Here you will find all the release notes for the new Loxone App!

Loxone Apps:
Changelog & release notes


  • Android devices running 6 or later
  • iPhone/iPad running iOS 13 or later
  • AppleWatch running watchOS 6 or later
  • macOS running Version OS X El Capitan (OS X 10.11) up to macOS Catalina.

The Miniserver must be on version 11.0 at least. The full functionality is only guaranteed with the latest version of Loxone Config. Therefore we recommend a regular update to the latest version, which you can find on the downloads page.


The Loxone App is available in the AppStore and will be separately installed on your device. The app can be used to connect to your Miniserver.

If you’re using the Loxone App on macOS and if you’re experiencing any issues with macOS Catalina, please do an update with the provided version.

Detailed technical Changelog App 12.1

New function blocks

  • Irrigation: 
    • A3D9-T351: Support for new irrigation block. Allows to set irrigation durations, start/stop irrigation and monitor the last activities.
  • Pulse at: 
    • A3D9-T175: Visualization for pulse at control
    • A3D9-T355: Added time functions
  • WindowCentral: 
    • A3D9-T317: Support for the new Window Central block
  • Energy Manager: 
    • A3D9-T83: New control energy manager for managing surplus energy.
  • Load Manager: 
    • A3D9-T329: New control load manager for monitoring & managing energy consumption.
  • HVAC Controller: 
    • New control especially designed for the needs of the US market


  • A3D9-T321: Mange Trust users right from the User Management in the App
  • A3D9-T321: Support for full qualified trust usernames in the App


  • With Scenes you can execute multiple actions at once. Scenes can be created right from within the App and will be visualized. You can save Scenes as QuickActions/Shortcuts, save it to an NFC Smart Tag or just execute it with the click of a button (Requires Loxone Config

Automatic Designer

  • Added support for Audio Player Group fix (Requires Loxone Config >=
  • Create new Rules directly from controls with a filtered library
  • New Navigation for the Library
  • A badge will appear in the menu when rules are invalid (requires new Config Version)
  • Ability to reorder the capability and move events between different event groups by drag & drop
  • Support for flat navigation hierarchy (requires Loxone Config >=

Intelligent Room Controller

  • Completely new UI (requires Miniserver on or later) plus support for Cooling-Comfort Temp and daytimer entries that require activation (based on presence)


  • Shortcuts
    • A3D9-T147: Android App now supports shortcuts (requires Android 7.1 or newer)
  • Wear OS: 
    • A3D9-T146: Loxone for Wear OS makes it possible for you to execute your Shortcut-Commands right from your wrist.
  • Fingerprint: 
    • Implement new Biometric Framework
    • New Design Fingerprint Dialog


  • Admin Interface: 
    • BG-T559: The Miniservers Hostname can now be set via the Admin Interface
  • Audioserver: 
    • BG-I11149: Set a variable default volume right from the settings
  • Menu:
    •  Show the full Miniserver name as a popover when hovering over the round menu cell
  • Jalousie: 
    • R12-T868: Support for adopting the end positions via Expert Mode (requires Miniserver V12.1.3.24 or later)
  • Remote Connect: 
    • A3D9-T177: Faster connection establishment on other continents, added support for distributed remote connect services.

UX Improvements

  • Redesigned waiting popup
  • ContextMenu: BG-I10631: Shows Confirmation button on Picker and Value selector.
  • iOS Haptic Feedback on Sliders, Cells with Checkboxes, all sortable lists


Intelligent Room Controller

  • IRC: BG-I11256: Fixed setpoint adoption is always modified by 1° instead of 0.5° when using celsius and 2° instead of 1° when using fahrenheit
  • IRC: BG-I11232: Comfort temp heating can be set above comfort temp cooling and vice versa.
  • IRC: BG-I11137: When mode-input is connected, this doesn’t reflect on the app ui. (requires config update)
  • IRC: BG-I10255: Operating mode selection offers heating/cooling/both even when either only heating or only cooling is supported by the IRC
  • IRC: BG-I10834: Icon in temperature adoption cell indicates it is permanent, but it starts a timer
  • IRC: BG-I10882: Outdated texts shown in card/cell, should show eco/comfort/off/fixed setpoint temp
  • IRC: BG-I10242: Eco-Min Temp could be set above comfort temp and vice versa with Eco-Max.


  • App-Lock: If Fingerprints were delete on the device, you still can open the app
  • App-Lock: If new Fingerprints were enrolled, you still can it use in the app
  • Appstart-Fallback: If fingerprint doesn’t work at appstart, device credentials (PIN,PATTERN,PW) can be used as alternative

Automatic Designer / Scenes

  • Automatic Designer: BG-I11230: Frozen app when deleting some rules
  • Automatic Designer/Scenens: Actions/Events with errors weren’t tinted orange
  • Automatic Designer/Scenens: BG-I11168: Renamed Taskrecorder to “Record actions”
  • Automatic Designer/Scenens: BG-I11178, BG-I10991: Restricted controls were not shown
  • Automatic Designer/Scenes: RadioButtons may show an empty selection option
  • Automatic Designer/Scenes: BG-I10859: Selection at first position was never shown as selected
  • Automatic Designer/Scenes: BG-I10802: No Empty view if filter doesn’t yield any results
  • Automatic Designer/Scenes: NFC Code Touches actions didn’t show any output options
  • Scenes/Automatic Designer Rules: BG-I10634: Showing Controls over the library did hide the NavigationBar
  • Scenes/Automatic Designer Rules: BG-I10757: Couldn’t add more actions if only one was set
  • Scenes/Automatic Designer Rules: BG-I10749: Could save a Scene/Rule without mandatory options
  • Scenes/Automatic Designer Rules: Error message when opening a corrupt rule
  • Scenes/Automatic Designer Rules: Weather items shown in Search when user has no Weather service
  • Scenes/Automatic Designer Rules: Couldn’t select operators or any single selection
  • Scenes/Automatic Designer Rules: BG-I10715 Long Rule/Section names did not break correctly
  • Scenes/Automatic Designer Rules: BG-I10728: Rules with empty event groups couldn’t be opened
  • Scenes/Automatic Designer Rules: BG-I10728: Rules/Scenes without actions couldn’t be opened
  • Scenes/Automatic Designer Rules: BG-I10410: Added time events may not work when added via the search function
  • Scenes/Automatic Designer Rules: Exiting an editing rule/scene may trigger the editing warning dialog unexpectedly
  • Scenes/Automatic Designer Rules: Didn’t correctly navigate back when adding an item via search
  • Scenes/Automatic Designer Rules: BG-I10600: Controls with long names did overflow incorrectly
  • Scenes/Automatic Designer Rules: BG-I10616: Controls with long names without any line break possibility did overflow and move the add button out of the screen
  • Scenes: BG-I10712: Wrong screen description
  • Scenes/Automatic Designer Rules: BG-I10477: Units may not be shown
  • Scenes/Automatic Designer Rules: BG-I10470: Couldn’t edit some types of values in the capability search
  • Scenes/Automatic Designer Rules: BG-I10575: Fixed Miniserver crash due to extensive payloads when recording actions (Requires Loxone Config >=
  • Scenes/Automatic Designer Rules: BG-I10624: Couldn’t delete Scenes/Rule with Callers or SystemState actions in it
  • Scenes/Automatic Designer Rules: Sorting Events may not be saved
  • Scenes/Automatic Designer Rules: Removing all Events won’t reset UI
  • Scenes/Automatic Designer Rules: Wrong destination after recording actions
  • Scenes/Automatic Designer Rules: Smaller Design adoptions
  • Scenes: It was possible to create a Scene with a control which doesn’t offer actions
  • Scenes/Automatic Designer Rules: Couldn’t create new scenes/rules
  • Scenes/Automatic Designer Rules: Could save invalid scenes/rules by editing them and exit via “x” button
  • Scenes/Automatic Designer Rules: Filter didn’t work when creating new Scenes/Rules via context menu
  • Scenes/Automatic Designer: BG-I10472: Couldn’t scroll all the way down in the library
  • AutomaticDesigner: Couldn’t open a Systemstate capability
  • AutomaticDesigner: Added quotation marks around names
  • AutomaticDesigner: UI/UX improvements which improves the creation flow
  • AutomaticDesigner: Did always request files instead of using the cache
  • AutomaticDesigner: Improved overall performance when loading the information from a Miniserver Gen. 1
  • AutomaticDesigner: Record any action for rules via the TaskRecorder
  • AutomaticDesigner: Couldn’t be opened via URL-Scheme “autopilot”
  • AutomaticDesigner: BG-I10162: Rules may not be executed in some cased when adding a trigger without an operator
  • AutomaticDesigner: A3D9-T130: Improved performance and reduced Miniserver load
  • AutomaticDesigner: A3D9-T62: Fixed Typo in the missing object dialog
  • AutomaticDesigner: A3D9-T111: Implemented new validationRegex for a more precise input validation (e.g.: Mail)
  • AutomaticDesigner: Added support for new notification Types TTS and System State
  • AutomaticDesigner: Added possibility for conditional capabilities
  • AutomaticDesigner: More prominent search
  • AutomaticDesigner: Directly select Audio Server favorites instead of typing in its ID
  • AutomaticDesigner: More realistic default value for duration pickers oriented on the possible min value instead of 0
  • AutomaticDesigner: Reworked Onboarding screen, it will also appear when no rule is available
  • Automatic Designer: BG-I9804: Couldn’t open rules with alarm clock action
  • Automatic Designer: BG-I9791: Correctly detect units if of eg. Room Controller actions
  • Automatic Designer: BG-I9790: Couldn’t select outputs of NFC Code Touch
  • Automatic Designer: BG-I9822: Couldn’t open empty rules
  • General: Won’t show “Scenes” or “Automatic Designer” in context menu if no options are available

Audioserver / Audio Player

  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1869: Couldn’t send recorded announcements
  • Audio Player: AUDIO1-I1916: Didn’t shuffle a folder when playing it from the context menu in the root directory
  • Audio Player: BG-I11259: Notifications did obscure the Mini Player
  • Audioserver: BG-I11155: Only show the volume if changed
  • Scenes: Enable a visu-pw right from the scene creation/edit screen
  • Scenens: BG-I11168: BG-I11169: Did show wrong empty screen
  • Menu: BG-I11030: Matching scene icon

Music Server Zone

  • MusicServer: BG-I10676: Did offer unsupported favorite migration option in context menu
  • Music Server: BG-I10398: Removed option to add NAS folder (didn’t work anyway)
  • Music Server: BG-I10419: Files in local main directory couldn’t be played


  • Daytimer: BG-I11227: List of entries not scrollable
  • Daytimer: BG-I9872: Display temporarily not right after ending timer.
  • Daytimer, PoolController, IRR, IRRV2: BG-I11054: Endtime couldn’t be set to midnight
  • Daytimer: BG-I10888: Removed value from timeline
  • Daytimer: BG-I10281: Reworked entry list view
  • IRC/Daytimer: BG-I10241: Schedule merges entries with and without activation required flag

User Management / NFC

  • UserManagement: BG-I11006: “X”-Button has been cropped off
  • UserManagement: BG-I11102: Changes were overwritten after opening the “add nfc tag” screen
  • NFC Code Touch: BG-I10889: Crash after opening the time validation screen when creating a new code
  • General: BG-I10800: Changing users resets the favorite flag for the Miniserver itself.
  • NFC Code Touch: BG-I10354: Implemented new date time picker for time depending codes
  • NFC Code Touch: BG-I10450, BG-I10440: It wasn’t possible to edit any codes from the NFC Code Touch


  • Admin Interface: BG-I11119: Couldn’t set static IP address
  • Admin Interface: Removed FTP-Port option for Gen. 2 Minservers, as this is not configurable
  • Branding: BG-I11090: Colors didn’t match
  • Central: BG-I9981: Central blocks not fully controllable with linked controls.
  • Checkable Cells: BG-I10854: Fixed misalignment
  • Connection: BG-I9764: Remote connect error prompt appears when rebooting/updating the Miniserver via remote.
  • Context Menu: BG-I9969: Fixed scrolling problem while context menu is open
  • Context-Menu: BG-I11266: Long texts overlap content shown in context menu
  • Controls: BG-I10956: Misaligned loading indicators of the control cards/cells
  • Expert-Mode: BG-I9604: Timeout when spending more time inside an expert mode setting, e.g. when writing an info text.
  • ExpertMode: BG-I10791: Couldn’t set negative integer values
  • General: BG-I10794: Fixed App freezes when recording some commands
  • General: BG-I10855: Checkable cells could be selected in disabled state
  • General: Unified style of the cell chevrons
  • Help Text: BG-I11129: Controls with numbers as help text couldn’t be opened
  • Intercom: BG-I10997: Corrupt UI
  • Irrigation: BG-I11274: Expert Mode change causes “activities” tab to change to english (even in german)
  • Light: BG-I9881: Light controller shows “more” option even though control is locked
  • Light Control V2: BG-I10662: Mood list jumped to top after value change
  • Light Control V2: BG-I10661: Fixed flickering of buttons on Desktop devices
  • LoadManager: BG-I11146: Fixed wrong UI if current power is negative.
  • MediaControl: BG-I10977: Click on arrow in the dPad had no effect
  • Menu: Unified Screen styles of Menu screens (Battery Monitor, UserManager, …)
  • New Sorting: BG-I9964, BG-I9901, BG-I9854: Fixed sorting reset issue if no room and/or category set and other sorting issues
  • QuickActions Bug in iOS
  • Search: BG-I9950: Search – Controls not visible if linked by another control or referenced in system scheme only.
  • Smoke & Water Alarm: BG-I10797: Alarm suppression texts cut off on sd devices when alarm is triggered
  • Time: BG-I10165: Occasional false report that time differs greatly between device and miniserver.
  • Ventilation: BG-I11222: App still shows increased ventilation after falling below limits (CO2, Humidity).
  • VirtualInput: BG-I11036: In some cases the subtitle was wrong formatted
  • Webinterface: BG-I10463: Tabbar was cut off on iOS devices
  • General: Overall smaller UI/UX adoptions
  • General: Occasional app freezes
  • General: Fixed flickering when re-opening the app
  • General: AUDIO1-I1775: Visually disabled elements could still be clicked
  • Input field: BG-I10015: Longer texts were wrapped in a new line on iOS devices
  • QR Code: BG-I10705: Couldn’t exit out of screen when closing and reopening the app while in the QR Save Screen
  • ContextMenu: BG-I10704: Couldn’t be scrolled on SD devices
  • Musicserver: BG-I10181: Adding an item to a playlist from the player corrupts the UI
  • DeviceLearning: BG-I9703: Multiple authentication popups were shown after canceling the first one on resuming the app
  • EcoScreen: BG-I10411: App freezes after connection lost while the eco screen is shown
  • WindowControl: BG-I10692: Open, Close buttons arranged in the wrong order
  • ContextMenu: BG-I10617: Options may not be in the visible viewport
  • OnboardingScreen: BG-I10604: Didn’t work on phones with to small displays
  • Update Process: Open the designated marketplace App instead of the PlayStore Webpage
  • General: Interaction with some disabled elements were possible
  • Connection: More robust structure parsing in case the structure is malformed by the Miniserver
  • SystemScheme: BG-I10409: Image got fetched from the miniserver every time the app was started
  • Search: Fixed Issue with RoofShade: A3D9-T53, RoofWindow: A3D9-T54, Solar Control: A3D9-T55, IRC
  • Energymonitor: BG-I9479, BG-I10319: Fixed misrepresented energy flow graph
  • Daytimer, PoolController, IRR, IRRV2: BG-I9814: In some cases the end time was set before the start time
  • Calendar Entry: BG-I9938: Name wasn’t displayed if the user had no right for the operating mode


  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1699: App sometimes freezes after an Audioserver reboot
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1659: Automatically retries Favorite loading if the previous failed
  • Audioserver: Translated hardcoded string
  • Audioserver: BG-I9841: Play Control Buttons were not centered on Safari based browsers on HD
  • Audioserver: BG-I10194: Show Waiting notification when opening the library takes to long
  • AudioServer: Couldn’t be controlled correctly
  • Audioserver: Added ability to directly reboot the Audioserver from within the App Settings


  • Intercom: BG-I10179: Buttons were cut off on Tablets and Notebooks
  • Intercom: BG-I10133: Context menu wasn’t shown after clicking on the more button


  • QuickActions/Shortcuts: BG-I10601: No Delete button when adding an item while editing the items below


  • Webinterface: BG-I9893: Rating & Sorting Options not available
  • Webinterface: BG-I10062, BG-I9860, BG-I9845, AUDIO1-I1712: Not working Video streams, Musicservers and other network devices
  • Webinterface: BG-I9858: First connection was always shown as external


  • Security Settings: Canceling a Biometric Authentication didn’t abort the process
  • Biometric ID: BG-I10300: Biometric ID did disable itself in rare occasions