Here you will find all the release notes for the new Loxone Smart Home App!

Loxone Apps:
Changelog & release notes


  • iPhone/iPad running iOS 9 or later
  • Android devices running 4.4 (KitKat) or later
  • Windows 10 with anniversary update (optimized for desktop pcs and tablets – not for phones)
  • MacOS minimum version OS X El Capitan (OS X 10.11)

The Miniserver must be on version at least. The full functionality is only guaranteed with the latest version of Loxone Config. Therefore we recommend a regular update to the latest version, which you can find on the downloads page.


The Loxone Smart Home app is available in the AppStore and will be separately installed on your device. The app can be used to connect to your Miniserver.

If you’re using the Loxone App on macOS and if you’re experiencing any issues with macOS Catalina, please do an update with the provided version.



  • In rare cases there may be difficulties establishing a connection.
    Here comes an error message that user and password are incorrect, although everything was entered correctly.
    This can be fixed in the app by deleting the miniserver from the app and adding it again.
    In the web browser (Chrome,Firefox,Safari,…) it can be fixed by deleting the cookies and the cache.



  • Loxone Smart Home App for Linux
  • Increased performance on Mac & Windows
  • Establishing an audio connection (SIP) to an Intercom on Windows
  • User management supports adding new or removing existing NFC Smart Tags



  • Automatic Designer: BG-I2167: fixed alarm clock can’t be selected as action
  • ClimateController: BG-I2113: Fixed missing string
  • ClimateController: BG-I2114: Fixed wrong displayed temperature selector
  • PoolControl: Can be put out of service via app if no logic is connected to the reset input (BG-T317)
  • PoolControl: BG-I1387: Timer appeared to be stuck at 1 second if it has been canceled by the user
  • PoolControl: Manual cycle over a planed cycle can now be aborted
  • PoolControl: BG-I1556: Added automatic back navigation when selecting the service mode
  • UserManagement: Manage (add, rename and delete) NFC Tags in the app
  • SaunaControl: BG-T424: change visu in cell (small icon & text color always green)
  • Automatic Designer: Now supports Central blocks
  • Systemstatus: BG-I1858: Changed format of timestamp for better readability
  • Push: BG-I652: Prompt for push appears even though there is no internet connection available.
  • AlarmControl: BG-I2040: removed dis-/enable movement switch during alarm is active
  • AlarmControl: BG-T597: Smaller adoptions to make the control more user friendly
  • AlarmClockControl: BG-I2047: Missing recalculation of next entry date, which lead to a wrong displayed time
  • SmokeAlarmControl: BG-I2009: Button “Disable Alarm Signal” is not clickable anymore after clicking it once.
  • SolarPumpControl: BG-I1520: Fixed visualization of majority of puffers is waiting, but one puffer is been changed
  • VentilationControl: BG-I1446: Enhanced description of the current fan speed to prevent confusion with the air humidity
  • AutomaticDesigner: BG-I1362: Fixed password dialog when locking and unlocking the device while Automatic designer is active
  • AutomaticDesigner: BG-I1360: Fixed Regex to disallow “?” character in the name which lead to an error
  • AutomaticDesigner: BG-I2019: Missing Automatic Designer if Miniserver is switching from non-client, client and non-client
  • AutomaticDesigner: BG-I1647, BG-I1629: Fixed Autopilot Designer for Solarpump.
  • Weather: Fixed white glow on long press of the day buttons
  • Weather: BG-I1535: Won’t show unpopulated screen if data isn’t available yet
  • Search: BG-I1927: Fixed colored icons when simple design is active.
  • LightControl: Fixed favorite sequencer was added more then one time after fast clicking the add button
  • LightControl: BG-I676: Couldn’t scroll favorite colors on Android & Webinterface
  • LightControl: BG-I1885: Favourite sequencer was not display correctly, after selecting.
  • VentilationControl: BG-I1220: Now checks if systemstate entry is active and displays / not the error state in the control
  • IRCv2: BG-I1432, BG-I1431: Displayed wrong state when starting application
  • IRCv2: BG-I1949, BG-I1960: Fixed wrong timeline entry of overrides if the override started on a previous day
  • IRCv2: BG-I1814: Operating mode name won’t adapt to the new one when the mode is changed while the control is open
  • IRCv2: BG-I1965, BG-I1962: Fixed “floating” timeline indicator
  • IRCv2: BG-I1854: Fixed overriding and extending behaviour of calendar entries
  • IRCv2: BG-I1921: Never ending temperature adoption in- or decrement when pressing on +/- while the IRCv2 switches between heating and cooling in the Climate Control
  • IRCv2: Temperature sliders will be blocked if the temperature is been overwritten via logic
  • IRCv2: Starting a timer will predict what mode you may want to start instead of offering the same mode as currently active
  • IRCv2: Fixed wrong “Cool-down” description
  • ClimateController: BG-I1560: Reversed min/max-behaviour when setting the temperature limits
  • ClimateController: BG-I1455: Using actual outdoor temperature instead of average outdoor temperature in temperature screen
  • ClimateController: BG-I2113: Fixed missing string
  • ClimateController: BG-I2114: Fixed wrong displayed temperature selector
  • NFC: BG-I1506, BG-I1378: NFC tags couldn’t be written to on some Android devices
  • NFC: BG-I1937: Fixed nfc tag was detected as read only.
  • Systemstate: BG-I1402: Wrong description in certain cases
  • Systemstate: BG-I1171: Prevented list of entries jumping to the top when new entries have been received
  • Navigation: BG-I1564, BG-I1407: App ignored entry point location and navigates to the last location instead
  • GateControl: BG-I641: Changing the icon when adopting the animation type via expert mode
  • OperatingMode: BG-I1366: Modes without any name have been renamed to the first letter of their previous name when edited
  • OperatingMode: BG-I1367: Ensure proper name handling.
  • EcoMode: BG-I1561: Unresponsive EcoMode if the Miniserver is not running v10
  • EcoMode: Added information for iPads running iOS 12 or newer about the new Guided Access rules
  • NFC Code Touch: BG-I1464, BG-I1132: Time of the label was off by two hours
  • NFC Code Touch: BG-I903: New information screen if no outputs are configured
  • NFC Code Touch: BG-I2202: Fixed non resetted visu password
  • QR Code: BG-I2075: Fixed App crash on Android, while saving QR-Code
  • QR Code: BG-I1380: Password won’t be shown in plaintext anymore
  • Batterymonitor: BG-T396: change color of batterylevel if it’s zero
  • Batterymonitor: BG-I1413: changed text of last online state
  • Settings: BG-I1433: Removed the app specific settings header for usability reasons
  • Intercom: BG-I1992: Directly connecting to the HTTPS camera stream if provided
  • AudioZone: BG-I1609: Switching between favorites with double tapping + works like on T5.
  • AudioZone: BG-I200: Restarting a search for music starts with reduced item count.
  • AudioZone: BG-I360, BG-I352, BG-I1752: Queue or other media list don’t update properly when their data changes.
  • AudioZone: BG-1765: Favorites aren’t updated when modified on other devices.
  • AudioZone: BG-I2001: When adding items to a playlist, the footer did show the title of the screen instead of the target playlists name.
  • AudioZone: BG-I720: Hardware Volume Buttons won’t work after resuming the app while the queue is open.
  • AudioZone: BG-I654: Maximum and default volume can be modified via app, even when they are controlled via logic.
  • AudioZone: BG-I1922: Disabled lineins are still selectable, even though they have been disabled
  • Connection: Cannot not connect via CloudDNS initially.
  • Connection: Reachablity checking failed with code 501 due to inproper preflight responses.
  • Connection: Preferring local connections over remote ones while on wifi. Local requests need to fail twice before picking remote connection.
  • change Visualisation: BG-I1447: Couldn’t change room or category if name included ‘”‘
  • RemoteControl: BG-I2029: Fixed “hanging” command buttons if the reachability changes
  • RemoteControl: BG-I1853: Fixed wrong view after opening over Quick-Action
  • EnergyMonitor: BG-I1179: Displays “Overview” button only if data is connected.
  • HourCounter: BG-I1628: Button Reset only display when timer is configured.
  • Tracker: BG-I2077: Fixed wrong formatted entries
  • General: Added “Waiting for” popup if a screen is loading longer then 800ms
  • General: Adopted appearance on Automatic Designer and Battery Monitor for iPhone X
  • General: Disappearing control subtitles when opening the closed app in a short time frame
  • General: BG-I1304: Fixed sorting of digraph characters (two characters which make up one) in some languages (Czech, Slovak, …)
  • General: BG-I1836: Added support for some polish characters
  • General: BG-I1993: Fixed missing fonts which resulted in falling back to the system font
  • General: Keeping buttons (volume, intercom action, counter-blocks) pressed did not repeat the commands properly.
  • General: BG-I1874: Adopted desktop strings.
  • General: BG-I678: On iOS9 devices e.g. on automatic shading block, the icons disappeared when the shading moved.
  • General: BG-I688: Per device favorites & rating does not affect the central-tab.
  • General: BG-I1555: Switch cells did “flicker” shortly after being switched (e.g. when Pool service mode is used)
  • General: BG-I1617: Unchecking “Stay logged in” is ignored, manual log off required.
  • General: BG-I1694: Adopted PresenceDetector screen
  • General: BG-I651: Actionbar is always reachable on CentralBlocks with a lot of child blocks


Kown Issues:

  • BG-I1406: Closing the App using the Return button is not working on Android devices. The App will then lock itself to the current view and is not usable anymore. You should close the App using the Androids task manager. Workaround: Use the Home button instead of the Return button to close the App.
  • The Loxone Smart Home app will not work on Android 4.4 if the Miniserver is already running on Unfortunately, there is currently no workaround. In the meantime, we recommend to use the Loxone webinterface or Loxone Smart Home app on other devices.
  • BG-I1407: Default screen settings other then “Last position” won’t have any effect within the 10 minutes after the App has been closed and reopened.
  • BG-I1709: Push Notification might not shown on every android phone if the device was locked during receiving. After unlocking the notification will be visible.


  • Systemstate: A simple way for your Miniserver to stay in touch with you and inform you about important events in your home
  • SolarControl: New control for visualizing solar controls
  • Intelligent Room Control V2: Completely new control for a simplified experience
  • Clima Controller: A new block that used in combination with the Intelligent Room Control V2
  • Admin Interface: Easily configure certain settings of your miniserver without ever having to open Loxone config
  • Menu: Revamped menu makes finding stuff easier
  • Search: Features a history
  • Search: Quickly access most used tools
  • Search: Option to view all search results
  • Access Control: Supporting prefixes with more than 6 digits
  • PushNotifications: Removed Pool PushNotifications option, all notifications have been moved to SystemState
  • PartnerInfo: Browsers can initiate calls by clicking on the phone number
  • Expert-Mode: BG-I1276: Changed locked description of parameter Alb
  • Android: BG-I1043: Fixed not visible input fields on smaller Android devices when connecting to a Miniserver
  • URL-Start: New Url-Scheme to open PushNotifications



  • Intercom: BG-I689: Video hasn’t been paused when another view has been displayed over the active intercom
  • Intercom: Bg-605: Dialog indicating an error while establishing an Audio connection has been display everytime the Intercom has been opened
  • Intercom: Bg-601: Action titles have been cut off if the devices font size has been increased
  • Intercom: Bg-518: App crashed if user denied access to microphone and tried to establish an audio connection
  • Intercom: User wasn’t able to establish an audio connection if no Video URL has been provided
  • BatteryMonitor: BG-T213: Fixed navigation via URL-Start
  • Pool: BG-I1246: Couldn’t open ServiceMode
  • AudioZone: BG-I1190: Overlaying volume control on iPhone X
  • Music Server Zone: Bg-519: Song names of web-radio stations sometimes don’t update reliably inside cells.
  • Notifications: Bg-580: The notification screen couldn’t be opened via search on macOS
  • News: Removed news count and changed news color from red to green to prevent confusion with the system state
  • ExpertMode: Bg-313: Changed subsettings looked like to be discarded after navigating back and open it again.
  • Expert Mode: Bg-671: Removing objects from the visu doesn’t remove the object from the screen until reloaded manually.
  • UpdateDialog: Bg-625: “Update” and “More Info” not visible on macOS
  • Weather: Fixed some minor UI issues
  • LightControllerV2: Missing warning, when deleting a mood associated with a T5
  • Webinterface: Bg-319: Loading circle hasn’t been hidden if Miniserver was unavailable while the user tried to login
  • Energy Monitor: BG-I673: Grid consumption / export was not shown while energy meter is offline.
  • Music Server Zone: Fixes issue with media not loading due to too little timeouts.
  • CentralControls: BG-I513: Drastically improved control selection time
  • Statistic: BG-I736: Control with statistic did disappear form Automatic designer after viewing its statistic
  • Sauna: BG-I748: Target Temperature/Humidity is no longer sent live while slider is being dragged.
  • Automatic Designer: BG-I135: Works again even though operating modes used in conditions no longer exist
  • Music Server Zone: BG-I1125: Searching Spotify works after reopening the app.
  • Operating Schedule: BG-I710: Cannot create weekday entries on sundays.
  • EcoScreen: BG-I701: Temperature has been rounded the wrong way
  • Webinterface: BG-I976: Connection establish error screen “X”-Button was without function
  • PushButton: BG-I1055: Statistic button was displayed round
  • ControlContent: BG-I1080: Fixed repositioning of back button when navigating in or out of a ControlContent
  • NFC Code Touch: BG-I1099: Code has been replaced with -1 when editing the permissions of an existing code
  • macOS: BG-I1032: Missing statusbar icons
  • Firefox: Missing app icon in QR-code due to firefox bug (700533)
  • General: Update Checks are up and running again.
  • General: App remembers its last position, regardless of network changes (wifi/carrier)
  • General: BG-I506: Cannot cancel connection attempts via system back button
  • General: Bg-503: Some views keep their timers running while in background while there is nothing to do



  • We’ve included our new logo and updated the colour palette.
  • Added a NewsHub feature so you can stay up-to-date with the latest from Loxone.
  • Control Leaf 1 Air or Tree ventilation units from within the app.
  • Plus, stability improvements and minor bug fixes.




  • General: 190441053: Alignment issue on iOS devices prior to iOS 11 showing blank UI



  • Device Specific Favorites and Rating: 183037564: Missing support for user device specific favorites and rating
  • General: 185076357: Added Polish translation


  • General: 187180077: iPhone X support
  • Instruction Notification: 188862165: Crash when showing the Instruction Notification. E.g when adding a position or command to an NFC Smart Tag
  • Intercom: 188426864: Intercom could not be opened if the previous loading dialog has been canceled
  • LightControl: 179857390: App not usable if a light control is used as favorite in combination with a Miniserver prior to 8.1
  • Connection: 184058918: Using certain characters in usernames causes issues when downloading the structure file.
  • IRoomControl: 187533955: When choosing ECO-Temperature for an entry, the comfort temperature is used.
  • Central: 183092175: Room names are shown instead of the control names when using central controls
  • Sauna: 183642138: Starting a sauna mode while the reset input is active, causes the app to freeze in the mode selector screen.
  • Music Server Zone: 183632813: Grouping zones via app does not respond.
  • Search: 178685689: central alarm cannot be looked up based on its type, only by name, room or category.