Partner Tip Video #1: Config Testing

02/14/2019 in Know How
Let’s see those config skills. In our new Partner Tip Video series, our Partner Coach Ben provides you with helpful tips and tricks. With this first video, you get tips on testing your smart home configuration while using LiveView and Simulation tools.

Video Transcript:

Hello everyone, today I would like to give you a few important tips on testing a Loxone Smart Home configuration.

[Simulation:] One of the most useful tools to test the configuration is the simulation. After activation, then your temperature sensors, window contacts, motion detectors, Loxone Touch, etc. can be simulated. So you can immediately see how the logic works and all that without saving the configuration in the Miniserver. To simulate the configuration at a certain date and time, simply pause the simulation and change the values. This is especially smart when it comes to testing time-controlled and day-dependent logicians.

[LiveView:] Another useful tool is the LiveView. With this function you can follow Live in the Loxone Config to see how the system works, which outputs are active or which temperatures are measured.

[LiveView with manual changes:] By the manual value change, the values of sensors, for example, can be manipulated manually in the LiveView. This means that I can fake a sensor value in the Loxone Config, all live. This can be very useful to test the hardware. But pay close attention: Due to the faked sensor values the installation can be damaged.

[Closing:] To ensure that you always deliver high-quality Real Smart Homes to your customers, it is important to be extra thorough while testing your configuration. These tools should help you out so you can avoid any problems in the future. Soon the following tips and
tricks will follow especially for you as a Loxone Partner. See you next time!

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