2 have Problems from Apple side and the already canceled the 9.3.2 updates to work on a replacement. Sorry but you have to wait for Apple



Heating Mixer does not work sometimes

Weather Service fixed (old data was used)



Music Server:
75942904 Musicserver Sleep Timer Enabled with volume 0 after timer Ts elapsed
66634312 Fixed disappearing musicserver zone when loading from gateway
73500715 Fixed Zone Off after Th expired when Musicserver was in Standby before and got WakeUp via Mv
68952118 Clear qeue after wakeup-timeout
70380425 Invalid Serverstate for Gateway after poweroff
68449656 added Clientstate “not reachable”
Message for WrongMaster not shown
poweroff instead of standby
delay of powerOff-cmd after start
pulse-Outputs for Zone On / Off
eventsounds are not stopped
Show unused musicserver zones only on gateway (Device Status)
68575764 Added network devices (music server and carcharger) to device status
No log level set on musicserver when server is not reachable
67925419 close sockets during miniserver-update
Send identification to music server added
66470338 Master-errormessage added
66536069 allow change of PlayerID
65828000 send network-config after zone-configuration
66149935 Fixed crash when loading document with casatunes-zones
64774180 prevent configuration via multiple miniservers
66139044 Te(EventTime) incorrect after WOL
66172927 enable MAC-Adress in Network-Configuration
65828000 Zone-search not working after IP-change
65213856 manual configuration with duplicate PlayerID possible
65385769 invalid values in configure-dialog
65625609 show red border if playerID = 0
65812124 remove Option “not assigned”
65812774 duplicate zone when changing referenced MediaServer
64442843 invalid behaviour with copy/cut+paste
65223721 Onlinestate in Gateway
Fixed crash in musicserver configuration
65213856 manual configuration with duplicate PlayerID possible
65388061 playerID not visible
Double music zones fixed
65215950 Add Musicserver before send new configuration (PeripherySearch)
79865074 Default Volume & Max Volume not saved in Miniserver
79001861 Fixed several State inconsistencies with App / Webinterface
76170082 Zone Sleep Abort reverts to Default Volume fixed
72436115 Master-Message not shown when swithcing miniservers
78815686 Zone Off not handled correctly in Liveview
76192158 AudioZone goes off short before event sound (bell, buzzer, …)
Audio Zones added via peripherial tree now have the correct default Category “Audio”
73527327 Zone Power stays ON while Server is sent to Standby
72295232 Casatunes: Zone offline after reboot
72601023 Casatunes: MV not working if zone-power is OFF
79506331 fixed wrong alarmevent by disarming alarm (if presence was disabled)
75281894 Max/Default Volume Change on App causes too many updates

Gateway / Client / Konzentrator:
66489027 Fixed external modes (external values have priority over calenders)
65087944 Added functionality to send Text values from Client to gateway and reverse (used for virtual outputs with text values)
Fixed Map of slaves in gateway – caused that config data from slave is blocked
Fixed crash after saving to Miniserver, when identify is sent too early
Document not equal after save to gateway fixed
monitor device recognition enhanced for gateways
Gateway-Dialog: Insert Miniservers intor the list that are already stored in the Document
Fixed saving Client program to Gateway
67809741 Fixed learning AirDevices on gateway
70579431 New pages on gateway now created on client, when client is selected
61099931 Clients now send the DoorBell Alert Image to their Gateway
70663061 Gateway: Only transfer update files when necessary
71541376 Fixed undefined gateway MAC
Only accept file commands from own gateway
Removed unnecessary custom-change serialization on gateway
Improved Gateway Event handling
Gateway: Initial Status Updates are now requested delayed from all clients
Gateway crash fixed due to wrong client answer
Fixed memory leak in gateway
Fixed wakeup and sleep of airdevices on gateway-client
Modified Event communication – ignore empty uuids

Automatik blinds / blinds / integrated blinds:
Tubemotor is now created in new format to be used in integrated blinds
52994011 fixed stop via central while safety is active
73436368 Parameter SO invisible in propertywindow
75423997 Added T5-Support to integrated blinds
75422392 Added Central-Support for integrated blinds
66677365 Initial Version for TubeMotor integrated blinds
fixed digital output-values for integrated blinds
69751273 invalid value of output QA
65075139 adapted move-times for schlotterer retrolux
fixed stop/go via fullup/down on integrated blinds
75528840 Input AIL not working if AIP is not connected
76132193 Sp via Central stays on while moving
66178259 AIP/AIL not working when set during block-time
77084646 no Automatic if Tr == 0
79269094 pulse on up/dw does not stop moving
80408633 Integrated Jalousie: Automatic while Moving
80952436 inavalid Lamelle-Position
Added Learn input to blindmotor

Pool controller:
Fixed end of service mode
75789158 Fixed valve position at end of service mode
69099097 Backwashcycle is now abortable
Corrected initialization of PoolController (caused unwanted monitor output)
64560081 Fixes for copying and pasting
64560048 Fixed wrong references on gateway
Aquastar only selectable when on the same miniserver
64181014 CurrentCylce not updating when doing a temperature control cycle

Energy Monitor:
66660627 Consumed Energy does not include own production
47295836 Add DeliveryData to object
67549973 reset powervalue when PV goes offline
59268526 Kostal: invalid values around midnight
67952946 Fronius: disconnect after IP-check
70060920 Kostal offline after saving into miniserver
72606680 invalid Values after reboot/daychange
72748803 Close connection after address-verification
72899371 Invalid consume/delivery-values on first day
71538517 Adapted units for kwPeak
67173402 Offline Kostal blocks Program-Task
75227101 no power-Values if energy not available
67650415 redundant state updates

Light controller:
73074876 Fixed random scene for PresenceSimulation
73112778 learned scene is not selected
73211679 removed unused ControlDetail
73221442 scene+ not working after AllOn
72594460 Added logging for learning scenes
70836279 verify Scene-Number for Light-Controllers in presence simulation
76700894 first alarm-period incorrect
78669356 invalid Webinterface with special scenes

Burglar Alarm:
75965112 Added Configuration-Dialog for Air-Devices in Alarm
StartTime status update working again
78256512 Added status-update for alarm start
76311287 changed default activation delay to 10 minutes
69677909 Added Alarm mode functionality for presence air
75329765 Fixed remanence of DisMv
64022756 Fixed Tracker for object without visualisation

Alarm Clock:
67147229 Disable entry when current day is freeday/holiday and mode is not selected
Fixed date calculation (Alarm Clock Reboot Bug)
Unable to control entries over Mode Output references
65519786 Improvements (Delete with delete Key, new entrys have now a default time) & Fixed non working entry constellations
65519786 Copy Paste in grid
Fixed Weekday calculation used for AlarmClock in Config
65403343 Fixed crash when only one entry with no modes selected
62813472 Removed unnecessary remanence of Acknowledge status
61648238 Ringing time not resetting when snoozing

73222339 use active scene when learning
73607876 invalid visu-state
72149756 fixed Off/Reset-command

Smoke Alarm:
76498986 Extended Smokealarm to Smoke- and Wateralarm
80044575 Mail/Notification after reboot
80966492 Missing category for Watersensor
78814467 In-App notification during service-mode
Fixed crash in smokealarm, when creating loxapp
73648872 servicemode is not activated

Media Controller:
79405921 fixed Longtime-click for mode/power-inputs
45953438 Added On/Off Inputs
76130871 Added Reset
77475830 Repeat of Volume/Program commands via input

Other issues:
79527592 Removed Onlinestate from Geiger Remote
80264502 Fixed devicestatus when old caption is in document
Fixed autoupdate of webinterface
80043010 Removed context menu in state-object dialog (disabled hiding of columns)
78218091 LinkPeriphSearchTab: Fixed replacing of extensions
80592384 Fixed empty notification uuid – caused missing events
Fixed crash of room selection in search window
Fixed downloading of new Config Version
80046686 Weather: Prevent multiple log entries when user is not active
80223742 Remove old events in new connection
73604865 fixed heat mixer swinging
Fixed edges for text vaules
80394357 Parameter SO not working
80193131 fixed missing copy function for presence simulation in pushbutton
79812407 Fixed counterinput edges
79405151 Daytimer: Fixed setting of times to midnight
74996748 fixed IRC parameter Tsm and Tcm
79624174 / 51454549 Fixed edges for Text values
Pico-C memory made safe
78673865 DMX Device not inserted as child of DMX Extension
Changed address for updatecheck in Config
44516218 Linecount not correct in saved monitor files
53285363 Fixed DS2438 1-Wire monitor data
79239379 Multiselection in properties: Frequency-counter property not working
68439867 Fixed jumping of page focus when inserting memories from tree
79096095 Added Error mailer for meter int
78644607 Logger/Mailer/Reference can be inserted on other miniserver
77791069 Formula: Root-Calculation invalid
fixed invalid position of Modbus-Device
78683160 Fixed Events for InApp-Notifications
76310323 Old tasks are restored when adding new ones
75268942 Check for Webinterface Update after an Update
78674933 Properties: Now able to hide/show inputs of multiple selected devices
79035482 Fixed display of partner info on top programming page
78050184 Codecoloring fixed
Crashes fixed if too less memory
75812232 Carcharger: validate min/max current for standalone
76987735 Average: unnused Input is calculated
79063376 Fixed crash when closing document when loading is not done
44516218 Last line of monitor not displayed
77770551 Air-Monitor: Automatically adjust width of data-column
77761724 Fixed HTTP-Request when @ is in password
Crashdata now also copied when doing a planned reboot
77286030 Network-search: Deactivate ip window on old intercoms
71868891 Network-search: Disable name window on unknown devices
73646992 Validation for HTTP inputs (mjpg)
68121919 DeviceStatus: Display current channel of Airbase in device information
77245326 FrequencyChange: Fixed problem when connection to Miniserver is lost
77259225 Device Status: changed description of menu for wakup/sleep of all devices
64945355 Fixed offset of tooltips in tree
74929113 Device Status: Fixed problem when old status was still present
77636880 Fixed crash in HTTP client when memory is too less
76137266 Fixed crash when choosing visu-rating
77255699 Fixed opening webinterface from config
77066494 Fixed cut of text in configuration dialog
77754212 Fixed Http-get when no content length is specified
77283847 Fixed Port description string
75268580 Min Max Duration: invalid initial values
76104769 Old Version of Tubemotor not working after update
73646992 Fixed crash when downloading a stream with Http-input
Fixed memory leak when alloc fails
76342395 spurious HTTP 501 Errors while loading ressources from internal webserver, fixed HTTP Client Headers
Fixed sys/heap webservice when using user
fixed crash in NetworkPeriphSearchTab
51454549 Fixed text value edges
Fixed Windows XP support
Added new SSL Library
Virtual HTTP Inputs supports relative Redirects (301/302 Response with relative path)
63343803 Presence simulation shown in visualization for eib dimmer
75013601 Fixed selected site when inserting item via drag&drop
73420735 Fixed escaping of string in LoxAPP
75480061 Multifunction switch / stairway switch: fixed activation after reboot
67856163 / 75270050: Fixed iButtons on AirDevices
73164747 Adapted description of in state object
72447281 Duplicate roomname not displayed in visualisation
Fixed crash during saving to miniserver when using HTTP inputs
75651003 Central-Dialog: Selected checkbox not drawn correctly
Telnet removed
75658808 No Watchdog within first 5 Minutes
T5 jalousie fixed
75659072 start with destroyed filesystem possible
73644857 Configuration Dialog: Fixed sending of new values
69677895 Changed strings for presence air/tree
75658876 Emergency file added if more than 4 fast unwanted reboots
72603794 Quick window scaling of edit box fixed
73215138 Added Conversion of old EnOcean analogue actors
51602693 Fixed connection of hidden in/ouputs
73117461 Removed states for webpage and app object
72800882 Sauna Error-Output is not set
72801880 Sauna: Error is now not set anymore when sauna is too long active
Weatherserver: Fixed retry timing
72772631 Fixed DNS Device search
72813294 & 65707673 Access-object: Use Gui name of extension when declining user
73385613 Default category groups are not correct
71051238 Added option for using as favorite to room and category
64940985 Error message when importing of ccf file fails
64782426 Added do not use category/room to filter options
72813699 Mode: Visu state not correct when activated over calendar
Fixed enabling of Search button in Air monitor
71407391 Wallbox-Device BMW: invalid names for sensors/actors
70850589 Wallbox standalone: do not allow charging if not connected
67942064 Wallbox-Device Keba: Limitation not used
71267160 Loxone Config: crashes when using “My Loxone-Account”- functions
73517287 Tubemotor: Command-Output not working if output is used in visualization
70892035 Device Status: Resizing of columns when updating information
72754369 Virtual HTTP input with localhost – without password
Loxone Config crash fixed when long running
71918657 Added EnOcean Universal to Config
72774313 Hourcounter: Fixed overdue event value
removed unknown bitmap message
72430555 Fixed XML File serialization when expected items are not present
69574587 PresenceSimulation: no ON-Action if remaining time < minumum activation time
68440902 Removed Upnp-Forwarding in PropertyWindow
65827387 fixed SNMP Traps with multiple variable bindings
72287151 Fixed crash when inserting new Page
Removed now duplicated escaption of json strings
71918099 Fixed special characters for logger name
72297743 Test/Beta versions are shown in Release
72007527 Removed old webinterface
“ escaped in json
set modified flag after conversion of invalid object names
52002280 Client not displayed in device status directly after reboot
71689387 Multifunction switch/stairway switch status update not correctly
71051288 Weather server mistakenly in LoxAPP
71872549 crash fixed with mdns search
71868891 Network search: Able to add unknown devices
68421952 MeterInt: Added polling cycle option for IEC62056 meters
70882747 Remove OnlineState from EnOcean actors (devices created with version 4.3)
71034578 heatmode init fixed
70673955 Crash when loosing conection during active LiveView
63849345 HTTP Virtual Out User-Agent Header now overwriteable
59527386 Loxone Config fixed HTTP 1.1 Protocol requirements for multi-homed environments (reverse proxying)
67766652 Push Notification broken when single quotes are sent (French translation of doorbell push)
70362024 Access Object: Only show 1-wire devices from same Miniserver
71379655 Able to create AirDevice in different document
Added File-count information to backup dialog
71275045 Fixed crash when drawing logo
Serialization of custom changes is now aborted when no memory is left
55818305 Compression for LoxAPP3.json added
71028284 Battery inputs removed for DC powered devices
63627039 Minimum time between notifications increased to 5s
Show debug monitor lines in color again
68668277 Fixed Config crash when aborting UPNP search
Added hidden option to wakeup airdevices in device status
Fixed symbol in object help
69075431 Autocorrect negative sensitivity values
Fixed sending of webinterface when client is not available
70808488 Loxone Config: Enable Category-Groups
70048816 Carcharger: first limitmode cannot be switched
70048297 Carcharger: fixed jumping limitation-slider
60265984 MultiIO: 1-Wire Statistics webservice (“/dev/sys/wsdevice/[Name]/Statistics”)
64954570 MultiIO: Zero values on counterinputs not sent to miniserver
70043470 Online help for Toilet block
Fixed assigning of IP which ends with a 0
70515962 Fixed too large texts with 125% display
70409743 icons fixed in
70515403 Crash when typing in User right property
Sort extensions error fixed
68743935 Configuration not sent when only acces properties are changed
70600073 Hourcounter keeps current duty cycle while saving into miniserver
T5 added for Touch Air on NanoIO Air
fixed typo for duplicate user
70174653 Visualisation option for sunshine weather data
70372008 Fixed symbol for delayed pulse
69613751 Fixed crash with missing Logger-Caption
69761097 Miniserver is converted to GO/Miniserver when configuring
66497137 Page delete only works on second click
Device Status: Only expand tree nodes which contain an error
Device Status: Columns not sized correctly
T5 composite input added to Touch Air and light controller, music server zone, automatic blinds and central
Fixed String conversion in Trace outputs
69885503 Fixed In-App Push Notifications not delivered while Out-of-Band Push Notifications do
Fixed TCP Sockets resetting while communication
Fixed HTTP Servertasks stalled and become unusable until next reboot
69089529 fixed Remanence and start value for virtual Text inputs
66476377 Update device Status in background
68121919 Device info on airbase not correct when using different channel
Device Status improvements
69231006 fixed Importing Client Document with intercom device (loxapp3.json was broken)
Moved Networkdevices in device status under Miniserver (not yet visible in Config)
Drop of monitor files added
Fixed Air Learning when using multiple AirBases on 1 Miniserver
67809741 Wrong serial of AirBase when converting document
68436160 Comm-Monitor Resize Data Column if needed
Fixed wrong string conversion, which resulted in Update-Problem
68435032 Search: Search results are now updating during search (1-Wire, DMX)
69229510 Escaping of special character in telephone number
68467091 Fixed multiple System notifications in 1 document
66699233 Fixed crash when closing document during loading
65850825 Validation of IP in configuration dialog
68073681 Configdata of Air devices is now transmitted to Config and can be used
38409649 Air Learning: Error message when Miniserver Version is lower than required Version
Windows7 color style contrast enhanced
68073681 Air: Modification for Config Data usage
66131837 Fixed multiple channel change of IR Air actors
66178178 Escaping of special characters in Radiobuttons
64962333 Tracker Removed Visualisation password option
68095377 Duplicate room name check also checks other types
Fixed crash with fresh formatted SD card
38821121 Adaption for new taskrecorder API
67627128 Show unresolved address when connected over Clouddns (also save backup with clouddns address)
67921672 Daytimer: Fixed combination of different activate type entries
65660718 intelligent temperature control: fixed pump/mixer enabling
66813092 Crash when selecting invalid Font
63765964 Added Buttons for Webinterface
68227272 Added UPnP Automatic Port Forwarding
65935715 Fixed replacing of devices from search window
67470551 Fixed default room and category with defect document
67650044 Having one Notification with multiple instances sending a message all the same time works now on websockets too
67493878 Copy of Intercom in Peripherial Tree causes unloadable App (LoxApp3.JSON corrupted)
Added Network Device Information to Miniserver Device Status (still hidden in Config)
64950615 common properties for doorcontroller (multiple selection)
64435650 random for presence simulation enhanced
66654303 Adapt texts of PresenceAir object + properties
65731030 Invalid Object in “Controllers”- Menu
65374519 fixed IRC Mv and Is input
Remove Recorded Task Webservice now only requires UUID
Recalculation of sun when summer time changes
63809346 Caching of Webinterface on browsers fixed when updating the whole Image (not only Webinterface)
66130764 TQ on Access Object also sends out the Device name when unknown iButtons are attached
66503474 Pico-C Right Shift Operator (>> and >>=) now distinct between unsigned and signed int or long.
66133619 Userdefined WeatherTypes not used (any more) and therefore removed from list of available types
66651044 fixed EnOcean roomcontroller EEP A5-10-04
65950704 Fixed Autosave when user credentials are not valid
Increased speed of User Check function
65573209 EIB Dimmer value fixed for presence simulation
MeterInt: Fixed Overflow when using M-Bus protocol
Modbusserver: added excpetion-info to monitor
valve test enhanced
toilet object enhanced with movement input
64618830 Virtual Outputs used with a text input did not update correctly & Virtual Outputs with a logger/tracker reference go into endless-loop sending commands
65208899 Change from Analog to Digital for virtual Inputs now set Default Values correctly
65673464 Loxone Config: crash when adding Onlinestate
56635810 Loxone Config: Licence- and Connectivity-check when changing Server-Adress
61243155 icon cache fixed for apps
65066921 Tilde Symbol now unencoded in GET Request Strings
65213856 Loxone Config: open Network-Configuration when device not available
65809357 Loxone Config: Ip-Assignment not working
65822200 Push Notifications “Miniserver Name” now Description if specified, otherwise the name
65070081 MeterInt: IEC62056 Communication expanded (now using ServiceReadout function on Elster)
65538780 MeterInt: MBus now is using calculation of units
MeterInt: Added Webservice for sending data
Accept Uuids for wsdevice
Fix air monitor assignments
add valve test
Accept Uuids for wsdevice
64970047 crash when adding dooconroller via peripherysearch
carcharger bmw: adapt io-names when changing actionbuttons
64439823 Loxone Config: deleting of last page allowed
65208609 Users not deleteable
65205869 Device Status: Columns are shifted when using gateway
64834116 Allow download of testversion when miniserver is on new version
65211434 Validation for Analog Comm Sensors not setable
65226081 Configuration Window can be opened multiple times
45128987 Fixed differences in Counter Input (always when a new time has been set)
65329103 Click Aborts LiveView
64771125 Access Settings of Inputs,Outputs and Logger Objects keep their configuration when moving to a page when other than All/All is set.
64496838 hardcoded strings in AirBase edited
64294843 Daytimer: Fixed change of the when activation is needed
64610618 Modbus 32-bit floating datatype not selectable
63815012 Gate: Fixed Status when controlled externally (End switches trigger without action from Miniserver)
Daytimer hint for cloning entries added
Air device child rooms enhanced
Added room to Air monitor devices
50439479 Redesigned SD-Format Dialog
Page tabs always centered if possible
Copy Context menu not disappearing
63794995 Standard Logger not deleteable
62516273 New Category and places are renamed when same name already exists
61545580 Unnecessary heating/cooling calender entry not deleteable
64440720 Typo in Push-button (+/-) fixed
64438684 Corrected setting of heating and cooling period mode
64443337 Changed standard send cycle of Valve Air
64301401 Status Dialog: Formatting for 1-Wire statistics
Webservice LPC added compatibility for jdev commands
Reenabled Recorded Task Status Updates
Webservice LPC added compatibility for jdev commands
64442027 RS232 Templates for Dusky Controller Sky and Panasonic Display added
64437876 Fixed use of delete key in state text dialog
Intercom and Carcharger added to UDP monitor
64661257 Added Error message when Miniserver is already connected to Config over gateway

Known Issues: (?)

– IR Air: Long IR commands can not be used.

– Webservices with special character can lead to Miniserver reboots.

– Miniserver as an EIB gateway: Not all EIB components can be programmed.



Bug Fixes:

Fixed date calculation (Alarm Clock leads to Miniserver Reboots when used in 2016)



New Features:

Push Notifications
Automatic Update
Firewall added against TCP Syn Floods

Bug Fixes:

63826816 Naming of Intercom devices (preventing double names)
63824589 Fixed Properties when adding Intercom
63823107 Fixed crash when adding of a Intercom is cancelled
63828221 Fixed copy of user defined Intercom
63000679 1-wire made invisible for custom intercom
63000810 Intercom texts adjusted
62181555 intercom references fixed
61842799 intercom conversion fixed
62672322 delete intercom crash fixed
62939087 Cut & Paste – first memory object looses connection line fixed
62944303 Copy of Intercom, virtual input Http and UDP commands enabled
Intercom drag&drop fixed (page changed when trying to drag)
60123748 Intercom: fixed import/ conversion of Doorcontroller in Gateway-setup

63002090 No Heating or Cooling when nothing is attached on outputs
Target-Temperature standard – 25°
Operating mode not updating in visualisation after MS reboot
62805978 Corrected description of Cover-outputs
60683585 Made swimming machine remanent
61658766 Automatic heating not working
62125790 No heating started after change of temperature mode or desired temperature
61658766 Desired temperature not remanent
60683585 tweaks to swimming machine, cover state and manual temp. control
59388218 fixed deactivation of temp. control mode
56114523 allow only 1 poolcontroller per backwash wash

63621790 Zone: Additional UPNP-Settings
63631817 Zone: Minumum Eventtime
63204103 property for enabling triggercard
62659933 Property for enabling airplay-services
61670233 Zone: Doorbell-Event cancelable
Musicserver Zone client pointers made safe

Device Status:
54707544 New DeviceStatus functionalities. / Changed device status handling / added debug report for airdevices, miniserver and 1-Wire Extension
Fixed resizing of Dialog
Extended Device Status (Hidden Context Menu)
Fixed Status for Valve485
Fixed OTAU-Status
show Battery info with red color when capacity is 0%
62198682 Fixed Device status of IR modules
53250292 fixed problem when collapsing nested entries
Added Channel Check to Air Base debug output in device status
54707544 Extended Information for Air Devices (Battery)
60822018 DeviceStatus no type displayed for unknown extensions

Pheriephery Search:
3013873 Versionstatus is now displayed with color
Fixed wrong name for Froeling Extension
Added Hw-Revision distinction
62692194 Fixed adding of devices on gateway
62684625 Fixed Miniserver names on a gateway system
62667911 Config crash, when creating Intercom

Configuration dialogue:
57440655 added option for intercom specific settings
59803735 removed new-feature flag for intercom options
58385488 split name of Music Server into description name and network name (like for Miniserver)
58569441 show info if device is not reachable when trying to configure it

Other Bug Fixes:

63898157 crash fixed old files
Miniserver and Program will be shown in the color of the tab (Version
63858877 Fixed Coverpage for MiniserverGo in Gateway
Fixed crash of Client when saving to Gateway
63629991 fixed Fröling communication
fixed modbus extension debug outputs
Initial firewall stats log fixed
slewrate fixed for multiple selection
Eyecorrection multiseletion fixed
# of files fixed in update dialog
63338771 fixed Smart Socket power input (on reconnect to miniserver)
45319566 Child not correctly renamed in tree
Fixed crash with LiveView on save to miniserver
62089281 Fixed Gateway use of virtualout command on different miniserver
63519125 download update only if enough memory available
63630535 central object fixed
63179896 Logging Options are displayed for air devices
60854531 Loxone Config: Added new Icons / Categories
63155329 Smokealarm: unable to confirm after Dm
Copy&paste virtual in http command fixed
63336919 create LoxAPP3 with central objects and gateway fixed
TCP ACK handling enhanced for LoxoneConfigServer
62838816 EIB blinds after save to miniserver fixed
63333162 random scenes for presence simulation fixed
Client property for concentrator added
63343803 EIB Dimmer and Dimmer presence simulation added to app
63341049 Fixed wrong CPU Temperature
62539796 Fixed names in Fröling template
47809978 Commissioning mode not activating
63332934 Air device has category
63343434 Empty error message is displayed, when connection failed
Delete page crash fixed
Crash fixed door controller in liveview
62174575 Logoff webservice not working anymore
63168167 IRC: fixed Qs output in heating mode
57176928 Sunrise and Sunset not updating in APP
57894603: fixed IRC automatic valve movement (Tsm/Tsc)
55963331 Modbusserver: added OnlineState
59089815 Modbusserver: Adapted Template for Keba (Server-State)
55824924 Modbus: invalid Ribbon-icons for Sensors/Actors
62204693 Fixed Copying of virtual HTTP Inputs create empty references
59611133 added presences simulation for Dimmer and EIB Dimmer
random function enhanced
62654084 SaunaVapor: Fixed sauna slow heat-up
61443306 Fixed stopping of Learn mode on IR Air
Renamed Fröling Extension name that is used in log and device status
62494485 Autojalousie: invalid Movetime for Schlotterer
62517756 Loxone Config: crash when replacing music server
60966384 Loxone Config: show commissioningMode in Captionbar
57609168 EIB-Dimmer: On/Off command via Central
54398294 EIB-Dimmer: On/Off command via App
Empty message fixed when dragging already used object
Fixed crash in Updateserver when saving to Miniserver
59386376 Fixed Update-Dialog positioning
Added Loxone Icon to every dialog
62365487 Sauna: corrected Parameter M description
62354846 Daytimer: Fixed Qon and Qoff when setting manual time
61433386 Logger: Writing to Log when no command is set
62484027 Fixed disabled symbols
61685277 /60388960 Fixed wrong typecast
61381072 Automatic saving is blocking update
Fronius text enhanced
55407367 Load from version fixed
61535746 Light Controller: invalid case in Scenename
62329480 AutoJalousie: Down-command not working
60840074 AutoJalousie: Parameter M via App
60366910 Autojalousie: invalid DeadTimes for Lamelle-correction
49642914 Corrected default categories for Air Device sensors and actors
47802246 up/down display fixed in liveview
61542276 intelligent heat mixer: visualization removed
58706729 avoid connected properties for wallbox if multiple selection
55966501 IRC: fixed short AQ switches
62213842 DMX Extension: improved link communication
62197518 Smokealarm: invalid currentLevel
62232989 Smokealarm: Inverted input I not working
60017512 Smokealarm: unable to confirm pre-alarm
53511340 MeterInt: Added new Meters and added generic Meters
MeterInt: Total Energy is now calculated from partial Energy, when not available
60154332 MeterInt: Fixed parsing of current power
MeterInt extracted from Global AirDevice
62198682 IRModules are displayed as offline in device status
Update Status of Air Devices is not updating
Abort search text enhanced
Added copy context menu to grids
Mark reference if memory selected
Tooltip enhanced in caption bar
adjust properties after paste
Added new Push Notifications Command “Settings”, Deactivated Push History Commands
Fixed Webinterface switch when no newer Webinterface is available online but a is found in /web directory
60512628 counter visualization fixed
no offset allowed for weather data error and forecast error
61450178 large integer representation fixed
61545580 Operating modes not correctly set, when using multiple calendar entries for the same operating mode
Allow only one calender entry for cooling and heating period
57451566 weather server now allowed for all countries
61646667 Message on page delete
49642914 set categorie per io and room per device
61937644 Auto update checkbox fixed
60851605 IRC mode uuids fixed
Check For internet connection added
Allow only one debug information at a time in device-status
Fixed sorting of gateway Miniserver;
Fixed problem when editing 2nd but last entry in status control dialog
Fixed crash when pressing ‘Del’ right after opening status control dialog
61648317 Keep expanded state in property window for sensitivity, simulation and logger.
update of webinterface, air devices and extensions allowed for gateways.
61423542 Fixed missing Air base extension when adding second Miniserver
Fixed crash when exporting document
61662603 musiczone movement fixed
58259496 HTTP Status Code answers now checked case insensitive (as recommended by rfc/7230 3.1.2)
61122032 added extension auto update
61443269 Renamed Wallbox actor
Added Window Handle String
61096321 HTTP Header fields can have a leading whitespace or not (as defined by rfc 7230 3.2)
added auto update from webserver for extensions and air devices
61644799 assign gateway (see context menu of Miniserver)
60367744 Fixed escaped characters in webpage object
create HTTP task enhanced
Loxone removed from HTTP and FTP headers
51089478 Status control: rework: no unnecessary conditions are generated anymore
56520391 Burglar Alarm: Added command to toggle DisMV via webservice & added status update for DisMV
60127534 Fixed crash in russian language, when opening radiobutton dialog
60858027 Fixed crash when closing Miniserver search dialog too fast
60679091 presence air changes
55288674 LoxoneConfig: show popup when extension used for search is offline
54295718 LoxoneConfig: remember file path after loading from the Miniserver
Fixed “/dev/sps/restartnorem” webservice
Device-Status: Fixed resizing of window
Device-Status: Fixed status for big Miniservers
Auto update added
55542542 Gateway dialogue: search for client can be re-started
55340406 Fixed missing status update for sauna vapor controller
51089478 Status control: only show real entries in StatusTextDlg
Status control: delete entries by pressing the ‘DEL’ key
60364252 Wallbox: don’t show load management on app if not activated
60383275 Network search: fixed crash when trying to sort the results
42498422 Config: automatic reconnect when loosing connection
56091150 Config: limited retries when trying to connect to Miniserver
Corrected Firewall to not block wrong Ethernet protocols
Corrected Firewall-Webservice
60091656 light controller presence simulation fixed
60271033 Fixed Gateway-Client crashes after saving to Miniserver (Increased Stacksize of Miniserver-Task)
Minor correction of wrong typecast
Backwashvalve: Adapted relieve position
55407367 Config: connecting to Miniserver with v 4.3 is now possible again
57785233 Room and category not fitting into object
59684379 Loxone Music Server: fixed max. number of zones
60100905 blinds shade fixed
48196454 Ping object is now auto-remanent to avoid an edge when miniserver restarts.
fixed remanence restoration
56309402 AlarmClock: send entries only when they are modified
57454435 Caller could not be referenced in the caller/mailer/logger section of objects
Empty daytimer time fixed
42404633, 51575828 Config: fixed sorting in the “Peripherie” window
52012952 Virtual Output sends endless to target when a tracker reference was configured (Bug introduced with ID: 7726)
Backwashvalve Fixed Startup Problem (delayed initialization)
59813925 memory conversion for old gateway documents enhanced
58154628 Enabled value adjustment for HTTP inputs in simulation
59678890 Connect dialogue: always use last connected address
58739178 Fixed wrong calender type on german calender
54829476 Changing iButton serial on user references not working
45319566 Child not renamed correctly when parent object is renamed
43820207 Standard value on first start is not reseted when switching virtual in to digital
52161015 1-Wire search window replace user options not updated
58155031 HTTP input now has own Tree icon
send general configuration broadcast via Miniserver when connected;
send configuration package only when sth. has changed
59987540 update file size enhanced
59244476 Changed behavior of TimeMinMax Block after Miniserver restart(If you are using this block, please check if the behavior is still what you expect)
Crashlog enhanced
presence simulation: avoid recalculation if start on end of period
59546257 Internal Uport maximum fixed (7099)
Firewall problem fixed with FTP
55961459 update files divided
new version of setup used
Enhanced webinterface
58285696 Config: removed wrong description of 1-wire devices
DoorController: enable copying of DoorController with custom intercoto another document
48820515 Config: keep selection focused after removing filter
49160708 Config: insert empty reference for copied mode output
55055896 Config: retain multiselection when right clicking
57439231 NetworkSearch: show MAC address for network search results

Known Issues: (?)

boiler target temperature can not be written with the Fröling Extension

To fix this issue just download this Version (Loxone Config and update your Miniserver.

battery state of Valve Air can show wrong state.

The battery state of the Valve Air is to low very often this does not mean that it is really low power. It is just a display issue.

1Wire on Multi Air does not work while Updateing the Multi Extension

While updating the Multi Extension Air from 6.4. to Version 6.5.+ the 1Wire does not work at all.

Doorcontroller at  client didn’t show last Activities at the Gateway Visualisation

Workaround use the Doorcontroller at the Gateway Miniserver

Webservice /dev/sps/changes interrupts communication between all connected Apps and Webinterface in the Light controller

If you use /dev/sps/changes on your Miniserver this leads to a problem in communication between the Apps/Webinterface and the Miniserver. You can easily fix it by restarting the Miniserver but as soon as this Webservice is sent again the communication will stop again.

Search and Replace does not work with DMX Dimmer

If you are searching DMX Dimmer in Loxone config and want to replace it with a old Dimmer you can’t choose any Dimmer which is already in the File.

Alarm clock with no modes selected leads to Miniserver Reboots

If a alarm clock is in the programm and there is no mode selected at all the Miniserver will get into a reboot loop and restart once in a minute.



New Features:

Fire Alarm Controller (Documentation & Tutorial)
Wallbox (Documentation & Tutorial)
New Presence Simulation (Documentation & Tutorial) (Hint: If you use the old presence simulation, it needs to be reconfigured after update)
Improved Intercom Integration (Documentation)
Alarm Clock (Documentation & Tutorial)
Intelligent temperature controller (Documentation & Tutorial)
New Webinterface
New Air Stack for better Communication with Air Devices
Implemented M-Bus Working with Heating-meters: Sontex Supercal 739 & iTron Echo II
Improved connection dialogue
Improved Client / Gateway functionality (Documentation & Tutorial)
Enhanced multiselection and renaming for references in properties window
Increased reliability when updating Miniserver & Extensions

Bug Fixes:

Added Firealarm-Input (ID: 57187153)
Doorbell-Event not cancelable (ID: 56894320)
Added Event for VolumeStep (ID: 57304327)Musicserver Zone: Modified-Flag not set (ID:56616907)
unable to Add UPNP-Zone (ID: 56615797)
ConfigDialog: Reboot after adding zones (ID: 56564594)
ConfigDialog: Adding of existing zones possible (ID: 56626776)
ConfigDialog: add physical zones per default (ID: 56631340)
ConfigDialog: adding unnamed zones (ID: 56632280)
Song+ not working (ID:56214516)
Unable to Pause alarm (ID: 50752449)
Adding more Zones than licensed (ID: 57185100)
Fixed crash when renaming multiple zones (ID: 57458231)
Fixed crash when dragging UpnpZone to Document-Page (ID: 56566256)
Fixed crash when dragging multiple zones (ID:55956162)
Adding more Zones than licensed (ID: 58120789)
TTS output does not work properly after restart (ID: 56789886)
Analog zones are deleted (ID: 58123191)
Invalid Zone-Maximum (ID: 58148182)
Disable assiging manual zones to non-casatunes-ms (ID: 58150693)
Th after manual intervention (ID: 58382804)
Unable to add UPNP-zone (ID: 58660413)
Config-crash after deleting Music Serer Zone (ID: 58286096)
Restart IgnoreMove-Timeout (ID: 58980636)

Fixed sending of power when producing energy
Improved sending of power and energy (ID: 56349723)
Fixed user of interface on gateway-system (ID: 14508078)
Fixed deletion of MeterInt Tariff inputs

Automatik blinds:
Retrolux moves if already closed (ID: 56528367)
Retrolux shades even if MA=1 (ID: 55995360)
change of AQL during movement (ID: 38144224)
adapted Description of AT1, AT2 (ID: 56776183)
invalid LamellePosition after reboot (ID 54843200)
AIp for Rollo (ID: 58389691)
As Persistent ON incorrect (ID: 58842672)
Movement after Reboot (ID 54843200 )

stop will trigger pulses for ext. controller (ID: 56524437)
don’t move when both light barriers are active (ID: 56527828)
update position when using inupt Do or Dc (ID: 57787476)
don’t move on negative edge on end-position sensor (ID: 56505529)
updating outputs when stopping (ID: 57981459)
updating movement activity when stopping (ID: 57981744)
fixed crash when changing drive type of a copied control (ID: 58124134)

Other bug fixes:

Fixed category and room on tracker references (ID: 57785087)
Fixed issues add Intercom module via Pheriepherie search dialog (ID: 57479017)
Sunshine text property fixed (ID: 57460757)
Ribbon icons fixed (ID: 57468636)
Fixed deletion of unnecessary client object (ID: 56898414)
Multiselection coloring fixed ()ID: 57435620)
Link error mailer more robust
Fixed Client to Gateway reconnect
Fixed issue with switching Webinterface not reflecting the current status
Fixed “configure device” dialog when Miniserver is not reachable (ID: 57437636)
CommissioningMode: crash when creating file (ID: 47809978)
CommissioningMode: config crash (ID: 54703749)
Fixed long Waiting-Time when ending mode (ID: 54703880)
Rare Config Freeze in Update-Dialog (ID: 57295982)
DoorController with Loxone Intercom now sends authentication as urlparameter again (ID: 56091107)
fixed wrong TCP blocks (ID:57291900)
Removed “Stop Liveview” from default log
Fixed default category for objects (ID: 55086025)
Fixed user defined symbols in state object (ID: 54006664)
possible TCP watchdog fixed (ID: 57294492)
removed ‘User interface’ section from toilet ventilation properties (ID: 57457338)
peripheral search – recognition of intercom video module (ID: 57310835)
fixed invalid adress for Mediaserver Casatunes via network-searchtab (ID: 56883290)
fixed invalid Clientstate for Casatunes after Reboot
changelog link added to about dialog (ID: 55960016)
Fixed crash when selecting unreferenced objects (ID: 57218147)
Random added to presence simulation scene properties
improved Link communication throughput
Cloud mail sender enhanced
Update file send via FTP added if local connection (ID: 55960346)
light scenes for presence simulation enhanced (ID: 57151851)
text enhanced for save to gateway (ID: 55962860)
Added Config reconnect to Gateway Clients (ID: 57163336)
Fixed lost references after inserting template (ID: 56647599)
Fixed delete MiniserverClient when converting document to gateway (ID: 56898414)
Fixed connection loss when miniserver sends wrong data
Fixed Config file load from miniserver, after failed Backup from slave
Changed connection timeout in tree to correct timeout
Pico-C fixed setoutputtext nullptr exception (ID: 56907034)
Fixed UpdateInfo intendation
Fixed issue with client weather
liveview bug fixed (ID: 54740552)
Door Bell does not fire again when output is still on compatibility with old examples where virtual udp inputs are used for the door bell input (ID: 56258964)
status icon fixed (ID: 54006810)
Added a fix to prevent xml being corrupted when manual added spaces used for line intendation (can occur in UpdateInfo.XML as this file is not created by the miniserver)
modify admin password fixed for gateway (ID: 50441161)
UDP Virtual Inputs Address prefixed with http:// and wrong description showed (ID: 56216349)
Fixed incorrect video / alertimg url for Intercom Device (leads to App Crash)
/jdev/sps/loxappversion3 and /data/loxapp3.json (lastModified) now reporting same timestamp (ID: 56756573)
Fixed a problem with wrong indexes for the very old and rarely used event mechanism (ID: 54286200)
Fixed Filepath after loading from Miniserver (ID: 55867914)
Fixed Adjusting of daytimer entries in Config (ID: 37908160 & 55838299)
Fixed selecting of daytimer entries in Config (ID: 56871243)
Message if wrong UDP ports used (ID: 56797950)
Show hops for battery devices in device status
Energymonitor Kostal: invalid power-value (ID: 55843322)
Added pulse input to enocean presence detector (ID: 47246603)
After “save into miniserver” the last autorisation message is repeated on the output TQ by error
Loxone Config communication optimized
Statistic file export fixed in Loxone Config. Only up to 3 values were exported
Fixed wrong channel number after dmx device creation
Added air channel occupation check
Multi Extension Air: Relais are now commanded seperately (Fixed Link Lost-State after reboot)
Multi Extension Air: Parasitic supplied sensors not working
“View partner info” added
Title page fixed
Disable for central object fixed
Left move of daytimer entry fixed
Added pulse input to enocean presence detector (ID: 47246603)
State block: allow removing of negation of inputs (ID: 56757467)
State block: fixed sorting of value columns (ID: 50863714)
Device status: prevent spamming Miniserver with device status requests (ID: 55150495)
Configuration Dialog: Miniserver can be configured, even if its I/Os are selected (ID:57311755)
MultiExtensionAir PWM not working after reboot
Mode output is copy-able (ID: 49161121)
Access control: use description text instead of name in tracker message, if possible (ID: 42417112)
Added objects to presence simulation (ID: 58164841)
Fixed crash with uninitialized OTAU Server
Fixed missing Alarm string (ID: 58267530)
Added OTAU state and device status open to caption bar (ID: 58123309)
ConfigurationDialog: validating name of Music Server (ID: 58262494)
Remove update flag fixed (ID: 58267425)
Presence states fixed for App
Multi: Fixed Air Update from
Multi: Added Techreport information
LightController: Wrong scene is enabled (ID: 57314064)
LightController: invalid State after reboot (ID: 55817959)
AutoOpen Configuration-Dialog when creating object (ID: 58280351)
Fixed crash when starting PresenceSimu
Replace in Airmonitor chooses wrong item (ID:50714905)
more scenes for presence simulation (Hotel) (ID: 58282993)
Adapted Reboot-Mail string (ID: 58305726)
Immediate update of status (ID: 55413133)
LightController: change Favorites not saved into document (ID: 57865994 )
LightController: change Favorites turns off light (ID: 58302498)
LightController: inavlid json-state (ID: 57698190)
Jalousie: shade not possible if closed (ID: 57316575)
AlarmClock: editing entries on client Miniserver are now persistent (ID: 58391793)
Update view fixed after loading multiple documents
Multiple statistics in property window fixed (ID: 57338612)
Import of rooms and categories fixed for clients (ID: 58385498)
Import memories fixed for clients (ID: 57437501)
Search Dialogue: update connect history when connecting to Miniserver via the search dialogue (ID: 58286858 )
Connect dialogue: fixed problem when trying to connect to address starting with “http://” (ID: 55428085)
Properly escaping backslash for json strings (ID: 56344975)
Config: AirBase was missing when adding new Ms Go as gateway client (ID: 56512215)
MultiIO: Fixed I2C-Error Handling which caused PWM failure
Property description of door controller edited
Air update status for clients added (ID: 58123309)
Wrong remanence file will not be loaded anymore (ID: 58828248)
No Icon uuid in LoxAPP when no icon is chosen for category/room (ID: 58840241)
Removed unnecessary property on caller numberv (ID: 58908641)
Fixed crash when copying multiple connected objects (ID 59011935)
Printing of images fixed (ID: 58694904 )
Fixed Config crash when Exporting Miniserver from Gateway
Fixed Config crash when adding Extension over Periphery search
Fixed crash with unreferenced Intercom device
DoorController: changing properties of a copied DoorController changed original as well; (ID: 58958451)
DoorController: fixed problem when converting DoorControllers from previous Versions (7.0.x –
PoolController: fixed cover moving in wrong direction
Status icon fixed when client is off (ID: 56494846)
LightController: unable to select RGB-White (ID: 58959358)
Invalid Tooltip for AirActors (ID: 49163059)

Known Issues: (?)

Presense Simulation on Light Controller

The Light Controller does not switch off the lights while in presense simulation. The lights will get switched on instead.

1Wire on Multi Air does not work while Updateing the Multi Extension

While updating the Multi Extension Air from 6.4. to Version 6.5.+ the 1Wire does not work at all.

Doorcontroller at  client didn’t show last Activities at the Gateway Visualisation

Workaround use the Doorcontroller at the Gateway Miniserver

Touch Air, Temperature and Humidity Sensor and Smart Socket can not show negative Values for Temperature

When you use Temperature Sensors from the following Air Devices in your Config they will show 6500 instead of the real value as soon as there is a negative value on the sensor: Touch Air, Temperature and Humidity Sensor, Smart Socket

Recommended browsers for the Webinterface

For our Webinterface we recommend to use Google Chrome or Safari. Our Webinterface is not supported by using Firefox, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.

S Input of Blind Block

The Visualisation didn’t fit with the Outputs (Output for up is selected Visu shows down if you use S input)
Workaround use Automatic Blind Block.

Update for Smoke Detector does not work

It can happen that the update does not work on a Smoke Detektor Air. The Detectors work very well with the old Version but can not do a Update to the new Version.

Important: Update of version 4.2 and lower

Due to a size limitation in these versions, an update from 4.2 to 6.0 is only possible by first upgrading to version 5.1 or 5.0.

Important Info for BETA Tester

It may be impossible to delete door controller (config will crash) when you have tested with a Beta or a Alpha Version of Loxone Config 6.5/7.0 before. Please contact our support team to solve that issue in your file if it occurs after update.

Tsm/Tcm Automatic Valve movement at IRC didn’t work proper with

Workaround use service Mode use move valves

Fixed Bugs:










  • The Miniserver gets very slow when there is no internet connection or wrong Gateway selected in the network settings (ID: 50877444)
  • Fixed Gateway File import (ID: 51902099)
  • Fixed Presence simulation checkbox (ID: 51351472)
  • Values from RS485 extension are processed wrong (ID: 51500427)
  • Central-Impulse not handled correctly (ID: 51589910)
  • Fixed IRC overheating problem (ID: 47073708)
  • Fixed invalid RoomFavPlus-Command for Mediaserver
  • Fixed Config Crash when inserting new DMX Actors (ID: 52611308, 51338134)
  • Outputs which are physically on a Client but used on a Gateway page get a random value when progamm is saved to Miniserver (ID: 52585502)
  •  Favorites not shown correctly in the Webinterface (ID: 52822646)
  •  Musicserver: TTS Input fixed, S+ Input fixed, Mv Input fixed (ID: 53413557, 53416192)
  •  Config Crash when deleting Music Server fixed (ID: 52823116)

Known Issues: (?)

All Relays from Air Devices get OFF after saving to Miniserver or after a Miniserver restart

Attention: The Liveview shows “ON”. You can solve this issue by simply changing the state of the affected Output.

Wrong Gateway IP Adresse Leads to Miniserver Reboots

If the Network IP Adresse for the Gateway is set to a inaccessible value the Miniserver is rebooting a lot.

No Remanence for recorded Tasks

If you record a task via the Task Recorder it will be lost after saving a file to the Miniserver or a Restart or a Reboot

No Remanence for DMX RGBW Dimmer

The remanence for DMX RGBW Dimmer does not work correctly.

Attention: The Liveview shows “ON”. You can solve this issue by simply changing the state of the affected Output.

UDP Commands get lost sometimes

Sometimes UDP commands reach the Miniserver but are not forwarded correctly which means you can see them in the UDP Monitor but they don’t show up at the UDP input.

Update can not be sent sometimes on Client/Gateways

With a special construction in a client gateway this could lead to the problem that a update can not be sent to the miniserver and always cancels this update. How to do a Update anyway: disconnect your clients (disconnect the power supply) and do the update on the gateway, afterwards you can connect the clients again and do the update manually on every client.

Backups on Client/Gateways lead to Miniserver reboots

Under special circumstances the Client Backups can’t be used for bringing the Client Miniserver back to an old version. It leads to Miniserver Reboot. It works perfectly on the Gateway Miniserver

Energy manager

The current implementation of the energy manager does not work as intended. Therefore the object will be rewritten.

RS485 Kostal counts wrong

Sometimes Kostal values are processed wrong through Loxone Config and this leads to very high wrong values. Affected inputs for this issue: Day Energy, Total Energy, Output Power 3 and Errorcode

Important: Update of version 4.2 and lower

Due to a size limitation in these versions, an update from 4.2 to 6.2 is only possible by first upgrading to version 5.1 or 5.0.

Fixed Bugs:










Alarm can not be used if disable-input is set (ID: 50724417)
fixed crash after deleting mediaserver (ID: 50840198)
deletion of Music Server Zones fixed (ID: 50220477)
cut/paste with multiple Music Server Zones (ID: 50442692)
crash when configuring MediaClient (ID: 50617157)
error-mails for musicserver (ID: 50680726)
Fire Alarm Min Version fixed

New Features:

  • Deleting a Air Device from the Config Files sets the device to Learn Mode (ID: 38422513)
  • Support HTTPS at Virtual Outputs (ID: 7080; 41777078)
  • Connection dialog: “Clear history” option added (ID: 36721592, 43062906)
  • Connection dialog: If no connection is possible the Ip Adress from the open document will automatically be tried next (ID: 42267986)
  • Connection dialog: login data can be deleted (Delete the “remember Password” checkbox) (ID: 43062906)
  • RS485 Sensors can send/receive up to 512 characters (256 before) (ID: 40146913)
  • replacing 1Wire, DMX, Extensions, EnOcean sensors/aktors directly is possible now (ID: 41765904)
  • Own dialog for peripherals search added (ID: 42605848)
  • category symbol for “time” added (ID: 42948398)
  • New meter types for the Loxone Meter Reader IR Air (ID: 44195555)
  • New Modbus Templates added (ID: 47427413)
  • Link Errors integrated into the System Mailer (ID: 40012246)

New Templates:

  • Pluggit Avent 310 ventilation template added (ID: 42270124)
  • Kostal inverters added (ID: 43737988)
  • Eastron SDM630 Modbus template added (ID: 39798393)
  • D&W Templates for RS232 added (ID: 45265712)

 Fixed Bugs:

Miniserver Update:

  • If Update File already exists on the Miniserver it won’t be sent again (ID: 8749)
  • consumption conter values move from “today” to “yesterday” after an Miniserver update (ID: 37903919)
  • Without choosing the Backup Option when doing an Update the Folder will be created anyway (ID: 40877156)


  • Summarize alle Client/Gateway documents to one big document
  • Room/kategory from Clients are set to “don’t use” (ID: 7758)
  • In the Client files no user are added to the user groups (ID: 38251399)
  • Insert new room/kategory in Client document (ID: 7757)
  • Can’t load out of a gateway document if it has not the same Config Version (ID: 39789915)
  • The page stays if a miniserver is deleted in the document (ID: 39901934)
  • If already a gateway in the document exists and a new client is added a second Gateway is added automatically in the periphery (ID: 40889352)
  • Changes in building a Client/Gateway File (ID: 39794488)
  • No new page added when new Client added (ID: 40251926)
  • Liveview does not start automatically after a Miniserver reboot at the Clients pages (ID: 41158168)
  • memory flags does not work always at Clients (ID: 41173111)
  • Working with outputs on different Miniservers (ID: 41148581)
  • Client does not always accept program of the Gateway (ID: 41633019)
  • After connecting to the client not connection to the Gateway is possible anymore (ID: 41821257)
  • Gateway statusupdates are very slow (ID: 40237794)
  • Liveview starts only if any object on open page is clicked (ID: 42269213)
  • Gateway sets times of all clients in a network (ID: 44872663)
  • Virtual inputs which are added in a Client Document don’t work in the Gateway document (ID: 42631252)
  • Liveview values don’t show up at Client pages (ID: 45717404)
  • Miniserver Reboot when saving to a big Client/Gateway (ID: 44983513)

Energymonitor (before Fronius/production counter):

  • inaccuracy at yield calculation repaired (ID: 40162537)
  • After a year change the total consumption is set to 0 (ID: 40531371)
  • With block inputs the total consumption can’t work with point numbers (ID: 43381541)
  • Statistics automatically switches to “every change” every time the file is saved and opened again (ID: 45582074)


  • Energymanager tuns on as soon as the smallest consumption can be activated (ID: 44197382)
  • description of the energymanager changed(ID: 41910793)
  • Timer at the energy manager won’t be set to 0 if a new values is coming (ID: 42415833)

Media controller:

  • If a mode is choosen directly by the input AIm is set to a wrong value (ID: 39946074)
  • command list at the media controller can not be scrolled with the mousewheel (ID: 38375363)
  • characters at a mode can’t be deleted with the “Entf” button (ID: 42433296)

Intelligent room controller:

  • improved control behavior (ID: 41772485)
  • Sometimes room controller are not shown in the Smart Home App (ID: 42859108)
  • second cooling circuit added (Outputs AQc2 and Qc2) (ID: 40721167)

Burglar alarm:

  • After a Miniserver restart the burglar alarm can’t be deactivated anymore (ID: 8079)
  • waiting time after start blocks alarm reactivation (ID: 39535447)
  • DisMv added (ID: 8127)
  • remanence is not set when inserting a new burglar alarm object (ID: 41396656)

Sauna controller:

  • Sauna controller with evaporator also possible without PWM (ID: 8239)
  • Improvint control behavior of the sauna controller (ID: 36902592)

Timer / schedule:

  • Times can only be edited with the mouse on the right side (ID: 37908160)
  • Times are put together to soon (ID: 37979708)
  • a new time directly after another time is not possible at a digital timer (ID: 39918339)
  • description of AQmt edited (ID: 41150023)
  • Times without time between possible (Bsp.: 00:01-00:01 Uhr ) (ID: 43162469)


  • Changes at comparison operator are deleting the value (ID: 40253357)
  • Input values can’t be forwarded to the output (ID: 41775021)
  • Not all string comparison operators work properly (ID: 42277380)

blinds / automatic blinds:

  • Work of slats position (AIl) and blinds position (AIp) improved (ID: 38144224, 38144224, 3859, 38144224)
  • Motor lock will be ignored unter speciall circumstances (ID: 39543657)
  • If automatic is started by the visualisation it can’t be deactivated anymore (ID: 45162011)

Lighting controller:

  • No Fading when activating a Szene by the “MV” input (ID: 41491322)
  • Alarm light stays on after the alarm sometimes (ID: 8066)
  • Parameter W does not work correctly sometimes when parameter “Min”is bigger than “0” (ID: 45259138)

Music Server Zone:

  • Webservices changed (ID: 36707278, 44305762)


  • Adding a Logger to a memory flag is not shown in the peripherie (ID: 38501083)
  • When deleting a Logger the config crashes sometimes (ID: 40150686)
  • Logger at TQ of a access controller inserts empty entrys after access was granted (ID: 8892)

Memory flag:

  • More than one memory flags will be inserted even though only one is selected (ID: 43046672)
  • memory flag references get lost after deleting and inserting a memory flag again (ID: 36376504)
  • A unit will be inserted automatically at the memory flag (ID: 41199114)
  • No symbol for the memory flag is shown in the toolbar (ID: 44082876)
  • Memory flag jumps to the page with the output reference (ID: 45125633)

Central Object:

  • Values are not forwarded if they already exist at the program start (ID: 42857644)
  • blinds can be synchronised by a long time click on the input (ID: 39429389)
  • central object shows itself in the detailed view. (ID 8926)

Ir Control Air:

  • After deleting a remote control the buttons stay in the peripherie (ID: 38360939)
  • A Remote control with “+” in the name can be added but can not be used correctly (ID: 38360571)
  • Learn Mode can not be stopped if changes in the Config File are done (ID: 38372409)

Multi Extension Air:

  • Digital Outputs are not shown correctly in the visualisation (ID: 40124398)
  • If polling cycle is set to (0) at 1 Wire devices the whole bus does not send values anymore (ID: 40409728)
  • More than 3 iButtons on one Multi Extension Air don’t work correctly (ID: 38916219)
  • After deleting a Multi Extension Air out of the Config file it can not be used anymore until the Config is restarted (ID: 38229208)
  • display error on the Multi Extension Air at the properties of the acces object (ID: 38228964)


  • Nilan Function Code 16 does not work (ID: 40659764)
  • modbus sensor polling timer overflow bug (ID: 40515523)

Modbus TCP:

  • Read Coil/Input Status does not work (ID: 37249145)
  • cyclic sending of Modbus TCP outputs not possible (ID: 42265031)
  • Digital Modbus TCP Inputs are not shown correctly in the visualisation (ID: 45468835)

Meter Reader IR Air:

  • polling timer can not be edited by user (ID: 36483231)
  • If no connection possible a output is set
  • selection of different meter types possible


  • Sensors are not shown correctly in visualisation sometimes (ID: 39517964)
  • EIS actors are not shown correctly in visualisation (ID: 40132351)
  • EIB Sensors don’t update the values anymore after some time (ID: 39909909)
  • EIB Learn button does not open EIB monitor (ID: 38699798)


  • Webinterface does not show heating times in the overview (ID: 44076808)
  • For the color “Green” the wrong value is shown in the property window (ID: 39404729)
  • Different Strings are not shown in the Webinterface and in the Apps (ID: 39544938)
  • Start time at tasks can only be edited one time (ID: 38325972)
  • Units of the Weatherdata are not changed in the Webinterface if edited in the Config File (ID: 40514026)
  • Zoom Options in Webinterface edited (ID: 44325781)

description updates

  • description at door controller edited (ID: 38324981; 38233124)
  • description at room/kategory edited (ID: 44088367)
  • description at mailer edited (ID: 8845)
  • description at extern IP Adress edited (ID: 41898255)

Security addons

  • Added Brute Force attack protection: an attacker would not be able to run a full brute force attack in a timely manner as the miniserver locks out the attackers (ip’s) for a period of time. The time until a next password can be tried raises on each failed attempt. An authorized user would not be affected by the timeout and can access the miniserver. We strongly recommend to always choose a safe password for your miniserver and all your online identities.
  • Better protection against Social Engineering attacs (clicking groomed links
  • Better protectain against “Denial of Service”
  • Better protectain against spying passwords
  • Find more about security improvements and fixes in our Loxone Miniserver security audit follow up >

Other fixed Bugs:

  • If scanning time at the heating mixer is smaller then the run Time the mixer does not stop anytime (ID: 37683184)
  • sending cycle at “Temperature- and humadity Sensor Air” can be edited by the user (ID: 35845846)
  • user are shown 2 times in te user group “All” (ID: 38357762)
  • receiving strength in the Device status is wrong sometimes (ID: 38682967)
  • Export of statistics exports more than just the chosen statistics (ID: 37905630)
  • negativ Values at the object “Min Max duration” are not working correctly(ID: 39401490)
  • Webservice “dev/sps/getstatsdate” does not work after saving into the Miniserver (ID: 37251181)
  • Analog Inputs show “°C” in the Livew instead of “V” (ID: 38265617)
  • Wrong URL if changed from Intercom to other Camera at the door controller (ID: 37361566)
  • Cabinet which is chosen at the Miniserver is not directly shown at the Extension as a Option (ID: 38344269)
  • Copying of Category/Room does not work (ID: 38233086)
  • Validation at Smart Socket Air will not be saved if a document is saved (ID: 38224951)
  • Cyclic sending at Virtual Outputs does not work (ID: 36605553)
  • “days since 2009” will be changed at a year change at 1 o’clock (ID: 39180209)
  • If outputs are negated at a EIB push button he can not be used in the visualisation anymore (ID: 38683806)
  • system message Mailer sends empty messages (ID: 38602727)
  • Operating mode Outputs can be copied (ID: 39404873)
  • If a room/category is deleted “Cancel” is clicked the room/kategory are not added again (ID: 38115369)
  • If choosing the AirBase at a Miniserver GO the page chosen at the moment is still selected (ID: 38134393)
  • Names edited if a new temperature sensor is inserted (ID: 39739156)
  • If a value at a analog output is changed after saving into the Miniserver it is not changed at the Miniserver (ID: 8026)
  • It is possible to typ whatever you want into the serial number field (ID: 8912)
  • Config crashes when a MusicServer will be deleted from the document (ID: 39920968)
  • Edited description if the Config needs a Update (ID: 37077354)
  • name for category/room can not be changed (ID: 39774937)
  • Admin user without password can be saved to the Miniserver (ID: 37794782)
  • Problems occur at Virtual HTTP Inputs when reading point numbers (ID: 40632457)
  • The Samsung Power command is edited at the remote control template (ID: 40417925)
  • Different Names for RGBW Dimmer DMX (ID: 8950)
  • Inserting more than 1 1Wire sensor at the same time does not work (ID: 38341463)
  • Config crashes sometimes when clicking on the Miniserver page (ID: 38341463)
  • Changes in the document name are not saved correctly (ID: 41397154)
  • Virtual input standard values edited (ID: 41910963)
  • Loading remanence files sets the Relais outputs On/OFF for a short time (ID: 38223369)
  • Converting MiniserverGO documents to Miniserver Documents does not work correctly (ID: 41770218)
  • Central object can not turn “push button+/-” object ON/OFF (ID: 41661017)
  • Dimmer object: Parameter W has no function (ID: 42000988)
  • Switch off delay does not work anymore if time is added while the counter is already running (ID: 42280338)
  • Analog memory with set remanence gives a value to the output if file is saved to the Miniserver (ID: 8435)
  • Umlauts in document names are not saved correctly (ID: 42497607)
  • If you want to insert objects via. F5 the first “Button down” click does not do anything (ID: 41392005)
  • In the device status no Type is shown for some objects (ID: 42496455)
  • Trigger at the mutlfifunction switch can’t be turned of after Input “O” was set (ID: 37984785)
  • 1Wire Monitor Data edited (ID: 42617601)
  • 2 central objects which work with the same objects block each other (ID: 42459377)
  • In the connection dialog the first 2 entrys can be chosen with the “Button down” (ID: 41628667)
  • Infrared Remote Controls which are exportet don’t save the “Toggle” (ID: 42030448)
  • DMX rounds wrong (ID: 42023327)
  • The Virtual state does not show correct Values in the Liveview if point numbers are user (ID: 42280365)
  • Increased timeout for Doorcontroller pictures (ID: 41269550)
  • Standardparameter at Dimmer object raised (ID: 43256961)
  • radiobuttons Parameter “Max” works displaced by one number (ID: 43379935)
  • Convert of wordwrap in notes don’t work correctly (ID: 44088308)
  • If Objects are deleted/inserted the position in the programming window changes (ID: 42458793)
  • Names of RGBW/RGB dimmer is shown 2 times if inserted automatically (ID: 44303146)
  • Chosing Output references can lead to Config crashes sometimes (ID: 44544600)
  • Name changes at peripherie objects inserts some characters 2 times (ID: 45319566)
  • double high comma in a description leads to problems in the visualisation of the App (ID: 44333281)
  • Remanence is not saved if “Continuous ON” is set at the multifunction switch (ID: 44191713)
  • Preset-Name gets lost when loading from Miniserver (ID: 44767758)
  • Weather status update fixed (ID: 45253869)
  • crash in property window after deletion fixed (ID: 45958511)
  • page positions saved (ID: 42525897)
  • Fixed automatic installation of new version (ID: 44975063)
  • Fixed Radio-Objects Parameter Ma in visualisation (ID: 45488201)
  • energy manager midnight reset fixed (ID: 45840754)
  • Info for maximum Logo size edited (ID: 45845741)
  • fixed layout of lightcontroller on startpage (ID: 45281678)
  • fixed replace list for 1-wire devices (ID: 46087176)
  • Template handling enhanced (ID: 43618735)
  • enlarged text input in state dialog (ID: 37597171)
  • Fixed mode activation with calendar entry (ID: 45742456)
  • Music Server Zone edited
  • no access to webinterface after some time (tcp-error) (ID: 44981151)
  • improved configuration dialogue UI (ID: 49798632)
  • Backup: Files are retried when failed (ID: 49771773)
  • Fixed SSL Mail retries (ID: 49771773)
  • TCP Task stall due to race condition (ID: 49854315)
  • Replacing AirDevice from AirMonitor (ID: 49045877)
  • show deprecation notice popup when opening the admin interface
  • better handling when connecting from Config with invalid user (ID: 49671500)
  • switched order of street and town in resulting string from configuration dialogue (ID: 50005143)
  • network infos when DCHP is used (ID: 49855509)
  • connection handling when switching Miniservers (ID: 49855860)
  • corrected label sizes in connection dialog (ID: 49802613, 49801830)
  • VirtualOUT HTTP can now override Content-Type field (ID: 49492928)
  • /dev/sps/event websocket fixed (ID: 49036810)
  • energymanager battery bug fixed (ID: 49754873)
  • SD-Format: Use local image if possible (ID: 48937376)
  • Digital UDP inputs stay “ON” after the first command received (ID: 46746496)
  • Alarm clock ignores DisP input (ID: 44779911)
  • Major bugs concerning alarm clock fixed (ID: 47589298)
  • Connecting lines sometimes show up obliquely (ID: 45982843)
  • Gate controller hides parameters, inputs and outputs if not needed for a special usecase (ID: 44079178)
  • Toilet controller rebuilt (ID: 44301541)
  • If the Device status is opened in any other language than German a error window shows up (ID:
  • 46701628)
  • Overdue time won’t be sent for Hour counter, if no maintenance is used (ID: 46493239)
  • Meter Reader IR Air is not shown in the periphery (ID: 46715224)
  • If connection to Miniserver with the Config failed a link is shown to help find out the problem (ID: 39551704)
  • Central object shows a category/room but can’t be edited (ID: 47322402)
  • Blinds do not work properly if “0” is inputted to AIp (ID: 43819902)
  • HTTP outputs work very slow (ID: 46711104)
  • RGB light scene can not be saved from a smart phone (ID: 43415644)
  • Objects are not sent to apps/web interface if category/room is set to “not used” (ID: 44778815)
  • Door controller can’t connect to a camera if intercom checkbox is not set (ID: 47073355)
  • Sorting of backups edited (ID: 41196746)
  • If Consumption counter is used the Loxone Classic App shows “Waiting for Updates” continuously[nbsp (ID: 45575564)
  • Program is identical when activating simulation and shows liveview values (ID: 47584804)
  • Intelligent room controller, Heating Block US, IRC, Heating Block US, heating curve and heating mixer send system messages if problem occurs (ID: 46850779)
  • EnOcean Valve: added battery weak input to failure mail (ID: 45953130)
  • Sauna stops working when Tn or Td is 0 (ID: 47593192)
  • Fixed missing Asian time zones (ID: 45467947)
  • Having more than one Access controller causes them not to work properly (ID: 47690870)
  • % display in Loxone Config deleted
  • “Status Only” checkbox edited (ID: 47804045)
  • EnOcean contact with battery monitor edited (ID: 47722431)
  • Red Symbol on top of objects used together with the Central object is not used anymore (ID: 47723036)
  • Multifunction switch does not work if Parameter TH is used (ID: 44412613)
  • If IP address is changed, the previous user & password remains (ID: 46831952)
  • Local address does not work if checkbox for external address is set (ID: 46720648)
  • Improved usability of connect dialog (ID: 46720648)
  • Memory flag references get lost if the reference was on a client and the origin reference on a gateway (ID: 46690289)
  • Fixed GW memory conversion
  • Fixed GW constant conversion (ID: 47913164)
  • Fixed diagonal parameter connections (ID: 47496381)
  • Fixed Reboot when alarmclock without entries is used (ID: 47912543)
  • Fixed problem when connecting to a different Miniserver (ID: 47598969, 47708665)
  • custom heating/ cooling period on intelligent room controller does not work (ID: 47688242)
  • Fixed exporting stats with special characters (ID: 48027028)
  • Extended detection of crash files (ID: 39905412)
  • Fixed GW program type numbering (ID: 48031673)
  • Fixed special character in doorcontroller (ID: 47202121)
  • Meltem M-WRG-S Template Added (ID: 48026088)
  • improved query for geo coordinates (ID: 48174148)
  • blue color for external memories (ID: 48124063)
  • collapsing entries in status dialog (ID: 48172319)
  • updated device search message (ID: 48197015)
  • fixed shown status for digital inputs (ID: 47246104)
  • fixed automatic mode for automatic-blinds (ID: 46497779)
  • sauna with vaporizer fixed phase 1 (ID: 47916362 )
  • Fixed Gatewayfile conversion with interconnected memories (ID: 48171776)
  • Missing events for hourcounter fixed (ID: 48184076)
  • air device analog output is not sent any more if it is not connected in config (ID: 47922126)
  • fixed central object from version 6.3 to 6.4 (ID: 48172036)
  • Load custom temperatures fixed (ID: 47440329)
  • added timing parameters to modbus extension (ID: 45474020)
  • Drexel und Weiss Template edited (ID: 48039887)
  • new icon for Miniserver-search (ID: 48451906)
  • validating value range on random generator (ID: 48811972)
  • Client connection problem fixed (ID: 47950111)
  • Event memory leak fixed again (ID: 45269654)
  • export gateway document fixed (ID: 48562484)
  • Fixed crash when deleting miniserver (ID: 48661042)
  • Sauna fixed (Tn and Td 0) (ID: 47593192)
  • Fixed Visualisation for DMX Search (ID: 47698749)
  • Westaflex WAC 350&351 Template added (ID: 48184541)
  • first time gateway creation fixed (ID: 48033284
  • update alarmclock when manually changing the Miniserver date (ID: 47589298)
  • Prepared Data Dump on MeterInt (ID: 49396749)
  • Files sizes not updating (ID: 46196557)
  • Logging/Tracking Option displayed twice fixed (ID: 48579893)
  • add all extensions on initial Miniserver configuration (ID: 48442029)
  • new Pico-C functions added (ID: 49519278)
  • wrong page reference when copying page (ID: 45127577)
  • added separator between general and specific scene options (ID: 49326428)
  • fixed battery device frequency change (ID: 49056133)


Known Issues: (?)

presence simulation checkboxe can not be set

The presence simulation checkboxes can not be activated in the property window.

Miniserver slow down without internet or wrong Gateway adress

The Miniserver works very slow if the wrong Gateway adress is set on the Miniserver or the Miniserver has no Internet access and a weatherservice or is used.

Backups on Client/Gateways lead to Miniserver reboots

Under special circumstances the Client Backups can’t be used for bringing the Client Miniserver back to an old version. It leads to Miniserver Reboot. It works perfectly on the Gateway Miniserver

RS485 Kostal counts wrong

Sometimes Kostal values are processed wrong through Loxone Config and this leads to very high wrong values. Affected inputs for this issue: Day Energy, Total Energy, Output Power 3 and Errorcode

Important: Update of version 4.2 and lower

Due to a size limitation in these versions, an update from 4.2 to 6.2 is only possible by first upgrading to version 5.1 or 5.0.



Fixed Issues:

  • Insert Temperature and Humidity Sensor Air (ID: 45367482)
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor Air does not send data for the first 24 hours (ID: 45260673)
  • heating mixer stops working after 24 hours without changing any outputs  (ID: 44410514)
  • Inserting memory flag references jumps back to the origin reference (ID: 45125633)
  • Multiple Memory Object placements when selecting only one (ID: 43046672)
  • Multifunction switch does not save remanence if set to “contious on” by a long signal on the “Tr” Input (ID: 44191713)
  • Inputs disappear after logger entries are deleted (ID: 44869151)
  • Automatic Input AS stays “On” if you Activate Automation via the Web Interface (ID: 45162011)

Known Issues: (?)

Digital Inputs send a positive edge when saving to the Miniserver

When a Digital Input from the Miniserver is “ON” and the Config File is saved to this Miniserver he recognices a positive edge which is used in the logic

Permanently on can’t be turned off at multifunction switch

If a trigger input on a multifunction switch is “ON” for more than Parameter “TT” the Ouput “Q” stays on permanently but can not be turned off until time TH has finished.

Important: Update of version 4.2 and lower

Due to a size limitation in these versions, an update from 4.2 to 6.2 is only possible by first upgrading to version 5.1 or 5.0.

Client Backup at Gateway Client dosn’t work 

When doing a Backup at a Client Gateway the Client Backup did’t work. Solution do a Backup direct at the Client direct. Or use newer Version.



Resolved Known Issues:

  • Unlabelled box in room category and dialogue
  • Alarm parameter “ca: Automatic alarm acknowledgment”
  • Modbus Loxone 1-Phase Energy Meter – Data type sensor with “Power”
  • Several markers are inserted although only one is selected

Other bug fixes:

  • Extensions & peripherals:
  • Frequency change in battery devices
  • Program objects:
  • Energy Manager waits with activation highest entry
  • Save Intercom image increase timeout
  • Modbus TCP change

Loxone Config:

  • Client Gateway structure is not possible
  • Web Interface:
  • Zoom Problem Web Interface
New functionality:










  • Templates for Loxone Electricity Meter (1 & 3 phase)
  • Energy Manager revised (
  • Production Counter (formerly Fronius) to object inputs expanded (to connect to other inverters)

Resolved Known Issues:

  • Error Mailer: emails are without content
  • Door Control & Loxone Intercom: Error video URL
  • Web / Apps translations
  • Web Interface: light control and dimmer outputs (0-10V)
  • Extensions & peripherals:
  • Air Base Extension: frequent link error
  • Air Base Extension: missing battery status for Air Equipment
  • Modbus Extension: Modbus digital actuators function codes 6 and 16
  • Modbus extension: sensors send no more values (occurs sporadically after a few weeks of operation)
  • Modbus Extension: values of other registers are in the sensors (Troubleshooting the Transaction IDs)
  • Multi Extension Air: Error multiple iButton and 1-Wire Search
  • RS-485 in Kostal – Operating mode: becomes increasingly slower

Program objects:

  • Analog memory: Pulse of Tr is the value of AQ AI even further if this has not changed
  • Alert: “Waiting time after start” added back & alarm can be deactivated again at this time.
  • Selection button: Remanenzproblem
  • Correct behavior of AIP and AIl: (Automatic) Blind
  • Authorization: Multi Extension 1-Wire will not work correctly.
  • EIB: Digital sensors freeze sometimes a
  • Heating Mixer: When restarting the safety operation is not included in the calculation of the mixing opening
  • Intelligent room controller: improvement in the heating / cooling
  • Comfort switch: continuous light input O can be disabled with Tr again
  • Constants: Will now treated in the first PLC cycle
  • Modbus TCP: Incorrect values for Read / coil status
  • Production counters: Error reset input when used with object inputs
  • Production counters: calculation errors when the day changes
  • Central block: 3-click (everything from house) does not work when 2 central objects are configured for a block
  • Mini Server operating system:
  • Fixed bug ARP (can lead to failures in the network communications)
  • Default.Loxone and DefaultGo.Loxone Fixed bug with standard operating modes (switches modes to show)
  • Crash in conjunction with many ping events and time synchronization

Web Interface:

  • Web / App: Webpage Icon misrepresentation

Loxone Config:

  • Crash Status block – Dialogue
  • Crash when learning IR remote controls
  • Crash when deleting flags
  • Crash when changing loggers
  • An error occurred while copying pages
  • Failed to delete a flag with logger
  • Failed to delete a Multi Extension Air
  • Convert a Mini Server in a mini server GO document (and vice versa)
  • Arrow keys in the connection dialog can now turn off all items

Security addons:

(1) This attacks only work when someone is able to send specially crafted links or convince someone to visit a fraudulent site with such links and the user is currently using the admin interface or webservice commands from his browser window

What is a known issue?

We work continuously to correct any known bugs in our products and software. This page details a list of bugs and errors found that affect the performance and usability of the software.

In order for an error to count as a known issue, it must be a reproducible error that affects the operation of the Miniserver or Loxone Config.

Please note: We do not list every minor bug/error within Known Issues!

Product failures which are not known issues include:

  • Failures of services such as Loxone Cloud Services where these are of short duration (<1 day)
  • Minor errors which have no effect on the functionality of the software. These include, for example, minor display errors.


If you have discovered an error which you feel ought to be included in the Known Issues list, please contact our support team.