Loxone Intercom changes what you know about intercom systems

Designed to be simple with advanced functionality, the Intercom is a reliable, flexible access control solution for homeowners and installers.

Loxone expands its network of manufacturer reps across the United States

Spanning multiple regions, 7 manufacturer reps claim Loxone as their line in true home & building automation

Loxone's product reveal: Audioserver

Loxone releases a flexible, complete audio solution for any home or building. Specially developed for AV gurus, electrical experts and more.

Ambient Assisted Living with true automation and simple controls

As a complete home & building automation solution, Loxone improves lifestyles at any age with the latest Touch Pure and Presence Sensor.

New community by Evergreene Homes offers Loxone as a standard

The Arbors of McLean by Evergreene Homes offers Loxone lighting control in kitchens as a standard to each new home with optional upgrade to master suite, bath and closet.

Loxone and Texas Lighting partnership integrates intelligent lighting control with 130+ lighting manufacturers

Smart home & building automation manufacturer, Loxone, and lighting manufacturer representative, Texas Lighting, are partnering up to achieve endless possibilities for intelligent lighting control and design assistance.

Loxone releases products ideal for simpler retrofit installations

The Nano Relay Air, compatible with the Touch for Nano, is a simple and sensible solution for retrofit applications in smart homes, MDUs and more.

Loxone and DSG Metro partnership brings new building automation possibilities to the NY Metro area

DSG Metro is now representing the complete Loxone solution to integrators in North Jersey, NYC, Long Island and Westchester County with multiple new Experience Centers coming in 2020.

First Loxone-certified Partner Showroom in the US

Loxone Experience Centers are expanding with the addition of InHomeSmart’s Showroom in Queens, NYC. Customers can now experience true home automation in the 500 sq ft Showroom that packs in impressive features for lighting, home control, shading and more.

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Courtney Muraczewski