New: Loxone Config & App 12.1

06/17/2021 in For Partners
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Trust –
User management across Miniservers

With the new Trust function, user data such as passwords and access authorizations can be transferred to several Miniservers. This feature has been specifically developed to enable the simple exchange of user data across several buildings. For example, in a company with several office locations or a building complex with several independent Miniservers.

*The Trust feature is only available for the second generation of the Miniserver and Miniserver Go.

CSV User Import

To make user management even easier and more flexible, you can now use CSV to import and update user data. An import template is available for download directly within Loxone Config. 

Config Import button

New Function Blocks for energy management

Energy Manager
Function Block Energy Manager

This Function Block is used to optimize energy consumption. If there is surplus, the system can switch on up to 12 power consumers instead of feeding the energy into the grid. In version 12.1 of the Loxone Config & App, the Energy Manager is visualized for the first time and gains the ability to store a user-defined time for completion. For example, the charge of an electric car.

Load Manager
Function Block Load Manager

The Load Manager monitors the current load in the building and protects against overload. When the pre-defined maximum power limit is exceeded, the loads assigned to the Function Block are disconnected and disabled according to a set priority.

Loxone App Energy Manager
Loxone App Load Manager
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New Function Block –
Temperature Management

HVAC Controller

With the HVAC Controller, you can control any type of HVAC system. This Function Block is optimized to coordinate with the Intelligent Room Controller to manage the heating or cooling source and switch between heating and cooling modes. The current status and setting options of the HVAC Controller can be viewed in the Loxone App. 

Loxone App HVAC Controller

Redesigned Intelligent Room Controller

Function Block Intelligent Room Controller

The Intelligent Room Controller helps maintain a constant room temperature and automatically switches between heating and cooling modes. In Config Version 12.1, both the Function Block and its appearance within the Loxone App have been further improved with added functions:

Loxone App Temperatures

Define different comfort temperatures for heating and cooling modes.

Configure separate heating and cooling temperatures for automatic shading.

Loxone App Intelligent Room Controller

Display of the current room temperature is improved.

Loxone App Temperature Management

Quickly set individual temperature timers.

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Android Support

Android Shortcut

Save up to four actions from the app as Shortcuts. They can be easily accessed from your home screen.

Loxone App Android Shortcut

Android Wear OS

All Shortcuts are available on Android wearables. Important functions can be controlled right from your wrist.

Loxone App Android Watch
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Home Connect

You can now easily integrate Siemens, Bosch and other household appliances into the Loxone system. This plays a role in energy management too.

Loxone App Shading End Position
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Automatic shading – setting end position

With the new functionality of the “Automatic Shading” Function Block, blinds can be put into Setting Mode in order to define the end positions. Maintenance of any automated blinds is now possible directly from the Loxone App.

Installation becomes easier in areas where the blinds are difficult to reach, such as multi-story buildings.

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Automatic Designer scenes

In the new version of Config, you can link a sequence of actions to a scene. 

A scene created using this method can be visualized and controlled directly through the app. So customers can intuitively create their own automation sequences. 

Loxone App Movie Mode

New Function Blocks:

Skylight Central

Function Block Skylight Central

The new “Skylight Central” Function Block enables simple control of multiple skylights – allowing them to be centrally operated from the app. The status of all windows can also be seen at a glance.


Function Block Irrigation

“Irrigation” takes care of the optimal water supply needed for plants and comes with its own visualization in the Loxone App

Loxone App Skylight Central
Loxone App Irrigation

Support for new products

Fully integrate our new products – Button Air, Wrist Button Air and the Intercom.

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…and much more

New templates like SMA Sunny Boys and more
Improvements in Auto Config

Find all new features of version 12.1 in our Changlelog: Config und App.

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Download: Loxone Config & App 12.1

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