Here you will find all the release notes for the new Loxone Smart Home App!

Loxone Apps:
Changelog & Release Notes


  • iPhone/iPad running iOS 9 or later
  • Android devices running 4.4 (KitKat) or later
  • Windows 10 with anniversary update (optimized for desktop pcs and tablets – not for phones)
  • MacOS minimum version OS X El Capitan (OS X 10.11)

The Miniserver must be on version at least. The full functionality is only guaranteed with the latest version of Loxone Config. Therefore we recommend a regular update to the latest version, which you can find on the downloads page.


The Loxone Smart Home app is available in the AppStore and will be separately installed on your device. The app can be used to connect to your Miniserver.



  • Connection:
    • 123156240: fixed RSA encryption padding error (caused rare “password wrong” prompts)
    • 143296929: added fix if AES BlockSize is incorrect (caused rare “password wrong” prompts)
  • Energy Monitor:
    • 124979968: Energy flow to battery wasn’t properly shown.
  • Intelligent Room Controller:
    • 145561284: “Neither heating- nor cooling period active” is properly displayed in the detail view of the control.
  • Intercom:
    • 153688764: Fixed issue of camera stream when using a costume Intercom that uses URL-Encodable characters
    • 143953378: fixed image loading issue when initially opens an Intercom via notifications
  • Jalousie:
    • 146447947: Service Mode: Movement commands were sent even though the end position has already been detected based on torque.
  • Menu:
    • 86178162: Clarified menu, added name of the affected Miniserver to the Miniserver section & to the Miniservers settings screen.
  • Music Server Zone:
    • 145651628: Queue edit didn’t work if queue was opened from the player-bar directly instead of the player itself.
    • 145651628: Player View wasn’t shown properly on HD.
  • Operating Mode Schedule:
    • 151822403: Heating/Cooling Periods did not show up as active in some cases.
  • Slider/Dimmer:
    • 138716324: Fixed issue with negative value ranges (if max === 0)
    • 131497250: Increased touchable area of slider notch to improve usability.
  • macOS:
    • 142106046, 147818056: Fixed launch of App in some rare cases



  • Door and Window Monitor:
    133647699: New states locked and unlocked are now supported.
  • Air Battery Monitor:
    118689271: displays the battery state for Loxone Air-Devices (inside the Menu Tab)
  • Expert Mode:
    113560569: for Room and Category
  • Slider:
    137699612: Sliders now appear slimmer while remaining at the same touch area sizes as before. Enhances UI flow while navigating through our app.
  • Dimmer:
    137699612: Cells are now expanded right away to optimize usability


  • Expert Mode:
    97526501: Icon will be toggled correctly in title bars
  • Door and Window Monitor:
    136140286: Translations can now respond to plurals properly.
  • Weather:
    • 140762146: fixed wrong temperature in detailed view on HD
    • Weather-Add no longer shows up with an active weather subscription on poor connections.
  • Connection:
    139023572: fixed long timeouts on reconnects or when switching Miniservers
  • UpdateInfo:
    137648197: fixed parsing issue in update check (different Content-Types)
  • General:
    • 134967400: fixed issue with duplicate entries in room mode
    • 133051598: fixed issue error during processing structure files.
    • 135020667: fixed white screen when phone is locked and config changes in meantime
    • 135020667: animations will now also be performed while a browser tab is in background


  • Windows App: cgi streams don’t work with the door controller block.