Your smart home
with Loxone

With Loxone automation for smart homes, you can benefit from a complete, flexible system that takes control of lighting, audio, room climate, security and more. The Loxone Smart Home saves you 50,000 tasks per year and gives you more time to enjoy life.

 The complete smart home system

What makes the experience of a Loxone Smart Home so special? All of its smart home products work together automatically and flawlessly, without needing wi-fi or cloud dependency. That’s the brilliance of the Miniserver – the powerhouse behind all automated functions. Through this intelligent interaction, according to Loxone Standards & Recommendations, the home adjusts to your needs. Remotely control and personalize your smart home in the Loxone App on your smartphone or tablet.

Experience the Smart Home

We’ll take you on a tour through our smart home to show you how it is to live in a smart home. Check out the lighting, access control, burglar alarm and much more.

Non-traditional home? No problem.

A Loxone Smart Home solution is just as smart in any prefab home, MDU or other residential unit. The solution can be individualized to meet both the needs of the building owner/manufacturer and the residents. Find unmatched living comfort in any type of home with Loxone:

Modern white smart home

Many prefabricated house manufacturers are now offering Loxone Smart Home technology as a standard. It improves the comfort and lifestyle in the home unlike any other solution.

Smart apartment complex with rooftop gardens.
Apartment & MDU

Residential buildings of all types have been realized by Loxone technology. Residents’ needs regarding security, comfort and energy efficiency can be taken care of for each individual unit.

All the smart home inspiration you need

Explore ideas, tips, case studies and more within our Create Automation Magazine. Just click on the button below to get started with the free download.

My Loxone Moment

“If it’s 11pm at night, and I go into the bathroom,
the dimmed lights automatically turn on so I don’t
stub a toe. The endless possibilities is what makes
our Loxone Smart Home so much fun.”

Beth Chappo

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