Here you will find all the release notes for the new Loxone App!

Loxone Apps:
Changelog & release notes


  • Android devices running 6 or later
  • iPhone/iPad running iOS 13 or later
  • AppleWatch running watchOS 6 or later
  • macOS running Version OS X El Capitan (OS X 10.11) up to macOS Catalina.

The Miniserver must be on version 11.0 at least. The full functionality is only guaranteed with the latest version of Loxone Config. Therefore we recommend a regular update to the latest version, which you can find on the downloads page.


The Loxone App is available in the AppStore and will be separately installed on your device. The app can be used to connect to your Miniserver.

If you’re using the Loxone App on macOS and if you’re experiencing any issues with macOS Catalina, please do an update with the provided version.

Detailed technical Changelog App 12.0





    • New way of customizing your visualization:
      • Sorting of controls, rooms and categories with drag and drop*.
        • on mobile devices please tap and hold till the context menu opens.
        • on desktops right clicks open the context menu.
        • or via the context menu on the top right of the screen
      • For this new customization you now have two options
        • Only customize it on your local device
        • Have your customization synced to all devices your user is logged in on
      • Messed something up?
        • You can reset to Standard (as defined with the star rating and favorite settings within config) from the rating settings in the menu.
    • Template Support: R12-T720: Controls that have templates assigned, can now be reset to those presets from the app. Additionally existing presets can be updated via Expert Mode.
    • Audio Player: Search history is now synced between devices using the same user
    • All new Automatic Designer
    • Light Circuits: It is now possible to rename light circuits inside the app
    • Device learning: It is now possible to create rooms at the device learning dialog
    • New Sorting: A warning popup is shown if you switch a tab while sorting is active
    • Control-Linking-Support: R12-T769: Support for linking controls one to another. The linked controls are shown as list below the “parent” controls detail view (MS V11.3.2.11+ required)
    • Control Lock Support: R12-T770: Controls can now be locked/unlocked from within the app (MS V11.3.2.11+ required).
    • Webinterface: BG-I4091: Automatic HTTPS redirect when using the Remote Connect if available




    • Webinterface: BG-I4091: Automatic HTTPS redirect when using the Remote Connect if available
    • Intercom: Couldn’t gain microphone access due to missing permissions on iOS
    • Expert Mode: BG-I9407: Room and Category icons cannot by changed without using expert mode.
    • Device Pairing: BG-I9306: Screen always scrolls back to top after selecting e.g. a room
    • Device Pairing: When the currently identifying device is no longer reachable, the screen changes without any notice.
    • Device Pairing: BG-I9302: When devices drop out of the search results, the index on the right top still shows e.g. 02/00
    • Device Pairing: BG-I9296: New search results arriving hide the keyboard, e.g. if currently typing in a name.
    • Device Pairing: BG-I9300: Device type is always shown as placeholder, but will be used as name.
    • Device Pairing: BG-I9300: Name, description and mounting place will be reset when changing a device or it has been paired.
    • Device Pairing: BG-I9295: Eco-Screens appears when currently trying to pair devices.
    • Device Pairing: BG-I9305: Cannot change room when creating a new light group.
    • Device Pairing: BG-I9303: Replace button is available even tough there are no devices to replace
    • Device Pairing: BG-I9304: Replace device screen doesn’t show online status of device
    • Device Pairing: BG-I9293: No chance to differ between extensions/devices if names aren’t provided (e.g. based on switchboard)
    • Device Pairing: BG-I9294: No info on how to activate the pairing mode of air devices.
    • Automatic-Designer: On some miniservers the rules become invalid due to missing actions once they are modified.
    • Audioserver: Error popup when trying to make an announcement after the EcoScreen appeared
    • Automatic-Designer: App stuck when a rule without actions or events is present on Miniserver.
    • New Sorting: Performance improvements
    • New Sorting: Fixed some minor bugs
    • Correctly detect past events on text and number inputs
    • NFC Code Touch: BG-I9415: Empty access code view shows svg source instead of the SVG itself.
    • NFC Code Touch: BG-I8493: No warning when unsupported NFC tag is being used.
    • IRC: BG-I8872: When EC or EH of connected climate controller is active, the target temp is adopted without showing why.
    • AutomaticDesigner: Couldn’t open an Rule whose description was just a number
    • AutomaticDesigner: Couldn’t change an invalid capability on iOS devices
    • AutomaticDesigner: Incorrect format detection if format was %.0f (eg. Winddirection)
    • AutomaticDesigner: Converted Rules with missing controls couldn’t be opened
    • AutomaticDesigner: BG-I9682: UI-Adoption
    • AutomaticDesigner: BG-I9702: Weather or caller capabilities displayed as errorous by the expires soon system message
    • Automatic Designer: Issues with Time capabilities
    • Automatic Designer: BG-I9655: One time occurring rules are now correctly displayed
    • AutomaticDesigner: BG-I9623: Couldn’t open due to invalid rule
    • AutomaticDesigner: R12-I232: Didn’t show subtitle of function blocks in search
    • AutomaticDesigner: R12-I230: Weather entries added by the config without an active weather subscription will be shown as missing
    • AutomaticDesigner: Sometimes the Weather Ad appeared even tough a weather service subscription was active
    • AutomaticDesigner: Some controls could not been used (RadioButton, RemoteControl, SolarPump, CarCharger and alarmClock)
    • AutomaticDesigner: Unresponsive/ not working search on many results
    • AutomaticDesigner: Wrong navigation when closing and reopening the App
    • AutomaticDesigner: OneTime rules were not filtered correctly
    • AutomaticDesigner: Prevent to search for empty searches (A lot of space characters)
    • AutomaticDesigner: Groups (Room, Category) may be missing in functions tab
    • AutomaticDesigner: Dynamically use min, max and step properties of Dimmers and other controls
    • AutomaticDesigner: Added text operators (new Config version required
    • AutomaticDesigner: Added capability validation in overview
    • AutomaticDesigner: Search “X” button did disappear when navigating within the search
    • AutomaticDesigner: Odd search behaviour when clearing the search term using the “X” button
    • AutomaticDesigner: Error message when opening a Touch & Grill Control
    • AutomaticDesigner: UI Adoptions
    • Automatic Designer: Caller Ad did appear every time one opened the app without any active caller
    • Automatic Designer: BG-I9653: locked rules did show the activation switch
    • New Sorting: BG-I9673: Sorting of audio player cells no possible
    • New Sorting: Improved sorting logs and smaller fixes
    • New Sorting: Fixed synchronization problems between multiple devices
    • New Sorting: R12-I226: “Please wait” at app start fixed
    • Android Notifications: BG-I9477: Small notification icon was filled in on some newer Android devices
    • Desktop Apps: BG-I8128: Couldn’t scroll through statistics on Windows 10 Devices with TouchScreen
    • Intercom: BG-I9697: Too little space for linked controls or lock information.
    • Dimmer: BG-I9697: Too little space for linked controls or lock information.
    • Desktop Apps: App was cut of on small Screens in portrait mode (Raspberry Pi Display)
    • EcoPlayer: AUDIO1-I1515: Fixed switching metadata
    • General: UI-Adoptions for disabled elements (more readable)
    • Slider: BG-I9399: Fixed slider range not correctly display
    • AudioZone: BG-I9149: Couldn’t play LineIn as a shortcut
    • Light Control: BG-I7309: Occasionally triggered two sequence steps with one click on desktop apps or Webinterface
    • Device Pairing: BG-I9299: Too little feedback when a device has been paired and when the screen moves to a new device.
    • Device Pairing: BG-I9299: Replace device screen doesn’t differ between online and dummy devices, both are shown online.
    • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1597: No search results
    • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1563: Delete search button may perform a navigation
    • AudioServer: Fixed occasional stuck in loading data
    • Changelog: Removing the notification via the “X” button  won’t show it anymore
    • General: BG-I9586: Unexpected behaviour “stuck app”, “stuck at waiting for” due to error when synching shareUserData
    • Search: BG-I9292: App stuck when opening the presence detection via the search
    • Biometric: BG-I5458: App lock will be removed if user deactivates the code at the system settings
    • iPad 2020 Volume Problem: BG-I8512: Fixed the bell volume too quiet problem on the iPad 2020
    • Geiger: BG-I9309: No info that motor is offline shown, even allows to open service mode.Search: Fixed UI bug where the control switch was not correctly positioned
    • User Management: BG-I9433: Whitespaces are no longer allowed inside usernames

    Platform specific:

    • iOS: R12-I200: Quick actions are syncing to Apple Watch at app start
    • iOS: R12-I53: App won’t respond after being brought back from the background on iOS occasionally
    • iOS: InfoScreen does not show on iOS devices
    • Android Push: BG-I2815, BG-I7216: App respects Android DND mode and won’t wake up the device or play any sound
    • macOS: BG-I4721: Extended the Application menus to also include the Window Menu
    • macOS: Window did not respect corner radius on macOS Big Sur
    • Windows: Couldn’t resize window
    • Windows: BG-I6284: Occasional White application icon after initial start
    • Desktop Apps: Removed untranslated text from presence detection menu
    • Firefox: BG-I7848: Won’t show scrollbars anymore