Hunter Douglas PowerView works with Loxone automation

03/01/2021 in Backstage
Automating window treatments is a breeze, thanks to Loxone’s newly announced integration with PowerView by Hunter Douglas. Through Loxone, the interior shading knows how to operate on its own while interacting with other systems, such as HVAC and lighting, to save energy. Functionality also extends to security measures and more to optimize all-around comfort.

How is this smart interior shading simply integrated and automated by Loxone?

Let’s start with a background on PowerView – it allows precise and convenient control of Hunter Douglas window treatments. These systems are designed to suit the needs of architects, window manufacturers, specialist retailers and decorators – installing the roller blinds, venetian blinds and pleated blinds on-site for the end customer. The central control unit for the interior shading is the PowerView Hub, with storage for up to 32 scenes.

A scene, for example, could be that the west windows are shaded 50 percent while the south windows are completely closed. The integration of PowerView into a Loxone solution enables the Miniserver – the “brain” of the system – to control interior shading and activate predefined scenes.

Since PowerView is seamlessly integrated into Loxone’s open network solution for any platform, it’s also possible to implement holistic scenarios. For example, the Miniserver can automatically lower the interior shading at sunset. Or, in case of fire, it opens the shading of the entire building to create safe paths of visibility.

What options are available for instant control?

It’s possible to switch through these predefined scenes with the tap of a Loxone Touch switch or within the Loxone App.  Additionally, the owners of a PowerView solution can also control it via the Pebble® remote control, as well as Pebble® scenario controller and wall controller. 

Intuitive control with a Touch 

With just a tap of predefined “shading” Touch points, interior shading will lower or rise accordingly.

Make changes from anywhere

The free Loxone App is available for quick, easy adjustments from home or on-the-go. 

PowerView Pebble by Hunter Douglas

Use the Pebble® by Hunter Douglas

If you’re already comfortable with the Pebble®, this works just as usual. Simplified by Loxone.

“For Powerview customers, the integration into the Loxone solution adds value in terms of comfort, security and energy savings. These advantages can only be optimally leveraged through comprehensive integration. Thanks to this simple integration, it becomes a win-win situation for both our partners and their customers.”

Rüdiger Keinberger

CEO, Loxone

“As a world leading company, we offer an extensive range of products for interior shading. We automate this with our premium Powerview control system, which offers the end customer innovative, smart interior shading. We are very pleased to open up the whole world of integration through our cooperation with Loxone – and it’s very simple.” 

Mirko Müller

CEO, Europe, Hunter Douglas

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