Room climate and HVAC
that adjusts for you

A Loxone Smart Home takes care of thousands of tasks around the home for you. It automatically ensures the perfect temperature, humidity and air quality throughout your home by thinking for you and recognizing when it’s better to harness the warmth of the sunWhether you use HVAC, radiators, radiant floor heating or electric heaters – from heat pump, gas or oil – the temperature will always be just as you like it. The Real Smart Home learns how to adjust by itself.

Intelligent HVAC and Damper Control
HVAC Control for individual room temperatures

A comfortable temperature in every room

Kitchen: 68°. Living room: 71°. Study: 63°.

The rooms in your home will be at the right temperature at the right time of day. At night, you’ll sleep more comfortably, leaving you refreshed and ready to take on each new day.

More comfort
now means
more savings

A Loxone Smart Home works to save you
up to fifty percent on energy costs. 

Stay relaxed and worry-free about your home’s energy usage.
It will always operate with your wallet in mind,
bringing your rooms to just the right temperature
in the most cost efficient way possible.

Effortless transition of seasons:

Early November, sun is shining, temperature is 50º. 

To avoid having to activate the heating, the Loxone Smart Home warms up the rooms with the free heat of the sun. And to prevent the room from overheating, the blinds will lower accordingly.

Optimal sleeping temperature:

You want the bedroom to cool down before going to bed.

Before air conditioning kicks on, the ventilation system will know to use cool air from outside and lower the temperature this way first, free of charge.

Intelligent heating
that is always learning

Yes, the heating can think and learn to optimize itself. It knows when it needs to turn on to start heating the room so that it reaches the right temperature at the right time. It measures how long it takes to reach the desired temperature and whether it needs to adjust the time it turns the heating on as the seasons change. Even if the weatherman got it wrong, the rooms in your home will still know how to adjust accordingly. This zoned heating and cooling is all thanks to our integrated multi-zone thermostat, which is hidden in the Touch switches of each room. 

Intelligent heating and air which is always learning

Automated fireplace

Did you know that half of all homes built in the US have a fireplace?

Make your home even more comfortable and inviting with an automatic fireplace. It can switch on and off automatically when there’s motion in the living room, it’s dark outside and when the outside temperature drops below 35°F.


Possibilities of smart room climate

Heating schedule

No need to program a thermostat as your heating schedule runs automatically.


The temperature curve can be recorded and analyzed over the years, showing you how much energy you have saved.

Energy Saving Mode

When you leave home, the home will go into an Energy Saving mode. Temperatures are efficiently controlled within a defined range.

Temperature boost

For short-term temperature changes. Having a guest at short notice? Quickly bring the entertaining space to the desired temperature.

Frost protection

Frost protection will protect your home, furniture and pipework from possible damage.

Remote access

Right in your smartphone, you can always view and change the temperature. Perfect for when you’re on your way back home and want to be welcomed back by the perfect temperature.

Operating times

Your smart home counts the hours that your heating has been used and process that information to suggest maintenance intervals, filter changes, etc.


In the event of a fault, your smart home will alert you so that you can react as soon as possibly to prevent any nasty surprises.

Schedule holidays

You smart home knows all the holidays and ensures your comfort temperature is reached on days when you won’t be going into work.

All under control

No matter the heat source – HVAC Control, radiant floor heating,…, a Loxone Smart Home intelligently works with it.

Use with the app

You can customize and view the temperatures in each room of your home at any time using the Loxone Smart Home App.

Automated fireplace

The fireplace switches on and off automatically when motion is in the living room, when it’s dark outside or when the outside temperature drops below 35°.

Heating on demand

The Miniserver directly controls the source of heating in your home and can accelerate the heating if you’d like. Thanks to the instant heating control for individual rooms, you can save on your heating costs.

Working together with the whole home

In a Loxone Smart Home, the HVAC Control, shading, and air conditioning all work together. Each product and function communicates to one another seamlessly. This intelligent interaction offers you enormous savings potential and the highest comfort in your home for you and your guests.

Let’s talk about your smart home

Are you ready to live in a home that is truly smart? Great! We’re here to answer any questions you might have about living in a Loxone Smart Home. We can also help you find a Loxone Partner in your area.

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