Intercom Trust

08/01/2022 in Technology

With the new Loxone Config 13 it is now possible that a single intercom can be used by several Miniserver. This is especially necessary in projects with, for example, several residential units or an office complex.

With this function, privacy was particularly important to us. The video stream of the Intercom can only be called up by the individual miniserver when the doorbell is specifically rung. The requirement for using this function is an established trust network with the release rights of the Intercom. One Miniserver assumes the role of Trust Manager, the other Miniserver the role of Trust Member. The serial number of the individual trust member miniserver is required for this.

The new Touch Pure Flex, for example, can now be used as a doorbell for several apartments, which is also connected to the central miniserver, i.e. the Trust Manager, via the intercom.

Touch Pure Flex as a doorbell.

For each involved Trust participant an own bell output is generated, which can be connected with the Touch Pure Flex or any bell button.

Attention! The Trust participant can now only access the Intercom in the Loxone App if the newly created input or his own Intercom device is used for ringing.

By the way: You can find out how to set up a Trust in our Knowledge Base.


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