Your smart home
with Loxone

A Loxone Smart Home can take care of most tasks related to comfort, safety, energy efficiency and more. The Real Smart Home saves you 50,000 tasks per year and gives you more time to enjoy life.

The complete smart home system

What makes the experience of a Loxone Smart Home so special? All of its smart home products work together flawlessly, without wi-fi or the Cloud. Through this intelligent interaction, the home adjusts to your needs. Remotely control and personalize your smart home in the Loxone App on your smartphone or tablet.

Non-traditional home?
No problem.

Any Loxone Smart Home solution is just as smart in any prefab home, MDU or other residential unit. The solution can be individualized to meet both the needs of the building owner/manufacturer and the residents. Find unmatched living comfort in any type of home with Loxone:

Modern white smart home

Many prefabricated house manufacturers are now offering Loxone Smart Home technology as a standard. It improves the comfort and lifestyle in the home unlike any other solution.

Smart apartment complex with rooftop gardens.
Apartment & MDU

Residential buildings of all types have been realized by Loxone technology. Residents’ needs regarding security, comfort and energy efficiency can be taken care of for each individual.

My Loxone Moment

“If anyone rings at the door, even though my
little one is taking a nap in his room, the blinking
ceiling light will silently let me know. My smart 
home takes care of my family.”

Tina Schwarzbauer, 27

My Loxone Moment

“Before Loxone, my home got broken into
and i didn’t feel safe. Now my husband and
I know that our home is always looking out 
for us.”

Margarete Rammel, 60

Miniserver close-up

High intelligence
made possible by the Miniserver

The Loxone Miniserver connects all components similar to the human nervous system. Each device “talks” to each other with the help of this central control. Through this reliable interaction, the Miniserver can anticipate habits and needs of the residents.

Standards & recommendations

A Loxone Real Smart Home lives up to its name by knowing what to do on its own and reliving residents of tasks in the home. Based on this, and years of experience, we’ve reached the most effective way to make this all possible. See our standards and recommendations for a Real Smart Home:

Let’s talk about
your smart home

Interested? We are happy to answer any questions you may have about living in a Loxone Smart Home, finding a Loxone Partner or even becoming one yourself.

Megan Walsh

Lead Development