HVAC, Heating & Cooling

Even before you get up in the morning, a Loxone Smart Home gets to work making sure it provides warmth on a cold winter’s day and keeps your home cool on a hot summer’s night.

Intelligent HVAC and Damper Control

Real Smart Homes

A Loxone Smart Home takes care of thousands of tasks around the home for you. It automatically ensures the perfect temperature throughout your home, without constantly relying on your radiators. Your home thinks for you and recognizes when it is better to harness the warmth of the sun by opening the blinds rather than turning on the heating.

HVAC Control for individual room temperatures

A comfortable temperature in every room

Kitchen: 68°. Living room: 71°. Study: 63°. The rooms in your home will be at the right temperature at the right time of day. At night, you’ll sleep more comfortably due to the perfect temperature in your bedroom – leaving you suitably relaxed and ready to take on each new day! Learn how to realize your smart HVAC Control:

Intelligent heating
that is always learning

Yes, the heating can think and learn to optimize itself. It knows when it needs to turn on to start heating the room so that it reaches the right temperature at the right time. It measures how long it takes to reach the desired temperature and whether it needs to adjust the time it turns the heating on as the seasons change. Even if the weatherman has got it wrong, the rooms in your home will still be at the perfect temperature. This zoned heating and cooling is all thanks to our integrated multi zone thermostat, which is hidden in the switches of each room. 

Intelligent heating and air which is always learning

Automated Fireplace

Did you know that half of all homes built in the US have a fireplace built in? Its glosy glow is so comforting on cold nights and rainy days. Make your home now a warm an inviting place with an automatic fireplace control. It switches on and off automatically when there’s motion in the living room, it’s dark outside and the outside temperature drops below 35°F.


For all
heat sources

Whether it’s HVAC, radiators, radiant floor heating or electric heaters… From heat pump, gas or oil – a Loxone Smart Home ensures the rooms are at the perfect temperature at the right time, no matter the heat source.

Get more out of your HVAC Control

As the winter season approaches, we spend more time indoors. There is no better time to get rid of your thermostat and replace it with Loxone for perfect heating & cooling control for your HVAC system.

Easy to Control

A Loxone Smart Home ensures that your individual desired temperatures are always met at the right times. If you arrive home earlier or if you need to change the temperature in the room at any time, then you can adjust it easily from your smartphone – turning the temperature up or down or giving the heating a boost for a couple of hours.

Heating Schedule

No need to program your thermostat as your heating schedule runs automatically.


The temperature curve can be recorded and analyzed over the years, showing you how much energy you have saved.

Party Mode

With ‘temperature modes’ you can define the perfect temperature for different occasions, meaning the desired temperature settings are only a push of a button away. E.g: You might want to have a specific temperature for when you are having guests over.

Temperature Boost

For short-term temperature changes. Eg: when you are expecting a guest at short notice and would like to bring the entertaining space to the desired temperature.

Frost Protection

Frost protection will protect your home, furniture and pipework from the damage that frost can cause.

Remote Access

Via your smartphone, you can always view and change the temperature in your home. Perfect for when you’re on your way back home from vacation and want to ensure you are welcomed by the perfect temperature.

Operating Times

Your smart home counts the hours that your heating has been used and process that information to suggest maintenance intervals, filter changes, etc.


In the event of a fault, your smart home will alert you so that you can react as soon as possibly to prevent any nasty surprises.

Knows The Holidays

You smart home knows all the holidays and ensures your comfort temperature is reached on days when you won’t be going into work.

All Under Control

No matter the heat source – HVAC Control, radiant floor heating,…, a Loxone Smart Home intelligently works with it.

Use With The App

You can customize and view the temperatures in each room of your home at any time using the Loxone Smart Home App.

Automated Fireplace

The fireplace switches on and off automatically when motion is in the living room, it’s dark outside and the outside temperature drops below 35°.

Heating on demand

Your smart home knows exactly what the heating requirements are in your home. It knows how many people are home or if you’re away on vacation.
The Miniserver directly controls the source of heating in your home, and as such it can accelerate the heating to reach the desired temperature. Thanks to the demand-orientated heating control for individual rooms, you can save on your heating costs.

Intelligent temperature control, saving on energy costs

Your smart home provides the perfect temperature in each room with the combination of intelligent heating, cooling and shading control. If you are no longer in the room or at home, your temperature will adjust accordingly. It is this level of intelligent temperature control that saves you money on your energy bills.


Your home breathes

The average adult breathes approximately 11,000 liters of air on a daily basis. Fresh air is important not only for our well-being, but it also prevents damage in buildings. Your Loxone Smart Home keeps the air quality, temperature and humidity in check – looking out for the well-being of you and your home with intelligent ventilation control.

Working Together

In a Loxone Smart Home, the HVAC Control, shading, and air conditioning all work together rather than against each other. Each feature knows what the other is doing. This intelligent interaction offers you enormous savings potential and great comfort in your home for you and your guests.

Let’s talk about your smart home

Are you ready to live in a home that is truly smart? Great! We’re here to answer any questions you might have about living in a Loxone Smart Home. We can also help you find a Loxone Partner in your area.