Here you will find all the release notes for the new Loxone App!

Loxone Apps:
Changelog & release notes


  • Android devices running 4.4 (KitKat) or later
  • iPhone/iPad running iOS 13 or later
  • AppleWatch running watchOS 6 or later
  • macOS running Version OS X El Capitan (OS X 10.11) up to macOS Catalina.

The Miniserver must be on version 11.0 at least. The full functionality is only guaranteed with the latest version of Loxone Config. Therefore we recommend a regular update to the latest version, which you can find on the downloads page.


The Loxone App is available in the AppStore and will be separately installed on your device. The app can be used to connect to your Miniserver.

If you’re using the Loxone App on macOS and if you’re experiencing any issues with macOS Catalina, please do an update with the provided version.

Detailed technical Changelog App 11.1. (2020.09.03):

Known Issues:

  • BG-I7909: Android: Back button may not navigate back, but close the app instead


  • AudioZone: Added support for the new audio server
  • DeviceLearning: Add support for learning tree devices
  • DeviceLearning: Added assistant for efficiently navigating through the devices
  • PresenceDetection: App support for new presence block
  • Connection: Improved connection speed over remote connect service
  • Connection: Added support for using local hostname
  • iOS: Ability to copy information from the About Miniserver screen
  • iOS: Modernized base
  • General: Adopted Button glow color for better visibility
  • General: UI/UX Adoptions (Text, color, button size)
  • AboutMiniserver: BG-T2075: Added “Open Source Licenses” button in about Miniserver screen
  • SIP: Added “Priority”: “urgent” and “answer-mode”: “auto” SIP headers


Fixed App:

  • General: Clients were logged off in installations with many users when saving in the Miniserver
  • AudioZone: Won’t promote the new Features of the AudioZone anymore
  • Desktop Apps: Couldn’t establish connection to Miniserver
  • iOS 14: App stuck when bringing it back from the background
  • MacOS Update: MacOS did not offer to directly download the application update
  • Sauna with Vaporizer: Fixed unresponsive App when closing the program selection
  • General: Long loading indicators after a network change or app restart
  • Update Process: Linux Update Process didn’t offer to download the new App update
  • Sortable Lists: Moving an item from top to bottom may resulted in a wrong new index (+1)
  • Connection: In rare cases it was not possible to connect to a miniserver from the archive
  • LightV2Control: BG-I7273: Active mood was not selected when editing the mood list
  • AudioZone: BG-I7031: It’s not possible to play zone favorites which are radios
  • AudioZone: BG-I7126: Context menu can’t be opened on a search result with type playlist
  • AudioZone: BG-I7042: Reimplemented settings for changing the audio delay
  • iOS: App crash when invoking a QuickAction in combination with FaceID
  • QuickActions: BG-I6709: Strange behaviour when starting recording QuickAction and reopening the app during recording.
  • Presentation Settings: BG-I6891: Removed card view option on devices with small screen.
  • Virtual State: BG-I6866: Hide State row when using custom symbol for states.
  • App Layout: BG-I6452: Fixed Layout issues when Loxone app is in overlay mode on iPad Pro
  • SystemScheme: BG-I6915: Isn’t working in the webinterface
  • Connection: Improved timeouts for faster connection